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A sigil for my storyweavers, my worldbuilders, my tall-tale-tellers.
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Yesterday’s stream doodle was Ponk and a Cursed tree
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Tumblr media
Started 2022 Jan 5 Finished 2022 Aug 15
original art by @thali-lemmonpie
recreated with permission from artist
size 18 canvas, 138 colours. Final size 16 x 12 inch
@wargoddess9 stitched a great deal as she liked to steal it out of my bag at work when i went to lunch and then wouldn't give it back
link to original:
>>> see AZIRAPHALE here <<<
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𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐞-𝐛𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐛𝐚𝐛𝐲 | 𝐫. 𝐟𝐥𝐨𝐲𝐝
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: bob floyd is spectacularly good at hustling people at pool, and only one girl in the entire bar takes notice. 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬: bob floyd/original female character 𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠: g 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: n/a 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 8.8k who the fuck am i 𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: big ol' shoutout to my girls @constellation-savvy, @snoopdogghasjeansanddresses, and @callsignbob for proofing/losing their minds over this with me!! and big thanks to sav for commissioning this, writing a soft boy after weeks of hangman was a lot of fun.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Why the fuck anybody wanted to hang out at a bar when the beach was right there, Julie didn’t know. 
Maybe it was the fact that she’d grown up on the beach that made her think that. It had been the Florida coast, and not California, sure, but she didn’t think it made much of a difference. If anything, it should’ve been even more appealing here, where the San Diego air didn’t feel like walking through soup when you stepped outside. The water was glittering, the sand was soft, and the beach near the military base was emptier than any she’d seen in years. 
And yet here she was, sitting with a bunch of cohorts at a bar, with her back against a jukebox that was blaring out some garbage Foghat song.
𝐤𝐞𝐞𝐩 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠
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I cannot love softly.
I am nothing if not a wildfire - a sharpened knife.
said I to my first love, when she drew her first breath, and then her last: I’m sorry for consuming you. said she, with venom in her blood: come. take my beating heart. it’s yours.
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Friendly Alarm
A/N: This was inspired by a convo on Discord involving @pigeon-scratches​ when should have probably been asleep. Characters are not mine, they belong to DC Comics and their respective creators. I just own this story.
I do not consent to my works being posted or translated to other sites.
Count: 271 words, just a small drabble.
Pairing: (Platonic) Batboys x Sister!Reader she/her pronouns used, no bodily description, no use of y/n
Warnings: talk of medication for mental health. Not edited, this was finished at 2 a.m. after a very sudden burst of inspiration. 
Tumblr media
They had been on patrol when the text came through. The casual yet concerning “I might have just realized I’ve forgotten to take my meds for like two months.” Jason had let out a long sigh at his adoptive sister, while Dick looked very concerned. Which prompted their current plan. While she cleaned to go to bed, they climbed through her bedroom window for her phone. Moving back outside they recorded their voices reminder her to take her meds. Dick had tried to make it nice, a gentle reminder. Jason had different plans, yelling at her to ‘take your meds bitch.’ It was out of love, and they knew she’d know that. Some of her worst shit they’ve seen, stood by her in her worst times. They slipped back inside, placing her phone in its original place, ensuring everything is as it was. At the sound of the shower turning off, they scrambled towards the fire escape. They watched carefully as she emerged from the small bathroom. No reaction. Leaving when Barbara alerted to a nearby crime. 
So, the next morning as she’s getting ready to go to work, she’s startled to have Jason yelling with a hint of Dick. It works. Grabbing a glass from the kitchen she takes her meds, with a small smile. Grateful for her brothers. Grabbing her phone, she sends a text to the group chat: “thanks guys.” With a deep breath she leaves her apartment, determined to have a good day. 
Awoken by Haley, Dick rolls to check his phone. He soft smile spreads at the message, glad she’d appreciated the reminder. Jason remained asleep.
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Tumblr media
Anakin Skywalker - moodboard
Star Wars
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peterthepark · a day ago
stuff i’m working on! ft. very bad summaries :)
- one for the road: eddie munson x bartender!reader // eddie being on tour, playing for diff bars yadda yadda, fleeting “right person, wrong time” romance-esque, one night stand horniness
- perverted: vampire!eddie x reader // vamp!eddie perving on gf!reader masturbating before taking matters into his own hands brrrr
- yours, mine, ours: steddie x reader // just friends fucking each other yk the gist, unrequited romance if you squint
- title TBD: older!steve x reader // reader used to have a little teenage crush on steve when she was younger, reunions, 10 year age gap (reader is 25, steve is 35), “we can’t” but does it anyway
subject to change at any time for any reason. if i do not get to publish a certain wip, please know it was no longer fun to write for me or that i probably went to work on a different fic. thank you!
