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@ anon this was a rlly interesting prompt! Hope i did it justice altho its kinda stylizide? Like. Obvi the fears rnet actyal things but idk…im rambling. Uh also mobile is crap so my fav tma item is annabelle’s large phone collection and i couldnt answer ur ask directly which is. why i had to do it like this. Sorry for the quality too. My parents r asleep and i dont want 2 wake them up lol

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seeing a lot of opinions on hot tma characters so I decided to make a quick thing (Sources: I’m bi and have taste, but if you want to argue for a character to go somewhere else here feel free)

[image id: A coordinate plane without the coordinates. The y-axis is labelled on the positive side as “hot” and “not hot” on the negative side. The x-axis is labelled “because of looks” on the negative side and “because of actions” on the positive side. Various characters from The Magnus Archives are included, notably Elias and Peter, who are both very much not fucking hot and Jonathan Sims, who is hot, but only because of his actions. Agnes, Jude, and unfortunately Jared are all canonically hot. Breekon and Hope are a package deal (and not very hot). End id]

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making sure i have her design down & drawing one of the strongest mental images i got from the podcast :)

[image id: a quick colored sketch of moonshine cybin. She is an elf with curly brown hair and freckles. She is facing the front but looking off to the side with a wide smile. She is wearing a light blue tiara with purple wings and a cloak that looks like the night sky that covers most of her body. Around her head is a small halo of brown mushrooms. end id]

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