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That’s my munchkin.That’s my favorite munchkin back in his roma days, and I would take a bullet for him. Y’all don’t know how much I love this small bean of light. Like look at him! He used to wear freaking braces and my heart just floats a bit more. Cuddly little adorable sweetheart marqui. I love you

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When you can’t recognize your character smiling, you know you’ve done him wrong.

His greatest loves in life:
1. His mom
2. Yogurt
3. Could be Nicholas, depending on if Nicholas told a bad pun within the last 10 minutes

Ft. He’ll be able to hold a spoon when I learn to draw hands holding spoons mood

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Mycroft’s arc with his parents, especially his mother, is easily the most overlooked in the entire show. But trust me, it’s there, and it’s beautiful.

We know the Holmes boys are difficult sons from the very beginning, especially Mycroft. “I upset her? Me?” says Sherlock, near the end of ASIP, suggesting a troubled relationship, and throughout four seasons we see Mycroft struggling to recreate a bond with his parents.

He goes to matinees of Les Miserables when Sherlock won’t. He makes time for them when they come to town, where Sherlock pushes them out of his flat. And although he is snappish, he has Christmas dinner with them.

And yet, in TFP, his mother berates his decisions, the ones he made to keep them all safe, calling him “limited” and obviously still favoring Sherlock. “You were always the grown-up.” Sure, Mycroft was “the smart one”, but baby brother got to be the grown-up.

And by the look on his face, that must’ve hurt a lot more than it would to people with a normal family dynamic.


As Sherlock is reunited with his sister, and finally, they play together, something equally as beautiful is happening on the sidelines: Mrs. Holmes takes her other son’s hand. Forgiveness is bestowed in that moment, but also reconciliation. That gesture speaks volumes to her mistakes as well, how she blamed too quickly because of her bias, and how this asks for forgiveness from Mycroft as well.

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Let’s talk on-stage mannerisms for a minute here. Those of you who have been with me on Rabbit etc. and have been subjected to my commentary might already have paid attention to this, but if there is one thing that’s absolutely clear from these gifs is that Dylan Shrike is a very inexperienced performer. These are all — purposefully — shots that are happening between Dylan’s lines, group hugs, synchronised waves and the like: the moments that they have not felt the need or (more likely) had the time to practice, the moments that are not scripted.

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