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chapter 9 (is this still relevant lol)

okay so i don’t know when the next chapter will come out, so don’t ask me!! :’)

and i’ll explain more about the last part on the next chapter, i just wanted to get this over omg

i wish i could jump to the last chapter bc i know how i want to end it but idk how to get there— help me :((

plus, if you find the writing inconsistent it’s bc i wrote in different days, sorry.

pls ask me if something confuses you~

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I know I’ve been radio silent, so here’s a snippet from the (yet untitled) Aragorn/Arwen/fem!Harry sequel to Steady is the Hand to tide you over (or at least make the wait less unbearable)!

(Bronach = Holly/Thuri for reasons I’ll explain in an upcoming post)

“Hermione is a bright child,” Aragorn murmured, reaching his hand out to brush against her shoulder. “You have good friends.”

“The best,” Bronach couldn’t hide the wistfulness in her voice. “Hermione stood by me no matter what came, even when I was so wretched she should have walked away.”

“That will not be your future.” Aragorn rolled off the settee, landing lightly on his knees, reaching out to grip her chin lightly. “You have come to prevent that, and we are here to help. You will not have to suffer as you did ever again.”

“What does it matter?” she asked, something like devastation in her eyes. “I am a ghost in a house of ghosts, yet we all live. No longer will I be who they believe me to be, and they will never be who I knew them as because I will not allow events to transpire as they will.”

“It matters,” he said, shifting his hand so he cupped her jaw. “You were loved by them, and will continue to be loved, and if they refuse to see the treasure that you are you will have us by your side for the rest of your life.”

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Post the last 7 sentences you wrote and tag 7 people

(From the redemption arc fic, yes Xue Yang said “Song Lan and Xiao Xingchen share one brain cell and Song Lan is hogging it”)

As if Song Lan had read her mind, he said,

“You’ll heal more quickly if you rest,” still without so much as looking at her.

“Guess you borrowed the brains from him for the day, huh?” She jerked her chin in Xiao Xingchen’s general direction. “All ideas, no questions.”

“Go to sleep.” His tone made her want to argue with him, or stay up out of spite. But given her injuries, that would make her even more pig-headed than these two were about right and wrong.

I tag @malinchi @reynier @madtomedgar @veliseraptor @paradife-loft @ameliarating and @henshengs

Only if you feel like it, no pressure!

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keep me in your glow

“Oh my God,” Catra said, barely above a whisper. “You’re rich as fuck, aren’t you?”

“Guilty,” Adora said, cringing a little. “Sorry. I thought Glimmer told you.”

“I’m gonna fucking kill her.” Catra shook her head, trying to wipe the stunned expression off her face. “I can’t believe she set me up on a blind date with a goddamn millionaire.”

“Yeah,” Adora said awkwardly. “Oops.”

“It’s—” Catra shook her head. “Okay, Glimmer aside, how would you paying for my tuition even work? I mean, we—we’ve only been on one date, and it’s not even over yet.”

“It’s a crazy idea,” Adora said. “I know. Just—just forget I said anything.”

Maybe it was the buzz of alcohol, or maybe it was the shock of finding out she was on a blind date with a rich person, but Catra couldn’t stop herself from blurting, “Well, I didn’t say no.”

A beat.

Adora blinked, looking up at her. “What?”

Catra is a grad student that gets set up on a blind date with a business executive. They work out….. an arrangement.

In other words: the extended sugar daddy AU you’ve been waiting for.

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Time for some SOFT headcannons because I think we all need it.

Angel Dust

·Though our beautiful spider boy craves affection, his upbringing and trauma make any kind of emotional intimacy… difficult. With respect for his ups and downs, you can build his trust through small steps, and don’t be surprised if he needs some space after making progress. Once he knows you’re the real deal, he’ll want to start making up for a LOT of lost time. Though, he does lighten the mood and deflect with humor to make things a little easier for himself. Eventually that becomes quite the norm for you both. Expect genuine giggles when he’s really feeling playful, even in very sexual situations.

