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#my stomach hurts and I have a headache but I had some thoughts after seeing a 4x14 gif set
eddie-diass · 8 days ago
there’s something about eddie getting shot and his blood splattering all over buck’s face that tells us they’re inextricably linked. the damage done to eddie is reflected back to him on buck’s face—both literally with his own blood and the shock in his eyes.
it was the moment eddie realized he couldn’t do This without buck. he didn’t quite understand what that meant. What that looks like.
they’re a unit. they’re buckandeddie. they’re two universes revolving around each other—caught up in each other’s gravitational pull—any movement by one moves the other, but they’re so tied to one another that it’s impossible to decipher the origin of the shifts in their positions.
and now they’re heading for a collision the moment the force becomes too strong to overcome.
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clouds-rambles · 6 months ago
Hey bestie may I request diluc,childe,zhongli,and venti having a bad nightmare over their s/o wanting to break up with them and when they wake up their s/o isn’t there but really they’re in another room or something if that makes sense!! Thank you 🤑
Hi bestie positively evil... i love it <3 nobody question why zhongli and the reader are married in all my headcanons thanks lmao
Pairings; (Seperate) Diluc, Childe, Zhongli, and Venti x reader
Warning(s); panic, nightmares, hurt/comfort, injury mention
Keep reading under the cut!
Diluc wakes with a start, his brows furrowed as he takes a moment to arrange the events of his nightmare in his head
Both you and he had a particularly explosive argument after he had come back injured from a night protecting Mondstat 
You had left the winery after exclaiming that you refuse to date someone who has such a lack of regard for his own life. In the long run you’d be saving yourself from further heartbreak if he ended up dead on the front porch
Diluc wonders if dream you could be right...
The red-head finally notices the cold side of the bed you should be sleeping on. He more than remembers going to sleep with you
Panic sets in at the bottom of Dilucs stomach. He must be imagining things right? You’re probably just in the bathroom
A beat passes
Then three
No, you’re not in the bathroom. He would have heard you by now...
What if the dream was actually what had happened last night. A breath catches in the mans throat as he gets out of bed and throws a shirt on
If he couldn’t find you in his home has he truly lost you?
Diluc speedily walks through the halls of his home, checking the spare rooms, the study, the library, the living room, the dining room, the
Diluc opens the door to the kitchen his heart threatening to break out of his chest at the pace it’s beating when he finally spots you drinking a cup of tea, in your pajamas
Thank the archons it was just a dream
“Diluc, honey, are you okay?” you ask getting up from the table in the kitchen to your sweating, hyperventilating partner
Diluc says nothing but opts to hugging you, his head bowing to your chest as he breaths you in
“Diluc, you’re worrying me” you tell him returning his embrace and rubbing circles on his back
“You weren’t in bed” is all he offers to tell you. You don’t push him on the details of why he is so panicked
“I couldn’t sleep so I came down for a herbal tea” you explain kissing the man on his bed of fluffy hair “I have a cup left in the kettle, I can pour one out for you” you offer
“Please” he breathes, but doesn’t move to let you go from the embrace, you can stand to hold him and tell him sweet nothings for a little while. Tea can always be reheated
It would only be right, and he suspected as much. You had told him that because of what has recently transpired in Liyue you cannot find yourself to love a brutal harbinger
Maybe its for the best. Childe concludes not paying much attention to his weeping heart. Maybe, you’d be happier not to be under the constant eye and scrutiny of the Qixing, the Milleth, and the watchful eye of Childes own fatui informants
Without much pause form Childes last thought the man finds himself waking in his room, unsure if the dream was reality or his mind playing tricks on him, he feels your side of the bed and notices a distinct lack of warmth... and you
He cries
Childe curls himself up in a ball determined to not get caught by anyone showing such an extreme and out of character emotion, he let himself cry. He’s pretty sure he’s sobbing loudly but he doesn’t care. It’s just him in the house anyway. The one person that he doesn’t mind seeing such emotions has left him
That’s until he hears the distinct click of the bedroom door open “Oh my archon Childe, are you okay?” you ask quickly making your way to the side of his bed and placing a hand on his shoulder
The man looks up to you, he isn’t sure if you’re real 
“I thought-” he starts “I had a-” he tries to find his words without seeming like a crazed person “You weren’t-” 
“It’s okay babe, I’m right here. I’m not planning on going anywhere” you console “I just had an epiphany in my dream and I had to write it down” you add explaining your absence. Childe nods along 
“Stay” he tells you as you wipe the tears out of his eyes. You nod and hum
“Of course” you lay onto the bed and let Childe wrap himself around you
You hum him to sleep and whisper sweet nothings
‘I can’t love you anymore Zhongli, I feel obligated to come back to Liyue after every adventure, it’s starting to take a toll on me’
‘But our vows, [name] we made a contract at the altar’
‘To love each other, yes? Zhongli there’s no love left in this marriage, you sleep in the spare bedroom whenever I’m back, we sit in silence over dinner, I don’t think I’ve kissed you in months. The lack of love itself is the breach in the contract’
‘But I-’
‘Think about it, do you really feel the same love that you felt on the day we got married?’
Zhongli wakes up with a start, his heart beats a little fast for a second. The man convinces himself it’s just a dream he had, but the coldness of your side of the bed seems to speak otherwise
In all fairness, Zhongli should have rationalised his dream before he started wondering the house like a mad man. The only time he sleeps in the other bed is when you’ve suffered an extreme injury, dinners are often spent with jolly laughs and conversation. And Zhongli prides himself on the amount of affection he gives you around the house... and in the bedroom
But most things aren’t making sense in his head right now
“Zhongli my love” you call him upon noticing him in the hall. You had just come out of the bathroom after a midnight toilet break “Are you okay darling?” you ask placing a hand on his shoulder
The tenseness in Zhongli’s shoulders dissipate as soon as you initiate the touch
“I love you” he tells you, the declaration is out of nowhere to you. But you smile at him and embrace him
“And I love you too” you pause bringing up your hand baring the ring that sits on it “And this ring is a reminder of our vows and my unyielding love to you” you tell him with a smile
Zhongli chuckles at you and returns your hug “You seem to always know how to comfort me my dear”
“It’s because I’m a mind reader” you jest matching your spouses chuckle
Disappeared. So much so that the thousand winds could tell Venti that you were in fact not in Mondstat and had travelled to Liyue from the time Venti was playing music in the tavern to when he knocked for you early the next morning
The only trace you left was a letter. Unmistakeably written by your hand
‘Venti, writing this in a letter is much easier than saying this to your face. I am quite simply tired of your antics, no matter try to talk to you, you seem to always brush me off. Be it the nights you spend at the tavern, my general concern when you disappear for days at end just to tell me you were at the thousand winds temple, stormterrors lair, or windrise, no matter how much I tell you I checked all three. Being in a constant state of concern isn’t good for me, it’s emotionally draining and I’m terrified of finding you dead somewhere, despite your archon blood. By the time you read this I’ll be in Liyue where I’ll be staying with a friend for a while. Tell me I’m going somewhere you can’t follow, and I’ll tell you this is how I have felt many a night. I wish I could have kept loving you, [name]’
A harsh way to break up Venti admits to himself rereading the paper a few times before waking up
A dream?
Venti holds his chest, surely a dream couldn’t conjure such a horrific sinking feeling that makes him want to just vomit
Looking to your side of the bed for your comfort the sinking feeling intensifies when he doesn’t see you
So it wasn’t a dream? Venti doesn’t want to call on his kin, the thousand winds, again just to be told once more that you’re currently in Liyue sipping tea with this cousin you had mentioned in the letter 
The archon sits up in bed and takes deep breaths, he doesn’t want to explain to anybody that he had a panic attack over your horrific breakup letter, no no
After calming his breaths Venti steps out of bed with a shaky few steps before walking downstairs to engage in the typical breakout routine. Snacking. Maybe when you left you had elected to ignore some of the snacks you love to litter about your abode
When Venti walks in to the living room towards the kitchen he sees you nursing your head on the couch
“[name]?” he asks in almost disbelief
“Hm,” you answer before looking up to Venti “Oh hey love, sorry I’ve got a headache” you greet properly after a moment. Venti grins at you which causes you to tilt your head. Why is your headache so grin worthy? Weird...
“Would you like some paracetamol?” he asks walking beside you, you shake your head
“I just took some” you reply looking up at your partner “Though I’d love to rest my head on your thighs” you add. Venti more then obliges and settles down on the couch
“You know I had the strangest dream” Venti tells you after a prolonged amount of silence, you hum to let him know you’re listening “You left me” he says bluntly
You bring yourself up to Venti’s face with a smile and give him a kiss “I love you Venti, I wouldn’t leave you for even the prettiest lyre” you half console half jest
“That’s because the prettiest lyre is mine” Venti chuckles and you nod pressing another kiss to Venti’s lips
guys it’s 2.42am I’m so sorry if there’s grammatical errors, my brain isn’t catching up rn
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cjsinkythoughts · 6 months ago
Right From Left
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Avenger!Reader
Word Count: 3085
Warnings: !FATWS SPOILERS!, Cursing, Zemo being a punk, Bucky getting a little scary, some feelings, Sam being his fantastic, amazing, caring for everyone self
A/N: Here it is! At long last! I’ve been waiting for this episode and it was…holy fuck. I barely have words. And I can’t start or else I’ll be ranting for pages. Anyways, I know this Part is a little on the shorter side - not by much, but it still is - and it doesn’t even cover half the episode, but I’ve had a long day and I’m tired, so I’m going to sleep. I wanted to stop before Walker entered the picture too, because then I’m just gonna get more riled up and I’m working later. I’ll probably have another part out today, and then I’ll finish it tomorrow. Unless I can finish it today. I’ll try, but no promises.
Feel free to rant to me about the episode or the show, too, guys! My friends and I have been going back and forth about it for the past few hours. I’d love to hear your thoughts! I think that’s all for now.
As always, this isn’t beta’d so please excuse any mistakes! Thank you for reading, be kind to yourself and others, enjoy this part and stay tuned!
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Tumblr media
You were avoiding him.
When you first got to Latvia, he had pulled you aside, eyes wide and pleading. “Doll, listen-”
“I really don’t think right now is the time to have the discussion we’re about to have.” Shaking your head, you avoided his gaze, your stomach twisting into knots. It was too much for you to handle; you couldn’t focus on the mission at hand and try to unravel the emotions that were making your gut flip like a gymnast. There were too many thoughts in your head, and you needed a clear mind.
“Once this is all done, and our lives aren’t in danger. Once we’re back home, then we can talk, okay? Just…please. Not here. Not now.”
And he dropped it. 
It wasn’t that you didn’t want to talk about it. You just couldn’t. You had always been a ‘leave your baggage at the door’ type of person. Don’t mix work with personal. Not like you had much “personal” anyways when you first decided that was how it should be. And then your coworkers became family and your motto got a lot harder to follow. But you still followed it. And you would continue to follow it.
But that made you start avoiding him. Whether you meant to or not, everyone noticed, but no one said anything. Sam shot you a look when you didn’t offer to go with Bucky when he had to check something out. Zemo raised an eyebrow when he came back and, instead of immediately questioning him, you sat still on the couch, eyes glancing up briefly, before going back to playing with the strings of your hoodie.
You were paying attention to their conversation, especially when Karli Morgenthau was brought up, you just didn’t join in. Not even when Zemo mentioned the Avengers, eyeing you to see your reaction.
Honestly, you were tired, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Your shoulder hurt, your brain couldn’t process what the guys were talking about, and your heart couldn’t take any more hits.
It was something you’d been thinking about…you just thought it’d come after this mission.
“She will not stop. She will escalate until you kill her…or she kills you.”
“Maybe you’re wrong Zemo. The Serum never corrupted Steve.”
For the first time since he first walked in, your eyes met Bucky’s. “Touche.” Zemo pointed at Bucky with a pastry around his finger. “But there has never been another Steve Rogers, has there?”
But you couldn’t wait until after this mission. Not when he was so connected to it. “I think I’m gonna go home.” You blurted out before Zemo and Bucky could argue further, Bucky slumping down onto the opposite side of the couch.
The moment the words left your lips, Sam and Bucky shot up, staring at you in disbelief.
“Wait, hold up. What? Now? We’re so close-”
“Why? Is it your arm? Is it hurting? You should’ve told us-”
“I’m just tired.” You cut in, shaking your head. “That’s all. I didn’t expect this to be drawn out this long when you called, Sammy.”
Bucky’s hand twitched as he hesitatingly scooted closer to you. “Doll, if this is because what happened on the jet-”
“It’s not, Buck.” You tried to give him a convincing smile, but you knew by the look in his eyes that he didn’t buy it for one second. You reached over to squeeze his hand, and when you pulled back, he held on tighter, a sigh escaping his lips as he stared down at your linked hands.
“Okay…if you wanna go home, we can get you home. Just…” His head turned back to you, a pleading pout on his features. “Just…stay. Another day. Please. You can keep avoiding me, I won’t even say another word to you if you don’t want. But stay. Just for one more day.”
Chewing on your cheek, you finally nodded slightly. “Okay. One more day.”
His eyes lit up, before his face fell again when you took your hand back and curled into the corner of the couch. “Let’s talk shop, boys.”
“Okay. So, from my understanding, Donya is like a pillar of the community, right?” Sam easily changed the topic back to the situation at hand, giving you a reassuring wink when you smiled at him gratefully. “So when I was a kid, my Tee Tee passed away.”
Bucky screwed his face up in confusion, straightening his head from where he had it leaned back. “Your - your Tee Tee?”
Sam gave him a look. “Yeah. My-my Tee Tee, yeah.”
Bucky looked at him weirdly. “Who is your Tee Tee?”
The exchange made you giggle a little bit, shaking your head. “Bucky’s a city boy from the 40’s, remember, Sammy?”
“Fine.” Sam rolled his eyes. “When I was a kid my aunt passed away.”
Bucky gave a slight huff, making you chuckle again. You stopped when he smiled over at you, but your grin didn’t leave your face. Even when they were the ones to give you a headache, your fellas were damn entertaining, that’s for sure.
With a sort-of plan in place - the gathering for Donya being no more than a theory, but the only idea you really had - you stretched out from your spot on the couch, twisting to crack your back. “Zemo.” The man stopped his rummaging through the cabinets and looked over his shoulder at you, an eyebrow raised. “Go put some clothes on. We’ve got work to do.”
He gave you an unimpressed look, opening his mouth, but Sam beat him to the punch. “Do as the lady says, man. You’re already walking on a tightrope after you shot Nagel!” Zemo waved dismissively at Sam’s exclamation, heading into a separate room to change out of his robe. “That guy is gonna drive me up the wall.”
“Don’t let him get to that pretty head of yours, Sammy.” You hummed, standing up, wincing slightly as you stretched your sore shoulder over your head.
You could tell Bucky wanted to say something, the way he snapped forwards, hands moving down his thigh like he was leaning over to reach for you, his eyes locked on your injured joint, but, just as he said earlier, he didn’t say a word. But the part that made you upset was…you didn’t stop him. You didn’t tell him it was okay for him to talk to you. You didn’t reassure him that you weren’t purposely trying to avoid him. You simply moved over to the kitchen to get something to drink.
It hurt worse than your shoulder, but you couldn’t handle it. Not then. Not with such an important part of the mission coming up. So you didn’t say anything. You just sipped your water, switching into tactic mode as your mind ran through the scenarios of what could possibly go down in the next 24 hours before you went home.
Walking under the arch, you couldn’t help but feel saddened as Zemo told you about what the courtyard used to look like. Thanos messed the world up so much more than you realized and, as much as you hated to admit it, the Avengers did have a part in it. Not that they - you - were in the wrong, necessarily. You truly believed you did what anyone in that situation, with the skills and abilities and knowledge the team had, would do what you did. Or tried to do.
“I’m gonna take a look around upstairs.” Sam stated, looking up at the upper stories of the building, before glancing at Bucky. “See what you can find out here. And keep an eye on him.”
“I’ll come with you.” You said, turning on your heel to follow Sam. The back of Bucky’s gloved hand brushed against yours, and instinctually you turned your palm to link your fingers and squeezing. You let go quickly once you realized what you were doing, nearly tripping up the stairs to get to Sam, not daring to wait for Bucky’s reaction.
“You’re an idiot.” He stated simply as soon as you met him at the top of the stairs.
“Can we focus on finding Donya right now, please?” You grumbled, moving forwards cautiously, peeking around the corner. You frowned when you saw two guys at the end of the hallway, looking back at you and Sam warily.
“You need to hear what he has to say, cher.”
You sighed, rubbing your forehead. “I know I do. I know. But I can’t. Not right now. I’m just trying to get this over with first. I don’t want too many things on my plate. I might choke.” It already felt like you were drowning most nights.
He paused at your words, giving you a once over, before nodding. “Okay. I can respect that.”
“Thank you.” You told him earnestly. “Now let’s try to get something from these people.”
He nodded in agreement and you two continued forwards with your search. Room after room, people walked out before you could get anything from them, locking doors behind them. The Flag Smashers logo was everywhere, but you expected nothing less from a refugee camp that practically worshipped what they were doing.
Even when you did get a guy to talk to you, he immediately shut you down, leaving you and Sam dejected. The fact that the world had gotten so bad that these people couldn’t trust you and Sam - Avengers; people who used to be heroes and bring hope to others - it made your heart sink.
“C’mon, Y/N.”
“Are we wrong?”
He froze at your question, his lips pressing together. “About what, exactly?”
You shrugged. “I don’t know. I just…I guess I can’t tell right from left anymore. I always assumed that the Avengers were the good guys. That the actions we’ve taken in the past were us making the world a better place, but…Sokovia and Ultron. Germany and the whole civil war thing we had going on. The entire world and Thanos. We don’t truly ever win. Do we?”
“I can’t answer that for you.” Sam shook his head. “I can’t tell you what to believe or who to believe in. But I can tell you that we’ve made a difference. Steve, Nat, Tony…they made a difference.”
“But was it a good difference? Was it a change? There’s a difference between changing the world and just making it different, Sam.”
He blinked at you, nodding slowly. “Yeah. I guess you’re right. And I don’t have that answer for you either. But they tried. They did what they thought was right. No matter if it was or not. And isn’t that all we can do? Try?”
His words made you think back to the conversation you had with Bucky once he learned about John Walker, which seemed so long ago. When you told him it wasn’t Sam’s fault. That he was just trying. That he did what he thought was right. 
And maybe he was wrong. But he made a decision. It was his decision. To do the right thing. And right then, not for the first time, you could see exactly what Steve saw in the man in front of you.
“You’re a good man, Sam.”
Sam grinned, slinging an arm around your shoulders and squeezing. “And you’re an incredible person, Y/N. Let’s go see if Bucky and the Baron got anything.”
You snickered at his mocking tone towards Zemo and nodded. “Yeah. Okay.”
You didn’t like it. You didn’t like it one bit. So far, Zemo kept proving you wrong. Even when it seemed like he was about to jump ship, he came back. No matter how many opportunities he had to escape, he never did. And it was making you even more suspicious.
You stayed out of Bucky and Sam’s conversation, although you had to agree with Sam’s point, especially with the conversation you just had.
Your thoughts were running a thousand miles a minute, only to be interrupted by Zemo information about the funeral this afternoon. Guess a snake will always be a snake.
“And you, uh, didn’t think this was important information?” You questioned, eyes narrowed and brow pinched.
He shrugged. “You have it now, don’t you, princess?”
Bucky growled at the nickname, leaning back on the couch, threatening Zemo with the Dora Milaje.
You can’t remember a time you’ve ever been scared of Bucky. Maybe a little threatened and intimidated by the Winter Soldier, but never scared of Bucky. And when he stood up after Zemo mentioned leverage, you didn’t expect anything from it; maybe another choke hold or something. So the glass hitting the wall, the clench in his jaw as he spoke gruffly to the Baron, for a mere second, he kind of frightened you. Maybe it was all the emotions you’d been through the past few weeks or maybe it was the adrenaline that seemed to be pulsing through your veins 24/7 nowadays. Whatever it was, it made you flinch, bolting up as Sam did.
You left the room quickly, hearing Sam say something about making a call, hoping to calm your racing heart.
“Doll?” You sat up from the bed you were laying on, legs hanging off the edge. Bucky stood in the doorway, nervously shifting his feet. “I know I said I’d leave you alone, but…”
You gave the bed a pat next to you and he gladly accepted the invitation, padding over to sit besides you. “I don’t want you to leave me alone, Buck. You’re my best friend. I-I just need to take it one thing at a time right now.”
He nodded. “I get it. I wasn’t…I wasn’t coming in to talk to you about that. You said we’ll talk about it later, so we’ll talk about it later.”
“I appreciate that, Bucky.” You smiled at him, before frowning. “What did you wanna talk about then? Are you okay?”
“Did I…did I scare you?”
You blinked at his question, tilting your head. “What?”
Jerking his head to the doorway he explained, “just then. With Zemo. Your heart spiked.”
“No.” You answered immediately. You would never ever admit that he kind of did scare you. It was just for a second and you knew how his brain worked; he’d beat himself up over it, go over his actions for hours instead of getting the rest he so desperately needs and deserves. He didn’t need that on his conscience right now. “I wasn’t - I just…you startled me. I wasn’t expecting that reaction-”
“I didn’t like the way he talked to you.” He spat out, glaring at his hands in his lap. “And then the smug bastard thought he was gonna get away with holding back information like that and I just…I dunno.”
His hand came off his thigh, but he hesitated. Before he could put it down again, you slipped your hand under his, linking your fingers, running your thumb in circles against his palm. “Don’t let him get to you, Buck. Don’t give him the satisfaction.”
A sigh left his lips and he nodded. “I know, I know. It’s just…hard. After everything he put me through - put us through - I…I just hate that he’s really our only option.”
You frowned, shifting on the bed to face him, one leg bending beneath you while the other still hung over. “Why are you so obsessed with catching these guys?”
“I wanna do something right.” He murmured, playing with your fingers. “I’ve done so much wrong…I just wanna do something right. And I feel...responsible for it, I guess. In a way. It’s Super Soldier Serum. I thought I was the only one after Steve…” He froze at the blonde’s mention, giving you a side-eyed glance. You nudged him, silently telling him to continue, that it was okay to talk about him. “And Sam’s right, you know. She’s just a kid. So…I dunno. I wanna help. I wanna do something right. And catching them would help. It’s right. Right?”
You nodded firmly. “I understand where they’re coming from. Karli’s just trying to help the world. But she’s doing it wrong. And that I know for absolute certainty. Which is good, I guess. I was talking to Sam early and I mentioned not knowing my right from my left recently. It’s good I know something, huh? And for you it should be easy telling your right from your left.” You joked, tracing the gold lines on his metal arm. “I guess you’re just gonna have to stay besides me to help me remember.”
Looking up, you found Bucky staring at you with something you recognized in his eyes, but didn’t want to name. “Three hours, forty two minutes and thirty one seconds.”
“That’s how long I didn’t talk to you. It was too long.”
You sighed, ducking your head. “Bucky, I’m sorry-”
“I’m sorry. For anything and everything I’ve ever done wrong. I won’t mention the plane or anything we’ve talked about until you bring it up first. I promise. Just…just don’t ignore me anymore? I'm not sure I can handle it for much longer.”
You nodded, watching your fingertips dance along his scruffy jaw. “I won’t.” He caught your wrist, opening his mouth, before shaking his head and closing it. “What?”
He shook his head again. “Not until you bring it up.”
“We will talk, James. I promise.”
“You don’t have to explain. I get it. I really do. It’s okay. As long as we’re okay for right now, I can hold it in a bit longer.”
You nearly asked him what he was holding in, but you quickly shoved the question out of your mind, knowing it would take you down a conversation you couldn’t possibly have right then. “How long do you think we have?”
He shrugged. “I dunno. Zemo just said that it’s this afternoon. Why?”
“I started reading The Great Gatsby on the plane. I’ve got it on my phone. It kinda reminds me of you. Do you-do you think we have time to read some? Only if you want, I mean. Like we used to do in Wakanda?”
He grinned and nodded, scooting up on the bed and flopping down into the pillows. You smiled back, following his lead. Once you were comfortable, your phone out with the chapter you were on, Bucky scooted closer, laying his head on your stomach, hugging your waist. 
“Is this okay?”
Your fingers found home in his hair and you nodded when he looked up at you for an answer. “Yeah. It’s perfect, Buckaroo.”
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sinner-as-saint · 7 months ago
The Unseen.
Hades!Bucky x Reader AU
Run-through: Your father is forcing a profitable marriage proposal upon you. Unwilling to endure such a thing, you run away from home and deep into some unknown woods. Naturally, your father sends his people to find you and bring you home, but this causes you to run deeper into the woods to a point where it feels like you’re not even in the same world anymore. Though fatigued; mentally, emotionally and physically, you manage to find shelter. You stumble upon a mysterious, handsome stranger. The God of the Underworld is baffled upon seeing you because it has been millennia since a mortal entered his dark, forlorn kingdom. And it’s been even longer since he felt something for someone… 
Themes: hades!bucky, fluff, angst, smut, 
Tumblr media
You staggered through the woods. 
Holding on to whatever you could find to help you keep your balance, and not fall flat on your face. You had been on the run for days now; running from your tyrant father and his people, running from a marriage proposal which was being forced upon you, running from the only place you called home. You wondered, was it really home? 
You were currently deep into the woods. Famished, dehydrated, sleep deprived, your body covered in small cuts, bruises, insect bites and scratches. Your clothes were soiled. You could barely hold yourself up, but you had to get as far away as possible. 
This part of the woods was so dense that the sunlight barely got through. There was more fog around you than sunlight. Actually, you could no longer tell what time it was. Perhaps it was not daytime. 
Your throat burned, your tears had dried, your stomach rumbled in hunger; you were miserable. Your heart hurt at the thought of your mother; you had to leave her behind as well. You missed her, terribly. 
You walked on, and a while later you felt the ground beneath your feet get more soft and damp. Your senses were alert. There must be a water body close by, you thought. You rushed forward, and let out a raspy sigh of relief when you saw the cool, slow-moving river which snaked around the large trees. You could just tell by the sight of it that it’s water must be ice cold. The thick fog condensed and danced above it. It looked mystical. Too good to be true. 
You rushed to the river, kneeling by the side of it and picking up handfuls of water and drinking to satiate your thirst. You cleaned yourself as best you could - getting rid of all the dirt and muck from your face, and limbs and clothes. 
You felt at ease for the first time in the past days. You got up and sat back down at the river bank for a while, feeling light and almost comfortable even though you were all alone inside a dense and cold, and dark forest. You chuckled at how much safer you felt here compared to back at your father’s house. 
A minute later, you tensed up when you heard distant animal sounds. You panicked and took off running; deeper into the woods. You found yourself running alongside the river. You didn’t have a plan, you didn’t know where you were headed, but you knew you had to keep going. You couldn’t have your father finding you again and dragging you back home to marry whoever he chose for you just so he could profit off of it and expand his businesses; you refused to be a pawn in his games
You ran, stumbled, fell and stood up again. For hours. And just when you felt like you were about to pass out from fatigue again, you noticed a gate in front of you. It looked rusty and old, with dead vine all over it, surrounded in fog. You couldn’t see past it but something told you that once you’d get past it, everything would be alright. 
So you did. You pushed open the gate and stepped into what seemed to be a poorly kept, dying garden. Though disorganized, and unkept; it felt almost familiar. It felt like coming home. You looked further and saw what seemed like an abandoned, dark manor, almost as grand as a castle. The whole thing looked like an old, forgotten private property. 
“Help…” you called out with the little energy you had left. You doubted anyone lived here, but you called out anyways, just in case. “Help!” you called out again, falling to your knees on the rough ground. 
And right before passing out, you heard something getting closer and closer. It sounded like it was galloping… several of them. Horses? In here? 
Your eyes rolled back as you could no longer hold yourself up. You saw something approach you. Your blurry vision picked up on a tall, dark figure approaching. Whatever that was, it caught you right before your body fell to the ground. 
It was a man. Even in your insensible state, you could feel the dominant, strong, virile aura surrounding him. 
His low voice was the last thing you heard before you gave in to the darkness, “...I’ve got you, my love. You’re home now...” 
The god stood at the entry of the spacious bedroom, in the middle of which was a large bed, upon which you laid; comfortable, but still unconscious. 
Hands stuffed in his pockets as he leaned against the doorframe, he contemplated. Everything. He doesn’t remember the last time he had something so beautiful, and alive, inside the walls of his dark and dangerous kingdom. 
He wondered where you come from. Who were you running from? Why did you cry for help? How did you find the Underworld? The moment he saw you first entering his kingdom, he thought that you might be a lost, wandering soul. But then when his hands touched you, he felt your warmth and realized that you were very much alive. 
If you had made it through the entire woods to get here then you must be stronger and more courageous than you look, he thought. 
He stepped closer so he could hear your soft breaths. So full of life… he thought. Whatever it was that you were running from, he made a decision to protect you from it. He felt the urge to wrap his arms around you and shelter you, keep you safe forever. Why so? He didn’t know. He had never been so attached to mortals before. He barely even met any of them. 
But you… you walked right into his kingdom, and now you were making him feel things he had never felt before. 
The god had always been alone. He never quite had company, and he stayed as far away as possible from his dysfunctional family. So having you here was new, but also something he didn’t know he needed so badly. 
“Who are you, pretty human?” he whispered as he lovingly caressed your cheek while you slept. He had healed all your cuts and bruises the moment he picked you up in his arms, and placed you in his chariot. Now he was just waiting for you to wake up so he could talk to you. 
He couldn’t wait to meet you. 
You woke up to loud, warm puffs of air fanning your face. You peeled your eyes open, expecting a headache but there wasn’t one, what you did find though was a fairly large, mean and dangerous looking three-headed dog with shiny black fur standing beside you, on the bed, looking down at you with tongues hanging out of each of its mouths and wagging its tail so hard that its body moved side to side along with it in excitement.  
Your eyes widened even in the slightly hazy headspace, you almost took off running again but your body refused to get up from the comfy bed and then you saw the playful look in all three pairs of eyes and you immediately calmed down. 
“Hello there...” You whispered as you squinted and reached out to pet it. You gave it soft scratches behind the ears and under the chins and it immediately tackled you with wet kisses. You squealed and chuckled as you sat up, trying to escape the adorable monster. 
Maybe you had died? You thought to yourself as you kept petting the dog once it calmed down. Perhaps you were in some sort of after life, hallucinating about a three-headed while wearing a very vintage-y black gown with long, puffy sleeves; and sat in the middle of the softest bed ever inside what seemed to be a chamber fit for a Queen. 
“Am I dead?” You asked the three-headed animal. It didn’t answer, obviously so you tried to dig your memory to find something which would explain how you ended up where you are right now. All three heads laid on your lap, as you lazily pet them while thinking; you remembered running… deep, deep into the forest… you remember being tired, so tired you felt like you were about to pass out… wait you did pass out! In the garden. The dark garden, with the horses and the tall man. 
You gasped as you heard a voice, not far from you, answering your previously asked question. “No you’re not. Surprisingly.” 
Upon hearing the voice, the dog got up from the bed and immediately ran to the man who had just spoken. You got up from the bed too confused and nervous, standing and watching him cautiously as you took in the man’s appearance. Your heart raced the more he stared into your eyes with his deep, stormy ocean blue ones. 
He could easily be classified as one of the most handsome men you had ever seen. Tall, dark and dangerous; dark hair, dark suit, dark shoes, dark rings on his fingers. He looked like dominance and power personified. A rugged, intimidating alpha male with sophisticated charm. Icy eyes with a fiery look in them. 
He looked like a god. 
When you finally got over the beautiful man, you realized what he had just said. “What do you mean, surprisingly?” you were aware that this was the same man who had answered to your cry for help earlier so you were trying your best to be polite. 
The sound of your voice made his cold, frozen heart race. “You’re not dead. Just in the realm of it.” He spoke, confusing you even more. “You’re in the Underworld. My Kingdom.” 
You frowned, thinking hard on what he had just said. Wait a minute… you looked down and saw the three-headed dog sitting obediently at his feet, very much well-behaved. You looked back up at the handsome stranger and stuttered while getting your words out. “You can’t… you can’t be real.” This wasn’t a dream? 
He flashed you a lovely smile. “Really? Why not?” 
You looked around, panicking again. This can’t be real. This can’t be real. This can’t be real. “Because you’re a myth. You… you don’t exist. You’re not supposed to.” 
He almost chuckled. “And yet, here I am. Forgotten by most mortals, yes. But still very much real.” He took small steps forward as he spoke. You found his voice to be calming, soothing.
“Hades?” you couldn’t believe it. You had heard stories about him at school, read about him in books but never in a million years would you have even for a moment considered that he could be real. 
“The one and only.” He answered, looking down at his feet to find his beloved dog looking up at him. “You’ve met Cerberus already.” 
Hades. God of the Underworld. That sitting at his feet was the Guardian, the ultimate Hellhound. How can this be real life? Anyone else would’ve freaked out upon finding all this out, but you remained surprisingly calm. “You look… I mean, aren’t you supposed to be… you know-,”
He finished your sentence with an amused look on his face. “Bearded? Crowned? Carrying a pitchfork? Riding in a chariot?” 
You nodded. 
“Well, you mortals aren’t the only ones who evolve every now and then. Us gods, although more or less forgotten, have to keep up as well, don’t we?” 
You smiled faintly but it disappeared as quickly as it came. 
You were still a little anxious, and you fidgeted with your fingers. He noticed and walked up to you. Without a word said, he reached out and gently held both your hands in his large ones. He spoke up again, “I know you’re a little nervous. I expect you to be, given the circumstances but I assure you, you’re safe here.” He said, softly. 
You looked deep into his icy, sharp eyes which despite their intensity managed to provide you with a sense of comfort; effortlessly. Who would’ve known that the God of the Underworld could be so gentle? 
“Thank you for helping me.” Your voice was barely above a whisper but he heard it alright given he was so close to you. He squeezed your hands a little, as if to say ‘You’re welcome.’ Your hands fit in his perfectly, you noticed. He stood just a feet away from you and you could feel the power radiating off of him. 
He smiled gently. “If I may ask, how did you end up so deep into the woods that you stumbled upon my Kingdom? What are you running from?” He wanted to figure this out since the moment he saw you. 
“My father.” 
His eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Why is that?” 
“He wanted to marry me off to a business associate's son so he can profit off the alliance and expand his own businesses. I refused, repeatedly. But then I found out that he was planning to forcefully fly me out somewhere, to marry the same guy. So I took off. I ran from home, and didn't tell anyone where I was going.” You exhaled shakily. “And now I’m here.” 
He nodded, slowly and calmly as he hid his utter disgust at the mention of you almost becoming someone else’s wife. 
He noticed how you started tearing up while speaking of your cruel father, so he simply pulled you closer and tucked your head under his chin while running a soothing hand down your back. His arms wrapped around you in a safe embrace. You felt the cool material of his suit against your flushed face as he held you close. He smelt amazing. You wrapped your own arms around him, feeling his taut body beneath the material of his suit. 
You hadn’t been hugged in a long time, so you started tearing up even more, until you began letting out little sobs. He tightened his grip around you, pressing you against his muscular torso. “Shh, my angel. It’s alright. I’m here now. You’re safe.” 
You held back a sob, your voice cracking as you spoke, “But if… if he finds me, he will…” 
The god pulled away a little, his hand reaching up to gently cup your face and tilt it back so he could look into your teary eyes. “He won’t find you here. I will keep you safe, don’t worry.” He wiped the fresh tears which escaped your eyes. 
You were once again lost in his eyes, just now noticing the flares of grey in them. You were both caught in the moment, when you heard a low whine. It was the adorable monster who had managed to get in between your bodies. You looked down and cracked a little smile. 
“Of course, Cerberus will keep you safe too.” 
You and the god had quite a long conversation leading up to dinner. A conversation often interrupted by a certain three-headed dog’s constant need for attention from either one of you. 
You learnt a lot about the one whose Kingdom you were in. You found out that he’s been here forever. Despite being dark, cold and barren you could tell he loved his realm more than anything. 
You had to ask him about Persephone and he had you surprised when he told you that unfortunately their relationship didn’t last long and that she left him for good shortly after they got married. 
You also found out that those closest to him call him ‘Bucky.’ And that his one true friend has always been the hell-hound and guardian of the Underworld, who also was currently asleep at your feet. 
“Doesn’t it get lonely?” you asked, watching him from across the grand dinner table. 
He took a sip of his wine, never breaking eye contact with you. “Not anymore.” he answered and you melted. 
Over dinner, you spoke some more. Then he noticed you got all quiet. Damn it, he cursed. This was the moment he had been dreading all day. 
“You miss your home.” He wasn’t asking, simply stating. He noticed how you pushed your food around on your plate. You weren’t as curious to know about his kingdom anymore, you weren’t chatty; just quiet all of a sudden. He missed the sound of your voice. 
Home… “Not home, no. Just my mother. Sometimes I feel like she’s the only parent who’s ever truly loved me.” 
He could feel the pain in your voice. But some of the rules of the Underworld were such that even he couldn’t bend them. “You know I cannot let you leave.” 
You had that bit figured out the moment you found out who he was. “I know.” 
He was surprised by how calm you were. “You… don’t ardently wish to go back home?” 
You looked up from your plate and at his handsome face. “Going home would mean that I’d have to face my father. Now that I’ve been gone for so long, upon seeing me he’d either obliterate me or drag me down the aisle and marry me off against my will. I prefer none of those things. As for my mom, I do miss her but she’ll survive. She’s a strong woman.” 
The god listened, leaning back in his seat; very much at ease in your company. “And what about you?” 
“What about me?” 
“What do you want?” 
You cracked a little smile. Or perhaps it was a smirk. You mimicked his body language, leaning back in your seat as well. You twirled the wine around in your glass. “For now, I want to be away from my family. I feel safe here. I don’t want to leave.” 
He found himself wanting that as well. 
You woke up the next morning to a sight which made you chuckle. No, it wasn’t an overly excited Cerberus. It was breakfast, along with a generous serving of pomegranates. 
You ate it all up. Then set out to find the god after you got dressed and ready for the day. Somehow, everything one could need could be found in the large closets found in the room you slept in. You had only been here for a little while but you settled in just right. 
You walked along a shadowy corridor. Bucky had given you a tour yesterday, hence you knew that this path led to the throne room. And that’s where he was; manspreading on his throne, wine glass in one of his hands while the other lazily stroked his beloved three-headed guardian; who sat by the feet of his master and wagged his tail as soon as you came in sight. 
“Your Majesty.” You spoke, walking further into the room and stopping at the stairs which led to his throne. 
He smiled as he watched you standing there, dressed in a dark grey dress. Similar to the one you wore yesterday, just a different color. “You look beautiful.” 
“Thank you.” You looked down at the dress, smoothing the soft fabric down as you spoke. “Also thank you for breakfast.” 
He caught the smirk you had on your face. He knew the reason behind it. “I assure you I wasn’t trying to be funny.” 
You took the liberty of walking up the stairs which led to his throne. “I didn’t say anything.” You whispered with a smirk and reached down to greet Cerberus. “So what do you do all day?” 
He took a sip of his wine, watching you as you knelt to the ground beside him and gave the dog endless pets. “I’m a god.” He sounded cocky. “That’s plenty of work already.” 
When you looked up at him and smirked, he could’ve sworn he felt tingles dance down his spine. There you were, a beautiful woman happily sharing space with him inside his dark kingdom like it was no big deal, with no intention of leaving anytime soon because you said it yourself that being here made you feel safe. 
The more he looked at you, the more he saw the light radiating off you. The light he so desperately needed. The light which balanced out the darkness he carried with him. The light which showed him glimpses of possible futures with you, if you’d be willing. The god was content in your company. He doesn’t remember the last time he felt the need to protect something so fiercely. 
“Come with me.” He stood up and set his glass aside, holding his hand out for you to take. 
You took it and he helped you up. “Where are we going?” you asked, as he led you down the stairs and into the corridor again. 
“There’s so much for you to see. My kingdom isn’t just full of darkness and death. There’s beauty here too, of course, none quite like your own but close.” He spoke as he led you somewhere, holding your hand carefully in his as though it were made of glass and would shatter if he let it go. 
You rolled your eyes at his comment, pretending as if it didn’t make you all flustered. “Is it now?” 
The god led you all the way to the place he was most fond of in his entire kingdom, other than his beloved throne. It was a vast garden, fit to be the backyard of a castle. There were more kinds of plants and flowers than you could count. Cobblestone walkways leading to what seemed to be a pond in the middle, surrounded by stones and moss. 
The dark red roses caught your attention rather quickly. You reached out to touch the soft petals and you felt Bucky’s presence behind you. He was so close that you could feel his warm breaths against your skin. 
“It’s so pretty.” You whispered. 
He reached around you and plucked one of them, handing it to you. “Just like you.” He mumbled and you gave him a genuine smile as you accepted the gorgeous flower. Dark red, like blood and sin. 
Amongst the numerous plants, trees and shrubs you managed to spot the one growing pomegranates. You cracked a little smile. Even though the garden was partly shadowy and foggy; the rays of sun which came through were golden and gentle. As you looked around, you spotted a yellowish weeping willow tree and walked towards it, the god followed you. 
“You’re the first one to ever step in here, you know that?” he said while thinking about all the times he spent hours in here wondering if one day fate would ever allow him to find someone he could share the joy of being here with.  
You reached out to touch the dangling leaves and looked back at him. “Well thank you for the privilege, Your Majesty.” You teased. 
You walked a few steps forwards, standing under the willow tree and admiring his secret garden when you felt his arm snaking around your waist as he placed his chin on your shoulder. 
Neither of you said anything. He was more than happy to have you here, he had been lonely for way too long. You said to yourself, ‘this isn’t so bad.’ 
He had told you about the rules of the Underworld before, you knew you couldn’t leave. You didn’t want to either. Sure, you missed your mom a lot. But going back out there would mean having to live in constant fear of what if your dad finds you. And what would he do if he does? 
Being here meant that you’d be safe and wouldn’t have to worry about anyone catching you. You didn’t fear anything here. It was quiet and the handsome god was great company. You felt all warm and tingly as he held you close, yet it felt comfortable and natural - like you were meant to be here with him, as if you had known him all your life. 
As of now, neither of you knew where this mutual attraction would go, or what it would end up being. But at the moment, just having the other one there was enough. He gave you the safety you had been searching for all your life and you provided him the warmth and light he had craved for millennia. 
Days in the Underworld were surprisingly peaceful; filled with surprises, visits to the garden, learning more about the god and finding out why he stayed as far away from his family as possible, wandering his kingdom all day, reading… time just flew by. And before you knew it, you had lived in the Underworld for months. 
Your bond with Bucky morphed into something more affectionate and sweet. Lingering touches and longing stares turned into deep, passionate kisses and always having to sleep in the same bed because otherwise nothing made sense. It wasn’t just love, it was tender adoration. It was warm, and light and safe. 
You hadn’t been intimate yet, but the sparks flew around whenever your hands touched at night, or when your eyes met from across the table at dinner. You were both holding back from taking it a step further. It wasn’t like he wasn’t dying to have you in his bed, or that whenever he kissed you good morning you didn’t feel the need to get on top of him and ride him until the sun came up the next day - but you were both waiting for a sign from the other and it was driving both of you insane. 
It got really, really heated one time. Bucky was on his throne, with you in his lap. His hands slipped under your dress and lazily caressed your thighs while he kissed the hell out of you. Your fingers tangled in his hair, while you gasped and moaned through the kiss. 
But just then Cerberus barged in, barking and jumping around with nothing but chaos on his mind. Bucky let out a loud sigh while you hid your face into his neck and giggled. It was those moments which made you love the place all the more. Not just the place, but the god as well. 
Winter came and when the weather was the coldest, and you spent all your time indoors is when the memories of your mother started tormenting you. She used to spend all her time baking in the winter, so you asked Bucky if you could too. He, of course, let you have anything you wanted whenever you wanted so naturally he let you. 
You tried so hard to keep yourself busy and happy but you couldn’t help but miss your mom. Bucky noticed it. And it broke him. He gave you everything one could ever need. You had everything here, and yet he could see how your eyes weren’t so shiny and curious or filled with magic and light anymore. You were dimmer than when you first came here. 
He began seeing you wandering around his home a lot less as you spent all your time either in bed or standing on one of the balconies, staring out at the woods longingly. No amount of books, or poetry or visits to the garden or your favorite food or kisses from Cerberus made you happy any longer. And Bucky’s worst fear was materializing in front of his eyes. 
You were no longer happy in the Underworld it seemed. 
One night, he found you curled up in bed earlier than usual. He stood at the door and watched you. You weren’t crying, you were just sad. He walked into the room and called out, “Angel, are you okay?” 
You sat up immediately, not wanting him to see you like this but at the same time you couldn’t fake being happy either. So you gave him a faint smile. “Yes, just a headache. I’ll be fine by morning.” 
He smiled faintly. His heart breaking at the sight of the sadness in your eyes. “Come with me, I have something to show you.” 
You got out of the bed and took his hand. He led you to one of the libraries he had; the coziest one with the huge fireplace and the perfect window which allowed you to see the breathtaking view of the gentle snowfall. 
You stepped further into the room and saw that he had the fire going already and the room was much warmer than anywhere else in his castle. You walked right over to the large window, pressing your palm against it as you watched the light snowfall; clean, dazzling white and calming. Your headache faded little by little. 
You felt a soft, warm blanket being placed upon your shoulders and you immediately wrapped it around you. Turning your head to the side you found Bucky right behind you. He kissed the top of your head and wrapped his arms around you. 
“Feeling better?” He asked and you nodded. 
“Much better.” 
You stood there, basking in the comfortable silence and the warmth of the room, just watching the snowfall and how it accumulated on the ground; a fresh, thick blanket of ice. 
“You miss her.” Again, it wasn’t a question from him, just a statement. 
“Who?” You pretended not to understand. 
He kissed your cheek and whispered, “Your mother. Your home. You want to go back, don’t you?” He sounded almost heartbroken and bitter. 
You remained quiet. You didn’t say anything. No… ? 
He spoke up again. “Even if I let you go, you will never be willing to come back here. To me.” He pulled away from the hug and walked over to the fireplace, shifting the burning wood with a brass fire poker. “Why would you?” He sounded pensive. “Why would you come back to this dark, barren kingdom when you can be perfectly happy out there? You must feel like you’re being held captive here.” 
He didn’t turn around to face you so he couldn’t see the silent tear which fell down your cheek. So he thought that if given the chance you would run away from here and never come back to him again? Did the past months mean nothing? Did he not see that he was all you wanted? 
Your throat burned. 
“Is that what you think of me?” The crack in your voice caught his attention. He turned around to face you with a worried look on his face. He couldn’t believe he made you cry. You weren’t sobbing, but you couldn’t contain the tears. “You really think I’m gonna be happy out there, without you?” 
That broke him. 
“Angel… I didn’t mean to…,” it was rare for the god to find himself at a loss of words but now he did. 
You wiped your tears away. “Did you even notice that I haven’t cried in months? Not since I met you because you make me the happiest I’ve ever been. This dark, barren kingdom you speak of feels more like home to me than when I lived with my family.” 
He walked up to you and pulled you into his arms. “Baby… I’m sorry.” 
You hugged him back. “I don’t feel like I’m being held captive. I don’t want to leave you. But I can’t help but miss my mom. I don’t want you to think I’m not happy with you anymore, I am. But I… It’s… I don’t know.” 
“I’m sorry.” He said, pulling away to look down into your eyes. “I need you here, with me. The thought of you leaving me forever and never seeing you again, it… it kills me.” 
You held him by the back of his neck and pulled him closer. “I’m not leaving.” You gave him a sweet kiss. “I love you.” You kissed him again and sensed his surprise as he kissed you back feverishly. You whined when his mouth left yours only to kiss down your neck, nibbling on your skin and leaving dark red marks behind. 
“You drive me crazy, you know that?” He mumbled as he kissed along your throat, walking the two of you back until he plopped down on the soft, velvety couch with you on his lap. You looked at him with nothing but hunger in your eyes. He looked at you and smirked; burning desire, lust and sin in his icy blue eyes. 
“Likewise.” you whispered. 