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montmartrasse · 2 days ago
hello im gently throwing the first smut (and the first ghost fic!) ive ever written
raindrop, 3.4k, cut for length and very much nsfw content
also on ao3
Rain knew exactly what he needed to do; he had very strict and direct orders from Dewdrop and he was obeying them. 
It felt like he’d been going at it for hours now - his legs were trembling, the sheets were soaked with sweat, and the room definitely smelled like sex. Except, it was only him in the room and he didn’t know how long it would be until Dew showed up. 
He was having a nice morning - smitten after the incredible night he had with a Sister he’d been eyeing for months. Satisfied and still riding the high of the previous night, he was just minding his own business, watching TV in the Ghoul common room, snacking on his plate of cherries. That’s when he felt the room suddenly heat up, a second later, a long clawed hand was in his hair, yanking his head back. 
He felt Dewdrop’s lips next to his ear. “You’ve been having too much fun without me lately, hm?” his voice and whispery breath tickling him, Rain felt a shiver run down his spine. “Gotsta teach you a lesson. You may have forgotten who you belong to.” 
And that’s when he gave his orders. It wasn’t like Dewdrop to get jealous - but he was right. It had been a while since they fucked and he liked it when Dew got rough. A nice change of pace from his own conquests with Sisters and Brothers. 
“You start at nine pm sharp. All by yourself. Do not stop until I get there. Understood? No stopping. And if by the time I get there and you have cummed less than 5 times, we’re gonna have problems” Dew had growled into his ear. 
He had left as quickly as he arrived, leaving Rain weak in the knees, despite having been sitting down the whole time, and stomach puzzling with excitement. He just needed to figure out what to do until nine pm. 
Now he was laying on his bed, completely naked, soaked in sweat. He brought the vibrator to his already overstimulated clit once again,  trying to build up for the fifth orgasm he was supposed to have but he was struggling. The lack of stimulation except for the vibe was not fun and knowing that Dew could burst through the door anytime, although exciting, was making him a nervous wreck. He tried touching himself in other places, a ghastly hand at his nipples, claws running on his stomach, maybe a little squeeze on his neck with his tail - but it wasn’t helping. He needed someone’s - Dewdrop’s touch and he needed it bad. 
Images flooded his mind, what would his punishment be if he couldn’t complete his request? Could he lie to Dewdrop - his mate? What if he got caught - what if Dew was listening from outside of the door, counting his orgasms? 
Now, that got him going. Thinking Dewdrop was waiting outside, maybe listening to his whines and hitched breaths made his heart race. He pushed the vibrator harder into his clit, circling around it. The newfound fantasy made him whinier, letting sounds escape from his mouth, not constraining himself. His hips buckled, almost humping the vibrator like it was his lover’s cock. Finally, after what felt like hours, he found himself nearing another climax, heart beating a little too fast, his back arched and hands grabbing the sheets, Rain found himself cumming for the fifth time like he was asked to do so. 
Collecting himself, he waited for Dew to enter the room, to praise him for being so good, for obeying him like the perfect boy he is - but much to his dislike, no one entered. Sulking and a little tired now, Rain lazily brought the vibrator back to his clit once again, lowering the intensity setting a little bit - too overstimulated at this point to feel anything anyway. Hardly moving his hand, Rain started to wonder if this was his punishment after all - being made to think of Dewdrop while he played with himself, unable to spend the night with someone else. 
After what felt like hours, which in reality was just a mere couple of minutes, he started feeling an orgasm build up once again. He couldn’t help it - deep down he knew this was not the only thing that was going to happen this night and the constant vibration on his clit was unrelenting. His body, however, was not very cooperative. He felt the build-up but the release was not coming, it felt like the worst possible case of edging, especially when he had the control in his own hands. Raising the intensity of the vibe, he started pushing himself for one more orgasm. 
“Please, oh Sathanas, please pleasepleaseplease” he found himself begging to particularly no one as he chased the high once more, “Oh - oh Sathanas please I -”
The door slamming open made Rain jump out of fear, completely losing the build-up for that orgasm. 
Cursing, he tried to lift himself up on his elbow to get a better view of the intruder “What the f-” 
“Stay. down.” came a low, growling sound from the room’s entrance. 
Frozen like deer in the headlights, Rain watched the feral Dewdrop slowly enter the room, eyes glowing with literal fire in them. Slowly and carefully, he made his way towards the bed where Rain lay. This immaculate play Dewdrop had organized and left Rain out of by omitting the game’s nature made Rain burn hot with anticipation. Was he being punished for his recent accolades? Is he going to receive praise now for obeying? A stalking Dew meant a soon-to-be attacking Dew, which Rain thought he was somewhat prepared for. 
