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alexwritesfiction · 2 days ago
“so no, atlas, my heart doesn’t beat faster and my palms don’t get clammy even though i love you, because you’re my home and i know that i’m safe on you arms. i want to live in your heart because you already live in mine,”
- Vance to Atlas, Moon On Fire by me
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dreamysreverie · 7 days ago
After hours
pairings: Ceo! Natasha Romanoff x Reader (Wanda Maximoff x Reader)
Synopsis: You noticed Natasha had a particular taste in women who would fulfill her needs at the end of the day, who would come to her willingly in her command and she would reward them in return. And it seems Natasha wasn’t the only one who felt the same with you. 
word count: 2.9k
Warnings: Smut 18+ only, a bit of dubcon, hints at dark! natasha, strap on use, fingering, dom! natasha x sub! Reader x switch! Wanda, oral sex, sex on the desk, rough sex, pet names, literally just pwp.
a/n: I wrote this all under three to four hours to try and feel inspired to write more again, hope you all enjoy <3
Do not repost/translate my work anywhere or claim them as your own. If you see my work anywhere other than tumblr please let me know.
Tumblr media
“Ms. Romanoff, you wanted to see me after my shift?.” 
Natasha turned around in her chair, greeting you with an award-winning smile that shouldn’t have made your heart flutter but it did. 
These complicated feelings that you have been having ever since you started working here, mainly towards your very attractive and intimidating boss that scares literally everyone in the workplace with her personality that was an enigma to you and her strong-willed, hardworking mind. 
She was fierce too, never letting anyone talk down to her and always somewhat has an open mind to a very few people she will tolerate around her with their loud mouths and arrogant selves that she doesn’t appreciate that much. 
But then again, Natasha isn’t the one to speak for herself on being arrogant too. 
“Ah yes, Ms. L/n, how are things around the office? Is everything running smoothly as they should?” Natasha questioned, raising an eyebrow as she watched you hesitantly take a seat in front of her and you tried making yourself look presentable and comfortable in her presence. 
“You're asking me? Why not Wanda? I thought she helped you run things around here, she is my manager after all” you mumbled, confused. Immediately avoid her intense gaze that makes you squirm and you bite down on your bottom lip feeling the tension rise between you both. 
She smirked amusedly at you with a wicked glint in her eyes that you didn’t notice. 
“Yes, you are right about that I suppose” she let out a sigh, leaning back in her chair to observe you as you continued on squirming around in your seat every now and then as if something else was distracting you. “Why would you be here chatting with me when it could be Ms. Maximoff instead, tell me L/n, do you not wish to be here?” 
Your eyes snapped towards her and they widened just for a second, “n-no! Of course not. It’s not that I don’t want to be here speaking with you, I was just surprised that you called me in since well…” 
Once again, your words trailed off in a mutter and Natasha’s gaze never left yours. She knew what you were talking about with the last visit you had when you first came to her office, it was very rare she would let anyone even come and speak with her unless they made an appointment otherwise she couldn’t be bothered with them. Since most of the time it was the men that worked with her, in her work place, that would complain about the littlest, meaningless things that would set her off. 
And she would have ended up firing them in the end. 
But ever since she met you, a broke college student desperate to earn some money, with your innocent eyes and curious nature you had, that brought her in closer, more closer than she expected. 
With your chest that was a little exposed to her today with the casual shirt you chose to wear today, her gaze lowered on the marks she had left on your neck just a few nights ago. You had tried (but failed) to cover them up with makeup, she couldn’t help but smile at the memory. 
Natasha then leaned in closer, she was exposing her breasts to you and your mouth went dry causing you to lick your lips at the sight. Natasha had wore her expensive black suitable dress today that would catch anyone's attention, but the only attention she wished to catch was yours. 
She grabbed you by the chin, pulling you in close and your breath hitched. She smirked, enjoying how open and selfless you were to her in these moments. How easily submitted you were to her, she tightened her grip on you. 
“Are you going to be a good girl for me or do I have to call in Carol or even Wanda to punish you? They’re much rougher than me baby” she cooed, you whimpered squirming in your seat again feeling uncomfortable with how wet you just got from her words. 
“No, what?” she raises an eyebrow at you, a wicked grin on her face. 
“No, Ms. Romanoff” you whined, bucking your hips to try and ease the friction which makes her laugh at your attempts of getting any sorts of pleasure. 
“Look up, bunny, no into my eyes, good girl. Remember what I told you last time?” you nod letting her continue as your mouth is forced open for her shove two fingers inside you as you begin to suck on them, “that I get to fuck my pretty baby however I want with our contract and your time you are spent working in this building under my name, you’re mine. Here me?, it’s okay. I won’t be harsh, then again that’s if you want me to be with how well you behave and the rewards and punishments you will get for your behavior that Ms. Maximoff and even my good friend Ms. Danvers will keep an eye on. You’re my little fuck toy, got it? I’ll give you everything that you have ever wanted, I’ll buy you that dress you wanted, the toys you want, that silly new  phone you want, I’ll take you out to the best restaurants my baby deserves all under my care and I’ll treat you like the princess you are because you are mine. My precious girl, and if you disobey” she smiles, hearing you gag on her fingers. “Well, you already know what happens when you disobey my rules, isn't that right, honey?” she said, a little too sweet for your liking. 
She pulls out her fingers and smacks your ass, “up and lay on your back on my desk.”
You follow her orders, as you always do. This is only your second time doing this with Natasha, so you’re not that experienced which she didn’t seem to care. So far she’s taken very good care of you with how good she fucked you last time that had you crying out her name with her fingers deep inside you. Natasha can be rough when she wants too and she can be gentle and easy whenever she wants too. It’s all based on her moods you’ve noticed, if she’s having a particular rough day dealing with people who won’t take her seriously or respect her she would end up taking that out on you (that’s only ever happened once and it wasn’t all too bad and you took it well like she had expected you would) on good days when she gets a good deal she will treat you like you are her most prized possession in the world. 
And you are. 
Truthfully, you weren’t entirely sure about the whole thing since you’re literally becoming a sugar baby to your boss who has more money than you could ever imagine and god, let’s not forget the amazing night you got to spend a romantic date with her at her penthouse and had everything served to you with any meal you had wanted that was wonderful and a night you wouldn’t forget. 
You were laid out on her desk, the skirt you wore today was helpful to get rid off for Natasha which she was pleased with. You only chose to wear it since you knew it would catch her attention and you liked that. 
You loved the attention she gave you and she knew that. 
How could you not? You were getting spoiled rotten by her. 
“Such a pretty girl, all for me” Natasha grinned, her eyes roaming your body as if it was the very first time seeing you like this. “You even came prepared” Natasha noticed the lingerie you wore that was gifted by none other than her and the gift had arrived this morning at your doorstep. 
She tugged at your panties, pulling them down your legs and you helped get rid of them as she threw them across the floor. You bit down hard on your lip, enough for it to bleed. 
Her gorgeous eyes met yours as she went down on her knees just for you, she kissed the inside of your thighs and you sighed at the feeling. She always took care of you, making sure to kiss every inch of your body like she had the first night you two spent together. 
Soon, her mouth was attached to your already wet, dripping clit just waiting and throbbing for her. You let out a moan, bringing your hand up to squeeze and play with your breast. You wanted to keep on watching her, but you also wanted to feel yourself let go and enjoy the feeling she was giving you in this moment. 
She sucked and lapped at your clit, enjoying how you had wrapped your thighs around her head. Normally, she would keep them in place but for now she let you have a little control. 
Your hands were tangled in her hair, she kept sucking at your clit and she added pressure with her fingers as she rubbed at the sensitive nub. Your chest was rising up and down, your heart beating fast with how well she was fucking you with her tongue. She was good, too good, she left you breathless. 
“Fuck!, I’m close” you mewled, you rolled your hips against her. 
She started to lick teasingly at your clit, you whined knowing she was testing you. She chuckled, “pull my hair, baby” she muttered, her words hitting straight to your core as it sent vibration though you and the sensation made you moan out in pleasure as you tighten your hold. 
She hummed, seemingly pleased. Natasha collected your wetness with her tongue, and everything you gave to her. Your whines and moans were getting increasingly louder, your gripping getting tighter and she was forced to let her tongue further inside your cunt. 
Natasha sped up her movements, sucking harder and she rubbed on your clit earning a shuddered heavenly cry from your lips as your thighs tightened around her. 
“Are you gonna come for me, honey?” she asked, looking up at you. 
You came with a cry of her name, and she devoured you with all that you gave her. Luckily this office was sound proof otherwise everyone in the building could have definitely heard you. 
Your cheeks were hot and flushed, you wondered if anyone heard that and the potential of someone hearing you falling apart from your boss’s touch had you flustered.
She let you ride out your high, your body going limp as you knew this wasn’t over. Natasha stood back up again, cupping your cheeks with her hands as she brought you in for a kiss and you tasted yourself on her tongue. 
You moaned, kissing her back harder as she pushed you against her desk with a thump. You both laughed, your body pressed against hers. Heat crept up your neck, every time she touched your body you felt a tingly almost electric sensation that left you giggling. Natasha slipped her hand underneath your skirt, you were still so wet which made her groan at the feeling of your wetness coating her fingers. You whined, feeling more needy today and missing her touch. 
Natasha plunged one and then two fingers inside your pussy, curling them inside you and hitting your sweet spots. You whined loudly in her ears. And she grinned. Your arms wrapped around her back and pushed her body in closer and she hummed. 
You both didn’t hear the sound of Natasha’s door opening, and when you opened your eyes again you were met with Wanda Maximoff who looked a little stunned at first but relaxed once she saw what was happening. 
Wanda stepped in more inside Natasha’s office, seemingly unbothered by your presence. 
“Natasha, you called for me, remember? Our meeting was going to be after hours?” Wanda said, leaning up against the wall as she watched her fuck you. 
