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heavensghost · 13 hours ago
‘August returns again, and I am still dreaming of being pulled into the fire. Life once held me softly in its palm, now I am a memory. Summer will vanish too soon and I will be left alone again. I understand the wait and I understand the want. I even understand the burn that comes with autumn. Little by little I am learning to hold onto this life that won’t hold on to me. Tell me about your dreams and i will tell you about mine: how I could swear you were there, but you weren’t. You buried something, lingering inside me that burns and aches. So I carry on, loving what I can’t hold, singing the song of sorrow.’
by @heavensghost
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weneedtotalkaboutfic · 18 hours ago
jack doesn’t miss the draft, is closeted and lonely so he subscribes to college student bitty’s onlyfans
(explicit text ahead... obviously)
jack doesn't know about onlyfans.
he really doesn't, but one day, he happens on a recipe website for a more interesting kind of chicken tenders, because it's getting kind of boring, and when he gets through the comments, he sees that people aren't exactly happy with the results of this recipe. "e. rick's recipe is so much better! he has it on his blog!"
so jack writes that name down in google search, and finds 1. a mostly empty twitter, 2. an old blog with 2-3 recipes, none of which are chicken tenders, 3. an onlyfans.
cooking... fans?
but yeah, this must be where the new blog is, and jack has to pay to access it, which also makes sense, because how much do you usually earn with a normal recipe website? if the food is that good, he doesn't mind spending a few bucks per month for it.
he creates his profile - laurent carter, his usual fake name, and when he land's on e's profile, he gapes.
so, not a cooking website.
jack closes the app. then opens it up, after a minute or two.
it's a bit like an... instagram, but a bit more racy. there are mostly pictures, never showing a face, just- shoulders, chest, groin, legs, ass. and he's athletic. jack can see that. the pictures emphasize that.
it does stay tasteful, and a few pictures are definitely artistic. those catch jack's attention - the lighting, the quality of the camera, it's clear that e is not taking those himself. but there are a couple of iphone ones too, less pin-upy, more explicit. the outline of an erection in a jean. a picture taken in a mirror, showing the underside curve of his ass, just under his loose hoodie. always suggestive. (and jack understands. it works. it works even more than outright porn.)
he swallows, opens the little chat because there's no way in hell he's going to find that recipe here, and writes, Hey. Do you still have that recipe for chicken tenders?
at samwell, bitty's just done with his classes for the day, when he receives the notification. he sighs, because he doesn't really like receiving onlyfans messages - he's not into dirty talking the people who follow him, which is usually what they want. he opens the app, and stares at the message for a long, long time. a smile breaks on his face.
they get chatting. it's a surprisingly normal conversation for the type of content e is putting out there. but jack does enjoy it, even though he doesn't get the recipe - e lost is somewhere, and he's going to take some time later to type it back for jack. or well, for laurent.
outside of messaging, jack tries not to go on e's onlyfans. and miserably fails. he likes the conversation - they're chirping each other back and forth, about food, more often than not ("chicken tenders, really? how old are you?" - "old enough to be on here." and then: "25, if you want to know.") (because the internet is full of creeps and jack doesn't want to sound like a creep.) about photography (e is a model for his artist friend taking a photography seminar) and about hockey. because e plays. of course. so, they're kind of... friends? until the day e posts a picture of his ass in a jockstrap (not the hockey kind), as he's lying down on his bed, the small of his back suggestively curved. it's not a big ass by all means, but it's... cute. jack wants to touch it. bite it.
he closes the app as soon as the thought manifests. what he can't really stop is visualizing it as he jerks off in the shower, later that day.
fuck, he's got a crush on a... porn person.
it would be pathetic as hell if jack wasn't making friends at the moment. but shitty has taken him out a few times since he finished college (they met when shitty was doing a paper on toxic masculinity in the hockey world), and then, shitty showed up at a game with two friends, both wearing jack's number - lardo and bitty.
as much as jack doesn't like going out, he does enjoy that little group's company. during their first night out together, lardo goes after shitty to fetch drinks, and bitty leans in towards jack with a meaningful look, their shoulders brushing. "lord, how long do you bet before these two figure things out?" and jack stares at lardo and shitty, and goes oh.
after that, when they meet up, lardo and shitty are inevitably getting closer and closer, which leaves bitty and jack together. it's not a burden - jack likes bitty. bitty is fun. bitty is interesting. bitty makes him smile. that's always a good feeling.
until jack goes to reply to e, one evening, and lands on a short video of e wearing a hockey jersey, his erection poking against the fabric as he changes the angle of his body. a falconer's jersey. and he's facing the camera, so jack can't really see if it's his number (there are no chances it is, though), but it's easy enough to imagine, and so he slips his hand in his sweatpants and jerks off right then and there, eyes on his phone.
"a falconer's fan, eh?" - "oh lord, I bought that as a halloween costume." - "who did you go as?" - "this is embarrassing, but... jack zimmermann."
so it was his jersey. tabarnak. which doesn't mean e likes jack zimmermann. well, him.
"I've heard he's an asshole." (e takes a long time to reply) "he's not! he really isn't. he looks a bit stiff during interviews, but that's how all hockey players are, if you don't know. I'm sure it's only because he wants to do things right. he's... passionate."
jack smiles. okay.
jack catches himself smiling at bitty, one day, as bitty is telling him about how practice went. and fuck. because crushing on a random internet person is kind of... fine, because it's not like anything is going to happen, crushing on your friend, who is definitely out of your league, is a whole other deal. bitty is walking proof that jack isn't good at any of this.
on the other hand, he gets closer to e. and e seems to enjoy talking with him - enough that he tells jack how to get a snapchat, and exchanges his contact with him. so now, jack has erb1995 on his phone, which he can send texts and pictures to.
they keep on chatting there. one late night, jack learns that e doesn't have a boyfriend, but that he'd like to. "doesn't seem like you'd have any problem finding one," jack writes. e is young, in college, sweet, interesting and hot. "I know, I know, but... I really like this one guy. and he doesn't even know I exist. or he does, but he's straight. lord, sorry, I don't even know why I'm telling you this." - "he's missing out, then." - "😊"
e's onlyfans just gets more and more explicit. until one day, jack goes to bed in his hotel room to the sight of e, legs open, two fingers stuck in his ass.
around christmas, late at night again, jack receives a new snap message: "lord Im bored" - "you okay?" - "not rlly, date just threw up onmy shoes 😩" - "sorry" - ";__; do u like me?" - "yeah?" - "I mean physically. u never said." - "yeah." / "I'm still on your onlyfans, aren't I?" / "you're hot."
jack isn't sure what this is all about, but maybe e needs a bit of comfort because he's crushing on a straight guy and his date just threw up on him. e replies with a snap, of his naked collarbone, shoulder and neck, blushing red.
another snap, thirty second later, where e unzips the front of his jeans, bringing his erection out, tugging at it a few times, with a winking emoji sticking in one corner.
"fuck" - "u like that, sweetie?" - "yeah. you're really hot."
this isn't onlyfans, this is just for him. he's- sexting. with a stranger. kind of. fuck fuck fuck.
another snap, of e really going at it now, his hand blurry over his dick, little breathing sounds in the phone's speaker, and jack replays it a few times as he jerks himself off along.
"fuck, you made me come." - "rlly?" - "yeah" - "can I see? 😳" - "... seriously?" - "fair is fair, mister 😤"
and yeah- he's right. so jack takes a snap of his chest, his abs covered in come, and his now-soft dick, and sends it to e.
"😳😳😳😳😳" - "what?" - "ur not what I expected" - "what did you expect?" - "I do porn on the internet, laurent, you could be anyone. seventy. or... not a hunk." - "you already know I'm 25. what's a hunk?" - "a man whos an superhero actor in hiding. please tell me youre not captain america." - "I'm not an actor. and I'm canadian." - "as if i couldn't recognize chris evan's chest on sight. captain canada, then. happy to have served queen and country. 😌" - "you're not canadian." - "what I am is going to sleep, captain obvious. sleep well. 😘"
it's not... the last time that happens.
in the meanwhile, bitty distances himself a bit from jack. it's the spring semester, which is hard enough, jack understands, but he also wonders if he did something wrong. did he?
until the day jack gets on e's onlyfans, and sees the latest - and longest video that's been posted on there recently. it's a shot taken from above, of e's shoulder, chest and neck, flushed red as his arm moves in a recognizable way, his hand outside of the frame, the movement accompanied with a characteristic wet sound as he touches himself. jack doesn't even think about it and jerks himself off - the video is long enough, in real time, that pressure is building up just as e makes a few guttural sounds, the wet sounds speeding up. jack closes his eyes, trying to think about nothing in particular, until he hears his name -- "jack!" -- and orgasms to the thought of eric bittle calling out his name.
he calms his breathing down, sitting on top of his bed, for a few moments, until his eyes spring open. it's not a thought that came from him. sure, bitty has been the subject of a few fantasies lately, but jack wouldn't imagine this.
so he rewinds the video, places his ear against it, and then and there, between two quick breaths, his name.
a lot of people are called jack. it could be any other jack on earth. but then. but then.
but then, the puzzle pieces come together. e likes cooking. e plays hockey. e is from the south. not still in the south, like jack thought, but from the south. he has his jersey. a video that came up a few days after bitty went to his first game with shitty. his onlyfans name is e. rick for fuck's sake. oh, fuck.
and what about e saying he's crushing on a straight guy? doesn't that mean- no. it can't. jack shouldn't go there.
a few days later, bitty comes to the game, and jack still doesn't know if he should make himself known or not. what if bitty takes it badly? that he and jack have been... fooling around, anonymously. bitty might not even like jack. their friendship might be done over this.
but then, jack sees bitty, small and athletic and beaming at him, and the first thing that escapes jack's lips is, "you still haven't given me that chicken tenders recipe."
shock on bitty's face. then, understanding. "oh my god. oh my god, you're- you're...! oh my god, I've seen you naked!"
bitty is so red, jack laughs. "I've seen you naked too, if that makes things better."
it kind of does. bitty is still so, so red, so jack explains how he didn't know until a few days ago, wasn't even sure until now. and bitty seems so embarrassed, until he looks up at jack. "so... do you want me to cook those chicken tenders for you?"
they end up at jack's place. they're nervous in the car, and once they get to jack's apartment, bitty nearly jumps on him, closing the distance between their lips. it's a scorching first kiss, until jack breaks them apart. "what about the chicken tenders?"
and bitty laughs, and laughs, because he didn't come here to cook, lord, no, that was just an excuse, but now he's go the confirmation that jack isn't a creep just using him for sex, that he's just an awkward, silly boy really into chicken tenders. and into eric bittle.
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t-lostinworlds · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Revenge Is Sweet | Social Media AU (Tom Holland)
️⚽️ Part 9.1 ⟶ perfect & precious company
➽ SYNOPSIS: It’s great to have someone cheer you up whenever you feel a little down. Even better when you get to do that with a bunch of fun late night shenanigans. But the best of it all is when you’ve got the perfect & precious company to share all those lovely moments with.
⊱ ─────.⋅♚ *。・゚.★. *。・゚✫*.
A/N: this one is kinda short but very very sweet and cute <33 honestly have nothing else to say other than thank you for the endless support you guys have shown the series so far, like i truly appreciate every single one of you <33 hope you guys enjoy this one!! 🥰🥰
✫*゚・゚。.★.*。・゚♛ *.
↬ reblog & leave a comment if you enjoyed! ✎ feedback is always appreciated <3
ミ☆ taglist in masterlist & bio!
©️ t-lostinworlds, 2021
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marvels-writings · 16 hours ago
Little Secrets
Tumblr media
Yelena Belova Masterlist
Requested by Anon: Yelena + Y/N kiss 22 (kiss leading to more but they're interrupted) . They're interrupted by Nat who is obviously incredibly protective of her little sister and gives Y/N the big sister threat/talk! Thank you!!! ❤️
Word Count: 1.2k (fluffy and featuring scary!sister!Nat)
A/N: this is part of my attempt to get back into writing, just a lil blurb to help my confidence, up and coming are some updates on some series and a really angsty and nice Yelena oneshot
"Sneaking around was definitely worth this." You said, smirking as your hands slid up to Yelena's neck, tugging her closer to you. She laughed in response, her nose leaning forwards to nuzzle yours, her hands trailing gently up around your waist, pulling you closer to her.
Golden light leaked through the windows of your room, glinting in her green eyes which were fixed on you, her features filled with adoration as her hand came to brush the hair away from your face. Her smile was gentle, her touch soft, scared you might fall apart under her touch.
You showed her otherwise as you leaned into her, your forehead resting against hers. The secret date had ended long ago, having been a simple lunch then a movie. You couldn't find it in you to leave her, giggling with her like teenagers in love as you stumbled through the compound, thankful you didn't run into anyone.
Your fingers played with the baby hairs on the base of her neck, giggling as you felt goosebumps arise under your touch. You knew the effect you had on her, you saw every blush dusting across her cheeks, every shy smile she sent your way, the way her eyes widened when you caught her staring.
You loved it all.
You loved it most when her lips met yours, gently moving against yours, pulling you towards her. You adored the way she sighed when you kissed her, relieved you were still there. Her hands tugged you closer to her, sliding up to your shoulders, eyelashes fluttering against yours.
