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I had pretty much the same premise as what you have described though, with the additional add on that Ignis is actually a Tenebraen, but Lucian by Royally decreed citizenship. My thoughts are that House Scientia originally served the Fleuret family for generations, Ignis grew up along side Lunafreya and Ravus. Originally Ignis was to be a steward of the Oracle - Lunafreya’s mother Sylva at the time, learning of the prophecy, history, and duty can really mature a kid. 

Ravus and Luna would have treated Ignis as a younger brother much to the ire of Ignis (He would have been a precocious child). It was in Tenebrae that Ignis developed his accent like his parents (the official reasoning that Ignis is always in Court in Lucis is BS to me, if that’s so Clarus should have a pronounced accent and Gladio should have one somewhat as he also looks up to Regis as seen in Brotherhood). Ravus and Ignis would have sparred together - which links to why Ignis and Ravus are able to do chain attacks in Episode Ignis.

Skipping ahead to when Tenebrae gets attacked by General Glauca, it was then that Ignis lost his parents in the attack and Clarus rescued Ignis. I think Ignis’s eyesight “issue” is psychosomatic, it was this attack that triggered his need for clarity in his personality. Injured and still healing, Regis allowed Ignis to remain in Lucis for his protection due to the fact that he worked closely with the Oracle and that Ignis’s only living relative was his uncle (Regis’s steward). It was then that soon after Regis voluntold Ignis to look after Noctis.

I think the main thing for me about Luna, is that so much as riding on the fact that you (as in Noctis) had an exchange diary and yet you can’t read any pages or see any of the contents to get a sense of your relationship with her. Had they shown us the exchanges, Luna would have come off as a better developed character than what we got in the game. What they gave us in Kingsglaive was a treat for Luna’s character, sassy/flirtatious/smart she knows that manipulation is something she has to do to survive her situation of being a prisoner of war of Niflheim. They did somewhat use that in the game where she sort of manipulated Camelia into getting her way to hold the ceremony but they could have handled it better with more fleshing out of Luna’s magical abilities and let us see her kick some Niflheim ass, fight back at the prophecy at least once to show that she tried. The fact that they just make her just go through with the prophecy without even trying to find if there’s a way out is just really frustrating. 

For Regis I don’t really find much issue with partly because I played through A King’s Tale and Platinum Demo that gave us a peak at the kind of relationship Regis and Noctis have which was cute. Though again with what I stated above about Luna, I wish they could have shown Regis trying to fight against the prophecy at least once, or trying to see if there’s another way for his son.

Though on the grand scheme FFXV is basically a game with the concept of acceptance of fate at its core. It’s a game that in my opinion shows, given the consequences and the results, these characters have thoroughly decided to accept what may come. It’s a different FF where I believe most FF’s have our characters fighting against fate, whereas FFXV is the complete opposite of it and poses the question of “What if our characters decide to accept their fate.” Yes it’s quite bitter to take straight up and that’s why I think the devs decided to push the brotherhood and buddy aspect of the game, to somewhat soften the ugly yet sort of beautiful in a sense end in the game. 

Sorry this got really long >_>;

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Okay, bear with me because it’s 3am over here and I’m writing this so I can finally fall asleep. So, here we go.

 Now that I’m alone while I do my erasmus, I’ve been thinking non-stop about relationship. and, among them, my first real crush.

My first real crush was the new girl that arrived to my highschool when I was 14 years old. I know, it sounds so cliché, but that’s the truth. My town’s really small and most of us know each other, especially people of the same age. So, the first day of school, all of us were talking about the new student. She came from another part of the country and she didn’t understand the language. She didn’t know anyone either. We met during break, one of my friends was in her class and she was showing her around. I don’t know what I was thinking that day but, before the day ended, I invited her to my birthday party that I was going to have in two days time. Maybe it was because I knew that she would have a hard time making friends because of the language barrier, maybe because I don’t like to make people feel isolated and alone… Who knows, but the thing is that she came to the party and, from then on, we were always together. Always. 

We had the same taste in a lot of things, but we also had different opinions in others, so it was always interesting to talk with her. We hung out after school most days,  went to each others houses, spent weekends together, we even went on holidays together. After a few months, my friends joked that we were even dating. 