“Yes, I do remember, can't you see I’m a little busy here?” Natasha replied, irritated but then she had another idea. “Actually, Wanda. Why don’t you come over here for a second” and withdraw her fingers from you and you whined. 
“Sure. What is it?” Wanda asked, who was now standing next to the redhead who pushed herself away from you. 
“Fuck her for me will you? I have some calls I need to get to” Natasha said, earning a raised eyebrow from the brunette. 
“Are you sure? I mean--” 
Natasha let out a sigh and rolled her eyes, “when am I not sure with what I say and do?” 
“Alright then, boss.” 
Natasha didn’t even bother to give a glance to the brunette as she sat back in her chair, letting Wanda take control of you just for now. 
“Hello, sweetheart” Wanda grinned, caressing your cheek with her hand as you purred, leaning into her touch. “I have waited long enough to touch you” 
“Get it, Wan. You know the special toy I have custom made for my princess and you to fuck her with” Natasha said, not even looking up from her laptop. 
You frowned, wondering what she had meant but when Wanda sat you down on the couch that was in Natasha’s office, you saw what she brought back after searching for the toy in one of the boxes hidden away in plain sight. 
“Like what you see? she had this made just for you. I didn’t even know she could do that” Wanda grinned, you eyed the strap on she now wore after putting it on as she let you take a good look at what she was going to have her fun with on you. 
You felt excitement yet nervous and giddy inside, you didn’t even expect Wanda was going to have sex with you today but you wondered if Natasha had set this up. 
You then gulped remembering what Natasha said earlier and how she’s more harder and rougher than she is. 
“Oh baby, I won’t hurt you” Wanda cooed, her voice gentle and soothing to you and she laid you back down onto the couch and you positioned yourself. 
“Let’s put on a show for natty” she giggles, she hovered over you and it bothered you how sweet and kind she looked but from what Natasha has told you was way different. 
She pressed her lips against yours, bringing you in for a heated kiss. You whined into her mouth, your clit brushing against the tip of the toy and you whined again wanting more. 
Wanda pushed your skirt up, already getting rid of your shirt with one swift motion of her hands with ease and she unclipped your bra letting it fall off. You hoped Natasha wouldn't be mad, but with the sound of her chatting away on the phone you felt the need to be more quiet this time. She collected your wetness, coating it and spreading it around for use. 
You gasped, your lips never leaving hers as you slowly sunk down onto her strap, letting her full you up as much as you can take it. And in the corner of your eyes you noticed Natasha losing focus on her phone call as she stared at the two of you with an unreadable expression on her face but the way her eyes darkened said enough as it is. 
You smirked at her, letting out a whiny cry of Wanda’s name falling from your lips. Your eyes never leaving hers as Wanda’s lips were now attached to your neck, sucking hard on your pulse point. Your whining and moaning getting more needy as Wanda thrusted her hips into yours she even felt herself become breathless as she fucked into you and moaned when she felt you grip at her hair harder wrapping your legs around her waist to pull her in closer and you felt her warm breath on your neck.
“Yeah I’ll be there Tony, yeah I understand, mhm” you heard Natasha mutter, her face turning crimson red as she looked away just for a moment from the intensity of your gaze.
 You cried out Wanda’s name louder this time, Natasha shot you a warning glare your way and you smiled innocently. 
“What? Oh that was nothing, just the traffic” Natasha said, sending you a look as she watched whatever Wanda was doing to you. 
“Dammit Tony, I don’t know? Why don’t you call Steve next time? Instead of complaining to me about it?” Natasha groaned, rolling her eyes at her friend. 
You felt Wanda pull you in for another kiss, your eyes back on the redhead who kept on watching you two and looked impatient with each minute going by. 
Wanda picked up a pace, you moaned, rolling your hips against her thick strap that you could tell was affecting her as well. Your grip tightened, feeling that you were getting closer to your breaking point.
“Yeah, bye now Tony, see you then” Natasha placed down the phone, her gaze returning back to yours. 
“Well go on then, you’ve already put on a good show for me now fucking come on her cock for me” Natasha’s words were already enough to have you over the edge, with the pleasure coursing through your body and Wanda’s, she watched you like you were a painting and she was observing the littlest bits of you that was presented for her eyes only. 
This time, you decided to tease her and you came undone with a scream of Wanda’s name and she stared down at you with a look you couldn’t even describe but the smile that was perched on her lips said otherwise and the glint in her eyes. 
The brunette sighed, she felt you relax after your high you had chased and she leaned away from you, pulling out of you as she watched you catch your breath. 
Natasha started to clap, grinning at the two of you and  you gave her a confused expression thinking (hoping) she would be mad. 
“Well done Wanda,” she sends a smile to the brunette who looked equally confused. “Now go, we’re not done yet” Natasha said, giving you a wicked grin. 
You knew you were definitely screwed, but you weren’t complaining after all you both will be getting what you want
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swanimagines · 4 months ago
Hey! Could you write headcanons for being enemies to lovers with General Kirigan/The Darkling from Shadow and Bone? Please and thank you!!
A/N: Didn’t really care about him tbh (as in I'm neutral towards him), I hope it doesn’t show in my writing XD But I hope you like it!
Warnings: SPOILERS, mentions of violence, hints of manipulation, reader switches sides and some angst.
Tumblr media
- You were enemies purely because you had been taught that The Darkling was evil.
- Not necessarily because you hated him for a reason.
- You just followed orders like soldiers do.
- But when you were taken captive, he takes interest in you.
- He finds you brave, with different circumstances stupidly brave, spitting at him when he tried to offer a deal.
- So he decided to charm you to win you by his side and had long chats with you every day.
- But you wouldn't budge, knowing what he was trying.
- At least you didn't show it that you had started growing feelings for him... but they were small enough to keep in their place, push back, remind yourself that The Darkling needed to be destroyed.
"Y/N, must we really be enemies?"
"It's Mx. L/N for you, heretic." you scoffed.
- He just nods.
"I know I've done questionable things, but I like you and I don't want you to get hurt."
"You? Like me?"
"Yes. And I would never hurt you, believe it or not. I know the Kingdom has made you believe that I'm a monster-"
"You created the Shadow Fold... killed hundreads, thousands of innocent people. What makes you think anyone has "made me believe" anything? I have eyes in my head."
"Yes, that's true. But I know now that it was a mistake. A mistake I wouldn't do again. But I need people to trust me - people like... you."
- He brushes his hand ever so slightly across your cheek.
- You scoff and sharply turn your head away to hide that you're taken a aback a bit by his act of tenderness.
- And you hated to admit it, but your cheeks glowed red when he exited the room after offering you a smirk.
- The seed had been planted.
- After that, you started falling for him in a rapid pace, no matter how you tried to hold it back.
- His laughs made you smile, even when you tried to force it away. And then laugh. And then you started craving for his touch.
- Everything went just as he planned.
- Except that... he was falling for you too.
- So he tried to distance himself from you a bit, closing himself to his bed chambers and telling his guards that anyone can't bother him.
- Especially not you.
- But the more he tries, the more difficult it becomes.
- And it leads to you two making out after you barge in to demand an explanation.
- He just can't help it.
- Because of you, his plan was ruined.
- He wanted to use you, toss you away once you had done your part without knowing, but he didn't plan on falling for you too.
- He wanted to be furious at you, at himself, almost believing you were a mind-manipulating Grisha who played with his thoughts.
- But having you there in his arms, your lips connected, his thoughts faded and he scolded himself for thinking like that.
- He had fallen for you too, as much as he tried to stop it.
Edit 21.5.2021 - This is the only romantic piece for the Darkling I've written and will ever write so please don't request anything fluffy for him, I don't feel comfortable. I'm sorry, I know he's the most popular of SAB series characters and this is my most popular fic on the whole blog but after learning about the author basing the character on her toxic ex, I have decided to stop writing anything romantic for the character even when he has his reasons to be how he is. I don't hate him, he's a great character and I kinda wanted to hug him at the beginning of episode 7 but I still don't feel comfortable writing anything romantic for him.
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ohnoafterlaughs · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
New Moira Venus skin with strong Poison Ivy vibes got me back into doodling in my free time! Me: Lowkey wishing for a Mercy "DC" inspired skin. @iolanda-zanfardino : points to Harley being a doctor Me: Oh. You know how much I love these kind of mash ups!
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sea-chii · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Lakan ng Sangkatauhan 🗡
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maybanksslut · 4 months ago
𝐞𝐜𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐬𝐲 || 𝐫.𝐥.
pairing: remus lupin x reader
word count: 1.6k
summary: you try to do your homework, but Remus has other plans
warning(s): SMUT, oral (male recieving), fingering, explicit language
dedicated to my bitch @slutforsalvatore ily bae <33 also special thanks to @bellatrixscurls for helping me out with this
Tumblr media
You giggled quietly as Remus wrapped his arms around your waist from behind, pulling you closer to him, absolutely distracting you from the homework you were trying to do. It was long overdue and Remus - who had originally promised to help and guide you - was now trying to gain your attention.
“Stop,” you laughed, attempting to wriggle out of his grasp, but with no success. “I need to do this, Rem”
“How about you do me instead?” His voice in your ear sent shivers down your spine, and you let out a small hiss as he pressed his soft and warm lips against your neck.
A fire shot through your veins at the sensation of him slipping his hand under your shirt, placing it on your hip as he nibbled on your neck. You couldn’t help but lean back into his touch, a soft sigh escaping your lips as you closed your eyes.
You hummed when Remus spun you around, pressing his forehead against yours, sending a smile your way. Oh, how you adored that smile! It made your knees grow weak, and you’d do absolutely anything he wished if it meant that he’d smile at you like that.
You were breathing in the same air, your bodies pressed so close together that it was overwhelming. You were standing in the common room, everyone could see you - especially the marauders, who sat only a few metres away - but it didn’t matter.