The sunlight couldn't tell your bodies apart, you melted into her when she pulled you down to the bed. Smiling into her, feeling her hands in your hair, tugging you closer to her. You doubted it was even possible, when her legs wrapped themselves around yours, feeling you closer to her.
It all stopped when the door opened.
You jumped back from her, breathing heavily, cheeks ablaze, hiding your face behind your hands. Yelena sat up on the bed, cheeks dusted with a bright blush, lips were swollen and palms sweaty. Natasha stood near the door, her eyebrow raised, her eyes glancing between you and your girlfriend.
She licked her lips as her eyes ran over you, examining you. Her eyebrow raised as she turned to Yelena, speaking something quickly in Russian. A frown quickly covered the blonde's face as she protested to the command, her shoulders tensing as she got up to stand in front of you.
Natasha's eyebrow raised higher at the action, nodding her head for Yelena to leave the room. The blonde looked between you to her sister, sending an apologetic glance your way. Her protective nature slowly cracking and giving way as she exited the room, glaring at the cause of the interruption.
Yelena looked guiltily at you before she closed the door behind her. The click of the door resounding in the quiet room. Fidgeting with your fingers, you looked up to Natasha, expecting her to say something. The silence carried on as she moved to sit on the bed, patting the spot next to her.
"Sit." She commanded, watching carefully as you moved to sit down next to her. A smirk made its way onto her face at your newfound fear of her. Mischief glinted in her green eyes when she saw you fidgeting in your seat next to her. Deciding not to torture you further, she began to speak.
"So you're the one my sister has been so happy about lately?" Natasha asked, crossing her legs, leaning forward in her seat to observe you. She watched as heat rushed to your cheeks, you looked down in embarrassment as you fidgeted with your fingers. Incoherent mumbles escaped your lips, slowly turning into words.
"I think so?" You said, your tone sounding more of a question than a statement. Her smirk threatened to turn into a grin at your shy response. Trying to keep from flustering you more, she thought of the point she was getting to. You made it hard to focus when you tried to come up with feeble reasons for avoiding her.
"Don't worry," She stopped your incoherent rambling, clearing her throat. "I already know why Yelena wanted to keep it a secret."
Your eyebrows furrowed, confusion pasting itself across your face at her response. It was clear you didn't know why you had to sneak around like teenagers when you could just date as normal people did. You glanced away from Natasha, trying to avoid her piercing gaze.
Her green eyes felt like they were staring through your soul, nitpicking through all your insecurities, all the beauty you saw in yourself, everything Yelena saw in you. Judgment was present on her face as she continued to examine you. She licked her lips before continuing, letting you agonize over her words for a few more moments.
"Yelena was worried I would," Natasha paused, trying to think of the right word to use.
Your eyes widened in response, shifting away from her as she merely chuckled at your reaction. Her words were doing nothing to help the nervousness that had taken over you the second she walked through that door. If anything, she was making you more nervous.
Natasha's approval meant too much to Yelena for her to cast it aside. You were determined to be deemed worthy to date her sister, even if that meant standing up to her sister, who could probably kill you in your sleep. You just had to hope she didn't want to.
You fidgeted in your seat when she began talking about how she had already known Yelena had been dating someone. The smile only grew when she rambled about how she had been smiling more and talking excitedly about something you did that day that you were proud of, even if it was just making a batch of cookies.
For a spy, she really didn't try to hide your relationship. Natasha noticed the quiet smile forming on your face, she couldn't help but smile herself. It was clear you made her happy, happier than she's ever been. She knew you'd never hurt her sister, not on purpose, however, you still needed to be told.
"Anyone can see happy you make her," Natasha said with a smile, her face slowly turning more serious. "But if you ever hurt her on purpose."
You gulped visibly, moving further away from her. Silence stretched through the room as Natasha thought on her next words, a smirk turning up the corner of her lips at your nervousness. She didn't blame you, but she couldn't help but enjoy it a little, she rarely got to threaten people over her sister.
"Just know that I can invent new ways to kill someone."
Natasha smiled at you, a sickeningly sweet smile, patted your hand, and left the room. You were still sitting on the bed, your face had lost some of its colors as you stared blankly at the wall in front of you. Yelena rushed into the room after her sister, asking you what was wrong and what she said to you.
When you didn't respond for a few moments, she thought the redhead would have scared you off. You grabbed her wrist, pulled her down next to you. Tilting your head to the side, you observed her features, eyes lingering on her smile before you spoke.
"Your sister is terrifying."
A/N: please tell me what you think! The more the feedback the better i feel the better my writing is
Tag List:
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butchniqabi · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Portraits of a Life Lived in Solitude by Amatullah Bourdon
Six poems exploring isolation, grief, and loneliness. I’ve been debating posting this but I decided to anyways.
Warnings for death
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besanii · 22 hours ago
[AO3] coloured glass 1/3
琉璃: coloured glass (1963 words) by besanii Chapters: 1/3 Fandom: 魔道祖师 - 墨香铜臭 | Módào Zǔshī - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Lán Zhàn | Lán Wàngjī/Wèi Yīng | Wèi Wúxiàn Characters: Lan Zhan | Lan Wangji, Wei Ying | Wei Wuxian, Wen Ning | Wen Qionglin, Wen Qing (Módào Zǔshī) Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Love and Redemption Fusion, Alternate Universe - Xianxia, Misunderstandings, Torture, Angst, Ficlet Collection
“Wei Ying,” he breathes. You’re here. You’re alive.
The corners of Wei Wuxian’s mouth tugs upward; it does not quite reach his eyes.
“Lan Wangji,” he says. “What brings the illustrious Hanguang-jun to the Demon Realm today? Are you here to finish what you started?”
 (A collection of tumblr ficlets inspired by the drama 琉璃 Love and Redemption.)
Moving this over to AO3
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drarrily-we-row-along · 5 hours ago
Day 111: Smile
"Auror Potter! Auror Potter!" the wizarding press started shouting the instant the doors to the Wizengamot opened following the trial, and Draco watched as Harry's shoulders stiffened. "Smile for the cameras!" one witch shouted.
"Tell us about the case, Auror Potter!"
"How did you catch Hollister?"
"What's the status on your relationship with Ginny Weasley?"
He watched as Harry carefully put on a mask of indifference, making his face pleasant and amiable in the way that only someone who has spent years in the public eye is able to do.
Harry held up a hand, "Thank you for your interest in this case. We're asking that you respect the Griffiths Family's privacy as they go through the aftermath of this harrowing ordeal. Alden Hollister has been brought to justice; I will leave it to the court reporter to give you more of the details."
The reporters started in shouting at him once more, asking all sorts of questions both professional and personal.
"Sorry," he said, "If you'll excuse us please. Auror Malfoy and I have had a very difficult few days and we're long overdue for some rest," he added, chuckling amiably at them. "Thank you," he nodded. "Good night."
Without waiting for anything else, Draco reached out and grasped Harry's elbow and apparated them out of there and back to the apparition point just outside the Ministry. They had to apparate home separately, Merlin knew the press would have a field day if they knew the full truth about the nature of their relationship.
(Read more below the cut)
Members of the press were waiting by that apparation point as well, Draco watched a tremor of unease sluice up Harry's back. He was sure that he wouldn't have suspected a thing if not for how long he had been watching Harry Potter. Sometimes he wondered if he knew Harry better than Harry knew himself.
Harry held up a hand but Draco beat him to the punch this time. "Move," he snapped, pushing his way through the press but keeping Harry half a step ahead of him so they couldn't suck him in. "Auror Potter's already given an interview to your insipid colleagues. The DMLE and the Wizengamot will be issuing official statements within the hour, I suggest you wait for them."
They were followed into the lobby but fortunately the reporters couldn't come any further and within a few moments they were ensconced in the relative safety of the elevator.
Once they got inside, Harry leaned back against the back wall and let his head fall foward while Draco hit the button to their floor before joining him.
"Thanks," Harry murmured.
"Don't mention it," Draco replied, reaching across the gap between them and hooking their pinkies together.
He released his finger the floor before theirs and stepped away, "What do you still have to do?" he asked.
"You're submitting the report, right?"
Draco nodded, "It's just about done. I'll need a few minutes to finish."
"I just have to straighten up my desk, then. I'll head home first."
The elevator dinged and the door opened onto their floor, Draco gave Harry a little nod and they stepped out.
Harry was done straightening his desk and putting things away in ten minutes and he stood and stretched before patting Draco congenially on the shoulder. "Nice work, Malfoy," he said. "I'll see you in two days. Enjoy your couple of days of recovery," he added.
"Thanks, Potter," he replied. "You, too."
He didn't let himself watch Harry leave, didn't let himself look at his retreating form to analyze what he was feeling and thinking. No, he went back to finishing his report and after another fifteen minutes he was done as well. He dropped the report in Robbard's mailbox and headed for the apparition point, knowing that Harry would have used the floo network to avoid as many reporters as possible.
Fortunately, the reporters left him alone for the most part and he reached the apparation point without incident. A heartbeat later he was standing in their entry way, breathing in the comforting scent of home, the warmth seeping into his bones and washing away all of the tension and stress.
He kicked off his shoes, tucked his bag into the closet, and hung up his cloak before turning and heading into the kitchen. Harry was standing over the hob, cooking chicken tikka masala by the smell of it, and that told Draco everything his needed to know about how draining this case had been on Harry.
Harry only cooked after a case when he was especially frustrated, when he was desperate to care for someone, to fix the hurts he was able to, to heal. He ached with how much he loved the other man.
"Hey," he murmured as he wrapped his arms around Harry's waist and hooked his chin over his shoulder. "Smells good."
Harry leaned into him, "Good," he replied, setting the wooden spoon down and turning his head to press a quick kiss to Draco's lips. "How are you?" he asked softly.
"Tired," Draco replied honestly.
Harry hummed and turned back to his rice, pulling down the jar of jasmine and adding some. "Me too."
"I'm going to open a bottle of wine," he said, pressing a kiss to Harry's shoulder. "White okay?"
"Sure," the other man replied, giving him a worn, weary smile.
Draco opened the wine and set the table, getting everything ready while Harry finished preparing the food.
"Dinner's ready," Harry said, bringing over the rice and chicken tikka masala, and a batch of naan that he'd had under stasis for a moment like this.
"Thanks," Draco replied and the first part of dinner was quiet, companionable, like it always was.
Then, once Harry was almost done with his first helping he started to talk. "Godric, I hate those vultures," he grumbled before taking a sip of his wine. "Can you imagine how heartless you have to be to stand outside of a court to ambush someone after the kind of case we just finished?"
"They're awful," Draco agreed.
"I always wish I could tell them to fuck off," he added, shaking his head.
"What a sight that would be," he said with a laugh. "I'd give my entire vault at Gringotts to see it. Can you imagine their faces?"
Harry laughed too, "It sure would be something." But then after a moment he said, "What's happened to me?"
"What?" Draco asked, panic spearing through his chest. "What's wrong?"
He shook his head, "No, nothing like that," he said, soothingly. "Sorry. It's just," he paused as though he was trying to put his thoughts in order. "When I was seventeen I would have told them to piss off in an instant. I would have told them that they were heartless, soulless leeches without hesitation."
"You've just learned to be more diplomatic," Draco replied, tearing off another piece of naan to soak up more of the tikka masala.
"But why?" Harry asked. "I'm sick of it. It's exhausting."
Draco nodded, "I don't doubt it. But I'm sure even you would get in trouble for telling off the press like that. You are the Ministry's Golden Boy, after all. You've got quite an image to uphold."
"Why do we do this job, Draco?" he asked suddenly.
Draco blinked, their conversations after a case usually centered around the case itself and Harry's guilt for not being fast enough, clever enough, etc. "Well, when we started, you wanted to catch bad guys, save people, the works. And I wanted to redeem myself, do some good for once, and piss off my father."
Harry swallowed down the remainder of his glass of wine, "I hate it."
"Being an Auror," he said. "The only time I'm ever happy is when I'm with you, the only time I feel like I'm actually me is when I'm with you." He shook his head, "I don't know how I became this person. How I became someone who could put on a fake smile and be polite to people who are such arse holes."
"What are you saying?"
He blew out a breath, "I want to stop." Running his fingers through his hair he said, "I don't want to do this anymore."
"Alright," Draco said, covering Harry's hand with his own. "We'll quit tomorrow."
"We?" he asked.
He nodded, "Ninety percent of the reason that I am still an auror is to keep an eye on you."
Harry leaned in to kiss him, both of them smiling so widely that it made kissing rather difficult. "What'll we do?" Harry asked.
Draco shrugged, "Let's not rush into anything."
"Alright," Harry agreed, bringing Draco's hand to his lips and pressing a kiss to his wrist. "I'm sure whatever we decide on will be good, as long as we're together."
"I love you," Draco murmured.
Harry smiled and squeezed his hand, "I love you, too."
And even though he didn't quite know what tomorrow would bring, he knew that everything would be okay.
Day 110: Rough | Day 112: Intimacy
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Tumblr media
call my name and save me from the dark [Larry, 4k, T] “I don’t know if it was a nightmare,” he confesses to the ceiling, the darkness making it easier to speak up even when he still has to close his eyes to stop himself from tearing up. “It feels more like a memory. But it can’t be.”
