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Added another layer to my little hippo habitat

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Miniature Plant Models

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Toast Bandit Collaboration

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Kaiden Kincaid

When you want to be a hero, growing up in Lakewood Plaza Turbo is ideal, and luckily for Kaiden, his reality. Between his friends and family, he’s pretty sure he can be in the top leagues with enough training. 

As longs as people don’t find the villainous branches in his family tree, he should be fine. Right?

Details Under the Cut 

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Wake up and Smell the Science - Call_Me_Tears - Torchwood [Archive of Our Own]
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Hello wonderful people! I’ve decided to try something new (since I usually only write poetry). This is my very first one-shot, and I’m beyond excited to share it with you! There will be a part 2, but please let me know if you like it!! Feedback would be most appreciated :)

Beta’d by @klinenovakwinchester​ and @a-radical-notion​. 

Special THANK YOU to @downanddirtydean​ for being my cheerleader/smut-instructor (i’m madly in love with you)

Word Count: 2748

Warnings: Smut, oral (male receiving), established relationship, hints at a possible dom!Dean (no dominance in this fic though)

Summary: Dean gets back late from a long hunt, and all he wants to do is see his girl.


Originally posted by rainbow-motors

Dean turned the key in the ignition and pulled it out as the rumbling from Baby stopped. He sighed and leaned back against the seat, his head tilted towards the roof of the car. Sam looked over at him from the passenger side, and Dean knew Sam was about to ask him if he was alright. He could practically feel his brother thinking at him

“Dean, are you feeling okay?” Sam asked and was immediately met with a loud sigh from the driver’s seat.

“What, Dean?” Sam said with frustration. “You know you can talk about it if you want.”

But that was just the thing, Dean didn’t want to talk about it, then or ever, at least not with Sam polluting his baby with talk of feelings. 

“Yeah, Sam, I know,” Dean huffed, as he pushed Baby’s door open with a creak and swung his leg out of the vehicle. His boots hit the ground with a thud.

“I know,” he continued, turning towards him, “but I’m just not in the mood to talk right now, Sam. I just want to see y/n.” He stepped back and shut the driver’s side door carefully. Just because he was tired and exasperated didn’t mean he was going to take it out on the car. His fists swung by his side as he marched from the garage into the bunker, leaving Sam alone with the impala and his feelings.

Dean came through the metal door and down the stairs to the huge table with the world map on its surface, left unused when the Men of Letters were wiped out in 1958. He ignored the table and hurried off down the hallway, past Sam’s room, then his own, towards y/n’s room. He tried to step quietly, since it was late, and he thought you might be sleeping.

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私服惠:Stussy X CDG  MA1   AJ1

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TW: Some violence

“You and I against the world.”

“Just like old times.” (Credit: @creativepromptsforwriting)

Felix turned away and crouched defensively in front of Kai, muscles tensed. His brown hair was slick with sweat and stuck to his face, as his dark eyes flitted rapidly between the enemies before him. Brandishing his swords, he gauged each one of them, sizing them up.

Five of the Emperor’s Royal Guards and two Magic Wielders had surrounded them the moment Kai stood foot in the palace. After all, the return of the banished magician had caused a great commotion, especially when he had made it all the way into the building undetected.

Felix had all but ran to Kai’s side when he laid eyes on him. It had been 13 years since he had last seen the magician, and those 13 years had passed with him wondering if he would see the latter ever again.

“Sir Felix, get back now!” one of the guards barked out, pointing his sword at the man. 

“No, you get back,” Felix growled in a low tone, getting closer to Kai.

“Why do you side with the traitor?” another yelled, spitting out the last word as he glared at Kai.

Traitor. Snake. Disgraced. Only a few of the names Kai had earned since he had spoken out against the Emperor and gotten himself exiled.

“Why am I always the one saving your hide?” Felix asked Kai in a hush, his voice softer.

“Correction: You choose to throw yourself between me and any sign of danger there is,” Kai retorted good-naturedly. And yet, his hands clenched and unclenched as he warily eyed the guards and magicians.

The devoted followers of the Emperor were many. They were hypocrites who willingly covered their eyes and blindly followed their leader, ignoring his greedy and selfish methods as long as they were able to do the same. They were acting the exact same way the previous rulers had. The same rulers whom the Emperor publicly denounced before he had taken the throne. And yet when Kai, a noble magician, criticized them, he was stripped of his nobility and banished.

And while years have passed since then, one thing was the same—Felix stood by him now the same way he had back then.

Kai placed a reassuring hand on Felix’s shoulder. “I got this. Rest.”

Felix grimaced and opened his mouth to protest, but instead fell limp, his eyes fluttering shut. A whispered apology escaped Kai’s lips.

“Sir Felix is down!” the head guard exclaimed. “Take the traitor, dead or alive!”

Kai’s hand shot out, palm up. Tensing it, his hazel eyes burned with a deep hatred. Fire burst on the guard’s uniform. The guards screamed in pain, throwing themselves on the ground and writhing around. But the magicians remained unscathed. Cursing under his breath, he threw up a shield to counter their long-range attacks. He dove to retrieve one of the discarded swords. The magicians were talented, he had to give them that, hence the sword.

He moved his fingers the way a puppeteer would control strings and the shadows moved off the walls, across the floor, until they engulfed the magicians in two dark pools of nothing. Wasting no time, he came up behind one of them and quickly struck the sword into their heart. He moved to the next magician, swiftly repeating his previous actions.