Not when he smiled at you like that, not when his hot breath was on your face, not when his eyes lingered a little too long on your lips, signalizing that he wanted more than just a hug.
“Kiss me,” came a breathy command, his lips ever so slightly grazing yours as he spoke, making you lightheaded.
You didn’t respond at first; your eyes focused on his, staring deeply into his brown orbs. His gaze was so loving; yet full of desire, it was almost impossible to tear your gaze away from the beauty in front of you. Only his light tug on your arm brought you back to reality, reminding you of his wish.
So you obeyed, leaning forward to plant a kiss on his soft lips, intending for it to be short and sweet. You didn’t give him time to kiss back, pulling away with a smile on your face much quicker than he wanted. A pout found its way to his face, and before you could turn away from him, he squeezed your hips, pulling you back to face him.
You opened your mouth to protest - to say something along the lines of “I need to finish this assignment”, but his lips crashed onto yours, depriving you of that opportunity.
The kiss tasted euphoric; a mix of your chapstick and his cologne, as well as firewhiskey and chocolate. It felt like home, like the burning passion involved wasn’t only driven by desire, but also love. His hands in your hair, your hand on his cheek, it all made your body almost explode in heat, the burning fire in your heart almost too much to handle.
His teeth grazed your lower lip, causing you to let out a muffled moan and you grabbed his shoulder. “Remus-"
He hummed in response, his hand sliding down to your bare thigh, caressing it. You hissed quietly as he moved his hand upwards slowly, towards where you - against your common sense - wanted him most. A shaky breath escaped past your lips as his fingers grazed your inner thigh, mere inches away from the wetness between your legs.
James' disgusted voice shot through the air, causing you to jump away from Remus, your cheeks dusted pink. Remus didn't seem very pleased by the interruption, his brows furrowed and a scowl on his face.
"Maybe take this somewhere else, huh? We're not interested in seeing you two lovebirds fuck right in front of us"
Remus scoffed at his friends, barely paying them a glance as he grabbed your hand, leading you through the common room. Your friends' eyes bore into the back of your neck; they knew what Remus wanted. So did you, and, quite frankly, you didn't really mind.
He burst through the door of his dorm, basically pushing you on the bed, before locking the door. He didn't even give you a minute to hesitate, instantly pulling you in for a hungry kiss as he squeezed your hips yet again.
His hands quickly found their way to your shirt, pulling it off and throwing it aside, while he worked on your bra; unclasping it with no trouble.
His eyes darted hungrily to your now exposed breasts and he bent down to attach his lips to your nipple. He swirled his tongue, causing you to pull at his hair, the feeling too pleasant for you to handle.
You whined when he pulled away, now taking off his own shirt, revealing his toned torso, a sight that made your mouth water. With a smirk, he threw away the shirt, reattaching his lips to your neck so suddenly, that it made you moan his name loudly.
Before you could even comprehend what was happening, his hand slipped between your thighs, his finger drawing a line on your clit. You hissed loudly at the sensation, eyes rolling to the back of your head at the single touch.
"Remus," you whispered close to his ear. "Remus, please, more"
A smirk appeared on his face, his finger ever so slightly touching your wetness. "So wet and I haven't even properly touched you yet. Tell me, baby, who made you this wet, hmm?"
"You," came a whimper. "You, you, you, only you. Only you can make me feel this way, Rem, nobody else... ah-"
You lost your breath as two of his fingers entered you, the feeling so sudden, yet satisfying that you screwed your eyes shut, your grip on his shoulders tightening. His fingers curled up inside of you, his movements speeding up and you felt yourself closer and closer to the edge with every movement.
"D'you like this, baby?" Remus practically growled. "D'you like to have my fingers inside your tight, little cunt? Am I making you feel good?"
You nodded your head rapidly. "Yes, Rem, you're making me feel so good. oh, don't stop, Remus, please don't."
Your words only encouraged him, his fingers pounding into your wet pussy fast rate, each touch tightening the coil in your stomach, your walls clenching around his fingers a little more for each time he hit your sensitive spot. Your breath grew ragged as he in addition started rubbing circles around your clit.
Your back arched and your hips bucked up to meet his fingers even harder as you rode out your high, your whole body shaking from the euphoric feeling that washed over you. Remus bent over you, a smirk on his face as he pressed his lips against yours.
You grabbed his neck, pulling him closer to you as you deepened the kiss. His tongue explored your mouth, clouding your senses as you lay under him. Never breaking the kiss, you reached for his belt; unzipping his pants and pulling them off, together with his underwear.
You took his throbbing cock in your hand, causing him to let out a hiss and his eyes grow darker at the contact. You could tell he wanted more and you smiled, flipping the two of you over as you started slowly moving your hand up and down his shaft. Remus closed his eyes as he lay back on the bed, a moan leaving his mouth.
Teasing him just a little, you bent down, ever so lightly touching the head of his cock with your lips, teeth grazing the sensitive skin, making him groan loudly. It appeared that he’d got enough of your teasing; his hand gripped your head, basically pushing you onto his cock.
He let out a loud moan at the sensation, while you groaned against his cock, the sound sending pleasant vibrations through Remus’s body. You began bobbing your head at a fast pace, taking all of his cork into your mouth as you tried to give him as much pleasure as he gave you.
“Fuck,” he moaned. “Just like that, baby, just like that”
You sped up your movements, making sure to touch the tip of his cock with your tongue, swirling and sucking whenever you could. Remus quickly felt himself close to coming, a series of unholy sounds leaving his mouth along with a few curse words.
Roughly grabbing your hair, he pushed his cock even deeper down your throat, making you gag as he bucked his hips, coming to his release. A wave of pleasure hit him as he reached his orgasm, his eyes rolled to the back of his head and his seed shot into your mouth.
Swallowing it, you laid down beside Remus, your head on his chest as you listened to his uneven breathing. His arm wrapped around your shoulders, pulling closer as he pressed his lips to your forehead softly.
“I love you” You felt yourself smile sheepishly at his words; the amount of love and adoration they were filled with overwhelming you more than sex ever could. It was that knowledge - that he truly loved you - that made every single kiss, every single touch so ecstatic.
Every look he sent you; sexual or not, made your knees grow weak, because it was all so surreal. You had him, the wonderful, smart and sweet boy, all to yourself, and sometimes you just couldn’t believe how lucky you’d got. He was all you ever wanted, al you ever needed. He was perfect.
“I love you, too”
And he was yours.
taglist: @m4r13l3y @potterheadtwilighter @fjorelaant @dlmmdl @rafaelina-casillas @daisyyy2516 @ginnysculture @ronbrokemyheart @sarah-writes-sometimes @velmasteas @miss-starkov @lilymurphy03 @sonnydoesrandomshit @canibeoneofthepogues
fic reviewers: @slutforsalvatore @acosmis-t idk if anyone else is comfy with smut sooo
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sinfulwlw · 7 months ago
A Warm Bed
Description: You stumble upon her castle while seeking shelter and she would be a bad host if she didn’t fulfill your needs.
Pairing: Lady Dimitrescu x reader
Word count: 4,176
Warnings: Pet play, size kink, praise kink, lots of overstimulation, fingering, oral, bad dragon because you know she’s got a monster dick, marking kink, mirrors, knotting, blood drinking, cock warming, mention of collars, breath play, uh I don’t know but if you find one that isn’t tagged lmk
A/n: I am going to hell for this and that’s fine with me because that’s where the party is at so here you go my thirsty little fuckers. Also edited with word editor so oops to anything missed.
Stumbling up the cobblestone road with the rain beating down, your clothes drenched and sticking to your shivering body. Finally reaching the giant gates to the castle, hoping they were unlocked as you try to find a foothold on the slippery stone, you manage to push open the heavy gates, the metal creaking as it shifted.
Stepping onto the grounds with caution, not knowing what lurks in the shadows, you continue up the cobblestone road that leads to the castle. Even with the rain, the castle grounds were eerily quiet as if nothing dared to disturb the air. As you got closer to the large building you could see it was old but well kept, the flickering of candle light could be seen through some of the windows.
Turning around quickly as you hear something rustling behind you, unable to see anything in the dark, you sped up your pace as fear started to settle into your bones. Almost reaching the doors, you hear the sound once more, albeit closer than before, you gather the courage to look over your shoulder once more and all you see is a flash of gold before the darkness takes over.
Slowly stirring awake, the first thing you noticed was your head pounding, attempting to soothe the throbbing pain with your hands only to realize they were chained above your head. Sobering up quickly as panic sets into you, fear flowing through your veins as you look around, only to find nothing other than a large chair that sits in front of you, in the dark candle lit room.
You pull at the bindings around your wrist, hoping that the metal would give. Noticing your legs were free to move, you tried pushing them against the wall for leverage but the action only left your wrists cut and your body exhausted.
The door creaked open to reveal an extremely tall woman, her face shielded by the large brim of her hat. Her body clad in a white dress, tailored perfectly to her proportions, hips swaying as she approached you.
Your mouth dropped open in awe as you took in her beauty, hat no longer hiding her face, as she looked down on you, golden eyes with pupils blown as she inhaled the sweet scent of the blood running down your arm.
“Finally awake I see,” sitting down in front of you, throwing one leg over the other, “is there a reason for trespassing on my grounds?”
“I… I, um, was looking for shelter…?” you say as you try to get your bearings back.
“You sound unsure Kitten,” her tongue running across her lower lip as if she was tasting the air, “are you sure that’s all you were looking for?”
Your mouth opening and closing as you tried to form a sentence, brain malfunctioning at the pet name.
“Well,” standing so she was just out of your reach, “aren’t you going to tell me what else a pretty little Kitten like yourself is looking for around here?”
Turning your gaze downward as you felt your face heating up, at this rate you could feel your insides turn to mush as her words went straight to your core, legs lightly pressing together, a movement that didn’t go unnoticed.