In the blink of an eye - Sathanas when did he get so close? - Dewdrop was on the bed hovering over Rain, a hand on his chest pushing him down on the bed. 
Dewdrop’s face was buried in Rain’s neck now, horns lightly jabbing his chin, his legs straddling him on the hips, one hand still on his chest and pushing him down, claws slowly digging through the skin. 
“Good. Good. You’ve done well for me.” Dew said as he muzzled into Rain’s neck. 
Rain, still feeling very edged by the recent interruption to his orgasm, tried to push his hips towards Dew’s crotch, trying to feel his hard cock under his pants - why was he still wearing pants anyway? But Dew pushed him down even more, tutting his tongue.
“Now now now. I’ve said you’ve done good, not that you have been forgiven. You have to show me first, what you have accomplished. Turn, now.” Dew said as he lifted himself from Rain, now he was sitting by his side, helping Rain prop up and lay him stomach down. “Ass up” he ordered, Rain obeyed, raising to hands and knees, arching his back. Dew placed a hand on the small of his back, once again pushing him down, face first on the pillows. Gathering Rain’s arms from his sides to his back, Dewdrop used one hand to keep them crossed held at the wrists, using another to spread Rain’s cunt without touching anywhere significant.
Reminding Rain of his ruined orgasm, the ache still lingering, he once again found himself trying to push himself to Dew for some more friction. “Please,” he begged to Dewdrop this time. “I was so close” he cried.
Dewdrop brought his mouth close to Rain’s cunt, not making a move yet, as if he could count how many times Rain cummed by looking at it. “How many times? Did you get to five as I asked? Did you learn your lesson?” His tail was slowly wrapping around Rain’s leg, yet never reaching his cunt.
Tickled and flushed hot by Dewdrop’s breath on his cunt, “Six! I was almost at the sixth one!” he yelped, trying to move his ass, get close to his lover's mouth. Finally get that reward he was never promised. 
“Mhm. I think you still haven’t learned your lesson. What did I say Rain? What did I say to you in the morning? When you were still smelling of someone? Not a single care in the world? Now you need a good reminder. You need to remember who you belong to, do you understand me? You are mine. You can have as much fun as you want with others. But at the end of the day, you are mine.” Dew swiftly pulled himself back from Rain, raising him on his knees once again. Undaring to move, even to catch a glimpse, Rain heard the sound of pant buttons being shuffled. 
Finally, he thought. He had been waiting long for this moment, it's all he could really think while he was waiting for Dew to enter anyway and he was more than ready for it.
"Please," he begged once again. "I want you."
"And why should I give in to what you want?" Dewdrop asked. 
"I was good. I did well. I did what you asked." Rain pleaded, edge in his voice clear to the listening ears. 
"Let's see," Dew said putting two fingers into Rain's cunt without a warning. 
A groan left Rain's mouth, leaving Dew satisfied with what he did, and happy to find a soaking cunt, ready for his own pleasure. 
He curled his fingers a little, touching all of Rain's favorite spots, knowing how to work them like magic. He had decades to perfect his moves for his mate, he knew what it took to make him a mess oh so quickly, leave him whimpering, face buried on the pillows, back arched inhumanly, slowly grinding on his fingers for more, just tiny a bit more. 
But he also knew when to stop and remove his fingers, not give in to Rain's need. 
"Ffffuck" came a sound from Rain, muffled by the pillows he was screaming into. 
Dewdrop chuckled. "If you think that's how I intended to teach this lesson, you're wrong." He ran a slow hand on Rain's ass, kneading his cheeks softly. It was always scarier when Dew was being soft. You never knew what to expect. "Here's what we're gonna do," he said, as he propped himself higher and loomed over Rain's back, aligning his crotch with Rain's ass. "I'm going to fuck you little the little whore you are, and you will not cum until I say so," he said, with every word getting closer to Rain's face. "Did you understand?" he asked, followed by a lick to the shell of Rain's ear. 
"Yes," Rain managed to barely get out, shivering with anticipation. 
"Yes, what?" 
"Yes Sir." Rain gulped. 
"Good boy. Now take it." Dewdrop jammed his cock into Rain's cock without a warning once again. 
"Ah!" Rain let out a scream, glad that he had time to prepare for this but still a little shocked by the suddenness of Dew's move. 
Dewdrop lifted himself up once again, grabbing a hold of Rain's ass cheeks, spreading them apart, and grabbing them for more force.