·Initially he’ll want to keep all of this quite private, for the sake of you both. That’s not to say he’s at all hesitant behind closed doors. The pet names in particular become effusive, reaching the length of multiple sentences as he finds little rhymes for your name or dotes on features of yours he finds especially attractive. None of them are quite consistent, but the one recurring theme usually involves puns on his nature as a spider and you being trapped in his web. Should you groan in exasperation he’ll only cackle in delight and pile on the wordplay until he’s satisfied. There is no escape, not that you’d ever want there to be.

·To make him absolutely melt at any stage of the relationship, however, there’s one fastlane. He adores his pet pig with all his heart, so should you do the same he might just feel his pulse skip a few beats. Fat Nuggets bonds with those who make his owner happy, and if Angel sees you petting and adoring his beloved pig, he’ll lose almost all pretense of a hard exterior. If you do any kind of “baby voice” with the little pig his knees will actually go weak. This never abates either, even once the two of you are in a committed relationship. The moment you start rubbing that round little belly and cooing this poor spider is smitten all over again and would swear there’s hearts shining from his eyes.

·An unexpected thing you both discover along the way is how tender he can be when assisting you with outfits. Though he has a critical eye for fashion and a cutting tongue for most that don’t impress him, he loves to dress you up, especially if he’s going to be on your arm or vice versa. That being said, it’s his attention to detail that brings out his surprising love for making little adjustments. When a crooked ribbon or broken button catches his eye, he tut tuts and moves in to fix it, but the two of you are suddenly dropped into warm and content silence when he does so. Maybe it’s just the simple delight of being able to enjoy something so vulnerable without fear, but he’ll crack the tiniest and softest smile every time this happens. Eventually he’ll look for tiny imperfections just to have moments like this. A soft kiss and a teasing reminder that this is why you keep him around always follows.

·His ultimate sign of trust is to cuddle you in bed, when he’s in his soft and comfortable pajamas, and this will occur from dusk to dawn if he has anything to say about it. Just being able to share such intimate space with someone free of pressure brings out his snuggle tendencies. Neck kisses are an absolute must, and as he puts it, he likes to give just as much as he likes to receive. You’ll find yourself in a four armed embrace as he either presses a long, slow kiss to your neck and shoulders or peppers them with a series of fluttering smooches. The first time you do it to him you’ll feel him flush at the contact, perhaps giggling a bit at the tickle, but he won’t want you to stop. Come morning he’ll want to start all over, though this time you have the bonus of his adorable bedhead and sleepy morning voice to go along with it. Should you bring him breakfast in bed, however, he might just cry. Happy tears, of course, that you can tenderly kiss away.

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“On earth, we wish on fallen stars,” Carol said. She traced her fingertip over Yon-Rogg’s chest, where the star on his Kree uniform would have sat had he been wearing it.

“Really,” he stated, more than asked, eyes crinkling slightly at her in amusement. Admittedly, Carol thought it was funny to tell him completely untrue things about Earth just to see if he would believe her, so he was right to have suspicions. “Why is that?” 

She shrugged. “No idea,” she said, grinning, leaning in to kiss him on the corner of the mouth.

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Written for @entraptasbitch 

They requested: “a collage/modern au where catra and adora recently broke up and then glitra happens”

My first college AU! With some Glitra! I based the college itself and the town and the diner off my own college experience!

Want to request something? Message me @Catracorner962 on Tumblr!

Like my work? Toss a coin to your writer, oh fanfic’s a plenty!

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taken too early, now arriving too late. you try to steal the soul from which you ate. trying to claw out any last light, what more can you take? this soul is beaten and blue since age eight, you think tearing it to shreds makes you tall and great. little do you know this being has hands of their own, which will be of good usage once they take you to meet your fate.

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11. Blood at the corner of your mouth

TW: Blood description (like, a lot of it); doing a Chomp

Hiroto hates playing in the blooddrain.

She knows better than to complain out loud, though—this is only the second game she’s played in blooddrain this season and she’s just lucky she doesn’t have to go out there more than once an inning. But that doesn’t mean she’s enjoying herself. After 4 seasons, the familiar feeling of blood drying on her bare skin has become downright unbearable, not to mention all the blood she’s going to spend an hour scrubbing out of her hair later and the bad mood everyone else is going to be in because they spent an hour doing the same thing. 

Needless to say, there was no shortage of mournful groans at warm-ups this afternoon when Randy announced what the weather was going to be like.

