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zapsoda · 2 minutes ago
could you draw nazi and gay nazi dancing but ofc regular nazi hates it and gay one is like being gay or whatever
love the detail. why did you phrase it like that though
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vanityloves · 2 minutes ago
AHHHH i’m SO late to this but one thing I love about your ships is that they have that perfect balance(tm)!! I love all of the goofy jokes u make about your f/os and tbh ur an inspiration to me but also there’s so much love and thought put into the ship!
IM EQUALLY AS LATE TO THIS ASK HOLY SHIT I DIDNT EVEN SEE IT IM SO SORRY 😭 but thank you so much 🥺 im really happy to hear that theyre balanced in that way ! and omg im honored thats so rad tysm!?
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fukuncga · 3 minutes ago
MY LYRICS ARE "give your heart and soul to charity / cause the rest of you, the best of you / honey, belongs to me" & "be like a love that discovered the sin" & "imagine being loved by me / i won't deny I've got in my mind now all the things we'd do / so I'll try to talk refined for fear that you find out how I'm imaginin' you"
STOPPPP THE WAY TALK MAKES ME GO INSANE,,, it’s SUCH a good song i can’t why does he have to go so hard
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knickknacksandallthat · 3 minutes ago
12 Ways to Woo a Minyard - Chapter 14
Tumblr media
Chapter 14
(1 year, 7 months, and 7 days ago)
Andrew is getting impatient.
It’s hot as hell outside, Aaron and Kevin still aren’t ready, and it’s the third time his cousin has lost his phone in the past fifteen minutes despite not even having left the dorm yet.
Nicky pats down his jeans pocket in the lobby one more time, like the device will have somehow magically appeared there since the last time he checked it. “I swear I just had it, Andrew! Seriously!”
Andrew barely glances at him.
Last chapter, y'all! Enjoy! 😊 Click on the link above to get to it, or click here to start at the beginning! (Check out My Works too for a brief summary!)
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razzberryfunhouse · 7 minutes ago
genuinely just made a wishlist of a shit ton of playing card packs i want that i will do commissions for if you buy me a pack so mutuals..... if you so desire.........
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devilkou · 10 minutes ago
i need kaeya’s tiddies in my mouf after getting my ass kicked by boreas 😔
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faithfulwhispers · 11 minutes ago
That moment when you're a programmer and add /* 'comment' */ or #'Comment' to your fanfiction outline for different scenes. Or attempt to format it in pseudo-code.
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bernardperroudart · 11 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Bernard Perroud. Buste courbé. Carboard, glue, dirt, wax. 15 cm. high.
Tumblr media
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alwaysalreadyangry · 12 minutes ago
rest in peace your notifications for the foreseeable future but also thank you for your service 🙌🏼💕 truly forever in your debt
<3 honestly it has brought me SO MUCH JOY seeing everyone react.
me, approaching the tog fandom, script in hand, (nicky di genova voice): You want to try some joy?
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