"How dare you go around fucking everyone in the Abbey without me." Dew panted, each word punctuated by a slam of his hips to Rain's ass. 
He was going hard and slow at the same time. Rain knew Dew was capable of more than this, and he needed more but he feared that if he got what he wanted, he would cum again, disobeying his direct orders. But he was still a Ghoul, and he was still edged as fuck, so he began matching Dew's rhythm, moving his hips and tightening around Dew's cock for more pleasure. 
"Look at you. Fucking whore, always wanting more." Dew slapped Rain's ass, pushing him to stay in place. 
"Please. Ah, please Sir" Rain cried, his orgasm building up once again, doing his best to keep it at bay. 
"So needy. So so needy. Is that why you fuck everyone that crosses your sights? Am I not enough for you? You want more all the time?" Dew's voice was almost dripping with venom, venom Rain knew was not inherent but still scary. 
"No Sir. I just want you. Nothing, no one compares to you. Please let me have more of you." 
"What do you want?" Dew asked, slowing down a bit.
"More. More please."
"Use your words." 
"Please. I want you more. Harder. Fuck me harder, faster. Touch me, touch my cunt, make me cum, please Sir please." Rain was desperate, feeling like he would cry if Dew stopped once again, brought to the edge too many times. 
And so Dewdrop did stop and pull out.
"Turn. I want to see your face. I want you to see my face when you cum so you don't forget who you cum for." 
He yanked Rain's arms, this time pushing him on his back. Rain saw the fire, the passion in Dewdrop's eyes. Maybe this wasn't just a game, maybe Dew was actually trying to teach him something. He tried to reach for him, touch him a little, silently tell him that he loves him more than anything in the world, that no one will ever be good enough for him like he is, but Dew didn't let him. He snaked an arm under Rain's waist, lifting him up just a little for easier access, and entering him once again. He was brutal this time, giving all he got. 
He must've been pent up as well, Rain noticed, his breathing was getting hitched, and the arm he was using to prop himself up was shaking a little. Rain tried to reach for him once again, and got defeated once again, as Dewdrop brought his mouth to Rain's neck one more time, this time not just muzzling but licking and sucking, driving Rain crazy as he avoided the very sensitive bite mark he so proudly sported. 
"Ah," Rain let another whimper out of his mouth, this time fully in rhythm with Dew, fucking on his cock like his life depended on it, hoping Dew would bring his mouth to the bite mark, where he was most sensitive. 
As if on cue, Dewdrop let his teeth graze over the scars, sucking on them, biting just a little, licking immediately, driving Rain crazy with the need for more. 
In an act of almost cruelty, Dewdrop freed his arm from under Rain, bringing his hand to Rain's cunt, his thumb made contact with Rain's neglected clit, and his teeth sunk into the sensitive spot on his neck, causing Rain to see hot red, the orgasm coming like a wave hitting the beach after a storm, body trembling, hands grabbing any part of the body they could find. 
After what felt like an eternity of bliss, Rain's senses came down to him, finding Dewdrop lazily pumping in and out, thumb circling his clit still like a ghost, making him ride the aftershocks of his orgasm like electricity running through his body. 
Finding his arms wrapped around Dewdrop's neck, he brought his hands to his lover's hair, gently tangling them there and pulling his head from his neck, bringing his lips to his. 
"Please, tell me I've been good," he whispered, their lips barely touching. 
"You have been so so good, my perfect boy. Now it's my turn, so you never forget again."
He slammed his mouth on his lovers, teeth grazing over lips, biting here and there, his hips moving rough and hard, fucking Rain like there is no tomorrow. 
Rain lost in the euphoria, did not even notice the orgasm sneak up on him, "Ah, ah ah ah" he groaned into Dew's mouth, clenching around his cock to get more friction, finally bringing his lover to his orgasm as well, when Dew once again tried to circle his clit with the spade of his tail.
A silent shift, muscles tensing ever so slightly, a hitching breath here and a shuddering lip there, and Dew knew it was too much. He knew his love well enough to understand where the pleasure ended and pain began.
He removed his hand immediately and stopped moving his hips. 
"What? Why did you stop? Please, please don't stop" Rain pleaded, now distraught that he couldn't finish what they had started. 
"It hurts, doesn't it? I won't go anymore." Dew said calmly, attempting to remove his cock from Rain. 
"No!" yelped Rain, using his legs around Dew's waist to keep everything as they are. "No, please, please I can take it. I'll be good, I'll be good for you, I can take it please." he was begging, not wanting to disappoint Dew.