“Tsk tsk,” hearing the sound of a sword unsheathing, you wondered where she found a sword, “don’t hide that pretty face of yours from me,” feeling the cold metal touching your chin, you lift your head back up only to realize that it’s not a sword, but claws coming out from her fingers, “there much better,” giving you a full smile that showed her fangs.
“Please…” you didn’t know what you were begging for, but she did as she could hear your heart racing in your chest and smell the arousal between your legs.
“I know just what you need, no… what you want and I would be a bad host if I didn’t give it to you, but first you must be punished for trespassing, although I’m sure you will enjoy it my little Kitten.”
Retracting her claws, before placing her large hands on your waist, squeezing and groping your body while she leaned down, giving you the perfect view of her ample cleavage, to clean the blood that was dripping from your wrists.
“My oh my, you taste absolutely divine, I might just have to keep you around as my plaything, instead of killing you. You would like that wouldn’t you Kitten.”
“Yes…” you trail off not sure of what to call her.
“You may call me Mistress, and only that.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Now, let's get these surely uncomfortable clothes off of you and see what is hiding beneath them.”
Unsheathing her claws once again, she cuts away at the fabric covering your body, tearing it apart with no resistance. Unable to cover yourself up as you were still chained to the wall, she unabashedly took in your body. Taking the blunt side of one of her claws she teased your flesh, dragging it around trying to find your sensitive spots. Tracing along your collarbone and up the side of your neck, nicking it as she withdrew.
“Oops,” she said before licking the blood off, “now having you here most certainly won’t do, you’re to follow me like the good Kitten you are,” removing the shackles, she motions you to follow her.
Guiding you up a flight of stairs, you enter what seems the be the main floor, it seems normal enough though you dare not to look around for too long for fear of getting into more trouble with the woman you just met. Making your way through the labyrinth like castle you stop atop a different flight of stairs as she calls out a name.
“You called for me?” A voice spoke as they materialized before you.
“Daniela, let your sisters know that I am not to be disturbed and that my little Kitten here is off limits,” voice hardening as Daniela approached you, “that will be all.”
“Yes, Lady Dimitrescu.” Disappearing in the same fashion as she arrived.
“Now, come along Kitten we are almost there.”
After an abundance of twist and turns, along with the passing of countless doors, she leads you to a wide hall with two sets of doors facing each other. Opening the one on the right, she reveals a large bedroom with windows almost touching the ceiling, a large four posted bed with sheer black curtains and blood red silk sheets sat against the wall, a matching vanity with a large mirror sat along the opposing wall. The heavy red velvet curtains were opened to let what little light there was in.
As the chandelier and fireplace were being lit you could start to make out more details of the room, dressers and another large mirror lined the entire wall that held the door, upon closer inspection the dark wood of all the furniture was lined with gold, twisting intricate designs onto the carved wood.
“This is my playroom and where you will be staying for the time being Kitten,” pushing you towards the bed, “I like to keep my playthings close, so my quarters are across the hall, eventually you will be staying with me but only after you are trained.”
Walking over to the dressers she removes a few items which you can’t see, and places them on bench at the end of the bed.
“I like to spoil my pets when they are being good, so eventually these will house any clothing or toys I give you.”
Moving to sit down on the bed, she pulls you over her lap, ass up and face down into the sheets, giving her a clear view of the wetness that was collecting between your legs. Her hand runs over the swell of your ass before dipping down into your folds, pulling her hand away to rub your essence between her fingers.
“You are going to take your punishment like the good Kitten you are then we can play,” one hand holding you in place while the other resumes rubbing circles on your ass, “how does that sound?”
“Yes, Mistress,” you moan while nodding your head the best you could.
“An eager little Kitten aren’t we, well lets not keep you waiting.”
Lifting her hand up momentarily only to come down on your right cheek, hand soothing the area before coming down on your left, her large hands left little skin untouched. The next come down in quick succession, giving you little time to brace yourself for the impact. Each time her hand came down you could feel your pussy clench around nothing. Occasionally it was more sound than pain as her hand made its way around your ass, by the time she was done your ass felt raw and hot to the touch with tears streaming down your face, you probably won’t be able to sit properly for weeks, if she lets you live that long.
“My, my, it looks like you enjoyed your punishment a bit too much,” feeling her large fingers tracing your wet lips, feeling embarrassed at how much you enjoyed it, you could feel your slick running down your thighs, you hid your face in the sheets, “I suppose I can reward you for taking your punishment so well.”
Shifting the two of you so that you’re on your back with her kneeling in between your legs. One hand pinning your arms above your head as the other goes to your cunt. Running her thick fingers through your puffy lips, gathering the wetness that coats them before sliding two fingers in, letting out a gasp at the feeling of her fingers filling you, stretching your walls as she explores deeper into you, finding what makes your back arch and toes curl with ease. With one hand holding you down and the other deep in your cunt, she occupies her mouth by biting and marking your neck and chest, making sure to let everyone know you’re hers.
You cum embarrassingly quick as her fingers keep working deep inside you, drawing out as much pleasure as she could, your back arching up, making your ass sting as it rubs against the sheets. Rolling her thumb over your clit one last time before she pulls out. Bringing the fingers to her lips, tongue wrapping around the base of her fingers cleaning up the mess you made of them. Leaving the tips untouched she brings them to your lips, barely touching them.
“Taste yourself,” you let out a moan as her fingers fill your mouth, doing your best to accommodate them, “I bet you taste even better straight from the source.”
Pulling her fingers out, she releases your arms from her hold as she settles with her head between your legs, eye sparkling as she sees how soaked you are for her. Dragging her fangs across your inner thighs, as one arm wraps around your waist, pinning you down, as the other settles on your chest, hand playing with your breasts.
Once she is satisfied by the marks she’s left on your thighs, she starts to tease you by licking and sucking your folds, barely dipping her tongue into you, touching everything but your clit.
“Please, Mistress,” you beg, hips trying to cant up.
“What is you want Kitten?”
“Fuck me.”
“Ah ah, you have to ask me nicer than that.”
“Please Mistress, I want your tongue in my pussy, I want to cum on your tongue like a good Kitten, please Mistress.”
“That’s a good Kitten, and good Kittens get whatever they ask nicely for.”
Bringing her mouth back, she dips the tongue into your entrance before licking a thick stripe all the way to your clit, swirling around it before bringing her tongue back down to your entrance. Her tongue sliding into you leaves you breathless, working its way into you, it's thicker and longer than you could ever imagine.
Hands that were gripping the pillow above you shot down as her tongue curled inside of you. Hand gripping tighter while a whine leaves your mouth as she pulls away.
“Keep your hands up Kitten,” removing them from her hair, “you aren’t allowed to touch just yet,” raising a brow, “unless you want another punishment, but I’m positive you would enjoy it a bit too much if it did happen.”
Returning her mouth to you once she was sure you wouldn’t disobey her. Working the muscle deeper into you, curling and thrusting in an inhuman way. It didn’t take long before she felt you clench around her as you came with a strangled gasp.
“Almost as sweet as your blood,” tongue leaving her mouth to clean the mess you made of her face, “but of course, blood always taste better after a few more orgasms.”
“Open your eyes and look at me Kitten.”
Letting your eyes refocus, you drink in the sight before you, standing in all her glory, as you kneeled on the bed. Pale skin shimmering in the candle light, voluptuous breast with dark nipples stood at attention, her waist slimming before filling out at her hips, giving her an hour glass figure. What truly grabbed and held your attention was the garter belt encasing those full hips, the lace and leather perfectly tailored to her body, with leather bands around her thick thighs. Although what truly stood out was the toy between her legs, seeing the length and girth on it practically made your eyes bulge out of your head.
As she steps closer you can see the finer details of the wine red toy, ribbed and curved in all the right places, your pussy clenching at the thought of it being in you, stretching your walls as she pounds into you.
“Now,” letting out a dark chuckle as she could feel the excitement rolling off you, “be a good Kitten and show me why you deserve Mistresses cock.”
Taking it into your hands, unable to wrap just a single hand around the girthy toy, feeling the weight of the silicon. Staring into her golden eyes as you drag your tongue up the shaft and swirl it around the head. Attempting to take the beast into your mouth, knowing it won’t completely fit, you manage to take a bit more than the head. Knowing you could do better than that, she held your head in place as she gave the slightest pump of her hips, your hands flying to her thighs as your eyes widened. Pushing and pulling you on her cock as drool leaked from your mouth, aiding her as she made her way to the back of your throat. Tears starting to pool as she gave the final thrusts to reach your throat, majority of the toy still untouched by your mouth. Pulling out, she let you catch your breath for only a moment before she pushed as far as your mouth would let her, her free hand came and pinched your nose blocking off your oxygen. Your hands dig into her thighs, tears falling as you start to panic, unable to move as she held you in place. Letting you go a few moments later, smiling down on you as you catch your breath.
“Not bad for the first time, I guess my Kitten really does deserves her reward. Now what do you say?”
“Thank you, Mistress.”
“Good girl, now go lay on your back, I want to see the look on your face whilst I fill you up.”
Moving back up to the pillows, settling in the middle, giving her enough room to do whatever she pleases. Feeling the bed dip as she takes her place between your legs, placing them over her thighs to angle you up, you could feel the toy ghosting over you but she was nowhere close to you which made you question just how deep she would be. Pressing the underside against your glistening folds to coat the toy before lining up to your entrance, pushing the head into you.
“Mistress, you’re too big,” gasping at being stretched so much already, only the head was in but you felt like you’re being split in half.
“Just relax and breathe, I know you can take it my sweet Kitten,” slowly filling you inch by inch, until she was fully seated in you, “see look at you taking me so well, I knew you could do it,” you beam at the praise, “just the perfect little plaything.”
Resting one of her large hands on your stomach, applying just enough pressure to feel herself in you as she starts to slowly pull out, the relief of not being fully stretched lasts for a brief moment before she’s filling you to the brim again. Whimpers leaving your lips at the painful stretch.
