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hellenhighwater · 4 months ago
It's been so nice seeing Vice open up! He seems so much braver than he was as a lil kitten and I'm so glad he's doing well. (Malice is wonderful, of course, and I love seeing her, but something about seeing Vice so excited for pets just makes me happy.)
He's doing really well! I think he's never going to be truly friendly to strangers--I don't have enough people over to habituate him properly--but from where he started he's made enormous progress. Malice is a lovely lady with her own quirks (she's incredibly cuddly between midnight and 8 am, which is, as you can imagine, not the most convenient), but Vice is a law unto himself. He's definitely a one-person cat, and I don't think I've ever had him get tired of petting or attention from me. He's very needy!
If anyone wants a very affectionate cat, go to the shelter and ask them for their most anxious cat, and then put the time in. If you can win them over, they'll be glued to you for life.
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furiosophie · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
stealing (not so) secret kisses between lectures
for professor bug by @andthepeople​​ (spqr) 
part of the dinluke professor au - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Fic
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lostboysluvr · 7 months ago
i’m hella late but holy shit i just realised
it’s Laddies’ birthday!! 🎁🎉
Tumblr media Tumblr media
wish him a happy bday rn 🔫
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quinnreadsjjba · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Why does Wamuu greet Joseph like a grandmother welcoming her grandson to Thanksgiving dinner?
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chromaat1c · 2 months ago
the question: who is my grandfather
the evidence: is texan, speaks in a soft southern accent, has a wide jaw, has a bald head, knows more about computers and machinery than i do, says “bop” and “pow” when doing things
the conclusion: he is engineer team fortress 2
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demonboyhalo · 7 months ago
why did i just try and watch Tubbo's stream...to see him watching the Insider video about the oxygen deficit/mass graves in Peru...which is the exact irl stress i oPENED HIS STREAM TO FORGET ABOUT??? 😭 sir your just watching what happened to my great aunt in Peru which is EXACTLY what i opened Twitch to FORGET about??? 😭😭😭 PLEASE??? /nm
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pepprs · 3 months ago
mutuals i am hanging by threads. THREADS
#let’s recap. covid test tomorrow 8am. then 2 hr meeting in which the facilitation guide for the scariest session i will ever facilitate will #be (deservingly) torn to shreds by the two people who intimidate me most on the entire planet. then one hour of self-inflicted torture as i #attend an extremely important life changing town hall virtually while literally everybody else goes in person because my life is hell. then #two hours of retreat coach training DURING WHICH I HAVE JUST REALIZED LIKE 16 HOURS BEFORE IT HAPPENS I WILL BE GOING FIRST TO SHARE A #FORMATIVE AND IDEALLY TRAUMATIC MOMENT FROM MY LIFE AND I HAVENT EVEN PICKWD WHICH ONE OR PREPPED MYSELF FOR IT AND ITS 16 HOURS AWAY. and #also im like describing what all of the sessions are gonna bw and i have to study that and get it right bc i messed up so bad last week. the #then i go home suffer all weekend except for some brief multi-hour stretches of respite including hopefully the bonfire except i will be #constrained bc i won’t be allowed to go onto the field bc my parents will be there. then on Monday i have a root canal at 7 and then will ha #have to be late to work by an hour so i can go back to campus when my brother needs to be there bc my own responsibilities don’t matter #apparently. then i go to work class advising then go home again to celebrate my brothers bday then come BACK and go to work class meetings #etc normally Tuesday and Wednesday except tuesday is the scariest session i will ever facilitate and i have fucktons of homework. then #wednesday morning i get up early for ANOTHER covid test and then come home in the evening pack up eberything and thursday drive 9 hours to #new hampshire and miss school / work / homecoming stuff for 4 days so i can commemorate the loss of my grandmother and then drive back #9 hours home and get ANOTHER covid test and also there will be covid tests in New Hampshire too. so in conclusion my life is fucking awesome #purrs #delete later #probably cuz that’s like a lot of tmi. i am going to have a breakdown i am going to have a breakdown like literally there is no fucking way #i can do this without having a breakdown. god fucking help me LOL
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i-am-agony · 5 months ago
Ya girl is having a shit night and was good about not crying but you know what did make her finally cry?
a fucking video that shows ranboo giving tommy an Allium when they first met followed by a clip of him leaving one at his door after he died
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cantquitu · 4 months ago
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sleepy-spyce · 2 months ago
i’m problematic because sometimes i wish i’d been raised catholic
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odessa-edmundson · a month ago
The hospital has not been taking good care of my grandmother and now they've closed the hospital to all visitors because "of the increase in covid cases statewide" 😒🙄 so the family is concerned that she'll be more neglected now with no one able to be there and advocate for her. 😞😤
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gawincaskeyy · a month ago
today i’m spiraling about the way pat and pran wrote a song together about both their known and semi-oblivious feelings for each other 🙃
i can't stop thinking about how in different circumstances they would have been high school sweethearts that make it through it all...
