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The Aftermath (Part 1)

Oh look, I’m posting my first fic on here.

Summary: Crutchie comes back from the Refuge a little worse for wear, physically as well as mentally. Jack helps him get through it.

Word Count: 1310

The night the strike ended was a raucous one in the Newsboy’s Lodging House. Everyone was gathered in the dining room, swapping stories (and more than one or two drinks). There was an air of celebration and relief, and Crutchie was right in the middle of it all.

Everyone was glad to have him back, which warmed Crutchie’s heart more than he could say. If he was honest with himself there had been moments- dark moments- back at the Refuge where he had doubted that he would make it back here. Even now, he still had to pinch himself to know that this was real, even though the throbbing pain in his leg told him it was.

“Hey, Crutchie!” Crutchie looked up when he heard his name called to see Davey, Les, Jack, and Katherine approaching him, and he rose from where he had been sitting with a slight groan. He felt as though he was being confronted about something, although he wasn’t quite sure what that something was.

“We’s off to Jacobi’s for a celebration,” Jack explained, his usual easy grin lighting up his features. “Wanna come?”

“It’ll just be the four of us, plus you of course,” Katherine chimed in. “Race looks like he has a pretty good handle on things here, but it’s probably going to get rowdy.”

“Thanks,” Crutchie smiled at all of them, grateful for an excuse to step away. His head was beginning to throb with all the loud exclamations around him. “Sounds like fun. I’d be honored.”

“Great!” Katherine said cheerily, linking her arm with Jack’s. She was clearly pleased, and Crutchie had a feeling that this had been her idea. “Let’s go!”

It was only an hour or two before closing time when Crutchie and the others reached Jacobi’s, and the place was almost empty. They sat at a large table by the window, and Crutchie allowed himself a moment of peace while the others ordered. He loved all the other newsies, but their celebration had gotten to be a bit much for him (and more specifically his burgeoning headache). From Jack’s sympathetic glances across the table, Crutchie knew that he understood.

“What’re you gettin’, Crutch?” Jack asked. Crutchie blinked, startled out of his reverie, and realized that everyone was staring at him expectantly. He flushed pink.

“Oh, uh… I’s fine with just a glass of water or somethin’.”

“Are you sure?” Davey shot Crutchie a questioning look. “I haven’t seen you eat anything all day.”

“Yeah, I’s sure,” Crutchie affirmed, meeting Davey’s gaze evenly to dispel any doubts as to his condition. “I ate earlier.” It wasn’t a lie- he had been given a good breakfast along with every other boy in the Refuge after Snyder had been arrested. Although admittedly he hadn’t eaten much of that, either, and it had been hours ago, but… Jack and Davey didn’t need to know that.

The conversation at the table was stilted and a bit awkward while they waited for food. If it had been just Jack and Crutchie, they would have been chatting away, but the addition of Katherine, Davey, and Les (all of whom Crutchie didn’t know very well) smothered most attempts at conversation.

“Well,” Katherine said after their food had arrived. “I think this calls for a toast. To the strike, to Jack, and, most importantly, to Crutchie!”

Crutchie blushed again as everyone raised their glasses, and Jack made a dismissive gesture to prevent further compliments. “It ain’t all that. Take it easy.”

“Again with the modesty? You need to learn how to take a compliment, Jack Kelly,” Katherine admonished good-naturedly, leaning over to peck Jack on the cheek. “You did much more than you know.”

“Hear, hear,” Crutchie echoed, taking a sip of his water. The pounding in his head hadn’t lessened much since leaving the lodging house, and the muscles in his leg also throbbed as a painful reminder of the last few days, but he still made an effort to behave as normal. He wasn’t going to ruin everyone’s night by admitting how crappy he really felt.

He was fading fast, though- by the time Katherine and Jack had finished their sandwiches and Davey and Les had finished their bowls of soup Crutchie’s eyes had slipped closed against his own will, and he was almost asleep. He only realized that it was time to go when he felt Jack’s hand on his shoulder, and he jerked up with a start at the sudden contact.

