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thirtytwoelvismovies · 37 minutes ago
Tumblr media
We watched a buncha Steven Seagal movies last night so of course I had to make it an official thing.
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video-gamer · 3 hours ago
Смотрите "Прятки на сервере The Hive в Minecraft || 2 часть" на YouTube
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thefirstknife · 9 hours ago
Today I tried to do Master Presage solo flawless and this was my first death. Making this video helped me cope with the tragedy.
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lostinadaydreeam · 11 hours ago
Fuslie: Hello Tommy.
Rae and Sykkuno: Hi Tommy!
Tommy: Hello!
Rae: You made it. :)
Corpse: [chuckles] oh god.
George, sarcastically in the backround: 'ello.
Tommy: I was too busy being awesome.
Rae and Corpse: [giggles]
Sykkuno: but you're busy doing that all the time?
Fuslie: Oh.
Tommy: Thanks, Sykkuno.
Sykkuno: Uh, oh no problem.
Tommy: I- I couldn't agree with you more! [Rae laughs] You're- uh- you're- you're okay.
Sykkuno, awkwardly: Uh, Thanks.
Corpse, laughing quietly: Oh my god
George: Wow. [giggles quietly]
Rae: [laughs] what is this?
Dream: I think- I think Sykkuno is awesome.
Fuslie, quietly agreeing: Sykkuno is pretty cool.
Sykkuno: Than-thanks.
Corpse, agreeing: I'm a big fan.
Tommy: I think- I think you're... I- Yeah, man! How are you?
Rae: I'm a fan of you as well, Sykkuno!
Sykkuno: Yeah, uh great day. You? Um..
George: [giggles]
Tommy, trying to change the subject: I'm just trying to join our lobby.
Sykkuno: uh-huh.
Corpse to dono: Thank you, Samantha. [Video cuts off]
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lostinadaydreeam · 12 hours ago
Tommy: I literally done all my tasks, so who can I follow around?
Fuslie: Wait, Tommy, what were the tasks?
Sykkuno: Protect George, protect George.
Rae: We have to protect George!
Sapnap: Tommy! Tommy, follow me around!
Sapnap: Nonono, don’t follow George, you're gonna get yourself killed.
George: Listen, listen where was everyone
Tommy: I'm gonna follow Gogy, because I think he's incredible.
George: Where was everyone at- at the-
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dazzlerdrawer · 12 hours ago
I love snow leopards, but they only live in one area and are endangered mainly by hunting and poaching.
I created this video, and if there are any issues, plz say so, cause I mean, it was a quick video I created a long time ago. Thank you for watching it!
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misshazelevers20 · 14 hours ago
I’m really proud of this one!!
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can-of-pringles · 15 hours ago
Peter, Kurt, and Marigold have a discussion about spiders. (Audio from a reading Yahoo Answers posts video)
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labelleizzy · 16 hours ago
My cat does the Miette thing
Pretty much every day she yells at me for
Encroaching on her space
Nudging her out the doorway
Walking past her in the hallway
Waking her up from her nap
Giving her the kitty prozac
Not being within eyesight at all times
Feed me feed me feed me
Time for bed mom! Time for bed!!!
And now the star of the show: 17 years old California Calico,
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mscelentanosclassroom · 17 hours ago
Scribble Drawing: Warm and Cool Colors Assignment
I am teaching a Cubism Unit with my middle schoolers when they come back from break and I created a Video with step by step instructions to help them with the project.
Learn how to make a cubism inspired scribble drawing.
- pencil
- paper
- 6 colors: 3 warm (red, orange, yellow) and 3 cool (green, blue, purple) (I also used black and brown markers)
Step one: Scribble all over the paper Step two: Find a representational object within your scribbles Step three: Use either warm or cool colors to fill in the shapes. I used warm colors to fill in the bird Step four: Use your remaining colors to fill in the shapes in the background. Optional final step: Outline your object for more contrast!
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