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Sorry to be a newby, but who is Cameron ?

cameron azoff is jeffrey azoff’s younger brother, and he is a delight to follow on instagram! he is happy in a way that is only possible if you have never had to worry about money and you know you will never have to worry about money. youngest siblings have it so easy: jeff got all the daddy issues, and cam just takes irv to dairy queen and posts dumb pictures about it. i love him and his sweet baby jeff face so much.

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Hello! I’m Dimitri! Here’s a few things about me:

  • I am the child of Logan and Remus Sanders
  • The trait I personify is Info Dump! That means I’m the person that holds all that fun stuff you remember learning somewhere
  • I’m 16 years old, and my pronouns are he/him and they/them
  • I like: my dads (Logan is Dad, Remus is Papa), reading, KitKats, movie and book villains, Melanie Martinez and other obscure music artists, and B&W movies
  • I don’t like: people, Uncle Roman and Uncle Virgil, people bugging me, anything salty, cliche superheroes, Taylor Swift, cliche romcoms
  • My hair is long and straight, mostly brown with grey tips (I dyed them green, but it faded)
  • My favorite outfit is my Doctor Who shirt, my lab coat, jeans, checkered Vans, and my green goggles
  • My talents include speaking Greek and playing keytar
  • I love experimenting in Dad’s lab, especially using the equipment I “borrowed” from Papa
  • As a partial “Dark Side”, I have an animal trait and a power. My trait is my puffer fish toxin, called tetrodotoxin. My power is called Virus, where I can repeat a phrase I say over and over in Thomas’s head without ceasing

Please ask me anything!

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i have just been requested to live blog my first time viewing of die hard. i am 28 minutes into the film, and here are my thoughts thus far:

  • holly and john are what amy and jake could have been if they hadn’t grown tf up
  • are those female-presenting nipples i see!
  • ok so i’m confused is johnny trying to get them back together or is he just checking every gal out
  • snape!
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Hi Liz! Do you know of any good Mary POV fics out there?

Hi! I’ve barely been reading the past few years, but I did read this one out of curiosity about what was in the Mary/Rowena tag:

and it’s excellent and also the only thing in there at the time I checked so *taps watch* 

There’ve been a few codas from her POV but I couldn’t conjure them up on demand… apologies, I don’t really have much to offer and I fear that’s not JUST because I rarely read D:

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I’ve been queueing a lot of abandoned / urban exploration stuff over the past few days so my blog’s gonna start being regularly flooded with it any day now

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i love SO tags, i love looking at what people name them, i love looking through them, i love seeing how people see their relationships, i love LOVE. like life sucks but love is great???? like everytime i look through ppls irl relationship tags i feel like like buddy the goddamn elf yelling like IM IN LOVE AND I DONT CARE WHO KNOWS IT.

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@clacomics put up this lineart for colouring, which thank god honestly I don’t have time to draw linearts myself right now xD So I decided to use it for a little practice with shading and highlight techniques on SAI that the lovely @the-scottish-costume-guy showed me. I think it came out pretty well! A few mistakes here and there but… too late to fix those lol. But overall fairly proud of how it turned out!! Yay!

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