Harry shifts, and Louis can feel his chin perched on his chest, doesn’t need to look at him to know that Harry’s studying him. “Why?” He prompts, when Louis doesn’t immediately continue, and Louis swallows, tries to shrug off the apprehension, the fear that Harry will think that he’s gone mad.
“Because I heard them pronounce me dead.” Written for week 4 of the @wordplayfics challenge for the prompt “Rise”.
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filmnoirsbian · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
08.03.21 - Reminisce
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animemoonprincess · 11 hours ago
“one does not simply go clothes shopping”
so like, a week ago, @smallpwbbles drew this art of Wukong in a bathrobe and idk, something something ‘comedy brain activated’ or something like that, so here’s this fic-
It was a normal morning on the ship.
"Uh, where did you get that bathrobe?" Tang asked, and Wukong paused.
It had been a normal morning on the ship.
"...A closet." He eventually replied.
"Which closet?" Tang asked.
"...Would you believe me if I said it was my own?"
"No I don't think I would." Tang said, crossing his arms as Wukong continued to look more nervous by the second. "Let me change my question, why are you wearing my bathrobe?"
An hour later, and somehow everyone was gathered in Wukong's room of the ship. Wukong himself, was currently trying to keep the others from opening the door to his closet, by physically leaning against it, arms spread out as though he was trying to hide the door with his body (very ineffectively, one might add).
He was still wearing Tang's bathrobe.
"C'mon guys, we don't have to do this." He said, a nervous smile tugging at his lips. "I assure you, there's nothing to see here- wh- HEY-"
He cut himself off with a yelp, as Sandy easily lifted him off the ground, pinning his arms to his torso so that he couldn't claw his way out of the other's grip. MK stepped around him, grabbing hold of the closet door's handle.
"Sorry, Monkey King." He said, "But the amount of protesting you've done this past hour- which, by the way, woke me up- means I kinda have to do this."
"My own successor, betraying me, I can't believe it-" Wukong dramatically wailed, kicking his legs as he tried to get out of Sandy's grip. This did nothing to stop MK, who rolled his eyes at his mentor's dramatics and swung the closet door open.
The first thing everyone noticed was Wukong's usual outfit, hung from a clothing hanger and horribly torn, damaged in a way that made it practically unwearable. (And honestly, why was he still even keeping it?)
The second thing everyone noticed was their own clothes.
"...When did you take this?" Mei asked, taking one of her jackets and holding it out to inspect it. "I don't think I ever saw you even get close to my room....."
Wukong didn't answer, whistling innocently.
Pigsy threw a spoon at him.
"Ow!" Wukong yelped as the spoon bounced off the back of his head, bouncing off and hitting the wall beside him, before ricocheting and hitting him in the forehead as well. He hissed in pain, for a moment, cringing.
"Answer the question, Monkey King." Pigsy said, crossing his arms with absolutely no guilt in his eyes, promising that spoon would not be the last should Wukong keep refusing to answer.
"I took it during the night okay?!" Wukong admitted, refusing to look the others in the eyes. "You guys should really get better locks on your doors, it was far too easy to sneak in-"
"Wait, so you rummaging through my closet in the middle of the night wasn't a dream?" MK asked.
"You saw him do this and you didn't say anything?" Tang said, incredulous.
"To be fair, I did knock him back out." Wukong said, quietly, under his breath.
"Like I said, I assumed it was a dre- wait you what?!" Clearly, Wukong had not said that as quietly as he hoped he had, as MK spun around to stare at him. "You knocked me out??"
"I admit it was not my best move." Wukong said, shrugging the best he could while still trapped in Sandy's grip. "But it was like, 3 AM and I panicked okay? You were fine anyways so-"
"Is that why you were so overly nice to me the other day? You were trying to make up for knocking me out??" MK asked, Wukong growing more sheepish with every word that left his successor's mouth.
"Okay that's it." Mei said, making the others jump as she slammed the closet door shut. "We're going to take you clothes shopping."
"What?! No-" Wukong started-
"You don't get a say in this, Mr. Clothes Thief." Mei deadpanned.
Wukong stood in front of the clothing store, wearing a hoodie that was about two sizes too big for him.
(He wasn't entirely sure who he had stole it from, at some point the pile of clothes had started blending together until he couldn't tell what was from who, which would've eventually been a problem when he'd return all the stuff he'd stolen without the others noticing.
Well. That is, it would've been a problem if he had planned to give it back...).
Mei and MK stood beside him, glancing between him and the store.
"...Well?" MK asked, "Aren't you going to go in?"
"...No, actually, I think maybe I'll just keep wearing my torn up clothes-" Wukong started, moving to turn around, only for Mei and MK to loop their arms around his, preventing him from leaving.
"C'mon Monkey King, what's the big deal?" Mei asked, "It's just shopping for some new clothes, it isn't like, torture or something."
"But it's- it's just-" Wukong started, before groaning in frustration and making a series of noises that were distinctly...monkey-like. Mei looked over to MK with an expression of confusion, to which MK responded with a shrug and a gesture that clearly meant 'IDK, he just does this sometimes'.
"Look, Monkey King, you don't exactly have much of a choice here." MK said, "You can't just keep stealing our clothes, and you are definitely not going to keep wearing your torn up outfit."
"....Fine." Wukong said, slouching a little. "One hour, but after that I'm leaving, whether or not we've paid for anything."
"Monkey King you can't upgrade from casual thievery to actual thievery-"
"Hey, what do you think of this shirt?" Mei asked, holding up a loose fitting shirt for Wukong to inspect. Wukong looked it over, reaching out and feeling the edge of the shirt, before looking away with a non-committal shrug.
"...Fabric's nice, I guess." He mumbled, and Mei looked between him and the shirt, before placing it into the basket along with a few other shirts and pairs of pants. Most of it was soft clothing, hoodies and sweatpants, which Mei had honestly found kinda surprising, she'd thought the Monkey King would've wanted something more formal.
But then again, when she'd felt his torn up outfit, the fabric had been soft, and most of the things he'd stolen from her and the others had been soft as well, so maybe there was more of a texture thing going on here than she realized.
"I'm back!" MK said, appearing from around a rack of clothes, holding a pair of peach-patterned pyjama's. "It took forever to find a pair of these in your size, but I finally did it!"
"Great! Can we go now?" Wukong asked, perking up a little at the prospect of leaving. Mei and MK both glanced at the fairly small pile of clothes they'd gathered, and then back at Wukong's face. He looked antsy, like if he spent another minute in this store he'd start loosing it.
Neither of them particularly wanted to deal with a boredom-crazed Monkey King.
"Sure." Mei agreed, and Wukong almost immediately twirled around, picking up the basket they'd been setting clothes in and moving to go to the checkout-
And bumping into a rack of clothes, sending it crashing to the ground.
An hour later found the three of them leaping onto the ship, ignoring the others confusion as they ran inside and into Wukong's room, slamming the door shut behind them. Mei threw the clothes basket onto the bed, and the three of them stood there for a moment, hunched over, breathing heavily.
"...Okay." Wukong started, once he'd caught his breath. "Just to make sure we're all on the same page here. We're never going back to that store again, right?"
"Agreed." MK and Mei said, in sync, before sliding down and onto the floor, tired. Wukong, after a moment of hesitation, slid down to lay on the floor with them.
It was official, Wukong hated going clothes shopping.
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ghosttrolls-au · 15 hours ago
I'm thinking about Valerie now... thinking. I wrote some stuff in the discord I'll copy paste it here
Imagine she's been doing the Red Huntress thing for a while. She likes it. Gets a call from vlad ... he has a new suit for her. Lots of upgrades, it'll give her a better edge against ghosts. She picks it up, tries it on... it works great! Vlad tricked it out so that while shes wearing the suit she can turn intangible or become invisible - a tactical advantage she loves to utilize. I mean, who wouldn't?
Except she starts using those abilities without the suit on. She does it accidentally - sometimes she doesn't even notice, but as time goes on it happens more, and she doesn't have very good control of it. She starts dropping things - things she had a good grip on, things she never even felt slip out of her hands. She gets in trouble with Lancer and he goes through her list of infractions, absent mindedly mentions that the only person to top her record of dropped beakers in science class is Danny Fenton.
She has a realization.
He has these powers, too.
And she goes to ask him, to confront him. What did Vlad do to you? she asks. We have to stop him. Danny explains that it's true he's got ghost powers; it was because of something his parents had been working on, but ultimately his own fault. He does point out that he doesn't have a problem beating up Vlad, oh, quite the opposite. Soon they're working together, Valerie teaching him her combat skills (she's super good at fighting in close combat!!) and Danny teaching her about being part ghost. Somehow, over time, she just becomes something more stuck in the middle than Danny is. No two sides, no "going ghost." She just is the way she is. Tangible, human body, but with the powers of a ghost. Danny is a little jealous, honestly. He can't always use all of his powers in human form. But he also knows she's so scared. She stopped using the suit long ago but she keeps getting new powers, getting stronger. Danny wonders if it's some kind of ghost radiation... and starts asking his own parents about it.
What's wrong? they ask. What happened? Are you feeling okay? And they start running tests - real tests, ones that actually study the effects of ghost radiation on humans. He can't keep his secret anymore. But is it his place to tell them about Valerie? Probably not.
Valerie feels such anger. She wasn't told this would happen. Vlad did this to her, with no remorse. She goes to confront him and he just says Oh, that's interesting, and offers to train her. That's all. No I'm sorry, nothing. She gets so angry and yells. Asks him why. And he says... he isn't sure. But Valerie isn't alone. I know, she says. I know. And then Vlad changes.
This, she didn't know. That all along she had been working for a man who was half ghost. That he was just using her to test his more dangerous equipment; that her grudge against Phantom was purely just convenient for him. She knows who Phantom is, that grudge has long since faded. But now there's a new one in its place.
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slasherhaven · 13 hours ago
Hi! May I request, if it hasn’t been asked for already, Vincent Sinclair with an artist s/o that asks if they can help him with his projects? (Such as his sculptures and paintings?)
Vincent Sinclair with an artist S/O who helps him with his art:
Ever since you settled in Ambrose, you had always admired Vincent’s art.
You adored his little sculptures and often found yourself engrossed by one of his paintings.
You had also often praised Vincent for his talents, having always been open about your admiration for him. It had surprised him at first but he enjoyed it, the appreciation and the way you look at both his work and him. 
As he grew more comfortable and confident he would guide you over to a piece of work or present it to you when you came to visit his workshop, wanting your opinion. And you always loved it, and told him so.
Eventually, after admiring and praising his work nearly endlessly, you asked if you could help.
Vincent often asks for your input and advice anyway when he gets a little uninspired.
He’s actually excited to just get more time with you.
He agrees pretty quickly. You both teach each other everything you know and work extremely well together.
He shows you how he makes sculptures, the two of you sitting, listening to music and crafting little figures together. He cherishes those moments deeply.
Your own paintings, sculptures, and figures end up in the wax museum. Vincent likes the idea of placing some of your art up there, making Ambrose your home just like it was his.
His favourite pieces are the ones that you made together, that you both sat together to create.
Bo comments on how much time the two of you spend hiding away in the workroom together but mostly leaves you to it.
And you really do spend a lot of time together in there, working away and enjoying each other’s company. Multiple times you have fallen asleep down there when your work carried on until the early hours of the morning.
You soon began to help on the bigger projects around the museum, the two of you taking pride in the things that you create together.
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surielandiareendgame · 7 hours ago
When Passion Rules the Game, Part Seven
Tumblr media
AN: Wow, I wrote seven chapters in seven days and I feel so accomplished! This fic has been so fun to write, and I hope everybody enjoyed. (Last chapter btw)
Part Six//2835 words
By some miracle, Aelin made it through the rest of the day. She introduced herself to Nox, showed him the ropes, and got some work done. And as soon as she had completed the day’s tasks, she just about bolted out to her car, headed to Rowan’s apartment.
There was no hesitation in Aelin’s mind as she firmly knocked on Rowan’s door. He would let her in, explain, and she would realize that this was all some cosmic joke.
Aelin heard footsteps approach the door, and she braced herself, straightening her back and plastering a smile on her face.
But the door never opened. After a moment, Aelin heard the footsteps retreat, and she blinked in confusion.
She knocked again.
Another minute passed. No more noises sounded within the apartment, and Aelin started to scowl. What right did he have to ignore her? She was his boss! Well, not anymore—but that was beside the point.
Aelin reached for the handle and jiggled it, but it was locked.
“Rowan,” she called. “Please let me in.”
“Dammit, go away, Aelin.”
She hadn’t been expecting a response, and to hear that animosity toward her frightened her. Rowan must have quit because she was sleeping with him, and he wasn’t comfortable with the situation. Aelin had never done anything like this before, never unintentionally harassed someone out of their job, and her heart started aching. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go.
Coming to terms with the fact that Rowan wasn’t going to let her in the door, Aelin pulled a bobby-pin from her hair and inserted it into the lock. She had been a rambunctious teenager, always causing poor Aedion and her parents trouble, and picking a lock was second nature to her.
She smiled internally as the last tumbler fell into place and the lock clicked. Aelin absentmindedly discard the bobby pin in her purse and turned the knob.