“Woah, Crutch, take it easy! It’s just me,” Jack soothed, holding his hands up in a peaceful gesture. “Ya ready to go home?”

Crutchie took a deep breath, partly to bring Jack’s face more into focus and partly to calm his racing heart. “Yeah. I’s ready.”

Standing up proved to be more difficult than Crutchie had anticipated, however- his good leg shook beneath him and he had to lean on his crutch much more heavily than usual just to get his feet under him. Jack held out a hand to help him, but Crutchie shook his head. “I got it, Jack. Just gimme a minute.”

“It’s getting late,” Katherine remarked as she watched Crutchie struggle. “And if I know Race, I bet those boys won’t be done partying until well into the small hours. My house has plenty of guest rooms, why don’t you all stay over?”

“Us? In Pulitzer’s house?” Jack was incredulous. “You hearin’ yaself, Plumber?”

“Yes, Jack. I know it might be a bit strange, but… you’ll get a good night’s sleep, at least?”

She looked so hopeful that Crutchie almost didn’t want to turn her down. And her arguments had a ring of truth to them- Race and the other boys were likely to be still going strong by the time they returned.

“Thanks, but me and Les have both gotta get home,” Davey interjected. “We wouldn’t want our folks to worry.”

“Of course. Travel safely.” Katherine smiled at both of them, and Crutchie gave a little wave as they stepped out into the street and disappeared into the night.

“So?” Katherine turned back to Jack and Crutchie as soon as Davey and Les had gone. “How about it?”

Jack looked at Crutchie for help, who, for his part, only shrugged. Jack rubbed the back of his neck absentmindedly. “I dunno, Katherine. Your folks ain’t gonna like it…”

“My mother and sisters are away, visiting friends upstate, my father isn’t going to leave his office for the next month, and my brothers don’t care.” At Jack’s still-present hesitation, she took his hand. “Come on, please? It will be fun, too, I promise.”

“Oh yeah?” Even at this moment, Jack still couldn’t pass up an opportunity to flirt with Katherine. “What kinda fun are we talkin’ about, Plumber?”

“I swear, Jack, you are the most impossible-”

“Okay, fine!” Crutchie interrupted. They would have gone on for hours if he let them, and his black eye was starting to smart as well. Besides, if Katherine was this adamant about both of them sleeping over, Crutchie didn’t see the harm in indulging her. He wasn’t one to pass up the opportunity to sleep on a feather mattress in a mansion if it was offered.

“Yay! I’m glad at least one of you is sensible,” Katherine said, walking over to Crutchie and ruffling his hair affectionately. She paused when he winced. “Are you okay?”

“For the last time, yes!” Crutchie exclaimed exasperatedly. “I just need a good night’s sleep is all. An’ I ain’t gonna get that if you two keep standin’ there bickerin’ all night.” He rolled his eyes good-naturedly, trying to ignore how even that small action made his head hurt even more, then slowly walked over to the front door of Jacobi’s and held it open. “Come on, then. Let’s go!”

Jack chuckled. “Okay, kid. If you insist.”

Stay tuned for part two, which will feature much more obvious whump!

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Hey,, I did a little pregame stuffing,, cus I’m trash,,


Shuichi was anoyyed at himself that he didn’t noticed sooner that his boyfriend wasn’t eating. So in order to make things right, he took it apon himself to feed Kokichi. Whether he wants to or not.

Shuichi had invited Kokichi over to his house to hang out and watch danganronpa and, little did kokichi know, a surprise was waiting for him.

Kokichi curiously wandered into Shuichi’s room, wondering where he was.

“Sh-Shuichi?” Kokchi hesitantly called out, Shuichi was in the room but was hidden well, and was waiting for Kokichi to sit down on a chair in the centre of the room.

Kokichi thought that he would wait for his boyfriend to arrive and sat down on a chair. Then all of a sudden chains wraped around his legs, restraining his movements.

“A-ah! What?!” He desperately clawed at the chains around his ankles, but then wouldn’t budge. “Shuichi?!” He called out.

Shuichi decided that this would be a good time to come out, so he did. He emerged from behind his closet and went to comfort his panicking boyfriend.