"Hey, no, shh, no. You are good, you are perfect. You're perfect for me. You will always be perfect. You don't have to do anything." Dew said, cupping Rain's face in his hands, trying to remove the scowl from the ghoul's forehead.
"Please Dew, finish what you started, I'm begging you." 
"Are you sure?" Dew asked, worried. 
"Yes, yes, please. I'm good. I want you to cum, I want to make you cum." 
Unsure, Dew started moving his hips slowly. In all honesty, he was also in much need of a release. After having listened to Rain masturbate alone all night, and then not fucking him properly since they started, he was also on the edge, ready to cum almost in an instant.
Seeing that Rain was not in pain, Dewdrop started moving faster, a little harder. "Good boy, my good boy. Mine. Perfect, so fucking perfect" he was mumbling almost nonsense as he was nearing his own release, hands still cradling the other ghoul's face, eyes locked, alert for any signs of pain. 
Rain rocked his hips and clenched his cunt, not worried about his own release but attempting to help Dew reach his own. Noticing that Dew was getting there, he pulled him for another kiss, sucking on his lip, letting him bite him just like he loved. 
"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Dew chanted, "So. fucking. perfect" he punctuated with each hip thrust.
With one final thrust, Dew cummed in Rain, making Rain feel the hot spurts of cum in him, Dew pushing down his abdomen just a little to go a bit deeper, to fill him even more. 
A smile crept up on Rain’s face, satisfied that he could bring his lover pleasure, able to take it all and some more, Dewdrop still slowly pumping in and out, enjoying the heightened sensitivity he gets after cumming. He was still caressing Rain’s face, mumbling something under his breath. 
Blissed out, Rain let himself melt into a puddle on the bed, not wanting Dew to move away at all but not having the words or the energy to make an attempt to keep him there. He felt Dewdrop slowly pull out, lift himself up and leave the bed. Confused, Rain started to move up only to be stopped by a warm hand gently pressing him down.
“Shhh,” Dew whispered as he guided Rain back down on the bed. “I’ll just get some water for you.” 
Rain hadn’t noticed how thirsty he was feeling. Wasn’t a big surprise considering he was fucking a fire ghoul and the room felt like it was above 100 degrees - but having Dew anticipate his need before him, that made him feel even warmer, on a different level. 
After drinking the entire glass of water, Rain reached for Dew, finally wanting to sleep in his arms. “C’mere please,” he murmured. 
“I’m here,” Dew said gently as he laid back on the bed, pulling Rain closer. “Are you okay my love?” he asked. It wasn’t often he was this sweet, only behind closed doors, only to his most intimate partner, his mate. 
A low nodding sound was the only noise Rain could muster up, given how tired and spent he felt. 
“You know it was a game right? You know that? You are mine but you can do whatever you want.” Dew let out in one hasty breath, fearing that he was too hard on Rain, too much.
Rain, now worried that he was giving the wrong signals, rose in the bed once again, bringing himself on his stomach once again, this time to face the ghoul laying next to him. “I’m yours, I’m fully yours” Rain reaffirmed, moving closer to his ghoul, desperate for some touch, a kiss. 
“Mine,” Dew managed to get out before his lips were captured by his lovers. 
Content, both ghouls managed to wash away any worry that may have lingered in the back of their minds and fall asleep limbs entangled, sheets messy, hearts light. 
feel free to send requests if you like what you see, i definitely have more coming soon, also any feedback/criticism is appreciated
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diovolica · 2 days ago
Sins of the Flesh
(Okay, so this is my first time posting one of my stories on tumblr, I hope you enjoy!)
Tumblr media
Dio Brando x female reader
“But the stars that marked our starting fall away.
We must go deeper into greater pain,
for it is not permitted that we stay.”
Dante Alighieri, Inferno
The sound of slapping could be heard drifting throughout the rooms of the mansion, permeating even the very walls that held them in place.
Dio’s eyes fell upon the newly battered flesh of your exposed buttocks as you continued to squirm beneath him, having been bent over his lap.
You were in a large amount of pain; your only solace being the warmth of the fresh tears spilling down continuously upon your cheeks.
You had begged and pleaded with him for hours until your voice had grown hoarse, and all you could do now was whimper with every excruciating blow that he would deliver.
The entire time this was happening Dio remained silent, only speaking out to count alongside every smack that he’d been giving you.
Even though he was so blatantly ignoring your pleas for mercy, you dared not let him see your tears for the fear that he’d most certainly punish you if he did.
After all, you knew all too well that Dio hated to see women cry.
Despite the extremely painful burning sensation you had been feeling on your behind though, you couldn’t help but bite your lip slightly once you felt the outline of his large erection press up against your stomach.
