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mysticalrambling · 2 days ago
The Truth (C.E)
Blurb for the series Ending It All.
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Summary: After ten years, Chris finally addresses the issue of his children calling Tom Hiddleston as dad. He expresses his regret over the past mistakes in his life and they are really compassionate towards him.
Warnings: angst
Years have passed by but Chris’s feelings for you never faded. And his regret, it seemed, had increased ten fold. He never moved on from you even though he was the one who suggested the divorce. The funny thing was that you were happy when he was miserable even after ten years. Life really does suck.
“Hey dad!! Whatcha doin’?” Your fourteen your old son asked as soon as he stepped into the car.
Before Chris could reply, Mia interfered. “He’s pickin’ us up from school, dummy.”
“You’re dumb.” Jace huffed while putting on his seatbelt. It was a given that your children would fight every chance they got and you found it adorable sometimes. Keyword being sometimes.
“And you’re-”
“Alright, stop it you guys. Who wants ice cream?” Chris interrupted them because he wasn’t in the mood to scold them. Ice cream was always his way to call out a truce in between his children.
He peeled from the parking lot when Mia chimed in from her seat. “But we had ice cream last night with mom and dad.”
Chris has heard his children address Tom as ‘dad’ for more than nine years but he still can’t get used to it. They live with him, they spend more time with him than Chris and so he also knew that they loved Tom more than him. If he had just stopped himself from ruining his marriage, he would have been the happiest man in the world. If only he could go back in time and rectify his mistake. Whenever they mentioned Tom, Chris just tried to steer the topic away because he couldn’t think about the fact that Tom was living Chris’s life.
“So let’s go home then. Dodge is waitin’ for y’both.”
“I miss Dodge. Mom misses him too.” Your son has been a mumma’s boy from the very start and no time passes by without him mentioning you. Jace admires you and wants to become just like you. There is nothing in life that has made you more prouder than both your children.
“Dodge misses her as well. I made chicken parmesan today.”
“We love you dad!” A joint chorus was heard in the car and Chris couldn’t help but smile. These words were too precious for him because he didn’t get to hear them everyday. He usually just came back to a lonely house with his dob being his only companion. It was lonely and Chris hated every second of it.
“Love y’guys too.”
At that moment Chris was really glad that you didn’t have any children with Tom. Maybe you didn’t want more children or maybe you couldn’t conceive any other. Whatever the reason, he was glad that only the combination of the two of you existed. This was one the thing that no one could take away from him and he thanked all his stars for it.
The thing that Chris didn’t know was that you didn’t want to have kids with anyone other than him. You love Tom with all your heart but there was a part of you that never let you even consider the possibility of having children with him. Jace and Mia were a perfect mixture of you and Chris and you couldn’t think of some other kids that were not half him. It was just impossible.
“Dad, I have a question.” Your son spoke up with his mouth full from chicken.
“Go ahead, J.” Chris always loved it when his children came to him for things. It made him feel important and reassured him that they still needed him.
“My friend said that he only has one dad and that he lives with Ben. Is Tom our real dad?” Choking up on his food, Chris’s whole face turned red. He couldn’t believe his ears. “Y’okay, dad?”
“Yeah, I-I am.” He took a deep breath and prepared himself to answer the question. “I am your dad, J. Your mom and I separated when you were kids because of me. I was wrong about my feelings and I drove your mom away instead of working on us. Regret it so much till this day. Your mom then found Tom and he has loved you guys and your mom just like I did ever since. But I’m your real dad and that would never change.”
Chris hated the fact that this question was even brought up. If he could have just kept his mouth shut all those years ago, his children wouldn’t have this doubt. They would have been a happy family of four, maybe there could have been new additions to the family but that was over. He ruined it but he won’t ever let his children slip away from him. They were the only part of you that he could still be in contact with him and he would be damned to ever let it get away from him.
He continued because this was his chance to get his feelings out. “I know Tom is important in your guys life but I’m your father and I just don’t like it when you address him as one. I have tried my best to stay in your guys’ life as much as possible and I’m still trying. It just really hurts when you call him the same title that should reserved only for me.”