“Don’t worry kichi I’m right here.” Shuichi said in a comforting tone, Kokichi was so elated to see his boyfriend with him he almost forgot to ask the most important question.

“Uh, w-why am I tied up?” Shuichi was anticipating this question so instead of answering with words, he simply brought out a tray full of different foods.

Shuichi had blamed himself for not noticing his boyfriends problem sooner so it was a sort of mission to him to see the boy in front of him stuffed to his limits, rubbing a belly full to the brim with nourishment.

“Um… whats all that f-for?” Kokichi asked slowly, mouth practically watering. “Well.. I noticed that you haven’t been eating lately.” Kokichi seemed alarmed upon hearing this, quickly responding “Uh! I-I have! You just… h-haven’t seen it.”

“Your a terrible liar Kichi, I can practically hear your tummy rumbling from here.”

“N-no it’s not…”

“Like I said. Terrible liar.”

Shuichi picked up a small bread roll to start with and held it up to Kokichis, who wouldn’t open his mouth if his life depended on it.

Shuichi sighed and poked Kokichis side, knowing that he was extremely ticklish. Kokichis gasped and shuichi took the opportunity to shove the roll into his mouth.

Kokichi made a noise of surprise, before he reluctantly started chewing on the bread. Eventually his natural hunger kicked in and he ate much quicker. But he still didn’t want to eat, Shuichi had to change that.

After he finished the bread rolls he squirmed around in the chair, “Hhnng.. a-am i done?” Kokichi whined, “Oh quit whining, there’s still alot left.” Shuichi shot back.

As they moved on to the next food, Shuichi noticed that kokichis tummy fit snugly into the uniform he was wearing. Oh how he wanted to change that, he wanted to see him stuffed to him limits as he moans and-

“Uh, S-shuichi?” Kokichi broke the taller male out of his trance and continued, “D-do I have to do this?”

“Of course you do. You aren’t eating, but that’s going to change today.” Shuichi responded sternly. In all honesty, Shuichi was doing this because he cared for ouma and didn’t want to see him starve himself. He just had an odd way of showing it.

Shuichi kept on feeding kokichi despite has protests.

Mmff… Shuichi.. I’m fuull…” “Aww, I know your full but your not even close to being done~”

Eventually the tray was clean and all that was left was a moaning mess of a boy and an elated one, Kokichi was deperatly rubbing his tummy and looked almost green in the face. Suddenly he clamped a hand over his mouth, Shuichi’s immediate thought was ‘Shit. Did I go to far?’ But what happened next supprised both of them.



Shuichi sighed partly in relief that his boyfriend wasn’t going to throw up, and partly because he just had an idea.

“Here, have some water” he said as he passed some water to the blushing mess of a boy.

“Th-thanks” Kokichi started to drink the water very quickly due to his embarrassment, but this was just what shuichi anticipated.

Shuichi left the room to go get the next phase of his plan, soda. He grinned at his mischievous plan, it was sure to work because he knew his boyfriend to a tee.

Sure enough when he came back Kokichi was hicuping like crazy. “U-uh *hic* Shuichi? *hic* How do you m-make *hic* this stop? *hic* ughhh…”

Shuichi had to hold back a chuckle at the sight, and he simply held the bottle of panta out to the boy and said, “You need to burp to ease the pressure” he said matter of factly.

“…No, *hic* b-burpings gross”

“Oh relax. It’s just you and me here, and if you want it to stop hurting than you need to release the pressure.”

“Mmm, *hic* …fine.”

Kokichi begrudgingly took the bottle and started to drink it, he did love soda so he drank quite quickly. Shuichi watched waiting for the enevitable embaresed apologises from his boyfriend.

Once Kokichi was done with the drink he let out a string of burps trying to stifle them and failing horribly.

Uuggh..That was so gross *hic* and it d-didnt even *hic-urp* -mph, work…!”

“Ehehehe- oh my god Kichi your so cute!” Shuichi couldn’t help laugh at how adorable his boyfriend was being. “H-hey! Don’t *hic-urp* Ahh.. laugh at me!” Kokichi weakly defended.