“If you think this one is impressive you should see the rest of my collection,” wrapping her other hand around your throat, “and in due time you will.”
Soon pain turns to pleasure, as her movements speed up leaving you gasping for air, the curve and ribs hitting all the right places. Your hands fist themselves into the sheets as your back arches up, moans shamelessly coming out along with her name.
“Please Mistress, let me cum, p-please… I’m so close,” you ask remembering her newest rule.
“Such a good Kitten,” tightening her hold on your neck as she rubs your clit, “open your eyes and look at me,” you are met with her dilated pupils surrounded by a thin rim of gold, “cum for me Kitten.”
Getting permission and unable to hold it any longer, you cum with a scream of her name, back arching even further of the bed as she continues to pound into you relentlessly, as you chant her name. Your high barely ending as another begins, her eyes drinking you in as her body looms over you. Your brain starts to fog, unsure if it's from the lack of blood to your brain or from the never ending high.
Releasing her hold on your neck as she pulls away completely, standing to watch your sweating and gasping form. Taking in the way your chest moves as you try and get as much oxygen as possible to your lungs, the way your cunt is gaping now that there’s nothing filling it.
“On your hands and knees facing the mirror, I want you to watch yourself, so don’t even dare to think about closing your eyes.”
Silently complying with her orders you move towards the edge of the bed, spreading yourself open to her even more in this new position. With you now facing the mirror, you watch as she took her new position standing behind you, her height not letting her kneel behind you. Hand wrapping around your waist as she guides herself back into you, letting out a groan at the new angle.
Starting slow, she pulls you in, somehow going even deeper, giving you a few short pumps before pulling out, going slow so you feel the drag against your walls, and in one quick motion she slams back in, filling you to the brim. Snapping her hips even faster as she starts getting into a rhythm, the sound of skin slapping as her hips meet your stinging ass.
“I can’t wait till you have your collar,” hand holding on to the back of your neck, “the sound of the bell jingling as I take you wherever and whenever I please.
Your cunt clenching at her words, the curves on the toy constantly rubbing your sweet spots as she starts to move even faster. Your hands gripping the sheets as you try to ground yourself.
“I’m close, Mistress,” you managed to choke out.
“Then cum for me Kitten.”
Letting yourself go as her pace continued without fault.
“See look at yourself, look at how pretty you look when you cum. Only I will ever get to see you like this, and fuck you like this from now on. Only. For. Me.” Emphasizing each word with a snap of her hips.
Her words were pushing you closer and closer to the edge again, the sounds that were leaving your cunt were obscene, you could only hope that no one was close enough to hear them as without a doubt your moans were echoing through the halls of the large castle.
Your breath getting caught in your throat as your were about to tip over once more, but before anything could happen she pulled away from you completely. Unconsciously you tried to grind against her as you let out a whine.
“That cunt is mine Kitten, I don’t think I gave you permission to cum once more,” her voice ruff and deep as she pulls you upright by your hair, your mouth agape as you couldn’t find the words in your muddled brain.
“Aw, is Mistress fucking you so well you can’t speak anymore,” her voice slightly condescending, “since you were a good girl before and it’s your first night, I’ll allow it,” giving you permission to cum without asking, “but after tonight you will need to ask and do not touch what is mine unless I explicitly say so, understand?”
You nod as best you can with her hand holding you up. Letting go of your hair unexpectedly you fall on your face, still on your knees. You move to return to your hands when her large hand holds you down.
“Since you want to cum so badly that’s all you are going to be doing.”
Sliding back in she starts a quick rhythm, not giving you any time to readjust. Once she knows you won’t move again she removes her hand from your back. Gripping your sore ass with both hands, looming over you, she beings to increase her pace, pounding you into the bed as she grunts above you.
You were cumming over and over before you knew it, so lost in the pleasure that you couldn’t even think anymore, let alone count how many times you’ve cum. Voice hoarse if not completely gone, body dripping in sweat, thighs covered in juices, both hers and yours.
Leaning down, she covers your body with hers as she tucks her face into your neck, nose tickling you as she takes a deep breath, inhaling the sweet scent of your blood.
“Perfect, just perfect,” a deep chested chuckle leaves her, “all ripe and ready for the taking.”
Picking you up easily, she moves to the other side of the bed so that she is sat facing the mirror with you in her lap. Before sliding back into you once more, she positions you facing the same way with legs spread. Her large hands encompass your waist as they pull you onto her, briefly removing one to move your hair out of the way and tilt your head to the side.
“Ride me, Kitten.”
With what little strength and energy you have, you bounce shallowly in her lap, hands holding onto her wrists for balance, not wanting to anger her again. Her nose was nuzzling the crook of your neck while her eyes focused on how your breast moved with each bounce. Seemingly unsatisfied with your pace, her grip on your waist tightened before taking over your movements, handling you as if you were nothing but a toy.
“Look at how well this cunt takes me, like it was made just for me,” moving her lips to your neck, fangs scraping the skin, “watch me as I feed from you, as I take whatever I want Kitten,” gasping for air as somehow another orgasm is pulled from your tired body, and as her fangs pierce your skin, drinking her fill from you. Pulling away her mouth stained red as she laps at the wound, cleaning any remaining blood from your skin, your body practically limp in her arms from exhaustion. Laying you down on the soft bed she spreads your legs once more, gently touching your sensitive folds.
“Now, who does this cunt belong to?” She asks sweetly.
“You, Mistress.” You say sleepily.
“That’s right, now to make sure my perfect little Kitten is ready for me at all times, I’m going to keep this in you,” showing you another beast of a toy, this one relatively simple but it has a thick knot at the base, “you are not allowed to remove it until I tell you to do so, understood?”
Once you nodded, she took great care into sheathing it into you, making sure to go slowly and not be too rough, a complete 180° from the moments prior.
“There, you took it so well, such a good Kitten,” her voice still soft as she praised you, “shame a human body can only take so much, I am quite insatiable, especially when they are as cute as you, so rest now my dear, I’ll fetch you some food as well, you must regain your energy for I am nowhere near done with you.”
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monsteur · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: You wear short skirts to tease Professor Gojo and you pay the consequences.
CONTENT WARNINGS: NSFW (mdni), non-curse AU, student teacher relationship, fingering, cunnilingus, sprinkle of daddy kink, an assortment of pet names from Gojo, infidelity but it’s not a major theme, fellatio, spanking, orgasm denial, some dirty talk, cum-eating, dumbification & size difference kink if you squint, reader is a bit of a bimbo, a promiscuous asf bimbo lmao, rusty smut writing that hasn’t been beta’d pls be nice
A/N: whew haven’t written smut since... 2014?? last nsfw piece was wattpad rinharu smut that somehow skyrocketed to be #3 in the rinharu tag shsgfhsvsnfk please i described rin’s dick as a ‘hot, throbbing organ’ how did that happen 😭✋🏼 i also haven’t written in general in quite a while and it probably shows,, anyways i hope you enjoy sexy times with your hot as fuck professor who can literally be the professor of any field of your choosing because akutami has stated that this man is good at nearly everything <3
It was almost embarrassingly obvious how your pleated short skirts were all apart of a plan to rile Professor Gojo up.
Your inappropriate relationship with the white-haired man was nothing short of blatant; everyone knew, yet no one could do anything because the Gojo family heavily sponsored the university.
And who would dare go head-to-head with the most charismatic and well-liked professor of them all?
Tumblr media
It started with seemingly innocent shifts from one leg being crossed over the other. Then it progressed to bends of the waist to pick up a fallen pen, or fallen piece of paper. It was the way you’d casually stretch your arms upwards with your back faced towards him, causing your mini skirt to ride dangerously high that had your professor quickly and expertly hiding a punishing gleam in his eye.
Of course, you caught it at the last second, forming your crimson red lips into an all-too-knowing smirk.
You weren’t going to be able to walk without a limp for the next day or two.
Tumblr media
“What? Don’t give me that shell-shocked look. You seriously thought this would go unnoticed without consequences?” your teacher inquired, lifting the end of your skirt with a pen to peer at your choice of undergarments before cocking his head slightly to the side, red-tipped tongue darting out to wet his lips. He made a disapproving, tutting sound.
“What kind of man do you take me for, Miss Y/N?”
“A man who forgets to keep his good girl nice and full, therefore prompting her to take matters into her own—” you were abruptly cut off by a resounding growl and a bruising kiss. Teeth clashed, tongues danced, and most importantly, you had him right where you wanted.
Earlier, Professor Gojo had beckoned you into his office with two enticing digits once he saw you walking down the corridor. You knew precisely why he was calling out to you, but you decided to feign wide-eyed innocence once your shoes halted before his expensive loafers. “Is everything alright Professor?” you asked. He merely shook his head and chuckled. “After you,” he said, stepping aside with a hand gesturing towards the interior of his office.
You almost audibly gulped. That response of his signified what would be the next thrilling hour of your life.
The two of you backed against the mahogany desk that sat in the midst of an office far too unassuming for Gojo Satoru’s refined tastes. Research papers and the like were already cleared off the top that was polished to a shine, as if it knew what was to come after class this fine Tuesday afternoon. You cried out when the professor’s lips find themselves in the crook of your neck, biting down harshly enough to draw blood that your lipstick’s color effectively mimicked while two deft and long fingers inch down within your panties to seek out your aching clit. The pace he set with rubbing figure eights into your pearl was brutal, to say the least.
“Mmmn—! Gonna- Gonna cum!” you breathed out with eyes blissfully closed, feeling the taut coil within your belly on the verge of snapping. Until you didn’t.
Your eyes flew open, immediately landing on his award-winning cheeky grin. “Real good girls would get to cum,” he slowly started, “but naughty girls get nothing but disappointment.”