“Dad, don’t cry.” Mia was out of her seat in no time and wiped her father’s tear with her delicate hands. Both the kids have never seen their dad cry and it was the most terrifying sight for them. Their father was like a superhero for them and they didn’t want to ever see him like this. “We’ll stop calling Tom as dad. Promise.”
“I-I can’t ask you guys to do that.”
“We’ll do it for you because you’re really important to us.” They both hugged Chris tightly and he just let out a few happy tears. At least he was lucky to have such amazing and understand kids. From that day onward, they stopped calling Tom as dad but they still loved him the same. You didn’t question them on it because you knew that it had something to do with Chris and it was the children’s decision. Chris was an amazing father and you would never deny it. You would always be glad that he is the one who you had kids with even if you both would never be together again.
Hope you guys liked it!!
A/N: The blurb idea came from this request and I really liked the idea so I wrote it down. I’m open to requests and going to post my prompt list by tomorrow. I love writing but my exams are also coming up so I might take a break sometime next month. Tumblr is my safe haven so I won’t be away for too long. Love y’all!!
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ckneal · a day ago
Ever heard of the call of the void? It’s a common phenomenon in humans, where, when standing in extremely high places, they suddenly feel a passing urge to jump. Most people do not jump, and are even repulsed by the idea, so much so that they scramble back from the edge, which has prompted some psychologists to style this phenomenon as affirmation of the will to live.
But most people don’t have an archangel inside of them. And all this is just to say that I think that at some point when Michael and Adam were out sightseeing after the cage, Adam definitely looked over the edge of some skyscraper, or bridge, or the freaking Grand Canyon, lingered for a second, and then thought, “Fuck it, why not.” And then he jumped right over the edge, prompting Michael, who had only been half-paying attention to scramble to get his wings out for what amounted to the most extreme trust fall of all time.
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morsobaby · a day ago
You being nonhuman doesn't make you worse than humans. Just like in real life, despite common misbelief, animals or other creatures are definitely not below or worse than humans
Some people's nonhuman identity may have developed from them feeling ostracized, othered, and isolated from the rest of society. Bullying, neurodivergence, race, queerness. The common experience is "If you don't fit this and this criteria, you're not even human, because all humans are this and this, obviously!"
That's the majority speaking. And it's not true. And I know many have always been nonhuman from the very start, which makes this all the more alienating. And this post is still for you who feel that. But personally I get the feeling that I've been forced out of humanity, like an egg thrown out the nest bc it didn't seem right, or good enough. I have a complicated relationship with humanity, bc especially for the first portion of my life I felt disgust and disconnect from the whole species. It eased up eventually but I still struggle with things
I wanted to make this, to just say, nonhumans, be it otherkin/hearted, copinglink, therian and so on, are not below anyone. Human is not the be all end all of intelligent and valuable existence. And you don't even need to be intelligent and skilled to be valuable. The world is not made for the sole benefit of humans. We have room here. Being in a human body/perceived as a human while you're something else, makes life difficult in our society bc a specific, rigid kind of "humanity" is automatically expected from everyone. It weighs us down
You're not worse, or below anyone. And many of the qualities people feel othered for, like gaps in cognitive or intellectual abilities, are perfectly okay to have. We're here to exist and make the best of life, not to fill a mold. You don't need to achieve human things to be good enough. You don't need to have human abilities to be good enough. I promise, we all have room here
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hotstreak2k3 · a day ago
Really dig this Star Wars Fanmade short! Absolutely insane. With Darth Maul monologue the events to the viewers, it chronicles anything from the fall of the Republic to the Rise of the Empire all the way to the last moments of Alderaan. Cinematic Capture did an incredible job. I give it a it a 8.5 out 10.
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sevgi-ce · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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we rub the Great Potassium see we do do not get potassium deficiency
Tumblr media
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Almost a month later and I'm still thinking of Karen's, "Because all the people I love the most, belonged to you first."
I applaud you, Tracie Thoms 👏
The queen of my heart strikes again
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I wet my feet in shallow waters
Resting my arms behind my back
Inhaling the soft earthly scent
I bask in the rays
What a view, a mundane spirit
Dipping her aura in shades of cool...........
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romancemedia · 2 days ago
I gotta say none of my expectations were met when Zatanna’s arc began, but it’s only just started. Here is my wishlist for what I hope will come for the rest of Zee’s arc.