“Haha, here let me help” Shuichi untied Kokichi from the chair, he didnt exactly need the restraints anymore, as he was too stuffed to move. Shuichi picked up kokichi, which was easier than you’d think, given that he was as light as a feather before this and sat on the chair. He placed Kokichi on his lap and began to rub his bloated tummy.

Kokichi made a noise of surprise as he wasn’t expecting this to feel so relaxing, but a couple minutes in and he was putty in the taller males hands.

He was so calm he didn’t even noticed that the hicupps had stoped. His stomachs mussles relax and he lets out a loud burp, he clamps a hand over his mouth and looks back at Shuichi terrifyed.

“…Oh my God, excuse me!!” but then Shuichi laughs, continues rubbing his belly and tells him that just means the rubbing is working, and for kicks and giggles, kneads firmly to work up an even larger burp out of him, which makes his face blush much harder.

“Ahhh.. D-dont push to har-Urrp!”

“If I don’t press hard, how am I gonna relieve the pressure?”

Mmff… J-just be gentle *Buurp* Ooff…”

It was clear that the panta was doing it’s job perfectly as Kokichi was burping much frequently now. Shuichi thought this was adorable. And Kokichi would never admit it, but the burping helped alot.

“*Uurrp* -Ahh…”

“*Buurp* -mmff..”

“*Uuurp* -mph..”

“*Buuurp* -oooff..”

“Feel any better?”


“I’ll take that as a yes”

Kokichi was in absolute bliss because of how good this felt, the pain was more or less gone now, and the relief of the pressure in his belly being relived outweighed the embarrassment he would usually feel. So he was just happily burping away, and melting under Shuichi’s hands.

It wasn’t until a few minutes later when Shuichi broke the silence. “You want some more panta?”

“S-sure” Wow, that was unexpected. But Welcomed.

“Ok hold on let me get some” shuichi said as he picked Kokichi up and placed him on the chair, he walked out into the kitchen and saw something amazing.

A small tub of ice Cream in the freezer that he hadn’t noticed before. Shuichi thought that Kokichi deserved a reward for eating something so along with the panta he brought the ice Cream back with him.

Kokichi immediately noticed the ice cream, he was debating on whether he should eat some or not. He did love ice cream, and the burps helped make some room.

Ok. He told himself that He would only eat as much as he wanted and then stop.

That would blow up in his face later.

So shuichi came and moved Kokichi so he was on the taller males lap again. He began to eat the dessert slowly still wary of his limits. But the more he ate, the more he didn’t want to stop. It looks like Shuichi had succeeded.

Turns out this small tub was alot bigger than he had first thought about three quarters in he was defiantly stuffed, but he did say to stop when he wanted, and he didn’t want to stop.

His belly was pressing against his jacket as he finished, he was once again a moaning mess he was frantically caressing his tummy. But the Damn jacket was in the way.

Shuichi of course noticed his boyfriends discomfort, and another idea popped into his head.

“Hold on let me help.” He said as he took Kokichis jacket of. All that was left was a shirt that was a button up. Shuichi carefully undid the buttons at the bottom letting Kokichis snow coloured belly breath.

Haaaaah…” Kokichi sighed in relief, the jacket really was constraining. Meanwhile Shuichi was genuinely surprised at the amount of food that could fit into that little tummy. Maaabye he want a bit overboard with the amount of food on the tray.

He quickly went to knead the swollen belly, and he could feel kokichi relax into his touch.

Mmff… p-panta” Ah! Right, the soda. He handed it to Kokichi who quickly gulped it down.


Uggghhhh… e-excuse me.. *urp*”

“No need for formalities Kichi, I’m proud of you for eating all that.” Shuichi praised

*Burp* R-really? *hic-uuurp* -mmph, thanks.“

As Shuichi kneaded Kokichis belly, he noticed have tight it was. He thought the least he could do was help ease the pressure from his swollen tummy.

"U-uh *Buurp*-Ahh.. Thanks for d-doing this for me *Uurp* Shuichi.”