Rowan was sitting on the couch, hunched over with his head in his hands, clearly upset about something. His head snapped up the instant Aelin walked in, and his eyes narrowed. “How did you—”
Aelin shut the door, cutting him off. “Why did you quit.” She was slightly angry at herself, and it came out in her tone.
Rowan sighed. “I resigned.”
“Same difference. Tell me why.”
Rowan stood up, but still kept his distance. “I found a new job. I thought it would be a better opportunity for me.”
Aelin scoffed. “You were just relocated to Terrasen. Don’t tell me you’re moving again.”
“I’m not moving. I got a job at Salvaterre Enterprises. It pays more.”
“If you wanted a raise, I—”
“I left. It’s done. There is nothing to say.”
Aelin frowned, trying to cover up the fact that her heart was fracturing in her chest. “But—”
“Do you always break into the homes of employees who decide they don’t want to work for you anymore?”
The ice in Rowan’s voice had Aelin trembling. “I want to know if you’re leaving because of me.”
“Why would I do that?”
“Because you’re sleeping with me!” Aelin yelled. “And you’re quitting because you’re worried about it or you’re not comfortable with it or something and I can’t just let you do that! I can’t just sexually harass one of my employees and let them leave.”
Rowan’s eyes widened. “You’re not… Aelin, this is not your fault.”
“Then what is this?” she rasped. “Why did you even apply at Salvaterre Enterprises anyway?”
She could see the hesitation in his eyes. Rowan took a step forward, then paused. “I can’t… I just needed to go. I’ve never been uncomfortable around you, Aelin, I swear.”
“Then why, Rowan, did you go? Because I’m going to keep believing this is my fault if you don’t prove otherwise.”
He hissed out a breath and turned around, running his hands through his hair. “It’s because I…”
“Because you what?”
“I can’t… I shouldn’t say.”
“Tell me,” Aelin’s demanded. She dropped her purse on the floor so that she could cross her arms.
“Because I’m in love with you!” Rowan shouted, spinning back around. “Because I love how passionate you are about your work, and how funny you are, and how you pretend to have an attitude but spend your whole life trying to help people. I love the way you tuck your hair behind your ears when you’re nervous, and how red your face gets when you’re embarrassed, and I even love the way you eat your gods-damn bagels with a fork. And I can’t do it anymore!”
Aelin couldn’t summon words. Rowan loved her?
He was breathing hard, surprise evident on his face. Maybe he hadn’t meant to say all that.
“I think you should go, Aelin. Don’t feel bad. You’re not to blame.” Rowan sighed, turning his head.
He expected her to leave. To walk out and pretend this had never happened, to forget about him. Aelin didn’t know what she was going to do next, but she sure as hell wasn’t going to forget about him.
Rowan took a deep breath, then looked back at Aelin, who wasn’t breathing at all. “I’m sorry, Aelin. But I need you to leave now.”
Aelin didn’t do that.
Rowan gasped in surprise as he felt Aelin’s lips crash into his. She had mindlessly surged forward with no intentions of stopping herself. Aelin fisted her hands in his shirt and pulled him closer, tangling her tongue with his. Rowan kissed her back for what could have been a minute or an hour; Aelin was too lost in him to tell. When he finally pulled back, they were both panting.
“What does that mean?” Rowan gasped out.
“I think I might be in love with you, too.”
Rowan yanked her back to his mouth, and Aelin felt herself melting into his touch, trying to get closer and closer, touching as much of his body as she could.
They parted again, and Rowan raised his hand to her face. “You really feel the same?” His thumb stroked her cheek and Aelin leaned into the touch.
“Of course I do. You’re amazing and kind and hilarious, and despite your protests to the contrary, you’re a total sweetheart. I love you, Rowan. I should have noticed it a lot sooner, and I must have been blind not to until now, but I see it now. I love you.”
Rowan leaned forward and pressed their foreheads together. “I love you, too. I’ve never felt like this before. I’ve cared about people, but no one has ever driven me so insane.”
Aelin laughed. “I drive you insane? I have never broken so many rules because of one man. And that’s really saying something.”
“Oh, I know,” he replied, their noses brushing. “No goody two shoes knows how to pick locks.”
“Don’t ask me about that,” Aelin said, laughing. “Or I’ll ask you why you have a picture of a scowling teenage boy with chains dangling from his jeans hanging up on the wall.”
Rowan groaned. “My mom made me hang that up when I moved in.”
“Oh, you’re a mama’s boy, then?” Aelin teased.
Rowan smiled, but the expression turned fond as he leaned forward that last half-inch and kissed her. It was nothing like any of the kisses they’d shared before; this one was soft and sweet. This one was full of love.
When they pulled apart this time, Aelin whispered, “I still can’t believe you love me.”
“Neither can I,” he replied softly. “I never expected you to say it back. Though I’ll admit, I wasn’t surprised to find you stubbornly knocking on my door.”
Aelin smiled, then tugged Rowan down to the couch, plumping onto his lap. “So now that we’ve gotten the love confessions out of the way, maybe we can try to be in a relationship? Be together?”
Rowan smiled. “I would love that. But I might have to dump you if you ever call me a sweetheart again.”
Aelin let out a choked laugh. “But you’re so sweet. Like a little cinnamon bun.”
“I really hope you did not just say that.”
Aelin grinned. “Now that we have all this sorted, you’ll come back to the company? Nox was good at the job, but he doesn’t have your work ethic, and I had to tell him how to—”
Rowan smiled sadly and interrupted her. “Babe, you would be my boss. We may be able to keep a lid on friends with benefits, but you think no one’s going to be upset to hear you’re in a relationship with me?”
“I don’t care what people think,” Aelin insisted, despite the sinking feeling in her gut.
He tugged her farther onto his lap and wrapped his arms around her. “It’s still wrong. I can’t do it.”
“But… Rowan, you can’t give up your job for me.”
“I’m not. And if it came down to it, I probably wouldn’t. And neither would you, I would guess, should you ever be in that position. Your dedication to your career is one of the things I love about you.” At Aelin’s sad nod, he added, “But I got job with Salvaterre Enterprises, remember?”
Aelin rasied her brow.
“I wasn’t lying,” Rowan said with a grin. “I got a good position there, nothing worse than I had with you. I’ll miss working with you, but I’m excited to be working there, and I’m excited to be with you.”
Aelin bit her lip. “Okay, but I don’t care that you already got hired. I’m sending a recommendation for you. Not just because I love you—never because of that—but because you are an amazing worker. Besides, I know Lorcan.”
Rowan blinked in surprise. “Lorcan Salvaterre?”
Aelin flashed a grin. “We went to college together. Like you, he pretends to be an ass, but is super sweet.” Rowan scowled, and she laughed. “And he’s head-over-heels for Elide. I’ve been trying to set them up for ages.”
“Wow,” Rowan said.
“Underestimating my connections?” Aelin asked snarkily.
“Just shocked that you have friends with money. After all, you just about swiped my savings last time we played poker.”
Aelin smirked. “Lorcan always paid up in other ways.”
“I really hope you didn’t just imply…” Rowan trailed off.
“Imply what?” Aelin asked innocently.
“Did you sleep with my new boss?” Rowan asked, dreading the answer.
She laughed. “No, I was just kidding. I made him do my homework for a month every time he lost.”
Rowan breathed a sigh of relief. “I’ll admit, I’m surprised you would trust someone to control what grade you get.”
Aelin snorted. “Oh, I wouldn’t. I turned in my own work. I just wanted to make him do it for the fun of it. He went ballistic when he found out I never turned any of his hours’ worth of work in. He’s been trying to get me back for it ever since.”
“Um, perhaps I won’t tell him I’m in a relationship with you, then?”
Aelin cackled.
After another hour of chatting and laughing, Aelin decided she would tell her cousin and friends about this tomorrow, and Rowan said he would do the same by calling his mom. She could barely contain the joy that flowed through her thinking that people would know about them, that he cared about her enough to tell his mother already.
The hand that Rowan had resting on her thigh started stroking her, and Aelin started trying to recall what underwear she had put on his morning. Hopefully something nice.
Aelin ground down on Rowan’s lap, and he stood in one sudden movement, pulling her legs around his waist. Aelin sighed against his neck as he carried her to the bedroom. It sure as hell wasn’t the first time she’d been in here, and it wouldn’t be the last.
Aelin smiled into Rowan’s shirt, but that smile dissolved when Rowan threw her onto the bed. She smiled up at him prettily, the epitome of virtuous and wholesome. Rowan just snorted and said, “Take your clothes off and touch yourself.”
Feeling blood race to her face, Aelin sensually stripped off each piece of clothing, a bit more urgently than she’d been attempting to do. It was hard to act sexy when Rowan was shirtless and smirking at her.
Once she finished, Aelin lay back and spread her legs slightly. She let one hand tug on several strands of hair, delighting in the way Rowan’s eyes tracked her hands.
Then Aelin licked her lips and moved one hand to her stomach to stroke the smooth skin. She smirked at Rowan as she moved her other hand to her mouth and sucked on her thumb, making sure he was able to see as her tongue swirled around the digit. Aelin brought her wet thumb to her nipple and rubbed it roughly, parting her lips in a breathy moan.
She noticed the bulge in Rowan’s pants becoming more apparent as she played with her nipple and teased him with the hand moving on her lower stomach, and she grinned. “Get on with it,” Rowan growled.
Laughing, Aelin spread her legs farther and trailed her hand down, pressing a finger into her entrance. She immediately gasped and inserted another finger, unused to having control over when she got what she wanted.
Knowing exactly what she was thinking as she started thrusting her fingers harder, Rowan smirked and pulled his shirt off. No matter that seeing him watching her made her even wetter, Aelin couldn’t concentrate on what she was doing when she looked at him. She averted her eyes to ceiling and started pumping her fingers in deeper, groaning.
But it was not to be. “Look at me,” Rowan commanded, and Aelin had no choice but to obey.
Holding his gaze, Aelin thrust her hips into her hand and and brought the second hand down the rub furiously at her clit. She was moaning now, making more noises than she did when she was by herself, turned on by the way Rowan rid himself of his pants and started pumping his own length.
“Stop,” Rowan ordered, right as she felt release nearing. She couldn’t. She couldn’t stop. She was so close, and just few more thrusts and she would be at the edge and—
Aelin’s hands were forcibly removed from her pussy, and she cried out as she was flipped over on the bed and spanked.
“What did I tell you?” Rowan’s voice was the sharpened edge of a blade, and Aelin shivered.
“You told me to stop,” she whispered.
Rowan’s hand smacked her ass once more. “And did you?”
Aelin whimpered. “No, sir.”
He spanked her again, his hand stinging the sensation flesh of her bottom. “Why not?”
“Because,” Aelin rasped, trying to summon even a single coherent thought, “I needed to come. I needed to.”
“Hmm,” Rowan said, trailing his finger along the curve of her ass. She shivered at the sensation. “But you knew I wouldn’t let you. And look where we are now.”
Aelin squirmed in his grasp. “I’m sorry.”
“Are you?” He brought his hand down, the slap sound filling the air. “Or are you just saying that so I’ll stop?”
“I’m sorry. Please, I’m so sorry.” Aelin clung to the sheets, burying her face.
Rowan hummed thoughtfully and spanked her again. But before Aelin could beg him to stop again, callused hands gripped her thighs and spread them, Rowan’s cock filling her almost instantly.
Aelin moaned loudly into the sheets. “Rowan, gods.”
He grabbed her hips, pulling her onto her knees and farther onto his cock. She whined and lifted her ass higher in the air.
Rowan’s grip was bruising as he slammed into her. He started pounding into her, and Aelin wondered how she was supposed to walk into work tomorrow and concentrate on her job, let alone walk at all.
The fingers Rowan had on her hips dug harder into her skin, and Aelin felt even wetter knowing that he was marking her right now. His cock was hardening fully inside of Aelin, and the immense awareness she had of him was driving her crazy.
Rowan’s balls slapped her pussy and she screamed into the sheets, her orgasm forcing its way over her body in a shattering earthquake of pleasure. Rowan kept moving, fucking her senseless as she shook and screamed, finally coming and spilling into her.
Once he separated their bodies and rolled over, Aelin turned on her side and put both an arm and a leg across his body. “I love you.”
Rowan kissed her neck. “I love you, too, darling.”
Aelin snuggled closer and, instead of reflecting on her previous shortsightedness and poor judgment, thought about how much she was looking forward to a life being teased, laughed at, fucked, and loved by Rowan.
Little did Aelin know, Elide would owe Dorian twenty bucks after losing the bet about how long it would take them to confess their feelings. What an interesting day tomorrow would be.
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drabbles-of-writing · 12 hours ago
A Little Kindness: Chapter 2
AO3 Explanation of AU
Chapters: 1
In which Raine meets Hunter years before canon, and decides that a kid like him could use all the help he could get with an uncle like Belos. Even if they couldn't go much, they could try something, couldn't they? Years down the line, Raine is exposed as a traitor to the Emperor's Coven, and they are bound by the brand on their own wrist. Hunter notices. And as to be expected, he has more than a few complaints. It's not a big surprise on who he goes to for help.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Hunter woke Luz up at four in the morning by knocking on her windowsill in a frenzy, eternally grateful that the Owl Lady never really bothered to hide her place of residence. And that her guard tube--owl--thing--was fast asleep at this hour.
