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charmingnyqueen · a month ago
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🎶 Take my hand and my whole life too. I couldn’t help falling in love with you … 🎶
One of my soulmates … always give my life for them , unconditionally 🖤
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samirafee · 2 months ago
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womanonthehill · 7 months ago
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Stone Ocean releasing on Netflix on December 1, 2021.
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somewhatsomelikepoetry · 9 months ago
You will forever have a place in my heart, but it’s time I make space for someone new
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daisyeji · 6 months ago
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ˑ ִ ֗ ִ sɵɱ¡ ɱɵɵɖbɵɑrɖ. ☇ 🌺𓂃⬫ ׂ ׅ 내 인생
if one day I go wrong with this girl, kick me and slap me in the face please. thank you 💋
﹟don't repost, you didn't do it. ‹𝟹
﹟like or reblog if you save. ‹𝟹
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companionjones · 7 months ago
My Soulmate
Requested by: @emiwrites3reads​
Request: Hi! I really loved your soulmate reader one, can you do a newly turned werewolf soulmate to klaus? Thanks!
Pairing: Niklaus Mikaelson x Reader
Fandoms: The Vampire Diaries Universe, The Originals
Warnings: Brief mention of bones breaking
Tumblr media
    All supernatural creatures get soulmates. Not every soulmate is a supernatural creature at the beginning of their life, but they all eventually turn into one. It is not until both soulmates in are supernatural creatures that they are made aware of each other.
    For Klaus, it started with a sharp jolt of adrenaline when you accidentally killed your first person. He didn’t fully feel your presence until your first full moon as a werewolf.
    In hindsight, Klaus figured he was lucky that you were only a few states away. You were within running distance for a vampire, especially an original. Klaus made it to you within a few hours. His siblings were close behind him. It took all four of them to hold you down.
    You had also felt the pull of the soulmate bond. The only difference was that you were a wolf the first time you felt it. So you were blindly following the bond without giving a damn about anything that got in your way. It was a miracle that you didn’t kill anyone else.
    With all the Mikaelson siblings on top of you, Klaus met your large, wolf eye. “Darling! Darling, it’s me.”
    At first, you were thrashing, growling and biting at anything that moved. But with Klaus’ eye contact and words, you started to calm down.
    “It’s me,” Klaus repeated calmingly, “Everything is alright now.”
    When your breathing calmed down enough, you started changing back. Your bones started breaking, and soon enough, you were back to your human self.
    For a few seconds, you were just shaking. Then, your eyes darted around. You started to hyperventilate. You backed away from the Mikaelsons long before you could get to your feet.
    Klaus did his best to calm you. “It’s okay. It’s okay. I promise, it’s okay.”
    “Who are you people?” you asked. You hadn’t stopped shaking.
    The original hybrid felt a shiver run down his spine from hearing you speak for the first time. “My name is Niklaus Mikaelson. You can call me Klaus. These are my siblings Elijah, Rebekah, and Kol. They are the original vampires, and I am the original hybrid.”
    “What?!” Your breathing picked up and you tried stumbling away from them again.
    Klaus took a few cautious steps toward you. “Please. I need you to calm down.”
    “But you just told me that I’m sitting in front of three vampires--original vampires, and an original hybrid. A-a hybrid of what, exactly?”
    He sighed, “A vampire and a...werewolf. Which is what you are.”
    “What are you talking about?” you asked after a moment of scared silence. You repeated, “What are you talking about? I just--I just passed out for a little. Werewolves aren’t real. Those stories that my family told me--They just--They were just--Why aren’t you guys saying anything?”
    The Mikaelsons stared at you for a moment. Kol and Rebekah made faces that looked like they were asking, ‘Are you talking to us?’
    You decided to answer their unspoken question. “I’m talking to you guys! Why is this guy the only Mikaelson who’s talking here?”
    “Because this is an important conversation,” Elijah answered.
    “What?” you turned to him.
    He continued, “This is the first time you are talking to your soulmate. This is an important conversation.”
    “...Soulmate?!” you blanched.
    Rebekah joked, “On the bright side, you calmed down a little.”
    Klaus cut back in, “You really are doing great, love.”
    Kol formed the ‘OK’ symbol with his fingers. “Fantastic.”
    “So, I’m a werewolf talking the three original vampires plus the original hybrid between a werewolf and a vampire who just also happens to be my soulmate?”
    “Yes, and I know that is a lot,” your soulmate agreed, “but I am going to be with you every step of the way,” he leveled with you, “I promise. Now, what is your name?”