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Challenge: Post the last 7 sentences I wrote and tag 7 people

I’ve been on a bit of a writing break all month after finishing at novel rough draft on New Year’s Eve, so the only thing I’ve written lately is, uh, snippets X-Men fanfiction and no original fiction…

In her dreams, Pietro is always just ahead. A faint flicker of movement as his shadow darts around a corner, unrecognizable except for that it’s Pietro’s shadow and she would know him anywhere. A laughing figure pelting across the neighbor’s orchard, stolen apples in hand, as she scrambles after him. A flash of familiar silver hair at the end of a dark hallway. Just out of reach. Just out of sight. 

Tonight, she dreams of the back pond frozen solid beneath a December sky and of silver blades flashing at his heels as she chases him across the wintery expanse. 

Tagging (no pressure, obviously!)





Ooh…now I’m blanking on people who know Write Stuff, I guess just take this as an invite if you see it?

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34. Copy and paste an excerpt you’re particularly fond of.

Okay so I watched the Mar///garet At/wood documentary and it was partially about her talks in the Netherlands so this is what came out of it. Matt gets to experience one moment of self-confidence. CW: some sexuality but nothing too saucy. Comment’s are adored

Amsterdam, 2019

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Ahhhh Amanda 😍😍😍😍 this is so soft and gorgeous.

Okay, let me think…


  • Steve visits Buck regularly in Wakanda, and this is a visit just like every other, where Steve will keep his feelings tucked away, not let Bucky see how anxious he is, how scared he is for him, how desperately he wants to reach out and touch him. Hold him.
  • Steve usually stays in the palace, but Bucky has asked him to come visit his hut, see how happy he is, how much better he’s coping (because Steve can try to hide it but Bucky can see that worry, can see that tension. Can see him holding himself back)
  • And Bucky and Steve are sitting on the floor on cushions, sipping at tea in cups too small for their super soldier hands, smiling but not speaking, at peace but also alive with anticipation. When Steve notices that one of Bucky’s small side braids has come undone…

‘Oh, shit, the tie must have fallen out,’ Bucky says, looking around through the cushions but not finding it.

'Do you have more?’ Steve asks, concerned at the look on Bucky’s face. He hates to see his smile disappear.

'Oh sure, the kids make them for me, they’re beautiful.’

Steve isn’t sure if Bucky means the hair ties, or the kids, but he suspects it might be a bit of both.

'Well if you get me one I could try to fix it for you?’

And Bucky’s eyes snap up to Steve’s, 'You would?’

'Of course ’

And Steve turns Bucky around carefully so he can sit behind him, takes the braid into his hands and pulls it out more, where its loose and uneven, so he can start again. Make it perfect. It should be perfect.

Steve pulls that soft brown hair through his hands, probably more times than necessary, and then separates it into three even sections, starts to braid them together. Slowly, carefully, he cradles his big hands in Bucky’s soft hair, brushes his fingers against the warm, smooth skin of Bucky’s neck and he closes his eyes at the calm of his mind, at the settlement of his body, at the safety of this space Bucky has created for himself.

Steve breathes. He smiles. He trusts this feeling.

And when Bucky turns to look back at him, their faces so close, their lips almost touching, it seems so natural to lean in, to meet those lips with his own, to press further into the warmth and softness of his best friend. His person. His everything.

And Bucky puts his arm up to Steve’s chest to steady himself, and he falls into Steve. Falls into the kiss. Falls into this moment.

It’s perfect.

Thank you for that Manda 😭😭😭 that was a beautiful ask.

Lysm gorgeous 💜💜

You wish I’d write a fic where…

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here you go!! thanks for requesting!

**TW: blood and violence***

as usual, please don’t repost! xoxoxo love you all

Hero knew someone was in their apartment from the second they opened the door. The chairs were all knocked away from the dining table, as though a hurricane uprooted their legs from the tile floor. The usually even picture frames on the wall were crooked and smashed, and Hero could barely make out bits of broken glass littering the wood.

“Who’s here?” demanded Hero, launching through the kitchen and down the hall. He reached for the dagger around his belt, feeling relieved to have been carrying it in the first place. “I swear, if you’re here to kill me, it won’t end well-”

“Help,” a voice cried, faintly. 