More background on Zatanna’s life
Zatanna grieving or at least mentioning Conner’s death
Zatanna reunited with her father for Good!
No More Vandal Savage flashbacks, involvement or life story
John Constantine appears!!!
Zatanna and Klarion... team up? If Child is worse than Klarion than they maybe forced to work together.
Find out if Zatanna is dating anyone?
More of Doctor Fate
Less creepy and gory scenes
More Magic related superheroes
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crazycatsiren · 2 days ago
Stimming is not always a negative thing. It's also not always a positive thing.
People who stim often do so when they are anxious or overwhelmed. I have picked and chewed my fingers bloody. I have given myself headaches from grinding my teeth.
Stop infantilizing stimming and people who stim. We and our stim toys are not uwu stimmy time. We are not a bunch of toddlers doing TikTok dances.
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femme-dor · a day ago
There is nothing feminine about mysoginy. Its great if you are a woman who likes to to dress modestly, practice Christianity and follow the traditional roles of the Bible, & desire to be a dutiful wife/homemaker, but the moment you use that as a way to lord superiority over other women and chastise/berate them for not living or practicing traditional or social requirements of their gender, is where you fall off.
As a feminine woman you support other women who have degrees & careers, who don’t care to have kids, don’t desire to be married and want to stand on their own. Many will not want to follow Christ, adhere to gender norms, aren’t Cis, or perform conventional beauty practices required of them as it might make them uncomfortable and that’s ok! You don’t have to agree, but understand it is not your job to control, dictate or condemn individual women’s lives that allow them to thrive happily or rest in their femininity, as it subsequently takes you out of yours. Women who live non-conventionally from you are not the enemy, hatred of them is and we already have enough of that towards our gender as it is, so try love instead.
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kittymariebaby · a day ago
When he adjusts your Mickey ears while you’re giving him head 🥵🥺
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sevgi-ce · 20 hours ago
Ayaktayım işte herkese inat. Kralı da gelse bozulmaz bu saltanat.
Hatun da benim, kanun da. O kadar …!!!
Tumblr media
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skamism · 2 days ago
since I don’t wanna continue watching the last clip at this moment, I’m gonna give my 2 cents about everything I’ve catched up on
- finn and zoe relationship is a damn train wreck, obviously finn isn’t comfortable with the open relationship idea so I hope they break up and call it a day
- seeing david was like seeing a rainbow after the rain but then he left and it started raining again
- im not sure what purpose mailin serves in this season, she’s kinda just there but to be fair a lot of things this season are pointless
- why isi didn’t tell caillou about the kiss since it was a mutual understanding between lou and them that it was a friendship kiss confuses me. my guess is they were trying not to make cerave upset but when are we gonna learn lying gets us nowhere
-sas deserves better point blank period, I’m so sick of the bs from isi and I’m ready for sas to curse them out
ok I’m gonna go finish watching the clip now 😐
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m-meltdown · 23 hours ago
I hope Fortiche will make sure to protect Viktor's character. I mean ... He really is a sensitive and vulnerable boy. His ‘glorious evolution’ should not obscure this dimension…
I see it more like him becoming half a robot. A half robot from which we withdraw the choice of life or death (Jayce wanting him to survive despite Viktor’s wish to destroy the hexcore).
Viktor will be full of guilt (hi Sky), resentment (hi Jayce and Piltover) and obsession with their original dream… Idk he cannot become a transhummanist with only one wish, that of suppressing human emotions and all that blshit.
He will surely want to become a spokesperson for the oppressed and help the citizens of Zaun to stand up to the oppressor ... IDK
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I have forgotten to love you
But, when seated with company
Or lost in my own valleys
I speak the tales your fingers
Wrote on my flesh, on my soul
On my lips, on my being
I tell them often to the souls
I meet,
For you are a brighter shine
My eyes illuminates, my tongue tastes
I recite the poems after you
To the stars and dust
I pronounce your name again and again
I play your tune, on Sun filled days
I often speak of you in haze
I have forgotten to love you
If you ask the air around me
She will say I still love you............
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romancemedia · 2 days ago
I REALLY hope someday that Starfire is introduced in Young Justice and although I love Dick and Barbara, I’d say having Starfire around would mean we’d get quite the love triangle. I would love to see how that would turn out.
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