It had become obvious now that he was enjoying this; even more so once finally, he opened his mouth to speak.
“Now now, you wouldn’t want me to start all over again, would you my dear?”
His voice reminded you of ice— cold, and yet so deliciously smooth that it caused you to clench your thighs together suddenly.
You’d thought back to the events that led you up to this very night, and how elated you’d felt when- out of all the other countless servants Dio had- he’d chosen you.
Your tyrannical vampire lord had wanted to experiment with trying new things in the bedroom— and despite being unaware that you were indeed one of his favorite toys to play with, you gladly obliged nonetheless.
Now here you were bent over his massive frame— your bottom blistered, red, and bruised beyond compare.
You tried to squirm a little once the slap you’d anticipated never came, however one of his large hands held your hips firmly in place.
You weren’t going anywhere, not that you’d be able to ‘physically’ any time soon.
“N-No… my lord..”
Given the position you were in you couldn’t see Dio’s face, leaving you wondering what he must’ve been thinking during the brief silence that followed.
It wasn’t until suddenly, when you felt the vice-like grip he had on your waist loosen, that you’d discover what was truly dwelling on his mind.
“Good girl. Now, I believe it’s time I breed that dainty little cunt of yours.”
Before you could reply the vampire had effortlessly hoisted you over his shoulder, and while you did grimace quite a bit from the pain of the sudden movement, it surprisingly didn’t bother you all too much.
No, not when the promise of sex from your beloved master had been offered to you.
It was well known throughout the mansion that Dio was the ‘master of his craft’ or so to speak- and although you’d been ravished by him before, it was always quite the treat to have the same opportunity again.
All the pain in the world, you thought to yourself, was undoubtedly worth it if it meant you got to spend even a single night with Lord Dio.
You were interrupted from your temporary moment of pondering once you felt him set you down on a large, luxuriously made bed.
“Lie still.”
He commanded, and you- being thankful for this small moment of respite- happily complied.
As you lay there, it isn’t long until you hear articles of clothing fall to the floor, and your eyes can’t help but wander over to where the source of it was coming from.
There, near the foot of the bed, Dio stood tall.
It wasn’t until he turned in your direction that you were finally able to catch a glimpse of him, and along with it the true essence of his unmistakably raw beauty.
The moonlight from a nearby window fell delicately upon his form, kissing his smooth skin in such an intimate way that it almost made you envious.
His body looked as though it had been chiseled from only the purest form of marble, and every muscle appeared so beautifully sculpted that it were as though history’s finest artists had come together to create the masterpiece that he truly was.
Thick golden locks adorned his head like a crown, which swept down gracefully upon his broad shoulders as he stood bare before you.
His eyes were like the smoldering embers from a dying fire; fierce and powerful, yet filled with an unquenchable desire that had yet to be satiated.
He had the face of what one could describe as an angel, with prominently high cheekbones and plush, full lips that were pursed into an everlasting smirk.
Dio truly was such a marvelous sight to behold.
You had been so lost in admiring the various contours of his beautiful body that you hadn’t felt a pair of thick, powerful arms lift you up once more into the air.
It wasn’t until you heard your lord’s deep, rich voice coo softly in your ear that you finally snapped out of your entrancement.
“Your obedience to me shall not go unrewarded, my darling pet.”
The sensation of soft, delicate fabric pressing against your skin began to fill your senses in what you immediately recognized as the bed sheets- as Dio placed you gently on your hands and knees.
It were almost as though he was being mindful of your broken body, even if you knew that he was only doing so in allowance for you to heal just so he could fuck you again.
Not that you minded though, because if anything you were rather grateful for it.
With his enormous form hovering from behind, you let out a small gasp once you felt the head of his massive cock brush lightly against your entrance.
He was teasing you; relishing in the little noises that had already begun to leave your mouth once he’d started to trace the folds of your slick pussy with his girth.
Your back arched, and your nails dug into the mattress like you were clinging onto dear life when you felt hIm start to push his way inside of you.
His swollen cock was about half-hilted into your cunt when suddenly you felt your eyes begin to water, and you did everything in your power to stifle a scream.
As his large member continued to force its way through the folds of your cunt and stretch you wide, you screwed your eyes tightly shut; your body trembling with the pain that it brought.
It wasn’t until the vampire had gotten most of his girth inside of you that you suddenly felt his movements cease.
You were about to turn your head back to see why he’d stopped so abruptly when all of a sudden, you felt one of his clawed nails rake tenderly up your stomach.
“Bear with me, my sweet. Once I have claimed what is mine, you shall have the eternal bliss that you long for.”
