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I’ll tell it all tomorrow

Or the day after tomorrow

I’m sure I’ll tell you then

- Saybia: The Day After Tomorrow

Personal inktober continues. OCs Kitty and Veeti. 

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Heya ! So yes I know that the gaster’s vs in comic is over ; but well I wanted to finish this draft that I didn’t have time to do before.

So maybe I’ll just do a comic book where it’s just a deal with my Code! Sans or just do the second page that I have in draft then stop ; I hope that this drawing page will please you 🤍

(then I am French is my English level is very rotten sorry)


Undertale © Toby Fox
Future (papyrus) © @azeriaa
X! Gaster © @jakei95
Epic! Gaster © @yugogeer012

Code! Sans © me

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