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Okay so I have a  oneshot of a kinda OOC Yagura saving Rin after she gets the Sanbi and now I have so many ideas for Rin just chilling and helping Yagura reform Kiri because everyone in Konoha thinks she’s dead and she can’t go back anyways since Yagura managed to change the seal not get rid of the whole destroy Konoha bit so she’s just there sipping on juice and recking people until eventually Obito comes by like in canon, thinking Yagura is the jinchuriki, but instead he finds his dead best friend very much alive and isn’t sure what to do which is fine because Rin decks and then hugs him because he’s alive! 

IDK what happens after that besides Obito not going full evil, but yeah that’s my idea.

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NOTES: possibly has dirk/karkat and jake/karkat undertones?

Dirk scrolled through his phone as he walked. There were messages from Roxy. Calliope and Jane talking about what they did on the weekend, what they watched and possible plans for the next weekend. There were pictures from Rose and Jade, Rose sent pictures of the small garden Kanaya had started and Jade sent pictures of her eating and Dave and John smiling at the camera. Dirk smiled. It was a good day. There was a message from Jake but no mention of Karkat. But that was okay, Dirk didn’t need to hear from him anyway. 

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Just Be Friends


All we gotta do

Just be friends

It’s time to say “Goodbye”

Just be friends

All we gotta do

Just be friends, Just be friends, Just be friends…


“What do you mean by that? Are you serious???”

The voice came from the boy with yellow hoodie. His tone is really serious, unlike his usual way of talking. The scene contains that boy along with another boy with white hair and wearing glasses. The white hair boy’s face is extremely grievous. He couldn’t help but keep crying in front of the hoodie boy.

“This…this is for you…you and I…it’s what the best we I don’t want you to feel sad in the future. Please trust me, this is the best solution!!!”

The glasses boy couldn’t stop whining while he was speaking. His arm is now used as hankercheif to wipe up his own tears. At last, the hoodie boy couldn’t tolerate seeing the situation there. He got up, walked closer to the glasses boy, then hugged him with his full force.

“If that’s your final decision, what can I do? What can I choose?…”

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Prompt: “Back up!”
Fandom: Mass Effect
Rating: T
Pairing: Shenko


“If they would stop shooting at us that would be great.” Shepard ground out as he hid behind cover. It was hard enough to get a good spot to try and get a shot of the enemy, but even if he had one it was near impossible to line up a shot with how much fire was pouring out of the destroyed building.

Kaidan was to his side trying to take a shot whenever he could. He glanced around the corner, pulling back quickly as the enemy opened fire. “Any ideas commander?”

“None.” He grumbled in annoyance, “James, any luck on your end?”

“Negative loco.” The comm crackled, “place is locked down tight.”

“A moment commander, but I have scans of the building, perhaps they’d be of assistance?” Glyph’s artificial voice came through clear, somehow it had no static even though the drone was in the shuttle halfway across town.

“That’d be great Glyph.” Shepard tried to line up a shot but a round of gunfire towards him made him drop quickly as he pulled the trigger. He was sure he missed it.

“Overlaying them on your HUD now.”

The maps he was staring at suddenly disappeared and then reloaded. “Perfect, thanks.”

“Of course commander.”

“Shepard there’s another ship coming in, you guys might want to head that way when you can.” Liara sent an indicator of the ship to the marines on the ground. “Looks like only four on board from here.”

“Sounds like our way in.” Shepard looked around the wall he was hiding behind, ducked down, and scooted across and back into cover on the other side. Kaidan followed a moment after, and the pair worked their way around the line of broken walls to where the ship had landed.

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Rated: E

Words: 3.9k

Chapter: 5/6

Chapter Summary:

The check changes hands many times over, until eventually, it ends with Reginald, who claims seniority and allows his best friend to order him and his wife a car so they don’t have to take a taxi. 

There are soft hugs goodbye, promises to write letters, and then all part ways, some tearful and others filled with a knowledge that their time away from one another is only temporary. 

Being with people they loved was sweet, a welcome change from the fast pace of business and management, but, still, the quiet peace Regina and Janis find in each other is a welcome change when they finally arrive back at the latter’s apartment. 

The place already feels like it belongs to both of them– though the blonde has only been staying over for a few days– and they’re both acutely aware of their own domesticity when they silently agree to spend the rest of their afternoon on the sofa together by the floor to ceiling windows in the living room.

(Or, their final afternoon and night together where they see family and reminisce. The one where they savor, before it’s too late.)

(Or, chapter five of the high society au where they loved each other, once.)

[read it on ao3]

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Pairing: Woozi/Jeonghan
Rating: G.
Length: One-shot.
Warnings: None.

In which Jeonghan is completely lost, but he follows the music and ends up right where he needs to be.