His hands grabbed you at your butt, firmly as he pressed you further into him. You could feel him; big and hard under you. You moved your hips against him, grinding on him out of desperation and whining in need. 
He chuckled against your lips. “You’ve had me by my heart ever since you walked into my life.” He spoke as he cupped your face gently. “I never knew I could feel so deeply for someone until I met you.” 
You stared into his eyes, your heart overflowing with all that you felt for him and your body burning with desire at the same time. So much so that you could no longer sit still on his lap. You needed him so bad it almost hurt. 
You leaned into his touch. “I feel the same way.” You leaned closer, gently caressing the back of his neck. “Falling for you was so easy.” You felt his body tense under you. 
He groaned. “Come here…” he pulled your face closer and pressed his lips to yours immediately, kissing you passionately and making your body tingle; biting your lip before shoving his tongue past your lips and kissing you like he’s famished and you’re the only thing which can satiate his profound hunger. 
Next thing you knew, he pushed you down onto the couch and hovered above you. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer. You moaned and whimpered, body squirming under his. You needed him, terribly.
Bucky’s mouth left your lips as he kissed his way down your body, undressing you in the process. Your long, flowy dress found itself on the floor as he settled himself in between your legs. His handsome face just inches away from your dripping core. 
He looked hungry, and feral – a man who wanted to do bad things to you, and you were more than happy to let him do whatever he wanted. “You’re mine.” He growled before he leaned in and kissed your wet folds, his tongue slowly circling around your throbbing clit and licking down, parting your wet folds with ease.
Your body felt hotter and lighter as a pressing need to release formed deep inside you as you felt his tongue stroked your most sensitive parts. “So fucking sweet…” he looked up at you and found you with your eyes shut, head thrown back in pleasure. “Look at me.” He ordered and the authority in his voice made you tremble.
You opened your eyes and supported your upper body up with your elbows digging into the couch and you took in the sight of him in between your legs. His strong arms wrapped around your thighs, keeping you in place and close to him. He maintained eye contact as he licked in between your wet folds again, making you whine as he teased you. His touch was deliberately slow, pleasurably agonizing. 
“Please…” you cried out, whimpering and begging him to take you already. 
Your hand flew to his hair and you tugged on it gently as he flicked his tongue over your clit over and over again. His stormy blue eyes watched how you lost control under his touch; legs shaking as he teased your entrance with the tip of his tongue. His hands wrapped around your thighs, securing you in his grip as he pushed his face further into you, making you cry out loud until you came undone. 
He kissed his way up your body again, then lifted off you for just a moment to get rid of his clothes. Once done, he was hovering over your naked body again. 
“If it were up to me, I’d keep you here…” he leaned in to kiss you on the lips, “just like this, forever.” He loved the sight of you; naked, hot and squirming under him. He desperately wanted to keep you there forever and never let you go. 
You giggled. “Fiend.” 
He smiled as he looked down at you. “Where have you been all this time?” He leaned in to kiss you again as his hands touched you wherever he could; letting his hands linger at your breasts and taking his sweet time; caressing and kissing your skin. 
His hands slipped in between your legs with ease; caressing your inner thighs as he went. You moaned into the kiss; his touch was slow, and gentle and enticing but also fiery - much like himself. 
You whimpered and squirmed under him, and he smirked through the kiss as he pushed his erected cock past your tight entrance, pulling your legs up to wrap them around his waist. You moaned out loud as he pushed into you, your back arching off the surface of the couch. He grunted once he filled you up entirely, giving you a couple of seconds to adjust. 
He grabbed both your hands, laced your fingers together with his and pinned your interlaced hands down above your head. He stared into your eyes, lips parted as he struggled to fit inside you. He had always wondered how he would feel inside you. How warm and how tight and snug you’d feel… but you felt better than he imagined. 
You threw your head back, moaning. You were so full of him that even you couldn’t even form a proper thought. His lips found yours again, trying to get you to stay quiet while he rolled his hips against yours. He pulled out and pushed himself back into you, and watched in awe how you struggled to fit him inside of you. 
“Come on, take all of me…” He mumbled breathlessly as he pushed deeper into you. You heard him gasp and swear under his breath as he rocked into you. Your nails sank into his skin, around his shoulders; which you held on to as he pounded into you. 
He bit your lips, kissed your open mouth, and shoved his tongue past your lips while he rammed into you; and you never once complained. He stretched you out completely. And it did hurt, but the pleasure compensated for the pain. Your legs trembled around his waist, he thrust deeper into you; fucking you like only a god could. 
Your back arched off the couch as you felt a familiar warmth washing over you. Bucky growled and bit down on your shoulder to keep himself from being too loud while he fucked you. He was relentless. The sound of his moans and grunts sent tingles dancing down your spine and you were sure that his bite left a mark. 
Bucky’s hand found its way to your front and he pressed the palm of his hand against your lower abdomen. He liked the rush of excitement which coursed through him each time he felt his cock deep within you. His hand travelled all the way to your neck and he gently squeezed the side of your throat. Hard enough to make you lose your mind while he kept pounding into you incessantly. 
“Fuck…” you heard a barely audible moan leave his lips as he rammed his cock in and out of you incessantly. 
You felt him quicken his pace. You tightened around him, and he groaned, pounding into you; growling and mumbling swear words under his breath. You felt the pressure in between your hips grow until you couldn’t hold back anymore. 
His other hand toyed with your folds; his fingers furiously rubbed the skin around your clit and made you tremble and whimper again. You moaned, craving more and more of him. With a few more strokes of his thick cock, you felt his thrust becoming irregular, and felt his cock throb against your walls. You tightened around him, feeling the burning hot need to cum grow hotter and hotter inside you until it exploded.
You came with a loud moan, gushing all around him. Bucky came right after you; buried deep within you – growling under his breath. His warm cum shot at your walls and trickled out of you when he carefully removed his length from your entrance. You were a whimpering mess. And so was he. 
He collapsed next to you. You were shaking just a little as he tucked your head under his chin and ran his soothing hand down your back; while kissing the side of your head. 
“I love you too, angel.” 
 Bucky agreed on letting you go for a few days, so you could meet your mom. But he had one condition: 
“My mom will freak out!” you exclaimed. 
Bucky shook his head. “Mortals can’t see him as the guardian of the Underworld. Your mother will see him as just a regular dog.” 
“Then how can I?” 
“You’re special.” He walked over to you and pulled you into his arms, kissing your forehead. “You were meant to be here. To be mine.” 
“Are you sure about this?” You bent down to give the excited three-headed little monster scratches. 
“Absolutely.” He was sending Cerberus along with you for your safety. 
You smiled at the dog and looked up at it’s master. “Alright then. When do I leave? And how?” 
The god smiled. “Right now. I’ll take you.” 
You smirked. “You know we can’t show up in a chariot being drawn by horses, right?” 
He chuckled. “Trust me, angel. Come on, take my hand.” 
You did. And the next thing you knew, all three of you were surrounded by black fog, and less than a few seconds later, you found yourself standing at the entrance of a beautiful, gated home you didn’t recognize. You looked beside you and there stood your beloved god and his trustee guardian. You realized it was night time. 
“Where are we?” you looked around, not recognizing the neighborhood. 
Bucky grabbed your hand in his and Cerberus’ leash in another. “Your mom’s place.” He led you to the front door and rang the bell. You were confused, but too excited to see your mom to ask any further questions. 
Needless to say, your reunion with your mother was filled with tears and teary smiles and hugs. She then told you that her and your dad were no longer together and that this was her home now. She didn’t know where your dad was, and neither did she want to. 
“Oh honey, who is this handsome young man?” Your mother asked, once she realized that Bucky was there too. 
You went along with the story you and him had concocted before leaving the Underworld. You told your mother that Bucky was your long term boyfriend and that you ran away to him because you were in love with him and couldn’t agree to marry someone else. 
“I’m gonna be away on a business trip for a couple of weeks, so I thought why not leave Y/N with you until I return. After all, she’s been wanting to see you.” Bucky spoke to your mom politely and won her over within a few minutes. The god was indeed very charming. 
After leaving Cerberus in your care, Bucky parted from you at the doorstep with a long, deep kiss. “I’ll be back for you, angel. Miss me.” 
You smiled, kissing him back. “I will wait. I love you.” 
“I love you more. Take care.” he kissed your forehead, and left. 
Leaving you behind to your mother whom you had missed, but who also had a thousand questions for you. You answered all of them, lied at most. 
The first week went by almost too quickly. Mother-daughter quality time, gossip and all. Cerberus was a sweetheart and each morning when you woke up and saw him in the kitchen keeping your mom company, you’d freak out for a moment or two. Then you’d eventually remember that she couldn’t see him for what he truly is and you’d calm down. 
By week two, the jittery feeling of being back with your mom had died down. Not that you didn’t enjoy spending time with her, but the fear of your father finding you caught you off-guard often. 
It was someday during the third week of you being back with your mom that your fears hit you hard. You had a terrible nightmare where your dad was back and was trying to take you away again. It was spine-chilling to a point where even Cerberus picked up on it. 
You woke up to him whining and licking your face. You sighed in relief upon seeing his heads looking down at you in worry and confusion. 
“I’m okay,” you gave him some pets and he immediately curled up on the bed beside you. You snuggled beside him, caressing his fur which looked shiny thanks to the moonlight coming in through the window. “You miss your daddy, don’t you?” You saw his multiple ears perk up at that. You giggled. “I miss him too.” You give his paw a kiss. 
“Well good thing daddy’s here.” You heard his voice coming from the dark shadow of your room. Cerberus jumped out of bed and was surprisingly quiet as he greeted his master with much excitement. “Hello,” Bucky greeted him, “how about you go home now? I know you’ve missed it.” One last scratch behind the ears and a snap of Bucky’s fingers later, Cerberus disappeared into black fog.
You sat up in the middle of your queen-sized bed and leaned over to light the soft, golden lamp shade by the side of your bed. You blinked in confusion. “Bucky?” You were pleasantly surprised. The soft golden light made him look almost angelic despite his signature, all black outfit. 
He gave you his signature cocky smirk. “Were you expecting someone else at this odd hour, angel?” 
You rushed out of bed and right into his arms. He wrapped his arms around you, holding you close and he kissed your hair. “I’ve missed you so much.” 
“I’ve missed you too baby. You have no idea.” He pulled away and cupped your face so he could get a good look at you. He leaned down to kiss your lips, deeply. You felt warm all of a sudden. 
You smiled through the kiss before pulling away, asking in a hushed tone, “How come you’re here at this time?” 
“I sensed that something was wrong. You were having a nightmare, weren’t you?” 
You nodded. “But I’m okay now.” 
“I’m sorry I didn’t come sooner.” 
You rubbed your nose against his. “Doesn’t matter, you’re here now.” 
He grabbed your face and kissed you again; down your neck and along your shoulder. His stubble tickled your skin and you giggled as quietly as you could. You felt his hands caress your skin under your shirt, inching closer and closer to your breasts while he walked you back and eventually pushed you down onto your bed. 
Your body tingled and burned under his warm touch, and there was nothing you wanted more than to have him buried deep in you. Ever since that first night together, you craved him almost all the time. After all, he made love to you like a god. 
“Do you know how hard it was, being away from you for so long?” He whispered, sounding gentle, but also demanding and hot. 
Suddenly you felt all confident and sassy. “Why don’t you show me then?” 
He smirked and grabbed your oversized t-shirt and tossed it over your head and somewhere behind him. The sight of your bare body underneath him made him growl. “Is this how you slept every night? Almost naked?” He whispered in your ear as his hands roamed your body, mainly toying with your breasts. “Did you touch yourself, while thinking of me? Hmm?” 
You gasped and moaned just at the sound of his voice, he was barely touching you. 
He pressed his mouth to yours again, impatient to just have you already. His mouth didn’t leave yours as his hand slipped in between your legs with ease; caressing your inner thighs as he went. His touch caused a shiver to run down your spine as you moaned through the kiss. 
“Shh,” he mumbled against your lips. “Can’t have your mom find out that her daughter is being a dirty, dirty little girl for me now, can we?” He ran his fingers up and down your folds, gathering and smearing your arousal around as he went. 
He messed with you for a little bit; stroking your walls with his fingers and making you whine. You whimpered quietly under him as he nuzzled your neck and nibbled on the skin along your throat. “Please…” you pleaded. He chuckled. 
“Please what, baby?” he teased you with his fingers, keeping you on the edge. 
You whined under your breath. “I need you… please…” 
His lips found yours again as the two of you hurried to unbuckle his pants and he pulled it down enough to free his erected cock. He couldn’t wait any longer. “I need you too baby,” he kissed you deeply, “but I’m gonna need you to be quiet for me, okay?” 
He pulled away and waited for an answer. You nodded, breathless already. 
“Good girl.” He pressed his forehead against yours while he pushed his erected cock past your tight entrance. You moaned under your breath as he did. You whimpered as you felt all of him. His lips found yours again, attempting to get you to stay quiet while he rolled his hips against yours. 
“Shh, angel.” He whispered in your ear before pounding into you like his life depended on it. He buried his face into the crook of your neck, something which had become a habit of his, as he groaned under his breath at how your body welcomed him perfectly.
You failed to form proper thoughts as he rammed into you. The sounds he made were downright sinful and you loved it so much; knowing that you had the power to make him lose his mind. 
“You’re all mine, you hear me?” He mumbled. “Tell me you’re mine,” he whispered right at the shell of your ear, and you moaned quietly at how he sped up into you.
You did as he asked. You told him again and again that you were his. And no one else’s. You couldn’t imagine loving anyone else. 
Bucky held you like you were the most fragile thing ever even while he fucked you like there was no tomorrow. You were a tear-stained, whimpering mess as you came around his thick cock. He came right after you, grunting and groaning under his breath. 
“I love you. So much.” He whispered, kissing the side of your face to calm you down. 
You smiled, breathless still. “I love you too.” 
 He stayed with you, in your bed long after you two were done going at it for a second time that night. You snuggled into his side, your hand lazily across his torso. “Are you gonna stay for a little longer? Have breakfast with mom and I?” 
He caressed your cheek with his thumb, “Won’t your mother ask how I got here?” 
“I’ll tell her that you got here quite early while she was still sleeping.” 
He raised his eyebrows at you rather dramatically. “Look at you lying without any shame.” 
You giggled and got on top of him, straddling his waist and placed both your palms against his toned chest. “Oh the things I do for love,” You leaned down and kissed his lips with your own swollen ones. 
He smiled. “Does your mom like me? As your… boyfriend?” He asked, sounding a little worried and it made you laugh because he was… him - a god, a king, ruler of the Underworld and here he was worrying about if your mom approved of him or not. 
You pulled away to look into his eyes. “Yes. She likes you quite a lot actually. Who wouldn’t? You’re perfect.” 
He smiled, his heart exploding at your words, as his hands caressed your exposed thighs. “I like her too. We’ll visit her every now and then, don’t worry.” he spoke and then looked around at your bedroom. “I like it here.” 
You kissed him again, pouring all your love out into the kiss. You pulled away again, “Also I was thinking maybe we could go back tomorrow.” 
He knew perfectly what you meant but he was dying to hear you say it. “Where to, angel?” He reached out and grabbed your hand, bringing it to his lips and kissed your knuckles. 
You smiled down at him, your heart exploding with just how much love you had for him. 
You answered, “Home.”
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— promise me forever.
☞ adult itadori yuji x fem!reader. college au. rated m. tw in tags.  ☞ no thoughts, head empty. just smut. characters are ooc.  ☞ wc: 4839
Tumblr media
“—but I’m tired, ‘bara.”
“Babe, you can sleep in your own bed soon,” Nobara promises, “but you gotta get up. I have to get you home.”
She stands, lacing her fingers between yours as she pulls and heaves you onto your feet. The momentum, swift and abrupt, causes you to stumble toward, and your face clumsily falls into the soft curve of her neck. Nobara is warm and, as always, she smells of sugar and citrus. It’s familiar scent that makes you feel nostalgic and teary-eyed.
Maybe that third glass of merlot had been a mistake.
Tumblr media
“You smell good,” you smile and inhale, pushing yourself closer to her. “Like vanilla and oranges.”
She curses under her breath as her hands move quickly to support the shift in weight. One gripping your hip while the other accidentally homes itself underneath your loose, cropped shirt. Her hand against the heat of your ribs is biting, like ice. You’re unsure if the shiver raking itself through your body is because of the startling coolness of her touch or because of your sudden awareness of her hand, small and delicate, against the underside of your bare breast.
“Do you need help?” A voice—Yuji—asks. He must be talking to Nobara.
“No, it’s okay,” the brunette huffs, “I’ve got her.”
She moves again, settling her knee between your thighs while she readjusts her hands. Her grip on you tightens, momentarily, throwing an arm around your waist while the other quickly moves from under your shirt to your shoulder.
“Put your arms around me,” she orders.
An embarrassing whine retches itself from your throat, but you comply immediately.
“Your nails hurt,” you half-lie, voice muffled with your face still buried against Nobara’s throat. You fight to ignore her soft gasp that fans across the crown of your head.
“That tickles,” she whispers to you. “Don’t do that.”
“I can help, seriously, just let me—“ Yuji insists as he moves toward you two.
“It’s fine, I’m fine, you don’t have to—“ Nobara counters quickly as she loosens her hold on you.
You wearily glance at Yuji. He’s seemed annoyed, albeit quietly so, all night. And his sour mood had, in turn, upset Nobara.
“What was the point of him inviting us to his place if he’s jus’ gonna mope the entire time?” She’d asked earlier. Careful and hushed so Yuji couldn’t hear her from the restroom.
Her brown eyes trained on her next target, she aimed and fired. That shot had unlocked her fourth major achievement of the night—fifteen consecutive headshots.
“I think, uh, you know…the girl he likes has been giving him a hard time,” Megumi supplied hesitantly. You’d thought the controller was going to crack under the force of his grip.
Nobara paused, contemplating, before Megumi had sniped her.
“Well—fuck you Megumi, that was dirty even for you—just because he’s having a shitty time over a girl doesn’t mean he should be shitty to his best friends,” had been her final reply before Yuji reappeared in the living room.
You hadn’t even known Yuji had someone he liked.
“Nobara, just put her down,” Yuji continues. His hands grab your arms, giving you a gentle tug. “She can sleep here tonight.”
“Hey,” she snaps, “I said it’s fine. I can get a taxi, we live in the same apartment building, so I’ll take her home.”
“She can’t even stand up,” Yuji tugs on your arm once more, but this time he pulls you from Nobara. You stumble, again, and fall backwards onto his couch. “And you can’t carry her into your building. She can just stay here tonight.”
“Guys,” you try to say, but the sound that passes from your lips no more than an undistinguishable murmur. 
“I don’t understand why you’re being so difficult tonight,” Nobara is yelling now. “You clearly don’t want us here, so I’ll take her and we can leave you alone like you want!”
There’s a dull ache thudding between your furrowed brows. Nobara’s yelling is sobering, but the consequences of continuing to listen to her and Yuji argue would undoubtedly leave you with a splitting migraine.
Fuck Megumi for leaving you with the two of them. That little sneak had crept out an hour ago, offering a weak excuse about studying for an exam tomorrow. You reminded him tomorrow was Saturday; his reply had been a lazy smile and a promise to see you guys on Sunday for lunch.
“Guys,” you say again, more clearly, but Yuji’s yelling now too.
“I never said I didn’t want you guys here, I invited you here! Why would I do that if I—you know what, fuck you!”
“Oh, fuck me?” Nobara seethes. “No, fuck you! You’ve been the epitome of doom and gloom all fucking day, incredibly fucking rude all because she—I mean, some girl—”
“Guys!” You scream. “Shut the fuck up!”
Their heads snap to you, mouths agape and cheeks flushed.
“Please,” you sigh. “I’ll just stay here, ‘bara, It’s fine, I’m good.”
Nobara frowns then softly asks, “Are you sure? It’s really no big deal.”
She takes a seat next to you on the couch, and you muster a nod and smile that you hope look reassuring. You’re sobering up, but the residual buzz in your blood accompanied by a budding headache is starting to make you more nauseous than tired. You don’t think you’d survive a taxi ride home right now.
She turns to Yuji. “Are you gonna be mean to her if I leave her here?”
Yuji, visibly affronted, retorts back, “Why would I be mean to her?”
You glance between the two of them, entirely confused.
“Why would Yuji be mean to me?” You wonder aloud.
Nobara looks at you, auburn eyes capturing yours with a stare that makes you feel like you’re fifteen again. The kind of look that makes your heart pound against your chest and sends butterflies fluttering in your belly. There’s something knowing beneath the warmth of her stare that makes you feel anxious and afraid.
“He wouldn’t,” she answers quietly, leaning in to give you a soft kiss on the cheek before standing. “He loves you too much. You’re his favorite.”
“Kugisaki,” Yuji bristles.
But Nobara ignores him and continues to speak, “You’re everyone’s favorite.”
Before you can make sense of her words, she’s tossing on her coat and stepping into her shoes.
“My taxi is already here,” she says, opening the front door.
“Let me know when you get home,” you call after her.
“Sure thing, babe.”
She quickly grabs her purse, giving you another look before peering at Yuji. Then she’s gone.
The lingering silence is deafening. Whatever tension born between Yuji and Nobara’s argument still hangs in the air despite the brevity of their heated encounter. You remain on the couch, cautiously eyeing Yuji. He hasn’t looked at you since you’d stopped the shouting match.
Their fight tonight was odd, you realize.
Arguments between the two of them are common, but most of their bickering is about trivial things. Things so menial the pair is usually doubled over in laughter just moments after their squabbles. Nobara’s personality is sharp, her words and wit often cutting, but Yuji’s generally easy going attitude means he bounces back almost instantly from disagreements.
You’ve never seen them argue like this before. 
Not at fifteen when you’d first met. Not at seventeen when you all had wept and fought about university and moving away. Not at nineteen when a cross-country road trip had left the four of you stranded for hours in the rain. To this day, Nobara blames Yuji for “making us ride in his shitty car instead of paying for a reliable rental.” But she always softens her insult with “at least I got nice pictures and videos, so I guess it wasn’t all that bad.”
“Yuji,” you start, unsure of what to say next. “Yuji, I—did something happen? Between you and Nobara?”
He finally looks at you, sighing loudly as he runs a hand through his already tussled hair. 
“No,” he answers plainly. “Nothing happened.” He gives you a dry look before turning on his heels and heading to his room.
Yuji is lying.
And you know, with certainty, he realizes you’re aware of his brazen lie. It’s his disinterest in your awareness that makes your chest feel tight. A stomach churning sensation of disbelief digs itself between your ribs, and you’re on your feet before you realize.
Your legs, although shaking, carry you to him, and you push firmly against his door before he can close it.
“It’s not fair to run away like that,” you frown, “and it’s not fair to lie to me either.”
“I don’t want to talk about this right now.” Yuji sounds exhausted, and for a split second, you feel guilty about pursuing the issue. But his withdrawn behavior  was unexpected. His demeanor, more than his words, hurt you.
He’s been in a bad mood all night. Tip-toeing around the three of you, then unleashing his anger on Nobara, and now lying to your face about something you know must be important. It has to be something Nobara and Megumi know, but for whatever reason you’re being kept in the dark.
“What did you and Nobara fight about?” You press. “I just want to help, Yuji. But I can’t help if nobody tells me anything. Talk to me, please.”
The bedroom door swings open suddenly, and you lose your balance for what feels like the hundredth time that night. You manage to catch yourself by reaching upwards and grabbing onto Yuji’s shoulders. He helps steady you with ease, his large hands holding your waist. His hands, unlike Nobara’s, feel hot against your skin.
A new wave of dizziness washes over you, and you groan, “I need to sit down.” The constant come and go of these dizzy spells is starting to be an inconvenience above all else.
When you move, Yuji’s hold on you tightens, eliciting a small, shocked squeak from your lips. You can feel his fingers painfully digging into your sides, and you wince. You try to move away again, your hands pushing against the firmness of his chest, but he pulls you closer with little effort.
“Your fingers hurt,” you say, nearly parroting your words from earlier only this time there’s more truth behind them. “This hurts—”
“Isn’t this what you like?” He interjects, hand moving to grab your chin. A swift movement from his wrist roughly jerks your head up. “This is how you like to be touched, isn’t it?”
Your lips part to speak, tongue pressed against the back of your teeth, but words won’t come to you. Your brain is lagging, struggling to comprehend what’s happening.
“Put your arms around me,” he commands suddenly.
The familiarity of Yuji’s words—this situation—stings. Perhaps more bruising than the weight of his calloused hands.
When you fail to move, he moves instead. His hands, overwhelming, grasp the back of your thighs and pull. Your arms instinctually find his shoulders again, clinging to them to keep yourself from falling backwards as your legs wrap around his waist. Your back meets his bedroom wall with a loud thud that knocks the wind from your lungs.
You’re given no room to breathe, to think, when his mouth covers yours with a blistering kiss.
“You were so obedient earlier,” he laughs weakly, teeth pulling at your bottom lip. “What changed?” He kisses you again. “Am I not good enough?” And again, deeper and more demanding as his tongue slips between your parted lips.
A strangled gasp is pried from you when his hand roams beneath your shirt, rough fingers dancing along your ribs then clawing their way to your breast. The heat of his hands on you burns, inciting a high-pitched whimper from the back of your throat. He groans in response, pushing himself closer to you, his other hand kneading your ass as he presses his hips forward to meet yours. You can feel him through the layers of your jeans and his sweats. He’s hard, and you’re already wet and feeling incredibly needy but—
“Yuji,” you whimper when his lips finally leave yours to kiss your neck. “Yuji, ‘have to stop—we’re drunk.”
His mouth is warm on your neck, his tongue even warmer as he presses it flat against you and drags it, slowly, from your collarbone to the soft angle of your jaw. Your hands are buried in his hair, desperately pulling him closer despite your words just moments ago. His fingers find your nipple, giving it a painful pinch before rubbing slow circles onto the hardened bud. 
“Wanna fuck you,” Yuji rasps, grinding into you. 
His shameless declaration makes you feel feverish. You want to say yes. Your body is singing to you to say yes, just say yes.
“I wanna be inside you,” he continues, peppering sloppy kisses down your neck then up again until his lips capture yours once more.
His hands tug at your t-shirt—
“Need this off,” he groans into your kiss.
—and without a second thought you breathily tell him to move you to his bed.
Your shirt is gone before you touch his bed. His hands make quick work of the flimsy material then move to unbutton your jeans. He tugs them off of you with surprising ease, leaving a trail of kisses and bites along your inner thigh. He pauses when his eyes fall upon your underwear, and you watch his pupils bloom under the dim lighting of his room.
Your panties are scarlet and satin. A heated blush creeps over your cheeks when you realize the thin fabric is, without a doubt, soaked through by now and doing nothing to hide where you’ve made a mess of yourself. A jolt of embarrassment prompts you to close your legs, your hands lightly pulling on Yuji’s hair in an effort to bring up into another kiss.
He doesn’t budge, dark eyes unmoving as his hands firmly press into your thighs to keep them parted.
“Can I taste you?” He asks.
“I-I haven’t showered yet today,” you sputter, but his fingers are already hooked into your panties and pulling them to the side.
“I don't care,” he bites back. “Fuck, you’re so wet.”
A teasing pair of fingers move between your folds, stroking you before he brings his slick digits to his mouth and leisurely swipes his tongue across them. The moan that leaves him is fucking filthy. And the look he gives you after sends an unbearable pang of want straight to your already sopping cunt.
He dips back down, without a word, and presses his tongue against your clit. You gasp in surprise, your legs involuntarily trying to close again.
“Keep your legs still,” he orders roughly before his tongue slowly rakes over your clit again. This time, too, slipping his middle finger inside you.
You feel yourself clench around him, your nails cutting into his scalp and your toes curling into his sheets. Your breathing has gone ragged again, yet he’s hardly touched you. 
“Yuji,” you wheeze. 
You say his name like a plea, a prayer, a call for release. He looks up at you, heavy-lidded eyes locking with yours, but doesn’t move from his position. You’re panting when he slips another finger inside you. 
“Move, I need you to move, please move,” you cry, words slurring together.
He moves unhurriedly, thick fingers pumping in and out of you almost painfully slow as he plants open-mouthed, wet kisses on your clit. 
“What would she say,” Yuji speaks suddenly, “if she saw you like this? You begging me to fuck you with my fingers.”
Your brows knit together in confusion, mind too cluttered with lust and foggy from alcohol to understand his puzzling question. His fingers curl and arch to hit the back of your cunt, his long digits soaked and dripping as he fucks you faster and harder each time he plunges them into you. You instantly forget his words, a choked sob leaving you when his mouth finds your clit again, teeth harshly scraping the sensitive bundle of nerves before placing his lips around it and sucking.
“Fu-fuck, Yuji,” you whimper and feel your legs begin to shake. 
“Do you want to cum?” He asks, voice scratchy and low. The question alone makes your walls clench tightly around him. “Do you you want to cum on my fingers?”
“Please,” you beg, hips rutting frantically against him in urgent search of release.
And then he moves, ripping his fingers from you and forcefully shoving them into your mouth.
“Or should I have you cum on my cock instead?” He taunts.
You nod yes quickly, much too needy now to be shy about your eagerness. He pushes his fingers deeper into you, gagging you, spilling drool from the corners of your mouth. He’s palming himself through his pants, dark, brown eyes fixated on his fingers fucking your face. Your cunt aches as you greedily lap yourself off his fingers. Your dark orbs roam over his face—skin flushed, hair a mess, lips plump and still wet with your arousal.
Your eyes meet his, and you pull his fingers from your mouth with a resounding pop. 
“Take your clothes off,” you demand, still breathless.
You watch curiously as Yuji’s expression twists into something sinful, his eyes narrowing and his mouth curling into a crooked grin; it’s an unfamiliar and chilling look on his usually boyish face—something dreadful that almost makes him look like an entirely different person.
He pulls his shirt over his head then tosses his sweats to floor next to your long forgotten jeans. Your eyes travel from his face, sweeping over his neck and broad shoulders before shortly stopping at his chest. You’ve always known Yuji to be fit. He’s grown taller with adulthood, towering over you at 6’1”, and he’s lean. You watch in awe, hungrily following his movement, as his muscles flex beneath his tan skin. Your mouth falls open with an inaudible oh when you realize he hadn’t been wearing any boxers. 
His cock is giant, standing erect against his stomach. It’s lengthy and thick, with  pulsing, angry veins ridged down his shaft. You lick your lips when you focus on his head. The tip is swollen, a pretty pink, and oozing pre-cum. 
You sit up and reach for his cock. Yuji hisses, his dick twitching at the sudden contact. 
“You’re so sensitive,” you whisper, mostly to yourself, as you press an open-mouthed kiss to his leaking slit.
He groans in response, his hips jutting forward without warning to shove himself inside your mouth. You gag loudly when his cock hits the back of your throat, the weight of it almost painful. Your hands quickly move to brace yourself against the dense muscle of his thighs, a useless attempt to steady yourself.
“I didn’t tell you—fuck,” Yuji gasps between thrusts. “—didn’t tell you to touch me,” he pants.
Your eyes are brimming with tears, vision blurring. Your throat burns from the lack of air. He snakes a hand into your hair and drags you off of him, immediately shoving your back onto bed with a harsh push. The fall backward steals what little air is left in your lungs. You’re heaving for oxygen, chest rising and falling rapidly as you struggle to breathe.
Yuji calls your name, sounding worried and too much like himself—an uncomfortable reminder that you’ve crossed a line in your friendship that can never be undone. Your throat is raw, and you’re unable to muster a response. Instead, you glance at him from beneath your lashes and half-lidded eyes. He looks more wrecked than just moments before, his chest and neck flushed from desire, his cock still twitching and drowned in a mixture of your spit and his pre-cum. 
A knot of guilt coils in your stomach, and you feel scarily sober when you summon your voice to ask Yuji why he’s in love with you.
His eyes widen; your question is surely unexpected, your timing doubtlessly unceremonious. You watch him, his brows furrowed in bewilderment, as he struggles to answer your question.
“I didn’t know before tonight,” you admit hoarsely. “But that’s it, right? That’s what you and Nobara fought about.”
He flinches when you say Nobara’s name, and you frown. “I thought it was her, at first. I thought you liked her, and wondered, how crazy would it be if Yuji and I liked the same girl.”
You gather the strength to push yourself up, baring your weight on your forearms briefly, before sitting up completely. A pained laugh draws from your chest when you fully realize the absurdity of this situation.
“She must’ve let it slip that I confessed to her,” you continue, crawling towards him and settling yourself between his thighs “And then you let it slip that you have feelings for me.”
Your hand wraps around his cock, still hard, and you tug. A stunned, throaty moan tumbles from his lips. His hips snap forward intuitively fucking himself into the palm of your hand.
“And then somewhere, sometime,” you muse sadly, “she confessed to you.”
You place a tender kiss to Yuji’s jaw and crawl into his lap, your hands moving to grasp his shoulders while you angle yourself over his jerking hips. You both whine when the head of his cock presses, just barely, between the slippery lips of your cunt.
“Let me fuck you,” he tells you, anchoring his hands on your hips. “Let me fuck you ‘til you forget, let me fuck you until you love me.”
“Yuji—” you start, but he quiets you with a fervent kiss. You feel the head of his cock push against you again. This time a little further, stopping just at your entrance. 
“Can I fuck you?” He gasps between words. 
You feel his hands tremble against you, and you kiss a yes against his lips.
The hands bruising your hips push you down as his hips thrust upward. He burrows himself inside you with one hurried motion, and you scream at the sensation, your cunt trying to stretch to accommodate his size. 
“You—fuck,” Yuji chants your name, sounding frantic. “You feel—you feel so fucking good.”
You whimper in response, your voice lost while you focus on your breathing. You feel his cock spasm, the ridges of his thick veins pressing against the spongey walls of your pussy. He’s throbbing, his pre-cum seeping out of you and puddling into a sticky mess between your thighs.
“Yuji,” you breathe his name in obscenity, stammering as you feel him drumming inside you. “It’s too big, it’s so big—f-fuck, is it getting b-bigger?” 
His hips lurch forward suddenly, hands still squeezing your hips, as he buries himself deeper inside your cunt. You yelp, delirious at the sensation of his slobbering tip brushing against your pillowy cervix. Your walls clamp around him, milking him, trying to pull him in farther.
Yuji breathes out a husky moan, and his hands move to your ass.  His fingers massage your cheeks before spreading them and fucking into you with another sharp thrust. You don’t scream this time, instead moaning at the feeling of him filling you.
“Baby, I need to move,” he whispers, placing a kiss to your temple. “That alright?”
When you look up at him, he’s already watching you. His eyes seem impossibly dark, pupils blown so wide they almost entirely eclipse the brown of his irises. 
“Yeah,” you reply lowly, “I want you to do whatever you want to me.”
His mouth opens, then closes—your response has left Yuji speechless.
A wicked look, dark and hungry, fans across his face.
One of his hands tangles itself in your hair, tugging you back violently as he slams into you with more vigor. A choked cry falls from your mouth, your back arching, your cunt clenching and dripping around the thick of his cock. His speed is ravening, unrelenting as he fucks himself into you.
“Wanted to fuck you for so long,” he pants. “Thought about doing this to you every fucking day. For years.”
The hand on your ass comes up and back down in a swift motion and a resonating slap. You gasp, eyes wide with shock from the sudden, painful sting. Before you can recover, his hand is slapping your ass again, the sound echoing in his room. With each thrust, his cock punches into your leaky cervix, firing tingles of ecstasy through you. The feeling coils hotly in the pit of your stomach, spreading through your already trembling legs.
“Yuji, Yu—ah, you feel so good inside me,” you gasp. “Feel so good, want you inside me forever.”
“I’ll fuck you forever,” he promises, pressing his face into curve of your shoulder and biting. His bite is hard enough to break skin, and you shudder at the searing pain rippling from your shoulder down your arm. He hungrily laps at the wound he’s made, lips sucking on the broken skin and painting over it with a bruise.
“Do you wanna bounce on my cock forever?” He purrs as he slides out of you.
You cry at the sudden emptiness in your quivering cunt. You can feel the heat and stickiness gush out of you.
“Answer me,” he snaps, tugging roughly on your hair, “or I won’t fuck you.”
“Y-yes,” you stutter. “I wanna bounce on your cock forever, I want you to stuff me full of your cock forever, I need you, I need it please, please.”
He gives you a merciless smile before he pumps back into you. 
“You’re so fucking greedy,” he rasps as he fucks you. “You’re filthy, you’re fucking filthy, filthy for my cock, huh?”
“Fuck, yes,” you moan, grinding your hips against him while he pushes himself deeper and deeper into you. “I’m filthy for your cock, only you, just you.”
“Do you want to cum?” He asks, his hand leaving your hair to rub deliberate circles into your clit. “Do you want to cum on my fat cock, baby?”
You manage to exhale a shaky yes, yes, please against his lips when you capture them for a kiss.
“Louder,” he orders, lips still on yours, his thumb still working on your swollen clit. 
“Yes, please let me, let me c-cum on your cock, please,” you beg. “Please, I’ll do anything, I wanna cum, I want you to cum.”
He lets out a choked gasp at your request, hips frantically rutting into you.
“Where?” He asks, voice heavy and gruff.
“Inside,” you plead. “Want you to cum inside me.”
You feel his cock pounding inside your cunt, his girth swelling even more and stretching you again. You throw your head back in a silent moan, your tits bouncing as you fuck yourself dumb on his dick.
“You want me,” he grunts, sounding feral, “to cum inside you.” 
His hand comes down suddenly to slap your ass again. The feeling leaves you dizzy as pain transforms to pleasure. You try to nod, tell him yes, beg for more of him, but your thoughts are gone; your head empty aside from seeking the release of an orgasm. You dully register Yuji telling you to wrap your legs and arms around him while he readjusts both of his hands on your ass. Then he stands, his grip fearsome.
The new position pushes him further inside you than you’d thought possible. The pleasure of the full length of his cock buried in your cunt is blinding. His hands are squeezing your ass in a vice grip, his plump cock pummeling into you with eagerness.
“Yuji,” you cry, “Yuji, I’m gonna cum, tell me I can cum, tell me—please.”
“Cum on me, baby,” he groans, his rhythm not faltering when he feels your walls tensing uncontrollably around him. 
You cum loudly, screaming his name like a prayer, your nails digging into the skin of his back. Your vision goes white with stars. You’re trembling in his arms and panting for air, but he doesn’t stop. The feeling of you gripping him, milking his swollen cock, brings him to his own release. 
“You feel so good wrapped around me like this,” Yuji moans.  “I’m gonna cum inside your cunt and—fuck—fill you up. Gonna get you pregnant with my babies, wanna cum in your cunt.”
He fucks you through his orgasm, thrusting into you as he spills a heavy load into your pussy. You feel the hotness of his cum shoot into you, creaming your pulsing walls and leaking from your hole every time he pumps in and out of you. You’re sobbing when you realize he’s not slowing down. Your ass, dripping with a his cum and your slick, bouncing rapidly on his cock. 
Your legs begin to shake again as you’re overcome by a second orgasm.
“I plan on fucking you all night,” Yuji confesses, mouth pressed to yours in a heated kiss. “You said whatever I wanted.”
Something between a laugh and a cry peels itself from the back of your throat.
“Okay,” you rasp. “Whatever you want.”
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thenatashamaximoff · 5 months ago
Broken Love (Dangerous Love Reimagined)
Summary: You and Natasha breakup after finding out about her secret affair. Wanda’s there to comfort you.
Pairing: Natasha x Reader; Wanda x Reader
Warnings: cheating, death
Words: 21,611
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Please keep in mind that this is a reimagined version of Dangerous Love and it goes a completely different route. Please do not expect anything to be the same aside from the love triangle aspect. I hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The duffel bag that's been attached to your shoulder for the past three hours was finally sliding down your arm, landing with a soft thud on the floor below you. The only thing you felt in this moment was relief, breathing out a long breath as the door shut silently behind you. Although you wanted to get to bed immediately, knowing she was still sleeping since it's almost two in the morning, you made a beeline for the kitchen instead. 
You enjoyed a cold drink in the dark as your mind started wandering back to the latest mission. It was supposed to be a long one, one that went so wrong at the very end. Like the universe was teasing you, dangling hope right in front of you only to get it snatched out of your reach when you were just about to grab it. You breathed out softly, your eyes fluttering close as you replayed that ending in your head, trying to think of what you did wrong, of what you could've done differently to save them.
You wiped at the few tears that silently made their way down your face, sucking in a deep breath as you placed your cup beside the sink, planning on washing it later, and trudged your way to the bedroom. You were tired, your muscles were stiff, and you just wanted to hold her in your arms and fall asleep. Possibly forever, if that wasn't too much to ask. After that two-hour plane ride and one-hour car ride, it's what you needed.
Your hand had just grazed the doorknob when you heard a sound from the other side of the door. Your eyebrows furrowed as you placed your ear against the wood, holding your breath to get a better reading on whatever was happening in the room. It was nothing but silence. You were exhausted, more than a day's worth without sleep can make you think you were hearing things. You barely had your head pulled away from the door when you heard the noise once more, and it was beyond doubt a moan.
Not one that you're familiar with. It was a deeper, more masculine sound and, now that you had an idea of what exactly was happening behind the closed door, you felt like you could hear them more clearly, or it could have been your imagination. The panting, the gasping, the groaning. It was all so loud in your head that it gave you a headache, your stomach twisting with disbelief. Because you didn't want to believe that this was happening right now. You just had to see for yourself.
You opened the door loudly, announcing your presence and the scene unfolded into chaos in front of you. Bruce threw himself off of Natasha the second he heard the door open, using part of the blanket to keep his lower region covered as he stood on the opposite side of the bed, both of them staring at you with wide eyes.
Natasha's face was filled with guilt as she sat up, her eyes already glossing over with unshed tears even though nobody said anything yet. You're pretty sure they were waiting on you to break the silence, but you were too busy trying to process what you just saw, what you just heard, you had no words to share at the moment.
Your face ratted you out, showing just how hurt and betrayed you truly were by her actions. She threw her legs off the bed, holding the other half of the blanket to cover herself, though it's not like anybody in this room hasn't already seen it.
"Y/N-" Her words died in her throat, not being able to explain herself. At least not now. She needed some time to come up with a lie to tell you, to ease the pain you were feeling. 
Your eyes flickered to Bruce and he fidgeted under your stare, his face almost as regretful as Natasha's. You wonder if they were really feeling that guilt, considering they both knew what they were doing. Your mind raced, picturing the two of them in bed together, him touching her in places only you're allowed to roam. It made you sick to your stomach, anger coursing through you and obliterating the sadness you felt. How could she do this to you? Were you not good enough for her? You tried to come up with a logical reason that made all of this make even a little bit of sense, but you just couldn't.
"Let me expla-" You held your hand up, cutting her off immediately. You didn't want to hear the lies she came up with within the last few seconds. Instead, you closed the door as you left, your mouth glued shut as you made your way to the exit.
But she didn't hesitate to chase after you, hearing the bedroom door open before you reached the front door, her footsteps hard and fast to catch up to you. She caught your wrist and pulled you around to face her, knowing her words weren't going to do anything to make you stop. The blanket was wrapped loosely around her body, her face mirrored the pain on yours, and she was desperate.
"Please, Y/N," she pleaded, releasing your wrist. "Just let me explain." On any other day, you would've lost yourself in those emerald gemstones she uses as eyes, giving her what she wanted without a second thought. You should leave like you had planned, letting her pull you around like this was already a sign of weakness. Standing here, staring at her and waiting for her to continue was a sign of weakness. She took your silence as a gesture for her to begin, "I love you, baby-"
Nope. You couldn't do this. If her explanation for cheating started with an "I love you", there was no doubt in your mind that she was going to say something to put the blame on you. "I love you… but…" 
You turned away from her, ignoring her calls and grabbing your bag, closing the door shut behind you with a soft click that seemed to echo in your skull.
You marched down the hall of the apartment complex, completely unfocused on your walking, eyes blankly staring ahead. You knew the path to the parking lot like the back of your hand, having made it to your car without any troubles.
You stared at her car parked next to yours, your reserved parking spots far from the entrance to the complex. For a small moment, you had considered damaging her car in some way - slashing her tires, keying the surface, smashing the windows - to let out the frustrations building inside your chest. But you were loading into your car before you could convince yourself to do that, knowing that destroying her property was going to do nothing but cause more issues.
You knew you shouldn't be driving. You couldn't fully concentrate on anything, your eyes stuck on the picture of their bodies intertwined. You wanted to understand why, but you needed time. You didn't have the energy to look at her right now, especially after not having decent sleep since yesterday morning. Never mind the stress of the last failed mission weighing on your shoulders.
You snapped out of your daze when you realized you weren't driving anymore, having been parked in the driveway of the small, well-known house next to her car. You killed the engine and released a heavy breath, hoping that Wanda hadn't fallen asleep yet. 
Wanda was your closest friend, always there for you within a singular phone call, always dropping anything and everything if need be. She was very supportive of your relationship with Natasha, even pushing you towards her. If it wasn't for her, you wouldn't have had the courage to ask Natasha on a date. And now here you were, lingering outside her house after finding out that your girlfriend of almost three years has been cheating on you.
You stumbled out of the car, using the door to prevent yourself from falling on your face, and made your way to the front of the house. You had a key, but considering it was way past two in the morning, you figured it would be better to just knock instead. You didn't want her to think there's an intruder and get thrown across the room by her powers. You really weren't in the mood for that.
You banged your fist against the wood a couple of times. If she was still awake, she would hear it. Waiting for her to open the door gave you a moment more to think. But you didn't want to think, you wanted to… do something productive. Anything to keep your mind off of her while you waited for Wanda to open the door.
You drummed your hands against your legs, whistled a tune, you even occupied your mind with the mission you had just done. And you almost brought out the spare key and opened the door yourself when you heard the lock click, Wanda pulling it open with confusion, even after she saw you. She hadn’t even changed out of the clothes she wore on the mission yet, her eyes dark with exhaustion.
"Y/N?" She tilted her head to the side, eyebrows furrowed as her eyes searched yours. And that's when you lost yourself, sobs racked your chest as tears streamed out of your eyes. Protective mode took over her confusion when you stepped towards her, your bag dropping to the side of the door and feeling her arms wrap around you. She held you against her tightly, stepping back with you enough to close the door.
She shushed you soothingly, rubbing your back as you cried into her shoulder. You had done so damn good since catching them only to break into pieces when seeing Wanda. The instant comfort she provided, no questions asked, would always be one of the many things you loved about her. And she was perfectly fine, having absolutely no problem just standing there in front of the door, holding you as your cries gradually slowed underneath her. 
You stepped away from her, a small step, her hands holding your elbows gently as yours remained on her shoulders. You sucked in a shaky breath, avoiding eye contact with her for a moment. You knew she wanted to question this - and you were so grateful for the agreement she had made about the mind-reading - but you just didn’t feel like talking about it right now. It was late, you both were exhausted after that mission, and your whole world was just falling apart underneath your fingertips and there was nothing you could do to stop it.
Your hands slid off her shoulders, falling back to your sides as she moved to cross her arms over her chest. “What happened?” Her voice was gentle, patient, and it just only made you want to cry again. You looked at her with glossy eyes and scratched the back of your head embarrassingly. You can’t believe you had just broken down like that.
“It’s been a long day,” you said, “and I’m really tired.”
“The mission was terrible,” she agreed, but she knew something else was bothering you. You wouldn’t be here if it was just the mission you were upset about. No, you’d be in Natasha’s arms right now, letting her be the one to comfort you in your time of need. But you were in her arms instead, not that she was complaining.
"Yeah." You nodded, stepping to the side. "Do… you mind if I spend the night? I don't think I'll make it back to the apartment in one piece." You pretended to yawn to add dramatic effect, covering your mouth as Wanda analyzed you. You knew she knew you were avoiding something and she knew it had to have something to do with Natasha, she can put two and two together, but she wasn’t going to push it.
“Y/N, you know you’re always welcomed to stay here, so why do you even ask?”
You rolled your eyes as she walked away, your posture slouching the second she had her back turned to you. You looked over at the couch, imagining the back pains you were going to get when you wake up. You always loved Wanda's little house, so cozy and homey. You constantly imagined finding a place like this with Natasha, but now you can't even picture her without seeing Bruce. It was a vicious cycle and you wanted to be out of it desperately.