You repressed the urge to whine childishly. Professor Gojo hasn’t been paying enough attention to you as of late and it just wasn’t fair. Perhaps you can turn on your own charm, you think to yourself. With a few bats of your eyelashes, you trail your fingertips up his pristine dress shirt, bottom lip jutted out in a pout, “But daddy—”
The next second you find yourself with your stomach pressed against the tabletop. Your professor leans over you, slotting his chest against your back with a cooing voice near your ear, “Naughty girls don’t talk back either.” He grinds his bulge against your neglected cunny. “If you really think I’d enjoy seeing you prance around in a skirt when other men can leer at you and peek at your cute panties, then it’s truly a wonder how you passed the entrance exam.” He straightens up, sits in his ornate chair, and pats his lap.
“But that’s okay. Come here and I’ll tell you why.” You make your way over, obediently laying yourself over his lap without question, internally giddy at what was to come. He smiles down at you, caressing your cheek tenderly as if a lover would. Then you feel it.
“I like my girls dumb—” spank, “—needy—” spank, “—and hungry for teacher cock,” he concludes with yet another spank. You gasp with each smack against your asscheeks, proceeding to rub your tummy over the bulge straining in the pricey fabric beneath you. “No squirming,” he sternly says as he holds you down with an iron grip before continuing. “Now I want you to count. Three measly slaps aren’t going to cut it.” With each hearty smack, your wavering voice follows in stark contrast to the echoing sounds of hand against skin. It wasn’t until number seven that the tears were flowing freely down your pretty face.
“M’ sorry Professor...”
He quirks an eyebrow as the hand that inflicted pain also soothed it with gentle strokes. “Care to show me just how sorry you are, princess?”
You nod slowly before getting up on your feet, wiping your tears away with the sleeve of your blazer. Even though it hurt like hell you still got down to your knees and undid his belt, taking out his erect length, looking up at him expectedly. His cross features softened. But only a tad. “You have my permission. Continue.”
You place the tip on your tongue, swirling it around before your head sinks down, down, down your professor’s throbbing cock. You didn’t have to see it to know when he threw his head back, mouth agape at how you took him so well. “Bet you wish those other men—no, boys—get to see you like this,” he pants out slightly. You try saying ‘nuh-uh’ as if seven inches of cock wasn’t almost entirely jammed down your throat, the vibrations of your sweet, saccharine voice making your professor’s breath hitch even more.
It’s only you.
It’s only ever you, you thought to yourself.
You continued to suck him reverently, doe-eyed gaze flickering up to meet a cerulean one.
“Darling, I’m going to cum and you’re going to take it all—!” the last syllables of his words getting more and more strained as they left his mouth. It wasn’t really like you had a choice in the matter. You were going to take his cum whether you liked it or not and you wouldn’t have it any other way.
A low groan comes from above you as a salty flavor coats your tastebuds and slides down your waiting throat. You swallow eagerly, making sure not to waste a single drop lest you wish to be punished again. “I know you’re sorry baby,” he coos while running his slender fingers through your hair, “let me reward you for a job well done.” Professor Gojo helps you out of your skirt and soaked panties. Then he orders you to lay back atop his desk, to which you complied with excitement. You had a good idea of where this was going.
He places a kiss on your clit, before taking it in his mouth and returning the favor with as much fervor as you had a few moments prior. Your hands scrabble to find purchase amongst the wood of the table to no avail, so you decide to push them down against a mop of white hair, effectively burying your professor’s face into your pussy.
His skilled tongue played with your bud while a finger plunged into your sopping heat. He wasn’t surprised he could soon add another two because you were such a little, filthy whore for him that he couldn’t help but feel a strong sense of possession.
He was never going to let you go. Your body, mind, and soul belonged to him and he’d be damned to give you up.
“I think I spoil you too much, y’know?” he muses aloud all the while reveling in the downright obscene way your pussy squelches. He eyes the discarded red lace thong he had bought you a few weeks ago, chuckling to himself.
“My little cherry bomb.”
You squealed, “Professor Gojo!” as your tiny hole began to clench rhythmically around the three large fingers that had you almost certain you had just reached nirvana right there in your lewd professor’s office. The new nickname didn’t go amiss by your ears, and a blush as red as forbidden fruit spreads over your cheeks. You couldn’t help but cover your face with your hands.
Your professor wasn’t pleased with that. “Aht, aht— None of that.” He pries your hands away, azure eyes half-lidded as he studies your features intently. You started to squirm a bit again, not used to his stare. Finally, he breathes out, “You’re stunning. It’s an honor an old man such as me gets to see you like this.”
You feel your ego swell five times bigger. You also huff quietly, “Professor, you’re only twenty-eight.”
“That may be true,” he hums.
“And now that I have you here, let’s discuss the abomination that was your latest test scores and perhaps explore our options for improvement.”
He pats your cheek with a serene smile. You sighed.
Looks like you’ll have to cancel your dinner plans with your boyfriend.
Tumblr media
© touyachi - do not repost, plagiarize, or share my work on other platforms
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dreamysreverie · 21 days ago
Stiff as a board
Natasha Romanoff x fem! Reader 
synopsis: 'She, however, doesn't feel hesitant with you. Everything around her right now feels like time is slowing down for you both, she can’t think straight (clearly) and at this moment all she has on her mind is you. '
word count: 1.2k 
Warnings: thigh riding, soft VERY SOFT NAT IS A WARNING, nat being a tease is also a warning, thigh riding, fingering  just... SOFT <3
A/N: No lie I wanna do a series based on these two fics. I just love Nat so much.
Read part one here! (Light as a feather.) now we finally have light as a feather, stiff as a board :))
Translation: милая - honey in Russian (I hope that's correct)
Tumblr media
Natasha doesn’t hesitate, no, not with you at least. She never hesitates, because from all that has ever been taught to her that hesitation can be a sign of weakness. 
An advantage, and bad people she’s had to deal with sure as hell love to take advantage of one's hesitation any chance they get. 
She, however, doesn't feel hesitant with you. Everything around her right now feels like time is slowing down for you both, she can’t think straight (clearly) and at this moment all she has on her mind is you. 
Only you. 
To take care of you, to cherish and bathe you in her love or whatever she has got left to give you. 
And you take it. 
And you return it to her. 
She knows this will keep on growing, and growing, suddenly she won’t ever pull away from you. 
Nothing will ever come between you two. As long as she’s here anyway. 
“Fuckfuckfuck, natasha!--” you moaned, your head thrown back as you buck your hips faster on her thigh. 
Her hands grip at your hips, keeping you where she wants to. Natasha wants to experiment with all that she can do with you, for some reason. All she knows is that ever since she heard her name fall from those pretty lips of yours she was just kissing a few minutes ago, something awakened inside of her. 
You touched something in her. 
“Yes, baby girl? aww does someone wanna cum? Make a mess on my thigh?” Natasha cooed. 
The way your eyes had dilated, had you moving faster and that was what brought Natasha's attention. 
“Huh so you do wanna come” she grinned, leaning back on the bed’s headboard. “Well come on then” you felt her add pressure to your clit with her fingers as she rubbed faster as you let out a cry. 
She watched you come undone on her thigh, your cum dripping and the sight made Natasha’s mouth go water. You were still riding out your high and whatever else was left for you that she could give, nat grinned and you narrowed your eyes at her confused with the glint that you could see in her eyes. Without a warning, she plunged not one but two inside your cunt and you had sucked in a breath and you knew what she wanted you to do next. 
Natasha had started pumping them in and out at a slow pace. Not what you wanted by the looks of displeasure on your face, you let out a whine, bucking your hips towards her and she shook her head. 
Natasha tsk, “you can do better, keep going.” 
You bit back another whine that had wanted to escape from you, moving your hips faster. Natasha leaned into pressing her lips back onto yours as she picked up a different pace. She caught the moan that was going to slip past your mouth, you had closed your eyes letting yourself get lost in the pleasure that was coursing through your body. Natasha was good, no fucking incredible. You didn’t expect her to be this good, well, you didn’t expect anything really coming from someone who’s an ex-assassin you don’t know what to expect from her. 
And you’re excited. Way too excited for how your relationship with her will turn out. Especially if she can fuck this good, she has you wrapped around her finger (literally and sexually). 
“Natasha, ohmygod, you’re so--” aw it seems like you wanted to speak, but you couldn’t even form a simple sentence. 
“If you think this is good, honey, wait till later” she husks in your ear, you felt your cheeks burn after hearing that. 
She had slipped another finger into you, you moaned against her lips. 
The smile tugging at the corner of your lips, you never thought in a million years you’d be sitting here, in your crush's lap, while she had already made you come twice under an hour while being on the run with her and confessing your feelings for her AND not to mention the best part other than her amazing skilled hands that you love, her admitting that she’s fallen for you too. 
It was a dream come true.
Natasha kisses along your jaw and neck, you melted into her touch, soon enough she had you clenching around your fingers and with you chanting her name ever so beautifully filling her ears as your entire body goes limp as you regain back control. 
“Good girl, so pretty, so beautiful, all mine” she whispers, and you hum in delight at her softness. 
“God I think I’m falling for you harder now that I know what you could do with those hands of yours” you chuckled, feeling heat creep up your neck. 
“What? So my love confession wasn’t good enough?” Natasha teased, grinning at you and feeling so in love with you. 
From your smile, the way you had smiled just now at her teasing comment, the way she feels lightheaded, from your love and presence alone. The way you giggled and laughed, never getting bored of hearing that wonderful sound. She could listen to it any day, and she will, for as long as she can. 
For as long as Natasha is by your side. She would do anything to see, no, make you smile. 
“No! You know what I mean dickhead” you replied, smiling at her and she chuckled. 
“I know, I know.” 
Silence filled between you both as you fell into her embrace with her arms wrapped around your half-naked body with her shirt, yes, you were wearing her shirt. You smiled at the thought of sharing clothes with her. Sharing apartments one day with her when all of this is over, sharing everything and anything with Natasha. You knew you would do anything for her in a heartbeat and how she would do the same for you. 