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foxfairyreads · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Anyway I chopped all my hair off (finally)
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willowcrowned · 5 months ago
a really good peach can make you believe in love again
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mistress-light · 6 months ago
cancer just seems to murder my entire family huh?
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ghoul--doodle · 5 months ago
My grandma is trying to bait me into having an argument with her-
#what arguing and cutting off my mum wasn’t enough for you?? #anyway she started it because I didn’t tell her my exam results right away #and she supposedly got the information off of one of my friends #and when I asked ‘which one?’ she wouldn’t tell me #which. a) my mum posted about my results on Facebook so she could’ve gotten it there #b) I only told 1 friend about my results and they’re in America and we’re not friends or Facebook nor does she even know my grandma #she’s acting like it’s s hug deal and I’M the piece of shit- also she fuckin. #wouldn’t tell me which friend told her about my results because’i might cut them off’ shut the fuck up #for one thing: my results are my business I’ll tell whoever I fuckin want. or not as the case may be #for another: I wouldn’t cut off a friend for telling my grandma my exam results- I’d be a little mad about it and slap em on the wrist forit #but I wouldn’t stop talking to them lmao. #anyway I got a Merit on my art exam which I wasn’t happy with at all so I didn’t wanna tell anyone really other than my immediate family #and a one (1) friend #also also: I haven’t talked to my grandma in years besides the obligatory holiday messages like happy new year #I’m sorry but if you deadass tell my mum ‘i wish you were never born’ or ‘i should have gotten rid of you when i had the chance’ I don’t- #fucking like you very much. and my exam results really pale in comparison to that! so actually ✨grandmother✨ a big ol’ go fuck yourself and- #have a very awful day! you two faced cow! #vent post #I guess. It started off as jokey and then I got angey
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senoritaimperfecta · 2 months ago
I literally grew up with my grandmother & grandfather from my dad’s side & then my grandmother’s brother lived w us, I had two uncles, an aunt & her 4 kids, & then it was my Parents w me & my two sisters
The most packed it was when I had my other uncles live there w his wife & two kids added
Like swear to god there was ALWAYS chaos & on top of that parties or random get together every week where even more family members would come over….take me back to those days
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itsfandomsgalore · 2 months ago
I am begging. BEGGING everyone to get vaccinated if you can, and to reduce your social contacts, and
My healthy, vaccinated, 24-year-old sister who very rarely gets sick at all caught Covid and now she is MISERABLE. She has a fever, possibly a spine infection, hardly hears on one ear, a headache, a nosebleed, and is cold all the time (the woman usually wear shorts in winter sometimes) and sick enough to almost throw up.
She meets like two or three people anymore except for at work, she's vaccinated, and STILL she got sick, and badly, because some people put other people's health and safety over their own personal convenience.
If you can get vaccinated and tested at least semi-regularly and you don't, why don't you just piss off and lock yourself in at home instead of endangering others and being responsible for their sickness, possible long-term effects, or deaths. Why don't you fuck off and don't endanger all of us who still restrict our everyday lives and try to protect others and be compassionate.
#seriously fuck all the companies and schools/unis I've heard of in the last few days that will not let you work from home unless you are #officially quarantined or sick even if you've had contact with someone infected #also at this point fuck everyone who can get vaccinated and doesn't #and everyone who still meets twenty people a day if they have the option of yk not doing that #also an extremely big fuck you to my aunt and my cousin #TURNS OUT. my aunt was positive. she knew that. my cousin knew that. and STILL they let the kids visit the aunt/their grandmother #and THEN still let the kids visit my sister and other cousin at their apartment and DIDN'T TELL THEM #so now they're both infected and sick although the cousin luckily 'just' has a headache #and two other friends of my sister who visited her at the weekend are possibly also infected #one of them is a fucking idiot and still goes to uni with many many people in the classroom #anyway they were there saturday. the infected kids were there friday. so if my aunt and cousin had just TOLD my sister + other cousin #that the aunt was infected and the kids had been there #AND HAD NOT SENT THE KIDS *WHO ALREADY HAD TESTED POSITIVE* there then all this bullshit would not have happened #in conclusion: fuck anti-vaxxers and people knowingly endangering others and those who put their own comfort and convenience #over the safety of idk neighbors friends classmates work colleagues the entire country and world #also that friend of who the pandemic really didn't bring out the best in her #covid-19 #upset rant noises #and very fuck you rant noises #mine #seriously if you refuse to get vaccinated and get sick i hope you're miserable #absolutely miserable but not bad enough to take up icu beds who are needed for people with heart attacks etc etc #i hope you're miserable and regret not getting vaccinated and that you'll feel the effects for a long long time #also if you end up in the icu and someone who is vaccinated and also needs a bed and there's none left anymore: fuck you #you can give up your bed for someone who tried not to get sick. you can die for all i care #<< this is all about people who COULD get vaccinated but don't #obviously not directed at people who can't get vaccinated #but if you can and don't: fuck you deeply and you deserve everything bad that's coming for you #no one @ me that you shouldn't wish bad things upon people i don't care anymore #the vaccines have been out for three quarters of a year if you still refuse to get informed and get if you can choke for all i care