Wanda returned with a blanket and a pillow, placing them onto the couch with a sigh. She was tired, too, that much was obvious, but she trudged through it to make sure you're all set up and comfortable. When she turned to look at you, her eyes were still filled with worry. You haven't moved from your spot by the door.
"Thanks, Wanda," you sighed, finally walking to the couch. You smiled at her and she saw the pain you're trying to hide behind your eyes. "You should get some sleep."
She laughed softly, the sound easing the stress in between your shoulders, even by a little bit, helped you breathe better. "I was about to say that to you." She rested a hand on your shoulder, squeezing it lightly, before wishing you goodnight and walking off to her bedroom.
You placed the pillow against the arm of the couch and laid down, covering yourself with the blanket. You wondered how you were going to fall asleep, not being able to close your eyes without seeing Natasha and Bruce. Or even have your dreams haunted by that miserable mission. You were stuck in a corner by two situations, both completely different yet both have the same results: mentally draining you.
You found yourself slightly regretting not staying to let her tell you her reason for cheating. It would've given you peace of mind, at least for a moment, long enough for you to get some sleep. But her I love you just really made you emotionally snap. If you had let her keep talking, you would've broken down in front of her instead of in front of Wanda. And that would've been so much worse.
There was nowhere else to go and your subconscious knew that, having driven itself here when you didn't even realize you had even started your car. Wanda was the person you could rely on before you had Natasha, and now that she's gone…
You didn't realize you had fallen asleep until the smell of insanely delicious food stirred you awake. It took you a moment to get a bearing on your surroundings, but after realizing that what you had witnessed was not a dream, you ran your hands down your face. You sat up on the couch, reaching into your pocket to pull out your phone to check the time, getting distracted by the amount of missed calls and unread texts from Natasha.
Considering your phone's about to die anyway, you figured it would be a good thing to shut it off.
"Good morning." Wanda greeted you with a wide smile when you shuffled into the kitchen. You don't know how she's so happy so early, you barely felt like you got any sleep. You glanced at the clock and sighed. Turns out, you managed to get at least five hours of sleep, though you'd beg to differ. "Want some breakfast?"
"Of course," you answered. "Are you always this joyful in the mornings?"
She only gave you a soft chuckle, though it didn't answer your question. You shook your head as you slid into a seat at the small table, placing your elbows on the surface as you looked out the window. A comfortable silence wrapped around you, save for the sizzling of whatever breakfast food Wanda was making that smelled amazingly enticing. You were going to have to get used to this, not waking up next to Natasha. Not to mention that you're going to have to find a place of your own because, despite how close you and Wanda are, you can't sleep on her couch for the rest of your life. On top of that, you're going to have to go back to the apartment to collect your things. Hopefully, she's still on the same schedule as she's been on the past couple of months. That way you can go to the place while she's at work and empty it before she gets back.
You breathed in sharply at the sudden hand on your shoulder, snapping out of your thoughts in time to watch Wanda place a plate in front of you. You breathed out as you said, "Thanks, mom."
She laughed as she went to retrieve her own plate, settling down across from you after giving you both a drink. "Anything for you, my child." She smiled at you as you rolled your eyes, scooping some food into your mouth. "So, are you going to tell me why you ruined my favorite shirt last night, or are we just going to dance around that?"
"I'd prefer to dance," you answered, your eyes landing on her to see the look she was giving you. The question was rhetorical, she wasn't giving you the option to avoid it. You sighed as you picked up your glass, delaying the conversation as you took large sips. She ate some of her food, patiently waiting for you to stop being childish. "There is nothing to talk about."
She rolled her eyes. "You've always been a terrible liar, Y/N," she stated.
"That's not true at all." You scoffed, shaking your head. "I'm an excellent liar."
She grinned. "Fine. You're a terrible liar when it comes to me," she corrected. She shrugged casually as she added, "I know your tell."
"My tell?"
"Yep." She ate some more food as you stared at her with confusion.
"I don't have a tell." You can't have a tell. Sometimes your job requires you to lie, which means you have to be no less than perfect at being deceitful. That's how Natasha was able to lie to you so perfectly.
Wanda chuckled. "It's not an obvious tell," she assured you, picking up her glass. "I'm the only one who knows about it if it makes you feel better." She smiled at you, a cocky grin, before she took a drink.
"What is it?"
She shook her head, returning the cup to the table. "I'm not telling you," she stated, “but you can tell me what the hell's going on with you. Is it Nat?"
You casually looked down at your food at the mention of her name, shoveling more of it into your mouth. Wanda sighed, placing her utensils down. You huffed as you slowly looked back up at her, quickly trying to figure out exactly what your tell is before you spoke, but you couldn't think of what it could possibly be. "It does not involve Nat."
"Y/N." She shook her head in mock disappointment and you lightly smacked your palm against the table. "First of all, I didn't even need your tell for that because she's been messaging me about you for hours."
You leaned forward. "What did you tell her?"
"I haven't responded." You sighed, relieved. "But that can always change."
"Is that a threat?" you questioned.
She sent you a smile as she stood up when there was a light knock on the door. "It's a promise," she assured before walking away.
You went back to eating as she answered the door in the other room, but your muscles completely locked when you heard Natasha's voice.
"You're not answering my messages. Let me talk to Y/N."
"She's not here, Nat," Wanda said casually.
Natasha scoffed. "Her car is in the driveway!"
"Did you forget that she came over her prior to the mission so we can carpool?" Wanda laughed gently. "I dropped her off at your apartment last night. She was very tired, I didn't trust her driving."
Natasha huffed angrily, but she couldn't tell if Wanda was telling the truth or not because you did carpool with Wanda, but she doesn't know if you drove back yourself afterward. "Fine. If you get a hold of her, will you please tell her to call me?"
"What happened?" Wanda questioned.
You felt your heart hammer against your chest as Natasha let out a heavy breath. If she doesn't tell Wanda, you're definitely going to have to fill her in after this. "I really messed up, Wanda," was the only thing Natasha said before walking away.
Wanda closed the door and appeared back in the kitchen a moment later, silently sitting down at the table once more and going back to eating. You watched her warily, eyebrows furrowed with confusion as to why she wasn't demanding answers. You sat in silence as you slowly went back to eating as well, eyeing Wanda every now and again, expecting her to break the quietness any moment now.
But she never did. She finished her meal and started cleaning up her dishes, leaving you alone at the table. She was about to leave the room, but stopped when you said, "Aren't you going to ask?"
She turned to look at you, stepping back into the kitchen with an eyebrow raised and a smile threatening her composure. "Ask what?"
"What she did."
Wanda pursed her lips together, her eyes wandering away from you as she pretended to think for a moment. And then she shrugged and said, "No." She moved to leave once more and you found yourself not wanting to be alone right now.
"She's been cheating on me." She froze at your words and you could've sworn you heard her jaw crack at how hard she clenched it from all the way over here. When she turned to look back at you, you've never seen that much fire in anybody's eyes before, let alone hers. She stepped back into the kitchen once more, her hands balled into tight fists at her sides. You've seen Wanda angry on multiple occasions, but this was a completely different level.
She tilted her head at a dangerous angle. "What?" Her voice was more threatening than her expression - and her face was extremely threatening. You don't ever want to be on the receiving end of this type of anger.
You released a sigh as you looked away from her. "I caught her last night." The mission did end earlier than expected having failed it, and normally you would've called her in advance to let her know you're on the way, but you decided to surprise her. Turns out, you both were surprised. "I don't know if it was a one-time thing or if it's been going on, I don't know. I didn't stay for long to find out. I just… I couldn't."
She saw the way your shoulders slouched at the memory, the way your voice wanted to crack but you didn't want to sound as weak as you looked. She felt the anger she was radiating slowly evaporate when she saw the single tear slide its way down your cheek. And she wanted to feel angry but how could she if you were about to break down right in front of her?
She crossed the room, scooting a chair closer to you so she could sit down. She brought you into her arms and you softly cried into her shoulder once more. The comfort she brought you was relaxing, and your crying was almost immediately halted, but you stayed in her arms.
"So, slowly or painfully?"
You pulled away from her at the question, eyebrows furrowed with confusion. "For what?"
"Nat's death," she clarified. "Would you like me to kill her slowly or painfully?"
You laughed, wiping the drying tears off your face with the sides of your hands. You sighed heavily. "You're not killing Nat, Wanda," you stated, shaking your head, your smile wide. And then you looked back at her, eyebrow raised, "Maybe…" You shook your head again. "No, nobody's dying today."
"Damn." There was a moment of silence between you, comfortable in her presence, until she spoke again, "What about tomorrow?"
"Wanda," you laughed.
She raised her hands in surrender, pursing her lips together. "The offer will always be on the table, Y/N."
You know it would be, that's the good thing about her. She wouldn't cheat on you, Wanda was too compassionate. She would never hurt you like that. And, for that, she would always hold a special place in your heart. But as you're looking at her, barely listening to her speak as the morning sun shines through the window to land on her like an angel, there was a brief moment that you thought about just… kissing her. 
You immediately shook that thought away. It was the heartbreak that was making you think like that. The need to get revenge on Natasha for breaking your heart, the need to show her that she didn't destroy you despite being destroyed. You didn't want to ruin what you had with Wanda because you were being desperate and vengeful.
"I have to get ready for work." Wanda's final sentence snapped you out of your thoughts as she stood up. "You're more than welcome to stay here while I'm gone."
"You're going to work after that mission?"
"Someone has to pay the bills around here, Y/N," she said lightly, smiling brightly. "I'm sure you already know this place like the back of your hand, but if you do end up needing something, you know my number."
"Well, I'm going to work, too," you expressed, standing up and taking your dishes to the sink. Wanda huffed disapprovingly, placing her hands on her hips as she walked along with you through the kitchen.
"I really think you should stay here," she argued. "Nat is going to be there looking for you and you're clearly not ready for any kind of confrontation."
You scoffed, looking at her. "I am ready for confrontation."
She turned to walk away from you, but you weren't giving up that easily. You chased after her. "What is my tell? Do I blink? Does my pinky twitch? Do I… fidget? What is it?"
She shook her head. "My lips are sealed."
"It doesn't matter anyway because you can't stop me from going to work." You knew she definitely could if she really wanted to, but you also know she won’t.
She sighed as she walked into her bedroom, leaving you to linger in the doorway. She turned her body to face you, clasping her hands together as she said, "Okay, I tell you what. If you call Nat right now and say… I don't know, say hi, then I'll even let you drive."
You stared at her. "My phone's dead."
"Use mine." She walked over to her nightstand and tore her phone off the charger, handing it out to you. You snatched it out of her hand and unlocked it, raising your eyebrows confidently at her before bringing up Natasha's contact.
You stared at the number you had memorized over the past three years, biting the inside of your cheek as your thumb hovered over the call button. All you had to do was say a simple, two-letter, one-syllable word and Wanda will let you go to work without any grief. Just call her and say "Hi". That's it.
But… just the thought of hearing her voice again, you couldn't do it.
You locked the phone and handed it back to Wanda. "Fine. You win." You stepped backward, out of the doorway. "I won't go to work." 
She smiled victoriously at you as she closed the door. You sighed as you stared at the wood for a moment before turning to go into the living room, digging through your bag to pull out your charger.
You were left alone in the house less than an hour later, sitting on the couch and scrolling through your phone. You ignored the constant messages from Natasha until they finally stopped, at least for now. But it wasn't very long until you got bored, setting your phone down and getting to your feet.
You've put so much time and energy into work that you didn't have the chance to form any hobbies. And any hobbies you had before you got a job at SHIELD were completely forgotten. You couldn't sit still. You had absolutely no intentions of going to work, but considering she had done nothing to prevent you from going is like her silently telling you to go to work. Your keys are just sitting on the counter, taunting you.
No, you couldn't go back on your word to Wanda. It wouldn't be right.
Wanda had just entered the compound before she was bombarded by Natasha, staring the redhead in the face with only one thought on her mind: Would she get fired if she punched her?
"Where's Y/N?"
The witch sighed, walking around the assassin and managing to get a few more steps in before she was cut off again. Wanda crossed her arms over her chest, knowing that if she didn't restrain her arms, she would be throwing punches. "Y/N is fine."
Natasha huffed. "I need to talk to her."
"You don't need to do anything except leave her alone," she countered. 
They stared at each other for a moment before Natasha nodded. "She told you."
"She mentioned it."
Natasha looked down to the floor, rubbing the back of her neck. She knew Wanda wasn't going to let her see you, she's always been protective of you. But that wasn't going to get her to stop trying, even if she has to go around the obstacle that is Wanda Maximoff.
She looked back up to Wanda, but her eyes went past her when the doors of the compound opened. Wanda turned around, doing a double-take when she saw you casually strolling towards the two women. She moved to stand to the side as you joined them, sending them both a wide smile.
"Good morning, ladies!" you greeted happily, turning to look at Natasha. Your eagerness caught a couple of people's attention. "Nat! I've been meaning to talk to you."
"You have?" They said it at the same time, both of them shocked you even showed up. 
Natasha cleared her throat. "Okay, we can go somewhere-"
"Ah, that won't be necessary," you assured quickly. "It'll be quick. I-"
You waved your hand, cutting off whatever Wanda was about to say. "I think it'd be best if we see other people." Not that Natasha would have trouble with that. She started it before it was discussed.
She huffed, "Wait, Y/N-"
"Glad we agree!" You nodded at her before sauntering off, both of them watching you leave for a moment before Wanda quickly joined your side, matching your stride easily.
"I'm impressed, Y/N," Wanda complimented. "I didn't think you had it in you."
"Is she still looking?"
"You want me to look back to see if she's still looking?" You nodded. "Wouldn't that be obvious?"
"It'd be more obvious if I did it," you stated, but when she turned to look over her shoulder, you quickly grasped her arm with both hands to stop her. "Okay, you're right. It'll be obvious. There's a corner up ahead, we can wait."
Just a few more steps until you're out of Natasha's line of sight and you could finally breathe. You think you still feel her eyes on the back of your head.
"No, just look," you declared. "Quickly, though."
"I'm not looking."
You released her arm. "Wanda-"
"Look, here's the corner." You both ducked around the corner, Wanda sending a quick glance towards Natasha before she rounded it. "She was still looking."
"Oh, I think I'm going to be sick."
Wanda patted you on the shoulder. "I'm so proud of you, Y/N," she expressed, smiling widely when you looked at her. You rolled your eyes and leaned against the wall, bending over to place your hands on your knees. She placed a hand on your back and rubbed you soothingly. 
You tried to calm the uncomfortable curling of your stomach, twisting and turning and making you just want to upchuck your breakfast. You sucked in a deep breath. You had no idea how you managed to keep your cool during that confrontation, but now that she wasn't near you, you could feel yourself falling apart.
"Why did I do that? Am I dumb? I should go back-"
"No," Wanda quickly interrupted, placing her hands on both of your shoulders as you stood up, making you look her in the eye. "You did the smart thing, Y/N. She cheated on you."
"I know, but-"
"No. You're not starting with the buts."
You pouted. "But-"
"Fine." She removed her hands from your shoulders as you crossed your arms over your chest. You slouched, your eyes casting down to the floor between your shoes. "My heart hurts, Wanda," you whispered softly and she could hear the moment your cracked heart completely shattered.
You pushed yourself away from the wall, forcing her to take a step back. "Look, she's on the mission board today therefore, in an hour or so, you won't even have to see her." She walked alongside you as you ventured down the hall.
"Yeah, I won't have to worry about her, but what about-"
"Y/N!" You froze at your name being called from somewhere behind you, your muscles tensing and your heart pattering. His voice was a hammer to your skull and you didn't want to face him. But you couldn't move, hearing his heavy footsteps as he quickly moved to reach you. You blinked as he rounded you to stand in front, rubbing the back of his neck.
"Bruce," your voice was strained as you greeted him. You glanced at Wanda to see her confused expression, hoping she'd put two and two together and come up with a reason to walk away. You hadn't told her who Natasha slept with, just that she cheated. "It feels like it has been so long since we have seen each other."
He furrowed his eyebrows, laughing awkwardly at your poor attempt to lighten the heavy tenseness in the air. "I, uh… I just wanted to say-"
"There is nothing to say, Brucie," you stated, slapping him on the shoulder once you felt your muscles unlock. You sent him a forced smile. "You're the reason why my three-year relationship ended very abruptly, so what? Water under the bridge."
Wanda looked at you. "Y/N-"
"Hey, I gotta get going, but it was nice seeing you again." You patted his shoulder once more as you brushed past him, Wanda quickly joining you. "Please, Wanda, don't-"
"Bruce?!" she whispered/yelled and you sighed. "Now that's a pairing I didn't see coming. And why are you so forgiving?"
"I'm trying to be the bigger person," you declared, matching her whisper. "Isn't that what they do? They forgive but don't forget or whatever, right?"
"No." Wanda laughed lightly. "You're nuts, Y/N. Don't forgive. Don't! Not when it comes to cheating!"
"Well, my self-pep talk on the way here was for nothing, wasn't it?" You sighed as you stopped walking, turning to look at her. "I thought I could do this, but I can't, Wanda. I-"
"Oh, you're doing this," she declared. "You're already here, you've already faced both problems. And, look, I'm here!"
You stared at her for a moment, blinking a couple of times before saying, "So?"
"You're an ass." You laughed as she lightly punched your shoulder, marching away from you.
You trailed after her. "Look, I just don't want to talk about that whole situation anymore, okay? I need a breather from her and him and… it."
You both turned the corner, seeing a small group of agents huddled against the wall. As you and Wanda neared closer, at the mention of your name coming from one of their lips, you stopped walking.
"Did you guys hear that Y/N and Romanoff broke up?"
"Yeah! It's all everybody's talking about."
"They've been together for years! Why did they break up?"
"I don't know, but what hope do I have if my favorite couple broke up?"
"I heard it was because Romanoff forgot her birthday."
"Nah, it was because Romanoff wanted Y/N to stop being friends with Wanda, but there's no way she agreed to that. Y/N doesn't take anybody's orders."
"Really? Because I heard that Y/N had a dream telling her to break up with Nat and, you know what they say, follow your dreams!" You furrowed your eyebrows when you heard Wanda's voice, turning your head to see that she was no longer by your side, but had placed herself amongst the huddle of agents. "What is this? High school?" she demanded angrily.
The agents immediately parted ways, embarrassed, as Wanda moved back to join you. You laughed and shook your head. "I can't believe you."
"They shouldn't be gossiping," Wanda said, continuing your walk. "They should be working."
"Alright, Steve Jr., settle down."
She held a hand to her heart, gasping dramatically. "That hurts, Y/N."
You laughed. "What would I do without you, Wanda?"
"Honestly, I don't even know how you've survived before you met me," she confessed. "You were such a mess and it took me so long to fix you up."
"I hate you."
You couldn't help but laugh with her, enjoying the moment of not thinking about Natasha or Bruce or, hell, even the mission last night. It was just you and Wanda, enjoying her company as you made your way to the conference room together, preparing to receive a lecture from Steve about the mission. But you really couldn't care less, having some fun with your best friend despite your entire world crashing down within a span of two minutes.
"Wow, look, Y/N," Wanda stated as your laughter gradually died, entering the room to see it completely empty. "We beat Steve here."
"Guess there really is a first for everything," you said, grinning as you rounded the table to sit facing the door. Wanda sat next to you, scooting her chair over a little to get closer to you. "Hey, thanks."
She glanced at you, tilting her head slightly, perplexed. "For what?"
"Being here for me," you said, "and letting me crash on your couch. Which, by the way, I'll start looking for my own place as soon as possible." You wonder if you could use one of the compound's bedrooms while you search. That way, you could get out of Wanda's hair before she gets sick of you.
She waved you off. "Don't be getting all sentimental on me now, Y/N," she expressed and you jabbed her with your elbow as you rolled your eyes. She laughed softly for a moment before she said, "You know I'm always here for you. And my couch is always open for strays."
"Now who's being sentimental." You chuckled, leaning against the table as you waited for Steve to show up. And then it dawned on you, furrowing your eyebrows, "Did you just call me a stray?"
She laughed when you looked at her, pouting when she patted you on the head teasingly. She moved her hand away before you could swat her, smacking the air instead, and so you pushed her, watching her roll away from you.
"I was thinking-"
"Oh, God, Y/N," she expressed as she rolled back over to you. She sat closer to you than last time, elbows practically bumping against each other every time you moved, but you didn't notice. "The last time you thought of something, I ended up having to take a bath in tomato juice."
"In my defense, I didn't know a skunk would be there!" you retorted. "And we both had to bathe in tomato juice, you're not special."
She chuckled as she propped her head upon the table with her elbow. "How did you not expect a skunk to be living in the woods?"
"Did you have fun on the hike?"
"Yeah, but-"
"Did you have fun?"
She sighed, smiling widely as she said, "Yes, Y/N, I enjoyed the hike. It was a lesson learned."
"That you'll never be able to find someone like me?"
"To never go hiking with you again."
You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms over your chest as she snickered. "Fine, I just won't tell you."
"Oh, come on, Y/N," she expressed, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and pulling you against her. "I'll get sprayed by a skunk with you any day of the week." You instinctively rested your head against her shoulder, feeling less stressed about the past twenty-four hours.
"Save the cheese for the wine, Wanda, you're full of shit," you countered and she flashed you a smug grin when you picked your head up to look at her. "Anyway, I was thinking that we can do a movie night when we get home." You placed your head back onto her shoulder absentmindedly. "We can have ice cream and alcohol and watch all the sappy, breakup movies Netflix has to offer."
"That sounds… fun, actually," she expressed and you pulled away from her to send her a smile. She laid both of her hands on the table as she said, "I get to pick the ice cream."
You stared at her, thinking for a moment, before saying, "Alright, fine. Get your stupid Rocky Road ice cream."
"It's not stupid," she defended. "Your little… flavor is stupid."
"I'm sorry, what was that?" You cupped your ear with your hand, leaning towards her mockingly. "What's my favorite ice cream?" 
You laughed when she swatted your hand away from your head, looking at her to see her roll her eyes. This was what you needed, just a moment of forgetting the pain you've felt. But you couldn't stop the feeling from creeping up on you, your smile slowly fading and your shoulders slouching as the door opened. You forced it back to keep up with the mood in the room.
You looked up to see Vision walking in, placing a few folders at the head of the table and sending a light smile toward Wanda. "Hello, Miss Maximoff," he said softly, his eyes bright and eager. He barely glanced at you as he sent you a measly little "Hi," nothing compared to Wanda's greeting. It was like he was required to acknowledge you when all he wanted to do was talk to Wanda.
"Hey, Vis," Wanda returned, mimicking the softness in her voice that he held in his. "What're you up to?"
"The Captain asked me to run these files in here and to tell you that he's running a bit behind," he explained.
"We could see this," you stated, earning a subtle kick from Wanda under the table, making you glare at her.
Vision ignored you anyway. "I was hoping to see you soon," he said, "as I have acquired two tickets to the new movie that's coming out and I have nobody to go with. Would you like to accompany me?"
You scooted away a little bit so you can face Wanda, a smirk crawling on your lips as you anticipated her answer. You knew Vision always had a crush on Wanda, though she never talked about reciprocating the crush. You had no idea how Wanda felt about the android, but you suspected there was a small amount of fondness towards him as she always seemed to brighten up just a tad bit whenever he entered the room. You were good at reading the situation in the room, knowing exactly what she's thinking.
"Uh, sorry, Vis, but Y/N and I-"
"Oh, would you look at that," you stated quickly. "I just remembered that I will not be able to make it tonight, Wands. You should go with Mr. Roboto here."
Wanda looked at you, eyes squinted and eyebrows furrowed, skeptical, as Vision's smile seemed to grow. "I don't think you-"
"If you don't want to go, Miss Maximoff, then I could give the tickets to someone else," Vision offered. "I heard that you've been anticipating this movie ever since the trailer release and-"
"Oh, my- Just go on a date with the dude, Wanda," you encouraged, laughing.
She sighed, sending one last look your way before turning to Vision and accepting his proposal. Yet, somehow, his smile managed to grow even bigger.
"I will pick you up around seven," Vision said, placing a gentle hand on the table before leaving the room.
You lightly pushed Wanda, rolling your eyes. "I told you he had a crush on you!" you declared as she sighed. "Oh. You know that what? Screw being a SHIELD agent, I should be a matchmaker."
She looked at you. "What?"
"Well," you said, smiling sheepishly, "I may have hinted him towards the movie."
She smacked your shoulder with the back of your hand, but she was already speaking at a loud volume before you could express your pain, "Why?"
"Because you like him and he likes you!"
"Y/N, I don't-" She huffed, shaking her head and lowering her voice. Her eyes fluttered closed for a second, pinching the bridge of her nose as the smile on your face slowly faded away once more. "I only see him as a friend."
"A friend?" Maybe you're not as good at reading the situation as you thought you were. Well, at least when it came to personal stuff like feelings. You could point out a killer just by the way they hold a knife, yet you can't tell if your best friend has feelings for someone. "Well, you gotta have a crush on someone, Wanda. You can't tell me you don't."
"I never said I didn't," she clarified as you gasped, but she quickly added before you could get a word in, "but let's drop this."
"Drop it?! Like I would ever! Who is it?" You leaned towards her, grinning. "Is it someone here? Like… someone we work with closely? Oh, please don't tell me it's Steve."
"It's not Steve."
You huffed. "You're mad."
"I'm not mad," she stated, sighing exasperatedly. "Though I really should be. You got me stuck going on a date with someone I don't think of that way."
"Okay, I may have read the situation wrong, but-"
She rolled her eyes. "Y/N, you always read the situation wrong."
"In my defense, you haven't talked about your dating life since I've known you," you declared, and then you sighed when she avoided eye contact with you. You rolled closer to her, grabbing onto her arm with both of your hands. "I apologize, Wands. Look, all you have to do is go on one date with the guy, and then you can decide if you want a second one or not."
"I won't want a second one."
"He's been looking forward to this day. Besides, what's the issue? You're going to see that stupid, cheesy, romantic movie you wanted to see," you stated, releasing her arm. "If it was me, I would've taken you to, like, the goriest movie they have out."
"Don't butter me up, Y/N." You laughed as she smiled, finally looking at you. "I'm still mad at you."
"You can pretend, but we both know you can't stay mad at me for long," you stated, batting your eyelashes at her. "Hey, you should bring me home some of that fancy cooked kernel."
"Y/N, why can't you just say popcorn like a normal person?"
"Because who likes being normal?" you countered, completely oblivious to the door opening. "Except for you, weirdo."
"Oh, I'm the weirdo?" She laughed. "Says the one who puts the milk in the bowl before the cereal."
"It's crunchier," you expressed. "Go be bitter with your soggy cereal somewhere else."
Your laughter mixed with Wanda's as it filled the room, almost missing someone clearing their throat to announce their presence. You looked over, feeling the happiness leave your body when you made eye contact with Bruce. You leaned against the table, breathing in deeply. You were almost capable of forgetting about him fully. He had been lingering on the back of your mind, just replaying the moment with him jumping off of Natasha and using your blanket to keep himself covered, but Wanda has been managing to keep you out of reality for a moment. You knew it wasn't going to last long, that it was going to come at you like a car any second, you just wished you were given a few more moments without worrying about the pain of your broken heart.
Bruce sensed the aura change immediately, keeping his head down as he moved to sit across from you. You couldn't take your eyes off of him, not knowing if you wanted to scream or punch his stupid face. You wondered what Natasha saw in him, how he managed to get her into bed and ruin what (to you, at least) was the most perfect thing ever. Apparently, she didn't think it was that perfect otherwise she wouldn't have cheated, right?
You wanted to ask him why. He would give you an unbiased answer that wasn't meant to spare your feelings. He wouldn't start the explanation with an I love you. It would give you something to think about. If it truly was your fault, maybe it was something you could work on so the next relationship you find yourself in, they wouldn't feel the need to cheat.
Did Natasha get bored? You have been taking up a lot more missions lately. She might've gotten bored and lonely. Yet - and you've only ever told one person this and will never tell anybody now that it's not going to happen - the only reason you've been taking on heavy loads of missions was to make enough money to buy her an engagement ring. All the money you've been making was spent on the apartment and bills, so you'd take the time to do some extra missions, rake in that extra money, enough to get a ring that fit Natasha's personality to a T. Well, now you don't have to worry about it and… you have some extra cash now.
Bruce shifted uncomfortably under your stare and you hadn't even realized you were still staring at him until Wanda placed a gentle hand on your arm. You blinked, snapping out of your daze and slowly turning your head to look at her. Turns out, she was talking to you that entire time and you haven't heard a word she was saying.
She rolled her eyes as Steve finally walked into the room. "We'll talk later," she assured. "Principal's here."
"Be careful, you're going to get detention." The two of you giggled underneath your breath, but Steve heard it and sent you a glare. "Uh, oh. Busted."
"Have you two filled out your mission reports for last night?" he questioned and you shared a look with Wanda.
"I left it in my other pants," you stated, then stood up as you added, "but I can run and grab them real quick."
"Sit down," Steve ordered as Wanda grabbed your wrist, tugging you back into your seat as she laughed, but your smile washed away when you caught Bruce watching you with a small smile of his own.
You wish you had half of Wanda's powers so you could know what he's thinking.
"You three are going on a new mission," Steve explained, reaching for the file on the table. You glanced at Wanda as he passed them out to each of you.
"Yeah, uh, Steve," you stated as you raised your hand, "I can't go on this field trip. My mom won't sign the release form."
"It means I don't want to go," you clarified, sliding the file across the table towards him. "It's as simple as that."
He crossed his arms over his chest, his eyebrows pinched together, puzzled. You knew what he was thinking. The rumors about you and Natasha breaking up were true, but the reasons were apparently all over the place. And they got farther from the truth each time. He sighed heavily as he looked at you, his jaw set. You knew he wasn't going to let you out of this. "You asked for extra missions," he pointed out.
"Yes, I did do that," you agreed, "but that was before." Before your entire life got flipped upside down. Before you lost the only good things. Before you lost one of the reasons to get out of bed every morning. "The only reason I came here is that I thought you were going to lecture us about the last mission."
"What happened in the last mission?" Your head has never snapped onto something so fast before now, your eyes narrowing when they landed on Bruce.
"Wouldn't you like to know?"
"Okay," Wanda stated, resting a hand on your shoulder. She pulled you away from the table, preparing to stand up. "We're going to take a step away from this mission."
"I'm sorry, but you two are needed on this mission," Steve countered, Wanda falling back into her seat. "With everyone else preoccupied, you three are the only ones left. Y/N, I get that you're going through some difficult times right now-"
"You don't know the half of it," you muttered.
"-but this will get your mind off of it."
You looked at Steve. He doesn't know what happened, only has an idea of it. Nobody knows Bruce was involved and you're not sure if you want to tell him, to bring Bruce's reputation down a peg. The perfect, shy, awkward scientist is really just a selfish, ignorant cheater who won't hesitate to ruin someone's life. There was a part of your brain that wanted to bring him under with you, to want him to know exactly what feelings you're hiding underneath the smiles and laughter. You truly don't know how you're not falling apart.
"I highly doubt that, Rogers," you commented. 
He sighed. "The mission is really simple," he continued as he slid the folder back to you. "You each have your roles. Study up because it starts tomorrow night."
"Why can't it be tonight?" Wanda asked as she flipped her file open. "Damn."
You laughed, though to you, it felt forced. "You really don't want to go on that date, huh?"
She kicked you underneath the table again, but this time you kicked back before quickly pushing away from her, narrowly dodging her attempt to kick you once more. She looked at you and you stuck your tongue out at her, causing her to roll her eyes and try to hide a smile forming on her face.
You opened the file and took one peek into it, immediately sighing. "You want us to attend a secret HYDRA masquerade ball?" You looked at Steve. "Are we in a love/hate relationship with this organization?"
"More like a hate/hate," Wanda stated, her eyes glued to the papers in her hands.
"Oh, really?" you challenged. "We hate them enough to thwart their plans, yet love them enough to keep them alive."
Wanda looked at you, eyes squinted and eyebrows furrowed in thought, then looked at Steve. "She has a point."
 "No, she doesn't," Steve declared. "Just do the assignment and stop acting like children." You watched as he walked away, your eyes landing on Bruce when he passed him.
"It's kinda like us now, isn't it, Banner?" you asked him. "You're the SHIELD to my HYDRA."
He sighed, looking up from his file. "Y/N-"
"You just indicated that he's the good guy," Wanda pointed out.
"You're the HYDRA to my SHIELD," you corrected and Wanda patted your shoulder.
He scratched the bridge of his nose with his index finger, clearly annoyed. You couldn't find it within yourself to really care. You had always admired Bruce, his ability to stay calm all the time so he didn't Hulk out was the patience you always felt you needed, but now you just want to smash his face in. You knew you wouldn't get far before Hulk made an appearance - someone threatening his precious meat suit would surely piss him off - but that's where Wanda came in.
"It was an accident," Bruce stated and you laughed unnecessarily loud, humorless. He sighed at your reaction, gently closing the folder in front of him to give him something to do as you processed his words through laughter.
"An accident, he says!" You stood up, Wanda following your movement immediately as you leaned over the table, your hands pressed against the surface. "Cheating isn't an accident, Bruce. Falling off a bike is an accident. You don't trip and fall into my girlfriend."
"All right." Wanda quickly scooped up both of your files with one hand and guided you out of the room with the other. She released her hold on you when you were far enough away from the conference room and you stopped walking, leaning against the wall and pressing your palms into your eyes.
"I guess I'm not really ready for this whole forgiving and forgetting thing, Wanda."
She grinned, shrugging slightly despite not being able to see her. "You had a pretty good point back there, though, Y/N," she said. "Cheating isn't an accident."
You removed your hands from your eyes, your vision temporarily dark until you blinked the patches of black away. "An accident." You scoffed, shaking your head. "How was that an accident?" There were no signs of alcohol anywhere in the apartment, no smell of it on her when she faced you. "I can't do this mission."
"Yes, you can," she argued, pushing a file into your chest to make you take it. "You don't really get the choice. But I will be there every step of the way, Y/N."
You sighed and nodded, relaxing underneath her touch when she placed a hand on your shoulder. The two of you continued walking and you found yourself glancing at Wanda every now and again as you conversed. You don't know if it was the fact that there was still a small part of you that wanted Natasha to feel the same way you feel or if it's genuine, but you couldn't stop yourself from noticing just how beautiful Wanda seemed today. You were starting to regret setting her up with Vision.
It could also be the fact that she's just there for you every time you felt yourself needing someone. That she's the only constant in your life when everything else seems to be constantly changing. The friendship you hold with her, the love, was rare and you didn't want anything to happen to that if she didn't feel the same way.
She most likely didn't feel the same way.
"He's here!" It was seven o'clock on the dot when Vision pulled up with one of the SHIELD-issued Jeeps, tearing yourself away from the window to turn to Wanda as she made her way into the living room. You furrowed your eyebrows at her casual outfit. "That's what you're wearing?"
She sent you a look before saying, "He and I discussed it and agreed to be casual."
"You're going to have fun," you stated. "You'll be fine."
She crossed her arms over her chest, her eyes not once wavering away from you in that judgmental, annoyed stare. You found yourself getting defensive.
"You know, if you actually talked to me about who the hell you're crushing on, I could've pulled out my matchmaking cards and hooked you up!" you declared. You lowered your voice to a casual tone as you said, "Is it Tony? Because I can't help you there if it is. He's engaged."
She rolled her eyes as she turned away from you, a soft knock coming from the door. "You're ridiculous," she expressed, and then she released a sigh, her facial features softening as you stepped closer to her. "Are you sure you're going to be okay?"
"Yes, Wanda," you told her. 
"If you need anything-"
"You'll be the first person I'll call," you assured quickly. "Now, go. Enjoy your date."
She stared at you for a moment longer before shaking her head and opening the door. Vision greeted her happily, handing her a bouquet as she plastered a smile on her face. "Hold on, let me go put these in some water," she said, walking away from the door.
Vision stepped in, his eyes immediately landing on you. He smiled softly at you, sending you a nod. "Thank you, Y/N," he said.
You crossed your arms and puffed out your chest, furrowing your eyebrows slightly to portray the tough best friend look. "You better not fuck this up, Vision," you declared. You wanted Wanda to be happy with someone. You wanted Wanda to have someone like you do. Did. And hope they treat her right. "I will dismantle you."
He furrowed his eyebrows. "I don't think it's possible to-"
"I'll find a way," you promised, sending him a smile as Wanda made her way back. "You two kids have fun."
Vision took a few steps out of the house, but Wanda lingered behind, looking at you with soft eyes and a small frown. "Y/N-"
"Wanda, I will be fine," you said. You can see her contemplating whether she should go with Vision or stay here, her pursed lips and thoughtful eyes. And though you really want her to stay, you want to go through with your plans for a breakup movie night, you also want her to enjoy her life. To not be stuck babysitting you.
You stopped her from convincing herself to stay by impatiently ushering her out of the door, cutting her off from saying anything by making noises along with her. She huffed and watched you with longing eyes as you closed the door on her.
You turned around to face the empty house, sighing as you moved to look out the window in time to watch the Jeep pull away. There was a part of you that hoped she would be more determined to stay. That she would've put her foot down to be with you instead of listening to you for once and go out with Vision. But she was gone for now and you were left alone.
You sat down on the couch, soaking in the suffocating silence. You brought your knees to your chest and cried into your knees. There was nobody to comfort you this time, letting your sobs cut through the empty house. You couldn't deny it, you missed her to the point where it hurt almost as much as it did when you found out she cheated on you. 
Once you managed to pull yourself together, you tried to busy yourself. And, to be fair, you attempted to stay in the house, but it wasn't much longer until you got bored. You knew Natasha was currently on a mission, leaving the apartment empty, so you figured now would be a good time as any to go get some of your things. You definitely needed some of your clothes.
You didn't bother parking in your reserved spot, choosing an empty zone closer to the building because you weren't going to be long. You were just grabbing enough stuff to fill a cardboard box you snagged from Wanda's house, carrying the empty box up the stairs until you were facing your apartment door. 
You knew it was empty, yet you still hesitated to open the door. You couldn't stop the memory from cutting through your thoughts, thinking about the last time you were in this building. Your chest felt heavy, your eyes burning with unshed tears as you sucked in a shaky breath, but you shook it off and stuck your key into the keyhole.
The door opened with a soft creak and closed with a gentle click. You almost made a beeline for the bedroom until you passed the kitchen, sighing when you saw your cup still resting by the sink. You placed the box onto the table when you walked by it, going to the sink to wash your cup, setting it on the drying mat, and reaching for something to dry your hands with, but you froze when you heard footsteps behind you.
Of course, he would be here. Like he doesn't have his own place. You wondered if they made it official now that you weren't a problem for her anymore, finishing drying your hands and turning around to face him. Your voice got caught in your throat when you made eye contact with Natasha instead of Bruce, you who thought it was. Her face was still wet, her eyes red and cheeks pale. She had been crying, just like you.
You've always hated seeing her so upset. There wasn't anything you wouldn't do to make her feel better, the first instinct would be to bring her into your arms, but you couldn't this time. You couldn't let her know that you were regretting ending it though you knew you shouldn't feel that way. What you had done was the smart thing, the healthy thing, and the right thing.
She noticed the box on the table and figured why you were truly here. She had a hopeful look in her eye that vanished when she put the pieces of the puzzle together. You tossed the rag onto the counter as you sighed, stepping forward.
"I didn't expect you to be here."
"I… took myself off of the mission. I wasn’t in the right headspace." Your eyes fluttered close at her voice, weak and broken. She was truly a mess and the love you felt for her told you to help her, to hold her and comfort her, but you ignored it. "Can we please talk?"
You opened your eyes, your hand resting on the top of the box. "There's nothing to talk about." She sighed, relieved at your voice as you swiped the box off the table and squeezed past her, making your way to the bedroom, but stopping when you reached the doorway.
You watched the scene unfold in front of you once more, picturing Bruce's panic as he hopped off the bed, tugging the blanket to cover himself, and the look in Natasha's eye as she realized that that was the moment everything fell apart.
You felt her presence behind you and you forced yourself to walk further into the room, reaching the dresser to retrieve some of your clothes, dropping them into the box by your feet.
"Y/N, please, stop," she pleaded from a couple of feet behind you. "Can we just talk this out?"
You slammed the dresser drawer shut and she flinched at the sudden noise, turning to look at her. "You cheated on me," you declared, "there's nothing left to talk about."
"I was angry," she said, ignoring your comment. "You weren't around lately and I was angry at you for that."
"I was on missions," you stated. "I was doing my job, losing people, watching people I'm supposed to keep alive die right in front of me, all while you were screwing someone else!"
She furrowed her eyebrows. "What-"
"Don't act so interested now," you said, turning your back on her to continue digging for your clothes. "You clearly weren't last night."
She breathed out, crossing her arms over her chest. "What do you want me to say, Y/N?"
You leaned against the opened drawer, sighing as you closed your eyes. There was nothing she could say that'll ever make this situation better, but there was one thing you were curious about. "How long?"
She was silent for an uncomfortable amount of time, causing you to open your eyes and turn to look at her. She stared at you, clearly hesitant to answer, which only made your stomach twist into knots. "We only did it three times."
She seemed to step toward you on instinct when she saw your face fall at her words. They only did it three times. That's plenty of times in your book. You wondered how many more times they would've done it if you hadn't caught them.
"So…" You cleared your throat when you lost control of your voice, cracking at that tiny word. You attempted once more, "You were mad that I was taking on extra missions, so you decided to just say fuck it?" Literally.
"Have you ever thought to talk to me about it? Have you ever thought to just sit down like adults and ask me why?"
She looked away from you.
"Because, you know, I have a good reason as to why I wasn't around all the time."
Her head lifted, her eyes melting into yours. "Why?"
You didn't want to tell her, that would just make everything feel so much worse. She was fine with not knowing and you were fine with her not knowing. But… at the same time, you wanted her to know. You wanted her to know what you were sacrificing for her. That everything was going to come full circle if she had just given you time.
"I needed the money," you answered. "The more missions I did, the more money I got."
She furrowed her eyebrows, confused. "Money? You left me alone for money?"
"No, you do not get to blame me for your actions," you declared. 
"Why did you need money, Y/N? You already had everything here-"
"I didn't," you interrupted. You had to tell her, the anger you were feeling was going to make you blurt it out eventually, might as well be now. "I didn't have a ring." 
This time, her face fell and you had to turn away from her, continuing cleaning out your side of the dresser. You tensed when you felt her hands rest on your shoulders, her body close against yours. Your eyes closed at the heat rising in your cheeks, her hands running down your arms and resting on your waist, but you quickly grabbed her wrists before she could go any further. You stepped to the side, away from her, as you released her.
"Don't," you whispered, facing her. You wouldn't be able to stop yourself if you had let her continue. You would've given in to temptation, the familiar comfort she brought when she touched you.
But she didn't listen to you. She stepped forward and placed her fingers along your jaw gently, her dazzling green eyes melting into you as you lost yourself in them. You had to tear yourself out of their trance if you wanted any kind of chance to walk away, but no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn't look away.
Her fingers ghosted along your skin and you didn't realize that she was leaning towards you until her lips were touching yours, your eyes instinctively closing against the kiss as warmth filled your bloodstream. Her hands intertwined with each other behind your neck, pulling your body flush into her. It's been less than a day and you were already starving for her touch.
"She cheated on you." It was Wanda's voice, tugging against the logic side of your brain. Desperate to try and reach you before you went too far, knowing that's where you're headed. The bed wasn't too far from you, just a few steps and you'd fall onto it with her still pressed against you. "Y/N!"
You pulled away from her suddenly, both of your eyes flying open. It was like Wanda was directly next to you, screaming. She would call you an idiot for being weak like this, and that's putting it lightly. You were sure she'd insult you even worse in her native tongue.
You licked your lips, letting yourself enjoy the feeling of her for one more second before you moved past her, reaching over to pick up the box. You didn't get all your clothes, but this was enough to get you through a few more days. "I… can't. I can't kiss you, I can't even look at you without seeing…" him. You made your way to the door.
Natasha looked like she wanted to argue, her mouth open as she turned to watch you. Her eyes grew red once more, tears threatening to moisturize her face again. But she closed her mouth, nodding her head in understanding. "I made a mistake," she said instead, "and I'm sorry, Y/N. I will do whatever it takes to get you to trust me again."
You stopped walking when her words reached you, frozen in the middle of what used to be the room where you felt the safest. Now you can't stand to be in here. She watched as you continued walking, and broke down when she heard the front door close.
You've driven through all the emotions on your way back to your car, having settled on confusion by the time you're in the driver's seat. You started the car and sat in absolute silence after placing the box onto the seat next to you, staring at the building in front of you. Your lips were still warm with her touch, the feeling of her body against yours still lingered. And you wondered if Bruce had gone through the same thing, the sensation of her touch lasting hours afterward.
Your confusion turned into anger real fast, a scream tearing your vocal cords as you smacked the steering wheel with your palms as hard as you could. Silent tears streamed down your face as you rested your forehead against the wheel, the cool leather. You sucked in a shaky breath, sniffling through your nose. 
You picked your head up when somebody honked behind you, signaling that you were parked in their spot and that you need to move. You sent them an apology wave and quickly pulled out of the lot.
A few more hours went by before Wanda walked through the door, sighing softly with relief when she spotted you on the couch amid a pile of blankets, the TV playing a cheesy movie and your face covered in dried tears. You were partially aware that most of those tears weren't because of the movie.
You turned your head to send Wanda a wide smile as she closed the door behind her, noticing the bag in her hand. "What are you doing, Y/N?" She laughed gently.
"I may have gathered every single blanket you have in the house to make my little fort." You grinned cheekily. 
"I didn't even know I had that many blankets."
"And how was your date, ma'am?" you questioned.
She sighed as she walked into the kitchen. "It was fine," she called to you, returning with two spoons. It brought confusion onto you, but she was already talking before you could question it, "He was very shy at first."
"Hey, you like shy people," you commented as she stood slightly in front of you. "Is there a second date?"
"Surprisingly, he asked and I said yes." You couldn't stop the feeling of sadness creeping up on you at her words. You should be feeling ecstatic for her, happy that she's finally getting herself into the dating game, but the feeling of joy was overpowered by another feeling, a different one, one that you couldn't put your name to. "How was your night?"
"Very… eventful," you said, smiling at her softly.
She reached into the bag and pulled out a pint of your favorite ice cream, your eyes widening as you broke through your blanket bubble to grab the pint away from her, accepting a spoon when handed to you. She laughed as she reached into the bag to pull out her own pint, destroying your shield to sit next to you, both of you getting settled underneath the multiple blankets. 
"You did remember my favorite flavor," you stated.
"Of course," she said in a matter-of-fact tone, shaking her head. As if you should ever doubt her. "And I knew you really needed that movie night."
She sent you a smirk as she opened her ice cream. "You were lying earlier when you said that you'll be fine."
You sighed. It wasn't any use to ask her what your tell was, but that wasn't going to stop you from trying to figure it out. "Tell me, what'd you do on this date? Besides going to a movie, of course." You dug your spoon into your ice cream and shoveled some into your mouth. "I want all the details."
She sighed, looking over at you, but you were too busy watching your spoon scoop the ice cream to notice her gentle eyes and slightly pursed lips. "You don't want to watch the movie?" 
You glanced at the TV in front of you, the movie you had been watching prior to Wanda walking through the door still playing softly in the background. You had been vaguely watching it since it started, it wasn't good and easily predictable. "It's almost over anyway," you told her, turning your head to watch her dig a hole into her ice cream. "Besides, I'm sure your date with the android is better than the movie."
"Well, we went to the movie as planned and it was gorgeous," she said, bringing the ice cream-covered spoon to her lips. "After that, I just wanted to come straight home, but he was very persistent in taking a long way." She popped the spoon into her mouth and took a moment to swallow the ice cream. You had completely forgotten about your frozen dessert, hypnotized by her. You hate yourself for not noticing just how beautiful she truly is until now, when you're in a weak, emotional state and when she's finally dating. "We just… talked. On the way home. And I guess I have never really gotten the chance to talk to him before, so I saw a side of him I didn't get to see."
"Did he walk you to the door and give you a kiss?" You waggled your eyebrows when she looked at you, making her shake her head and laugh.