All you could do was nod meekly upon hearing his soothing words, which he’d offered in a time that you knew you desperately needed.
The hand that had been trailing along your stomach slowly moved up further, latching onto one of your breasts and causing you to let out a moan.
The little moans and whimpers that left your lips seemed to please Dio, and he rolled his thumb over the sensitive bud of your nipple with enough pressure that had you mewling for more.
“L-Lord…. Dio!~”
You could hardly process the faint chuckle of amusement coming from your lord when he started pinching the tender bud lightly, rolling it in between his thumb and index finger.
Truly, you were like putty in his hands; the way your body had reacted to the delicious onslaught of pleasure that his skilled fingers brought had bore testament to that fact alone.
You’d been so wrapped up in the small tingles of pleasure jolting through your spine that you hadn’t realized Dio was already moving from his place nestled within you.
Pain blossomed around your walls again as his girthy cock stretched them wide, but because of the delightful sensation you were feeling on your chest due to his ministrations, it didn’t bother you all too much.
It wasn’t much longer until moans of ecstasy filled the room, and the bed began to creak with Dio’s increasingly harsh thrusts.
With his hips snapping up repeatedly to meet your ass, skin slapping loudly against skin, and the feral grunts and groans that left your lord’s lips, you knew you wouldn’t last much longer— and you were right.
Sensing your imminent climax approaching, Dio hissed in between gritted teeth; he could feel your walls begin to constrict and tighten around his large member.
“Not yet—not yet!”
You heard him groan out, and you felt the invisible cord within your abdomen begin to unravel.
It took everything in your power not to lose yourself yet to the endless torrent of pleasure raining down upon you, and it wasn’t until you finally couldn’t take it any more that you cried out.
“..Please… M-My lord..!”
You knew he must’ve been close to release too, given that you felt the head of his cock twitch sporadically from within you.
As he teetered closer towards the brink of euphoria, Dio finally wasn’t able to take it any longer, and he called you by your name.
“Cum for me, _________!”
He didn’t have to tell you twice.
The coil inside of you that had threatened to come undone for so long finally did just that; your eyes rolled into the back of your head as you cried out his name like a prayer, your back arched and toes curling with pure and utter bliss.
You could barely hear the sweet filth leaving Dio’s parted lips as he spoke; all you could do was helplessly gasp when he spurted his hot semen into your womb.
“Such a good little cum-slut, taking all of me in like that. I’m going to make sure you are so full of my seed that you bear me many children.”
True to his word, Dio didn’t pull out of you until he was certain you’d milked every last drop from his cock.
By this point, to say you were tired would’ve been an understatement.
Having been unbelievably spent from the events of that day, you collapsed onto the soft bed below and rolled onto your side.
Your eyelids had already begun to grow heavy, and your poor body felt as though it were made out of led.
You were already beginning to drift off into a deep slumber when, just before you let sleep claim you, a pair of muscly arms snaked their way around your waist.
All that your tired mind could figure was that it must’ve been Dio, and right as you finally managed to succumb to sheer exhaustion, you heard him speak one last time.
“Rest now, little lamb. The night is still young— I shall have you once you’re awake.”
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autisticgayplushie · 28 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
cookie the rainbow pride puppy :3
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witchwyfe · a month ago
fool for you | sh
Tumblr media
| pairing: steve harrington x female reader
| précis: steve's in a bad mood until you show up, fluff, cursing
| word count: 856
Tumblr media
Steve slaps another VHS tape onto the floor, sighing dramatically.
"Jesus Steve, Keith said to reorganize the horror section, not take your anger out on it." Robin chuckles.
He flips her the bird, not even bothering to turn around and look.
Robin rolls her eyes before heading into the back office to unbox something Keith had asked her to.
During the week, Family Video wasn't as crowded, especially on a Tuesday morning. Boredom fills the air like a thick heat, the two employees desperate for a customer or at least something interesting to happen.
"Harrington!" Robin calls from the office. "Come here,"
Steve huffs, stepping away from the mess he created in the floor, and almost tripping over Poltergeist, on his way to Robin.
"What do you want?" He wonders, rough tone lining his words. He's not mean--never mean-- but comfortable enough around his best friend that he doesn't feel the need to hide his mood.
"What crawled up your ass this morning?" Robin asks, a smirk lining her lips.
"What do you need help with?" He grits his teeth, hands settled on his hips.
"Can't reach that box up there, you're taller, you do it."
He huffs, but moves forward, lifting up and grabbing the box. He bites back another complaint--something about how Robin never has a problem climbing on Keith's desk to get shit, on any other day.