Luz awoke quickly at his knocking, and nearly screamed when she saw him at her window. She’d managed to silence herself at his frantic waving in time, throwing the window open and almost smacking her nose into his face.
“What are you doing here?” She hissed, though she stepped aside to let him hop off his staff and crawl in.
“I have...a situation.” Hunter said as he set his staff aside, close enough for him to grab it if needed, flipping his hood back and yanking the mask off his face, tucking it into a pocket within the lining of his cloak. His cardinal poked its head out from where it was curled up against his neck.
“Where did you get--”
“Later,” Hunter waved Luz off as she pointed and squinted at the palisman. “Remember when you broke into the Emperor’s Coven to rescue the Owl Lady? And you somehow came out alive and with Lilith?”
“...yes?” Luz said slowly, like she thought he was going to pull out some punchline.
“Could you do that again, theoretically?” Hunter said, beginning to pace the small room, which, now that he noticed, was a huge mess. “Like, break in to rescue someone being held captive and do it without being caught?”
“Are you asking me for a confession so you can arrest me?” Luz narrowed her eyes.
“Please, I would’ve arrested you already.” Hunter huffed, rolling his eyes. “Besides, I literally just got a confession out of you.”
“...fair. But why are you asking me this?” Luz demanded, eyeing him as he paced.
The cardinal lightly bit the tip of his ear and Hunter stopped, putting up with the light tugging as the palisman chittered quietly. It was annoying, but unfortunately, it managed to get him to stop moving around like a panicking lunatic.
“I need to break someone out.” Hunter admitted, giving Luz a quick glance before avoiding her gaze. “They’ve been taken captive by the Emperor's Coven, and I need to bust them out before they do something worse.”
He’d almost been convinced they would petrify Whispers, but considering he hadn’t heard a word about it, he was beginning to think that might not be the case. Which was lovely, because that just terrified him more.
“Why would you need my help to break someone out of prison?” Luz raised a brow, crossing her arms. “First of all, you’re part of the Emperor’s Coven, can’t you just do it on your own? Second of all, why is my help essential? And third of all, why are you trying to break someone out of prison--”
“Look, it's a long story,” Hunter interrupted, getting more agitated by the moment. “If something goes wrong, I have to pretend I’m not involved with anything. And you’ve done this successfully before, so having you to help would just be a lot easier. Should it work, I can easily just pass the blame onto you instead of me, anyway.” He added.
“Wow, thanks.” Luz deadpanned.
“Look, they’re just...they’re important, alright?” Hunter grasped for an argument, ears flicked downwards. “They’ve...done a lot of things for me. I wanted to try and return the favor.”
Trying, of course, was the hard part. He highly doubted he’d ever come down to blows with his uncle if it meant saving Bat--Whispers--but he knew he’d feel awful for the rest of his life if he didn’t at least try.
Luz looked curious, but wasn’t quite relenting. The cardinal flew off Hunter’s shoulder and landed on a stack of books in the room before turning to cheep at her incessantly.
“Who are they, exactly?” Luz asked after a moment, eyes flicking between the palisman to Hunter.
“...Raine Whispers,” He admitted with a mutter.
“Isn’t that the head of the Bard Coven?” Luz narrowed her eyes.
“Used to be. Got arrested for treason last week.” Hunter said, beginning to pace. 
“...and you want to rescue someone who betrayed the Emperor, why?” Luz said, somehow looking even more suspicious, as well as just plain confused.
“I just explained this! They’re important to me! Are you going to help or not?” Hunter demanded, whirling around to face Luz. “And I’m not promising that I won’t throw you in prison if you help, that’s not how this works.” He added when Luz opened her mouth.
Luz deflated and grumbled, rolling her eyes and taking a moment to pat the cardinal on the head, who seemed to calm. Hunter tried to ignore the slight prickles of jealousy at that.
“You strike a terrible bargain, you know that?” Luz grumbled. And he figured she had a point, they’d only had a few brief interactions after the situation with the palismans, jumping to asking her for help on a rescue mission was quite the stretch.
“Do you at least know where they are?” Luz asked.
“,” Hunter admitted, ears flicking down. “But I can probably figure that out.” He added quickly.
“Good enough,” Luz sighed, already looking like she had a million regrets, drawing her hand away from the cardinal before moving towards her bedroom door.
“Where are you going?” Hunter raised a brow. 
“I’m not going on another adventure with you in my pajamas, and definitely not at four in the morning.” Luz said, turning for a moment as she grabbed her door handle. “And I’m just getting Eda, relax.” She said calmly as she opened the door.
Hunter crashed into Luz’s back at full speed before she even properly opened the door, hitting the wooden floor with a thud and an indignant yelp that was cut off by the force winding her, Hunter all but sitting on her back.
“You want to get the Owl Lady?” He whisper-yelled, one hand gripping Luz’s head to hold it up and giving her an incredulous expression. “Just say you won’t help me to my face, for Titan’s sake!”
“What--” Luz shoved at his hand, trying to get him off of her so she could breathe. “--are you talking about? I’m getting her to help!”
“She’s the Owl Lady!” Hunter exclaimed, like Luz wasn’t thinking clearly. “Do you honestly think that the Owl Lady would help me rescue the head of the Bard Coven?” 
“Well I was helping too, you know.” Luz grumbled before jerking her head back, whacking Hunter in the nose as he hissed and rolled off her. “And, no offence, but I’m not breaking into the Emperor’s Coven with nothing but you.”
“I’m taking offence to that.” Hunter growled, clutching his nose as he heard his cardinal chittering somewhere in the room behind him. 
“Your loss,” Luz shrugged, leaning on her arms.
“Look,” Hunter said, attempting to keep his voice level. “I came here to see if you happened to just, I dunno, feel like causing problems, like you always do. Not tell the former second most powerful witch in the Boiling Isles about a weakness in the Emperor’s Coven!” 
“I do not always cause problems.” Luz scoffed. “And Eda was the most powerful witch, I’m not arguing with you on that.” She added, pointing an accusatory finger in Hunter’s face that he batted away. “She’s not gonna care about a ‘weakness’ in the Emperor’s Coven, she’d rather not be bothered at all, if I’m being honest.”
“Please, as if she’d just pass up an opportunity.” Hunter rolled his eyes. “Listen, I just came here because it’d make things easier if I had some help.” He said, bracing a hand on the wall as he stood up, gaining height over Luz. “But if you’re just going to rat me out, then I’m leaving. I don’t need your help with this, if anything it would’ve made this marginally easier. And I most certainly do not want or need the help of the Owl Lady.” He snapped, fangs bared as he scowled down at her.
Luz held his gaze for a few moments with her own, both of them refusing to let up. Luz then turned her head slightly to the side, still holding eye contact and--
“Eda!” Luz called, further down the upstairs hallway. “Hey, Eda, I could use some he--”
Hunter tackled Luz, the two immediately rolling into a tussle as Hunter attempted to cover Luz’s mouth. He managed to, for just a moment, before she licked his palm.
“Eugh, that is disgusting!” Hunter jerked his hand back, waving it around in the air. “You humans better not have poisonous saliva!”
“Hypocrite!” Luz huffed, attempting to kick at him and wiggle free. “Eda! Eda!”
“Be quiet, would you?” Hunter hissed, eventually managing to wrangle Luz so that he could wrap his cloak around her mouth, muffling her shouts and ending up cocooning her entire face as he shoved at her. “Are you trying to bring the entire Isles down on--”
“Well, you don’t live here.”
Hunter froze, completely stiff. Luz went still for a moment, too. Before she went right back to batting at Hunter to release her, though it was much weaker from someone who didn’t care to put up a lot of fight at the moment. 
He whirled his head around, ears flat against his head as he looked up. The Owl Lady herself stood there, hair a frazzled mess with one hand on her hip and looking down at the two of them with a raised brow and nothing worse than curiosity in her eyes. She certainly looked like someone who’d woken up only a few minutes ago.
“You need any help, kid?” The Owl Lady asked, completely brushing over the fact Hunter was even there.
“Nah,” Luz’s voice muffled through the fabric she was attempting to pull away from her face. “I could beat him blindfolded.”
“Oh you could not.” Hunter snapped out of his daze, yanking his cloak away from Luz and shoving her shoulder. 
“I beat you before!”
“Running around with my staff is not winning.” 
“Sorry to break up the entertainment,” The Owl Lady cut in again, both pairs of eyes darting back to her. “But who is this?” She pointed haphazardly towards Hunter.
Both of them went quiet for a few moments, Hunter’s thoughts whirring as he tried to come up with some excuse. A fake name probably wouldn’t work, Luz would immediately call him out, and the Owl Lady was a known con-artist, she’d see right through it. He could just introduce himself as Hunter. Call himself a friend of Luz. She’d still probably dispute it but she couldn’t exactly hide that she knew him so that might be enough--
“He’s the Golden Guard.” Luz spoke before Hunter was even remotely close to having his thoughts in order. “I think we’re frenemies now?” She said, sounding unsure as she did so.
“Luz!” Hunter hissed, snapping his head around and immediately going to strangle her. She squawked and kicked at him.
“I’ll spit on you! I’ll do it!” She shouted, shoving a hand in his face.
“And I’ll bite your fingers off! Try it!” Hunter retorted.
“Alright, hey, okay, both of you quit it!” The Owl Lady snapped, and Hunter suddenly felt something grab and yank him off.
He hung limply, surprised as he looked up to see the Owl Lady holding him by the scruff of his cloak in one hand, and doing the same to Luz in the other, who only crossed her arms dejectedly.
“Okay,” The Owl Lady said, calmer as she slowly looked between the two. “One at a time. Luz,” She turned her head to the human. “Why, in the name of the Titan, is the Golden Guard in my house?”
“He broke in,” Luz muttered.
“I--you--but I had--” Hunter sputtered, kicking lightly to try and grab at Luz, who was immediately moved a slightly further distance so he couldn’t reach her. This night couldn’t get any more humiliating.
The Owl Lady looked to him then, eyes squinted like she was expecting him to start suddenly growing scales. He met her gaze and curled in closer to himself, growling softly as he glared.
“...and the Golden Guard is a teenager.” The Owl Lady said slowly. “Yeesh, and I thought the Emperor’s Coven wasn’t pathetic enough.” She mumbled before promptly dropping him.
Hunter yelped when he hit the wooden floor, Luz also being dropped a bit more gracefully. He picked himself off the floor and took a few steps away from the two, back hitting the other side of the hallway. He could still see his staff laying in the middle of Luz’s room beyond her, fallen over from the sudden dash he made towards Luz earlier, he could probably make it in time before she managed to get too much of a scratch on him.
“And why did the Golden Guard break in?” The Owl Lady sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose as she addressed both of them.
“Why does it sound like you think this is somehow my fault?” Luz complained.
“Oh, I’m blaming the teenager for breaking into my house.” The Owl Lady assured, and Hunter resisted the urge to growl again. “But I have a suspicious nagging that he didn’t just do this out of the blue.”
“What, a guy can’t have a bit of fun anymore?” Hunter spoke up before Luz could, forcing himself not to wince under her exhausted gaze. She looked like she hadn’t slept very soundly for the last few days.
“I can still kick you out. I have a security system.” The Owl Lady warned, pointing a finger at him. “That apparently needs maintenance.” She added under her breath.
“Actually,” Luz said, and Titan did Hunter really want to punch the smug look off her face. “Hunter came with a request.”
“Hunter?” The Owl Lady repeated, confused. 
“I’m leaving,” Hunter said at the same time, turning on his heel to move past the two and back to Luz’s room. “This was a mistake, I regret coming here.”
Luz, being significantly closer to her own door, made a mad dash for the staff. Hunter took off in a bolt after her, but the Owl Lady had grabbed the back of his cloak in a seeming reflex, and Luz already had his staff and all but pranced out of his grasp.
“Hunter here,” Luz said, just short of a singsong tone. “Has asked us to break into the Emperor’s Coven to rescue a friend of his.”
“I asked you,” Hunter hissed, trying to wiggle free of the Owl Lady’s grip. “Not her. Let go of me.” He hissed, wrenching himself free of Eda’s grip.
“Yeah, well, I’m not breaking into the Emperor’s Coven on my own.” Luz said, pointing at him with his staff.
“Okay, both of you, hush.” Eda said, raising her hands and shaking her head. “Titan, I’m not awake enough for this.” She mumbled, pinching the bridge of her nose before slowly exhaling and facing them. “One at a time, again, what in the world is going on?”
“He broke in,” Luz said, pointing towards Hunter, who hissed back at her. “Woke me up, and said he needed help--”
“Vaguely requested,”
“I’m still talking. Said he needed help breaking a friend of his out of prison because they betrayed the Emperor’s Coven. I think he’s got a soft spot for rebels or something.” Luz explained calmly.
“I do not, this is different.” Hunter huffed.
“Many questions about all of that, but my first one is why is he asking you?” The Owl Lady sighed. 
“We bonded when you weren’t looking.”
“We did not bond. You pestered me into helping you.” Hunter grumbled. “Would you give me back my staff?”
“Later,” Luz waved him off, keeping her eyes on the Owl Lady, and oh he knew she was mocking him then. “Anyway, you think we could help him? I don’t think he’s cared about anyone in his life until now and I don’t wanna discourage him from interacting with people.”