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inkykeiji · 2 months ago
i don’t really know how to ask thsi n u don’t have to answer this ask if it’s uncomfortable but how did u not end up getting into drugs when (from what i’ve read) u were surrounded by drug addicts
both of my parents had—have—a severe drug addiction which i feel was the biggest factor that influenced me to do a shit ton of drugs as well, so i’m very intrigued by how strong u are for being resistant toward overusing meds
if i could tell my sixteen year old self to stop while ur ahead n get some fucking help asap i would bc now i’m beginning to deal w the consequences n shit n it’s so fucking hard to restrain myself nd these urges gnawing my mind
last thing,,,,u motivate me to not give up whenever i see ur posts so thank u very much for being one of the few lights of my life
since this is the only n probably last ask i’ll ever submit i j wanna say i fucking love u and coming across ur blog was like a blessing in disguise
hello anon <3
tw: drugs
well, my mother isn’t a drug addict. but her father was, and many of her uncles are, and i was raised by them (+ my dad) when i was young because she worked shift work for the majority of my childhood. i have really early memories of going over to dealers houses with them and being absolutely fucking terrified—they’re so vivid they haunt me at night. but i think the reason why i’ve been able to keep away from drugs is because of my mother and because i watched, very slowly, what they’ve done to our entire family. i watched what my mom had to deal with, what my aunts had to deal with, what my grandparents had to deal with, and it basically made me realize very young that it was not a situation that i ever wanted to find myself in. i didn’t want to be constantly fighting with my significant other over money. i didn’t want to live in a constant state of fear and suffering and fury, i didn’t want to live in such a volatile, hostile home environment. and i most definitely did not want to go through what my father was going through, and the demons he continues to battle.
so that’s the reason, i think. in addition to that, i had two really amazing support people: my best friend (who i’ve been best friends with since kindergarten) and my boyfriend (who’ve i’ve been dating since high school) who were my rocks throughout it all. they both come from very well off, stable families and i escaped to their houses a LOT. i believe they helped keep me from the path of addiction as well. the rest of my friends were addicts in high school, but it wasn’t super hard stuff until later, which is when we really started growing apart.
my sibling went the other way, like you. they’re also an addict. it almost feels like it was a fifty/fifty chance :/ which fucking sucks. i can’t tell you why they became an addict and i didn’t—why they didn’t see it the way i did, or why it didn’t impact them the way it did me. i don’t know their reasoning because they won’t talk to me about it, they don’t like to. i do know that they fell into the ‘wrong’ crowd very early, and we both have mental illnesses/disorders which i believe they self-medicated for early, whereas i ended up on a cocktail of prescribed drugs by the age of 13.
oh anon babie i am so sorry :( i am so, so sorry. it’s so hard. addiction is a monster that eats you alive from the inside out until you’re nothing but a shell of your former self, and it sucks so bad. but i’m so proud of you for trying. you can and will beat it, i believe in you!!! <333 i love you so much and i want you to know that i am supporting you and your fight <3 thank you so much for your kind closing words. i’m absolutely honoured to hear that i inspire you to not give up and to keep going, that warms my whole heart to the core <333 please keep fighting!! this is YOUR body and YOUR life and YOU are in control, not your addiction. you are so much more than your addiction. i love you <3
#i can’t say i don’t get the urge to do something when shit gets rough #especially when my illness began to get really worse #the amount of times i found the thought of ‘god i wish i had just one pill to fucking numb this’ cross my mind was astounding #and it was SCARY too #because it wasn’t a thought i was expecting to start having lmao #those thoughts only started recently #within the last two years #but i’m really lucky to have my mom and my boyfriend and my bff as a support system #anyway that’s what happened. those were the combination of factors i think that kept me from trying drugs. the biggest one definitely is #‘i never want to live like this’ though. just never want to go through the pain and suffering these men and women are going through #my readers are based on my mom/grandmother tho lol #because they stayed. their whole lives they stayed #i’m so sorry you’re struggling sweet anon but i believe in you and i’ll be here cheering you on every step of the way <3 #you can do it!!!!!!!!! #feel free to come back and share your little victories with us if you ever feel like you’d like to! #no pressure tho of course <3 i just think it would be nice so we could celebrate with you if you ever need it!!! just an option if u want it #and it doesn’t matter if you stumble. all that matters is that you keep trying <3 #i love u so much please stay safe and take care <3 #drink ur water n eat something yummy <3 you deserve love and happiness <3 #inky.bb #clari gets mail #tw drugs
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smilehoneyy · 29 days ago
i think. every single thing that happens just breaks my heart a little more
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