“You know” you mumbled, your voice sounding sleepy and just exhausted but you were happy with her right now where you should be. “When all of this running is over, all of this hiding, we can go on road trips as you said. Maybe you can take me on that date you said you’ve always wanted to do.” 
The redhead above you smiled, “yes. One day when we get the chance, we will pack our bags and I’ll take you on as many dates as I can.” 
You giggled, “I can't wait.” 
“neither can I” Natasha replied, caressing your cheek with her hand as if she was holding her world. 
And she was. 
You were her world. 
She smiled in amusement when she looked down at your sleeping form and then it hit her, this is the first time she’s ever seen you asleep like this. You’ve always had your room within the Avengers compound and so does Natasha. Not just a room, everyone had their own space. And now, she gets to share that with you. She gets to see you every morning, wakes up next to you, Natasha was an early bird and she knew you liked to sleep in whenever you got the chance. Your light breathing, the smile on your lips, she couldn’t believe that she got a chance to love you. 
Natasha knows that in any lifetime, that if someone gave her one wish in the entire world she would wish to be with you. 
“Goodnight, my beloved.” 
And after that night, Natasha has never slept so peacefully in such a long time ever since you came into her life. 
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gumilvr · 3 months ago
drabble : megumi telling you he loves you when he thinks you’re asleep
summary: you and megumi haven’t said “i love you” yet and he decides to say it while you’re asleep
paring: gn!reader x megumi fushiguro
rating: fluff (sfw)
note: first time writing for jjk (second time writing ever) and hopefully will be writing more soon! let me know if you like it
Tumblr media
the first time megumi tells you he loves you, he thinks you’re asleep
you had been dating for a while but you knew he had trouble voicing his feelings, especially with saying something as big as “i love you”
you don’t blame him considering the minimal times he’s ever been told that or said it, if at all in his life
so you had resorted to letting him take his time in saying it and when he did you would be there to reciprocate
you laid on your stomach, arm draped across his chest and head in the crook of his arm while he dragged his arm into soothing circles on your back. megumi liked to make sure you fell asleep first before letting himself drift off, you always fell asleep like this which is why megumi had assumed you were when he let the words slip.
they were almost inaudible…almost.
“i love you”, he didn’t know why he felt the need to say it then, maybe it was relief from making it through another day of fighting curses or maybe it was how peaceful you looked in his arms, breathing softly into his chest. he knew no matter the reason, he really did mean it and wished that someday he could actually bring himself to say it to your face.
you however, were not asleep. and knowing that your lovely, beautiful boyfriend just told you he loved you made your heart swell. instead you just squeezed your eyes shut and tried not to jolt up and kiss him all over. waiting a moment to let him start to drift off, you tilted your head up and whispered to him “i love you too”.
megumis eyes shot open, an obvious blush spreading across his face, visible even in the dimly lit room. you’re sure you hear his heart rate speed up with your ear pressed into his chest. he only manages to wrap himself around you, pressing you fully into him, hiding his face into your hair. your give him one last squeeze and rub a few circles onto his back before you both finally fall asleep with smiles on your faces. 
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swanimagines · 16 days ago
Summary: Your and Kaz's relationship gets exposed and you see something Kaz has tried to hide from you.
Character: Y/N (female), Kaz Brekker, Pekka Rollins and Inej Ghafa
A/N: Argh, I’m so nervous. Rowan and Lottie made pieces from this very scene but I swear I got this idea on my own (not requested) in like May and I have proof of it from the start of June (because I told a friend about it). Stuff just got in the way. I ended up editing this quite roughly from its original form and the POV switches between Kaz and Y/N because of that, also because I wanted to bring out both aspects because there's so much going on but I think that now it's kinda messy. But I hope it's still ok and you'll enjoy it!
Warnings: violence, panic attack, PTSD, mentions of death, threatening, angst (hurt/comfort) also cheese and soft!Kaz in the end.
Word count: 2.4k
Tumblr media
“Maybe I’m not here when you get back.” Inej snapped and started storming out Kaz’s office. Kaz’s steps quickly followed her.
“Inej!” Kaz called after The Wraith as he appeared to the doorway, but he just saw you, sitting by the opened window, a book on your lap. You shook your head at your boyfriend slightly, which made Kaz groan.
“Y/N, I don’t want to listen to any lectures right now. It was wrong of me to shout at Inej.”
“Yeah. I know you know that. That’s why I’m not lecturing you.” you nodded and put your book aside. “You know, your brains would work better if you allowed yourself to rest for just a moment. You haven't slept properly for days. You would also be less of a dick if you just rested for a moment.”
“I can’t rest. It’s a million kruge, Y/N.” Kaz took in a deep sigh and returned to his worktable. “But I can’t figure it out in time. Sunrise is in six hours.”
“I know. And I’ll help you.” you sighed and followed him to his worktable, sitting down across from him, slowly starting to go through his scribbles for possible plans. “I guess I just would want to make up an excuse to keep you here with me for longer, but I know that this job is important to you, and the Crow Club." you sighed at lifted your gaze to Kaz, who tapped his quill to yet another blank paper.
He nodded slightly. "That's why I need the plan as quickly as possible."
You closed your eyes for a moment, before opening them and blurting out, "It’s just that… every time you go on your missions, I’m afraid that you won’t return. That I'd receive a word that they finally got you, and you're imprisoned or dead.”
Kaz paused to look at you. His eyes softened a little, just enough for you to notice. “I’m always coming back for you.”
“I know, at least when Inej is with you.” you glanced at the direction of the window, and Kaz leaned back on his chair and ran his hand through his hair.
“I don’t know where she is. The Wraith is good at disappearing, and she can't be away for too long, we need her to make this heist.” Kaz muttered as he stood up and opened the secret observation hatch where he could peek through at the Crow Club.
“She couldn’t have gone far. She probably takes a short walk to calm her nerves and then comes back. I can-”
You looked at each other, the same assumption in mind, and you smiled softly, nodding towards the doorway. “Go on.”
Kaz nodded, closing the observation hatch and making his way towards the door. “Inej, listen, I-”
You were planning to go to another room to let Kaz and Inej speak without you staring at them, but you were stopped when you saw large shadows coming to the office. Your breath hitched, it definitely wasn’t Inej.
Three men came to the office, surrounding Kaz. You looked around for an object to use to fight if needed, but the most dangerous thing near you was a quill, and you were pretty sure you’d just snap it.
How did Inej teach self-defense again? You cursed the fact that you hadn’t practiced more, you didn’t remember much else but how to block attacks. Inej had only given you a few lessons as Kaz had only recently told her to teach you. Kaz took his cane and started fighting the two men while the third came towards you. And despite your hopes, you were no challenge for him as he took a hold of your hand before it made contact with his face and twisted it behind your back, making you cry out. He then took a hold of your hair to expose your neck. You heard how he took out something, you could see a piece of metal glinting against the light of the office and soon you felt a slight tingling on your throat as a sharp blade was pressed against it, drawing out just a tiny amount of blood. And just a little more pressure, and your throat could be sliced open.
You caught Kaz’s eyes as you both were detained, and he stopped fighting back on that instant.
“Don’t touch her!” he wanted to scream as he looked at that big guy taking a firm hold of your hair, yanking your hair back as he held a knife to your throat. But instead, he remained silent and forced himself to avert his eyes off you. He couldn’t let them know that you were his weak link, because then you could be used against Kaz, like a pawn in a sick game.
These times, he really wished that he was still that boy who hadn’t even met you. The boy who didn’t feel anything for anyone and would have been able to sacrifice everyone for his own profit. If he would still be that boy, you would be safe. You wouldn’t have been in his office to calm his nerves with angering Inej. You wouldn’t be held in place by some brute who could slit your throat with a flick of a wrist.
“Evening.” Pekka appeared to the doorway, and you swallowed thickly at the sight of him. You vaguely knew what Pekka had done to Kaz, and what could happen if he remembered those two boys who had been working for him. If this man behind you wouldn’t have a knife on your throat, you would have kicked his balls up to his throat so you could fight back, force Pekka out. But in the situation you were, that wasn’t an option. So you watched helplessly as Pekka slowly walked towards Kaz.
Don’t recognize him, please don’t recognize him.
Pekka showed no sign of surprise or recognition though as he sat in front of Kaz, and you let out a shaky sigh of relief. Suddenly, Pekka’s goon threw Kaz’s cane at Pekka and Kaz tried to get away from the man’s grasp, which caused the goon gripping him tighter. You heard Kaz’s breath becoming more ragged from pure rage, and you understood exactly why. On that moment, you wanted to kill Pekka too.
“Now, I know you saw Dreesen.” Pekka started. “You got the jump on whatever job he has… I don’t know the details, obviously, just that you have a little travel hazard ahead of you. So, here’s the deal… you can do nothing, walk away from it, and I’ll tell Dreesen I’m taking over for you. Then we’re even.”
“Not even close.” Kaz rasped out and you let out an agreeing huff from behind him.
“Hang on…” Pekka stuck Kaz’s cane against his neck. “The other option is, that I’ll cave your head in with your own cane and dump you and your girlfriend in the harbor.” Pekka smirked slightly as he glanced up at you, making Kaz feel a slight pang of terror when he realized that Pekka already knew that you were his weak link. Some Dime Lion rats must have seen you together before. Kaz cursed the fact that he must have laid fond glances at you, let his guard down on the wrong moment. Cursed how he had fallen for someone - for you, who wasn't much of a fighter. “That first option seems better now, don’t it?”
Pekka let go of Kaz’s neck and stood up. But Kaz just had to play with his life, and asked a question you had been fearing.
“Tell me, have we ever made a deal before?”
You let out a tiny whimper.
No no no, don’t recognize him…
“You and me? Nah… otherwise you’d know better. Or you’d be dead.”