Hunter groaned, thunking his head against the wall. He heard a chirp and felt his cardinal settle on his shoulder with vaguely pitiful coos, which he rewarded with a single finger petting its head without removing his head from the wall.
“Why would he even want to rescue someone who betrayed--okay, this is already more than I’m bargaining for.” The Owl Lady said, shaking her head. “And I’m not even close to being done with questions, but I don’t have the strength to ask them tonight.”
“Told you.” Hunter muttered quietly before raising his head. “Miss Owl Lady,” He said in a sweeping gesture towards her. “I clearly made a mistake when coming here in the first place, if I could have my staff, I’ll happily be out of your hair--”
“Don’t call me that,” The Owl Lady cut in. “Eda’s fine, ‘miss’ makes me feel way too formal.” She grimaced. “Besides, it's your turn to talk now.”
“I’d really rather if I didn’t.”
“Too bad. Who are you rescuing?” The Owl Lady--Eda--raised a brow.
“Nobody of your concern.” Hunter said, head tilted upwards and to the side.
“If it's a concern of Luz, it's a concern of mine.” The O--Eda crossed her arms. 
“It wasn’t a concern of Luz’s to begin with.” Hunter said, raising a hand again to pet his cardinal. “It was a concern of mine and mine alone. It was obviously a mistake to make it one of hers. And if I could have my staff, I would happily--”
“This is taking forever,” Luz muttered under her breath before speaking up. “It’s Raine Whiskers.”
“Whispers,” Hunter whirled to Luz with a seething glare. “Their name is Raine Whispers. How do you mess that up?”
“You were talking pretty quietly.” Luz shrugged unapologetically. Then her eyes strayed beyond Hunter and her face suddenly shifted to that of worry, brows pinched together. “Uh, Eda?”
Hunter had barely turned around before the Owl--Eda, he had to remember it was Eda--was almost in his face and attempted to seize his shoulder before he spat and jerked away. His cardinal jumped and curled closer to his neck as Eda stared at him with eyes full of shock, disbelief, and such a desperate hope in her eyes it almost shocked the words out of him.
“Raine?” Eda repeated. “You know where Raine is?”
“Uh...yeah,” Hunter nodded slowly, turning his head to the side and glancing at Luz with a very concerned expression she returned with a look of confusion. “Well, I don’t know know where they are, but I know where they could be. We’ve got a lot of special cells and the like underneath the Castle.”
Eda didn’t speak for a moment, just staring at him as she processed what he had told her. He glanced at his palisman and to Luz again, growing more befuddled by the minute. He was beginning to worry that Eda had heard about the former head of the Bard Coven and was actually going to use this weakness to her advantage. But before that terrifying thought could go any further, Eda stepped back and looked to Luz with a determination in her eyes he found equally as concerning.
“Go wake up King.” She said, “We’re breaking in.”
“What?” Both chorused with varying levels of disbelief.
“You happen to know anything about the BATs?” Eda breezed right over them, turning around and walking back down the hallway.
“Er, yeah, that’s Raine’s rebellion group.” Hunter said, looking to Luz for a moment before following the woman. “Why?”
“Happen to know where any of the kids from that group are?” Eda asked without looking over her shoulder.
“In the Conformatorium.” Hunter said, stopping as Eda turned and walked into a room he only dared peek inside--was that a giant nest?
“Fantastic, Luz!” Eda shouted, and Hunter realized then that Luz hadn’t followed him and vanished to somewhere he couldn’t see.
“Yeah?” Luz’s voice called from what sounded like downstairs.
“We’re going to the Conformatorium!” Eda called, opening what looked to be a closet and squinting at whatever contents were inside. 
“You--you’re just--” Hunter stumbled over his words, his bird cheeping in its own confusion from his shoulder.
“I don’t quite understand what your deal is, and you don’t know what mine is.” Eda said, turning her head towards him. “But if you’re serious about rescuing Raine, and you believe you can break them out, then I’m helping. I was planning on busting out those BAT kids sometime soon, anyway.”
“I...o-okay.” Hunter said, slowly deflating and narrowing his pupils. “Thanks, I guess? For the record, you’re not using Raine for whatever weird traitor plans you come up with because I am not letting them anywhere near--”
“Yeah, yeah, no using Raine to betray the Emperor’s Coven, I got it. Get going.” Eda said distractedly, waving him off. “I wouldn’t prefer to leave so early in the morning, but nobody in this house is gonna get any sleep, what with you showing up. So go inform King on the situation or something, Luz and I are not doing a rescue in our pajamas.”
“...’kay.” Hunter said slowly, wondering how much of her personality Luz took from Eda, backing away from the door and further down the hallway, pausing when he was dead in the middle of it and sharing an incredulous look with his cardinal. Luz’s muffled voice mixed with that weird dog demon he recognized from way back could be heard downstairs, and he wondered how well Luz would take the development to, in fact, leaving at four in the morning. 
His palisman chirped, as if agreeing to his thoughts, hopping off his shoulder and flying towards the stairs. He watched it leave for a moment before slumping and running a hand through his hair.
Titan, he thought as he sighed and shook his head, leaning against the wall. This wasn't going to end well.
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lissett108 · 11 hours ago
Can I request #9 from prompt list two and #15 from prompt list three?
Also can we make it spicy?
Hello there my dear anon!
Spicy you say? Ask and I shall deliver!
Leather entanglement
(17+ : due to mature content such as saucy references and spanking of the fun kind, minors look away!)
You really did now. First the teasing of your hips, second the lust filled gaze, lastly the soft whispers of desire to your lady. This time, really took the cake when a guest arrived to the castle to converse about the wine business of lady dimitrescu. 
You wore the once discarded maid outfit provided to you paired with stockings and the signature choker alcina loved to see you in. A beautiful white choker adorn white pearls, diamonds, rubies and sapphires with the crest of proud house Dimitrescu. This choker, this binding symbol meant the union between you and Alcina’s courtship was truthful and real beyond the imagination you once had about love. it was no longer a fairytale, it was a reality in the flesh.
you made your presence known by the way you graced the main hall and with hints of alcina’s favorite perfume. A gaze was shared between the two of you, noticing how her composure became relaxed yet her nostrils flared drinking in your now new beautiful scent. you smirked at her testing her resolve to stay professional as she took a long drag from her quellazaire.
soon your attention shifted to the riding crop in your hand. it only took Alcina a second to put everything together. However, the guest played against the current desires of both vampire and mortal. ‘Where there is a will there will be a way’ you thought to yourself. soon you made your way to the conference room scooping out an area where you and alcina could get away with such carinal task. 
It was like a light flickering in your mind, the giant meeting table had been covered with a heavy, rich colored, thick burgundy fabric to make the topic of conversation steady and stable. The room itself was spacious with gold draping almost every accented corner of clever construction. There was steady lighting, fruits and meats in the center and most importantly Sanguis Virginis bottles crowning the corners of the room as the signature vintage of House Dimitrescu.
With making a mental note of the room you heard Alcina and the guest approaching rapidly into the meeting hall with a heavy discussion of which vintage would be shipped out in the coming months. you dashed under the large table and heard Alcina’s footsteps echoing in the direction she would be seated in.
“Lady Dimitrescu, may I concur about the idea of expanding the sales of your vintage's to neighboring area’s as well as over seas?” the guest spoke with high interest. 
As Alcina sat down, you crawled to her and unknown to her presence, you bite your lip with a wickedly sweet idea. ‘Oh what a deadly idea and what a place to try it out!’ you mischievously thought. before long you were in front of her crossed legs when she responded to the guest.
“The idea seems splendid with the promise of increase imports and revenue along with the trading routes, it could be done.” Lady Dimitrescu responded calmly and straightforward. When suddenly, she felt a hand caress the tip of her red bottom heels and slowly inch higher to her stocking clamp. Alcina had taken a quick breath in to compose herself and ponder the next response of the guest, which her opinion was simple.
“The business plan can be drafted and later analyzed to your liking Lady Dimitrescu and the possible use of existing trading routes could increase depending on the sale rate taxes.” The guest said dryly. Wanting to tease her further, you slowly took her stoking off while planting soft lewd kisses.
Alcina keeps her facade up as the guest next explains the idea of expansion and growth, truly the business meetings were a bore yet with you between her legs she tried so hard to stay lady like. “You minx, knowing I’m stuck in this position you tempt me so.” She said very quickly and quietly.
Your gaze became one of lust and longing for her, she knew it the moment she felt your eyes land on her stretch marks. You licked, sucked and drenched them in all the love you had in your heart for her. Soon, you heard a shifting of feet and felt Alcina move from her chair.
She saw her guest out of the room and discarded the papers on the floor as she grabbed you. “You!” She spoke loudly. “Being a tease and a temptress in the wake of my meeting!” All you could muster up was a mischievous grin and a quick sticking out your tongue.
Before long, Lady Dimitrescu was full control not Alcina, the gentle and sweet. No, you wanted rough and hard the way only lady dimitrescu could offer you. “I couldn’t help myself when you my lady are so intoxicating and enthralling.” You whimpered out.
Without a reply Lady Dimitrescu spanked you and arched your back so you could full be at her mercy. Those large hands covered more than your soft ass, your thighs felt the sting of her leather gloves. “Such a nimble little mouse.” She spoke so sultry.
Soon her leather covered hands touched more and more of you making it seem like the very first time she ever had you. Your disobedience gave way to a sweet correction, of which lady dimitrescu saw to personally. Her leather gloves, the riding crop, the choker, the stockings all on which said one thing. “I’m always yours my lady so please don’t spare a single thing.” You told her as you felt her ease up on her gripping and spanking.
“Like I’d ever let you go my good girl.” She told you sweetly as her fangs caressed the skin on your throat, soon they found their mark as did her leathered covered hands between your soft legs. By surprise she gave you one final spank before gripping your ass and before letting out such a lustful moan.
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worrrywrites · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Ran wants to test your gag reflex👅.
Characters: Ran Haitani and Y/N
Words: 2.4k
CW: Gagging and mentions of saliva/spit
Notes: Ran has a tongue piercing because I said so. And he calls y/n ‘mama’ or ‘mamas’
It was just a joke.
You told Ran jokingly that your gag reflex was nonexistent. You two were out on a ‘kinda-not-really’ date in Roppongi getting ice cream. You guys only got ice cream per your request; given that the day is only getting hotter and hotter, and sun bathing on Ran’s roof was not helping this maddening heat.
Upon convincing Ran to take you out, God it was like pulling teeth, the two of you walked hand in hand into a cute little ice cream parlor. Your eyes were wide with inquiries about the wide selection of ice creams to choose from. Unbeknownst to you, Ran was gazing down at you with those lazy eyes of his in amusement.
He had been here before, never with another girl- only with Rindou. They had been here to try the parlor’s specialty pop. He knew what to order. Before you had even opened your mouth to place your order; Ran had already stepped up and casually asked for one special
Rainbow Layered popsicle, and one two-scooped Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.
He paid. Because of course he did. You elbowed him in his arm while you two walked to the waiting area so others could order.
“What Y/N?”, Ran questioned in a smug way that made you a bit pouty in response.
“I didn’t even get a breath out, before you ordered for me!”, you huffed, trying not to sound as annoyed as really were.
Laughing under his breath in response to you, “Oh lighten up Mamas, you’ll like what I got you. Trust me”.
Those last words made the corners of his mouth curl upwards as if he was holding back a laugh. Before you could ask him what the hell he meant, Ran’s and your order had been called. You were once again interrupted. Sigh. Ran insisted on getting the order, telling you to go find a seat for the two of you.
Wanting to savor the lively streets of Roppongi, you chose an outdoor seating area in front of the parlor to sit. The table and seats were high, and you kind of had to hop up onto the seat. That was a downside, but an upside is that the table came with one of those huge overhead umbrellas to keep out the sun. This was nice, all things considered.
The wait for Ran wasn’t too long, you kind of perked up at the sound of the door opening. You eyed the ice cream in his hands trying to figure out which one was supposed to be yours, when your eyes gazed up at Ran, who was giving you his signature lazy(smug) grin.
“Here you go Mamas, enjoy”, he said all too happily as he handed off the rainbow popsicle.
‘Is this some kind of joke?’, your inner voice had asked. You were trying to mask the surprise on your face as you looked up and down the length of the popsicle. ‘How am I supposed to?…’, you ponder when you were ripped out of your train of thought.
“Heyyy Mama, I asked if you liked your popsicle '', Ran managed to get out through a breathy laugh.
He must’ve seen your face, you’ve gotta be cool because this asshole was playing with you.
“I…You’re not slick Ran, you think I can’t take this? Pfft '', okay maybe you were too cool because the amusement on Ran’s face grew at your proclamation of essentially being able to deepthroat. Yikesss.
“Well Y/N, I only asked if you liked the popsicle. But since you can take it, can I see you go all the way down to red~”. Smug bastard, that stupid smirk never left him. Likewise, your pride never left you either, you’re gonna play too.
You’ll be fine, you just have to see how low down red is - and red is the last color. Just your luck.
“This?” You say with the dumbest look on your face while you point at red, “I can get to red with no problem, I’ll have you know - My gag reflex is nonexistent”. That was a bold faced lie, and Ran was eating it up.
“I’ll be sure to remember that but; if that’s the case Mamma, then lemme see you go down on it”, he said casually while eating his own minty ice cream.