Hero stilled. 

Their first instinct was to go and assist whoever needed saving. Because that’s what heroes do, right? That’s what they’d always done.

Despite the possibility that this was a trap, Hero couldn’t ignore the fragility of the faint word from the bedroom. Their brain supplied a chorus of warning as they take a cautious step. “Who’s there?” they asked again, more forceful.

“Please,” rasped the voice, “I need help. It’s-”

Hero rounded the corner and peers into the doorway. 

Cream sheets were stained red. The crumpled form of a person gasped in pain and clutched their gut. 

Hero dropped the knife in shock. “Villain? What the fuck- what are you doing here?”

“Please…” Villain tried. Their stomach heaved and before Hero could speak, a coughing fit took over their nemesis, spewing blood across the carpet.

“Shit,” Hero muttered, and grabbed their cell phone. Punching in a few numbers, they hurried to Villain’s side and applied pressure to the wound. Villain  grimaces. 

Hero held the phone between their ear and their shoulder, still focused on keeping Villain’s blood from spilling more. “(Medic)?” they exclaimed. “I need your help. It’s an emergency.”

Villain’s face twisted in agony. “I can’t- it hurts, please, I need-”

Hero smoothed a bloodstained hand over Villain’s hair. “It’s going to be okay. Medic’s on the way.” Hero’s eyes trailed towards Villain’s expression, scared and full of fear. “Who did this to you?”

“Supervillain attacked, I was alone, and-” A violent tremor shakes Villain suddenly, and Hero tenses.

“Okay. Okay, save your strength. You’re going to be fine, alright?”

Villain smiled a painfully broken smile. “I- I hope so.”

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Current Time: 8:03 P.M. 

Days until 18: 21 

I’ve actually had a really good day today. I mean, school was meh and boring and one of my friends wasn’t there so ): big sad 

But after school my friend from my last entry (Autumn) came over and we hung out and went to Walmart again. We got chocolate and then she drove me to Taco Bell so I could get food. I’m in a much better mood than I was honestly :> I made up with her, so everything it good. 

The guy she was meeting up with is being weird now anyways, so idk. I want her to be happy, but I also like…selfishly want her to myself and want her to get with me. But like…I also don’t wanna be her backup plan, y’know? My pride refuses lmao. 

Anyways, I don’t have much to talk about today. Might be like that for these next few days :) 


Ayane, 8:06 p.m.

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Poe leaned out of his X-wing, grimacing down at Hux, who was very resolutely refusing to move from where he was laying on the concrete of the landing pad; he would stay there until, he claimed, his center of gravity returned to where it was supposed to be. “It wasn’t that bad,” Poe said. “Was it?”

“It was that bad,” Hux said, voice tight. He narrowed his eyes up at Poe, managing to look frightening even from down there. Poe had a feeling he was going to end up on the couch if he didn’t play his cards right. “Sixteen barrel rolls. I counted. Were you trying to kill me?”

“I was trying to impress you,” Poe protested. “I guess we’re taking this off of the list of potential date night ideas, huh?”

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This sneak peek is from the first chapter. I don’t want to give too much backstory, but it’s 1521 and Anne is in currently in France, serving as a maid of honor to Queen Claude of France. 

As soon as the crisp envelope reached my hands, I brought it up to my face and inhaled, hoping to detect my mother’s sweet perfume. But only the musky scent of parchment entered my nose. Almost immediately after unfolding the piece of parchment concealed inside,  I recognized the handwriting of my father. 
My heart sunk as I read his elegant script. My father had found me a Suitor. James Butler. I had once dreamed of marrying for love, like Mary Tudor. I wanted someone of my own choosing. But I knew that I didn’t have that choice. I was no longer a girl, and those Foolish Dreams of a perfect man were exactly that - Foolish Dreams. Foolish Dreams that will be left behind in France while I advanced to England. 

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buried deep down under the river, was it always allowed? full mouths running about; foul mouths wanting each other’s sheets. like wings, like vows aroused. quiet kiss upon your soul, everyone stares at you. on the trains in the night, can you step across the same tracks twice? our nightly prayers shared. a frightful delusion of a dream free from such guilt.

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