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خلتني أحتاجه 💔
#علي_صابر #نصر_البحار
#art #artist #artistic #artists #arte #artlovers #instaartoftheday #myart #music #genre #song #songs #melody #design #designer #designed #designs #fashiondesign #interiordesign #architecture #architect #mydesign (at Baghdad, Iraq)

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“Its time fot the special forces called The funny Parade!”

im not the only one having made the connection between the Fun Gang and BDG on Polygon? R-right?

(I also did not use any reference for this, as you can see, so pardon me, its not that good)

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I am trying to cature my visual image of Vivyien and struggling, so dont be surprised if the colors completly change.
But I have been doing some thinking, and rather Dhemetrius having a highborne aunt, I would like for him to have a sister he knew absolutlely nothing about who was orphaned, and then suffered some withering as well, before joining the Rebellion, eating the fruit of the Arcandor, and then once everything was settled in Surarmar is when she would begin digging into her past, to find her roots, then when she does, well… she’s very angry.
I dont want to say too much more because i want a chance to write it all out. But I am still trying to get her visual appearance accurate.
Like how badly can withering affect pigment and hair color? if her hair and skin lost all their vitality would that manifest in pallid skin, and darkened, muted hair color? Which doesnt even answer the question of what type of scars she would have and where. There’s just so much i have to figure out, and as with all my characters, I am trying to get full- body references done. I’m just not that experienced with drawing full humanoid bodies, poses, etc. so it is taking me longer to finish those.

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