You figured that you’ve sized up the popsicle enough, so with a half laugh half sigh, you start to take the cold confectionery into your mouth. All was going well, you successfully got down to yellow. When your eyes moved up at Ran to his reaction, you saw it wasn’t just amusement written on his face. It was arousal, and it was a shared sentiment.
“Y/Nnnn”, his voice strayed, “Have you forgotten that we’re in public?, you’re sucking the popsicle so suggestively”. Suggestively, your face started to heat up; this time it wasn’t from the summer heat. At first you hadn’t intended to be suggestive, but it was kind of…exciting.
“Wanna get out of here?” You asked, biting your lips in excitement. You’re bold - he likes that about you.
“You gonna show me what that mouth does Y/N?” Ran says while helping you out of your high seat. He throws his cone away, you do the same, and you two walk hand in hand (once again) back to Ran’s home.
You didn’t even get into his house good before his lips were on yours. Ran’s body was pressed against yours with one hand cradling your face to keep your head up as he explored your mouth with his. It was a cold exchange, temperature wise, because the cold dessert you two indulged in. You moaned into his mouth when you felt his tongue piercing run it’s way across the roof of your mouth.
With a sharp pull at your hair, you were ripped out of the intoxication that was Ran’s mouth. “Nooooo!”-You looked up at him to whine in protest.You like the way the ice cream flavors mixed in your mouths.
“Mmm…Get on your knees Mama”, Ran drawled while biting back his bottom lip. You knew this was coming, so you got your knees in front of him. This is nerve racking.
“Go on Y/N, show me what your mouth does”, his hand never left the back of your head.
You gulped, licked your lips, and looked up at Ran while you fumbled with the zipper of his pants. His erection was so prominent, even though it was covered by jeans. Ran’s face was set alight with arousal, his bottom lip was red and plump from being chewed on. This was a sight to behold. And it was all yours. You finally freed his pulsing erection from its denim restraints, this is real.
You made sure to free his balls while you were at it. You always did like the way they hung. Giving head was not your strong suit, you two both knew this, but Ran liked to mess with you. That, and he liked getting head from you, no matter how clumsy at it you are.
You circled one of your hands around the base of his cock, feeling the weight and heat of it ruminate in the palm of your hand. You spat in your other hand and began to work it up and down the shaft, all while keeping your eyes on the member in front of you. You heard soft whisper-like moans escape his mouth, while he played with the baby hairs that lined the back of your head and nape of your neck . The moist sounds of this handjob was getting you excited for what’s next.
‘You actually have to suck it dummy’, your inner voice reminded you with an attitude. Oh yea…you do have to suck it.
You gulped once more and brought the blushed tip up to saliva-glistened lips and puckered them around the tip. You began to work a bit more of the length into your mouth, circling your tongue around the girth of his cock. Ran’s cock, like him, was long and skinny. And you liked him, and it, that way. The only problem was that taking his length down to the base was difficult.
You put your free hand to work. You bobbed your head up and down, letting the length reach farther and farther down your throat. You were only getting halfway down the length, and that’s when your hand picked up the slack. Amongst the wet slurping noises that echoed through the foyer of Ran’s home; you heard Ran’s moans get louder and raspier. The grip on your hair was getting tighter. He was fighting back the urge to fuck your face, making you take his length in its entirety.
You could feel him gearing up to take control, not on your watch. You felt a second wind fill you with courage, since your nerves had long melted away. You detached your lips from Ran’s cock with a string of saliva following your lips. You look up at Ran, breathy and heady, and say: “I need you to let me be in control baby”.
You took your hand off the base of his cock and circled it around his shaft to assist your other hand in jerking him off. You worked your hands at a brutal pace, making precum form at his tip. Looking up at him again with a smirk on your face, because you know that he’s falling apart right in front of you. He was a mess of moans and you couldn’t get enough of it. You psych yourself up again for round two of ‘seeing if you have a gag reflex’.
You moved your head down and gave the blushed tip a sloppy kiss, sucking up the precum while you were at it.
“Damn Mama, you aren’t playing with it are you?” Ran rasped running on his hands under his shirt caressing his stomach and chest. He gave you a peek of his skin in the process.
Seeing this made you want to touch him more so than all you already did. “I’m not playing with my baby. You asked what my mouth did, and I’m showing you”, you quipped while running your hand through the hair that sat above the base of his cock. You could feel him shiver at this sensation.
You decided that you wanted to free hand it for round two, so that’s what you did. You kept one of your hands at the core of his abdomen, and used your other hand to cup Ran’s balls. All that was left to do was to take the length further than you’ve done before. The familiar sensation of your mouth being filled made you moan around the cock in euphoria.
You started bobbing your head rhythmically around the member, stopping every fifth time to nudge new length farther down your throat. This was getting sloppy, with your jaw already growing tired, you couldn’t control how much saliva had been accumulating and oozing onto Ran’s balls. Speaking of which, you had been fondling the precious jewels ever so gently, and now that your saliva had seeped down there, they were like slippery stress balls. It was kind of cute how he squirmed at your teasing.
If Ran wasn’t already a moaning mess before, he definitely was now. His head was thrown back with his mouth gaping, letting out breathy moans. He neglected to braid his hair today, so it was just there cradling his face due to the sweat he was producing. His whole face and neck was flushed a wild pinkish red. His body was so honest. You took all of this in while getting ever closer to your goal. The base.
You had been holding back the urge to gag ever since you started your new rhythm. You ain’t no bitch, you’re gonna show him that you can deepthroat without dying. Your grip on Ran’s balls tightened, not hard enough to hurt him, and on your fifth nudge, your nose met with his pelvis. The scent of his hair filled your nose as you nuzzled yourself all the way down to the base. It was intoxicating.
In this moment, Ran felt a rush of white hot pleasure that had pooled in him flow out like a busted damn. He held one hand on the back of your head and the other holding the underside of your throat. He was not letting you out of this. In an instinctual protest, both of your hands clawed at Ran’s thighs as a way to pull away. Your body betrayed your mind by hollowing out your cheeks to make your suction on his cock more prominent.
“Lemme do this Y/N”, Ran basically growled as he began to facefuck you.
There was no rhythm to his thrusts or concern for throat in this state. You were essentially a fleshlight in this moment. The way his balls would brush up against your chin with every one of his thrust made you moan. You wondered what the two of you would look like from someone else’s pov.
This choppy and unyielding pace was cut abruptly short by the feeling of Ran’s cock twitching in your mouth. You took a hand off of his thigh to caress his balls as they too twitched. You could feel him spill inside your mouth, it was hot and sticky as it shot down your tongue. You could tell that he hadn’t fully come down from his high yet; so you kept massaging him. His grip on your neck and head had eased up, so began to slowly suckle on the softening member in your mouth.
Once you felt like the last of his cum was in your mouth you pulled away from his cock with your lips sealed. You looked up at Ran, and then back down at his now flaccid member. The size of it was still impressive, you noted. You swished around the cum in your mouth, savoring it’s umami flavor before swallowing it down. It’s warmth making your stomach stir in a good way.
Ran was slumped against the closed front door of the house with his head still leaned against it. He was still dazed. ‘What a big baby’, you thought as you fixed his pants for him, stood up and helped to his bedroom.
You showed what your mouth does, and it put his ass in a pleasure filled coma. You 1 - Ran 0.
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sassshime · 14 hours ago
Pillowtalk (NSFW || Crosshair x Female!Reader)
Tumblr media
A/N: No plot really, only tropes. it was supposed to be only fluff, but I got a little bit carried away.
Series: Star Wars: The Clone Wars / The Bad Batch
Pairing: Crosshair x Female!Reader 
Warnings: 18+ ONLY.  Skipped smut. Fluff. Teasing. Sexual content. Mention of blood.
You hadn't expected ending up in the same bed (and specifically yours) with a certain grumpy sniper. You've always assumed the squabbling and mocking each other were just playful jokes and nothing too serious. They are, but you both got into a heated argument. Somehow it ended up closing in on each other's personal space, then he had you pinned against the wall. The next thing you knew was you were both making out and dragging him to your room.
Now here you lie in the morning, in your tank top and underwear, on top of a shirtless Crosshair with his arms wrapped around you. Still asleep while you study the details of his face.
Such a handsome man even with the disheveled hair. Smiling to yourself, you notice there's one detail that stands out.
"I know you're awake, Crosshair." You lightly flick his forehead-an action you mimic that he's done to you before multiple times when you either annoy or roast him. He lazily opens his eyes to look at you and the time before closing them again.
You sigh, resting your chin on his shoulder, eyes still on him.
"Enjoying the view?" He teases. Eyes half-lidded and a small smirk rising to his face.
"No." You deadpan. He flicks your forehead. You yelp at the pain and glare at him. Your gazes meet each other. Your pout melts into a warm smile and he has himself smiling as well. A small one, but it's there.
He sits up, making you lie to his side. He reaches for a toothpick from the holder he placed on your bedside table last night. Another thing you hadn't expected from him was the aftercare. You'd assume he would head out after he had gotten what you both wanted. You were wrong.
"You know..." You trail off, your fingers tracing random patterns on his skin. He raises an eyebrow at you, waiting for you to continue. "I thought you would just dipped after last night."
"Did you want me to?"
"Yes." You stop him before he could get up. "Kidding! I meant no and thank you..." You look away from him, feeling the heat on your cheeks. "...for staying."
He cups your face, making you look at him, toothpick gone from his mouth. It's his turn to admire you with the softness in his eyes you don't often see. He leans in, kissing your forehead, then moving down to your lips. Gentle yet passionate affection in perfect tandem, growing needy as you continue. You both pull away to catch your breaths. He lies back down on his side, pulling you into his arms, face burying into your neck. Sleep about to catch the both of you as the moment passes. Before you could doze off, you take a look at the clock and realize you're going to be late for a spar with Hunter.
You should be getting ready right now and Crosshair with his daily routine in the shooting range.
"We need to go." You caress his cheek.
"I don't." You sigh at his response.
"I need to go." A hand on your arm stops you from getting out of bed. He pulls you again, strong lean arms trapping you underneath him, one hand locking your wrists together on top of your head.
"You can get out of this, can you? You would have if you wanted to." You didn't want to at first, but now you do for an entire different reason. You wipe the smugness out of him by doing so and having him underneath you, straddling him.
"You're right." You tilt your head at him, amused you've caught him off-guard. You feel his growing arousal as you press down on his crotch. You hold his wrists, stopping him from grabbing your hips. You tut at him.
"You don't have permission to touch me or to speak." He scowls, gripping the bedsheet, surprised as well by following your orders.
"I will leave you like this," You grind against his, earning a pant from him. "if you keep acting like a brat."  Your stern voice gives him goosebumps. He has seen how dominant you are in close combat even in your fights with Hunter. His thoughts are interrupted as your hands roam from his abs to his chest. You chuckle at the intensity of his eyes at you.
"Enjoying the view?" You mock him.
"No." You dig your nails lightly into his chest, not enough to draw blood, but enough to leave scratch marks. He grits his teeth, knuckles turning white from restraining himself to touch you. You tut again.
"Did I tell you to speak?"
No response. You can feel the irritation and lust from his glare.
Still no response. He closes his eyes.
"No, what?"
"No, ma'am."
"Good boy." You coo. He snaps, sitting up, holding you in place. He pulls your hair back, exposing your neck. He stops himself before he could ruin that pretty skin of yours with his mouth. A grave mistake, he realizes this as he sees a glint of mischief in your eyes.
You hum in thought, glancing at the clock. It's going to be a long morning. Whatever excuse you'll give to Hunter can be dealt with later.
You're definitely late. The sparring session is already past schedule because a certain someone had to get back at you in the refresher. You're just about ready to head out of your room with the sniper, but he stops you, holding your arm. It seems he wants to say something from how his face is all scrunched up like a kinrath pup. He opens his mouth, but at lost for words, he closes them. You blush at the realization.
"Do you want to do this again sometime soon?" You speak his thoughts for him.
"If... you're up for it." You beam at his answer. He looks away and tries to stop himself from smiling. He lets go, but he halts you again when you're near the door.
"You forgot something." You're about to ask what. He already answers you by crashing his lips onto yours. He breaks away when he has you wanting for more, leaving you dazed until he opens the door, revealing a surprised Hunter about to knock. Crosshair only gives a glance at his brother as he walks away, leaving you and a confused Hunter alone.
You compose yourself and walk out of your room, closing the door behind, facing the sergeant.
"Hunter. Apologies for not being able to attend our sparring today. I was... preoccupied."
"Uh-huh. Preoccupied."
Bonus epilogue(?):
Tumblr media
Later that night in the Bad Batch's room.
773 Firepuncher lies disassembled on the table. Crosshair cleans his rifle, part by part. Tech notices something, particularly on the marksman's neck, that has been bothering him since morning. Something dark can be seen peeking out of his collar. Tech moves closer and inspects, adjusting his goggles.
"There seems to be discoloration on your skin." Hunter's ears perk up. Crosshair has his hand instinctively cover the bruise.
"Maybe he finally beat Doc's insults and she decided to deck him!" Wrecker chimes in, laughing. Crosshair rolls his eyes and tries to ignore them as he resumes his task at hand. They continue to blabber their theories.