It took me some time to accept my sexuality. I was a firm believer of ‘if you haven’t try it, you don’t know if you like it’, which made me invalidate my bisexuality a lot. Not only that, but being in the ace spectrum also made me harder to see myself as bi. So, I always denied that I had any kind of romantic feelings towards her and I became quite annoyed of comments like that. But, in the end, I did end up having my bi awakening.

We were having a sleepover at my house, just the two of us. We slept in different beds, everything was going normal. When the morning arrived, we stayed in bed for a little bit longer, as my parents tend to wake up quite late. So, we were with our phones, just scrolling throught social media when she told me that she wanted to show me something, I don’t remember what but it’s not important. So, I went to her bed, laid on it, and saw what she wanted to show me. After that, I decided to stay there because I was too lazy to go back to my bed. And that’s when i had my bisexual awakening. Because, while we were laying in that bed, she ended up cuddling me. And my heart went crazy. I know, it seemes so stupid, but I never felt that way when someone was hugging me and suddenly I felt tense and relaxed at the same time. And, most importantly, I didn’t want the hug to end.

I would like to say that after that day we confessed to each other and we dated, but that would be a lie. I was so confuse that I didn’t say anything and, after that school year, we became more and more distant. Not because anything bad happened between us, but my friends didn’t get along with her and, as our timetable changed, we had less and less time to see each other. In the end, we became strangers. 

It really makes me sad, to be honest. I really enjoyed hanging out with her and, even if those feelings dissapeared a long time ago, I had fun being her friend. Unfortunately, I lost her phone number years ago and she seems to have eleminated her previous social media accounts, so I can’t contact her anymore. But it’s okay, maybe when i’m back at home I will run into her and I can ask her what she has been doing all these years.

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Week 11, Finale

(Part 2)

Nelly & Daniella

  • I love that they see each other as big brother and little sister, that’s so sweet! A very Nelly Style routine with more lifts than dancing but it suited him very well. Daniella’s coat could have come off earlier, it was very distracting, but that last lift really had me sitting on the edge of my seat!

Kaitlyn & Artem

  • I think that’s the most expressive I’ve ever ever seen her dance! That was actually a lot of fun and probably my favorite dance of hers. No, definitely my favorite dance of hers. She actually had charisma to pair with the technique, what a way to close out her season!

Nev & Jenna

  • Ok THAT was my favorite freestyle so far! There were so many different levels to the routine, from classic, to intense, to pure fun and I loved every second of it! Dancing with that rain always makes me anxious though.

Justina & Sasha

  • YES!!! YES ALL AROUND!! The perfect tribute to her and her journey on the show, fantastic choreography Sasha! In the words of my mom, “she has Nelly’s Charisma combined with Kaitlyn’s technique,” I can’t even begin to stress how much I’m hoping for her to win.
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Week 11, Finale

Part 1

Kaitlyn & Artem

  • In the words of my sister, if she does win, at least Artem will finally get his mirrorball. I do think this was better than her first performance, there was much more intention behind each movement. Still my least favorite to watch of the finalists.

Nelly & Daniella

  • After that performance, I just can’t be upset that Nelly made the finals. He really has improved so much, I love seeing those hips move and those shoulders shimmy! He’s clearly more relaxed too, which just makes him so fun to watch.

Nev & Jenna

  • I would have liked to see him redo a dance he didn’t do well on, just to see the improvement, but gosh I love this one. The intensity and technique is amazing as always. He’s so good at what he does, it’s amazing he started this competition with the words “let’s find out if I can dance!”

Justina & Sasha

  • Now THAT is how you choose a repeat dance! Do one of your first dances to see how far you’ve come. The charisma hasn’t changed but the technique is there and much improved. I continue to love watching her dance and am rooting for her to win it all.
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I can’t believe I got hit by a fucking truck! Like I don’t think I have fully processed that. Part of me just wants to move on and get pass this, but I literally can’t.

I don’t even remember this happening. And I probably don’t want to remember. But there is footage, doctors notes, and x rays that are prove this happened.

I just don’t want it to be a reality.

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I brought her into my world and she destroyed it. She knew my family with its fractured past and I trusted her with the complicated ugly truth. Then I discovered she was a snake filled with venom of betrayal. A liar and a two faced bitch who broke my trust. When she got caught she apologized, which seem fake just like her. What sucks is that I’ll never know if she’s truly sorry or if she’s sorry because she got caught. But it doesn’t matter I brought her into my world and now shes ruined it. I look around and eveything reminds me of her.

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