“Oh, it’s the least I could do. Especially after stuffing you silly, hehe” he said in an apologetic tone, feeling slightly guilty.

“Oh, No i-its ok I *Burrp*-mmf l-liked the food *hic-urp*”

“Shhhh, just relax and let me help you”

Shuichi started to massage Kokichis belly, just being content listening to the stuffed burps that would pop out of his boyfriends mouth.

Kokichi was in heaven once again, having shuichi massage his bare tummy felt like bliss. And the pressure being applied defiantly helped coax alot of burps out.

Now that the pain was pretty much gone the only thing Kokichi felt was drowsiness, his boyfriend noticed his eyelids drooping and started to gently stroke his belly. Lulling his replete boyfriend into a restful sleep.

Then shuichi picks up the sleeping boy gently, as to not disturb him. And lays him on his bed, Shuichi looked fondly at the stuffed boy, as he smiles and thinks to himself,

'Mission accomplished’

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I made a short soda bloating fic for sai.ouma day! I hope it’s ok,,

It’s so bad,,


Shuichi sat with Kokichi in his lap, his face was red as a tomato, why?

Because Kokichi had downed his 3rd bottle of panta and was hicuping away below him.

“Uh kokichi? Shuichi said hesitantly

”*hic* yeah?“

"Are you sure you want to keep doing this?”

“Yeah? *hic* w-why wouldn’t I be?”

“Well… you look like you’ve had enough”

“Nonsense! Im only getting started! *hic*”

Shuichi sighed as he watched kokichi grab another bottle of panta, but his eyes widened as he saw that it was a 2 liter bottle.

“Uh!” Shuichi made a sound of surprise as kokichi started to unscrew the cap.

“Just watch me!” Kokichi said confidently as he brought the bottle up to his lips.

Shuichi watched in absolute awe as Kokichi chugged the bottle. He did it confidently at first but as he went on his expression became more pained.

Shuichi wanted to intervene but a selfish part of himself wanted to just keep watching. So he did.

As Kokichi came to the bottom of the bottle it was taking a noticeable amount of time for him to swallow, but he always did.

Soon enough he finished the bottle and teared it away from his lips with a ‘pop’.

“How… How do you feel?” Shuichi asked, still in amazement that what he just saw just happend.

“…” kokichi didnt respond for a moment, before it finnaly happened


Ugghhh… *hic-urp*”

Shuichi was at a loss for words. As he watched kokichi cradle a belly full of liquid. Every breath dislodged a hiccup or a burp.

Finnaly shuichi found the words, “How… How did you do that?” He asked in complete bewilderment.

“U-uh *hic-urp* determination?” Kokichi responded, not sure how he did it himself.

Shuichi noticed that Kokichi was almost desperately rubbing his tummy full of panta. So instead of being a dear in the headlights he decided to help him sooth his belly.

“H-here, let me” Shuichi was in a good position to rub Kokichis belly, so he was happy to assist the bloated boy.

“A-ah *uurp* t-thanks shumai…*hic-urp*”

The next few minutes were spent rubbing Kokichis swollen tummy.

*Uurrp* *Bwaarp* *Buurp* *Bbuurp*

Ugghh… *burp* s-sorry about this shumai. *hic-urp* I-I might have *hic-urp* overdone it..”

Shuichi softly chuckled, he didnt mind helping Kokichi at all. In fact, it was the opposite.

“I don’t mind helping you Kokichi, I actually think it’s kinda funny.” Shuichi said laughing a little at the end.

“H-hey! Don’t *hic-urp* t-tease me!” Kokichi defended.

“Aha, I’m not teasing, I promise. I just think it’s kind of… cute.” Shuichi admitted.

“Well.. thanks, *hic-urp* ooooff”

“Does it still hurt?” Shuichi questioned

“A-A little”

“Well we can’t have that can we”


Shuichi started to knead Kokichis tummy hoping to dislodge some burps. Luckily, it worked.


Aaahh… *uurrp* *bwuurp* ”oooff…“ *bwuuuurp*

Shuichi watched fondly as kokichi burped away below him

*buurp* *uurp* ”Ugghh…“ *burp* *bwoorp*

"Feel better?”