"Anything else you need?" He forces, smile obviously fake and eliciting a laugh from Robin.
"Nothing else right now, besides an attitude adjustment maybe?"
"Ha. Ha. Very funny."
Steve sits back on the floor, and doesn't move for another hour--when the horror section is reorganized to what he hopes are Keith's standards. He swears he just did this last week but he knows better than to bitch about it to Keith.
Robin knows it's a bad mood when she decides to give Steve his break early, scared about him scaring customers away. He'd slammed the register shut a little too hard before she was pushing him away and threatening to lock him in the break room.
And he sits back there, fiddling with the radio until the static goes away, and he smiles when he realizes it's one of your favorite songs.
He's calm for a few moments, the thought of you driving out any annoyances.
The bell rings, alerting him that someone has entered the store. He doesn't give a shit, Robin can deal with whoever came in.
Until he hears something sweet and familiar.
Your voice.
The sound is like a light breaking through the dark cloud above his head, and he's up and out of his seat before he misses too much, the sound of your sweet laugh making his heart clench.
He's shoving through the door, crossing the threshold out into the store to see you, to make sure you're real and not a figment of his imagination.
"Hi," He's beaming, breathless in your presence.
You turn from where you're speaking to Robin, your smile growing unbelievably large when you spot your boyfriend.
You're trying to be polite and finish your conversation with his friend before running into his arms like you want to. He doesn't care, he saunters over and engulfs you in his grip, breathing in the comforting scent of your shampoo and perfume.
"Missed you," He murmurs into your hair.
"I was just saying," Robin starts, a wicked grin on her lips. "____, thank god you're here, Steve's been in a foul mood all morning and he--"
"That's enough," He cuts her off, blush rising on his cheeks. "She doesn't wanna hear about that."
"Actually she would love to," You pipe up, looking up at him fondly. "You miss me bub?"
"Oh he totally did!" Robin snorts. "He was being so pouty and--"
"Shut up Buckley," He groans, letting his forehead fall onto your shoulder.
He nuzzles into you for another minute before Robin makes gagging sounds, eliciting a soft giggle from your lips.
"Alright go finish your break, you're gonna scare the customers away."
"You'd love that," Steve argues, raising an eyebrow.
"I would but I don't think Keith would."
She argues. "As much as I don't care what that motherfucker wants, he writes the checks Steve-O, so that's the way it is."
You share a laugh with your boyfriend until Robin shoos you both away and Steve tugs you into the break room.
"M'serious," He whines, lips at your forehead. "I missed you."
"I know bub," You stretch up to peck the tip of his nose. "I missed you too."
"Didn't think you'd come here. You said you had that group project."
Steve won't admit it because he'd never try to hold you back, but he hates Tuesday's, because it's the one day your schedules don't line up. So while he's at work, you're taking classes nearby at the college.
"Simon canceled." You wrinkle your nose and Steve watches with stars in his eyes. "I swear we're never gonna get that fucking project finished."
"I'll help you with it." He murmurs, lips back on your head, soft against your hairline.
"Okay baby."
Tumblr media
© witchwyfe 2022. absolutely no reposting, translating, or modifying, even with credit.
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teensie · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
my cat cosplaying stray! better pics soon, a whole photoshoot of my cat lol
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sparkling-opal · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝘄𝗵𝘆 𝗱𝗼𝗻'𝘁 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝙗𝙚𝙡𝙞𝙚𝙫𝙚 𝗺𝗲 ?
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named-haines · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
3 years in a row you love to see it
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plumssack · 26 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Two pieces in Heaven’s SS22 Zine
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coolfireguy73 · 18 days ago
Big project
Do you know 2Fort ? We all know 2Fort. THE Team Fortress 2 map.
Well, here is 2Fort in my room :
Tumblr media
It stands at 33cm high and 38cm long.
I started it month ago actually but my first attempt was... it didn't go well :/
So I let it sit in my room for a few weeks and 4 days ago I decided to start over and make it better this time !
Tumblr media
I sketches the parts I was going to need using reference pictures.
Using stirring sticks scratched with a sharp tool I could give the illutions of small planks.
Tumblr media
then painting. One mistake I made with the first one is that I assembled everything before painting it (it also didn't have any wood details, just flat cardboard)
Tumblr media
Assembling :)
Tumblr media
Then on to the details, they really bring this whole thing together.
And here are some additional pictures, (the inside is painted to !) :
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I hope you like it, it was really fun making it. It's not perfect but I like it.
So this was the big project I was talking about. I'm starting to have a few TF2 goodies I made myself X)
That plus the dispenser bag and... the other thing I've never posted 🤔
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