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starneko123 · 4 minutes ago
Imagine after a terrible cold outbreak (and many viewings of Frozen), the Lin Kuei built an epic ice castle and Let It Go is formally BANNED. Yes, the castle is far more beautiful and has so many traps.
Tumblr media
Oh my gosh I love this you have no idea! Imagine Kuai secretly loving and building the traps along with the Lin Kuei. But I know he would fuming low key.
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userjiminie · 4 minutes ago
Hi. Have you made a gifset of that scene in Run BTS ep 64 where Jimin was asking Jungkook if he liked the food he shared. And then him and Hobi were giggling to each other like school girls
sadly, i have not 😞 i don’t think i’ve seen this gifset going around either? i’m sorry, i wish i could help, hun 🥺
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l0verboybard · 6 minutes ago
Hi friends I am Big Struggling w my dysphoria. Can you use reed and he/him 4 me please
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star-dust-2317 · 7 minutes ago
Looking around myself
Only to find nothing but pitch black
Drowning in uncertainty and anxiety
I hear echoes of acrimonious doubts
And the whispers that question my worth
I had hope once, and I held on to it
I held on to that star with everything in me
I held on and told it my dreams and desires
I held on to the light it gave out
But I held on a little too tightly
For the only thing that now remains
Are the scars of the dying light
That burned a bit too brightly in the dark
That once glistened with my secrets and hopes
And the remnants of a happy smile
On my hands that bleed red and tears
Chaos has become a distant friend
And silence a clinging foe
As I remain below the waves, unmoving
I look up at the changing skies
And dream of seeing that star again
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mybrainproblems · 10 minutes ago
I have multiple destiel fic I want to write and not nearly enough motivation... So far I have outlined/started writing:
“No fate” alt timeline where Dean is friends with Benny (still a vamp) and s1!Dean meets Cas
Mixtape fic that keeps getting away from me and I have multiple versions
Consumehimnatural/Trueform!Cas/Grace tentacle porn
It’s so easy to outline and so difficult to actually start.
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peoplesoup · 13 minutes ago
i love all the minute details in the end of mizumono. the tiny twitches in will's face when hannibal touches it and u think he's gonna smile. the single tear on hannibal's face when he's leaned over will on the floor. but what fucks me up is that little pause and hannibal's expression between "i already have" and "time and circumstance have returned us to this moment" because it makes me think he hadn't intended to kill abigail until will said that and he was just like. proving to himself that will didn't change him. like i don't know if that was at all how the viewer was supposed to interpret it but i love it
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romancemedia · 13 minutes ago
After all they’ve been through this season it’s great to see all of Station 19 going to a protest.
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romancemedia · 15 minutes ago
I think Sullivan has finally accepted his probie status.
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urmomsstuntdouble · 16 minutes ago
yeah i feel you. it's too much. at this point i feel like i've grown numb to it bc the us kills wayy more poc outside of its borders than inside every single day and the fact absolutely crushes me. it even feels downright insulting how the left protests the death of one individual but ignores all the others outside of america because we have a democract for a president. that's why as a poc i've just learned to shut myself off and distance myself from politics and social justice altogether. one day i'll move out of this damn settler state
(sorry for taking a few days to respond, wasn’t sure what to say)
it really is just. bad that numbess is even a thing. we’re all so accustomed to violence (and of course however hard i took things in that. reactionary post of mine its not comparable to being a person of color) and living off of it
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asking-gereng · 17 minutes ago
scotame? 👀👀 would you mind expanding on that a bit?? headcanons? only if u want to
// not at all 👀👀
The golden retriever picks up the angsty alcoholic and falls in love with the sound of his laugh.
I wrote something once where they went to a beach fair and kissed in the haunted house.
Also consider: Scotland has the best ghost stories and despite how much they scare him, America wants to hear more. They watch scary movies together, America has the blanket over his head on the floor, scotland is leaning on his head on the sofa and telling him what's happening on screen.
Scotland has a weird ability to just suddenly be very romantic and then act like its nothing. Like bringing flowers or holding hands. But sometimes totally internationally sweeps America off his feet. America in turn always knows how to cheer him up and comes up with the date ideas.
I just think they're neat (and they're canon on this blog cus I can't help it)
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shumatsu · 20 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— I was thinking about Nagito a while ago and even sketched him on my notebook, until one of my favorite songs popped up- I WAS FERAL.
— Nagito is so precious. Whenever I listen to some songs on my Spotify playlist, it just reminds me about him- although, I feel like my playlist is trash JDGSJSGD
— Anyways, gotta get studying! I’m gonna listen to this on loop until I get tired. Which is never.
Tumblr media
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romancemedia · 21 minutes ago
I admit I was not expecting for Sullivan’s therapy session to be the most emotional one of the episode. It’s so sad.
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romancemedia · 22 minutes ago
I gotta say I’m surprised. I was waiting to see Dean come to Dr. Lewis. I was ready to see all his anger burst, but his tears were so... No words. I have no words.
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romancemedia · 23 minutes ago
It’s so sad. Little kids shouldn’t have to see what happened to George Floyd.
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