AO3 Version

Jeonghan is a mess. It’s the first day of classes and so far he’s managed to forget one of his textbooks, lose his student ID, end up on the complete opposite side of campus from the class he was supposed to be at at 3:30, and spill coffee on his favorite shirt. He sighs heavily as he leaves the classroom, silently praying that the whole semester won’t be like this.  

It isn’t until he takes a turn expecting to be met with a glass door leading outside into the evening air and instead finding a long hallway lined with doors that he realizes he’s lost. Again.

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Been tagged by @torrefaction-of-silver, thanks for remembering me! Unfortunately, my WIP folders are super boring.

Rules: Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Send me an ask with the titles that most intrigue you and interest you and I’ll post a little snippet or tell you something about them!

  1. FF WIP: Oakley Street (this is actually Bird of Passage which I still hadn’t renamed! I am currently writing–or at least trying to–the next two chapters, the working titles of which are: One Too Many and Detective Seargant Horowitz)
  2. BOP timeline
  3. Peaky Blinders writing
  4. SW FF
  5. The Untold Botanist (which isn’t a WIP anymore though, wooo! Posting the next chapter within minutes)

I won’t be tagging anyone in particular, but don’t hesitate to tag me if you decide to pick the meme up from here! I would love to hear about more WIPs!

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*clap* let’s do it ember

1. Jaskier’s been alive for too long. It’s a bit offensive, honestly, he’d thought he’d write his wonderful romantics, fall in love, fall in bed, and eventually be killed by bandits or too angry of a spouse, maybe even a really dedicated duck, ya know? But no, but he’s ??? immortal ??? Offensive. Who the fuck’s ever heard of an immortal bard? No one, because they don’t exist.

2. And yet, here he is, adjusting a wide brimmed hat over his head, adjusting the black of his clothes which hide the silken shirt and skin tight jeans he dons underneath, ugh. But, they’re measures taken if he doesn’t want his skin peeling off again, and he’s really in no mood for that. The shop’s inside has no windows (Melitele bless Aldi’s), and it’s wonderful being able to shuck off his “armor” as he calls it. Geralt calls him a drama queen. He’s not. 

3. He’s not, he’s just tired, ok? He has brilliant fashion sense, and he has to cover it up when he has to go out because of the blasted sun. Not to mention, even after a millenia, he ends up pricking his lips when he talks too fast, and damn him if he ever gets to feel wind and warmth against his skin. He kinda misses it, like he kinda misses bingo night that his apartment complex puts on once a month. Okay, scratch kinda, he really misses it, both the feeling of sun kissing his pale skin, and he sight of spit and dentures flying through the air every time Belinda got a bingo (Damn her, he was this close.)

4. Geralt, what to say about Geralt. He’s a witcher, a vampire because Jaskier tripped over his own feet and Geralt was in range, and you know how teeth sink into flesh, you know. It was all very awkward, but uh. Yeah, Jaskier tripped over his own feet and now Geralt’s a vampire, too. He’s never liked the sunlight too much so that hasn’t changed, still names his cats Roach, though now they’re all little vampire cats that yowl at night when Jaskier’s most productive, so that’s not great, but they’re all very cute, so. Win some lose some, he guesses.

5. At the end of the day, he’s gay, he’s immortal, and he has a witcher/vampire/cat lady boyfriend at his side, fashion be damned, sunlight be damned, and Jaskier couldn’t be happier. Now if only he could fucking win bingo, he’s going to drain Belinda dry by the dumpsters if she won’t fucking quit—

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A/N: one last writing before I disappear for quite a long time. Or idk maybe i’ll be back again soon, but it’s burnt out season these days. No more will to write and live HAHAKLDHFS so have this mess of neighbors au, and i might still write more of this in this au, maybe not just too soon. ;-;

Happy Halloween, ig. 

Word count: 2151


The first time Zoya had finally talked properly with her noisy, infuriating neighbor without them arguing was in the middle of the night. 

          The endless readings for her upcoming case had taken a toll on her for the past few days, and the sleep she got was not enough to make her last the next day without verbally murdering someone in the firm. Tonight was no different, but she decided to go to bed earlier, as the noises from next door were starting to get louder again, and she was tired of going over and trying to knock his door down. They had been arguing off every little mistake they could pinpoint and use it against each other.

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Well hello there!

Its been a while, huh?

So I had been thinking that I am gonna do bit of an overhaul on my blog and just follow my blog name; dumping whatever I write on here.

Will it be good? Probably not.

Lately, I have been writing some random one shots with my OC’s on discord. I haven’t posted here because I felt like I was obligated to write well written things to post, but now I kinda want to just go back and drop all my shitty stories in this trash bin.

So I think what im gonna do is just make this blog all about my OC’s, my head canons, my little blurbs/one shots of my OC’s with their ship partners, etc.

Will you like or agree with what I write? No? Oh, that’s a shame. Honestly wish I could care but I dont.

These stories are mainly for me and you’re just lucky enough for me to share them.

Will some things be out of context? Not correct? 100%. Like I said, these stories are my little ideas.

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