"He did, actually," she confessed as she returned to her ice cream to hide the blush forming on her cheeks.
The smile faded away from your face, hiding it by scooping ice cream into your mouth when she looked back at you. You figured out what that mysterious feeling was and, now that you know that you're jealous, you regret ever planting the idea in Vision's head.
No, this was a good thing. Wanda was better than being a rebound, you didn’t want to do that to her. She deserves to be the first, not the afterthought. You’re still reeling from the recent breakup, not to mention that these sudden feelings for your best friend came out of nowhere.
You looked towards the TV just in time to catch the ending of the movie, how the couple who went through hard times and heartbreak ended up together once again. You could try that with Natasha, go back to slowly rebuilding that trust. Hell, if they can do it in this 2-star movie, you could do it in real life, right? She said that she's willing to do whatever it takes to be someone you trusted again, maybe give her a chance.
And risk a second, more painful heartbreak?
"Did you just do this the entire time I was gone?" You looked at her as she gestured to the TV and the burrito of blankets you had buried yourself under. You didn't trust yourself to answer her verbally, still having no idea what your tell was, so you just nodded your head with a sheepish smile and resumed your ice cream.
She didn't believe you, either way, seeing the box of your clothes resting beside the couch. But she didn't question it. Instead, she chose the next movie as you enjoyed the company… and ice cream.
"So, explain to me again Bruce's role." You didn't even glance at Bruce, arms crossed over your chest. There are not many opportunities in your line of work to wear a dress, and definitely not a single one where it's out of Tony's pocket, so never mind a dress that is literally one of a kind, freshly designed by a huge, famous designer that you can't remember the name of. It's been so long since you've worn a proper dress that you're finding yourself a tad bit uncomfortable, having to constantly adjust to the tightness of the fabric and the cold breeze crossing your legs. And never mind the heels. You're praying you don't have to run.
"Did you not read the assignment?" Steve countered, his eyes glued to the screen in front of him.
Bruce wasn't wearing a tux, just his normal T-shirt and sweats, so it seemed to you that he wasn't going into the ball. You should've read the file earlier, but you had planned on doing that on the way to the venue. 
"I did read the file," you stated defensively, crossing your arms over your chest. "but I skipped the boring parts."
For some reason, Bruce didn't seem to believe you. "HYDRA got their hands on a biological agent and you need to steal it back before they use it."
"The masquerade ball is a guise for a lot of high profile targets with a lot of money, such as celebrities and even some rival business heads," Steve continued. "HYDRA is planning on taking them out with the biological weapon, but you and Wanda are going to stop them."
"I'm going to be your eyes and ears in the van," Bruce added. "There are cameras hidden in your masks that'll let me see if you have the right agent."
"Isn't this a job for the whole team?" you questioned. "Instead of an amazingly talented agent, a homewrecking hot head, and a witch?"
Steve finally looked away from the screen, turning to face you. He placed his hands on his hips as he said, "This came up at the last minute and everybody else was already assigned to missions almost as important. Bruce wasn't doing anything and you two just finished an assignment."
You were going to mention Natasha, but you decided to bite your tongue when you heard the clacking of heels approach you from behind. You turned, feeling your jaw drop to the floor when you took in Wanda's appearance.
The knee-high dress showed off her legs, the purple of the outfit blending in well with her complexion, and her hair was more bouncy than it usually is, holding more volume. Your stomach was doing flips and you couldn't find your voice to form a single syllable. She held a clutch bag across her front with both hands and you found yourself devouring her with your eyes.
What is happening to your body? Why are you suddenly so… attracted to your best friend?
"What?" Her voice snapped you out of your daze and your mouth closed with its own mind. You hadn't realized you were staring at her body until your eyes flickered up to her face, red coloring your cheeks with embarrassment for being caught staring as Wanda seemed to suddenly grow shy.
"You look" - there was truly no word in the universe good enough that could describe what she looks like; angelic, heavenly, beautiful, gorgeous, irresistible. Yet even all those words combined wasn't enough - "great." 
So, you decided to settle on the word that was the least worthy in describing her? You mentally sighed, knowing that it was the safest route to take. At least until you get over these sudden, abrupt feelings you were forming for your best friend.
"Thank you," she said, smiling a smile that had your heart skipping beats. "You look pretty good yourself."
You blinked, briefly confused. You were so engrossed in her beauty that you had completely forgotten why she was dressed like that and that you were dressed similarly. 
The three of you loaded up into the van a couple of minutes later, with Bruce driving, Wanda in the passenger seat, and you settled amongst the computers in the back. How you managed to get the best spot in the house was absolutely beyond you.
You were busying yourself with reading the file you didn't get a chance to read, the car ride in absolute silence as you learned the identity of one of the partygoers who had rejected the invitation. Nobody big enough to run a country, but big enough to get an invite to this thing. Wanda, on the other hand, managed to get the role of a very popular actress in Russia, and, thanks to the masks, nobody could tell that Wanda’s not her. You're definitely not jealous.
"So, I heard you went on a date with Vision last night." You didn't look up, but you were no longer interested in the words you were reading. Why was Bruce trying to make small talk?
"How did you know?"
You could hear the grin on his face when he said, "It's the talk of the town at the moment."
When you and Natasha first started going out, you remember how the two of you were "the talk of the town" for the next month, even later for some people. You hated your personal life being the center of attention, but she assured you it was nothing to be worried about. And she was right, you were worried for nothing. But now it's Wanda's turn. Since you and Natasha are no longer a couple, the bottom feeders need something to feed on.
"How was it?"
There was a moment of silence and you could feel Wanda turning her head to look at you, so you flipped over the page to continue reading, acting as if you weren't eavesdropping. "It went well," she answered as she faced forward. "We're planning a second date."
Your jaw clenched. Why were you so mad about her going on another date with Vision? This is what you wanted, was it not? You planted the idea in Vision's head weeks ago when the movie was first announced, and you were perfectly fine with the thought of Wanda dating Vision. But that was weeks ago, long before you had caught Bruce and Natasha, long before you became newly single, long before you found out you had hidden feelings for Wanda.
You didn't think it was possible, but your world was falling apart even more and you have no clue as to what to do about it.
"That's good," Bruce stated, but that was it. The conversation ended there with silence filling the car once more, though a bit more awkward than it was before. You thought about asking him to drive faster but decided against it. You didn't feel like talking to him.
What felt like hours later - when, in reality, it was roughly five minutes - the van finally pulled up to the towering mansion, brightly lit up to indicate a party being held here. There seemed to be hundreds of people surrounding the staircase leading to the front, flashes from paparazzi cameras every now and again as if they know who they're taking pictures of with everybody wearing masks. Speaking of…
You slipped on your mask after putting the file away. It was a simple mask that just covered your eyes, attached to your head by a thin, elastic band, though it did match well with the aesthetic you're rocking with this dress. However, Wanda only managed to look more incredible with her black and purple swan mask, seeking out your help to tie the satin string around her head.
It made sense for Wanda to look more fabulous than you as she was playing a more important, bigger role. You weren't complaining about the complexity of her outfit. You were thanking the designer for making her look absolutely stunning.
You reached over to grab a couple of earpieces off of a table, handing one to Wanda as you shoved your own into your ear. You checked to make sure it was working by talking into it, Wanda shaking her head to confirm.
Bruce parked a decent distance away from the mansion so as to not draw any attention as you both loaded out of a van disguised as a bouquet business. "I'll park on the side to not seem suspicious," he told you before you closed the door. You tossed him a thumbs-up through the window as he drove away.
You and Wanda walked together down the sidewalk towards the ball, your heartbeat seeming to echo in your ears with every step you took. Were you nervous about the mission? It would be fair, the previous mission's failure was still fresh on your mind. Or were you nervous about the feelings for Wanda you're trying so hard to keep shoved down into the deepest depths of your mind? It was hard to tell, both were very good reasons to be nervous.
"You've been awfully quiet," Wanda pointed out softly, glancing at you with a small, concerned smile, though you kept your head straight, eyes forward. "Are you okay?"
You breathed out. You couldn't answer her question, so you had to resort to changing the subject. "I really hope we don't have to run in these heels."
She laughed half-heartedly, knowing you were avoiding her question because you weren't okay. And then she stopped walking, lightly tugging your elbow to get you to pause as well, causing all the people overly dressed in masquerade outfits behind you to go around. You huffed as you looked at her, seeing her eyes behind her mask.
"You know you can tell me anything," she assured you, "and I know you have a lot on your chest with everything that's happened, so let me take some of the burdens. What's on your mind, Y/N?"
"I went to my old apartment last night and got some of my clothes," you blurted out. This story was better than the other thing you could possibly tell her, which would be how you were surprisingly jealous about how she's dating Vision. This wouldn't have been a thought if you were still with Natasha.
"I saw the box," Wanda admitted, nodding. She knew Natasha was on a mission, so it wasn't a big deal that you went back to your apartment to grab some clothes.
"Natasha was there."
Okay, it's a big deal. "I thought she was on a mission."
"Me, too," you agreed. "That's why I went, figured I'd get some of it done, but turns out she took herself off the mission."
She stared at you, eyes soft yet hard at the same time and you didn't understand how that was possible. "Did she say anything?"
Your lips formed a thin line as you pinched them together, suddenly avoiding eye contact with her. She did say something, and she did a lot more than just saying something. If it wasn't for Wanda, you definitely would've taken it further. "She kissed me."
"And you pushed her away."
"And... I kissed her back."
You weren't looking at her to see her face fall at your confession, the sadness behind her mask would've been hard to see anyway if you didn't know what to look for, but you did knot what to look for. When your eyes met hers once again, the sadness was replaced with anger as she smacked your shoulder disapprovingly. "Are you dumb?" She started lecturing you in Sokovian and, you were right, it just sounds worse than just being called "dumb".
"But that's it," you stated, quickly interrupting her before she got into the few curse words you definitely knew in her language. "It's not like we slept together."
She smacked your shoulder again, not appreciating you trying to put a light spin on this situation. "Y/N."
You huffed. "It'll be the only time I fall for it, alright? I won't let her get to me."
She glared at you for a few more seconds before turning to continue the walk to the ball. You sighed, scratching the back of your head as you followed her.
"I'm in position," Bruce said through your earpiece, his voice making you grind your teeth. You'll never be able to look at him the same again.
"I made it inside," Wanda's voice was next. You and she got separated on the stairs entering the large home, but it was fine. The two of you would've been forced to separate eventually. And now you're able to breathe properly without her goddess-like presence around you. "Y/N?"
You sent a wide smile to the bodyguard eyeing you, not being able to respond to Wanda without making him even more suspicious. He looked down at the tablet with the guest list displayed once more, seemingly having trouble finding your name. You're pretty sure you gave him the correct name. If you didn't, then you’re definitely shit out of luck.
You cleared your throat. "Are you having troubles, sir?"
"You seem to not be on the list, ma'am," the man stated. "I can't let you in."
"I'm sure it's there," you countered. "Try looking again."
He sighed as he looked back down at the list, scrolling. It wouldn't be the worst thing if you were denied entry. However, you weren't going to just leave Wanda to do this on her own. You were going to have to think of something and quickly.
"Милый!" You looked up at Wanda as she made her way to you, her hands up wide as if she were seeing an old friend for the first time in forever. The bodyguard spotted her and immediately straightened his form. "How long has it been?" Her Russian accent was perfect. It was like she had spoken it for her entire life, having been raised in Russia. It would fool anybody who didn't know the real her.
You glanced at the bodyguard. "This would be a much more pleasant conversation inside, but they seem to be having trouble finding my name."
"Oh, I'm sure it's just a big misunderstanding, right?" She rested a gentle hand on the bodyguard's elbow and he seemed to be internally panicking at the contact. You really don't blame him. "Кукла, my old friend here hasn't seen me in years. We'd love to catch up over some drinks!"
The man looked back down at the guest list, scrolled once, then nodded. "Ah, there you are. My mistake. Please." He gestured for you to enter the building (you could've sworn you saw a familiar flash of red smoke swirl around his head, but you shook it off) and Wanda sent him a heartwarming smile before she moved to walk with you.
"Always saving your ass, Y/N," Wanda expressed, though it wasn't in her usual playful tone, as she guided you through the crowd.
"You wouldn't have needed to if someone put the name on the list," you retorted just as quietly, taking a not-so-subtle jab at Bruce.
You released a soft sigh as you stepped up to the bar, Wanda remaining right next to you. You had to fight the sudden urge to lean closer to her when her elbow rubbed against yours. Instead, you subtly moved an inch away from her as the masked bartender placed a couple of drinks in front of you.
You quickly caught the bartender's wrist before she could leave, making eye contact with her behind her mask. "Uh, we didn't order these."
"No," she agreed as you released her hand, picking it up to point to a couple of gentlemen further down the bar, "they did."
As she walked away, you and Wanda looked towards the men to see them send a wave your way. You sighed, turning your back to them. You opened your mouth to say something smart, but she beat you to it by saying, "I'm going to walk around, see if I can spot anything out of place." She pushed her drink towards you before walking away, but that didn't discourage the two men.
You turned to leave but froze when the men were directly behind you, getting stuck between them and the bar. It was easier for them to gang up on one person than be evenly matched. "My friend here is interested in what you got going on," one of them said, sending you a sly smile from underneath his mask. You wonder if he had this much confidence without the mask, but it didn't matter. Something about him made you want to punch him in the face, and it didn't help that he was cornering you.
"Sorry, boys, but I'm not interested in selling," you assured them gently. You stepped forward, attempting to squeeze through the small gap they left open, but they immediately pushed against each other to close the only opening you had to leave this situation. You stepped away from them, as far as the bar behind you would let you go, as you crossed your arms over your chest.
Your eyes searched the crowd behind them, trying to see if you could find Wanda within the sea of masks, but she didn't stick out as much as you thought she would with her purple and black. You didn't want to start a fight so early into the mission, but considering they kept inching closer to you with every syllable that poured out of their mouth, you figured you weren't going to have a choice very soon.
"There you are, darling!" The men turned at the new voice, your eyes snapping to the woman squeezing herself in between the men to get to you. You wanted to be confused, but the stranger was giving you a peaceful out of this situation and you were going to take it. "I couldn't find you with these God awful masks everybody's wearing! You could've been much more descriptive, sweetheart." She placed a gentle hand on your shoulder as she leaned over, her lips brushing against your ear as she lowered her voice for only you to hear, "Seems like you could use some help."
She greeted the two men in front of you with a wide smile, though there was something about that smile that made the men lose their confidence instantly. They stammered over each other, apologizing briskly, and pushed each other as they escaped the woman's stare. Boys disguised as gentlemen. You'd think the people here would be a bit more respectful.
"Thanks," you expressed. You appreciated the help. If she hadn't butted in, you definitely would've resolved to violence, which would then result in you getting kicked out and Wanda being stranded on her own. So, in a way, you would say, "I definitely owe you one."
She sent you a dazzling smile as people in the middle of the ballroom floor started pairing up to dance. You knew which way this was going to go the second you saw her look out at the dancing couples. "I'd like to cash in that favor for a dance," she offered.
You looked out to the floor. It did give you a good vantage point to look around the room, though you really should focus on the mission at hand. You didn't know where Wanda had disappeared to, and your earpiece was eerily quiet. 
The woman could see the hesitation in your eyes when you looked back at her. "Just one dance," she promised. You huffed. There was no harm in dancing with the lady one time in return for her getting you out of a pickle.
"Okay, just one," you clarified and she sent you a smirk as she guided you to the floor.
You held onto her hand as she rested her free one around the back of your neck, leaving you no choice but to put yours on the small of her back. The two of you swayed to the music in (to you) tense silence, your eyes searching the crowd for Wanda and anything that seems odd.
"You seem like you're looking for someone." Your eyes found the woman's once more, a small smile peeking out from underneath her mask. 
"Not at all," you assured, returning her grin. "I just never really been to a masquerade ball before."
"Glad I get to be your first dance at one, then," she said. "Though you could've fooled me. You clearly know how to dress for one."
"Ah, this old thing?" You rolled your eyes playfully. "It was just collecting dust in the back of my closet. Figured I'd put it to use."
"You just so happen to have a mask perfectly matching your outfit in the back of your closet?" She chuckled lightly when you nodded your head.
"You'd be surprised by the things in my closet."
You were willing to bet that this woman was drop-dead gorgeous underneath the mask she was proudly wearing - not to mention holding enough authority to scare off two adult men with just a look - but you couldn't find it within yourself to be attracted to her. Normally, you'd be too flustered to hold a conversation with a woman like this, but you couldn't be bothered. She wasn't the woman on your mind at the moment. It was-
"Mind if I step in?" Wanda. Her Russian accent was heavy in the small sentence. It caught you off guard for a moment, you would’ve thought she was a totally different person if you hadn’t looked at her. She was definitely good at this accent thing.
You and the woman slightly separated when Wanda stepped up to you, a pursed smile plastered on her face at the woman. You nodded and the woman took a small step back, her hands going to her sides.
"For now," the woman said, sending you a wink before leaving the floor.
Wanda cleared her throat as she wrapped both of her hands behind your neck, leaving you to place your hands on her hips. Your stomach twisted as it suddenly got hot in the large room, having never really touched her so intimately like this before now. You couldn't grasp a coherent thought as she pulled you closer to her, your bodies mere centimeters away from being flush together. This was the kind of effect that woman would've had on you if you weren't busy getting lost in your thoughts.
"While you were dancing with desperate bimbos, I was actually doing what we are supposed to be doing," she said under her breath, her normal Sokovian accent returned once the woman was out of earshot. And her eyes locked onto something over your shoulder, seemingly refusing to not look at you.
"It was owed," you explained. You looked at her for a moment, noticing she's been avoiding eye contact since she interrupted the dance. "You're still mad about the Nat thing."
"I'm not mad," she stated, finally looking at you. "How can you even trust her?"
"I can't," you said, nodding. You knew Bruce was listening in on the conversation, but you really couldn't care less. "Which is why I need my best friend to not give me the cold shoulder and keep me in check." You sent her a smirk as you added, "She's the reason why I managed to find strength during the kiss. I just kept hearing her nagging me in the back of my mind with her little Sokovian accent and such."
She rolled her eyes, returning to looking at something behind you. "There's a door behind you that's constantly guarded," she continued, figuring it'd be a better idea to return focus on the mission. You wondered if she was still mad at you. "That's gotta be something, right? Why guard a door that doesn't lead to anywhere important?"
You casually spun her around with you so you were facing the door, looking over her shoulder to see, at the far end of the room, almost hidden out of view from where you stood, was a lonely door with one guard posted in front of it, a good distance away from the multiple buffet tables, a chocolate fountain resting in the middle of the assortment of tables.
Multiple scenarios could happen to get you through that door, but it had to be discreet. If anybody sees one of you snooping around, then your cover is blown, mission failed. And you will not fail another mission.
"The chocolate fountain," you whispered under your breath and she tilted her head with confusion. How has she not seen the huge fountain spewing chocolate sauce? You sighed, sliding one of your hands along to wrap around her waist and the other one running along her back, so distracted by the plan forming in your head that you didn't even bother just picking up your hand instead.
You weren't aware of the chills following your hand as you traced it up her body, not processing the gasp that almost came from her throat. It wasn't until your hand had rested on the base of her neck that she found herself able to breathe, biting back the shivers threatening to rat her out.
Stepping to the side, you gently lowered her, her hands instinctively grasping your shoulders as she dipped down. Automatically, she shifted her weight to the foot closest to you as the opposite leg went up, foot pointed in the air as her head went backward. Her hair flowed down as she looked towards the door, catching what you had mentioned.
You helped her back up, using all your strength in fear that you were going to accidentally drop her. Her body was soon completely flushed against yours, your masked nose brushing gently across hers as her breath fanned across her face. Lost in each other's eyes, you felt yourself leaning closer to her and, maybe you're just seeing things, but you were willing to bet your life that she was leaning towards you, too.
"Time's up." You and Wanda separated immediately at the voice, eyes wide as you looked to the side to see the woman from earlier. Your face flushed with red as you looked back at Wanda, watching her wipe her hands on her thighs nervously. The woman smiled at you gently, though you were no longer focused on her.
Wanda seemed hesitant to walk away, but she eventually did when the woman rested her hands on your shoulders. You had no choice but to put your hands on her waist. She seemingly wanted to mirror what you had going on with Wanda.
The next few minutes seemed to drag on, the woman trying to keep up a conversation with you only for you to answer with something that had no room for the discussion to continue. Yet, she kept trying, persistent. You thought you were being obvious, how could she not see that you were no longer into it?
The song was coming to an end, having promised her a new song since Wanda had interrupted the first dance, and you couldn't wait to get off the dance floor.
"Are you done dancing around yet?" Wanda questioned in your ear. Her voice was quiet but playful, telling you that she was no longer giving you the cold shoulder. You were relieved, not knowing what you would've done if she had stayed mad. 
"Time's ticking." Bruce. Honestly, you had completely forgotten that he was present. And that he had a view of everything you see thanks to the camera in the masks. You wondered if he saw the moment between you and Wanda until you remembered you don't care. "Now may be your only opportunity."
You stepped away from the woman and a frown pulled her lips down. "One more?"
"I am sorry, but there are some people that I have to converse with," you expressed. "Trust me, I would love to dance the night away with you, but these boring conversations will not start themselves." You placed a hand on her shoulder reassuringly before marching past her.
"I'll distract him," Wanda said and you looked up to see her at one of the buffet tables, her eyes glued to the chocolate fountain.
When you neared the targeted door, you sent her a nod and, with a wave of her hand, the chocolate started to spray everywhere, soaking the people trying to cover anything they could get their hands on in the sauce. All the screams at the sudden chocolate attack caught the guard's attention. He stepped away from the door, running over to a power outlet to unplug the fountain, and you took that time to quickly squeeze yourself through the door, Wanda close on your heels.
You and Wanda shared a look before you burst out laughing, covering your mouths to keep quiet. "I wish I could've seen the entire look on their faces," you stated.
"I'm pretty sure one of them was enjoying it," Wanda added, chuckling. 
"You're running out of time," Bruce said calmly.
As your laughter subsided, you looked around to see a red-carpeted hallway, walking down it with creepy Victorian era vibes.
And as you passed the multiple closed doors, you wouldn't be surprised if you found some kind of experiment on the other side. HYDRA is well known for their constant need to make new things, soldiers that'll do their bidding as they aim for world domination. According to Bruce, you didn't have time to look through every door, to save every person you could find from being the next thing on HYDRA's list. You would've if you could, but wasting most of the night dancing with a woman you didn't know took away that small window of opportunity.
You subtly glanced at Wanda as you walked alongside her, heat rising to your cheeks at the thought of kissing her. You have to deny your feelings, that you were just in the heat of the moment earlier, that she was not leaning forward, too. It felt like everything was happening too fast for you and you needed to take a step back, just breathe. 
Ironically, the air was taken from your lungs when you were suddenly pushed against the corner of a doorway, Wanda's body pressed against yours and her hand clamped over your mouth. She held the index finger of her free hand against her lips, her eyes staring into yours from underneath the masks and you were… calm.
You've never been good at expressing how you felt, your face always showed the truth behind your emotions. So when you're left in a small space with her body tight against yours, your face showed her everything she needed to know if she knew what to look for. And you were grateful she wasn't looking for it.
A couple of HYDRA agents marched by, completely oblivious to you and Wanda as they passed, talking amongst themselves. Even though they were long gone, you both still stood there, squished between her and the wall. You found yourself wanting to stay in this position, lost in her eyes just as much as she seemed to be lost in yours, but there was an incoherent mumbling in your eardrum that caused her to pull away.
Another moment ruined.
You were so lost in your thoughts that you hadn't noticed the oncoming HYDRA personnel, so you were thankful she was paying attention at least. You need to focus on the present and stop worrying about everything else. It may be the reason why you get killed. 
"You seemed really distracted there," Wanda pointed out, continuing your walk down the corridor. You kept your head forward when you felt her eyes on you, her lips pursed together as she thought about what to say next. "Always saving your ass, Y/N." She had a playful tone this time, a smile lifting her features and you couldn't prevent the small smirk tug against the corner of your lips.
"This door doesn't seem to be like the others." You gestured to one of the doors you were approaching when you turned a corner. Unlike the other doors, this one has a fingerprint scanner nestled into the wall beside it. "Could be nothing." You shrugged casually as Wanda lightly smacked your shoulder with the back of her hand.
"We're going to need a fingerprint," Wanda stated.
You looked up and down the hallway, pursing your lips together when the area was clear. Not a living soul in sight. "Bruce, think you can get into the security cams? See if there's anybody nearby we could use."
"I'm a science major, Y/N." You slightly flinched, his muffled moan behind a closed-door echoing in your head at the sound of his voice. Wanda noticed the flinch, sighing softly under her breath. "I only know what three of these buttons do."
"Well, thanks, doctor," you muttered. Guess the only thing he knows how to do outside of the science field is to fuck someone else's girlfriend. 
You didn't realize you said it out loud until Wanda covered her incoming laughter by coughing, your eyes slightly widening in surprise. You didn't want to bring it up anymore, especially in front of Bruce, but it came out of your mouth before you even processed it as a thought.
Bruce sighed heavily into your earpiece. "You said it was water under the bridge."
"Yeah, well, people say you're a good guy. Turns out, everybody lies." You looked at Wanda to see the small, humorous smirk resting on her lips. She quickly turned away to hide the fact that she was enjoying this. You rolled your eyes at her, clenching your jaw. Why were you saying these things now? It wasn't going to solve anything. And it certainly wasn't going to help your fingerprint situation.
"Y/N, we should all sit down and-"
"Oh, God, please just strike me down," you declared, looking up at the ceiling. Sure, he felt guilty now that he got caught, but what about before then? Were your feelings ever thought of as they rolled around under the blankets while you were working your ass off on missions for her? Definitely not.
"You should hear her out."
You scoffed, shaking your head. "I don't want to talk about this anymore," you stated, crossing your arms over your chest as you looked down. You were going to say something you'll really regret and, though deep down you knew he deserved it, you didn't want to say anything else about the situation.
"We need someone's fingerprint," Wanda announced, interrupting whatever he was about to say. You sent her a grateful look for the subject change. You were seconds away from taking the earpiece out of your ear and squashing it under your shoe like a lit cigarette. 
You went to thank her, but when her eyes caught something behind you, curiosity took over mannerism and you turned around. One of the HYDRA agents that passed you earlier was sprawled out on the floor a few feet in front of you, unconscious, and you didn't have a chance to question anything before a second figure walked around the corner.
"Well, fancy meeting you here." The woman sent you a pleasant grin from underneath her mask, the same woman who requested a dance for saving your ass from those men.
You watched, awestruck, as she grabbed the agent's leg to drag him towards you, but Wanda didn't hesitate to block her path.
"Who are you?" She didn't even bother with a Russian accent at this point, her cover is most definitely blown. Being in a guarded part of the mansion would most likely raise suspicion. Which is why you didn't step in between Wanda and the woman despite the tension between the two for whatever reason; you wanted to know who the lady was, too. 
The woman grinned, dropping the leg to the floor. She swiftly removed her mask from her face and, you were right, the woman was drop-dead gorgeous, but you still couldn't be attracted to her. "Candace. And I'm sure you and I have the same goal."
"And what goal is that?" Wanda questioned.
Candace rolled her eyes, her mask falling to the floor without a care for it anymore. She crossed her arms over her chest as she said, "To stop HYDRA from deploying the biological agent on the highly important party guests."
Wanda leaned towards you and your breath caught in your throat when her arm rubbed against yours, skin on skin, as she whispered into your ear, "Should we trust her?"
"I mean, she brought us a fingerprint," you returned just as quietly. "It'd be kind of rude to turn her away."
"It's two on one anyway," Bruce said.
You rolled your eyes. "Stick to your science, Banner."
"You do realize that we're just wasting time right now," Candace stated. "I'll let you two talk it out, but if you could move over so I can open the door, it'd be greatly appreciated." She picked up the unconscious agent's leg once more, dragging him to the door directly behind you.
There was something about this woman that didn't sit well with you, but there was nothing you could do about it. You hate to admit it, but Bruce has a good point. If Candace decides to be against you, it'd be two against one. There was no way she'd be able to get away, especially since one of you has a superpower. 
You motioned for Wanda to move, sending her a look when she was about to argue with you. With a sigh, she stepped out of the way and let Candace use the agent's fingerprint to open the door, dropping him to the ground when the keypad beeps approvingly.
You followed Candace through the door once she opened it, Wanda close on your heels. You entered a decked-out science lab, equipment laid throughout the room, but you weren't interested in anything but the line of medicine cabinets located along the back wall. The three of you immediately started searching through them, flashing the labels of the vials to your mask cam only to receive a quick "no" from Bruce.
Wanda was a few cabinets down on one of your sides while Candace was located at the cabinet directly next to you on the other side. You were soon beginning to feel the pressure against you, time feeling as if it were running out. You moved quicker, flicking through vial after vial, sample after sample, trying to find the right one until Bruce finally gave you a solid "yes" on a practically empty vial.
"Let's get out of here," you expressed, relieved, as you closed the cabinet door with a magnetic click. 
"Great job, Y/N," Candace stated, smiling widely. "I'll take it off your hands." When she reached for it, you quickly jerked it away from her. You could feel Wanda directly behind you, moving to stand slightly in front of you protectively.
"I didn't tell you my name," you declared, removing your mask from your face. At this point, maintaining your cover was no longer important, she knew your name so she knew your face. But how did she know who you were? You didn't take the mask off all evening, you didn't even have much of a conversation with the woman. 
Wanda took her mask off as well, both of you ignoring Bruce's objection as he was now blind to the situation. You held the vial carefully yet tightly in your hand, holding it behind your back and away from her. Not that it mattered, she has to go through Wanda to get to you anyway.
"Oh, so it's Wanda that you brought with you," she stated, crossing her arms over her chest, a condescending smirk resting on her face. "I just couldn't figure it out." She sighed thoughtfully, proud of herself as she said, "I figured SHIELD would send a couple of agents our way." She turned to look at you. "I made you the second you tried to get past the front doors." 
"You're making a very big mistake," Wanda declared, her arm extending outward to block you. "Let us leave."
Candace hummed as if she was genuinely thinking about it, but the grin on her face has yet to waver. She was mocking you, putting you in a situation she knew she would get out of. She had the upper hand here otherwise she wouldn't have started this. "Counteroffer, give me the vial."
Wanda clenched her fists by her sides as you took a small step back. You couldn't risk the bacterial agent getting into her hands. You knew there was nothing to worry about, it being two on one and everything, but you just couldn't shake the feeling that something was going to go wrong.
And your feeling was proven right within seconds of thinking it when HYDRA agents flooded the room. Now it was two on eight, though you had Wanda on your team, making the odds more favorable to you. You had guns raised on you with nowhere to go, so you had to rely on Wanda to get you out of this sticky situation like always.
"Now, let's renegotiate," Candace offered, shrugging casually. "Give me the vial and you'll both die painlessly."
You felt yourself breathe when you saw the familiar red smoke radiating from Wanda's hands, her fingers fluttering as she prepared to strike, but froze when Candace tutted, holding up a cell phone facing you.
"I wouldn't try to be a hero here, ladies," Candace warned. On the phone seemed to be live bodycam footage of the ball happening in the other part of the mansion, indicating that they wouldn't hesitate to get bloody if they couldn't get their way with the biological weapon. Fear pressed against your chest when you watched the red smoke become non-existent, knowing that there was nothing left to do until every HYDRA personnel was eliminated. "There are some men set up to shoot if you don’t give me what I want. Now… vial." Candace held her hand out, gesturing to come forward by curling her fingers. 
You glanced towards the other agents, their guns unwavering as they remained pointed at you. You had to think and it had to be quick. You could either hand over the vial and let all those people die, or you could deny her request and let all those people die. Either way, you were going to fail this mission. You looked at Wanda, making eye contact with her and the two of you seemed to have a silent agreement.
Neither of you was going down without a fight. And HYDRA was not getting this vial.
You stepped forward, preparing to drop the vial into Candace’s open palm, but the second you drove your fist into her jaw, Wanda unleashed her powers on the remaining agents. And while she was dealing with the firing squad, you put all your focus on fighting Candace without compromising the vial in your hand, blocking her punches and kicks to the best of your ability. But she had managed to get a good kick into your jaw, caught off guard by her agility as you spun to the ground. The vial rolled out of your hand harmlessly across the floor, Candace scrambling to scoop it up, but the second you heard the crunching of glass underneath her palm was the moment you felt your heart stop beating.
You were suddenly surrounded by red smoke, being sent flying out of the room with Wanda not too far behind you. She placed you gently onto the carpeted floor in the hallway as she quickly closed the lab door behind her, blasting the keypad with her powers to keep the door locked.
“Are you okay?” She helped you to your feet gently, her hands going to your face as your heart seemed to remember how to beat, your cheeks heating up underneath her touch as she searched your eyes for any sign of pain.
“I’m fine,” you assured her, instinctively swatting her away so you could maintain some confidence. “Are you?”
She nodded as an answer before the two of you started running down the hall, retracing the path to the ballroom and you had to stop for a brief moment to kick your heels off your feet, mumbling about how you just knew you were going to end up running in these torture devices.
By the time you reached the ballroom, you and Wanda froze behind the chocolate fountain, looking out at the scene before you. You felt sick to your stomach, the dead bodies of some innocent people laying out on the floor, though not nearly as much as you thought there’d be. Not to mention it looks like a wrecking ball played a huge part against the building.
Police scoured the grounds, marking bodies and objects as evidence, while Bruce appeared next to you. “I called in the cops as soon as you two took off your masks,” he explained. “I… tried to stop as much as I could, but he wasn’t fast enough.” He as in the Hulk he. You knew Bruce didn’t like using the Hulk unless he absolutely needed to for fear of hurting innocents, but he knew he didn’t have much of a choice. He heard the conversation with Candace, knowing the choices you had. And as much as you wanted to hate him for personal reasons, you had to appreciate him stepping up. There would’ve been a lot more deaths if he wasn’t here.
After suffering through quarantine to make sure you absolutely did not get in contact with the biological agent, you walked through the front door of Wanda’s home the next night, releasing a heavy sigh of exhaustion. She had beat you home, but since she was nowhere to be seen, you had figured she had already gone to bed.
The mission wasn’t a complete failure, but it wasn’t a complete success either. Out of the 194 people that attended, twenty people were killed. Twenty people were lost at the hands of HYDRA and you couldn’t point blame at anybody else but you, having ignored the bad feelings you got when faced with Candace. And here you were again, replaying the moments in your head that you could do differently, to get different results. How life loves to come full circle.
You had tried to get some sleep, but laying on the couch in the middle of the dark, the only thing you could see when you closed your eyes was all those lifeless people on the ground. And the worst part about it was that you couldn’t crawl into Natasha’s arms in your bed. You couldn’t stop the tears falling down your cheeks, your eyes squeezing closed in an attempt to fall asleep once more.
You got off the couch when you knew it was no use, making your way to the bathroom but halting outside of Wanda’s bedroom door when you heard a noise from the other side. Your eyebrows furrowed as you placed your ear against the wood, holding your breath to get a better reading on whatever was happening in the room. It was nothing but silence. You were exhausted, not using that time in quarantine to sleep for fear of the nightmares, and the lack of sleep could make you think you were hearing things. You barely had your head pulled away from the door when you heard the noise once more, and it was beyond doubt a soft sob.
You opened the door quietly, the sobs coming to a halt, though she did sniffle a few times. She said nothing as you entered her bedroom, the door closing softly behind you as you made your way to the bed. You knew why she was crying, it was the same reason why you were silently crying on the couch, and you also knew just the thing the both of you needed. Comfort from another human being.
She didn’t object to you crawling underneath the blankets behind her, pinning your body close to hers as wrapping your arms around her. Your heart drummed in your chest as you pulled her into you, letting her cry harder now that you were comforting her. Your chin rested on the top of her head gently as she tugged you closer against her, if that were even possible. Feeling so close to her, having your arms wrapped around her securely, there wasn’t anywhere else you’d rather be than right here. A new safe spot, somewhere you’d go to get away from it all. And it wasn’t until now that you realized that it wasn’t the room that made you feel safe, but the person. Because Natasha has broken your trust, you couldn’t feel safe around her, but Wanda… she always makes you feel safe.
If you had any doubt before, you don’t anymore. Your feelings for Wanda were valid, but there was nothing you could do about it now that she was seeing Vision.
Chapter 2
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itachiyama · 6 months ago
𝕭𝖎𝖙𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖘𝖜𝖊𝖊𝖙 𝕸𝖊𝖑𝖆𝖓𝖈𝖍𝖔𝖑𝖞 (𝖕𝖆𝖗𝖙 𝖙𝖜𝖔)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Part 1 , Part 3
here’s the part two to the divorce angst i wrote for atsumu that you all have been waiting for (this time it’s for real it’s not an april fools prank lmao)
preface/warning: i wrote this taking place in marriage counseling for atsumu and y/n. i’ve obviously never been in marriage counseling myself, so i tried to read transcripts online of sessions and do some research but do keep in mind that it might not be exactly accurate, i tried my best
Tumblr media
Your feet tapped against the floor, knees bouncing up and down as the nerves began getting to you. Atsumu should be coming in any moment, and thus would begin both of your journey together towards rekindling the once effervescent spark that you had shared. It would be a long road of deep talks that wrenched out the rawest of emotions, acceptance of your own faults that held a mirror up to all of your ugliest parts, and the inevitable swallowing of your pride to admit that maybe you hadn’t just been hurt, perhaps you also had done some hurting. The path you’d paved for the future you dreamed together was far, the two of you had drifted astray. Atsumu was a lot of things, passionate was one, and at times he was possibly even too passionate. Deep down, you knew it couldn’t be solely his fault, and admitting that was your first step, just as admitting he’d given up to early was his. Truly, he wasn’t counting on the way you’d take his words seriously, the slamming of the file that held his worst nightmare, tangible before him in the form of slips of paper, snapping him to the reality of it all. You and he were on the brink of no return, and the vast emptiness that would come with your lack of presence, one that had been there for far too long for him to be able to simply forget, was something that made him question who he really was if it wasn’t you by his side. True, he had asked for the divorce, but he was unwilling to accept that this could be the end. Slowly, the door opened, and in came your husband, setting his coat on the back of the chair set out for him as he greeted the counselor before giving you a small nod in acknowledgment.
“Okay, so it seems that we’re all here, so let’s begin shall we?” Nodding slowly, you both scooted in closer to the table, sitting up straighter to look her in the eye. To your surprise, his hand inched from under the table to where yours was, gently holding it and giving it a small squeeze. The touch was fleeting, but it made your heart stop for a moment, realizing that he was still thinking of you, giving you a small surge of newfound strength. “What would we say is the biggest reason for the issues we’re facing?” It was silent for a moment, neither of you sure where to begin or who was to answer. But once more, to your surprise, Atsumu cleared his throat, speaking up first.
“We… I guess we don’t get along as well as used to,” he said quietly, voice tight as he verbally admitted that the connection was frayed.
“Okay, good, that’s a start. Do we have a hunch why that might be?” The counselor looked between the two of you. Once more a silence. It was your turn to speak, you knew, but your mouth was dry. Swallowing, you forced yourself to open your mouth.
“We haven’t been telling each other how we feel, we just get mad... and we scream instead of talking it through,” you whispered. Atsumu looked at you from the side, watching as the tears formed in your eyes.
A groan was heard through the apartment as Atsumu dragged himself in, feet heavy as he let his bag slump onto the floor. You perked up, looking at him happily.
“Tsumu, you’re home!” Giving you a soft grin, he nodded slowly, letting you wrap your arms around his neck, his face finding its way into yours. Finally, after a long day of having a coach drill him over his shoulder, each of his teammates needing something different from him in his sets, muscles aching from workouts, and head-spinning from strategies they’d spent hours discussing, Atsumu was ready to collapse into your arms. The end of the season was always the most stressful, but this was a new level he hadn’t experienced before. He desperately wanted a break, but the demands he needed to meet didn’t let up.
“Hey, baby,” he whispered, kissing the skin of your neck closest to his lips.
“Tsum, let’s go to that diner that opened the other week, this is the earliest you’ve been home in a while,” you suggested excitedly, making his smile drop instantly. He wanted to go with you, so badly, but he was exhausted, muscles sore and head pounding. Giving you an apologetic look, he cupped your cheeks.
“Baby, I want to, but ‘m so tired,” he said softly. Instantly, your grin dropped too.
“Tsumu, we haven’t spent any time together other than laying in bed this whole week, who knows when the next time you’ll come home this early is, come on,” you insisted. Atsumu frowned, head aching further at your lack of understanding. Rubbing his temples, he sighed.
“Y/n, I know babe, and ‘m sorry, really I am. I’ll take ya out soon, I just need this season’s ending preparations to—”
“You just can’t focus on anything but volleyball can you,” you spat, interrupting him and making him frown. Crossing his arms, he sighed once more, rolling his eyes.
“Y/n, try to understand, would ya? I’m bein’ pulled from every which way right now,” Atsumu insisted, but your glare grew harsher.
“Whatever Atsumu, go ahead and neglect things for your damn game again,” you muttered. This time, he glared back at you, face heating up in anger at your words. You weren’t trying to understand, and now, to add insult to injury, you were belittling his job.
“Now listen here, y/n, maybe ya should watch that mouth of yers, it’s a damn diner, world’s not gonna end if we push it back a bit. Leave my damn career outta this,” he snarled. That night, after an intense screaming match, the two of you went to sleep with tears running down your faces, you in the bedroom and him in the guest room, Atsumu’s headache considerably worse. He slept cold without you in his arms, and you slept with no sense of security without his body wrapped around you.
“That’s good,” the counselor spoke, wordlessly offering you a box of tissues as the tears slipped down your cheeks. Atsumu cleared his throat, blinking back tears of his own. “So we know a major part of the problem, so let’s work from there. Does it seem like this is a permanent issue?” You both stared at your laps, minds racing at the question. Was it permanent?
“I uh… I don’t know,” Atsumu whispered.
“Me either,” you added. Nodding, she jotted down notes.
“Well, that’s okay, we’ll come back to that. Why is communication suddenly off, do we think? You’ve been together for some time, you must’ve been happy at one point.” You nodded, a small smile spreading across your face as you thought about the past.
“Yeah, it was pretty great. We used to understand each other without having to say anything,” you said. She looked at you, a small smile spreading across her face too.
“Okay, good. Marriage is a lot different than dating from your younger days. The two of you are gonna face more challenges together, so things are bound to change. If we try to keep doing things the same way, instead of trying to adjust to those changes, we’ll start hitting low points. What do think was a big change that could’ve started this?” This time, Atsumu hesitantly spoke up once more, voice wavering.
“M-my job… it started to get more demandin’,” he whispered.
“How do you think your partner handled that Atsumu? Were they supportive?” Slowly, he shook his head.
“Not really,” he spoke quietly. Your heart tore in two, tears spilling faster down your cheeks. This time, tears rolled down Atsumu’s face as well as he sniffled. “I uh… I would come home, and I’d be drained, and I know I hadn’t been able to spend as much time with y/n, but I could’ve once the season ended. I don’t think y/n wanted to wait though,” he said, not meeting your eyes as he spoke. Guilt clawed at your chest, making your stomach feel queasy. You’d forced more out of Atsumu than he could handle, blind to his own feelings.
“Right, that’s a tough spot to be put in. How do you think you handled his stress, y/n?” You only forced yourself to answer.
“Not as well as I could have, I guess,” you mumbled. “I only thought about myself.” The counselor smiled, brighter this time, looking between the two of you.
“That’s progress, see? So we stopped communicating as well because something added stress. That’s normal, and it seems more temporary than permanent doesn’t it?” The two of you nodded, looking up to meet each other’s eyes. This time, a glimmer of hope sparkled in Atsumu’s, making your chest weigh significantly lighter.
“Yeah, it does seem more temporary,” you said, voice a bit louder than before.
“Okay, so then let’s see how we can fix that. Do you think you can speak to each other freely?” Atsumu nodded, but you remained still, making him turn his head to face you. Your hesitation drove knives into his heart, pain shooting up his system that you didn’t feel you could talk to him. “Y/n, you seem to be hesitating. Anything you’d like to say?”
“I… I think that he… he blows up a lot, and I get scared to bring things up,” you answered. “He just left for two weeks when I said something he didn’t like, and then he came back asking for a divorce.” Biting his lip, Atsumu held back a sob, hands gripping the chair’s armrest tightly. It was hard to hear his faults out in the open, an outsider hearing all the things that went wrong with your once bulletproof relationship. But he forced himself to push on, he had to. He needed to walk out of this with a future secured, one that involved you.
“And what do you think pushed you to that choice,” the counselor turned back to him, waiting for his response.
“I… I was too tired to deal with the fightin’, it got overwhelmin’,” he whispered. “I… I heard y/n talkin’ to a friend, and I heard ‘em say it wasn’t workin’ out anymore, so I got scared,” he choked out, voice breaking. “I thought… I thought it’d be better to have space, but things were worse when I got back, and I accidentally said it,” he cried. “I never meant it.” Nodding, she thought for a moment, before speaking to you once more.
“Maybe the two of you are communicating, just not correctly. Y/n, maybe being accusatory makes him lash out more, or feel threatened. And speaking to friends is good, it’s a healthy outlet, but we should speak to our partners first before others.” Turning to Atsumu, she spoke once again, directly to him this time. “And Atsumu, getting worked up is natural, but it clouds our judgment too, and even if you don’t mean to at the moment, things you choose to say or do can leave lasting effects.” The two of you looked at each other, two halves of a whole, once connected seamlessly, now torn at the middle. It was so easy once, to simply look into his eyes, to know what he was thinking. But now, all you saw was the pain and the turmoil that swam in his orbs. But his pain hurt you, and seeing Atsumu so grief-stricken hurt more than any of the harsh words he’d spat at you, and even if you couldn’t read him as well as you once could, you knew he felt the same. “The important question is why are we here? What’s the point of working through this?” This question, you both found, you answered with no hesitation, the two of you speaking up at the same time.
“Because I love Atsumu.”
“Because I love y/n.” And for a moment, it felt like the two of you had once again connected. For a split second, it felt like you both were once more one unit, two hearts beating as one. There was no hesitation, no thought to either of your answers. The love you shared may have frayed, but it was raw, and it was real. Never had you felt as intensely as you did when Atsumu was there, and never did you think you would with anyone else.
“Well, if we want to make the changes, and we have an idea where to start, what’s stopping us?” And suddenly, it dawned on you. Perhaps it wouldn’t work out with Atsumu after all, perhaps one day you were meant to go onto separate paths like you thought just a week ago, but truly what was stopping you from trying? Absolutely nothing.
There will be a part three ;)
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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spookydrreid · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Your Body
Pairing: Spencer Reid x fem!reader
Summary: After a team member assumes y/n is pregnant, reader starts to have some doubts about herself.
Requested: Yes
Full request: Could I request a Spencer smut where the reader has body issues and she’s been upset with how she looks in all her clothes and Spencer spends a whole night just worshipping her body to make her feel even a little bit better - anon
"I was thinking maybe Spencer has a gf who’s usually unashamedly herself. Goofy, loves snacking etc. but he notices her acting differently, eating differently.. when he questions her he finds out someone thought she was pregnant. Body worship ensues, fluffy maybe even a little spicy 👉🏻👈🏻" - @spencers-dria
Content Warning: talks of pregnancy, accusal of pregnancy, self dislike, negative self talk, implications of smut (Let me know if I missed anything)
Word Count: 2.4k
a/n: I cannot begin to thank you all for your patience and understanding lately. I was really stressed, and writing wasn't happening. BUT I AM BACK AND READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!! I hope you enjoy this fic as much as I do. I love you all so fucking much! ❤️
“Happy Monday, everyone!” You beamed as you practically skipped into the office. The smile plastered on your face was large and made your cheeks hurt just a little bit. But who could blame you? You’d spent the weekend tangled up in bed with your husband, Dr. Spencer Reid, for the first time in almost four months. And while you and Spencer had the exact same job, there just something about snuggling up to him in your own bed, without having to think about chasing a killer.
And, okay, maybe you’d gotten more than a few rounds of sex in. But really you just felt refreshed.