With that, they left, and the man holding you pushed you to the floor. You coughed a few times as the pressure from your throat was gone, and you heard Pekka and his goonies leave the Club as the Club went silent when they strode across the main space. You rolled over to see Kaz, still crouched down, staring at the floor with ragged breaths. You immediately knew that something is wrong.
“What’s the matter?” you crawled in front of him and tried to catch his eyes, but he just lowered his head so you were unable to. “Kaz, talk to me, please.”
He didn’t, his breathing just quickened and he clenched his hands to fists against the rug, he was sweating and you caught a tear falling out of his eyes. You started to panic, he wasn’t okay, something was happening.
“Jordie…” he choked out and you frowned at his brother’s name. He sank lower, his face almost touching the rug and you swallowed, watching the scene.
“Are you hurting somewhere?” you asked, still clueless what was happening. He didn’t answer. “Kaz?”
“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry.” he whispered, barely audible for you to hear. He shook and everything in him screamed that he wasn’t the Kaz you knew. He was something much smaller. Someone he would call weak.
After a moment, his shaking started to go away and you tried again.
“Kaz? Are you-”
He shook his head sharply, silencing you and you heard him trying to calm his breathing. It was still shaky and ragged, but he was attempting to take in long breaths, and that’s when you had a wave of relief. Whatever it was, it was passing. You could calm yourself down as Kaz did too, and he looked up again, still not meeting your eyes. You saw the bruise starting to form on the side of his face and your fingertips hovered over it as your brows furrowed in concern. You stood up and went to take a rag, which you dipped in cold water and returned to gently tap the bruise, careful not to let your fingers touch his skin. You knew Kaz didn’t want to talk right now, you had known him long enough to recognize it from his face and posture.
Kaz was embarrassed for having you see him like that, like a kicked puppy. Weak. He had never told you about his “episodes” and he had hoped he wouldn’t have to. He had vaguely told you about Jordie and his history of Pekka, but he had never told you the real reason why he didn’t want to be touched. That seeing Jordie dead wasn't the only thing that left him having nightmares. You didn't know that Kaz had also been thrown to Reaper's Barge, and that he had had to use Jordie as a float to get back to the shore. Maybe he was afraid you’d pity him. He didn't need pity. He needed revenge. And you were the last person he wanted to pity him.
He knew you wouldn't be like that though. You had been friends for years even when you hadn't been dating for very long, and Kaz wanted to tell you everything. But he was afraid. Afraid of living it all over again. Afraid that he would ruin your relationship by telling you something so brutal and the story of how he became Kaz Brekker. He had built his relationship with you as Kaz Brekker. He didn’t need Rietveld to come and mess it up.
He took his cane from you after you retreated from him, still not looking at you and left his office without another word. You knew better than to follow him, he needed time to recover on his own. Whatever it was that had happened. You gathered some of his papers from the floor that had been sent flying during the brawling and folded them neatly on the desk, and lifted the chair back up. You took in a deep sigh and made your way to the bedroom, sitting on your bed opposite from Kaz’s.
You knew your boyfriend wouldn’t come to bed tonight, and he’d be gone by the morning. He would find a way to cross the Fold, you knew he would, but in that state of distress, you weren’t sure if he would be able to come to say his usual goodbyes.
You took out your book again, returning to read it and determined to stay awake until sunrise. But sleep caught you and you succumbed to it.
“Y/N.” you heard Kaz’s voice call out. You groaned. “We found the way across the Fold.” That stirred you awake, and you opened your eyes, feeling like you had slept for just five minutes.
“That’s great.” you smiled tiredly and sadly. Kaz took in a deep sigh, suddenly in visible discomfort.
“Y/N, listen, I’m…”
“Don’t apologize. It’s okay. You didn’t hurt me. And you don’t have to explain. Let’s do it when you’re ready.” you sat up a bit, your body screamed at you to sleep a little longer but you forced yourself to stay awake for Kaz. You wanted to be with him for these last moments before he would leave to Ravka for Saints know how long.
Kaz nodded briefly and took a few steps closer to you. He searched your face for a moment, before he placed his gloved hand on your cheek faintly and pressed his lips against your forehead. They were barely there, you didn't really feel his lips, only his breath fanning over your forehead, but still being so close to him felt intimate and tender. You knew it was yet another step for Kaz with showing affection, and it left your heart pounding louder than ever and a wide smile spread on your face when he pulled away.
“Thank you.” he muttered, his gloved hand briefly grazing your cheek.
Then he turned, slowly making his way out from his office. You looked after him until he closed the door, and you let yourself fall back on the bed.
That kiss, even when it was barely there, was Kaz’s promise to come back. And with that in mind, you could calm yourself and not worry so much.
He would come back to you. He would always come back to you.
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galateagalvanized · a month ago
Tumblr media
Two days late and a dollar short, but I wanted to get one (1) more entry in for @codywanweek ! Here’s a late entry for Day 3′s prompt: keldabe.
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sterlingdylan · 9 months ago
so you’re a prince, and no one has ever loved you. never. they care about you, sure, but they don’t care about you. they care about who you are, the son of the king, the heir to the throne. no one has ever told you no or extended more than courtesy because your station overpowers every other thing about you and you are not a man, you are royalty. and then a clumsy, angry, sharp tongued peasant boy comes into your life and becomes your servant and he doesn’t care that you’re a prince. he yells at you and laughs with you and he will walk into the fires of hell with you, for you, not because you are his superior but because you are his friend and he loves you.
and you spend ten years by his side, and you become a king, and you do not doubt his loyalty for one moment. everyone in your life turns their back on you, betrays you, uses you for their own agenda, and the only thing he ever wants is for you to be safe.  he never asks for you to love him as much as he loves you, but you do. and even when you are on your deathbed, and he is telling you that he has magic and he has lied to you every single day for ten straight years, you aren’t angry. you’re hurt. because you think that for all his talk of loyalty, he’s been using you. you were his pawn in a plan you do not fully understand and do not want to understand because it hurts too much.
you are dying, and you know you are dying, but he is telling you that you will not die because he will not let you. and you have stopped believing every word he says as you once did but you humor him and you let him drag you for miles, for days, no matter how much it hurts and no matter how much you want to give up, because you love him still. 
and finally you ask him why he lied for so long, because you cannot die not knowing. and he confesses that it wasn’t about power or comfort or money, but you. he didn’t want to hurt you by telling you the truth. he didn’t want to make you choose, between him and everything you knew. and the only other option was to not be in your life at all. so he lied. because all he ever wanted was you. you, the man, not the prince then and not the king now.
when you succumb to your wounds and you cannot go on, you make one final request of him. you ask of him something you would not ever ask for if you were not delirious from your pain and your injuries. but as you humored him, he humors you.
and as you take your final breaths, you are held by the first person who ever loved you.
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nihachulovebot · 10 months ago
sapnap with a clingy s/o hc’s
request: hello!! hope you’re having a lovely day <3 could you do some headcanons about Sapnap with a clingy s/o ? thank u ^_^
pairing: sapnap x reader
author’s notes: honestly i really enjoyed writing this one and personally the streaming part? my dream lmao 
Okay so, like, y’all have been dating a bit
Like 2 months
You guys have been spending a lot of time together
And now he’s started to notice a pattern of you enjoying like any type of affection
Like anytime you two went out together in public? You always end up holding hands
You’re watching a movie together? You’re cuddling
He doesn’t mind I bet; he really enjoys how clingy you are
Even if you get anxious about it, or self-conscious, he’s gonna make sure to reassure you
Like let’s say you two are out with friends for dinner
and he pulls your legs onto his lap and says something to you under his breath
this earns a laugh from you, catching the attention of one of your friends
“you guys are so cute together! It’s so sweet to see a couple that’s so comfortable with PDA!” she gushed
And your friend is a bit dense, and she meant it as an honest compliment
And you know she didn’t mean for it to sound like that, but that didn’t stop her words from getting to you
Like slowly throughout dinner, you moved away from him, putting a bit of space between the two of you
He definitely notices this, but he doesn’t wanna say anything because he wants to make a big deal out of it if you don’t want to
But he’s definitely gonna bring it up when you two are alone back at his place
You guys sit in silence for a couple minutes
You were mindlessly scrolling through apps; Sapnap was waiting for the right time to ask you about it without making it awkward
“hey baby?” he asked, looking across the couch at you, turning off his phone
“mm?” you hum in reply, not looking up from Instagram
“is everything okay? Between us, I mean?” he asked, avoiding your eyes
“of course, it is! Did I do something to  make you think otherwise?” you respond, turning off your own phone now
“you just moved away from me pretty quick, I just wanted to let you know that I don’t mind the affection, okay (Y/n)?” he said, resting his hand on your leg, gently pulling you closer
“I know, Sap, I know” you respond, shifting positions to get more comfortable as he pulled you onto his lap
He always makes sure to give you any attention you need, literally whenever
Even if he’s streaming but only if his face cam is off
As long as you’re comfortable with it of course
It always comes down to whether you’re comfortable with him
He’ll hold you while he plays games in his lap if you aren’t also playing with him
The first time you did sit on his lap while he was at his desk, he was playing Minecraft
He was on the dream smp and was goofing around with Bad and Punz
You wrapped your arms around his neck and rested you legs on either side of his
His mine went b l a n k
He completely forgot everything he was doing
Which led to him get shot by Tommy, who swears he thought Sapnap “had moved which meant he wasn’t afk”
But he held you while he absolutely owned Tommy
Honestly Sapnap did nOT mind having you on top of him while he played
We’ve been talking about how you’re clingy, but Sapnap is almost just as clingy
When you tried to get up after sitting there and playing with his hair for half an hour, he basically whined out a drawn out nooooooo
You tried your best to muffle your own laughter, considering he was s t r e a m i n g
But you just kissed his forehead before moving to sit on his bed and wait for him to finish streaming
Genuinely, y’all are just so cute together and the clinginess just works well with your relationship  
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