Aaahh yeah *buuuurp* thanks shumai”

“Ehehe, no problem”

Shuichi continued to knead Kokichis bloated belly and closed his eyes as he listened to more burps pop out of the stuffed leaders mouth.

This went on for some time before he noticed Kokichis eyes drooping slightly. Of course the weight inside his tummy was anchoring him down and making him sleepy.

“Are you tired?” Shuichi questioned

“*yaawn* Uh yeah… ”

“Well you can take a nap on my lap if you want.”

“*hic-urp* Really? *yawn* thanks shumai..”

Shuichi again, watched Kokichi fondly as he began to drift off on his lap.

Soon enough the Full little leader was snoring softly on shuichis lap, hands resting on his bloated belly.


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Chapter 4!


“Don’t worry. It’s just the detox house, okay? The main house is so pretty, Pete, you’re going to love it. This won’t take long.”

“What, what was the process Andy was talking about?” Pete stammered nervously.

“Oh, just the detox! Don’t worry, it’s nothing scary. It’s just taking some time to just detox and get rid of anything we might have picked up while we were away. Y’know, just a place to hang out before we go back inside. It’s 24 hours for me and everyone else, but it’ll be 72 for you because you’re new and that means that you won’t have the immunity that the rest of us do. But that’s okay! Pretty much everyone inside has done the 72 hours before, and it’s really not that hard. There’s plenty to do here, and it’ll be good!”

Read it!

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“Hey Pete?”


“I’m going home in a few days.”

Pete was silent for a moment. “Like, back to…”

“The rest of my family, yeah.” Patrick explained softly. “We…. I’ve just been away too long. I’m slipping up and making bad decisions and it’s just… not good for me. And I need to go back anyway. I miss everyone so much. My Dad, and the kids, and my Aunties, and just, everyone, y’know? Like, if you think the family at the city house really loves each other, then just like, imagine that sixfold. And that would be the faction for you.”

“ Oh. ” Pete gulped. “So, when would you be back?”

“I don’t know, Pete. This isn’t my home. I… I probably won’t be back for a really, really long time.”

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I have a new fic!!!!!


(Plz don’t mind the weird cover thing I just wanted a photo and this was the best I could come up with)

It’s new! It’s exciting! And it’s going to be really dark and spooky and I’m really excited about it!


Pete had never felt more lost in his life. He’d dropped college, and his soccer scholarship, and instead of finding a perfect life of music on the other side, he was stuck in a dead-end job where he wasn’t making enough to get by.

He was exactly the type of person that Patrick had been told to give his water bottles to.

Please read it!!! Here is a link!!!

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Announcement? I guess?

So I have this story I’m writing, an original one and I’ve been thinking about doing a little Drabble for two of my characters and posting it on here? But idk

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Her cursor hovered over the “confirm” button. This is it, she thought, all I have to do is click, and that will be the last of my social media accounts. Blaire had been wanting to go ‘wireless’ for quite some time, but was only recently actually motivated to go through with it on account of all the scandals surrounding Facebook. Blaire had weighed the pros and cons for days before it came to this. Sure, social media allowed her to connect with people it may have been harder to reach without the internet; but was she really meant to have a connection with these ‘friends’? Most of them were barely acquaintances, or people she once knew but fell so out of touch with that any thought of communication was laughable. It was more like a graveyard filled with past friendships than it was an accurate display of her social connections.

And did she really want so many people knowing what she was doing or what her interests were? Maybe it was fine if a few people, but the thought of anyone being able to get their hands on her essence, watered down and purified for the internet, was too much for her to bear; especially if they were going to use it against her. She focused her eyes on the “confirm” button. Click.

A text box appeared on the screen:

“Are you sure?

Yes No”

Irritated and hoping to finally be rid of it once and for all, Blaire forcefully clicked “Yes”.

A large sideways frowny-face filled the screen. Blaire would have laughed, if in the next second she didn’t have the strongest sensation that something was wrong. She looked down at her hands and… they were fading. She could see the wood of her desk through her palms and it was slowly- but surely- spreading.