“Well, well. Did Mrs. Genius get a little lovin’ this weekend?” Morgan teased from his desk.
“That’s for me to know and for you to guess,” you giggled.
You heard the clanking of shoes and then the cheery voice of the one and only Miss. Penelope Garcia. Her bright outfit making you smile just a little bit harder as she hobbled her way over and perched herself on Dereks desk. She blew a piece of hair out of her face, “good morning my little loves! So nice to see everyone refreshed and …” she tailed off as her bright eyes landed on you. “And glowing! Mrs. Reid you look absolutely stunning today if I do say so myself. Speaking of Reid, where is he?”
You sipped your coffee, “he said he had a small meeting with Hotch and Strauss today. Probably to talk about that position he was offered at the University.”
You looked towards Hotchs office where Spencer was fiddling with his hands, a smile on all of their faces. He was excited about teaching, claiming he couldn’t wait to satiate the young minds. You decided to get started on the files you’d put off all weekend, wanting to smother Spencer in your love without thinking of work at all.
And you were so focused on your work that you missed the quiet chatter from Garcia and Morgan in the corner.
"You cannot work like this, babe,” Spencer cried as you grabbed another tissue, your nose red and raw from blowing it so much.
“It’s just a cold, Spence. I’m fine. Really.” But the truth was, you kind of weren’t. You’re head was screaming and your stomach was turning.
He made a face at you as you washed your hands.
“Fine. But the minute you feel worse, please tell me.” And so you assured your darling husband that you would let him know if you felt worse. You popped some Tylenol before following him out of the hotel room. And for the rest of the day you did your best to be your usual up beat and happy, pretending your insides weren’t twisting and that your head wasn’t screaming.
“Are you okay, y/n?” JJ asked.
You perked up, picking your head up from its place in your hand, “yeah! Just a headache.” You smiled at her. But she furrowed her brows, taking the seat next to you.
“Y/N… are you sure you’re okay? Is there something you want to tell me?”
You shot her a confused look, “no? I sincerely just have a headache. What are you insinuating?”
You watched as she scrambled to find her words, “I just- well, you’ve been wearing more lose fitting clothes. And you’ve been extra tired. I just thought maybe you were p-pregnant.”
You felt the tears well up in your eyes. But you swallowed them down because you didn’t want Spencer to see you crying, “I’m not fucking pregnant, JJ. I’m fucking sick which is why I’ve been more tired. But thanks for that.”
You pushed yourself out of your seat, stomping away from a sputtering JJ. You didn’t want to hear her apologies, you just wanted to solve this case. Actually, you wanted to crawl into a hole and cry. You couldn’t believe that she thought you were pregnant. And if she thought that, the others thought that as well.
You pushed past your husband, keeping your head down and pushing past him to go get coffee. But he was quicker, grabbing your arm and pulling you into him, “hey! Slow down, pretty girl. What’s the matter?”
You shook your head, swallowing your emotions once more, “nothing. I’m just grabbing a coffee. I’m falling asleep over there.” You shot him your best smile, but it was clear he didn’t believe you.
“Okay. If you’re sure.” He said slowly, reading your micro expressions for any indication of what’s going on with you.
“Positive.” You stood on your tippy toes, kissing him softly on the cheek as to not get him sick, “now stop profiling your wife.” You patted his chest twice with your hand before sauntering off to grab your shitty coffee.
You leaned against the counter, sighing into your cup. It bothered you that anyone just assumed you were pregnant. Sure, it wasn’t a secret that you and Spencer had a healthy sex life, but for them to think you wouldn’t tell them immediately if you were? It hurt. And sure, the hurt was probably just heightened from the lack of decent sleep.
“Hey, there’s a break in the case,” Derek called as he rounded the corner. You threw your cup into the trash and followed him out.
You’d made the arrest not long after that. And by the time everything was sorted it was too late to fly home. Leaving one more night in a shitty hotel. But if you were being honest, you didn’t care. You sincerely just needed to wash off the day and go to bed.
“Y/N, wait,” JJ called as you wordlessly stepped out of the elevator, heading to your room.
You slowly turned on your heels, facing the blonde who made you feel like shit, “look, JJ, I really don’t want to hear it. I don’t. It’s been a shit day and I honestly just want to go to bed.” You didn’t give her any more time to explain herself before practically running to your room.
The second your back hit the door, you lost it. Tears streamed down your cheeks, your chest heaving as you struggled to breath. But what you didn’t know was Spencer was already in the room, having left slightly before you. You’d thought he went out with Derek, like he said.
“Woah, honey, what’s the matter,” his voice made you gasp, scrambling to wipe the tears from your face. You weren’t sure how you’d missed him, but it was too late.
“Nothing, Spence. I’m just exhausted and was looking forward to sleeping in our own bed,” you pushed past him, wrapping your arms around you as you moved to collect clothes for after your shower.
“This is more than just sadness because we couldn’t get home tonight. So, want to tell me what really happened? You’re entire mood after you talked with JJ.”
Of course, he saw you talking with JJ. He saw everything if it involved you. He always made sure to keep an eye on you. His need to protect you at all hours of the day causes him to notice every little thing.
“It’s nothing, Spencer. Drop it,” you snapped, collecting your sleep clothes and making your way to the bathroom. Shutting the door before he could ask any more questions.
You turned on the shower, putting it as hot as you knew you could stand it and started undressing. You looked at yourself in the large bathroom mirror, cringing at the person you saw staring back at you. Maybe they were right. You turned to the side, hands running over your naked frame. Fingers pinching anything that looked ‘soft’ to you. You rubbed over your belly, sucking in and pushing it out.
“God, y/n,” you said to your reflection, “I can see why they thought you were fucking pregnant. It’s not long before Spencer cant love you anymore.” You watched your reflection fog up, finally making you unable to be negative towards yourself. You stepped in the shower, tears still streaming down your face as you worked to scrub off the day.
But what you didn’t know, was that Spencer had been listening the entire time. His back against the door as he sat. You were never cold towards him, always talking with him about anything that was bothering you. He knew you had previous negative thoughts about your body, and he worked very hard to make sure you knew how beautiful he thought you were. Making sure you always felt loved and cared for. Of course, he knew there would be hard days. Days where your insecurities got the best of you. But he had always hoped that you would come to him on days like that. Let him know so you didn’t suffer alone.
It bothered him immensely that actual adults assumed you were pregnant. Never mind say something to you. Wasn’t there like a universal rule to never assume a woman was pregnant? And to have it come from their own team? He knew it had to hurt that much more. The shutting off of the shower and the muffled sounds of your sniffles made a plan form in his genius mind. He didn’t care what it took, he was going to spend the night showing you how much he loves all of you.
You opened the door, stopping short to see your husband sitting on the floor, smiling up at you and trying his best to keep his eyes on your face.
“What are you—” you started before his hands found your face and his lips found yours, effectively cutting you off.
“Shh,” he said as he pulled back, silencing the questions he knew was waiting for him, “get on the bed, sweet girl.”
So, you do. Climbing up the white hotel linen and settling back on the fluffy pillows neatly stacked. Spencer’s right behind you. He pushes your legs open with his large hands, wide enough to settle between them. One hand pulls your leg up to wrap around his waist while the other holds his weight as he looks down at you lovingly. You want to shrink under his gaze, but you know that would just make you look suspicious.
“God you’re so beautiful,” he purrs as his eyes rake over your face.
You feel your face grow warm as you whisper, “stop it.”
He kisses you softly on your lips, a smirk on his lips as he pulls back. “Never, pretty girl. You deserve to feel loved…” he kisses you again. “…cared for…” another kiss. “…appreciated…” His lips moved from your mouth to your neck. His teeth biting a mark into your pulse point, making you cry out.
“Spence…” you whine. His hands moving to push up your shirt.
“You, my love, are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever had the pleasure to love,” his lips moving down your neck. But as he worked to pull your shirt over your head, you stopped him. It was an accident, really. Your hand gripping his wrist in a way you’ve never before. He sat back, worry flooding his eyes as he asked, “what’s the matter? Did I hurt you?”
Your heart squeezed at the way he was looking at you. He’s never looked at you like he is now. Like he did something wrong. Like he hurt you. But he hadn’t. In fact, you’d been hurting yourself with your words. And all he’s ever done was love you. Unconditionally and without reservations. And here you are, belittling yourself because someone made a mistake.
“No, Spence. You’re perfect. Perfect…” you whispered to yourself. “I-it’s me that’s…not.”
His large hands brushed the hair from your face, sadness filling the pools of honey that were his eyes. “Oh, my pretty baby. No.” He whispered as he watched your eyes stare at your hands. “You are…” he trailed off only for a moment, “everything.”
You weren’t sure why, but guilt flooded your body. If you were ‘everything’ then why did you feel like nothing?
“I’m not ‘everything’ Spencer.” You replied, still not looking at him.
Spencers hands found yours, gripping them tightly as he said “baby, look at me.” But you shook your head in refusal. You couldn’t bear to look at the hurt that you knew rested in his eyes. “Y/N. Look at me.” He was tern this time, something he wasn’t very often. So, you did. And you were met with the kind, soft eyes you married. The kind, soft eyes that love you unconditionally. The kind, soft eyes who could never love another the way they love you. The way he loved you.
He sighed, “I don’t know the entire story of what happened to make you feel this way, and you don’t have to tell me until you’re ready. All’s I heard was what you said from the other side of the bathroom door.” His thumb rubbed over the back of your hand, soothing you.
“I am furious adults had the nerve to assume anything about a body that is not theirs. And I’m furious that it put these thoughts into your head.” You felt the tears stinging your eyes as he continued. “But I promise you that I will love you until the world implodes. Big or small. Tall or short. For better or worse. I vowed to love every version of you and I fully intend to keep that promise. Do you hear me?”
His hands moved to grip your face, his fingers in your hair as he pulled you in for a crushing kiss. Harder than your first kiss and harder than when you both said ‘I do.’
“Because you are perfect,” he kissed your forehead. “In the morning when you first open your eyes? Perfect.” He kissed you nose. “When you sing loudly in the shower? Perfect.” He kissed your eyes. “When you yell at me for staying up to late? Perfect.” You giggled as he kissed your left cheek. “When I hold you before bed? Perfect.” He kissed your other cheek. “Right now? Absolutely fucking perfect.” He ended his speech with a few sweet kisses to your lips. His thumbs wiping the steady stream of tears.
“I love you, Spencer. So much.”
His eyes brightened up, “I love you too, Mrs. Reid. So much more.” He kissed you once more, “now, lay back and let me show you just how much I love you.”
Needless to say, you walked into the station later than usual the following morning.
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moodymelanist · 2 months ago
Parents nessian maybe? Or Nesta pregnant and Cass being a mother hen, him beinh the girl dad we know and simp, it's your call, I'm weak for nessian babies 😩😩😩😩😩
omg I am such a sucker for pregnant!Nesta and mother hen Cassian and I agree they would definitely have a girl first!!!
Cassian was finishing up dinner when he heard a rather large crash from upstairs. He frantically turned off the stove and ran up the stairs, spotting his heavily pregnant wife trying to pick something up off the floor in the nursery.
“Nesta Archeron, don’t you dare,” he warned. She straightened up and gave him a withering glare, but they’d long lost their effectiveness after ten years.
“Oh, stop it,” she grumbled. She kept a hand on her stomach while she watched him pick up the baby books she’d knocked off the top of the small bookshelf by the crib. “I could’ve done that.”
“It’s not about whether you can, but whether you should,” he said. He’d been arguing with her for the last two months about doing anything remotely strenuous — why should she have to do anything difficult when she had him? “How many times do we have to have this talk?”
“Whatever, Dad,” she said, rolling her eyes. He gave her a stern look but it melted away pretty quickly considering how amazing she looked.
If he’d thought she was beautiful before, seeing her glowing and pregnant took his breath away. She’d taken to wearing her hair down because her usual braid had started giving her headaches, and had insisted on stealing even more of his shirts from usual because none of hers fit properly anymore.
Watching her walk around barefoot and pregnant just did things to him, especially considering that she was carrying their daughter. She wasn’t due for another two weeks, but he knew he’d do anything to protect his girls.
Nesta made a noise of discomfort and he was at her side immediately. “What? What’s wrong?”
“Nothing,” she said, patting his arm. “She’s just sitting right on my bladder again.”
Cassian bent down and got on his knees, placing his hands on his wife’s stomach underneath the shirt she’d stolen from his side of the closet. “Hey, princess.”
“Oh my God,” Nesta muttered under her breath. She moved the shirt up to give him better access even as she grumbled about it.
He shushed her. “I’m trying to do you a favor, Nes. You could at least be quiet while I work my magic.”
“I’m the one carrying your hellion of a daughter. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t have to do shit,” his wife replied.
“You’re right,” he said. She gave him one of her I’m better than you glares and he chuckled before turning his attention back to her stomach. “Where was I?”
“Making her move off my bladder,” Nesta replied helpfully.
“Right.” Cassian cleared his throat and continued. “Princess, it’s your dad here. Your mom and I love you very much, but you’re sitting on her bladder, and if you don’t move she’s going to be so mean to me later.”
“I am not mean,” she hissed. “My back hurts, my feet hurt, and I get headaches all the time. I can’t drink coffee or wine and I can’t even walk without waddling like some kind of deranged penguin. You try being this fucking pregnant and being pleasant at the same time.”
“And you look absolutely wonderful while doing it, my little penguin,” he said cheekily. He looked up at her so he could wink at her.
“Oh, fuck you,” she said, but she looked like she was trying to hold in a laugh.
“Fuck you too,” he said with a smile. She actually laughed then, but it quickly transitioned to a moan of relief.
“Oh, she moved,” Nesta said. “God, she isn’t even here and she already likes you better. It’s so unfair.”
“It’s not your fault. Nobody can compete with big daddy Cassian,” Cassian replied. He got up off the floor and pressed a kiss to his wife’s forehead. “Come on. Let’s go eat before dinner gets cold.”
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sunarinluvr · 5 months ago
|| haikyuu boys finding you asleep on the couch after an argument ||
Tumblr media
includes: kuroo tetsurou, miya osamu, & oikawa tooru
Tumblr media
a/n- hello! sorry for posting so late, but this has been sitting in my drafts for a while and i was actually in the mood to finish it so i hope yall enjoy! oh and im not really sure about how i feel about it,,, might take it down later we shall see.
warnings: none ( lmk if there’s anything! )
Tumblr media
last night you saw a post kuroo’s “work wife” had made on instagram with her kissing him on the cheek, and it didn’t make you feel the best, so you decided to bring it up to him the next morning. and you did, just as he was getting ready for work you talked to him about it.
you were standing in front of him filled with anger arguing about how it made you uncomfortable, “can you please listen?! i dont feel comfortable with your “work wife” kissing you?” you yelled. “Y/N it was on the cheek its not a big deal!” and to be honest you just wanted to cry. 
finally, he walked past you and opened the door. “i don’t have time for this y/n, stop being so insecure! at least she wouldn’t argue over something so small!” and with that, he slammed the door and you stood there stunned. kuroo knew that he shouldn’t have said that, instant regret and guilt filled his gut.
 but he already said it, he can’t do anything about it now. with a frustrated sigh, he went to work. hoping to fix everything when he gets home. you stood there speechless, as you realized you still had work so slowly you made your way to the bathroom. 
after getting ready and grabbing a quick snack you were out the door with a heavy chest. once you get home, tired and feeling worse than before. you trudged to the couch and plopped down letting out a shaky sigh remembering the argument and the words he said repeating in your head. 
you broke down crying, and before you knew it, the exhaustion from today took over and you were sound asleep on the couch. kuroo got home an hour later, he felt guilty and was already practicing how he’d apologize to you as he walked in.“y/n? kitten?” no answer. 
he called out again, and was met with silence, he made his way over to the living room where he found you sleeping on the couch. gently walking towards you he knelt down, and saw your tear-stained face which made his heart sink. “i fucked up” he said to himself.
giving you a gentle kiss on your forehead he softly apologized and carried you to the bedroom. you ended up waking up when you felt his body weight dent the bed. “tetsu?” you said softly squinting at him. relief rushes through his body at the sound of his nickname. looking at you with guilt in his eyes
“im so sorry kitten, i shouldn’t have said that. i didn’t mean to hurt you” he said gently. at that tears started flowing again and he was quick to hug you and wipe your tears with his other hand. “it’s ok, i shouldn’t have been so insecure anyways” 
he shook his head with a frown “no it’s not your fault ok? i didn’t mean anything i said. i love you so so much and i’m so lucky that you’re mine” you look up at him and gave him a small smile “okay” before cuddling closer to him. giving you a soft kiss on the lips he hugged you tighter as you both fell asleep.
osamu was just having a horrible day, his head was pounding and the customers he had to deal with today were just plain rude. then he had to do most of the work since one of his employees called in sick, and for some reason, everything just annoyed him.
you on the other hand did not know about his day at all and thought it would be nice of you to make a surprise visit. walking in with a huge smile on your face stopping midway when you realize he wasn’t at the counter. “where’s samu?” you asked sweetly to the employee
“he’s in the back, i think he has a headache,” she says giving you a small smile. you can tell something was off by the way she spoke but decided to just brush it off and make your way to the back. “hi samu! surprise!” you exclaimed cheerfully as you make your way towards him
he just kind of looks at you, which you thought was weird, but you decided to hug him anyways. when he doesn’t hug you back and groan, you pull away and look at him “baby i heard you had a headache. i didn’t bring any medicine, but we could eat first and i-” 
you couldn’t even finish your sentence since osamu just stood up. he was infuriated and had no clue why, usually loved listening to you but today he was just annoyed. “look y/n a don’t mean ta be rude, but a don't have the energy for this right now. please just go home.” he said coldly staring right at you.
“excuse me? i came here to surprise you and this is what i get??” you said in shock, voice a little louder this time. rolling his eyes “Oh wow am so surprised! now will ya please go home? a don’t wanna argue right now!” he yelled. with tears forming in your eyes you quickly wiped them and left. osamu knew he shouldn’t have said all that, but he was too mad to run after you in front of all the customers. 
you rushed home and sluggishly made your way to your room to change into something comfier, making your way to the couch, curling up into a ball allowing your tears to fall, and somehow falling asleep, after getting tired of crying. he gets home a few hours later, guilt building up in his stomach as he mentally slaps himself for the things he said. 
walking into the living room he opened the lights and you were the first thing he noticed. seeing you curled up into a ball on the couch made his heart drop to his stomach. you on the other hand woke up because of the sudden change of lighting. 
gradually adjusting your sight you see him and switch your gaze onto the floor when you saw him look at you too. seeing your puffy eyes he walks towards you slowly and sits beside you giving you enough space. “am sorry, a shouldn’t have taken my frustration out on ya.”
you look at him with watery eyes and his heart sinks “yea i was just trying to be nice, sorry i didn’t warn you before coming” he opened his arms and you instinctively scooted closer to him, he sighs “no a love it when you surprise me a was jus having a bad day a love ya so much ok?” finally hugging him “okay i love you too” giving you a quick kiss he offered to make you food and of course you said yes.
you love oikawa, and you’re very supportive and understanding especially when it comes to his career. but he has an awful habit of overworking himself and as much as you love him you can't bear the fact that you couldn’t even see him anymore.
he goes home late at night -as in you’re already sound asleep late- and when you do stay up to see him, he’s too tired to even keep a conversation. then the next morning he’s gone before you could even wake up. you’ve spoken to him about this many times, but alas nothing changed.
you woke up to an empty bed as usual, but today was different though, you’ve planned a dinner for about 2 weeks now. you were very excited because it’s been so long since you both spent some quality time together and he promised to come home early. 
getting up you send him a little text reminding him of your dinner tonight, with a smile you head on over to the bathroom to get ready for work. once work was over you made a quick visit to the grocery store to buy the ingredients you’ll need to make tonight’s dinner. 
quietly humming to yourself while going through each aisle, and double-checking your list to make sure you’re not missing anything while checking your phone here and there. oikawa still hasn’t replied “he must be busy,” you say to yourself as you send him another text about the dinner just in case. after about 30 minutes you get home rushing since it was already late, and immediately getting started on dinner. 
once you're done you sat down and waited, and waited, and waited. it's been 4 hours. dinners cold and still no sign of your boyfriend. you decided to call him pissed off that he couldn’t even show up to one dinner, “hello? y/n i can't talk right now i still need to practice” 
he said as soon as he picked up. “tooru? did you get my texts? what about dinner, we’ve made plans for this 2 weeks prior! i even-” you were cut off “look just eat without me ok? we can eat again somet-” now it was your turn to cut him off. 
“oikawa tooru, you leave the house while i’m asleep and come back when i'm asleep. i just wanted to spend time with you..whatever good luck at practice,” you replied as you hang up. his heart sank when he heard the crack in your voice rushing to his car on his way home to you because he knows he fucked up. 
buying your favorite flowers for you on the way home cursing himself and the world for making it traffic at that exact moment. when he got home the first thing he saw was the food and you fast asleep on the couch. he felt a pang of guilt about being late. 
“y/n chan?” he said while gently waking you up. you stare at him with red puffy eyes and he hugged you giving you the flowers “im sorry baby, i should’ve prioritized you and our dinner. i promise ill do better” you saw how genuine he was being so you accepted the flowers and hugged him tighter as he offered to reheat the food you made.
Tumblr media
reblogs are highly appreciated!
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sillyrabbit81 · 5 months ago
Welcome Baby Hobbit
Tumblr media
Summary: Your pregnancy doesn't progress as planned and Sy is getting worried.
Pairing: Captain Syverson x Female Reader
Word Count: Approx 2.5k
Warnings: Medical Procedures, Birth, Body Fluids, Smut, masturbation (male), discussions of death. ANGST (I hope I have covered everything)
Author's Note: I dont think this is a story for everyone. Be aware and be responsible for your reading decisions.
So this is a bit of a personal story. Much of this is heavily inspired by what I went through when I had my first child. It wasn't always a pleasant experience, but for me, it was worth it. I wasn't going to write it, but it ended up being therapeutic in a way.
Thanks to @jessiecavill for our chat and encouraging me to write this. Also to @blakerogue for reading through it, you're the sweetest!
This is a sort of part 2 to an ask, but I think you could read it without the back story.
I didn't really edit this either. Kind of too hard to do, so there will be errors. Sorry!
Welcome Baby Hobbit
Over the next few weeks your pregnancy progressed from uncomfortable to unbearable. You continued to get bigger and it became increasingly hard to move. Sy was getting growing more worried each day, he hadn’t been around a lot of pregnant women, but he knew it wasn’t supposed to be like this.
You did everything you could to assure him you were fine. You took him with you to your doctor’s appointments and they reiterated that your blood pressure was fine, sugar levels were normal and although you had slightly elevated protein readings in your urine, they were within the acceptable range. They also told you to make sure you eat well, cut down on sugars and fats. Sy grew angry, telling the doctors that it’s not the food that’s making you big, something else was going on.
Work was getting increasingly difficult as you were on your feet a lot. You came home exhausted each night, your legs and feet in agony, none of your shoes fit properly and you had to buy a pair of shoes three sizes bigger just to fit your feet. When you got home from work, Sy would make you lay on the lounge with your feet elevated and would cook your dinner. He was getting frantic, frustrated and angry with you.
“I’m telling you, Darlin’, this ain’t right.”
“I’m fine, Sy. Not all women have dream pregnancies,” you tell him. Deep down you were worried too. But you wouldn’t admit it. You had to think positively, or you would crumble under the weight of your stress. You were fine, baby Hobbit was fine. Everything was going to be ok.
You stopped having sex. At first you didn’t care, you didn’t feel like it anyway, but after a few days you realised Sy hadn’t touched you in a sexual way in nearly a week. You immediately thought he must think you were ugly and gross, so you shied away from him too. Then one night you woke up to him furiously jerking off on the bed next to you. You stayed still, not wanting to alert him you were awake, but then you felt his hand on your hip, his fingers sliding across your skin. You heard him mutter a curse as he touched you, and you realised with relief that he still wanted you.
“Sy,” you say into the night.
Sy curses again and freezes. “You need anything, Sugar?” He asks with a hoarse voice, tinged with embarrassment. You let out a short laugh before trying to cover it. “Fuck, I’m sorry,” Sy says. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”
You didn’t feel like laughing anymore. “You’d rather do it yourself than fuck me now,” you say bitterly. “Good to know.”
“I don’t want to hurt you,” Sy says, quietly.
You gasp, “Well, you just succeeded.” You push his hand off, and pull the blankets up high, nearly covering your head. You didn’t want to look at him, or have him look at you.
“Now, wait a minute woman, that’s not what I meant,” Sy said angrily. He pulls your blanket off, and makes you look at him. “I want you, I really fucking want you.” His hand cups your swollen and tender breasts over your night shirt, his thumb makes circles over your nipples and you shy away from him, it hurts even when he is gentle. “But you’re in too much pain.”
“I could do what you’re doing,” you tell him.
“Nah, you don’t have to. I spend enough time away to know how to take care of myself.” It’s too dark to see his face clearly, but you can hear the smile in his voice. You feel his breath on your neck as he kisses you there. Almost shyly he says, “But, can I touch you while I do it.”
“Kiss me too,” you say. With a small moan he does, his lips firm while his tongue seeks yours. He tries to be gentle, but he can’t, and honestly you don’t mind. You needed to know he still wanted you.
By the time you were 34 weeks, Sy put his foot down and called your boss telling her you weren’t coming in anymore. You were angry with him and you had the biggest fight you had ever had in your relationship. You accused him of being controlling, not trusting you to make the right decisions. He said if you were going to continue to put yourself and the baby in danger then damn straight he was going to take control. For the first time since you were together, Sy slept on the lounge. You cried most of the night, but that was nothing new, you hardly slept anymore anyway.
In the very early hours of the morning you heard him creep into the bedroom and felt the bed dip as he got in. You turned your head to look at him and you saw the vague outline of his darkened face. He reached out and found you, trying to get as close to you as best he could with the pillow fort you made every night to keep your back raised to stop your reflux. You guided his head to your chest and he wrapped his arm around you and Hobbit. Neither of you apologised for what you had said, you didn’t need to. You both knew the other was sorry and you both knew how difficult the situation was for the other.
In the morning you woke with a headache. You stayed in bed feeling unwell in the stomach and your head pounded. Sy didn’t say anything, probably because he didn’t want a repeat of last night’s fight, but he paced around, hardly leaving your side.
Your headache got worse and when you saw flashing lights in your vision, you knew you were in trouble. You ask Sy to call the hospital and you gingerly get up to take a shower. Sy sits on the toilet seat and watches you shower while he talks on the phone. You try not to look at him, his face is so pale and he looks so concerned he’s making you feel worse. He asks you questions and he relays them to the midwife. By the time he is finished on the phone you are turning off the water.
“Well?” You ask as Sy gets the towel to help you dry off.
In a voice you rarely hear, his detached singular Captain’s voice he says, “They want us to go in straight away.”
Your chin starts trembling and tears aren’t far behind. You didn’t want to cry, your head hurts bad enough as it was, but you couldn’t stop. Sy pulls you into a hug, stroking your hair. “It’s alright, Sugar. You’re going to be ok.” You almost tell him that you weren’t worried about yourself, that you were worried about Hobbit. You kept your mouth shut, you weren’t quite ready for that conversation yet.
You dressed while Sy put your toothbrush and chargers in your hospital bag. He helped you put your shoes on too. Sy took your car, his truck was nearly impossible for you to get into and you wordlessly drove to the hospital. In the waiting area, Sy held your hand and you were comforted by his new found calmness. It wasn’t a cold calmness, he was present and still warm, zen was the only word you could think of to describe his mood. You were thankful for his smile when you glanced at him, and the way he put his hand under your chin and guided you to his lips for a kiss before he put his arm around your shoulder.
No more than five minutes passed before your name was called to the next room where you were put onto a hospital bed and then things moved quickly. Your blood pressure was taken, you were hooked up to a fetal monitor, its quiet noises a strange reassurance. You were visited first by a midwife and then by a doctor who all seemed to ask you the same questions and then you were swiftly moved by orderlies to a birthing suite where you were hooked up to machines again and briefly left alone.
Sy held your hand and if it wasn’t for the tightness of his eyes and the falseness of his smile, you would have said he was the picture of serenity. You knew better, and his new hints of concern made the gravity of the situation clearer to you. But instead of falling apart, you realise that now was the time you had to pull together every thread of strength you had to get through this and the thought works. You feel yourself pushing the doubts away and focusing on staying as cool as possible, conserving your energy and focusing on your goal, getting your Little Hobbit out safe.
Soon a small army of people arrive in the room, doctors and midwives come and introduce themselves and start to look at charts and readings. You don’t know why they bothered telling you their names, details like that went in one ear and out the other. But one thing that didn’t escape your notice was the nurse with the catheter. Introducing herself she said that it was concerning that you hadn’t been to the toilet for twelve hours so you would need a catheter to monitor your urine output and also to do some tests.
Agreeing, you go through a process you would have found humiliating at any other time of your life, but today, you didn’t care that you were basically flashing five strangers your vagina. The catheter was uncomfortable but urine flowed almost immediately and both you and Sy gasped when you saw it trickle down the tube and into the bag. It was so dark and full of blood it looked like cola. You knew that wasn’t good, and you fully realised in that moment that you could die. No, you were dying. If they couldn’t stop your blood
pressure from rising you would have a stroke and probably die. If they didn’t stop your kidneys shutting down, you would die.
Again, there was a great flurry of activity and the doctors started to lay out your options. You and Sy listened as they told you that you had preeclampsia, a condition which can turn unto eclampsia which is fatal; the only way to stop its progression was to have the baby, and even then there will be weeks of monitoring you to make sure your blood pressure becomes healthy again. Your jaw dropped as you realised your Little Hobbit was killing you.
In a sure sign that you probably weren’t in your right mind, when the doctors finish talking you look at Sy and say with a big smile, “Stupid, fat hobbit. It ruins it.” Sy presses his lips together, trying not to laugh. He looks away as he snorts and tries to regain composure. You give him a minute and ask the doctor, “If I have him now, will he be ok? I know premature babies can have a lot of health problems.”
The doctor explained that essentially the baby was fully grown and viable, but their lungs will require stimulation to begin breathing properly if born between six and four weeks early. They will need to be in the NICU for about a week, for monitoring. That sobered you and Sy up.
“Is there any chance, I can try and ride it out a few days?” you ask. “You know, to get him closer to four weeks?”
“Sugar, it’s over a week ‘til you’re 36 weeks,” Sy says gently, not wanting to upset you. “You won’t make it. We don’t have a choice.”
Testily you say, “Thank you, Doctor Syverson.” You look to the doctors and midwives. They’re stony faces are uniformly blank, one of the midwife’s kind of shrugs, indicating Sy was right.
You take a deep breath, nod and say, “Okay then, let’s do it.”
More activity goes on as you get questioned again about allergies, when you last ate and drank, if you have had anaesthetic before. You don’t realise Sy was gone until you see him walk past you and sit in the chair next to your bed.
“Where did you go?” You ask.
“Bathroom,” he said flatly. You give him your ‘I know you’re lying to me,’ look and he sighs. “I had to sign some paperwork. About bein’ next of kin and makin’ medical decisions on your behalf and for Little Hobbit.”
You take a minute to process that. Sy can see your mind whirling and he wraps his arms around you, “Don’t worry, it’s pretty standard because you’ll be under anaesthetic you can’t make decisions ok. Nothin’ to worry about Darlin’.” You relax into Sy’s arms a moment you let your fingers trace the curve of his biceps and the dip of his triceps. You hear him sigh as you caress him, and he nuzzles into your neck, his scratchy beard a familiar comfort. “I love you,” he breaths into you, leaving a chaste kiss under your ear.
“I love you too,” you reply, breathing in his comforting scent, a pleasant repose from the chemically smell of disinfectant the.
“Mrs Syverson, the theatre is ready,” you hear someone say.
You regretfully end your embrace, but not before Sy lifts your chin and kisses you. “Smile Sugar, we’re about to meet our little boy.”
You do smile, as you hold your belly and say, “Yeah, we are. He’s trouble already, so we know he takes after you.”
Sy barks out a short laugh, “That’s my girl. You’re gonna do great.”
You’re rushed down the corridors with Sy following beside you, his fingers laced between yours. When you get to the theatre, Sy is taken away while you are given the spinal block and then wheeled into to the operating room and lifted onto the table.
The anaesthesiologist who calls himself Dave, talks you through what is happening, but you’re distracted as you see Sy walk in, covered in far too small disposable scrubs. You giggle at him and he says with a smile, “Don’t say a word.”
“I won’t,” you start to say but then you feel a strange tugging sensation.
“They’re starting,” Dave tells you both.
Sy, being Sy and tall, peeks around the curtain they have raised and you watch as his face turns white. “I probably shouldn’t have done that,” he says.
“Ah, no, probably not,” Dave says. “But a lot of Dads can’t help themselves.”
You make a groan sound as you feel pressure, but no pain as one of the surgeons presses on your belly. “It won’t be long now,” Dave says and it isn’t.
You hear a sound you will never forget as long as you live, a sound that rips your heart out. The surprisingly strong but cry from your boy and you feel as though the whole world stopped, you don’t breathe, you don’t hear anything and all you see is Sy’s beaming face as your little boy is placed on your chest.
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uwuwriting · a year ago
Bakugou, Shinsou, Todoroki, Dabi and Shigaraki checking out their s/o
Request: Pretty pls hcs for Shinsou, Shoto, Dabi, Shigaraki, and Bakugou getting caught checking out their s/o? thank you! - anonymous
Pretty boys you’ve got there sweet anon. Pretty boys with a capital P. Love yaa. 💖💖💖
warning: some suggestive thoughts, swearing
Bakugou Katsuki
Tumblr media
-Bakugou doesn’t like showing his feelings. 
-Like to no one. 
-Not even to you sometimes.
-So when you started to officially date you understood why he would want to keep our relationship a secret.
-He was good at keep it that way.
-Like really good.
-You got no extra attention or special treatment, he never lost his poker face around you and would never NEVER stare at you.
-So you never really checked on him to see if his eyes wondered to ...places. 
-Today your skirt had ridden up your thighs while you were bouncing around the room along side Mina.
-Your favorite band was coming near you guys since they were on tour and you both were ecstatic. 
-The skin of your thighs looked so soft and plum who wouldn’t stare?
-You did mind when people stared at you but now dealing with your excitement was a priority. 
-Your boyfriend had gotten excited by something else though. 
-His eyes were glued to your thighs, his red orbs following your every movement.
-Kaminari and Kirishima were telling him something about Mineta but he couldn’t focus on them. 
-His head was constantly turned to you to the point that Kaminari had to shake his shoulder to get him to look at them.
- “Yo what are you looking at?”
-His head was again turned to you his eyes widening only by a fraction while he mumbled something to the two boys. 
-Kaminari followed his gaze and his own jaw dropped for a moment before a smirk formed on his face. 
- “Well he IS drooling over Y/N like a dog.....”
-At the sound of your name on Kami’s lips, Bakugou’s attention was fully on the boys his right eye twitching at the comment. 
-He let out a snarl and raised his hand creating a few small explosions. 
- “And what if I am drooling sparky boy?? She wouldn’t mind me looking anyways.” 
- “And why is that Bakubro?”
-His smirk widened as he said proudly. 
- “Because she’s my fucking girlfriend.”
-Way to be secretive Bakugou.
Shinsou Hitoshi
Tumblr media
-Baby doesn’t want to show his true emotions to the outside world. 
-Heart been broken too many times.. *isn’t that how the meme goes?*
-He shows it to you because you are HIS and he adores you. 
-He knows you won’t hurt him so he gives you his all.
-Such a sweetheart OMG!!!!!!!
-While you two are in school grounds there is not many things that would indicate that you two are together. 
-People would have to watch closely to see the sings of your relationship. 
-How he sits really close to you during lunch. 
-How you tend to come to school sporting his hoodie during cold days. 
-It’s all cute and fluffy but so so on the down low. 
-Yall are out on a date and you decided to go to the arcade.
-You convinced him to have a dance off with you and now you are both sweaty and panting while you are jumping up and down to the rhythm of ‘Party anthem”. 
-Shisnou kinda gave up after a while and he is now just staring at you. 
-You on the other hand are giving it your all trying to get everything right. 
-You are sweaty and feeling gross which is not cute at all since you are on a date but he promised you ice cream if you beat him with a significant difference. 
-You are not letting this slide. 
-Hitoshi’s eyes are on your chest that is em...going along with your jumping. 
-He is stuck and he is already dreading that you’ll look at him and call him out.
-But he can’t stop. 
-He really wishes you were at your dorm right now, the things he would do. 
-His blush is getting darker as his thoughts are getting dirtier by the minute until the music stops and you are left panting. 
-There’s another thing to add to the list of things to add to his small fantasy. 
-You notice that he has been silent for some time now and you try to meet his eyes but you see where they are glued. 
-Waltzing up to him you leave a kiss to his cheek and another right under his ear, making him shiver. 
- “Stop being so dirty we will be back soon.” 
-Winking you walked out of the arcade leaving a very turned on Shinsou behind. 
Todoroki Shouto 
Tumblr media
-Baby boy is slow.
-Yall aren’t together yet.
-He really can’t understand what is going on whenever you enter the room.
-His heart starts to race, his palms get sweaty and he has a weird tendency to smile. 
-He wants to be the reason you are laughing. 
-He wants to talk to you non stop.
-He wants to be around you 25/8, 366 days a year. 
-But he doesn’t understand why this is happening so he just plain out ignores it. 
-You have a massive crush on him so it kinda hurts when he doesn’t take any hints. 
-You dress up just a little bit while you are out with your friend group since he is part of it. 
-You cook for him.
-You offer help or ask for help with studies.
-But nothing. 
-You were chilling in the common room.
-You were spread out on the couch, your t-shirt exposed your stomach as you were hanging half off the actual couch and just a pair of short shorts underneath. 
-Shoto was coming back from his father’s agency, his nerves were everywhere and his mind wouldn’t shut you out. 
-Your soothing voice was there when his father yelled at him that afternoon and even though you weren’t there you helped him get through the day.
-So when the poor thing walked through the door and was met with you hanging off the couch in such a suggestive position, his mind ran wild. 
-He couldn’t stop the blush that irrupted on his face as his cheeks and ears became the same color as his scar. 
-He almost choked on his spit when you giggled at something on your phone. 
-Midoriya came through the door next and was shocked when he saw his friend beat red and eyes wide. 
- “Todoroki-kun are you alright?”
- “She’s hot- It’s IT’S hot in here.”
-You turned at his voice, sitting up as your shorts rode up your thighs ever so slightly. 
-Todoroki saw and he couldn’t take it any longer, covering his red face with his hand as he mumbled a small ‘excuse me’ and left the room. 
-He certainly had an image that would get him through the night.....
Tumblr media
-Salty boy™.
-Him and Tsukishima would have been best buds I swear. 
-He is VERY vocal about his attraction to you. 
-Like legit non stop flirting even after you are exclusive.
-Compliments, dirty remarks, dirty promises, dirty actions, dirty dirty dirty things in general. 
-He won’t hesitate to make a dirty remark in front of the rest of the league. 
-He has NO shame whatsoever. 
-Look he finally grew the balls to make you HIS okay?
-He wants to show off. 
-But he knows when to not look at you like he wants to devour you. 
-He is respectful of Kurogiri so he isn’t a horny bastard while he is around. 
-But one day he slipped. 
-His hold on his horniness snapped. 
-Poor guy. 
-Actually scratch that poor you, you are the one who is gonna get it rough later so yeah. 
-You had just returned from a mission that had gone sideways.
-Your clothes were ripped and your pants were half burned off. 
-Your pretty face had smudges on it and you looked exhausted. 
-Immediately you went to take a shower not letting Dabi ogle at you.
-When your shower was over you came back downstairs and order a strong drink, rubbing your temples in an attempt to ease your headache. 
-Your hair was wet and sticking to your shirt making it wet and Dabi could SENSE that you weren’t wearing a bra. 
-That’s his sixth sense. 
-The shirt was black so nothing showed. 
-That’s why you couldn’t understand why Dabi was giving you that smirk and glancing down your shirt. 
-You rolled your eyes at him and shoved him away from you only for him to grip your waist and set you on his lap. 
-He left a kiss on your neck and smirked as you shivered. 
-His eyes were right on your chest since he could see EVERYTHING from this angle.
-That’s when Kurogiri stepped back in the room, the drink you ordered in hand. 
-He almost YEETED you off of him as a blush bloomed on the few patches of unscathed skin that he had. 
-Kurogiri *being the Nomu he is IFHOQOASB I RUINED IT* didn’t really respond to the position you were in. 
-He just gave you your drink and went back to polishing the shot glasses. 
-Dabi wanted to crawl into a whole and die even though Kurogiri said nothing. 
-Poor guy every thought and scenario he made about that night was out the window. 
-He cuddled you to drown his shame. 
Shigaraki Tomura
Tumblr media
-I dare you to try and make him check you out in public. 
-Sure he might stare at you ass in the DIM LIT bar yall are staying in but that’s just because no one can see his eyes. 
-He is beyond shy when it comes to these matters and unlike Dabi even after you are together he wouldn’t stare at you like a crazy person. 
-He is very very careful with his glances and calculates when would be the right time to stare. 
-Meetings are easy.
-You all are sitting down so how hard could it be to keep his horny side in check?
-Well most of the time is easy. 
-You are usually wearing your civilian clothes which are very casual and comfy. 
-Nothing is showing and nothing really makes him want to rip your clothes off. 
-He wants to cuddle at the sight. 
-The problem appears when one day you had to go out on a mission and were called into an emergency meeting by Shiggy. 
-Your costume is um... sexy to say the least. 
-Everything you are wearing is hugging your body in all the right places and the mask you wear shades your eyes just right. 
-You look seductive as hell. 
-Shiggy rarely sees you in your villain costume. 
-He sees you while you are getting ready and might make a comment or go for a quick round. 
-But now it was unexpected. 
-He didn’t remember you were to go on a mission. 
-Totally forgot. 
-So when you come down and since all the seats are taken you have to stay standing, Shiggy is in trouble. 
-His eyes won’t leave your thighs and he can’t really form coherent words.
-Dabi is drooling over you and so is Toga. 
-They keep pointing out how good you look and how sexy your costume makes you. 
-More than you already are. 
-Shigaraki has to really one up his self control and not cancel  the meeting and drag you to the nearest closet. 
-He’s so disoriented during the meeting. 
-Kurogiri points it out after the meeting ended and you left for your mission. 
-Shiggy had the darkest blush the LoV had ever seen and he had to leave the room. 
-Took a cold shower afterwards. 
-Waits for you like a lost puppy..... which turns feral once you step into the room. 
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jschllatt · 6 months ago
Prompt: (Based off of the song I Wanna Be Yours by Arctic Monkeys) Clay’s recent fame leads to a difficult decision to be made. Months later, he’s still regretful. You seem to be fine, so why can’t he move on, too? 
Warnings: Swearing, alcohol consumption, slight angst
Pairing: Dream x GN!Reader
Words: 2.5k
I spent a week on this and idk how I feel about it but I hope you enjoy <3
Tumblr media
Clay had been consumed by an overwhelming emptiness, his entire body hollow as the lack of your presence took its toll. 
Two months. Two devastating months had passed since he’d made a grave mistake, and now he was facing the agonous repercussions. He was a mess—anyone could see it. Between his long, disheveled hair, the light scruff that covered his face, and his bloodshot eyes, it was clear that Clay’s mind had been somewhere else. And it had been. Every passing second was a constant reminder of his solitude, causing the emptiness in his heart to evolve into a deep, incessant void, no longer inhabited by the happiness you had ingrained in him just months before. Why? Clay was overcome with a sense of deep regret as a result of your absence, feeling more alone than he ever had before. What could have possibly happened to make him feel this way? To make you leave? The answer was rather simple—he was just too damn busy. 
Clay had dedicated a considerable amount of time to his career, filming or streaming during the little free time he had. As he grew more popular, the time that you had spent in each other’s presence dwindled significantly, each day becoming lonelier than the last. Your interactions with him had shortened drastically—what were once long, lingering kisses placed on your forehead had devolved into chaste pecks, void of any true care or meaning. While you understood entirely that Clay’s career was important, you found yourself slowly losing hope.
You realized it one day as he was filming. 
It was a day no different from the last. Clay was recording a Manhunt video in his office, his voice shrill as he begged his friends for mercy. He was always loud when he filmed, and though you had chastised him for it countless times, he never listened. A loud sigh escaped your lips, going unheard, and you shifted your position on the couch, uncomfortable. Everyday seemed to be the same—each as lonely and frustrating as the last. Clay’s ignorance only fueled your apathy towards your relationship more, and you couldn’t help but find yourself growing hopeless at the thought of Clay being unaware of your unhappiness. Your troubled thoughts continued until a week had passed—a long, grueling week in which you had hopelessly tried to burrow your apathetic thoughts. But you couldn’t. You were giving up. The realization of your unhappiness made a pit grow in your stomach. You knew that you cared about Clay, but you couldn’t keep living the way you were—tired, unacknowledged, pitiful. 
And so, you let him go.
Clay was editing by the time you gathered the courage to face him, your stomach nauseous as you approached his office door. A light knock signaled your presence, and Clay muttered a quiet ‘come in,’ his voice raspy after hours of unuse. Blowing out a breath, you entered the room, your expression sullen upon noticing Clay’s inattentiveness. His eyes were still glued to his monitor, deeply focused on editing rather than your presence. You waited for a few seconds, silently hoping he would pay you any mind, but he didn’t. A wave of disappointment washed over you, though you managed to keep your voice steady as you declared, “We should break up.” Clay tensed in his seat, suddenly fixated on your words rather than the hours worth of footage he was editing. His chair turned with a quiet squeak as he swiveled around to face you. “What?” You sensed the subtle indignation of his tone as he squinted confusedly at your abrupt words. “We should break up.” You were much quieter this time, unable to meet his eyes as your words died silently in the tense air. You wrung your hands together anxiously as you leaned back on your heels, feeling awkward under Clay’s intense gaze. Maybe this was a mistake. Maybe you should’ve just stayed quiet and dealt with it. Maybe—
Immediately, your eyes flickered up to meet his, filled with a silent desperation as you searched his emerald irises for any indication of his intentions. Nothing. 
Clay remained silent for a moment, his body stiff as he leaned back in his noisy chair. His expression was inscrutable as he stared at you blankly, trying to find the right words to say as he watched your face remain solemn at his confound brevity. His voice was level as he spoke, “I know I’ve been busy lately. We haven’t spent a lot of time together and that’s my fault. I could sit here and promise to change, but we both know I can’t—not right now.” Though you felt your heart shatter, you knew he was right. His job was too important, too time consuming.
A nod signaled your understanding and you turned to leave, feeling overwhelmingly dejected. 
“Hey.” You turned around to meet Clay’s eyes, noticing the hurt that was settled in them. “I hope you know I care about you.” You fought the urge to cry and shot him a watery smile, struggling to keep your tone unwavering as you agreed, “Me too.”
Two months had passed. 
Clay had been struggling. Everyone knew it—his friends, family, even his fans. It was clear that the once cheerful, happy man had become melancholy, suddenly depressed and unable to hide his unhappiness on camera. There had been numerous speculations of why this was, but only few knew the truth. Sapnap was among one of them and had been staying at Clay’s for the past month, creating content with his best friend while simultaneously making sure he was okay. Though two months had passed, Clay was still a mess. Perhaps it was because it hadn’t hit him that day. He had momentarily convinced himself that his career was more important than you, but deep down he knew that wasn’t true. He wanted so desperately to reach out to you, but assumed you had moved on—another incorrect belief of his. Clay cooped himself up in his home, never leaving unless it was urgent. He had sunken into a deep depression and the only remedy for his pain was you. You. He treated you so poorly. Everyday was a constant reminder of your absence and it was his fault. He could’ve made more time for you, or at least spent the free time he had with you. 
Remorseful thoughts ran through his head everyday, nearly driving himself crazy, and Sapnap knew he needed to get Clay out of the house. 