"Doc wouldn’t hit Crosshair that would inflict harm especially on the neck. Normally, I'd say the regs would, but this does look different from a normal bruise." Tech pulls Crosshair's collar to inspect further. It only reveals more hickeys. He slaps Tech's hand away. 
"Well, and there are more of them. You should have those checked with Doc." Crosshair smirks at the idea.
Wrecker clicks things into place. Wrecker slaps Crosshair's shoulder stronger than intended, causing the sniper to bend forward and drop a weapon part he's holding on the table.
"I didn't know you had it in you!" Crosshair shoots daggers at the chuckling larger man. "He's not going to need to have those checked, Tech! In fact, Doc will probably give him more!"
"That doesn't make sense."  Tech states a matter-of-factly.
"What do you mean ‘it doesn't make sense’? Doc gave those hickeys and I'm sure of it."
"That's absurd, Wrecker. I highly doubt she'd-" The two keep arguing. From across them, Hunter sighs and shakes his head. Crosshair shares the same sentiment as he continues his business. Maybe a late night “checkup” wouldn’t be a bad idea.
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sordidbones · 9 hours ago
I said I was taking a short break but fuck that I needed to write this idea. 
SFW. Levi remembers his mother while watching Hange with their baby
Their baby is born in the midst of a snowstorm. The world beyond their little cabin is a wash of white and bitter chill. Hange’s blood is crimson red in contrast, spilled across the sheets as she gives, and gives, and gives everything she has.
Her screams of agony cut through Levi like a knife, sympathetic pain wracking through his chest as he clutches her hand in his own. Her grip on him is painful, but only a fraction of the pain she is enduring, so he happily accepts it into himself. 
It ends with one final shout and a rush of blood and fluid, followed by tiny, precious wails that seem to fill up the whole cottage, as well as Levi’s heart.
“A girl,” the midwife declares softly, toweling the baby dry and counting fingers and toes. Levi stiffens, breath rushing from his chest. Something like disbelief takes hold, then something more primal, as old as the trees that surround their little piece of paradise.  
He cannot look away as the midwife lays the baby on Hange’s chest. Her shirt is open, and she eases the baby towards her nipple to nurse. 
He swallows thickly. For a moment he remembers his own mother clutching him to her chest. He remembers her struggle. How she fought every moment to protect him from the cruel realities of their life. He remembers her warmth, her sad smile. And he swears to himself that his Hange, his baby girl, his family will never know such suffering. 
Hange’s smile is radiant, and Levi knows she already loves their baby with every fiber of her being, just like he does. 
When she lets go, Hange turns and offers her to Levi, “Want to hold her, dad?” 
There are tears glittering in Hange’s eyes, threatening to spill over. Emotion wells in Levi’s chest to match her own, and he finds he cannot form words through the lump in his throat, so he takes the baby from her wordlessly. 
He feel unworthy, a broken man with bloody hands cradling such a tiny, precious thing in his arms. But he will make himself worthy. He will tear down the world if it brings his little one safety and happiness. She will never know poverty, she will never know that pains that plagued him his whole life. No titan, no ill-intention vagabond will ever lay so much as a finger on her so long as he draws breath. 
Hange’s tears have spilled over, streaking her ruddy, swollen cheeks, “Look what we made, Levi.” 
She reaches out and touches his cheek, and he realizes that he is crying, too.
“Together,” He chokes, and he leans over to kiss his wife with his newborn daughter tucked safely against his chest.  
The midwife silently excuses herself, her duty done. She leaves the new family together in their tender moment. 
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shakespearevillain · 6 hours ago
“I thought you had a cat.”
Caleb rubbed the back of his neck with one hand and gesticulated with the other. “I don’t. Not anymore. It’s... complicated. Anyway, I mean a flesh and blood cat, not a Fae creature.”
Essek, who failed to see why anyone adopted a flesh and blood animal when there were Fae creatures to summon, nodded hesitantly. “And where do you plan to acquire a mortal cat?”
“Ah, well, that’s where it becomes something of an adventure. You will need to disguise yourself fairly well to go down to the shelter with me, but then we can --”
“Caleb --”
“-- pick out one of the --”
“Caleb!” Essek exclaimed. “I can’t go out on a shopping trip with you.”
“It’s not shopping,” Caleb said with some disdain. “It’s... Well...” He sat down next to Essek. “In part, you choose the cat, but mostly the cat chooses you.” He looked into Essek’s eyes. “And I don’t want a cat to choose me without it also choosing you.”
Essek blushed and looked away. 
“Which is why the two of us need to go together,” Caleb said, standing up from the couch and holding out a hand to Essek.
“How long to cats live?” Essek asked, ignoring the hand being offered to him.
“Ah... About twelve to sixteen years.”
Essek did some brief calculations. That would be a fifth of Caleb’s life. The wizard’s life was already more than two fifths gone. The cat would see him into the evening of his years, when Caleb had already told Essek that the two of them would part before then. Essek had already drawn up several arguments for him staying, but, if worst came to absolute worst, a mortal cat they had both picked out might help ease the loneliness. If he was very clever and very lucky, he might be able to help choose the next cat, the one that would see Caleb into his twilight years. “Very well,” he said, getting up from the couch, floating for a brief instant, and then remembering it was safer to walk while in Rexxentrum. As his feet hit the ground, he waved his hand, assuming his Elvish disguise. “Lead the way.”
The human druid that kept the place was more than a little stressed out. With the war going on, she had been sent to the front lines and hadn’t had the time to go around neutering and spaying all the stray cats of Rexxentrum like she normally did every year. Litters upon litters of kittens had been dropped at her doorstep, making her house into a swarming mess of cats. “Professor Widogast,” she said the moment Caleb walked in the door. She tried to bow, but was thwarted by a large, grey tabby that was using her as a perch. “So good to see you. To what do I owe the pleasure?”
“Calm down, Matilda,” Caleb said with a soft smile. He gestured to Essek. “My friend is not from Soltryce or the Assembly.”
“Oh, thank the gods,” she said, visibly relaxing. The trials were still ongoing for the Cerberus Assembly. She had been unwillingly conscripted into finding ferocious animals for experimentation and was due to give testimony about it in a few weeks time. Caleb was sometimes sent along with the Assembly members and members of the Academy to be a watchful eye on prime suspects as they interacted with a witness. She glanced between Essek and Caleb, a confused look on her face. “What are you here for then?”
“Well,” Caleb said, rubbing his hands together with barely contained excitement. “I was hoping I might adopt one of your cats! I have been in the market for a -- Omph!” Caleb had the air knocked out of him as Matilda slammed him with a hug. “Yes! Yes, of course. What sort of cat are you looking for?” she asked, tears in her eyes.
“A long-lived one,” Essek said dryly.
Caleb and Matilda both gave him a concerned look. “Well,” Matilda said, “we have a lot of kittens right now, if that’s what you mean.”
“Ja, not necessarily,” Caleb said, giving Essek another sideways glance. “I have some ideas, but, as we both know, cats tend to pick the owner rather than the other way around.”
Matilda nodded. “Well, browse around a bit and, when you find one you think might be a match, bring the lucky cat to the back room for some one-on-one time.” She turned to Essek, a pleasant, customer-service look on her face. “Is this your first cat?” she asked.
“Yes,” Essek said. “Although, I think, this creature will be more in Professor Widogast’s care.”
“Dezran,” Caleb growled warningly from where he was positioning himself in the middle of the room. “If that were the case, I would have come alone.”
“Do you not want a cat?” Matilda asked. She pulled the grey tabby off her shoulder and stroked it. “Because these cats deserve a good home where--”
“I am more than happy to take care of a cat,” Essek interrupted. He looked directly at Caleb. “For as long as I am allowed to do so.”
Caleb blushed. Matilda, who could recognize when 3D chess was being played around her, quickly excused herself and hurried off to her kitchen.
Essek took a deep breath and looked around the room. Cats of every color and coat that he had ever seen, and some that he hadn’t, were lounging on furniture, walking along high surfaces, cleaning themselves, and playing with toys. Some of the more intelligent cats were perched in the highest, darkest corners of the room and glaring at him. None approached him.
Caleb was on the end of a very different experience. A mother cat and her kittens had decided that the wizard sitting on the floor in the middle of their home was interesting and were checking him out. The mother, a large brown and white shorthair, was sniffing at his hand while the kittens tried climbing up his coat. He winced as one of the kittens got its claws too far in and managed to pierce through both coat and shirt. “Little rogue,” he murmured fondly, picking the kitten up by the scuff of the neck and setting it down next to its mother. “I know someone who would appreciate your talents.”
“Veth?” Essek asked as he walked over to Caleb. The mother hissed at the disguised drow, picked up her kitten by the scruff, and ran.
“Ja, that was my thought,” Caleb admitted as he watched the mother return and begin to take her kittens away one by one. He looked up at Essek, then pat the ground. “Try sitting on the floor with me.”
Essek looked down at the floor. It was covered in cat hair and he could only guess what else. “Is this necessary?”
“Well, you can continue to make yourself look as threatening as possible to both Matilda and the cats, or you can try to help me pick one out,” Caleb said as he detached a kitten from his coat and pushed it away from him. The mother darted out from her hiding place, spotted the kitten on the floor, and hurried it back to her den. “Your choice.”
“Very well,” Essek said, reluctantly sinking to the floor. The smell was awful, but the more relaxed posture seemed to make Caleb happy. He also hoped sitting down and trying to relax might bring the kittens out again. He wanted the maximum time out of whichever animal they got.
They sat for a few more minutes in the middle of the room. Several cats came to investigate Caleb, but none came up to Essek.
A mottled ginger and black cat with pale green eyes slowly approached them. It had a kink in its tail and a scar down the right side of its face. It stared at Essek for a moment, suspicion in its pale eyes, then diverted course from Caleb and rubbed up against the drow’s knee.
“I think you have a friend,” Caleb noted as the cat curled around him and began rubbing against his side.
Essek nodded as the cat finished its rotation and settled in his lap. The cat seemed utterly at home with him, as if they had known each other their entire lives. That warmth he had felt when first being asked over to dinner by the Nein coursed through his chest. “Perhaps I have,” he said, gently petting the top of the cat’s head with the tips of his fingers. He frowned and looked over at Caleb. “How old would you say this cat is?”
“Probably about five or six,” Caleb said as he reached out to stroke the cat’s head. “He’s had something of a life.”
Essek’s frown deepened. “We need a younger cat,” he said, trying to scoot the animal out of his lap with the back of his hand. The cat glared at him and then began climbing up his shoulder. 
“Why do you keep saying that?” Caleb asked. There was a barely suppressed anger in his voice that drew Essek’s attention. “Do... Do you just want a younger cat? Is that it? You want a young cat who doesn’t have any scars or kinks in his tail?”
“Caleb,” Essek said, but the wizard wasn’t finished.
“I mean, sure, I understand. Everyone wants a brand new cat without any flaws. A young cat that will stick around forever, but that’s not... I can’t...” Caleb brushed a tear out of his eye. “That’s not always how it works out,” he finished. “But if you want a younger cat, that’s... fine. Gut.”
“Are you finished?” Essek asked.
Caleb took in a deep breath and let it out through his nose. “Ja, I guess.”
“I want a young cat for... us,” he said, carefully remembering to include both of them, “because you’ve already told me that, in a couple of years, you want me to leave. When that happens, I want you to have a cat to keep you company.” He brushed a hand against his lover’s cheek, wiping away another tear. “That’s the only reason, kozik,” he said, using the Undercommon endearment he so often called him at home.
“Oh,” Caleb whispered. They sat like that in silence for a while with the black and ginger tom slowly kneading himself into Essek’s shoulder. Finally, Caleb stood up. “Well,” he said, “I think this cat has decided to give us a shot.” He lifted the cat off of Essek’s neck and held him in his arms. “Maybe we can get a kitten for you next time, Schatz,” he said.
“Next time?” Essek said.
“Of course! Cats only live for so long. Plus, they like to have a bit of company. Maybe we can come back in a couple of years and get him a friend.”
Essek smiled softly at him, realizing what that meant. “That sounds perfectly reasonable,” he said.    
“He?” Essek asked as they began walking towards the kitchen where an unknowing Matilda was making a soothing cup of tea and praying to all the gods she knew that a wizard battle wouldn’t break out in her home. “How do you know the cat is a male?”
“He showed me his butthole on the way around,” Caleb said.
Essek stopped in his tracks, a confused look on his face.
“Cats don’t have... Never mind. I’ll explain later,” Caleb said as he stroked the cat under the chin. “Right now, I think Matilda would like to know that we’re going home with Tybalt.”
“You’ve already named him?” Essek asked, now vaguely impressed. The cat did kind of look like a Tybalt.
“Of course. He may have had a hard life, but he’s a prince of cats,” Caleb said, smiling down at the feline.
Essek would ask him to explain the reference to Zemnian literature later. For now, he was happy knowing that he and Caleb would be proud cat owners for a time. 
I’m corrupting the Russian endearment “kotik” for this because, from my limited time hearing it spoken, the word sounds more like “co-tzick” and less like “co-tick.” However, rather than have English speakers stare at a “tz” and go “What the fuck do I do with this?” I changed it to just a “z” because it’s a fantasy world. 
Also, “kotik” means “kitten” in Russian. You’re welcome. 
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