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minakonekota16 · 9 hours ago
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🌈The heterosexuality has haunted me forever, but I'm faster than it😎🏳‍🌈🌈
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justapanuwu · 9 hours ago
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saw this big boi wandering close to my house(he even entered there-) with a yellow flower and decided to draw him, he shaw be... Girasol! . . . . . . . . . . . #minecraft #minecraftenderman #minecraftendermanfanart #enderman #endermanfanart #Girasolenderman #minecraftoc #oc #myart #art #myartstyle
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p0ppy0nii · 16 hours ago
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🔥🇨🇴 ᏟϴᏞϴᎷᏴᏆᎪ : Տ.ϴ.Տ! 🇨🇴🔥
Information in English:
This drawing is serious but I need you to find out what is happening in my country, some may be misinformed by newscasts that cross out certain points.
Since April 28, the national strike began in Colombia, in order to remove the tax reform to cover the financing of social plans by increasing taxes on income and basic products ... (taxes are too expensive! And now they plan do the health reform !! That is a red flag!) We have been 1 month since the strike and we continue in the fight...
But during this month the government has ordered the public force to kill each citizen who is protesting either peacefully ... the police pose as civilians to damage the peaceful protests and thus get the excuse that it was the people who began ... From now on .. Colombia is in the blood of young people who are looking for a good future .. and that their families live well..
If in your country they showed news from Colombia saying that the "vandals began to destroy everything" ... do not believe in these falsehoods ... we are not vandals, we are human beings who really want to live ... we will not continue to survive in a Colombia that does not respect the people..
Pls! Support me with your like and reblog i will appreciate it a lot baby ( ಥ ωಥ )9 💕💞
Texto en español:
Este dibujó será serio pero necesito que ustedes se informen lo que pasa en mi país, puede que algunos estén mal informados por noticieros que tacha ciertos puntos.
Desde el 28 de abril comenzó el paro nacional en Colombia, con el fin de que quiten la reforma tributaria para cubrir la financiación de los planes sociales mediante el incremento de impuestos sobre la renta y productos básicos..(impuestos demasiados caros! Y ahora planean hacer la reforma a la salud!! Eso es bandera roja!) Llevamos 1 mes desde el paro y seguimos en la lucha...
Pero durante este mes el gobierno a mandado a la fuerza pública a matar a cada ciudadano que este protestando ya sea de forma pací policía se hace pasar por civiles para dañar las protesta pacífica y así sacar la escusa de que fue el pueblo quien comenzó...Desde ahora..Colombia está en sangre de jóvenes que busca un futuro bien..y que sus familias vivan bien..
Si en tu país a mostraron noticias de Colombia diciendo que los "vándalos comenzaron a destruir todo" creas en esas falsedades...nosotros no somos vándalos, somos seres humanos que queremos vivir de seguiremos sobreviviendo en una Colombia que no respeta al pueblo..
Por favor! Comparta esta publicación ayuda que los demás se enteren la cruel realidad! ಥ_ಥ)9 🇨🇴🔥✨
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themightymcspoon · 18 hours ago
A little fanart of Claire from the saltydkdan friendlocke season 2!
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Saw the sketches of her gijinka form on Claire's twitter and wanted to show her character some love with my own interpretation!
(About nearly died when they showed it on stream, I wasn't expecting to see it and long story short it's all I thought about for a week and a half TuT)
Original concepts and sprite edit belong to @// CitisStreets on twitter
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meggiearts · a day ago
𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐨𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐞-𝐈 𝐀𝐌 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐆𝐎𝐃!
Tumblr media
there uh- i drew s m t- herobrine,idk,black and white,havent drew smt like this in a while ey? Hehe welp here qwq i was bored and ye i wanted to do a black and white thing, i love how i shaded everything,i almost forgot to add the blood 😭 but we h e r e -hope you like and enjoy!🌿✨
☆~Please don't steal my art i will appreciate that!!!!~☆
Thank youu
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4devann · a day ago
Inspired by Artificial Intelligence
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shrimpsthings · a day ago
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"Kiss the Frog"
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lululaozi · a day ago
Amy Wong 😇🖤
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