What started as a pool of transparency in her palms soon started spreading its way across her body like a stain. Or the opposite of a stain. Soon she could no longer see her arms. As it spread to her torso, Blaire rose her hands to her face to catch the tears falling from her temporary eyes. She felt nothing. She was sure she was touching her face; she felt that indescribable muscle memory and knew her elbows were bent and her hands cupped together. But she didn’t feel her hands against her face, nor could she (after giving it a thought) feel her own hands touching.

A smile crossed her face. Blaire understood.

“I’m free,” She said, a tear rolling down her cheek, which was slowly disappearing, “I’m finally free.”

There was no obituary for Blaire in the paper the next day, for no one had died.

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So I decided to write a story using the prompt I posted? It’s not fanfiction, I made up my own characters, but I thought y’alls would like to read it? Anyway it’s under the cut because it’s over 3000 words and would take forever to scroll to the end of

Keep reading

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I dunno if anyone is gonna read this or anything, but I wrote a thing with Nia from Xenoblade 2, beware like, major spoilers if you’re worried about that. 

           They… they did it…

           They did it! They saved the world!

           The Cloud Sea had disappeared, the World Tree was destroyed, the people found new land to inhabit, they had saved everyone. But… at what cost?


           That cost was Pyra. She stayed behind to use Aion’s remaining power to destroy the World Tree, thus saving everyone. Rex was entirely against it, but he had no choice. Nia knew he loved Pyra with all his heart, even knowing how Nia felt about him. Like the others, Nia missed Pyra, of course, it would be wrong for Nia to be happy about Pyra… being gone… right? She told herself it was wrong, and she knew it was, but…

           She couldn’t help it. She loved Rex. He made her feel as if there was nothing to hide from, nothing to be afraid of, as if she could do anything, as long as he was beside her. She was a Blade, a Flesh Eater at that… She was an experiment, a Blade fused with human cells, the cells of her sickly, deceased sister no less… But Rex made her feel as if there was nothing to be ashamed of, or scared of, or anything! She loved him with all her heart.


           But he only had eyes for Pyra. And that… well, it destroyed her. It absolutely crushed her. She couldn’t handle it.

           But Pyra was gone now. This… could be her chance. She knew it was wrong. She knew it was horrible. But she just couldn’t stop herself. She stood up, and moved towards Rex. She wanted to comfort him, and to be there for him. She knew that Pyra’s death would weigh heavy on him for the rest of his life. She wanted to help him shoulder that burden. She would. For him.

           She was looking forward to her future, on the new land, with Rex. She was going to go with him, that much she knew. She was excited for the new days to come.

           Until she came back.


           Her Core Crystal began glowing in Rex’s hand, and her heart immediately sank.

           Seconds later, both Pyra and Mythra stood in front of the group. Everyone was ecstatic to see them again. Tora and Poppi, Mórag and Brighid, Zeke and Pandoria, even her own Blade, Dromarch, and Nia herself. Poppi ran to welcome the two back into the world, followed soon by Rex. Nia was happy to see them, of course, but deep down it still hurt her.

           Then she said it. Pyra said those three words. “I love you.”

           She broke down. She knew that this meant that Rex would never love her now. She knew this meant he and Pyra would run off and get married, like Drivers and Blades have done before. She knew that the love of her life was going to be with… someone else.

           Nia couldn’t handle the thought of being without Rex. She began to sob quietly, not wanting the others to hear her.

           Dromarch, however, noticed quickly that she was upset. “My lady?” he muttered softly, “Are you alright?”

           She couldn’t hold it back. She burst into tears, crying and shaking violently. She fell onto Dromarch’s side, crying into his soft white fur. “No! I’m not alright you idiot!” she yelled, her words muffled by his fur.

           The others had noticed by now, she was sure, but she just couldn’t help it. She felt Zeke place his hand on her back. “Whatever is the matter Nia?” he asked, half-joking and half-concerned for her.

