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lacetulle · 3 months ago
I love your blog and I am looking for other similar blogs. Do you have any recs?
Sorry for the late reply!
The blogs I see the most are @chandelyer, @evermore-fashion, @fashion-runways, and @myfashionburden.
Hope that helps!
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midasflower · 9 months ago
do you have any blog recs?
sure i do 🐝
some ppl that post a lot of harry/taylor/zayn/niall @harrysyellowflares @harrie @harrylefleur @harryskeithharingshirt @hoestylwyn @betterbegolden (good zayn content) @bettysaysfuck / @youreyessogreen @yoharrysaidshe @guccixcoochie @harry-styles (great gifs) @evilharry @eyelidsep (great vibes tbh) @beardrry @revolutionlover @medicinedrunk @watermelonrry @lesbianharry (also great vibes) @adoreyou @cherryslips (good florence pugh content)
posts non-bts kpop with great vibes @suhpphic
general fashion blogs i follow @louisvuitttonn @myfashionburden @the-original-supermodels @velvetcloak @vogue-sur-crack @buukwerm @poisonedsequin (fashion but also other random stuff and harry sometimes?) @models-of-color
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glowdetails · 8 months ago
Can you list a few of your favorite fashion blogs?
a few of my favourites : @/themakeupbrush @/distantvoices @/driflloon @/jai-by-joshua @/poisonedsequin @/coutured @/myfashionburden @/monsieur-j @skaodi @/sulfade @/couturepills just to name a few <3
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beezerz · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Spoiler per i prossimi costumi di Fiorello/Achille Lauro
(Spoiler of Achille Lauro/Fiorello’s new costume)
photo by: @myfashionburden
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heavensweetheart · 9 months ago
Hey, do You have any cool fashion tumbles to follow?
Do you even have to ask?! 🤩🤩🤩 I pass my entire day hearting fashion content, I heart so much that sometimes I don't have time to reblog it all!
My fave blogs are:
And not only because they have god-tier content. But also because they are all just amazing, sweet people! 🥰🥰
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squacouya · 2 years ago
Do you have any favorite fashion blogs? -🌵
Not really, I follow a few:
That’s about it for what I follow, other times I just see things randomly and I owned a collection of fashion magazines.
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campfireconversations · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
myfashionburden: dolce & gabbana 2020 villa bardini alta...
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glowdetails · a year ago
Love your blog!!!v can ypu please suggest any fashion blogs you like/ follow?
TY BBYYY! HERE IT GOES, some of the ogs that i know & love!! 💘💘 @/skaodi @/sulfade @/themakeupbrush @/coutured @/monsieur-j @/distantvoices @/driflloon @/analife @/pearltiare @/myfashionburden @/louisvuitttonn @/duchessofmoda (& so many more)
(i didn’t tag them because honestly i’ve tagged them too many times now they might be sick and tired of me tagging them hshjshdsj)
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thelipglosscupboard · a year ago
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certaineggsvoidrascal · a year ago
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