Throwing the sword to the ground, he caught his breath and dispelled the shadows. The bodies of the two magicians joined those of the burnt guards. He wiped at his forehead, staggering to where Felix lay unconscious and kneeling down. Throwing an arm around his neck, he hoisted Felix up from the waist, standing him up. Kai stumbled toward a passageway and sat Felix down, propping his back up on the wall. He backed away, his earlier hatred having run its course. Now he felt drained and something pulled at his heart.

Staring down at Felix, his eyes drooped, tears welling up in them.

“I’m sorry. I don’t want you to see what I’ve become. We can’t be like how we were before.” Kai took in a shaky breath. “It can’t be like old times anymore.” He ran his hands through his messy black hair, calming himself down. “Thank you. For everything.” His voice lowered to a barely audible whisper. “For fighting by my side. For believing in me. For helping me up. For being with me.”

His face smoothed, void of any emotion. He straightened up, intending to walk out of the passageway, but stopped right before the exit.

“Goodbye, Felix.”

With those parting words, Kai headed back out to the Main Hall, eyes set hard on the doors that would eventually lead him to the Emperor. He had returned to this forsaken palace for one thing only—to end all the two-faced officials that governed over the people. And the Emperor was at the top of his list.

By Beautiful Anemoia

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Somewhere Close By (Complete)

Post-Chosen. In between leading the Main Council Office in London and dealing with random apocalypses, Giles and Buffy figure out what they want in their personal lives.

Part 1: Lost and Found

Part 2: Early Morning Wake-Up Call

Part 3: Not for the Faint of Heart

(All links are to AO3)

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Goku in Steven Universe Style, requested by @lost-soulsilver

From what I remember, Goku’s actually a pretty cheerful, goofy guy, so why were all the reference pictures online of him being so serious? Am I misremembering? 

Anyway, here’s Goku running back from a successful food run. :)

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Doesn’t touch many people, not even their siblings:





Isn’t physically affectionate with more than three of four others:





Affectionate with sibling and a few others:



Affectionate in general, but especially with friends/family:



(this is set in my fic, AIR, and is not a general headcanon for the boys!)

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(full size if you want to appreciate how many stitches went into this thing)

I have been buzzing with anticipation waiting to show this off! made for @fictitiousponies, inspired by MAG159.

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Love how this cake for a young hunter turned out! 🌿🏕🏞 I very rarely get to do hunting themed cakes, which is surprising, because here in (REDACTED) hunting is extremely common.

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After reading through all of @the-heartslabyul-hatter Pixie Hollow Au stories I wanted to try my hand at turning my Twisted Wonderland oc’s into fairies!!


Originally posted by angelkarafilli

Melanie Charment: Clapping Talent

🌼 From the moment she was born her eyes were fill of light. The minute she opened her blue gems to the new world around her she sat in awe at the crowd looking at the newborn fairy. She was undoubtedly pretty for a newborn and a few sparrowmen (plus some fairies) blushed as she gave a soft smile to everyone.

🌼 As Queen Clarion helped her to her feet she attempted to curtsy in honor only to stumble amd almost fall on her butt. Thankfully she caught herself and blushed at the queen giggling. Some of the other fairies awed at her cuteness causing her to hide her cherry red face behind her long hair.

🌼 Once she managed to walk properly flying was next. She was a bit hesitant to fly up high and began with fluttering only a few inches off the ground until she felt safe to take off a teensy bit higher. Soon she got the hang of it and fluttered around the room.

🌼 When it came to the talent ceremony she touched each of the glowing balls but they all dimmed at her presence, leaving her disheartened. She was ready to cry at the last talent rejecting her confusing the crowd and the queen until a lone fairy stepped up to help.

🌼 Prilla helped Melanie dried the tears welling up in her eyes and asked Queen Clarion if she could try something. The queen nodded and Prilla took the newborn fairy’s hands into hers, telling her that she might know her talent since she knew how Melanie felt. Once the newborn calmed up and agreed Prilla told her that on the count of three they’ll blink their eyes together. With the crowd giving encouragement and shouting the countdown the two squeezed their eyes shut before at the cheer of one they opened their eyes.

🌼 The crowd watched in awe as Melanie and Prilla blinked away to the Mainland and when Melanie opened her eyes again she gawked at the sight of a beautiful park in the heart of a city at night. Prilla then hugged her tightly and exclaimed that this is her talent. When the two blinked back the crowd cheered as Melanie smile grew brighter.

🌼 Since her talent is used in dire situations Melanie often spends her time helping everyone else as either an extra hand or a cheerleader so things run smoothly. When someone’s feeling down you can bet she’ll be there with some treats and a shoulder to lean on. Recently she befriended five sparrowmen (aka the first years) and when they’re not working you can find them playing together. Melanie also befriended a grey mouse whom she named Louise and takes care of.

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Violeta Elena Salazar

Like father like daughter, the latest of Providence’s mad scientist is bit of a wild card. Violeta is probably one of the few that can take down the 3 P’s (Providence, Plumbers, P.O.I.N.T.) at once if she really wanted. Lucky for the world, she’s a bit more interested in bot fights and experiments. 

Besides, who else is gonna have Roman’s back in a fight?

Details Below the Cut

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