“There’s a party tonight, I think we should go.” Clay immediately denied the offer with a shake of his head, grumbling to himself. His best friend sighed indignantly, blowing out a breath of frustration before stating, “You don’t have a choice, you need to get out of the house.” Sapnap stood his ground, arms crossed as he stared at Clay sternly. A minute had passed and Clay, aware of his best friend’s stubbornness, gave in begrudgingly, “Fine, but only for an hour.” Sapnap grinned triumphantly, exiting the room with a smirk. He slammed the door behind him, heading back to his room while yelling, “And shave, for fuck sake.” Clay shook his head, cracking a small smile at his friend’s words.
The party was overwhelming to say the least. Bodies swarmed the crowded living room, reeking of alcohol and sweat. Music blared from a speaker, a shrill, nearly deafening melody that was sure to give Clay a headache by the end of the night. The room was buzzing with conversation, every word drowning out in the loud atmosphere. Almost immediately, Clay was passed a beer, and he lifted the bottle to his lips to take a swig. If Sapnap was going to make him stay here, he may as well take some edge off while doing so. A few minutes had passed and he finished the bottle, discarding it in a bin nearby. “I’m gonna go get another drink.” Clay muttered to Sapnap, who was talking loudly to a group of people he’d recognized. His best friend patted his back in response, chuckling as he gave him a playful shove towards the kitchen. Stumbling through the drunken crowd, Clay soon broke free as he neared his destination. He grabbed a beer, opening it skillfully off of the edge of a table, and turned around wordlessly. Taking a big sip, he hoped to free his mind from thoughts of you. Though he wasn’t one to drink, especially when upset, Clay knew that, aside from you, alcohol was the only other solution to temporarily mask his pain. He’d already drank half before he warned himself to slow down, knowing that if he got too drunk, he’d probably do something he regretted. Turning around so he could rejoin Sapnap, Clay nearly dropped his drink on the floor, feeling his heart drop. 
His eyes met yours. And then, he heard the music. 
I wanna be your vacuum cleaner
Breathin’ in your dust.
Clay felt his breath hitch in his throat, noticing the surprise in your eyes as you stared at him, astonished. As he stood there, staring at you shamelessly, he regretted it—everything. He regretted how he neglected you, ignored you, prioritized all of the wrong things when the only right thing in his life was right in front of him: you. Memories flashed before his eyes, quick and familiar, yet saddening all the same. The way you smiled at him from across the room when he was filming, the way you held him when he was stressed, the way you spoke to him, softly, while he was streaming to check up on him. Everything.
I wanna be your Ford Cortina
I will never rust
You looked away, suddenly nervous, though the eye contact was all-too-familiar. You felt your heart begin to race as you processed every detail of Clay’s face—from his anxious expression to the dark circles beneath his eyes. He looked like a mess. But so did you. You mirrored most of his tired, dejected qualities because you, too, were hurting. 
If you like your coffee hot
Let me be your coffee pot
Snapping you out of your daze, you felt a tug on your arm. “Hey, you alright?” Your friend asked worriedly. Nodding briskly, you muttered a quiet ‘yeah’ and smiled in a poor attempt to sound convincing. Seconds passed, and you could still feel the intensity of Clay’s burning gaze as your friend tugged you through the crowd, handing you a drink in the process. You dared to look up, instantly locking eyes with Clay, and swallowed thickly. You knew you couldn’t avoid him forever, not when he was looking at you like that—desperate, longing. 
You call the shots, babe
I just wanna be yours
Lifting up the red solo cup to your lips, you downed its contents quickly, eliciting a few laughs and impressed hollers from your friends. You were never the type to drink, but you felt that it was necessary, especially when you knew Clay was still staring at you intently. Downing another shot, you risked glancing up towards Clay, but he was gone. Suddenly anxious as a result of his absence, you surveyed the room. Nothing. “I’m gonna go get a drink.” You said before you could stop yourself, not giving your friends the chance to answer you before you ventured into the kitchen. You tried to dodge the swaying, drunken bodies as you made your way quickly into the room, frowning upon entry. Clay wasn’t there either. You sighed, frustrated, and grabbed a beer, struggling to open it. You nearly laughed at your incompetence, feeling sadly nostalgic despite the humor you found in your struggles—Clay had always opened your beers, then teased you for being incapable. You fought back an onslaught of tears at the memory and sighed deeply, leaning against the table with your head in your hands. 
Secrets I have held in my heart.
“Hey.” Your body jolted at the sound of his voice. Daring to turn around, you felt your chest constrict at the sight of him clutching your now-opened beer, a sad smile plastered on his tired features. 
Are harder to hide than I thought. 
“Hey.” You breathed. Clay passed the beer to your shaking hand, trying to ignore the way his fingers brushed against yours. Chewing on the inside of his cheek nervously as he tried to find the right words to say, Clay admitted, “I’m sorry.” A few quiet moments passed, though they felt like an eternity, and you replied simply,  “Don’t be.” You tried to hide the tremor that shook your arm as you took another swig of your beer, noticing how Clay’s face fell in sudden disappointment. What? Did you say the wrong thing? You didn’t want Clay to feel guilty, to blame himself for your failed relationship though it was mostly his fault. Why? Because you cared about him. You could immediately sense the despair that washed over him. And, though you weren’t sure if it was the alcohol coursing through your veins or the pure adrenaline from the moment, you hugged him. 
Maybe I just wanna be yours
I wanna be yours
I wanna be yours
Clay tensed at your touch, wondering if the beer had gotten to him or if this really was happening. It was. He soon wrapped his arms around your waist, grip purposeful as he tugged you into him. Your head rested against his chest, the steady thumping of his heartbeat in your ear far more of a melodic sound compared to any music you’d ever listened to.
Wanna be yours
Clay swayed the two of you softly, resting his chin atop your head. You clung to him tightly, shutting your eyes as he held you, gentle. “I missed you so much.” You admitted before your mind could even process it. Clay chuckled, lowering his head so his lips were close to your ear, “I missed you more, baby.” You tried to fight the grin that plastered itself on your face as you took in his words, squeezing his torso with such force you were sure he’d explode. Clay went to speak again, caressing your sides so gently you could barely feel it, before being interrupted. 
“Holy shit, there you are, dumbass!” 
Clay pulled away from you to glare at his best friend, trying to ignore the shit eating grin on Sapnap’s face as he glanced at you. “My bad, I didn’t mean to interrupt...whatever the hell I just interrupted. I just wanted to make sure you were alright, but you clearly are.” Before either of you could respond, he left, shooting his friend a thumbs up before disappearing into the crowd. You couldn’t help but laugh at the interaction, noticing the slight rosiness Clay’s cheeks had suddenly sported, embarrassed. “Sorry about that, he…” Clay struggled to find the perfect word to describe his best friend, but trailed off. “Yeah.” You agreed, seemingly understanding what he meant despite his silence. Clay laughed, then. The sound was music to your ears, and when his smile faded, the two of you were serious again. Clay’s hand found refuge in yours as he began to speak, his face solemn as he confessed, “I lied. I can change. I will right now if you want me to—I’d do anything for you.” 
Wanna be yours
You smiled lovingly at the man, interlocking the fingers of his hand that wasn’t already occupied in yours, and pulled him closer to you, wanting him near. 
Wanna be yours
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seijorhi · 9 months ago
No Strings Attached
A commission for the lovely @hearteyes-candyskies, hope you like it bby! 💕
Bokuto Koutarou x female reader
TW Age gap, power imbalance, manipulation, toxic behaviour, nsfw(ish)
Three months ago, you would have laughed at the very idea of having a sugar daddy. 
Then again, three months ago you were still living with your boyfriend and had a steady paycheck coming in every week. You can blame losing the latter on bad luck and an asshole boss, but the former-
You knew your relationship with your ex was far from perfect, but coming home from losing said job to find him buried balls deep in your next door neighbour was a bit of a slap in the face. 
Needless to say, in the space of a few days you were out a job, a boyfriend and an apartment. Which, somewhat inevitably, led to you being six wines deep, slumped over your best friend’s bed, sobbing over the wreckage of the life you’d built, suddenly ripped out from beneath you.
You can’t really remember whose idea it was, only giggling drunkenly between yourselves as Misuzu set up your ‘sugar baby’ profile. “Shh, no this is gonna be great,” she’d said, hitting at the hands that tried to grab back your phone. “Meet some hot rich old dude, ride a little dick, let him shower you in cash; all your problems? Poof, sorted!”
And even with the heady, rose tinted haze of your wine fuelled inebriation, you knew that it was just a joke, a bit of stupid fun born more out of an attempt to cheer you up than a viable plan to get the tattered remains of your life back on track. Calling some old creepy dude ‘daddy’ and pretending to love him (not to mention the whole letting him fuck you thing) just for a little money wasn’t exactly your idea of a good time.
Plus, you were fairly sure that you weren’t what most people had in mind when they thought ‘sugar baby’. It wasn’t ever meant to be anything serious, just dumb, drunken fun with your friend.
So when you woke the next day a little after mid morning with a head full of regrets and a pounding headache, the last thing you expected was to find a message from BigDaddyKou82 waiting for you, better sense told you to ignore it.
Honestly, you didn’t really want a sugar daddy, your love life was enough of a mess without throwing in a power imbalance like that.
You should have ignored the message, deleted it or shot him a quick reply politely explaining that you weren’t interested so you could put it out of your mind, and you would have-
If Misuzu hadn’t caught sight of the message first, snatching the phone out of your hand with a gleeful shriek. 
If you’ve learned anything in these past months, it’s that Bokuto Koutarou doesn’t do anything by half measures. So when he tells you he’s booked dinner for the two of you at an upscale restaurant in the city, you should have expected the package that’s hand delivered right to the door of your shitty little apartment. The dress is beautiful, expensive - though you could tell that just from the elegant matte black box wrapped in golden ribbon it arrives in. It’s exactly his style; short, revealing and just dancing along the edge of impropriety, not that that’ll bother him in the slightest. 
But it is gorgeous, and loathe as you are to admit it, it flatters you well.
It’s not the first time that he’s bought you clothes, your tiny closet’s almost overflowing with pieces he’s gifted you. He likes seeing you in the things he’s bought, sometimes a little too much, you think. But you’ve learned it’s better just to go along with it - he gets this wide eyed, beaming grin whenever he sees you dressed in the pretty things he’s bought you, and the sight of it never fails to make your cheeks heat, warmth curling in your stomach. 
The dress was not unexpected. The soft, lacy lingerie that comes in the accompanying box, on the other hand - that was new.
And of course, you barely have time to unwrap your gift when your phone flashes to life, an incoming call from the man himself.
“D’ya like it?”
The giddy excitement in his voice is unmistakable, and if you close your eyes you can picture the look on his face - golden eyes all hooded and hungry, that glittering, eager grin he wears when the two of you are out in public but his mind’s occupied with all the filthy, wonderful things he wants to do to you the moment you’re alone. 
Not that he’s ever that patient. 
“Um, it’s…” Fingers tentatively reach into the tissue paper, pulling the sheer, lacy bra out, warmth blossoming in your cheeks. The matching panties - a tiny scrap of lace held together with bows and thin black straps - really aren’t much better. Like the dress, the lingerie is clearly well made, probably cost more than your weekly rent, and the delicate set is arguably gorgeous (you can’t even argue his taste), but–
“You’re gonna wear it for me tonight, right, baby?” 
It’s not really a question; of course you will, because you always do. You would have thought by now that you’d be used to the gifts he showers you in. 
“Yeah, but Kou, you really didn’t have to spend all this money on me. Dinner’s enough,” you tell him, setting the lingerie back down. 
Dinner, and everything else for that matter. 
A chuckle echoes down the line. “But I like spoiling my girl. Like buying you pretty things,” his voice dips, “like tearing ‘em off you afterwards, too.” 
And despite all the apprehension curled up inside of you, a shiver of excitement runs down your spine. 
“So…” Misuzu pushes, leaning across the countertop with her chin resting on her palm and looking entirely too pleased at your discomfort.
“He… asked me to meet him.”
Her eyes widen, sparkling in delight as she gasps, “For dinner?”
“For a drink - one drink,” you clarify. You elect not to tell her that he’d initially tried to sway you into dinner, and it was you who’d talked him down to a drink. Truthfully, you’d probably feel more comfortable getting coffee, but meeting at a bar was fine.
One drink, and if things got awkward or he turned out to be a creep you’d be out of there in a heartbeat. 
“Oh my god!! My baby Y/N, all grown up and manipulating old, lonely men for money. I’m so proud,” she wipes a fake tear from her eye and bursts into a fit of giggles.
A crinkle appears between your brow as you frown at her, “He’s not even that old,” you grumble, “and it’s not like that. You know it’s not.”
“No?” she asks, her lips curling into a teasing smirk. “You know, for somebody who was so against me messaging your soon to be sugar daddy, you sure move quickly.”
She laughs at the glare you shoot her way. “You were the one who started this.”
“Mhm, and you were the one who didn’t stop it. Funny that, don’t you think?”
She looks like the cat that ate the canary; smug, glittering amusement written all across her face. And you hate, more than anything, that she’s right.
Because you’d meant to put a stop to it the moment you managed to wrestle your phone back from her. Afterwards, you’d blame the lingering hurt of having your heart broken, the insecurities and bitter humiliation that plagued you, the feeling that you weren’t good enough to stop your boyfriend from straying for making you so pathetically vulnerable and desperate for approval - but when you opened the chat instead of the sleazy come on’s you expected, his first message makes something inside of you flutter, warm and pleasant.
Holy crap, you’re beautiful.
Not exactly a sonnet from Shakespeare, but you can’t remember the last time any guy, much less your ex, called you beautiful. 
It didn’t exactly hurt that instead of the aging, creepy looking letch you were half expecting, the profile picture showed a rather fit, attractive man in a crisp, black suit with silvery grey streaked hair and an easy grin. Of course, it was a fifty-fifty chance that the pic wasn’t even him, or if it was then it was outdated or heavily edited, but it was enough to make you pause.
Enough to make you… curious, if nothing else.
But ridiculously attractive or not, you weren’t going to lead him on. If he wanted some pretty, simpering thing to fuck and throw money at, to call him daddy and be his sweet, obedient little girl - that wasn’t you. You’d explained that you weren’t really sure if this was your thing, that you probably weren’t what he had in mind, but surprisingly he hadn’t been put off by that.
Well what’s the harm in finding out for yourself? Maybe you’ll like it more than you think ;)
There were rules, when you started - lines you both agreed wouldn’t be crossed.
First and foremost, while it wasn’t exactly a conventional relationship - at least, not the kind you were used to - it was still a relationship of sorts, and there was an expectation of honesty in lieu of absolute exclusivity. You’d tell him if you were seeing anybody else, and Bokuto would tell you the same. Considering sex was on the table, it made sense.
You swore right from the beginning that you wouldn’t allow yourself to become financially dependent on him - you knew all too well that relationships were fickle things to begin with. That kind of dependency was half the reason you were in this position in the first place, and you wouldn’t - couldn’t - let that happen again. That didn’t mean that the arrangement wasn’t transactional. After a few initial meetings that went better than you expected, the two of you came to an agreement; a nice little sum of money he’d deposit weekly in your account in exchange for you being there when he wanted you. Dinner dates, skype calls when he’s travelling, spur of the moment weekends away in expensive hotels - whatever he wanted... within reason.
The thing is, despite his flaws - the little funks he gets into, his immaturity despite the age gap between you, the way he clings to you, mopes if you don’t pay him the attention he wants - you genuinely like Bo, he’s oddly endearing. Loveable, even. He reminds you a little of a puppy; eager for affection, bright and boisterous with boundless energy (and enviable stamina). He’s sweet and adoring and funny and he has this uncanny ability to make everything else fade away when you’re with him, to make you feel like you’re the only woman in the room, beautiful and perfect and entirely his-
But that didn’t make him your boyfriend. 
You weren’t lovers, and whether it was in two weeks or two years, you both knew this arrangement had an expiration date. And because of that, there were no strings attached. At any point, either one of you could end it without an explanation - no questions asked, no feelings hurt. 
Truthfully, you don’t know an awful lot about Bokuto’s line of work, only that his position within the company is senior enough that he can move around his schedule pretty much as he wants, leaving him free to see you whenever he likes. 
Which wasn’t a problem when that was once or twice a week. 
“Sorry, Koutarou, you know I can’t. Maybe tomorrow?”
The petulant whine that echoes down the phone fills you with an odd sort of  guilt. “Why not? You said no on Friday, too,” he pouts. “I miss you, baby. Wanna see you again.”
You shove down the faint, flickering unease that nudges at your gut. You’re not his girlfriend, and you find yourself wondering whether or not he sometimes deliberately lets himself forget that.
Nibbling at your bottom lip, you frown, “I told you I have work today. It’s too late for me to try and find someone to cover my shift, and if I call in again-”
You can kiss your job goodbye. You’re already on thin ice with your boss, and it’s not like new waitresses are hard to find these days. 
“Well… what time do you finish?” he asks, his voice thick with dejection, as if he already knows what your answer’s going to be.
You bite back a sigh, “Late. I’m on close again.”
The short silence on the other end of the phone is deafening. “… I’ll come pick you up afterwards.”
This time you can’t stop the soft sigh that escapes, “Kou, I’m gonna be exhausted, I won’t be any fun to be around.”
“Still wanna see you. You’re always working,” he grumbles. “Feels like you don’t have time for me anymore, baby.”
Slowly your eyes flutter shut, and you take a deep breath. It always comes back to this. “I need this job, baby. We’ve talked about this… I’ll see you tomorrow, okay? I have the whole day off, I’m entirely yours.”
“All mine, hm?”
You smile, “All yours, promise.”
He hums in acknowledgement, not entirely happy, but temporarily placated. “Fiiiine. But I’m holding you to it.”
As if you expected any less. “I have to go get ready for work. I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”
“I’ll see you later,” he promises, and you hang up a moment later. 
When he said that, you assumed that both of you were on the same page as to what ‘later’ meant.
Three hours into your shift, you hadn’t expected to return from the kitchen to find a grinning Bokuto lounging in one of your booths.
“He asked for you specifically when he came in,” one of your coworkers tells you, shooting you a playful wink. “Didn’t know you were into silver foxes, Y/N. But I can’t say I blame you, he’s hot!”
“Yeah, thanks,” you mutter distractedly, glancing over your shoulder to check your manager wasn’t watching before making your way over.
The smile on your face is tight as golden eyes flicker towards you. “Bokuto,” you begin quietly, “what- what are you doing here?”
An odd look passes across his face at the use of his family name, but the smug grin remains. “You said you had to work tonight,” he says with a cavalier shrug, as if that explained everything. 
“Yes, because I’m working! Kou, I need this job, I can’t-” you break off with a huff, darting another glance over your shoulder. Thankfully, your manager’s busy berating your co-worker for a screwed up order and hasn’t noticed your absence yet.  
Taking advantage of your distracted state, Bokuto reaches across the table to take your hand in his, his thumb stroking back and forth along the back of your palm. “Hey, hey, relax. You’re here to work, I get it, baby. I’m just here for some food, cross my heart,” he swears, drawing an imaginary X over his chest with his finger.
Gently tugging your hand back, you ignore the hurt little pout he gives you. “So you decided to drive twenty minutes across town just to eat here?” you ask, trying to keep the exasperation from colouring your tone. 
He shifts a little in his seat, cheeks flushing a dusty pink under your narrowed stare. “… Well, maybe I wanted to see my pretty girl, too,” he admits, “But I swear I’ll be on my best behaviour!”
Somehow, his words don’t fill you with confidence, but what are you supposed to do? Kick him out? Snap at him for coming despite the fact you told him not to? Taking a deep, steadying breath through your nose, you force yourself to relax. Bokuto’s not hurting anybody by being there, and so long as he keeps his hands to himself, so long as he behaves, it won’t be an issue.
He’s a paying customer, and you’ll treat him just like you would anyone else who walked through the restaurant’s doors.
Yet despite trying to reassure yourself of that, you can’t escape the niggling sense of unease sitting in the pit of your stomach. Even if he’s the perfect gentleman tonight, the perfect stranger, you’ve worked hard to keep your boring day to day life and the one you’ve created with him in nice, neat, separate boxes. Bokuto hasn’t met your friends or your family and outside of Misuzu they don’t have a clue about your arrangement with your attractive if somewhat clingy benefactor.
You don’t want them to know.
Him being here threatens that - it makes you nervous.
But you’ve been with Bokuto long enough to know that you can’t tell him that without hurting his feelings, and you definitely don’t have the energy to deal with that tonight. It’s a conversation for another day.
Instead, you allow a small smile to tug at the corners of your lips, “You know the food’s pretty average here, you might be disappointed.”
Bokuto grins again, mischief sparkling in those golden eyes, and your traitorous heart skips a beat. “Yeah, don’t think that’ll be a problem,” he leans in closer, “I’m far more interested in what’s for dessert.”
Warmth floods your cheeks as he snickers. 
For the most part he keeps his hands to himself, but you can’t quite bring yourself to relax when you can feel those golden, hungry eyes burning a hole into your back as you move around the restaurant serving other customers.
You pretend you don’t see the scowling glower he sends to the harmless office-worker who spends a good forty five minutes flirting with you every time you go over to check on his table.
Bokuto orders enough food to feed a small army and stays until close, leaving a more than generous tip on his way out. 
It goes without saying that he waits for you to finish up. The moment you slip out the door, calling out one last goodnight to your coworker, he’s on you, pushing you up against the brick alleyway wall, hiking your legs up over his hips as his mouth attacks yours, greedy and eager, swallowing up any and all protests you might’ve had.
He doesn’t take you home like you ask, but back to his penthouse suite, and neither of you get much sleep that night.
You’re halfway through washing your hair a few days later when your shower head splutters once… twice… and stops completely. 
A blockage in the plumbing, your landlord informs you rather apathetically. It’s affecting the whole floor and it’ll take at least a day or two to get somebody out to fix it properly, leaving you without running water for the entirety of that time.
In hindsight, there were at least three other people you could have (and probably should have) called first, but he’s already answering the phone before the thought even occurs to you. 
And then it’s too late to backpedal. You find yourself grateful that he can’t physically see the way you flush and fidget, pacing around your living room as you awkwardly try to explain the reason you’re calling at ten in the morning. 
“Would, I mean, i-is it okay if I come over to use your shower? Just for this one time, mine kind of got interrupted this morning.” 
God, from the way you stutter, stumbling over your own tongue, you’d think you were asking him to marry you. You’ve spent the night at his countless times before, but asking for a favour, even a small one like this - maybe you’re toeing an unwritten line in the sand? Bokuto isn’t with you because he loves you, he’s with you because it’s mutually beneficial for both of you, because of an agreement. 
He wants fun, easy, not you saddling him with minor inconveniences. Calling to ask him to come save you, albeit from something as mundane as a lack of access to a functioning shower, feels like something you’d ask your boyfriend to do. 
Not your sugar daddy.
But just as you’re about to backtrack and apologise for interrupting his morning, he speaks. “What d’you mean? Just come stay with me till it’s fixed.”
He says it with such certainty, as if it’s the most obvious solution and for a moment you’re stunned into silence. “A-are you sure? I don’t want-'' Don't want what? To be an inconvenience? A problem? “I don’t want to be in the way,” you finish lamely.
Bokuto just laughs, “Don’t be stupid, baby, of course you won’t be in the way. Just swing by the office and I can give you the keys. Or I can just get you another set made? I don’t know, we can figure it out later. I’ll see you soon, ‘kay?” 
And you have to admit, as apprehensive as you were stepping into his penthouse alone for the first time, showering in Bokuto’s fancy ensuite bathroom (which you’re fairly sure is bigger than your actual bedroom) is a hell of a lot nicer than doing it at home. The lotions he has are all expensive brands with french names you’ve never even heard of before, but they smell amazing and they leave your skin feeling all soft and silky. Even the shampoo he’s bought for you to use is far nicer than the one you have at home, though you’re secretly pleased that its scent’s similar - your favourite, actually. 
Did he buy them knowing that or was it just a coincidence, you wonder. You never thought to ask. 
Without work, or Bo for that matter, to occupy your time, you decide to take advantage of his gigantic TV, opening up Netflix and settling into his ridiculously comfortable couch… 
… And wake, a few hours later to the feeling of fingers carding through your hair and a pair of lips pressing against your cheek. 
Bokuto’s home, you realise with a start, and there’s drool on your chin. Face burning with embarrassment, you hastily wipe it away with the back of your palm and try to sit up, only for Bokuto’s hand to wrap around your wrist, halting you in your tracks.
“No, don’t get up, baby,” he says, easing down onto the couch beside you and shifting your head onto his lap so he can continue threading his fingers through your hair. “I like coming home to this.”
Still half asleep, curling up and nuzzling further into those warm, thick thighs of his, you miss the intensity of the adoration burning in golden depths as he coaxes you back to sleep.
The two of you are in bed, your cheek resting on his chest, his arm slung over your waist and knuckles brushing idly along your side, when Bokuto breaks the comfortable silence. 
“Move in with me.”
You tense in his arms, heart skipping a beat. For a split second, you’re almost positive that you misheard him. “I-I’m sorry?” You push yourself up onto your elbow, turning your head so that you can look at him properly.
But Bokuto doesn’t miss a beat. “Move in with me,” he repeats, golden eyes bearing down on you.
The expression on your face is frozen halfway between disbelief and hysteria, and you’re staring at him, waiting for that stupid grin to break across his face, for him to laugh and tell you how ridiculous you look, because of course he’s joking.
He’s joking, right?
“Koutarou,” you begin slowly, “Wha- I don’t… Why would you want me to move in with you? We barely- I mean, we’re not…” 
He shrugs his shoulders, “Why wouldn’t I? It makes sense. My place is bigger and nicer, and I like having you here with me. Feels right.”
It feels right??
“I-I can’t just move out of my apartment, Kou.”
His eyebrows knit together, and he huffs, “Why not? It’s a shitty apartment.”
“That’s not the point!” Knocking away the hand that reaches for you, you push yourself all the way up until you’re sitting properly. “I don’t want to move.” 
Owlish eyes narrow, a flash of irritation sparking. “Why not? It makes perfect sense for you to move in here with me. You wouldn’t have to work at that stupid job anymore for one,” he huffs. 
“Bokuto, I’m not going to quit my job,” you mutter. “We’ve talked about this.”
“Why, though?!” he explodes. “You don’t need the money, I’ve told you I can take care of you, whatever you want, baby, name it and it’s fucking yours. You don’t need to work and you don’t need that shitty little apartment!”
Like a crystal glass slipping from numb fingers, the fantasy you’ve convinced yourself you’ve been living shatters into a thousand jagged shards in the space of a single breath.
Oh, how naive you’ve been. How fucking stupid.
Squeezing your eyes shut, you inhale deeply, “Kou, that’s not-”
Strong fingers grip your jaw, and your eyes shoot open as he tugs your face back towards him. Your breath catches in your throat, heart hammering painfully against your ribs. His eyes are wide, pupils blown out, but it’s the intensity in his gaze as he stares at you, the blank expression-
“I love you.”
39 missed calls. 72 unread messages. 
Flowers, bouquets of roses, peonies and chrysanthemums piled up by your door between boxes of chocolates and other gifts you won’t bring yourself to open. 
Wide eyed, Misuzu gingerly steps over them, holding two steaming mugs in hand. “Holy fuck,” she murmurs, and for the first time since this stupid, awful mistake began, there’s not a trace of mirth to be found. “Y/N, I…”
But she doesn’t have the words, and you can’t blame her. 
“He told me he loves me,” you sigh. “He asked me to move in with him and told me he loved me, and I grabbed my clothes and all but ran.” You still can’t get the image of Bokuto’s face out of your head, the raw, aching hurt swimming in his eyes as you all but stumbled over excuses in your haste to get out of there. But he didn’t lift a finger to stop you, didn’t say another word.
He just watched numbly, hunched over against the headboard as you fled.
There’s a short beat of silence between the two of you as she sets down the drinks and collapses into the chair beside you. “And… do you love him back?” 
Exhaling loudly, you drop your face into your palms. “I-”
You like how he makes you feel beautiful, the filthy, wonderful praise he lavishes you in when the two of you sleep together, the way he touches you, fingers and mouth so eager to please as his cock fills you, inch by delicious inch.
You like being adored, treasured, and you liked Bo, but… you don’t love him.
That was never on the cards, that wasn’t what your relationship was.
Every line he ever crossed, every boundary he toed, you keep replaying them again and again over and over in your head like a never ending loop. You hadn’t even wanted this whole stupid sugar baby relationship to begin with, and every step of the way he was the one to coax you forward.
And you let him, swallowing down your doubts and your insecurities each and every time. You let him think that this was something else entirely… 
How had you not seen this coming?
“No,” you admit.
The hand that takes yours is soft, and when you glance over with eyes beginning to burn with unshed tears, Misuzu squeezes it gently. “Then end it. Walk away.”
And with your head on her shoulder, her arms wrapped loosely around you, you type out a short message to Bokuto. No strings attached and no questions asked, you’d promised each other that much when you’d started this mess. You wonder if it still holds true. 
I’m sorry. Clearly we were on different pages and want different things. I didn’t mean to lead you on or for things to go as far as they did, but I can’t do this with you anymore. 
You send it and block his contact, and when the tears come and painful sobs rip their way free, Misuzu holds you tight and murmurs soft reassurances. It’ll pass, all breakups hurt.
A week after your ‘breakup’ you get a notification on your phone that money’s been transferred into your bank account. 
For a moment, you think that maybe it’s an accident, a recurring transaction he’d simply forgotten to cancel (you doubt he’d even notice) until you click into the transaction itself.
It isn’t the sum itself that startles you - twice the usual amount - but the short note attached in the description.
I need to see you. Please.
You transfer the money right back into his account.
Without your weekly supplement from Bo, it doesn’t take long for you to come to the realisation that your current salary just barely covers rent and your bills, and if you want to eat anything other than two minute noodles in the foreseeable future, you’re going to need either more hours, or a second job. 
Thankfully, the timing works out well. When you go to your boss with your most winning smile to try and convince her of your plight, she simply shrugs and agrees, having had to let one of the junior staff go only a few days before. The one catch being that instead of working a mix of morning and afternoon shifts with the occasional closing thrown in, you’re now exclusively on close, five nights a week, Tuesday through Saturday.
Mostly, it doesn’t bother you. The shifts are long and you always leave feeling aching, drained and barely human, but usually it’s quiet enough, and so long as you can get the last few lingering customers out early enough, the actual close runs pretty smoothly between you and the other staff. 
It’s not what you really want to be doing, but you’ve learned to make the best of it. This is adult life, and for the first time since high school, you’re supporting yourself entirely. It might not be the greatest job in the world, and there are absolutely days when you just want to throw in the towel completely, but there is a slight pride to that fact. You don’t need anybody in your life to coddle or support you, you’re figuring this shit out as you go along.
You just wish, sometimes, that you could do that without having to work until the early hours of the morning.
On paper, the kitchen closes at midnight and the last customers are supposed to be out within half an hour of that. Then, between yourself and another server, you can usually get the restaurant tidied up and closed a little after one. 
You knew right from the moment you clocked on that tonight wasn’t going to be one of those nights. The girl who’s supposed to be on close with you called in sick and your boss hasn’t bothered to replace her.
It’s not the first time you’ve had to close by yourself, but it’s still a pain, especially when the last few customers take forever to finish up and leave. 
One of the kitchen staff offers to stay back, his bag slung over his shoulder, hand already on the door handle but you just shake your head with a tired smile. 
“Nah, I can handle it. Thanks, though,”
To his credit, he doesn’t immediately take the offered out. “Are you sure?”
“Yeah, I’ll be fine. See you tomorrow.”
Without any help, it takes almost twice as long for you to finish up, and it’s a little after two when you finally flick off the lights and lock the doors.
Your feet are killing you, and all you can think about is sinking into your bed at home, burrowing into your blankets and sleeping for a week straight-
“Hey, baby.” 
Leaning against the hood of his car, arms folded across his broad chest and eyeing you with an unreadable expression, is Bokuto. 
The tiny hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. 
There's nothing inherently threatening about him being here, but it’s the middle of the night, you haven’t seen him in almost two weeks and you don’t need to glance around to know that the car park’s empty. There’s nobody in sight.
Just you and him, and the few feet of distance separating you. 
“K-kou, what are you… what are you doing here?” 
He smiles at that, the way his name slips from your lips, but only for a fleeting second. It fades, and a cold, uncomfortable feeling settles in the pit of your stomach. 
“I missed you, y’know?” He pushes off the hood and takes a step towards you, “You didn’t call me.”
He’s always been bigger than you, towering over you looking like some Adonis with those rippling, powerful muscles of his. You used to like that strength, squealing in wicked delight when he’d hoist you up with a grin, hands gripping your thighs, squeezing your ass, your back shoved up against the wall so he could drive his cock deeper into ‘his pretty fuckin’ pussy’. 
But that was then. 
You’ve never been scared of his strength. Even that morning in the apartment, he didn’t lash out, didn’t scream or yell, he just… shut down. He wouldn’t hurt you, you know that.
That doesn’t stop you from skittering backwards like a frightened little bunny, your back hitting the wall.
The very moment you do, you watch as his eyes widen in surprise, hurt flashing for a split second-
-before they darken, his face twisting into a scowl, and you can’t escape the feeling you’ve made an awful mistake. 
Dread creeps its way up your spine, tightening like a vice around your chest, making it hard to breathe. Your brain is screaming at you to run, adrenaline surging through your veins, but even as your heart races and your breathing spikes, you can’t seem to move your legs.
It wouldn’t make a difference even if you could - with your back up against the literal wall, Bokuto and his car blocking your only escape route, you’re trapped; a fact that hasn’t escaped either of you.
Paralysed in fear, you can’t so much as twitch as he takes another slow, calculated step forward.
Desperately, you open your mouth - to try and placate him? To apologise? Scream for help? - but all that escapes is his name in a choked, breathless whisper. 
As he stares at you, he almost looks regretful.
Almost, if not for the grim determination resolving like steel in those golden eyes of his. “I love you, and I know you love me, too,” he says, closing the gap between you. “I’m doing this for us, baby.”
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tartglias · 8 months ago
Scaramouche x Archon ! reader
tw!! drowning. requested: yes! word count: 1.6k
Scaramouche thought it was over, he really did. One moment he was fighting a hoard of abyss mages and the next one he was thrown away by a tornado, courtesy of an anemo mage, into a river. The current was strong, and he was already weak from his injuries. How did things go wrong so quickly? He was simply collecting a debt and on his way back to report it to the Tsarista, when suddenly, they were ambushed. His underlings were either finished off quickly or ran away. Not only useless but also cowards.
The river current was strong and he kept fighting to keep his head out of the water to breathe, but it was hard. He kept swallowing water and slowly started feeling like his lungs were about to burst. That was it, and he knew it. He didn’t have regrets and he knew he fought bravely, he will soon enough meet these mages again in hell anyways. And he was ready for it. He was ready to let go.
He opened his eyes slowly, blinking rapidly as a strong light completely blinded him. Was this heaven? He, out of everyone, made it to heaven? That was something he definitely did not expect. Slowly, he managed to sit up, feeling dizzy as he watched his surroundings. He was sitting on a rock in the middle of a sort of river with waterfalls surrounding it. Wait, waterfalls? How was he going to get back? Specially when he was injured?
Talking about injuries, he quickly started checking for his injuries. If he remembers correctly, a cryo abyss mage hit him with ice on the side of his stomach, and a pyro abyss mage managed to burn his legs to a worrying degree. But when he checked his legs, he couldn’t see the burns. The skin was healed, and it didn’t even hurt. Next the wound on his side, he lifted up his shirt to inspect it, but he noticed it was closed and in the process of healing. It still hurt to move though.
“What the hell-“ he started saying, but a voice behind him interrupted him, making him turn around instantly while trying to summon his weapon. He miserably failed, he was still too weak and dizzy.
“Oh you finally awake! I was starting to worry about you, your injuries were really bad. Please take it slow” You said, getting closer to him and kneeling down.
He looked at you with wide eyes. He had never seen someone more beautiful. You had a water crown (flower crown... but make it water) adorning your wet hair and your eyes sparkled, even if it was filled with concern as you inspected his legs.
“Do you feel this?” You asked, placing a hand on the now healthy skin. Their hand is soft, he thought as he slightly nodded. “Great, feel this?” you asked again, now rapidly poking his other leg. He nodded again.
“That’s good, this means your legs are healed. Now let’s move on to the wound on your stomach” you said, giving him a smile.
“Who are you?” he suddenly asked, curiosity becoming too much for him to handle.
“I’m y/n, the Hydro Archon” you said, lifting up his shirt enough to check on the wound.
Scaramouche didn’t know if his face was bright red because of a stranger lifting up his shirt or because he was in front of an archon completely vulnerable and letting them heal him.
“Does it hurt when you move?” You asked before a small giggle left your lips at the sight of the very flustered harbinger.
“Yes” he managed to mutter.
“May I soothe the pain a bit? I will only apply a bit of healing water over the wound. It’s not going to heal completely yet since it was deep and small mage ice particles are still inside, but the water will ease the pain while dissolving those.” you explained carefully and in detail. If he had to be honest, he didn’t understood a thing of what you just said, he was too starstruck by how pretty you were, so he just nodded again.
Wait a moment. This is so uncharacteristic of him. He may be in the presence of the most beautiful archon he has ever seen, not that he met a lot though, but where was his attitude? His tough and harsh nature? It all disappeared the second he laid his eyes on you.
You took some water on your hands and blew on it, before it started levitating and sparkling. Then, you slowly approached his wound and gently let it fall from your hands to his body. He hissed at the sudden contact, and it burnt him slightly, but soon enough the pain disappeared.
“Does it hurt anywhere else?” you asked as you sat back down and fixed his shirt.
“My head” he replied, once again noticing the pounding feeling in his head. You nodded and stood up, offering your hand.
He denied it and with a huff tried to stand up himself. But embarrassingly enough, his legs were weaker than expected and almost fell back down, if it wasn’t for you quickly reacting and helping him stand up.
He felt his cheeks heat up even more, and slowly started convincing himself that the headache came from the accumulated embarrassment he has been collecting since he woke up.
With a swift movement of your hand, you summoned some rocks that were underwater, creating a path that went from the rock you were standing on to a waterfall. You still had an arm wrapped around him, helping him stand up straight. You chuckled at the sight of him, you could tell he was not used to feeling weak or asking for help. He also looked adorable with the strong blush covering his face and ears. Once you got to the edge of the path, the waterfall opened up like a curtain, revealing a crystal door.
“Watch your step” you said, opening the door and helping him get inside. His eyes widened, this was much more spacious than expected and with a lot of lightning despite its location. There were a lot of shelves filled with books and some artifacts, and between two shelves there was a crystal desk with chemicals and plants on top of it. You helped Scaramouche get to the nearest couch and laid him down gently.
“How am I... here?” He asked.
“The river brought you to me. You’re actually lucky, it doesn’t take much pity on humans. I usually take care of animals or even some adepti from time to time, I recall I even took care of the Anemo Archon once as well.” You said as you played around with some medicinal herbs and some strange looking liquids.
“But I’m not good” He said, lowering his voice by the end. “Not many people like me and I’ve done bad things”
“Listen, the river is my best friend. I trust it more than anything so if it saw something worth enough of me saving in you, I’ll believe that. Now enough mopping around and drink this” You said, handing him a cup of tea filled with green liquid and sitting besides him. “It’s gonna ease your headache” you continued when you noticed the unconvinced look in his face. It tasted bitter, but after a few sips he already felt his headache ease a bit.
“What’s your name?” You asked.
He thought for a bit, he never told personal information right away but first, you saved him and secondly, you were an archon.
“Scaramouche” he said.
“You know... you shouldn’t lie to an archon” You said, staring at him.
“What? Lie? I’m not lying! That’s really my name!” he exclaimed, standing up slightly offended. Did he look so untrustworthy?
“Okay calm down or else the tea won’t do effect. You’re saying your name is actually Scaramouche and it’s not an alias or something?” You asked pulling him back down to his seat with one hand.
“Yes, it’s my name. Wh... Why are you laughing?!” He asked, once again feeling his cheeks heat up at the sight of you laughing. What was so funny anyways?
“It’s the strangest name I’ve heard in a while! My apologies for offending you”
You kept conversing for a while, you noticed that Scaramouche had a harsh way of speaking and looked down on others. Yet it was interesting to you, something about the way he rolled his eyes while talking about a certain Childe was funny to you, you really enjoyed his presence. On his behalf, he found that you were an easy person to talk to. Not like Signora, Childe or his underlings. They didn’t understand or cared enough to try to.
“How fast do you need to go back home?” You asked suddenly. You looked at him with expectant eyes, hoping he would stay. This was unusual though, you always tried to heal creatures as quick as possible so you could keep watching your city through the water. But Scaramouche was making you feel something you haven’t felt in a long while, and you didn’t want to let go of that before discovering what it was exactly.
“It’s not like I’ll be missed, but I should go back soon”
“Stay until your wounds are healed” You asked, taking his hand in yours so you could let him understand that you really want him to stay.
“Okay, until my wounds are healed” he said, blush covering his face for the millionth time today.
You were going to be the end of him, and surprisingly enough, he was okay with that.
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harryspet · 8 months ago
please don’t bite | p.parker,, b.barnes
Tumblr media
[Warnings] peter parker x reader, dark!steve x reader, hints of dark!natasha/dark!bucky x reader, vampire!steve/bucky/natasha, vampire au, vampire blood addiction, withdrawals, kidnapping, dubcon, intoxicated sex, oral sex (female recieveing)
A/N: hello, it’s been forever! I was in the middle of writing this when @cherienymphe announced her  “Cherienymphe’s 5K Twilight Renaissance Writing Challenge” so I decided to join in! She’s one of my favorite dark writers so please check her out if you haven’t. 
In which addiction leads you into a den of vampires. 
taglist: @lovelynerdytraveler @buckysbunny @hollandsdream @micki-smiles @buckybarnesplumwhore @arts-ismything @saharzek @what-is-your-wish @brattypeony @hermayone @buckysugar @mischiefmanaged011 @visintaes  @watercoolerpaint @disaster-rose @slutforsebstan
main masterlist
word count: 3.7k
You piled all the dollar bills you had in your pocket on the table, “There. We can just use this.” You plopped down beside your boyfriend on the couch, fully feeling the headache you’ve had for the past two weeks. It was like your brain was pounding against your skull and sending painful waves through your body. 
“This is twenty bucks and a … grocery store coupon for … shampoo,” After counting it, Peter flicked the money back onto the coffee table, leaning back with you. You tossed your legs over his lap and he wrapped his arm behind you, “So we have fifty bucks between us … great.”
“That’s enough, right?” You asked, barely able to hear yourself think through your headache. 
“It’s like two-hundred just for a small vial,” A shiver ran through your body and Peter pulled you closer. Not only did the heat not work in the shoebox you two called an apartment, you were starting to get random chills and it was another rough winter in New York. 
“Fuck,” You cursed, “Fuck, fuck-”
Peter shushed you, “We’ll be okay,” Peter said, trying to be strong for the both of you though his body was punishing him even more than yours was, “I got a gig by the pier, and by the end of the week, we should have enough.”
Your breath hitched in your throat as you clutched his chest, “That’s too long. We’ll die before then.”
“We’ll be okay,” Peter insisted though he didn’t quite believe himself. 
Vampire blood was one cruel mistress. It was hard to remember your lives before you took your first sips of the addictive potion. You both had everything going for you, highschool sweethearts that became successful college students but that was all gone now. You can’t hold a job or go to school when you’re on vampire blood. The highs last hours and, when you have enough of it, weeks can go by without you noticing. 
“What was it like? Drinking from the vein?” You asked him, the taste of the blood was faint on your lips as you tried to remember the exact taste. 
Peter’s head tilted back as he stared up at the cracks in the ceiling, “Like Heaven on earth. Like eternal life …. like nothing any normal human would ever feel. So good … jesus.”
Sometimes Peter wished he never introduced you to the taste but he’d forget all about it when you were high together. The sex was unbelievable, vampire blood being a strong aphrodisiac, and your love felt even stronger, “I want to try it,” You thought out loud, “If I’m gonna die soon, I-I wanna try it.”
“You’re not gonna die. Our brains are just totally miswired right now,” Peter groaned, turning his face towards yours. He kissed your forehead and, for a moment, it eased the pain. You tilted your head up to kiss the sides of his mouth. He tilted his head to the side and you kissed deeply. He pulled away suddenly and his eyes gazed into yours, “What would you do?”
“What would you do to taste it from the vein?” You swallowed and your throat ached. 
You nodded your head, “Anything. Oh god, anything, Peter.”
You’d sensed he’d had an idea and a weak grin began to pull at your lips. That quickly fell as Peter pulled away from you. You expected him to be excited but he was completely solemn, “I have an idea,” He said, “You can say no … but if you don’t say no, you have to promise that things will be how they used to be afterwards.”
“How they used to be,” You couldn’t even think that far back. You couldn’t imagine a single date, single birthday card or New Year’s Eve kiss while you were in so much pain, “Sure, Pete. We just need a taste a-and that’ll clear our minds and things we’ll go back to how they used to be.”
As if things couldn’t get any worse, your stomach growled. You’d gotten dressed up, put on light makeup, and styled your hair for whoever Peter had taken you to meet. You didn’t quite care anymore because your headache continued to cripple you over the past few days. 
You pulled your jacket tighter as you waited on the steps of the gentrified brownstone. Peter pressed the doorbell nervously, watching as you shiver in your small, black dress. Peter dressed in his finest slacks and button down but was very aware that he probably wouldn’t be the center of attention tonight. He reached out to grab your hand which you happily took. 
“Why is he making us meet him so late?” You whispered, shivering. 
“He’s a vampire,” Peter shrugged, “They’re like nocturnal, I guess.”
Peter had reached out to ring the doorbell again when the door suddenly opened. A red headed woman opened the door, her hair cut short and a sultry smile on her face. You could tell instantly by the shine in her skin and darkness in her eyes that she was not like you. 
“Peter,” She greeted, smirking, “You look … hungry.”
“And cold,” He added, sensing your uncomfortableness as she took him in like he was her prey. 
“Right, come on in,” Peter led you inside the expensive home and out of the cold winter. You pressed yourself closer to him, not only because you were still shivering but because you’d never been alone with a vampire, “Steve will be here any moment.”
The woman led you down a corridor and you passed modern art sculptures and other expensive decorations you didn’t quite understand, “Steve?” You perked up at the mention of someone else. 
“That’s, uh, who we’re meeting,” Peter said quickly.
“Unfortunately, I’m booked tonight. A sweet young thing I met a few weeks ago. British accent, total dreamboat, but Steve will take great care of you two,” She led the two of you into a dining room where wine and horderves were laid out, gesturing for the two of you to take a seat, “Let me take your jackets.”
You looked at Peter and he nodded, “It’s okay,” Hesitantly, you slid off one of your sleeves and you felt her eyes begin to burn into the skin of your neck. Your arms weak, you lifted it out to her and she graciously accepted it. Peter did the same, taking a seat and waiting for you to do the same. Your eyes were still on the mysterious woman until Peter grabbed your hand. 
“I hope to see you both soon,” She smiled again, leaving the room, “Keep your eyes on this one, Pete.” 
You turned to him, your eyebrows raised, “How do you know her?”
“That’s her,” Peter said, grabbing the bottle of wine, “I told you about the first time I tried it from the vein. I think she has a thing for young guys. Or young anything.”
As he poured himself a glass, you reached out for a cracker and tried not to eat too fast as you pushed them into your mouth, “Why’d she look at me like that?” You asked, covering your mouth. 
“You’re a virgin,” You almost snorted, “I mean, your veins are. You’ve never been fed off of.”
“Oh,” You swallowed, taking his glass from him as you washed down your food, “I don’t wanna be. That’ll hurt, right?”
“Don’t worry, that’s not what we’re here for.”
Feeling some of your energy return, you stood up from the dining table, deciding to look closer at all the artifacts, “Y/N, what are you doing?” Peter asked, his fingers rubbing his temples, “Sit down, please.”
“Why do they have food if vampires don’t eat?” You asked out loud, annoying him further. There seemed to be a million framed pictures on the wall and you studied them as you passed along. They seemed to transform from black and white to fully in color, polaroid to digital. 
“For their human prey, probably.”
“Prey?” A deep voice spoke up, surrounding the room, bringing Peter out of his chair and your head turning quickly, “That’s a bit harsh, don’t you think?”