Author’s Note: Thank you for reading! Fill up that heart and reblog if you liked it! I would also really appreciate a comment, if you have the time. If you would like to read more, I have more Klaus Mikaelson stories over on my blog. You should check it out. Have a nice day, night, or whatever time it is for you! <3 <3 <3
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mom-of-a-mixed-baby · 6 months ago
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My Love , My ride or die bitch . will be together forever no matter what . She’s fukin amazing I love the helll outta her 💋💋💋💋💋💋💖💖💖💖
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harryhollandsgirlfriend · 7 months ago
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Some road somewhere… | via @HarryHolland64
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evil-flakes · 6 months ago
Hey flakes! I saw your post about fucking Nahoya on every counter but like... Why stop there? Fuck him into the walls!
fuckkk he's so fucking cute to be honest..
fucking nahoya against the wall, his hands against the wall, keeping himself from slamming his face in from your rough thrusts. his small, fat dick ever so slightly touching the wall each time, rubbing cum all over the wall. smacking his ass everytime he tells you to slow down as a tease, only fucking him dumber so his forehead hits the wall</3
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kxkyuu · 2 days ago
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I dont wanna hear no more anti's saying jack shit about writing for "minors" CAUSE BITCHES WE GOT A FUCKING TIMESKIP!!
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lifeat-a-glance · 9 days ago
I wonder how you can miss someone you have never really met?
Because I miss you. I need you right now. I think I reached my limit a long time ago. A single hope. I have been living with just one damn hope in my heart till now; I will someday meet you, and it would the most beautiful day the world has witnessed.
I- don’t know you yet. It overwhelms me that I don’t know when or how we will meet. I pray night and day, just that you come find me soon. Because even though I don’t know you yet....I still need you. So much that it hurts.
Lately it has been hard for me and sometimes.. I imagine the warmth of your hand on my head as you sing to me in that soothing voice of yours. I am lost. It’s so blindingly dark here. My head is a dangerous place. So come find me soon? My heart is bleeding. I need you. To guide me to safety.
I miss what could have been right now. I imagine what your eyes would be like. Would they be warm and full of light like the sunrays? Or would they be deep and calming like the ocean? I wonder how you would look at me. Would you love me? Because even though I don’t know you yet, I already love you.
The hope that someday I would be enough for someone is so satisfying that it makes me shudder. Because true acceptance and love have been hard to come by. And the sparks in me dim by the minute as I stare at the sky wondering when you would show up. You will come find me right? Because I miss you. 
Even though I don’t know you yet, I miss you so damn much I could break.
~to the person who will love me
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toxicpsychox · 5 months ago
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My Love
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plushyluke · 3 days ago
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forev3r-st0n3d · 9 days ago
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This gorgeous human is quite literally the love of my life. He adds light to my days and gives me a reason to keep on pushing through even the toughest shit. Life wouldn't be the same without him and I mean it when I say that.
Happy 7 months and counting, J. ♡
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somewhatsomelikepoetry · 10 months ago
Thought that I was fine,
Using anything I could as an easy distraction
But I miss you everyday
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hellsmell · 5 months ago
Guillermo's boyfriend is not real, I know that because I'm his girlfriend and he would not cheat on me.
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hanmas · 3 months ago
hanma with his fucking hair down and glasses in that tokrev art is literally all i dream about :,)
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opws-ta-fernei-h-zwh · 8 months ago
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Ήσουν ο άνθρωπος μου
Ρενέ Στυλιαρά
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harryhollandsgirlfriend · 9 months ago
Imagine being Harry's girlfriend and going to a wedding with him. I just imagine the whole thing being so romantic and intimate. Like he can't stop staring at you because you just look so beautiful and he can't believe you're here with him. And when you guys dance, he holds you so close to him like he's afraid to let you go, his hands resting on your waist and his thumb gently rubbing circles into your skin for comfort. And quietly cuddling in the back with one another when your feet hurt and you just need a rest. Then at the end of the night, you both don't want it to end so you go exploring and find a beautiful cliff top and just talk until the sun comes up. You're resting back in his arms watching the sun graze the horizon with Harry pressing soft and gentle kisses to your temple, his jacket resting over your shoulders since it got cold. And he turns to you and kisses you so gently yet so passionately and you feel the fireworks literally explode between the two of you. A love that both of you have never experienced before but so happy that it's with each other. You're each others muse and the only thing that would make the past few hours with one another more perfect is if Harry had his camera to capture just how intimate, illicit and utterly perfect this moment truly was because he wanted to remember this feeling with you forever.
This is by far my favorite Harry concept that I have ever been sent. 🥺😫😭❤️ This is such a beautiful concept and you’ve painted such a gorgeous picture that it literally brought me to tears when I first read it. 😭 I can envision this perfectly and it makes my heart so incredibly soft and happy. I want this so badly my heart is bursting from the fluff!! 😫
Tagging some besties I know will truly appreciate this: @hazofmyheart, @violetlilysunshine, @hogwartsmarvelmommy, @spider-barnes, @harryhisanangel, @thegirlintheswivelchair, @farfromharry.
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virtue-and-beneviolence · 3 months ago
Help, wedding arc anon Hal's flirting with meeeee I'm a taken woman in the eyes of the law and Tumblr @softbajis
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