           “…Wouldn’t you like to know, Shellhead?” she responded angrily, after a moment of silence. “Wouldn’t you like to know!?” she roared at him, whipping around and jumping to her feet.

           “Woah woah, take it easy girl, it was just a question,” he responded, trying to defuse the situation, while slowly backing away.

           “My lady, whatever has gotten into you?” Dromarch inquired, in his usual calm voice.

           “I love him, ok!? I love Rex!” She was still yelling, and still crying uncontrollably. “I love him, but he only has eyes for her! For Pyra! I know it’s wrong, I do, but I just-“

           “Just what?” Rex spoke up. “Just what, Nia? Didn’t want Pyra to come back? Wanted Pyra to have lost her memories of me, like other Blades would have?”

           “R-Rex! No, of course not! I like Pyra like the rest of you do, I was sad to see her on the other side of that bridge, no way across, her walking towards her imminent death.” Nia stuttered, still sobbing. “I just wanted you to look at me for a change! I wanted you to love me! I’m sorry Rex, I never meant to hurt you, or Pyra, or anyone! I just want… I just want your love…”


           She froze. This was it. He was going to hate her for this. She had hurt him so much with her little outburst. She braced for his words, for she expected they would sting and hurt her incredibly.

           “I love you too, Nia.”

           What? Had she heard him right? Wait, he had pulled this before, back in Spirit Crucible Elpys. He had said that he loved her, then followed by saying he loved all of them. She could forgive him for that once, but twice? Especially right now? She was furious, and saddened even more, for she knew it meant he wasn’t changing his mind.

           “Oh cut the crap, will you Rex!? I know you don’t feel the same! I know you don’t… I know…” She was silenced by the look Rex gave her. She knew that look in his eyes. He was completely serious. He… he really did love her! “R-Rex! I’m so sorry!” She ran into his open arms, and embraced him. And he embraced her back. She sat in his embrace for what felt like hours, crying her eyes out into his shoulder. She never wanted it to end. She wanted to stay in his arms forever.

           “Oh Rex…” she sobbed, “I love you so much Rex…”

           “Shhhh, don’t cry anymore Nia. I love you too,” he whispered to her softly.

           Her crying slowly halted, but she remained in his arms, the two of them together in the new world, together for the rest of their lives. She hoped to spend many more hours of her life in his sweet embrace.

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@thefrostyshepard tagged me! Ugh Rough Draft! Very very very rough draft for a scene! Don’t laugh too hard!

… she wants his attention in a passive-aggressive  “oh no you have filling on your lip. Let me get that” kind of way

I have to tag… @a-bladesentinel , @southernstar-s , @kestrelsansjesses , annnnndddddddd @somethingbanana ! No obligation of course!

I’d die to hear something of a few people I think are really big deals, celebs, and another is taking a break. I know they are busy so I may have not gotten everyone.

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♝: Reading a book together <3

I’m sorry this took forever, i have no excuse other then im human trash ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  No pairing was specified so I went with Cullavellan b/c I’m weak. Thank you again for the prompt <3

Elgar’nan and the Sun
902 words, SFW

“Maker’s breath… Thank you.”

The book in Cullen’s hands was nothing short of a work of art. The leather was a rich, emerald green, with an intricate embossed illustration of a halla on the cover, whose antlers spiraled up and became the branches of a tree, framing the title of the book;

“The Collected Legends of the Dalish Elves”

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♝: Reading a book together for the nonsexual acts of intimacy prompt! (f!TrevxCassandra please because I am WEAK! 😍)

Yeesss thank you for indulging me!! Especially with this pairing, it needs more love tbh

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769 words, SFW
Prompt list here (give me one and i’ll love u forever)

“The Knight-Commander’s tousled blond curls felt like silk in my hands, the stubble around his mouth grazing my neck.” The Inquisitor frowned at the book, pushing her short, dark hair out of her eyes, “I thought about kissing the delicious scar above his lip- Maker’s breath, you know Varric’s writing about Cullen!”

“It’s not Cullen,” Cassandra insisted, “it’s a character loosely based on his physical appearance, completely different. Keep reading.”

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