“Mr. Rogers,” Peter rushed out, and you wondered how he could muster up so much energy to be nice, “I didn’t mean …”
“No worries, I try to be polite but I am a blood sucking demon after all,” The blonde-bearded man smiled. He was so muscular, you’d pictured someone skinny and frail. “Won’t you introduce me to your …”
“Girlfriend,” Peter said a bit sadly. He wasn’t sad that you were his but that this was the saddest excuse for a date night, “This is Y/N.”
You raised a hand to wave but he crossed the room to take your hand. He kissed your knuckles, smiling charmingly as he looked into your eyes. Blue eyes, you weren’t expecting those either. Despite the porcelain skin he looked quite human. His suit was black, and his white shirt was pressed nicely beneath it, like he’d just returned from an important event. You smiled back weakly, “Pleasure to meet you, doll.”
“It’s … nice to meet you too.”
You felt Peter’s eyes on you as your hand fell back down to your side, “You two look like you’ve seen better days,” You moved closer to Peter because, despite his kind smile, you didn’t fully trust him. 
Peter rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, “Is it that obvious?” The nice clothes couldn’t hide the fact that they hadn’t had any vampire blood in almost three weeks. It was amazing that they were still standing. 
“I think I can help you both out,” Steve assured you two, “If you had enough of the horderves, you can follow me upstairs.” He turned and Peter grabbed your hand as you all left the room. 
“What exactly do we have to do … you know, for the blood?” Looking up at Peter, you worried that he was nervous for reasons that he was not telling you. Steve led you to the stairs and, as you climbed, you couldn’t help but look at all the photos that lined each wall. The upstairs wasn’t lit, making it feel like you were stepping into a story with a not-so-happy ending. 
“Peter didn’t tell you?” Steve asked, not bothering to turn around. He led you down the hall to what you assumed was the master bedroom. 
“Not everything,” Peter said quickly. 
You expected some kind of evil den but the room was quite normal. High ceilings, brown upholstered bed, a view of the neighborhood, and a fireplace. You and Peter stood awkwardly, looking around, as Steve made his way over to the fireplace. He leaned down to turn a dial and moments later, it sprouted with fire. 
“Peter,” You nudged him, your brows furrowed. He didn’t say anything which worried you more. Steve stood up, taking off his jacket which made your heart begin to race. Some of the fear disappeared quickly as he rolled up his white sleeves … exposing lower arms. 
Now, your mouth was watering, “There’s no need to worry, doll. I already promised Peter that no harm will come to the two of you. But you do understand that this is a trade? I give you my blood and you give me what I want.”
Peter opened his mouth to say something but you interrupted, “And what do you want?”
“I want to watch,” He stated, looking the two of you over, “I consider myself somewhat of a voyeur, I like to watch when people are intimate.” You looked back and forth from him to Peter. 
“Y/N, we don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Peter spoke quietly, worry in his eyes. 
“Of course not,” Steve smiled, already a bit aroused by your shocked expression. He reached into his pocket to pull out a pocket knife, its handle having an old and intricate design, “But I think it’ll be very enjoyable on your side of things. The blood will certainly take the edge off and I won’t overstep my boundaries, I promise.”
“And we’re supposed to trust a vampire … ,” Steve stepped closer, pressing the knife to his skin. 
“We don’t have another option,” Peter said, his eyes focused on Steve’s vein. Peter let go of your hand, the addiction taking over as he moved closer to Steve. Steve cut into his arm, the crimson running down it but not a drop touched the floor before Peter pressed his lips to the wound. 
When Peter pulled away, his head tilted all the way back, as the sweet serum traveled down his throat. You were still staring in shock, the scent reaching your nose, and drawing you further in. It took everything in you to keep your feet planted and your fingernails dug into your palm as you watched. 
Peter smiled, blood on his lips and mouth, “Y/N,” He drawled, “Please, taste it …” He walked towards you, his hands outstretched. The blood on his lips, you could smell it, and you wanted to taste it so bad that it was hurting you. When he leaned into your lips, you didn’t stop him. His tongue entered your mouth and you felt the high he was feeling. 
Your vision began to blur a little as your head tilted back. Peter’s hands were holding you steady as the biggest smile spread across your lips. It was like tasting heaven, something beyond reality and you wanted to never let that supernatural feeling go. 
You felt a foreign hand against your back but you felt like welcoming any touch under the influence of the drug. As Peter pulled his lips away from you, your eyes opened to Steve’s as he was offering you his wrist. With the taste already on the tongue, you gladly accepted more, Peter’s hands roaming over your body as you drank. 
You weren’t sure how you made it to the bed, it felt like you had floated. Peter was right, he was so right, were all the words you could think. You heard those words, felt Peter’s hands, and watched as Steve’s lips turned into a mischievous smile. 
Steve stepped away, the cut on his arm already healing, as he made himself comfortable in a lounging chair by the fireplace. He had to give it to the kid, he seemed to know your body much better than he expected for a guy his age. Either that, or you couldn’t tell what was what at the moment and it was all just pleasure in your glazed over eyes. 
Your head tilted to the side so Steve could analyze every detail of your face. Your dress was pulled down at the top and the bottom rolled up past your stomach. Peter held your legs firmly, biting and kissing your thighs as he made himself comfortable between your legs. 
“God, I fucking love you,” Steve smiled at Peter’s words. Your back arched up as he finally pushed your panties aside, tasting your warm center, “You smell so good. You taste so good.”
You cried out his name, biting down on your bottom lip, and Steve imagined you accidentally drawing blood.  You wouldn't have noticed, there was already blood dripping down your chin. Steve liked how loud you were, he didn’t like the girls that held everything in, and he liked even more how Peter took your mewlings as encouragement to lap at you faster. 
“Fuck,” You cursed, gripping the sheets tightly. Steve felt his pants begin to tighten though he promised himself he would wait, “Fuck, fuck!” You finally came and Peter crawled up your body in order to kiss you on your lips. 
He fumbled with his belt and Steve felt his desperation to be inside you. He was still slow with you when he finally entered you, much more patient than Steve imagined he would be. He kept things slow so you could adjust. He made love to you, kissing your neck, “Is that good?”
You nodded eagerly, “Y-Yeah! Like that …. I love that, Petey. Feels so good … feels so good.”
It was more than ecstasy. The blood mixed with the love of your life, you thought you might cry knowing that no other feeling could compare. 
Steve watched the young lovebirds through several rounds and several different positions, your stamina never seeming to run out. Like any other drug, the high relieved the side effects but it didn’t last forever. Eventually, you and Peter floated to sleep. 
You slept through the entire morning and you thought you’d wake in Peter’s arms. You could face any shame and guilt if you were with him but, when your heavy eyes finally opened, you were alone. Your palm against your head, you sat up in the bed, a little bit of sun creeping through the curtains. Looking down, you were completely naked most likely from last night's escapades. 
You felt dirty, for more than one reason. “Peter,” You whispered, stepping out of the bed to look for your dress. Covering your chest, you kneeled down to check beneath the bed, “Peter.”
You breathed heavily, trying to push down your anxiousness as you struggled to find your clothes. When the door of the room opened, you panicked, grabbing ahold of the comforter and pulling it against your body. 
It wasn’t Peter or Steve but a dark haired man, abnormally muscular for a vampire just like Steve. He tilted his head as he looked at you, “Where’s Peter?” You asked immediately. 
“Who?” He raised an eyebrow, shutting the door, “Ohhh, Peter. Right. The boyfriend.”
“Where’s Peter and who are you?” You continued, your eyes wide with fear. Bucky ran his hand over his beard before folding his arms over each other. 
“I’m Steve’s … friend,” You began to recognize him from all the photos, “There’s a few of us who share this house, you know. And I heard you all last night, I asked Steve if I could join the fun but sitting on the sidelines is a bit boring to me.” 
You didn’t care, “If you’re not gonna tell me where Peter is-”
He rolled his eyes, “He’s with Natasha I think. He woke up still craving. Are you craving something too, dollface?”
“Nothing from you,” You shook your head though the idea of his bleeding wrist did pop into your brain, “I-I need to see him.”
“Be my guest. Are you going naked?” You scowled at him, “Go clean up first, please. There should be something for you to wear in the bathroom.”
The two of you stared awkwardly until Bucky realized you weren’t going to move until he left the room, “Fine,” He raised his hands in defeat, “They always get shy in the morning.” He mumbled to himself as the door shut. You quickly hurried to the bathroom, shutting and locking it. 
Why the hell was Peter with Natasha? She’d look at him like she wanted to devour him, in a completely non-vampire kind of way. And he’d left you all alone for that man to find you. Sure, you’d done things last night you weren’t proud of but he’d promised that things would go back to normal after. 
You freshened up in the sink, throwing on a night blue, silk nightgown. You had to scrub the dry blood off of your lips and your inner thighs and you were forced to relive the night. Everything was perfect but as soon as you thought about who watched and probably got off to it, you only felt guilty. You felt even more guilty that you were craving more blood. 
The room was empty when you stepped back into it. Tip toeing over to the bedroom door, you made sure to check to see if the coast was clear before stepping out into the hallway. You thought you could find Peter, snap him out of whatever trance he was in, and take the two of you home even if you had to carry him out on your back. 
“Natasha warned me to keep an eye on you,” He appeared in front of you so suddenly that a small shriek left your lips. You backed up quickly only to run into another tall figure. 
“Bucky, you’re going to hurt her,” Steve warned, his deep voice sending chills down your spine. 
Bucky smirked, “No blood, no foul.”
“You say that now.”
You stepped away from both of them, your back pressing against the nearest wall, “Would you like breakfast, doll?” Steve asked, catching you off guard. 
“You should get something on your stomach, doll,” Bucky seemed to mimic Steve’s concerned nature which caused Steve to press his lips into a frustrated, thin line. 
“Where. Is. Peter? I want to go home.”
Bucky interrupted him, “You can’t go home.”
“There’s no use in sugarcoating it,” Bucky stepped closer, resting his arm above you, “We need new blood bags and it’s not like you guys have much to go back to.” 
“We’re not blood bags-”
“We’re all blood bags,” Bucky chuckled, “You guys need us too. Anyways, it’s not a request. Steve is just nicer than me but we’re all going to take what we want.”
You slipped away from him, your feet pushing you even though you knew you were faster. The only reason Bucky didn’t chase after you was because of Steve, “Peter!” You called out, running down the hall, “Peter!” You frantically opened each door you walked past until you got to the end of the hallway. 
When you stormed in, you found him shirtless, sprawled on a bed. Natasha, in a robe, was in front of a vanity, brushing through her red hair. You hurried over to the bed, grabbing a hold of his shoulders, “Peter, we have to get out of here.”
He smiled, softly grabbing ahold of your arm, “My love, you’re so beautiful, you know that?” He was so high that you weren’t even sure if he was really seeing you. 
Tears pricked your eyes, “You promised, Peter. You promised.”
He shushed you, “It’s okay, just give me a few … hours. We’ll be … okay.”
You felt hands on your waist that you didn’t fight. She brushed a piece of hair from your face, touching your cheek with her freezing hand, “I knew you’d like her, Buck. They're both so perfect,” Natasha guided you away from the bed and towards the door where the other two vampires were standing, “So who gets the first bite?”
“Steve’s had his fun. She’s mine tonight.” 
hope you enjoyed that fun little one-shot!
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seita · a year ago
— you love too easy | hitoshi shinsou (m.)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: hitoshi shinsou/f!reader
genre: angst, fluff, smut
wordcount: 𝟾𝟹𝟾𝟶
cw: childhood friends!au, roommate!au
tags: unrequited love, pining, toxic relationship (oc x shinsou), brief kaminari x reader, cunnilignus, dirty talk, pet names, praise kink, fingering, size kink, loss of virginity, light virgin kink, creampie, squirting, angst with a happy ending
note: sorry if u like kaminari. i made him a huge douchebag in this. i swear i like him i just needed a character to be,,,,well, a douchebag.
— all your life you'd been by his side. you've loved him since you could remember. you've always been by his side so why did he give his heart away to everyone but you; the one who would treat it right?
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
© all content belongs to seita 2020. do not modify or repost.  
Tumblr media
He fell in love too easily. You knew that your entire life. He’d give his heart away to anyone and everyone, fully and with everything he had. He loved with every fiber of his being. And it always ended in disaster. 
You couldn’t count how many nights you’d spent by his side rubbing his back as he cried because his girlfriend lied to him, comforting him as he hunched over a toilet after crying himself sick because his girlfriend cheated on him, or forcing him to eat because he got so depressed after she ignored him. 
It was an endless cycle. 
Yet you were always there to build him back up -- to pick up the pieces. 
Ever since the first girlfriend he had in Kindergarten that lasted for 2 days and ended in his tears up to the girl he dated in senior year of highschool who cheated on him with her were the one to fix him. 
Yes, Hitoshi Shinsou fell in love far too easily and way too hard.
The thought that kept you awake every night, however, was why couldn’t it be you? You were the one who took the best care of his heart -- being the one to piece it back together every time it was broken. He didn’t need to love anyone else. If he just loved you, he would never have to worry if he just gave his heart to you. 
But he never would. 
Because he didn’t love you like you loved him. 
You’d known him since you were babies -- your parents were friends in highschool and it went on well into adulthood. 
Naturally, the two of you grew close -- it was inevitable. Your crush on him developed in childhood -- you two got lost in the mall after you strayed away and he kept you safe and calm until you found your parents, his hand clasped tightly around yours as he let you cling to him. That was the first time you realized he made your cheeks feel warm and your tummy fluttery.
Your parents always joked that the two of you would fall in love and get married. It was nearly impossible for that idea not to be imprinted in your mind. 
Except, it was never an idea he entertained. 
Part of you felt foolish. You were a grown adult with a crush that you’d harbored since childhood -- pathetic, one-sided crush at that. 
The thing was, unlike Shinsou, you’d never dated before. It was never something you desired. Sure, you had confessions and love letters but you’d never once accepted them. You just couldn’t see yourself being with anyone but him.
Upon graduating, the two of you realized how terrible it was to be 18 trying to make it in the adult world. After a few years of fumbling and nearly getting kicked out by not making your rent payments on time, you decided that rooming together would be the best idea. 
It was a foolproof plan; you’d known each other for your whole lives so it wasn’t like you’d suddenly hate each other, you knew he was responsible with his money and you were too, and he was a quiet, chill guy so there wouldn’t be any obnoxious ruckus. 
What you didn’t think about, however, was him bringing girls home. 
“This is Aoi,” he introduced, motioning to the smiling girl beside him, “Aoi, this is _____...she’s my best friend.”
“And his roommate,” you added, holding your hand out politely.
“Oh together?” you didn’t miss the distaste in her tone as she reached out to give you a weak handshake, pulling away as quickly as she could. She immediately wrapped her arms around his and he leaned how to press a kiss to the top of her head. 
Ouch. That made your heart hurt. 
Of course, it was nothing new. This was something you’d been through time and time again. 
What you hadn’t accounted for, was her dislike of you. Naturally, his past girlfriends hadn’t always been fond of you -- after all, you were a big part of their boyfriend’s life. And jealousy was a fickle disease. 
But Aoi’s dislike bordered on hatred and disgust over you. Every chance she got, she was pulling Shinsou away from you with some thinly veiled excuse. It seemed your best friend was none the wiser as well. 
You couldn’t blame him -- he was in love. Unfortunately. 
Aoi’s glares were ice cold, often sending shivers down your spine when she set it upon you. It was uncomfortable to say the least. She was at your place often enough for you to take up the art of avoiding her.
That is until one day when things seemed to come to a head for her. You weren’t sure what  you did but you found yourself cornered in the kitchen one evening while Shinsou was taking a shower -- leaving just the two of you alone. 
“Listen to me,” Aoi spat, arms crossed over her chest, making her look petulant, “You need to back off of Toshi.”
“Uhh...what?” you grunted, looking up from the glass of chocolate milk you were pouring.
“Stay away from him!” she spat.
“We literally live together,” you rolled your eyes, capping the pint of milk, “I can’t stay away from him.”
“You know what I mean,” she hissed, clearly pissed off by your sarcasm. She marched up to you, grabbing your upper arm in a vice grip, her acrylic nails pinching your skin, “I see the way you look at him. I know that look in your eye. You love him.”
Your mind blanked, mouth opening but failing to produce any words. She smirked smugly, stepping back and crossing her arms again.
“I…” your brows came together as you shook your head, finally putting the milk away.
“I knew it,” she huffed, “You can’t take him from me. Toshi is mine so you better remember that. You have no idea what I can do to you.”
With that parting threat, she stormed out of the kitchen back to Shinsou’s bedroom. You felt tears sting your eyes, feeling utterly humiliated by her. 
Another thing about Hitoshi Shinsou is he’s terribly dense sometimes. You had no idea how he managed to miss the horrifying tension between you and Aoi. But he somehow did. 
The three of you sat in the living room -- the two of them cuddled on the couch while you curled up under a throw blanket with your phone open to Twitter on the loveseat. They were watching some movie Aoi picked out that you knew Shinsou hated, but he watched it anyway. The thought made you bitter.
You’d never make him watch movies he hated. That’s just selfish. 
You let out a sigh, catching your best friend’s attention immediately.
“What is it, darlin’?” he asked, the usual pet name he used for you making your stomach flutter. Aoi’s eyes narrowed in distaste at it but he paid her no mind.
“Oh, I’ve just got a bit of a headache,” you mumbled, locking your phone to look over at him.
He frowned, concerned, pulling his arm from around his girlfriend’s shoulders. She whined at the loss, attempting to pull him back but he paid her no mind.
He disappeared from the living room to the kitchen. You could hear the refrigerator open before he began shuffling around the cabinets.
“You’re not slick,” Aoi hissed, keeping her voice low, “Why don’t you just go away. Don’t you think he’d prefer to be alone with his girlfriend? You’re just a third wheel.”
You didn’t get to reply before Shinsou returned, holding a glass of your chocolate milk and a couple pills. He smiled, handing everything to you before taking a seat with Aoi again. She immediately clung to him with a whine.
“Thank you Toshi,” you smiled, popping the pills in your mouth before taking a quick gulp of the milk. 
“Anytime, darlin’” he smiled, turning his attention back to the movie he hated. 
Part of you felt prideful that he was willing to pull himself away from his girlfriend to take care of you. She clearly saw you as competition and you couldn’t deny the giddy feeling it gave you when you proved to her that you meant something to Shinsou. 
You noticed very quickly when Shinsou stopped calling you by his nickname. It baffled you and you didn’t hesitate to bring it up to him.
“Ah, Aoi mentioned she doesn’t like it when I call other girls pet names,” he rubbed the back of his neck in that familiarly anxious way of him. He was avoiding your gaze, further ticking you off.
“I’m not other girls, Hitoshi,” he visibly cringed at hearing his full name, “I’m your best friend. You’ve always called me that.”
He sighed, biting his lip, clearly torn, “Sorry _____,” you frowned at the sound of your name. It seemed so foreign hearing it where he’d usually call you ‘darlin’’, “She is my girlfriend and it’d be shitty of me to neglect her wishes. I want this to work, you know?”
You rolled your eyes, arms crossing over your chest, “This is stupid Hitoshi.”
He sighed, clearly growing annoyed as well, “Look, you’re just my friend, alright? So back off.”
Your jaw fell open at those words, tears already starting to sting at your eyes, “Just your friend? That’s low, Hitoshi. I am not just your friend and you know it.”
He groaned, running a hand through his already messy hair, “You’re starting to sound jealous and clingy, _____. It’s not a good look.”
Feeling that the tears were going to spill any moment, you shook your head and stormed past him, “Screw you Shinsou.”
You slammed your bedroom door, missing the sight of him burying his face in his hands. Hearing you address him by his last name was even worse than hearing his first. 
Things remained tense between the two of you for a week. You had really been hurt by his words. You always thought you meant a lot to him -- that you’d never be the person who was pushed aside for a relationship. You never thought Shinsou would do that. 
As a result, you made no effort to even speak to him. Sometimes you’d pass him while he sat on the couch, Aoi snuggled up to him. Whenever you made eye contact with you, she held this smug, superior look that made you want to clock her. 
You’d never hated a girlfriend of his more.
Finally, Shinsou gave in. He couldn’t stand not having you to talk to. There was this heavy feeling lingering on his shoulders every time he thought about the cold way you called him by his last name. He never wanted to be addressed like that by you. 
There were a series of knocks on your door and you paused, debating on ignoring him. He knocked again when you took too long to answer.
“Come in,” you groaned, putting your laptop aside to give him your attention.
“Hey,” he smiled half-heartedly as he slipped into your room, closing the door behind him. 
“What do you want?” you asked, no bite in your voice.
He sighed, taking a seat beside you on the bed, “I want to apologize for what I said. I know that hurt your feelings so I’m sorry.”
You were quiet for a moment before you sat up straighter, “Hitoshi...I don’t want you to become a different person because of a girl.”
“What do you mean?” he frowned. 
You sighed, “I think she’s a bad influence on you, Toshi.”
He softened briefly at your use of his nickname but it was quickly replaced by a cold stare that sent shivers down your spine, “A-A bad influence? I’m not a kid, _____.”
You frowned, “You don’t have to be a kid to be negatively influenced by another person's toxicity, Hitoshi.”
“You think she’s toxic?” he scoffed, standing up, “You don’t even know her. You’ve barely even spoken to her.”
“Well the bit that I have spoken to her was not pleasant,” you spat, moving to sit at the edge of the bed with your feet on the floor, “I don’t think she’s good for you.”
“What are you, my mother now?” he growled, spinning around to glare at you, “Maybe I was wrong...maybe you are just jealous.”
“How am I acting jealous?” you cried, growing frustrated, “Caring about your wellbeing is jealousy now?”
“Oh get off it,” he groaned, “What’s she done then, huh? Tell me.”
You paused, remembering her threat. But you were so pissed off you couldn’t keep it in anymore, “She’s threatened me to stay away from you. She’s so insecure about our friendship she threatened me over it! Said you were hers and I better remember that. She’s crazy!”
“She didn’t say that,” he argued, eyes narrowed maliciously, “You’re just making shit up to make her look bad now. That’s really low, _____.”
“You asked me to tell you what she did and then you just don’t believe me?!” you screeched, tossing your hands up in exasperation.
“I thought you’d tell me the truth, not make up some pathetic lie!” he shouted, making you flinch. 
“Pathetic?” you breathed, shoulders sagging, “Is that what you think of me?”
He was quiet for a moment, jaw set. He seemed to be thinking his words carefully, which made his next even more painful, “Yeah. I do. This jealousy and lying of yours is pathetic. I get if you don’t like her but don’t make up shit about her,” he made way for the door, yanking it open, “Grow the fuck up, ______.”
You didn’t get a chance to reply before he was slamming your door shut. All at once, your emotions came crashing down and you buried your face in your pillow to silence your sobs. 
Your eyes fluttered open and you groaned, feeling your head pound. A glance out the window showed that it was nighttime. You had fallen asleep. 
You climbed out of bed to your desk to find your packet of headache pills. You let out a sigh of relief as you swallowed them down with the bottle of water sat on your nightstand. Flopping back into bed, you closed your eyes and attempted to relax your body. 
Just as it seemed that you were going to fall back asleep, there was a loud noise from past your door. You frowned, your eyes fluttering open in confusion. 
It came again and it took you a moment to realize what it was. A woman’s moan. 
“Toshi!” you heard her squeal, making you flinch.
“Are you fucking kidding me?” you hissed, feeling those tears come burning their way back. 
“That feel good, baby? Let me hear you,” he growled and your hands flew up to cover your ears to muffle the sounds of her pleasure. 
This was low for Shinsou. Sure, he’d had sex with girlfriends before but he always made sure to keep it down for your sake. Now he was just doing it to dig at you. 
He wasn’t wrong about your jealousy but you knew he thought you were jealous over his attention being taken away. But that wasn’t the case at all. It was because you were in love with him. 
Now he was forcing you to listen to him fuck the girlfriend you literally had a fight over. This wasn’t like Shinsou at all. 
She really was just a terrible influence on him but he was too in love to see it. She was making him into a different person and you hated it. It was happening so quickly. 
As you laid in bed, tears wetting your bed as you hid your head under your pillow, you couldn’t help but think.
The stupid fool really fell in love way too easily. 
Things went from bad to worse astonishingly fast. Aoi was over more often than she had been before. The snotty comments and humiliating words from her every time you saw her and the cold, deadly glare Shinsou set on you whenever you came anywhere near his girlfriend was wearing on you. 
You were unhappy. It was an emotion you rarely ever felt around him -- Shinsou was always the one to pick you up, not put you down. It got to the point where he wouldn’t even respond to your greetings or questions, giving you the complete silent treatment. 
It hurt. 
To escape the suffocating negativity of your apartment, you picked up even more shifts at work. The video game shop became a place you found solace in. 
If Shinsou noticed your absence, he didn’t make it known to you. 
“Will that be all for you today?” you asked, plastering on a fake, customer service smile onto your face.
“Yeah, I guess,” he mumbled, slapping down a few bills to cover the charge, “But I think I’d like to add your number to my receipt.”
You took a moment to look at him. He had blonde hair with a lightning bolt of black through it. He was dressed in black jeans, a t-shirt, and a leather jacket. He was cute, you’d give him that.
“Is that the best you could come up with?” you asked, opening the register with a brow raised.
He giggled, making you smile despite yourself, “I was on a time crunch I didn’t want to miss my chance.”
“Who said you had a chance to begin with?” you asked, passing him his change, “3.14 is your change.”
“Well, I was hoping you’d give one to me,” he shrugged, stuffing the change into  his pocket before grabbing the bagged video game he’d purchased. 
You gazed at him for a moment. He was charismatic and cute. He liked video games just like you. And he’d be a great distraction.
“Sure, why not?” you mused, watching his eyes go wide.
“Wait really?” he gasped, a grin stretching across his face.
“Did you think I’d say no?” you asked. 
“U-Usually I get rejected so…” he shrugged, scratching the back of his head with a cute blush reaching his ears, “Anyway, when’s your shift end?”
“Um...closing time, so about 8:30,” you replied, glancing at the clock. 5 hours left. 
“Sweet, I’ll pick you up!” he grinned.
“I-I’ll have to change though!” you complained, making him pause and shake his head.
“Don’t worry about it!” with those parting words, he bolted out the door, the bell chiming to signal his departure. 
As he disappeared from view, you realized you didn’t even know his name. 
You would come to find he was Denki Kaminari; a college student majoring in graphic design. He had a friend named Katsuki Bakugou who was as loud as he was angry. Eijirou Kirishima was a kind, chill guy who mellowed out the explosive Bakugou well. Mina and Sato, two friends-turned-lovers, were a common source of laughter for the group. 
You were together for a little over a month and a half when he finally asked to meet your friends. Truth be told, the only person you could consider a friend would be Shinsou. You had acquaintances and those you hung real casually with but Shinsou was the only person you’d consider a friend.
Well, you weren’t sure if he could even be called that anymore. 
Eventually, you gave in and decided to bring Kaminari to your apartment. 
“Whoa, nice place,” he mumbled, looking around. 
“You think so? Thanks,” you smiled, leading him towards the living room, “Like I said...things are...tense between me and Hitoshi so…”
“Who’re you?” a familiar voice came from the entry of the hallway. 
Shinsou stood there, messy hair and tired eyed wearing basketball shorts and an oversized t-shirt. His eyes burned holes into Kaminari, who visibly shrunk beneath the heated glare. You took note of how Shinsou didn’t even look at you. 
That still hurt.
“I’m Denki Kaminari,” the blonde replied, approaching Shinsou to shake his hand, “I’m _____’s boyfriend!”
You didn’t miss the shift in Shinsou’s look, his eyebrows perking up ever so slightly. His gaze finally shifted to you before he scoffed from his nose, making you wince. 
“Alright,” Shinsou mumbled, shoving his hands into his pockets before turning his back to the both of you, stalking back to his room with a slam of the door. 
Kaminari winced, “Boy, you weren’t kidding.”
“Yeah,” you sighed, motioning him to follow you, “Let’s head to my room. I don’t know if Aoi is here or not and I don’t care to find out.”
“I kinda wanna meet her too,” your boyfriend whispered, lowering his voice so it didn’t carry to Shinsou.
“No you don’t,” you chuckled, shutting your bedroom door once the two of you were safely inside. 
You sat beside him on the bed, reaching for your remote to click the TV on for background noise. He cuddled in beside you, commenting on how soft your bed was. 
“You smell really good,” he suddenly whispered, nosing at your neck. 
You blinked in surprise, moving your head so he could get a better angle, “Th-Thanks…”
He hummed as you shivered once he pressed a few soft kisses against your neck. It tickled a bit but also sent a strange tingle down your spine the more he kissed. Your heart hammered in your chest and you briefly wondered if Denki could hear it. 
He cupped your jaw, pulling you into a deep kiss. His tongue met your bottom lip, making you sigh against his lips. 
You barely noticed his hand crawling up your shirt until it snuck beneath the band of your bra. The unfamiliar feeling of someone cupping your breast had you pulled away, tugging on Kaminari’s hand to pull him away. 
“W-We shouldn’t…” you whispered, unsure of how to reject him, “W-With Shinsou the way he is…”
Kaminari looked skeptical for a second before nodding his head, “Got it.”
And that was that. 
At least you thought until he began trying more and more. It became common for you to find his hand up your shirt. The feeling made you uneasy, making you realize you really weren’t ready to have sex. Kaminari was your first boyfriend and you weren’t willing to give everything up to him like that.
“Why do you always stop me?” Kaminari asked one day, voice soft and reassuring.
“I just…” you cleared your throat, biting your lip, “I don’t want to go that far yet.”
He was quiet for a moment before smiling and nodding his head, pulling you closer to him with a kiss to your forehead. Your body relaxed, thankful that he wasn’t angry with you like you had feared he would be. 
He began following your wishes, no longer attempting to go past kissing. You were thankful. 
Unfortunately, your bliss didn’t last long because next thing you knew, he was dumping you. Over text. 
You had just got home from work, your feet aching and dread pooling in your stomach at the idea of being home. You were so tired of being scared to come home, it was exhausting. Shinsou was sitting on the couch, eating something he’d made himself for dinner with his back to you. He didn’t even show any signs that he knew you were home. 
Lingering by the door, you pulled your phone out to check your notifications. 
One from Denki made your heart stop -- the preview text already displaying what you feared. Your fingers were trembling as you unlocked your phone to look at the message. 
As you read it, the words grew blurrier until tears began to drip onto your screen -- further obscuring the words there. 
A small whimper escaped your throat, despite the way you tried to choke down any sounds. You quickly scurried to get to your bedroom when a strong hand snagged your wrist. Wide eyed, you were spun around to find Shinsou wearing a frown and furrowed brows. 
“Why are you crying?” he asked, voice stern with concern. 
You shook your head, feeling pathetic. You didn’t like Kaminari that much. Truthfully, you were mostly dating him to get away from Shinsou. But the idea that you were dumped because you wouldn’t have sex was utterly humiliating. Your first real boyfriend dumped you because you wouldn’t put out. 
“You were right,” you sniffled, unable to hold back the sob that tore through your chest, “I am pathetic.”
He didn’t have the chance to even think of a reply before you were escaping his hold to hide away in your bedroom. You haphazardly stripped and changed into your softest set of clothes, deciding you were going to wallow in your own self pity for the night. 
Your humiliation overshadowed the fact Shinsou had shown you the first sign of care in weeks. He had reacted to your crying just as he always had and instinctively moved to comfort you. 
You could hear muffled voices from the hallway, one male and one female. The fact he brought her over after you just had a near meltdown in front of him irked you and only brought more tears forth. 
A sense of anger rushed over you -- you didn’t want her there. This was your house and you didn’t want her there while you were going through it. You had half a mind to go out there and kick her out, maybe Shinsou would let it slide since you were clearly having a tough time. 
What you didn’t expect were the shouts coming from them. You frowned and walked towards your door, cracking it open to listen to their shouting from the living room.
“You’re kicking me out?!” Aoi cried. 
“I’m not kicking you out,” Shinsou sighed, “You don’t live here. I’m just asking you to go home for the night, Aoi.”
“Why should I?” Aoi argued, “Because she’s upset? Who cares!”
“I care!” Shinsou snapped.
Aoi scoffed, “Oh yeah, since when? Last I checked you picked me over her!”
“I didn’t pick anyone over anyone,” Shinsou huffed.
“Really?” Aoi’s tone was dripping in sarcasm, “You haven’t paid her a second of attention since your little fight. I doubt you even noticed how she’s been working full-time instead of part-time. Why do you think that is? To get away from you! Not that I give a shit, but you have been treating her like dirt. So don’t even try and pretend you give a shit, I know you don’t. You only feel bad because she’s crying. Once she gets over it you’ll just come back to me in the end. So just let her sulk by herself, she’s a big girl.”
Shinsou was quiet after that. You were sure he wasn’t even going to respond but you continued to stand there and listen. The apartment was silent, you could even hear the ticking of the decorative clock Shinsou’s mother had given you both. 
“She was right, huh?” he finally whispered.
“Huh?” Aoi replied, clearly annoyed.
“I really did let you turn me into someone else,” he sighed, “God, I’m so stupid.”
“What the hell are you talking about, Hitoshi?” she snapped, growing impatient over the argument. 
“You should leave,” Shinsou said, voice strong once again, “You and I are done.”
“What?!” Aoi shrieked, stomping her foot, “You can’t dump me! Not for her!”
“Get out, Aoi,” Shinsou growled, yanking the front door open.
She scoffed, “Don’t come crawling back to me when you learn she isn’t worth it.”
The slam of the door signalled the end. Silence ensued and you slipped back into your room, letting your door shut silently. 
Just as you expected, there were a few soft knocks on your door. You didn’t reply but he opened up anyway, peeking in to find you sitting on the bed with your head hung.
“I assume you heard all that,” he said, cupping the back of his neck nervously. 
“Yeah, kind of hard to miss,” you mumbled, feeling awkward about sharing this moment with him.
You didn’t look up when he sat down beside you. With a sudden tug, you found yourself wrapped up in a sweet embrace. 
“Why were you crying? Did something happen with that Kaminari dude? Did he hurt you?” his concern brought forth a new flood of tears that you let go. 
“He dumped me,” you whined, clinging to the front of his shirt.
“Why?” he asked, petting your hair softly.
You scoffed, shame building up inside you, “Because I didn’t want to have sex with him.”
Immediately he pushed you back by your shoulders to look at your face, “He dumped you ‘cause you wouldn’t fuck him?”
“Yeah,” you mumbled, avoiding his gaze, “He said he had needs and he wasn’t willing to wait for me to put out.”
“Jesus,” Shinsou scoffed, shaking his head, “What a prick,” he pulled you into his chest again with a sigh, “It’s good you didn’t sleep with him then. He wouldn’t have been worth it.”
“Yeah, I would have regretted it,” you nodded, “I’m not even sad he broke up with me. I just feel like shit that it was over sex. He was my first boyfriend and I got dumped because I wasn’t ready...that sort of feels shitty, you know?”
Shinsou nodded, resting his cheek atop your head, “I understand. It’s like a blow to your self-esteem, yeah?”
“Exactly,” you sniffled, your tears finally coming to a stop as he held you and let you talk, “I didn’t like him enough to sleep with him anyway. Even if I was ready.”
Shinsou chuckled, “Well, I’m glad you’re not heartbroken over it.”
You were quiet for a long moment before you pulled away from him, “How are you? I know you liked Aoi.”
Shinsou frowned, looking at his hands in his lap before shrugging, “I actually don’t really feel anything.”
“Really?” you asked, surprised. Usually he would be in tears by now. But he was right, there wasn’t even an ounce of sadness in his eyes.
He nodded, “All I really cared about was you. I guess realizing what she really was wiped out anything I felt for her. Truthfully, it was probably going to be over soon anyway.”
“Why do you say that?” you asked.
“We just didn’t have good chemistry, I suppose. The sex was great but beyond that we didn’t really share any common interests,” he explained, leaning back on his hands with a sigh.
You cringed at the mention of sex -- remembering the night you sobbed as you were forced to listen to them go at it. Shinsou seemed to notice your discomfort, leaning up straight once more to take your hands in his. 
“I’m sorry, ______,” he breathed, making you look up at him, “I was such a fuckin’ asshole to you. You didn’t deserve that and if you chose to never forgive me I would understand. But I promise I will never let a girl come first again. You’re my best friend, you’re the entire world to me and you will always be here when all the girls leave, I know that. No one can ever replace you.”
His words caused a flood of tears to flood down your cheeks again. You threw your arms around his shoulders, tugging him into a desperate hug. He wrapped his arms around your waist, fisting the back of your shirt with his face buried in your neck. 
“I will always be here, Toshi,” you hiccuped, “I really will. It doesn’t matter if you choose the next 50 girls over me, I would never let you go. I would rather live with you ignoring me and making me cry over not having you at all.”
He sighed, tears of his own falling from his eyes and wetting your skin but you didn’t mind, “I would never ask that of you.”
“You don’t have to,” you whispered, voice trembling. You couldn’t stop the next words from coming, you didn’t even try, “That’s how strong my love is for you, Toshi. I would do anything for your happiness. I’ll let you cry on my shoulder when girl after girl breaks your heart, even though it hurts so damn much because I know I would never, ever let you down like that. I’ll sit with you in the living room while another girl is wrapped in your arms, desperately wishing it was me, because you want me and her to be friends. You don’t even know it but you have every bit of me,” your voice broke as you let out a sob, taking a stuttering breath before continuing, “I never dated because I only ever loved you. You’re the only one I ever want to love. I don’t even care if you don’t feel the same, Toshi, I just needed you to know...I have loved you since we were kids. Whenever your mom joked that we would get married, I used to go to sleep hoping it would come true one day. You’re it for me, you know?”
Shinsou was still, every muscle in his body tense against you. You remained relaxed, relishing in being held in his arms even though it very well may be the last time you would ever experience it. His tears had stopped and you could feel his hands trembling against your back from where he was still holding your shirt in tight fists. 
Finally, slowly, he pulled away. You avoided his gaze, scared of what you may find there. With trembling fingers, he lifted your chin until you were finally forced to meet his gaze.
“______…” he whispered, your voice like honey on his lips, “Is that true? Since we were kids?”
You chuckled through your still falling tears, “Remember that time at the summer festival when I wandered off and you had to chase me? And I got scared because I couldn’t find our parents? When you let me hold onto you and you kept reassuring me that everything was okay…” you shrugged, your voice cracking as you uttered, “I knew I loved you then. And I love you to this day.”
His wide eyes were glassy as he stared at you, mouth agape in his shock. It was so much for him to take in. 
Before you knew what was happening, he was leaning in and pressing his lips against yours. Your vision went white for a second in shock at the feeling. 
His lips were soft and as you began to kiss back, you tasted coffee on his lips. Typical of Shinsou, it was late at night and he was still drinking coffee. The thought made you smile and you wrapped your arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. He cupped the back of your head, a soft sigh escaping him as he moved his lips expertly until you were breathless.
After a long moment, he pulled away. The both of you were panting, eyes lidded as you processed what just happened.
“Toshi…” you whispered, feeling euphoric after kissing him, “I don’t understand.”
He shook his head, cupping your cheek, “All you need to that I love you too.”
You gaped at those words coming from his lips. Surging forward, you pressed your lips against his again. He smiled into the kiss, leaning further against you until you were forced to lay back against the mattress. His body was hovering above yours, held up by his elbows on either side of your head.
He wasted no time in touching your body, years of desperation finally culminating into this one moment. His hand slid beneath your shirt, pushing the hem up to expose the soft skin of your belly.  He paused at your ribs, unsure if you were okay with him going any further. But when you gripped his wrist and urged his hand up to cup your breast, he threw away those inhibitions. 
Thumbing your sensitive nipple, you keened as they hardened beneath his touch. He leaned down a bit more to press his lips against yours. 
You lost yourself against his lips, whimpering and grinding against nothing. Just the fact the man you’d loved for so long was there touching you after years of craving it had your panties soaked. 
“You’re so pretty,” he whispered, breaking from the kiss to kiss down your body. 
You trembled beneath him, watching him with rapt attention as he kissed the exposed skin of your stomach and ribs. Sighing, you let him push your shirt over your head to discard off the side of the bed. He leaned forward, enveloping one of the pert buds in his hot mouth, tonguing at it until you were whining and begging him to give attention to the other one. He did so eagerly, providing a stimulating suck before finally pulling away. His lips were swollen and his cheeks were flushed, the very fact you made him that way was dizzying. 
“Wanna taste that perfect cunt too, baby,” he growled, voice losing the soft, sweetness it once held. 
“O-Okay,” you agreed easily, raising your hips so he could tug the last remaining articles off of your body. 
The second you were bare, his hands were pinning your thighs open. His eyes examined every inch of your pussy -- taking in the juices dripping from your clenching hole. 
“You’re so fucking wet,” he groaned, using his thumbs to spread your folds apart, “so pretty too, god. Look at’re perfect. Bet you’re so sweet…”
“Please Toshi…” you whimper, reaching down to tangle your fingers into his hair.
His eyes fluttered at the feeling, allowing you to pull him to your pussy where he eagerly ran his tongue flat between your spread folds. You gasped, eyes slamming shut as he paused to wrap his lips around your clit for just a split second. The teasing touch was addictive and you suddenly wanted more. 
Shinsou understood what it is you wanted and quickly dove back in for more. Circling his tongue around your clit, your back arched. You wanted to close your thighs against the stimulation but his strong hands kept your legs pinned open. 
He swirled his tongue quickly, moaning before enveloping the bud in his hot mouth. You tugged his hair, crying out his name as you felt a high approaching rapidly. He looked so good between your thighs, eating your cunt like you’d dreamed of for ages. 
Suddenly, he pulled away, licking his lips before sitting up.
“Fuck, tell me babygirl,” he breathed, “You gonna let me fuck this pretty cunt?” you nodded, reaching to push his shit up but he stopped you, looking you in the eyes, “Use your words. Tell me.”
“Yes, please fuck me Shinsou!” you begged.
He grinned, pressing a kiss against your lips before stripping himself of his clothes. 
You almost gasped at the sight of his cock. He was big; long and thick. Subconsciously, you clenched your thighs together in anticipation. 
“You ready?” he asked, scooting to sit between your spread legs. 
You tensed up as he prodded your entrance with the fat head of his cock. He realized how tense you were and ran his hand along your thigh to soothe you, “You good? You can back out anytime, darlin’.”
You swallowed thickly, feeling your cheeks heat up as you looked at him through your lashes, “I-It’s just...go slow?”
He frowned, brows drawn together before he backed away from you a bit, “Is this your first time, sweetheart?”
Licking your lips, you hesitated before nodding. Shinsou sighed, hanging his head to rest against your collarbone. You frowned, “I-Is that bad?” you asked. 
Truth was, you never wanted anyone but him. You never had a desire to have sex with anyone but him. You knew he was the one person you’d never regret being with. 
“No!” he sat up, eyes wide before wrapping his hand around the nape of his neck nervously, “I just wish you would have told me sooner...that was almost bad.”
“Why?” you asked,making him chuckle. He shook his head and pressed a kiss to your forehead.
“Well…” clearing his throat, he looked off to the side bashfully, “My dick’s not exactly the smallest around and since you’re a virgin you could do with...a lot more preparation, you know?”
Your cheeks were ablaze from the bluntness of his words. He didn’t waste another second in bringing his hand to your still wet pussy. 
He sighed, a smile lingering on his lips as he worked his middle finger into your tight hole. Humming, he bit his lip as he slipped his ring finger alongside it. You sighed, eyes fluttering at the mild stretch that came along with it. 
“Feel okay?” he asked softly, working the two fingers in and out of your hole. 
You nodded, “Feels good,” you breathed. 
Your eyes fell closed as he crooked his fingers upwards to touch that sweet spot on top. Your hips jumped at the sensation, ripping a moan from your swollen lips. He smirked, burying the digits deep, licking his lips at the way your juices gushed out from around them. 
With his other hand, he found your clit, circling the bud with his thumb as he worked his index finger into the mix. The added stimulation to your clit made your wall clench tightly and he grunted, imagining what it would feel like around his cock. 
“Please Toshi,” you begged, “I want you already.”
“Thank you’re ready?” he asked, although he already knew the answer. 
And he was right when you whimpered out a pathetic little, “Yes!”
He resumed the position from earlier, his tip pressed against your entrance. It was opened a bit from his three fingers but he knew it was still going to be a tight fit. 
He took your hand in his, lacing your fingers together as he began to sink into your cunt. You whimpered as your walls stretched around him, squeezing his hand. He bottomed out quickly, stilling to let you adjust to being stuffed so full of his thick cock. 
“Does it hurt?” he asked, pressing a kiss to your lips. 
“N-No…” you mumbled, “Just...feels weird.”
He chuckled, kissing your lips again. He could feel you squeezing around him, your cunt unused to having such a big cock inside. The fact he was your first, the one taking your virginity -- tainting your pure body was turning him on more than he ever thought it would. 
He couldn’t even lie and say he’d never taken a cherry before but with you it was different. He felt a sense of pride and possessiveness wash over him; you were his completely. You had given him your heart and your body. 
Burying his face in your neck, he pressed kisses against the sweet spot he easily found there. Grinding his hips against yours, he stirred your insides with his thick length until you were arching your hips to get more of the addictive pleasure only he could bring you. 
He pulled out halfway, slowly sinking his cock back inside with a groan.
“That’s a good girl,” he praised, eyes glued to where your cunt was stretched around him, “Taking me so well, look at that.”
“Feels so good,” you whimpered, clutching the sheets beneath you in your fists.
“Yeah?” he grinned, pulling out so the tip remained only to surge forward and sink his cock into you in one long thrust. Immediately, your back arched and you let out an erotic moan that had his cock throbbing against your walls, “Fuck, my cocks almost too much for you but you’re bein’ such a good girl for me, aren’t you? Taking what I give you...fuck…”
His praise and dirty words went straight to your core. He set a steady pace, making sure to angle his hips up so he could hit your g-spot. The pleasure had your eyes rolling back and you cried out his name every so often, making his heart race. 
“Sound so pretty sayin’ my name…” he groaned, cupping your breasts in his hands as he fucked you, “Pussy’s so tight and wet...I can feel you dripping, you know that? Who would have thought such a pretty cunt could get so messy. But you only get this messy for me, right darlin’?”
“Only you!” you babbled, wrapping your arms around his neck to press your lips against his. He moaned into your mouth, reaching between your bodies to circle your clit, “Fuck! Toshi, y-you’re gonna make me cum!”
“Fuck,” he groaned, “Do it then, sweetheart. Go on, cum on my fucking cock.”
A few more thrusts and circles over your swollen bud had you falling over the edge. Your body trembled and arched beneath him, cunt spasming around him as he worked you dutifully through your orgasm. 
Once you came down, he pulled his hand from your clit and pulled out. You were panting, body limp and relaxed as you let him move you onto your hands and knees. Keeping your face buried in the pillow, you allowed him to maneuver you into the proper position. 
He pressed his hand down on the small of your back, “Arch your back for me, good girl.”
“Th-This is embarrassing, Toshi…” you whispered into the pillow. 
He hummed, gripping his cock to direct himself back into the sweet vice of your cunt, “No reason to be embarrassed, kitten. It’s just can trust me.”
“I-I know...but still…” you whimpered, eyes fluttering as he sunk his cock deep inside. The position allowed him to reach a new depth. 
“Do you want to stop?” he asked softly, running his hand along your spin. 
You hesitated for a second, focusing on the pleasurable sensation of being filled so completely before shaking your head. He grinned, leaning down to kiss your shoulder blade, “Good girl.”
The praise went to your head and you suddenly had a desire to receive more. You wanted to be good for him -- be his good girl. 
You lifted your head from the pillow and cried out his name, fucking yourself back against his cock. He grinned, slapping your ass lighter than he usually would do it -- he wasn’t sure how you would take to it. When he felt you clench around him in response, he grinned. That was something worth looking into it seemed. 
“Toshi…” you whined, reaching back to grip at his hip.
He hummed, slowing ever so slightly, “What is it, kitten?”
“Please…” you whined, feeling your cheeks flush with embarrassment over what you desperately wanted to ask him.
“Please what?” he whispered, kissing your shoulder blade again, “Tell me what you need, baby.”
“C-Call me...y-your goog girl again…” you whispered, immediately burying your face in your pillow. 
He paused, eyes wide before another grin grew across his face. Wrapping his arm around your waist, he pulled you up until your back was pressed against his chest. You cried out, his cock stilling inside you as he pressed his lips against your ear.
“You like being praised huh?” he asked, chuckling when you nodded, leaning your head back to rest on his shoulder. He enjoyed the fucked out look on your face, “Like being my good girl, hm? Such a pretty, sweet girl for me…”
You whimpered, walls clenching around his still cock, “I-I love you Toshi…”
He hummed, reaching down to find your clit. Circling over the bud, you keened, eyes fluttering as your cunt clenched tight around him, “I know you do, sweetheart.”
Suddenly, your walls squeezed, clamping down tight. He groaned, cursing under his breath as he felt your body seize up in your orgasm, trembling and gushing around his cock. He pressed his lips against your shoulder, looking down to where his length was buried completely inside. 
You began to rock yourself along his cock, your orgasm flying to new heights as he never stopped playing with your sensitive bud. 
Suddenly, he watched with wide eyes as your cum squirted out, soaking the bed and your thighs. 
“Shit,” he growled, providing a few quick slaps against your clit, making you squirt just a few more times, “What a good fucking girl you are. Look at the mess you made. You’re so perfect, I love you so much.”
Those words had you clenching once again. That finally sent him over the edge himself. He rocked into you, holding you tight against him. His cock throbbed, spitting hot cum into your sensitive cunt. 
He cupped your breasts, groaning in the throes of his orgasm as he pressed kisses against your shoulder, neck, and cheek. 
When he finally came down, he gently laid you on the bed, pulling his cock out. His cum gushed from your hole without his length to stop it. You cringed, the feeling unpleasant to say the least. 
He got out of bed to go to the bathroom intending to get a cloth to clean you with. 
When he was gone, you found yourself thinking about what just happened. One particular thought was on your mind and when he returned, you didn’t hesitate to voice it.
“W-We didn’t use a condom…” you mumbled. 
He hummed, “Were we supposed to? I thought you were on birth control.”
“I’s just…” you frowned, clearing your throat as you watched him wiped your thighs and sensitive folds free of your mixed cum.
“What?” he sat beside you, fixing you with a steady gaze, urging you to confess your thoughts to him. 
“You were, you know...Aoi and…” you sighed, averting your gaze from him, “Other girls before.”
He chuckled, laying beside you, “What, you’re concerned I have something?”
“Well no...not necessarily…” you frowned as he cupped your cheek, making you look at him.
“If you must know…” he shrugged before continuing, “I always used a condom with them.”
“Really?” he nodded at your question, “Then...why with me?”
“Because you’re you,” he smiled, kissing your lips, pulling you to lay against his chest, “You’re the one for me, kitten. That’s all you need to worry about.”
Yes, Hitoshi Shinsou fell in love easily. But he never gave those girls his heart. He cried because he thought he could never have you. The truth was, you had always owned his heart. It had always been in your hands. 
Tumblr media
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helliontherapscallion · 7 months ago
(Y/n) and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week: Tuesday
Monday     Wednesday     Thursday (Part 1)     Thursday (Part 2)     Friday     Saturday     Sunday
Spotify Playlist (collaborative)
Warnings: anxiety, doctor’s offices, taking pain pills (not sure if I need to tag that, but just in case), stalkers, blackmail, swearing, non-consensual taking pics of nudes, slight body dysmorphia, self-loathing, toxic friends
Word count: 5,326
(A/N): another long chapter, my little wlw heart loved writing this chapter! Also holy shit I was not expecting the first part to blow up, thank you to everyone that read it! Gosh, it’s enough to make a grown woman cry :’)
You cracked open your crusty eyes to Wilbur poking his head into your room. “(Y/n), Dad wants you.”
You groaned rubbing at your eyes in an attempt to get the sleep out of them. “I’ll be down in a sec.” Your voice was scratchy and thick with sleep.
He closed the door silently and you heard his socked feet thumping down the hallway. Your pain faded slightly into soreness, but your shoulders and upper back were slightly stiff. After you drug yourself out of bed, you shambled down the stairs to see your family at the table eating breakfast. Your stomach growled loudly, making you blush slightly in embarrassment. 
Your eldest brother snorted. “Hungry (y/n)?”
You slumped into your seat next to him slowly shoveling food into your mouth. “You have no idea.”
“You wouldn’t be that hungry if you ate dinner when you got home like I told you to do last night, young lady. You better eat every single thing on that plate.”
There was no arguing with a stern Dadza, so you reluctantly complied. Meanwhile, Tommy and Tubbo were telling Wilbur about your match animatedly. 
“And the ball was like fwoosh and she- the ball and-and-”
“And she hit it and Haley hit it to the other side! It was so cool!”
Wilbur merely smiled listening to them ramble about how badass you were last night. They made you feel genuinely happy that they admired your volleyball abilities; they were probably your biggest fans and that made your day most of the time. You remembered the first match they came to during your freshman year, they had run up to you right after the end-of-match whistle blew to spew about how good you were on the court. They met the team that day. Your team adored having them at your games, over the years they slowly replaced your school’s mascot. They played a huge part in morale boosts before and during matches. 
He looked over to you, “I didn’t know my little sister could be so badass.”
You felt your cheeks flare up. “It’s nothing I haven’t done before. It really wasn’t anything special.”
“(Y/n),” Philza pursed his lips, “you did all that with a bruised back, I’d consider that something special.”
“Wait (y/n), you’re hurt?” Tommy and Tubbo looked at you with wide concerned eyes.
“Yeah, but it’s not that bad. I can still move and stuff.”
Techno rolled his eyes, “it’s bad if you’re going to the doctor for it.”
“Eh, it doesn’t hurt as bad as it did yesterday, so I’m not worried.” 
“You’re deadass wincing everytime you move your arm,” WIlbur deadpanned, “it clearly still hurts.”
“Well yeah, I didn’t say the pain went away completely. Fuckin’ dumbass.”
“Language,” Philza glared at you two, gesturing to the two fifth graders watching the exchange with interest. 
You and Wilbur resumed eating and murmured out a defeated “sorry Dad.” You both glared at Techno when he huffed in amusement. 
“If you three keep bickering, you’re going to be late to school. Remember, you two have to drop off Tommy and Tubbo today cuz I’m taking your sister to her appointment. Now go get ready, I’ll take care of your dishes.”
Your brothers took off up the stairs, each competing to get to the bathroom first. Occasionally, you would hear shouts and slapping noises. You felt glad you didn’t have to deal with that today. Judging by Techno’s gruff voice laughing and an explosion of loud complaints from the rest, you assumed that he won today. “I swear, they’re gonna put me in an early grave.”
“You and me both Dad, you and me both.”
You went into the kitchen and pulled out a bottle of pain pills from the junk drawer. Various bottles of Motrin and Advil were scattered around the house because when you live with a rambunctious family like this one, people are bound to get hurt and headaches are common. Popping three into your mouth, you washed it down with a glass of water. The sound of the running water faucet and the slight splashing of water filled the silence of the room. 
“How’s your back? Does it feel any better?”
“Kinda, today it just feels more sore than throbbing, my headache went away mostly, and my shoulder doesn’t feel any worse, so that’s better I guess.”
He shut off the water and reached for a towel to dry off his wet hands. He moved over to the freezer and grabbed a frozen package of peas that your family never ate. You all used it whenever one of you would get a bruise. He moved behind you and held it against your back without warning. Flinching forward from the unexpected temperature change, you winced with the wave of pain moving brought you. 
“Shit, sorry.”
“You’re good. Just give me a little warning next time,” you chuckled. He gently placed it back on your back and you sighed from the slight relief that it brought you. You leaned into the peas and closed your eyes. “That feels amazing.”
“I bet. That bruise was pretty bad yesterday, can I look at it again?”
You reluctantly left the sanctuary that was the medical grade frozen peas and leaned forward, moving your hair out of the way for him. “Knock yourself out.”
He made a hissing noise as soon as he moved your shirt out of the way. “Dad, it probably looks worse than it feels.”
“...Have you seriously not looked at this yet? It looks pretty bad, hun.”
“Well, sorry I can’t move to look at my back without being in pain. I’ll try harder next time.” You snarked him.
“Hey, watch the attitude. Here, I’ll take a picture so you can see how bad it is.”
You heard the rustling of fabric as he fished his phone out of his pocket and the obnoxiously loud click of his camera app. You turned around to look at the damage. You squinted at his bright phone screen. Your entire back was swollen in some areas and was covered in ugly reds, blues, blacks, and purples. You made a disgusted noise in the back of your throat and cringed away from the screen. You always got nauseous seeing injuries.
“Yikes isn’t the only word I would use, it’s bad (y/n).”
“It looks worse than it feels, I promise. I’m gonna go get ready so we’re not late to my appointment. It sounds like the boys are finally done with the bathroom.”
You hobbled up the stairs slowly and made your way to the bathroom. The door was wide open ready for you to use. Turning on the light, you closed the door in a hurry so that your brothers wouldn’t try to get in again to hog the bathroom like they usually did. You frowned at your appearance. Your hair was sticking up in every direction and you had dark eye bags around your dull looking eyes. A few pimples dotted your skin like constellations in the night sky, but much uglier and more out of place. Turning your body, you scanned your figure. Your eyes watered as you realized that you had gained some weight. Adrian, Sammy, and Annie were right, you looked like garbage all the time.
You ripped your eyes away from yourself in the mirror with disgust etched deep into your features. You were disgusting through and through. Ripping your brush through your hair, you winced at the pain emanating from the back of your head. You deserve the pain for letting yourself go. Once you were slightly more satisfied with your appearance, you stepped out of the bathroom and quickly changed into the clothes you would wear today. You decided on a hoodie and a pair of tights. You didn’t feel like dressing yourself up. 
You once again walked down the stairs and slipped on your shoes to meet your dad in his car. You idly scrolled through your phone while you waited for him, looking at your notifications for the first time that day. You had ten texts from the group chat that you were in with Adrian, Annie, and Sammy.
Sammy <3
(Y/n) where the hell are you?
Adrian <3
Do you guys think she ditched us?
I knew she was ignoring us
Sammy <3
Who ignores their friends?
Annie <3
(Y/n) apparently. 
She has more important things to do ig
Oh my god
Do you guys think she skipped school?
Adrian <3
I wouldn’t put it past her
Maybe she finally gave up
I’m sorry guys, I just have a doctor’s appointment today
I would never ignore you
Sammy <3
Yk, it’s hard to keep defending you when you keep ditching us..
I’m not ditching you!
I’m sorry I didn’t tell you guys about my appointment
I’ll make it up to you guys
Adrian <3
You’ve already skipped out on us enough already
Annie <3
Oh ik!
She can write our final research paper for us Dri!
I haven’t started it yet lmao
Adrian <3
Saaaame lmaoooo
Sammy <3
Guys, what about me???
Adrian <3
Idk, figure it out yourself
Sammy <3
Ur gonna put together my final presentation for us history
Alright, I can do that for you guys
Sam can you pls send me the rubric? 
Annie <3
Thanks love ;)
No problem, I like doing things for friends
My dad’s coming, I gotta go
Talk to you guys later
Adrian <3
Byeeee (y/n), ur the best!
: ) <3
You put your phone down as your dad started up the car and pulled out of the driveway. The drive was quiet as you stared out the window and thought about how much work you now had to do. On top of your own classes, you had two more to write and a presentation to make in a class you hadn’t taken since the first semester in your sophomore year. The research papers had to be at least four full pages long with a minimum of ten sources each due on Friday and you had no idea how big Sammy’s US history presentation has to be or what it’s even about. But that was fine, you’d do anything for your friends. 
“So, who were you texting? Your boyfriend?” He asked jokingly.
“Oh, just Adrian, Sammy, and Annie. I don’t have a boyfriend Dad,” because you were a closeted lesbian, but you wouldn’t tell him that anytime soon. “You know that.”
“I know,” he chuckled, “it’s been a while since I’ve seen them. How have they been?”
“They’re good. Adrian got a job at the diner, he’s a host. Sammy and Annie have been focusing more on raising their grades.”
“Good for them! You should invite them over for dinner sometime.”
“I was actually thinking that I could maybe go hang out with them on Halloween...?”
“(Y/n), the family was going to take Tommy and Tubbo trick-or-treating.”
“I know, but there’s always next year. Plus, we haven’t been able to hang out in so long! We’re always free at different times.”
“I don’t know (y/n), what if they don’t want to trick-or-treat next year? What were you planning on doing with them?”
“We were just gonna hang out at Annie’s house and watch some horror movies,” you lied. He would never let you go if he knew you were going to a party. Especially one where alcohol would be involved and hormonal teenage boys ran rampant actively scouting for an easy lay.
“...I’ll think about it.” The car pulled into the doctor office’s parking lot.
“Thank you Dad! It’s been a while since we’ve all hung out together.”
He chuckled as you both walked into the lobby, checked in, and waited for your name to be called. About ten minutes later, you were summoned by a nurse so you went into the back leaving your dad to wait in the lobby. The nurse recorded your height and weight (much to your dismay, you gained four pounds) and asked you the standard questions about your injury and uncomfortable questions about your overall health. The clacking of her acrylic nails on the plastic keyboard filled the awkward silence.
Once that was done, she left and you had to wait a little bit for the doctor. After slipping into the backless gown the nurse left, you mindlessly scrolled on your phone. Jumping when someone knocked on the door, you looked up to see your family’s doctor smiling at you.
“Hello (y/n), how are we feeling today?”
“I’m alright.”
“I hear that you had quite the fall onto some concrete, is that true?”
“Yes, I landed on my back and the back of my head.”
She reached over and squirted hand sanitizer onto her hands, rubbing it in and looking back at you. “Can you please lay on your stomach so I can take a look at your back?”
You nodded, shifting on the uncomfortable paper covered cushioned table onto your stomach. You felt her cold hands gently graze your bruises before she pulled out her stethoscope. “Can you take a good deep breath in for me?”
You complied and she instructed you to let it out. Doing this multiple times along your back, she put her stethoscope away and continued prodding at your exposed back. 
“There’s definitely some swelling in multiple areas… It doesn’t feel or sound like you cracked or broke any ribs, which is excellent… Do you have any pain deep in your shoulder when you move it?”
“Yes, I landed on it wrong last night at my volleyball match.”
“How would you describe your pain? Stabbing, sore, throbbing…”
“More sore, but a little stabbing pain when I move my arm.”
She moved her fingers to examine your shoulder. “It doesn’t sound like a sprain or fracture, can you move it up and down for me?”
You moved your arm up and down, front and back, and side to side. “You still have a full range of movement, that’s good. Can I have you sit back up again?”
You sat back up and she started testing you for a concussion. After passing her tests, you were cleared of having a concussion. “Alright (y/n), it appears that you only strained your deltoid and teres muscles and you have severe bruising along your back. Make sure you ice your back and, if you have one, wear a shoulder compression sleeve. Anti-inflammatory medications such as Ibuprofen will help with the swelling. Other than that, you have a clean bill of health! You can still participate in volleyball practices, but you need to take it easy. Don’t do anything that will strain the muscles any further.”
“Thank you Dr. Samson,” you smiled at her. 
“You’re welcome. I’ll leave you to change back into your clothes and you’re free to go! You may leave the gown on the table.”
She left the room and you redressed yourself. Walking out to the lobby, Philza’s head perked up when he heard the door opening. He stood up and walked over to you with a slightly worried face. You both walked back out to the car.
“Dr. Samson said that I don’t have a concussion, sprains or broken bones. She told me that I just strained my shoulder muscles and I need to keep ice on my back.”
He visibly slumped in relief. “Thank god. What’d she say about volleyball?”
“She said that I could keep playing, but I have to take it easy.”
“Good, wouldn’t want you missing finals on Thursday. Do you know if the team you’re playing is any good?”
“Dad, of course they’re good, we’re the top two teams in the area.”
“I bet their setter is nowhere near as good as you are and I bet the setter and spiker aren’t as synced as you and Haley are. You two make a good pair.” 
“Yeah we do, don’t we?” You looked out the window and smiled a little and felt your ears turn red. The very mention of Haley’s name was enough to make you feel like you were on cloud nine. The car fell silent again as you neared your high school. 
In your AP world history class, the class was looking at the test you had taken yesterday. Surprisingly, you got a 74% on the multiple choice part and a 50% on your essay portion, so that landed you with a just below passing grade. You thought you completely flunked that test yesterday, so that was a pleasant surprise. It took a good portion out of your overall grade in the class, lowering it from a comfortable A- to a slightly alarming B. You supposed it could’ve been a lot worse. Besides reviewing your tests, the class didn’t do much except starting the reading for the next chapter.
Your psychology online class went like it usually did, however your phone blew up with texts about midway through the block. Glancing down, you saw that it was Haley. Shouldn’t she be in class?
Hales : )
(Y/n) meet me in the locker room right after school
I need to talk to you before practice starts
It’s an emergency
What’s going on?
Hales : )
I’ll explain after school.
Can’t talk about it over text
Alright, see ya then ig
You felt your gut twinge. Something’s wrong, but you didn’t know what. You were worried about Haley, usually she was really bubbly. You’ve never seen the senior act so strange before. You could only wait the block out until the bell would release you from the confines of the library and into the locker room. After sending a quick text to your brothers that you were going to stay after school for your practice, you stared blankly at your laptop’s clock as you counted down the minutes left in the class period. Ten minutes. Eight minutes. Four minutes. Two minutes. Thirty seconds-
You shot up from your seat as the bell rang. Pushing past some groups of freshmen that congregated in the hallways, you made a beeline for the locker room. In the locker room, you found Haley sitting on the metal bench on the opposite end of the locker room with her back facing the last row of lockers and facing the brick wall. She was clenching her phone in her hand with an iron grip. You hurried to sit next to her.
“Hales, what’s going on? Talk to me.”
“It’s bad (y/n). Like, really bad.”
“What’s bad? You’re worrying me.”
Wordlessly, she unlocked her phone and handed it to you. On the screen was something that you weren’t expecting to see. You scrolled through the contents and felt your stomach drop with each scroll; someone took pictures of you and Haley throughout the match last night. Every picture was a violation to yours and Haley’s dignities, they had gotten zoomed in pictures of your boobs and asses. Deeper, there were even pictures taken of you changing into your volleyball uniform through your open window. You were only in your underwear. Haley had a similar picture that you scrolled past as fast as you could. Scrolling to the bottom of the text message thread, the person that sent Haley the pictures added a caption to the last picture. It was a picture of you and Haley together celebrating your match, her arm slung around your shoulder with your mouth open mid-laugh.
I’m sending these out to the entire school unless you stop hanging around her.
If you tell anyone, the pics will be printed off and put in every single locker and bathroom the school has.
You’ll be the sluts of Klinkver High. 
Cut all ties now. You have two days. 
Do not try me.
“Jesus christ Haley. Who the fuck would do this? This is sick.”
She took her phone back and locked it without looking at the screen. “I don’t know (y/n). I wanted to tell you not to openly talk to me for a few days. We don’t know who took these, we don’t know what they’re capable of. I don’t wanna risk angering them.”
“We can find them! If we look close enough, we might find a few clues where they were sitting. Do you remember seeing anything suspicious last night?”
“(Y/n), our best option is to leave it. We just can’t talk in person anymore; we can still text each other.”
“Hales, how are we gonna not talk? I’m your setter.”
She ran a hand through her thick black hair. “I don’t know (y/n). Just-just don’t talk to me anymore, I don’t want your pictures leaked.”
“I don’t care about my pictures. My name’s been drug through so much shit this past year that it won’t affect me. I don’t want your stuff leaked.”
She gave a watery laugh, “you care too much, I love that about you…” Glistening eyes turned to look deep into your own. “I’m so scared (y/n), I don’t know what to do.”
You pulled her into a hug, wincing slightly when she squeezed her arms around your upper back. She buried her face into your shoulder and started shaking with muffled sobs. “Haley, I promise I’ll catch whatever sick bastard is doing this to you. You don’t deserve this.”
She said nothing as you rested your chin on the top of her head and started to rock her back and forth slowly. You two stayed like that even after her sobbing resided, finding comfort in each other’s presence. Glancing at the clock, you realized that you two have been in the locker room for an hour. Practice was set to start in fifteen minutes, people were going to start coming into the locker room soon. 
You reluctantly pulled away from the hug and looked Haley in her bloodshot eyes, “I’m not going to let those pictures of you get leaked. I swear on my-”
The door to the locker room swung open and loud laughter echoed throughout the room. Haley pushed you away and speed walked off to a bathroom stall, slamming the door shut behind her. 
“Damn (y/n), what’d you do? She’s pissed.” 
“It’s none of your business, Zara.” 
“Oh, so it’s a lover’s quarrel then~” She cackled, her hair bouncing slightly with each heave of her shoulders. 
“For the love of… Haley and I aren’t dating, we’re both straight.” She’s straight.
“Mmhm.” She brushed past you to go to her locker. You followed her, your locker was in the grouping next to hers. You shared the area with Haley. You changed as fast as you could so that Haley would have time to change before practice starts. Speed walking into the gym, Zara was hot on your trail wearing a shit eating grin.
“Why are you in such a rush? Giving your girlfriend the silent treatment?”
“Zara. We aren’t dating. For the last time, we’re both heterosexual, not homosexual!” You wildly gestured with your hands to emphasize your point, your voice being amplified by the vast gym. Coach Williams gave you a confused look from across the gym. 
“You just keep telling yourself that.”
“I’m serious.”
“Hi serious,” a soft voice replied from behind you, “I’m Jazzy.”
You groaned at the pun at the same time Zara started cackling, giving the short libero a high five. “Nice!”
“That was so bad, Jaz.” You couldn’t help the smile that found its way onto your face.
Zara poked your cheek with a wide grin. “C’mon, you’re smiling!”
“I am and I hate it.”
Your bickering continued with Jazzy watching you two with a content smile. The remaining members of the team (Haley, Marlene, and Zuri) filed into the gym right as Coach Williams blew her whistle. 
Practice went by slowly without Haley talking to you. Sure, you had the rest of the team, but it didn’t feel the same with you guys ignoring each other. If the team or Coach Williams noticed you two not talking to each other, they didn’t say anything. By time practice was over, you all went to the locker room to change. After slipping into your fuzzy pajama pants, you sat on the bench and texted Wilbur to come pick you up. He was supposed to pick you up after practice today because he and Techno took the car home after school. Five minutes passed and he still didn’t reply. He probably won’t see the text until you got home from walking.
You sighed, resting your chin in your palm as you leaned forward. One by one, the girls left the locker room until it was only you and Haley left. 
“Do you need a ride (y/n)?” She asked gently.
“But what if the person sees us together? I can just walk home, it’s not really a big deal.”
She rolled her eyes at you. “It is a big deal. It’s cold and dark out. You could get kidnapped or something. You don’t even have a coat with you. I’m giving you a ride whether you like it or not.”
You playfully rolled your eyes at her and stood up to walk next to her, “okay, mom.”
“Don’t give me that attitude young lady.”
“You can’t tell me what to do, you’re not my real mom!”
She gasped and lightly smacked the back of your shoulder, “I married your- are you alright? Shit, I didn’t hurt you did I?”
“No, you’re good. It’s just this damned bruise.”
She moved her hands and frantically turned you around to pull the neck of your shirt down. You two stood in front of the school’s main entrance with the nauseatingly bright fluorescent light bouncing off the reflective surface of the tiles. The orange tinted street lights lit up the sidewalk outside.
“I know what you’re gonna say.”
She scoffed, “oh really? What am I gonna say then, o wise one?”
You turned around to face her, “‘oh, this is bad, yadda yadda yadda.’ Everyone’s been saying that about it. Honestly it looks worse than it feels. Tis but a scratch, m’lady.”
She snorted and covered her mouth, “never call me ‘m’lady’ ever again.”
You started to walk to her car in the empty parking lot. “Or what? What’re ya gonna do?”
“I swear to god, (y/n), I’m gonna leave you here.”
“Do it, pussy. Bet you won’t.”
“You really wanna bet?”
You grinned at her, “hell yeah.”
She broke off into a mad dash to her car, laughing freely into the night sky. You chased after her trying not to move your arms much, your laugh mixing with hers like a perfect symphony composed of the world’s best musicians. The sound of your rubber soles slapping the pavement resonated throughout the parking lot as you quickly gained on her. Reaching out to grab her shirt, she smirked at you and sharply turned to the right into the grass.
You grinned as her pace slowed down slightly. You’d be able to catch her at this pace. You pushed your legs to move faster as she looked at you from over her shoulder and shrieked in surprise at how close you were to her. You cackled at her reaction, reaching out once again, you grabbed her hand. She was stopped dead in her tracks as your shoulder was yanked with the sudden momentum, making you hiss in slight pain. Despite that, you didn’t let go of her soft hand. 
You both stood there under the moonlight and the soft orange street lamps trying to  catch your breath. The slightly damp blades of grass tickled your ankle as you shifted to face her better. Through gasping breaths and a dopey grin, you said “you… lost, pussy.”
She let out a breathy laugh as she pulled you to her car. “Shuddup.”
“Make me~”
She opened the passenger side door for you and got into the driver's seat. Her car smelled like vanilla and citrus. “Oh, you will later when I make you do more sets in weight lifting tomorrow, hurt shoulder be damned.”
She turned on the ignition and the car revved to life, soft indie pop wafted from the speakers. She backed out of the parking space and sped off to the main road. “You wouldn’t…”
“I’m your captain, (y/n). I can make you do whatever I want.” You felt your cheeks heat up a tad. You were happy that she couldn’t see you.
“Naw, you’re too much of a softie for that. Admit it, I’ve got you wrapped around my little finger.”
She chuckled as she pulled into your driveway and put the car in park. “...Alright, maybe you do. Just a bit.”
She turned to look at you. She looked stunning with the shadows accentuating the contours of her face perfectly. You found yourself glancing at her lips and leaning slightly towards you. To your surprise, she started leaning into you as well. Before your lips could finally mesh together, she pulled back with a sigh and ran her hand through her hair. You felt a rush of disappointment and fear course through your veins. She didn’t like you like that, you should’ve known better. You were so stupid. So, so stu-
“I can’t (y/n). I want to kiss you so bad, but we can’t. Not yet at least. Not until we find the pervert that took those pictures of us.”
You sighed, “right.”
The car was filled with awkward silence. Not even the soft music streaming from the speakers could alleviate the awkwardness. God, you really screwed up your friendship, didn’t you? Sammy, Adrian, and Annie were right; you messed up everything you touched.
You coughed, “I think I’m gonna…”
You grabbed your bag and walked into your house, the smell of chicken slapping you in the face instantly. Without checking in with your dad, you hurried up the stairs, desperate for the warm comfort of your bed. That, and if you wanted to get Sammy’s presentation and Adrian’s, Annie’s, and your research papers done by Friday, you had to start as soon as you could. You were going to skip dinner for tonight, you’d just grab more breakfast tomorrow morning. 
You plopped on your bed and got started on your research paper. Luckily, you already had all of the sources you were planning on using and the rough outline of each body paragraph, so writing the actual paper wasn’t going to take long. You worked until you heard a knock at your door. 
“(Y/n),” Techno’s monotone voice called out, “dinner’s ready.”
“Tell Dad I’m not hungry. Practice’s got me beat, I’m going to bed soon.”
He grunted, “you know he’s not gonna like that right?”
You felt frustration start to swim circles around your chest, “Techno, just tell him that I’m not hungry right now. Please.”
“Damn, you don’t need to be like that. I’ll tell him.”
You heard his stomping footsteps thumping down the hall. Shit, you pissed him off. You were a terrible person, he was just trying to get you to eat something, Pushing back the tears that threatened to spill from your eyes, you forced the panic that was starting to swirl around your body in laps deep into your being. You didn’t have time to deal with your failures and stupid emotions, you had to get this done. You didn’t have time to think about Haley’s warm breath ghosting across your lips. You didn’t have time to think about how she probably regretted almost kissing you. You didn’t have time to fall into an anxiety spiral, you needed to focus if you wanted Adrian, Annie, and Sammy to forgive you. You ruined yours and Haley’s friendship and did the same to yours and Techno’s. They were the only ones you had left. You needed to be a better friend.
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highlifeboat · 4 months ago
A concept: Bela overhears her sisters talking to her mother about how clingy she is.
Cassandra and Daniela really don’t mean it personally, but their words sound so harsh in Bela’s sensitive ears. Her sisters are just discussing the things they’ve seen with Bela’s neediness, expressing that it’s concerning, and when Alcina reluctantly agrees that, yes, it can be a bit much at times, Bela shatters. Her sisters were one thing, but her mother...
Realizing she had to do something, Bela starts to pull herself away. She doesn’t eat or sleep; she only showers or bathes in frigid water, leaving her skin sore, ashy, and riddled with blisters; she barely leaves her room; and worst of all: she starts talking back to Alcina.
That last thing is what REALLY concerns everyone. And Bela hates doing it, but she feels the need to distance herself from her mother, and this is the only way. It’s better for everyone if she loosened her ties with them.
Eventually, Bela’s attitude gets so bad that Alcina finally snaps at her, and it hurts Bela more than she was expecting. She had been trying to prepare herself for the pain, but it still came to her like a knife in her stomach.
(Hurt no comfort)
She hadn’t meant to eavesdrop. It wasn’t something she would normally do. After all, she’d never want her sisters to listen in on one of her private conversations, especially with their mother, and in truth she hadn’t planned to stick around. But when she heard her name mentioned it seemed to make her pause. They were talking about her. Why? What had she done? Was she in trouble? Bela’s mind raced with possibilities, and pressed her ear against the door so she could hear a little better.
“You don’t think it’s weird?” Cassandra’s voice asked. “How… clingy she is?” Bela swallowed. Clingy? She wasn’t clingy. Well, maybe she could be. A little. “How she always wants to be around you? How much she seems to care what you think about her?”
“Yeah, and the lengths she goes just for a pat on the head.” Daniela’s voice agreed. “I’ve seen her go days without sleep trying to impress you with something. It’s not normal.” Not normal? Bela shifted. “And she’s been like this forever! It’s really weird.”
“And a little creepy.” Cassandra added. “Like, I know we were all attention seekers at first but even you have to think this is out of control, right? We aren’t crazy for thinking that.”
Bela heard her mother sigh, her teeth starting to grind together. “Bela can be… overbearing at times, yes….” The blonde sunk her claws into the door as her heart seemed to stop. “And it is a little odd.” Odd? “If I knew how to help her I would.” Help? Mama thinks you need help? That you’re odd? Overbearing? Not normal?
Bela felt tears in her eyes and rushed as quietly as she could away from the door and the conversation on the other side. Her sisters were one thing. Their complaints still tugged at her heart, of course, but they had been teasing her for years. But her mother? Her own mother thought she was overbearing? She didn’t understand, she thought she was doing everything right. Did Mother not like when she went the extra mile for her? Did she not like that she followed everything she said? Bela pulled her hair. No, she had to do something. She would gain her mother’s love back, and show her sisters she wasn’t “clingy”. She could change. Or, at the very least, try to.
That was probably where the downward spiral started.
She started off small. Putting no more into her work than necessary, and slowly lessening the time she spent around her mother and sisters. At first they had seemed a little impressed with her new found ability to say “no” to them, even if it was eating away at her internally. But her sisters were happy with her, and even their mother seemed content with her new attitude. That was all she wanted. But it was keeping her up at night.
When she sat alone in her room, the wind howling outside her window, it felt like torture. Her mind raced, some parts telling her how useless she was becoming, and others reminding her this was for the best. It was nothing but a constant whirlwind of conflicting ideals that rang in her ears no matter how hard she tried to make them stop. She’d even started losing her appetite, the stress of it all twisting her stomach into a terrible knot that refused to keep food anymore. She did eat in front of her family when they were gathered at the dinner table, if just to act like everything was fine, but she always purged it afterwards as if her body was rejecting it. Every part of her body was blistered, and ashen, and terribly raw from freezing showers, even the usually soft fabric of her dress was beginning to feel like sandpaper. Headaches came often, and felt like they lasted for days, and in private she would writhe and cry on her bed from the bouts of pain that were plaguing her being. It was becoming unbearable. But her sisters were happy, and her mother was happy. And that was all that mattered, wasn’t it?
Or, they had seemed happy up until Bela started back talking to her mother.
She didn’t know if it was the constant pain, the hunger, or the fact she always felt on edge, but her mother’s voice was starting to grate on her ears. It had gone from simply saying “No” to certain requests, to sarcastic comments she’d picked up from Cassandra, to down right snapping back at her mother for making comments to her. And it was killing her more than any of the pain she put on herself. The way her mother looked at her. The sadness that turned to concern. It twisted her heart with guilt. But this is what they wanted right? No more clinging to mommy? Bela wanted nothing more than to apologize and hug her mother, but she kept holding herself back. You don’t want to be overbearing. Mother wouldn’t like that. Walk away. Walk away. There didn’t seem to be any way for her to win this internal battle with herself.
And then they had a fight.
She couldn’t remember what had started it. If her mother had simply asked her something, or if she’d made another comment on her recent behaviour, or if she had just looked at her the wrong way. All she knew was that she’d stood from her seat and sparked the argument. She told her mother to stop trying to pry into her life. That she didn’t want her help. That she just wanted to be left alone. That they were all stressing her out. That she hated her sisters. That she hated her.
Bela said she hated her mother. To her face.
Her sisters froze, having come to see what the yelling was about, and the look on their mother’s face made Bela want to dissolve into the floor.
“I-I didn’t-” She jumped when her mother interrupted her.
“That is enough!” She snapped, and Bela’s entire body went rigid. “Young lady, I don’t know what has gotten into you these past weeks, but the way you have been acting is completely unacceptable! I have had enough of your attitude, and I will not be spoken to in such a manner by my own child!” She raised her hand to make a gesture, and Bela thought she was going to be struck. And you would deserve it, wouldn’t you? “I would expect this from Cassandra, maybe even Daniela, but not you!” She crossed her arms. “I’m very disappointed in you, Bela!”
The words cut into her so much worse than she thought they would. Bela had prepared herself for this, knowing her mother wouldn’t put up with her act forever, but to have it actually happen made it feel like her guts were getting ripped out. To be called a disappointment, it took the air from her lungs and strangled her with it. She couldn’t breathe properly, her heart was pounding in her ears. She hates you. Doesn’t want you here. She hates you! HATES YOU! HATE HATE HATE! Bela’s vision started to blur with tears, and, at a loss for what to do, she did the only thing she could think of.
She ran.
Her mother called for her to come back, but she only ran faster. Through the castle halls, down the stairs, past a group of surprised and frightened maidens, and finally out of the castle’s main entrance and into the cool night air. It burned her skin, but she just kept going, out past the Duke’s cart and into the Vineyard, until her foot caught on loose rock and she fell face first into the hard ground. After that she couldn’t push herself up. Too sore, too tired, too hungry, too cold. So she did the only thing left she could do. She cried.
She cried, and screamed, and pulled at her hair. She curled in on herself, claws sunk into her scalp as if she were trying to rip out her brain. Her mother hated her. Her sisters probably hated her, too. She hated herself. Everything hurt. She just wanted it to stop.
She wanted her mother.
“MAMAA!” The wail tore from her throat before she had a chance to stop it. She certainly had the audacity, didn’t she? Mother wouldn’t rescue her. Not after that horrid display. “Mama….” It felt like her skull was splitting open. She didn’t deserve to see mother. To be held in her arms and cradled. Not after the way she’d acted. “I’m s-sorry….” It was far too late for apologies wasn’t it? Bela choked on her tears as her vision blurred and distorted. She felt terribly light headed. “M-M-Mommy, please… Please help me….”
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gunpowder-and-smoke · 7 months ago
𝐚 𝐛𝐮𝐧𝐜𝐡 𝐨𝐟 𝐢𝐝𝐢𝐨𝐭𝐬 — 𝐭.𝐬
Pairing: Tony Stark x daughter!reader, Morgan Stark x sister!reader (mentioned)
Warnings: funny fluff, cursing, Tony being a great dad (set after Endgame), reader and her friends are 21 or older, a little unrealistic but that’s okay
Summary: The reader and her friends get pulled over for speeding, but Tony is always there to help his daughter out, even in the most ridiculous situations.
A/N: This was originally written for one of my best friends with different characters, but I decided to change it up for my blog! I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did while writing it💕
Word count: 2.659 words
Tumblr media
Night driving. You never used to like it. The flare of oncoming headlights blinding you, the patches of unlit motorway that seem to fade into a swallowing black hole of darkness. It’s disorientating, changes every shape and form you see when you through the windshield. There’s a road leading through the woods you have to drive along to get to the lakeside cabin your family lives in and while the small patch of nature surrounding you on your way home usually seems like it came straight out of a fantasy novel, it now feels like an inescapable trap. Flickering blue and red lights distort the trees around you until it seems like shallow creatures reach for the car you’re sitting in with long bony fingers, desperately trying to get a grasp of you.
It was Peter’s idea. He had called you that afternoon with an excited tinge in his voice as he proposed his fantastic plans for the night. Grab McDonald's and watch all Star Wars movies in chronological order, maybe even invite MJ and Ned, just to have some fun together. Spring break allowed you to finally spend some time with your friends and distract yourself from the constant studying that brought drumming headaches in the latest nights.
Although MJ and Ned agreed almost instantly in your group chat, after Peter texted them during your phone call, you took a moment to think about your decision until Peter chose to repeatedly whine your name and finally won you over, for good or for worse. Now, you regret every choice you made today. You should’ve stayed at home — enjoy a nice movie and drink a delicious cup of tea, curled into a pile of warm blankets with your younger sister in your arms. Morgan would have loved that. Instead, you’re now trapped in a car with your friends and watch the silhouettes of the cops through the rearview mirror.
“We’re fucked. We’re beyond fucked and I hope, you all know that.” MJ buries her face in the palm of her hands to muffle the annoying profanities slipping out her mouth, most of them aimed at you and your friends as if that would reverse time and improve your situation. For a short moment, no-one utters a word, not even Ned, who usually seems to have a witty remark ready on the tip of his tongue for every inconvenient occasion. Though not this time, and you aren’t sure, if that’s a good sign or if that just worsens the feeling in the pit of your stomach that just tells you how fucked you really are.
Carefully, MJ casts a daring glance into the rearview mirror. When one of the cops turns to look in the direction of your car parked a few feet away from them, another string of foul curses leaves her tongue as she sinks further into the car seat in a desperate attempt to disappear miraculously. It doesn’t work.
“Come on, MJ. Relax, we have everything under... under control!” Peter finally takes the word, perched in the corner of the backseat with an apologetic smile etched into the dimples of his cheeks, but it falters the second she turns around to face him. You all know the tell-tale signs of MJ’s irritation and, most importantly, you know when it’s best to let her be. Her jaw is clenched and a vein pulsates dangerously between her furrowed eyebrows when she locks eyes with Peter and so, he only dares to throw her a smaller smile and averts his gaze to look out of the window into the night. 
“Everything in control?” MJ throws her head back and laughs dryly. “We all know that Y/N drives like a fucking maniac and yet, she’s the one sitting behind the steering wheel! Who even allowed her to do that?” She ignores your offended gasp and moves to find a comfortable position in the passenger’s seat, when Ned snorts behind her back, miserably trying to stifle his laugh with a hand in front of his mouth.
“I think, that was you.” He shrugs nonchalantly, only rolling his eyes when he catches MJ’s glare. “What? You said, you didn’t want to drive at night, because it’s scary. So, Y/N took the car keys.”
Fuck. He’s right.
“Shut up, Ned. No one asked you for your opinion”, she grumbles and tugs a dark strand of curly hair behind her ear, before crossing her arms over her chest with an exasperated huff. “This is the worst day. I just want to go home and sleep, but instead, the cops pull us over for speeding.”
“And don’t you forget how Y/N lied to them.” Ned laughs in pure amusement and shakes his head in disbelief. “I’m not sure if she’s a genius or just stupid, but I love it. Even if we’re going to die tonight!"
“If you say one more word, I will strangle you.”
“You wouldn’t do that.” That was a mistake.
With one quick movement, MJ loosens her seatbelt and tries to get a grasp of Ned, her upper body bent in an awkward angle to fit through the gap between the driver’s seat and passenger seat, her left knee almost hitting you in the process. Her fingertips faintly brush the thin fabric of his shirt, but a forceful tug on her beltloop pulls her back into the cushion of her seat.
“Listen, as much as I’d like to see you choke Ned, it won’t help us right now. I’m going to call my dad now.” You raise an eyebrow and pull your phone out of your jacket, quickly dialing Tony’s number with a worried grin as if you’re just going to tell him about your day instead of explaining how you got pulled over by the police. Maybe, you’ll get away if you promise to babysit Morgan for a whole weekend.
“Are you fucking insane?”, MJ seethes through clenched teeth and runs a hand through her hair, nervously watching how your thumb hovers over the call button, a little hesitant.
“Yes, but that’s not the point. He’s the only option we have right now, my mum is on a business vacation. ” You offer her a playful smirk and press the button, staring into the rearview mirror as you wait for Tony to pick up. "Honestly, if I called Pepper right now, she would've ripped my head off."
Next to you, MJ shakes her head and smiles, one that doesn’t reach her eyes, and pulls her face into a disapproving grimace. Sighing, she puts her feet onto the dashboard and leans back with a heavy sigh. “Sure, go ahead. I’ll just sit back and watch how the world burns when you tell him.” Her words drip with sarcasm and Peter exchanges an alarmed glance with Ned, but you only flip her off and wait impatiently to hear your dad’s voice on the other end of the line.
It feels like an eternity until Tony finally takes the call.
“Care to explain, why you’re calling me at 1.56 am?” His voice is quiet, perhaps a little raspy from sleep, but it’s warm and almost welcoming you. He yawns loudly and sits up, duvet rustling when he moves his sleepy body in bed. This is perhaps the first night he decided to go to sleep at a relatively decent time and guilt pounds in your chest as you listen closely with your bottom lip caught between your teeth. Your mind is racing, trying to find the right words to make your whole situation sound less... bad. But there' just no way around it and, just like your father, you have always been known for your bluntness, so you just take a deep breath and mentally prepare yourself for the next thirty seconds of pure anxiety shooting through every cell of your being.
“Please, don’t be mad at me, but I just got pulled over for speeding by the cops.” Wow. Off to a great start, huh? At least, it wasn’t drunk driving. You hesitate for a second, nervously waits for Tony’s reaction, a tired sigh, a flat comment about being an absolute idiot, or even just disappointed silence, that urges you to go on.
“No.” Two letters drenched in dismay, just how you expected. You wince at the drained tone in his voice, shooting the others a doubting glance as if that would help you gather the strength to tell your father the whole truth, the details that make the whole night a lot worse. Beside you, MJ closes her eyes, absolutely done with your antics but finally having found peace within the idiotic chaos, while Peter and Ned franticly motion you to stop talking with wild hand gestures. You just ignore them.
“They pulled me over and I told them that our dad fell down the stairs and we’re all on our way to help him, which is why I was speeding and now... now we need you to act as of you're hurt when we get home. They are currently discussing something outside, but I’m pretty sure they want to follow us to see if I told the truth."
The silence is unsettling. 
"You lied to the cops?" Tony asks after a while, dangerously calm.
“Y/N.” He sternly calls your name, in that certain way that makes your stomach just fucking drop and an apologetic smile begins to tug at the corners of your mouth, although her dad can’t see it.
“I know. I know and I’m sorry for waking you up”, you reply with a groan, running your hand through your hair and closing your eyes to gather your thoughts, before speaking again. “You can force me to babysit Morgan the whole year when I get home, but me a favor and help us.”
On the other side of the line, Tony rolls out of her bed and carefully shuffles out of his cozy bedroom into the kitchen, not even bothering to switch on the lights and just blindly reaching for the bottle of whiskey. Sometimes, alcohol is necessary to endure his daughter and the trouble that seems to follow her every step she takes. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re calling me in the middle of the night to tell me that the police will show up at our home any time soon and I have to act like I’m hurt, so you don’t have to feel the consequences of your own actions?”
He takes a long sip out of the bottle, closing his eyes at the bitter taste on his tongue and the burning sensation in his throat when he swallows. Contemplatively, he rests his hand against his chin, finger dancing across his beard in thought, until he finally sighs. “Fine, I’ll do it.” And with that, he hangs up and rushes to the bathroom for preparations.
The second you slide your phone into the pocket of your pants, a cop knocks on the window and gestures to you to open it so he can talk to you. "My colleague and I have decided to follow you home, just to ensure that you told us the truth. Is that alright with you?" As if you have a choice.
“Yeah, sure!” You offer him a polite smile, a smile that is a little too wide for your friend's taste. Only when the officer walks away and gets into their police car do you move — you scoff in disgust, a snarl evident on your face as you mutter something that sounds like "fucking bastard" before you turn to look at your friends. "Okay, but my dad will help us!"
Your friends cheer, Ned even pats your shoulder with a wide grin and even MJ sighs in relief at the sudden win. Slowly, you start the car with a triumphant grin and glance into the rearview mirror to check, if the cops are following. "Alright, let's get home!"
Approximately 15 minutes later, you pull up into the driveway, past lovely rose bushes and an apple tree, right in front of the lakeside house. With one last look at your friends, you open the car door and rush to the front door, almost tripping over your own feet. With trembling hands you fiddle with the keys, a shuddering breath leaving your heaving chest when the door finally opens with a heavy groan. The hallway inside is dark and you can barely see the outlines of the sleek furniture when you run inside, followed by your friends and the two policemen who inspect the cabin suspiciously.
Peter sprints past you and calls for your father in feigned panic and gasps in shock when he stops in front of the staircase. “Tony! Oh my god, there you are!”
There, on the last step of the staircase, Tony sits with dark shadows under his red-rimmed eyes, tears streaming down his face and soaking into the material of his shirt and his briefs, the only thing he's wearing. His leg is outstretched and Ned throws a concerned glance at you when you see the bruises forming just above his exposed knee. They seem to look real and it worries you -what if he really fell when you were on your way home and this all isn't an act anymore?
A groan escapes Tony’s trembling lips as he clutches Peter’s caring hand and presses into your comforting hug, seemingly caught in pain. For a while, you just stand there and listen to his whimpers and stifled cries, before Tony finally casts his tear-filled eyes onto the two uniformed men standing in the hallway right behind Peter. They stare at your father with open jaws, quite lost in the dramatic scenery and perhaps the realization, that they just barged into Iron Man's home.
“Can I help you? I... I didn’t know my daughter brought two officers to help me, too.” Tony sniffles pathetically and winces, when his shaking hands ghost over his bruised knee and he accidentally touches his tender leg. “I sincerely apologize, but I... I missed a step and fell down the stairs. Calling Y/N was my first thought, I just didn't know what to do."
One of the men flushes heavily under his gaze and scratches his neck in embarrassment, already beginning to stutter helplessly. "I'm sorry, we... uh, should we call an ambulance? We don't want to bother you longer than necessary."
MJ turns around and shakes her head, dismissively waving her hand around. “I think, we got it handled.” Her brown eyes glint with mischief and amusement, when one of the cops lowers his head and clears his throat, obviously feeling quite uncomfortable while he nervously fumbles with his phone.
“Alright, would you mind if we take a photo toge-... No? Okay, sure, we wish you a good evening, sir." And with that, they both stumble out of the front door, not even daring to look back at the group gathered around Tony. The second, the door closes with a thud you speak up. "Dad... Are you really okay? Those bruises look bad, maybe we should take a look at them."
"I'm fine, I promise." He wipes his nose with the back of his hand and gets up with a tired sigh, nonchalantly smoothing out his shirt. "This is all just makeup I stole from you. I thought I'd put on a good show when I already have to save your asses. Obviously, I'm a convincing actor."
Peter chuckles lightly, obviously relieved that you’re finally at home and everything seems to be fine. “You really scared us for a second there." Next to him, Ned clutches the paper bag of curly fries and nods in approval as he chews happily on a chicken nugget.
“Don’t worry.” Tony crosses his arms over his chest as his trademark grin disappears from his face. “I’m going to be much scarier in about 0.5 seconds. Now, what the hell were you kids thinking?”
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