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You tried to slip forward up the bed, concentrating on what Skeptic was saying, hand reaching back to smack at the little devil behind you but he just chuckled darkly, humming softly, smirking as your body twitched from the vibrations. Skeptic was speaking again, asking you a question maybe? Ah, yes, he wanted to know if you’d seen Geten. 

“Nope, ha-hav-haven’t seen the little brat all day” you finally managed to choke out, mouth opening in a silent scream as he bit down on your clit at the word brat, tongue shoving deeper inside your pussy, fingers working your folds and clit carefully, slurping at your juices in an obscene manner. You had to keep biting back the groans, so fucking good with his mouth

“I really wish you two would learn to get along, you are going to have to work together, you realise”? A particularly well placed thrust of his wet muscle had you moaning softly as your hips rocked back and forth, riding his face slightly, hearing him laugh darkly behind you as his fingers toyed with your nipples now, pinching and pulling at the hardening buds. Oh Skeptic, if only you knew just how well we’ve been getting along lately.

His grip went back to your hips, tightening as he pressed forward, tongue fucking into your wet hole relentlessly, back arching against him wildly as you shoved your head in the pillow to muffle your squeals of pleasure, trying to listen to what Skeptic was saying, it was useless, the only thing you could hear was Geten slurping at your pussy juices behind you, sucking and licking through your wet pussy lips before shoving his tongue further into your heat, brushing the muscle against that spot inside you that had you positively shrieking into the pillow. 

“Anyway, if you see him can you relay everything I just told you? I don’t feel like repeating myself, that’s fine yeah”? He waited patiently and you realised suddenly you had to answer him. It was poor timing really, bad luck, you’d been trying so hard to focus on his words you hadn’t noticed the coil inside you getting ready to snap, or the heat building in your belly as Geten tongue-fucked you viciously from behind, moaning against your dripping pussy. It was the humming that sent you over. 

You opened your mouth to reply just as you fell apart, shrill scream leaving your mouth as you came, hard, stars exploding across your vision as he tongue-fucked you through the orgasm. “Oh, oh oh, oh fuck, yes, yes, yes, god yes.” 

Your voice broke off into a choked whimper as he finally pulled his tongue out, mouth leaving your pussy as he panted softly against your back, you could feel his gaze burning you from behind, but you were too exhausted to meet it. You blinked rapidly, trying to refocus, pussy still twitching from Geten’s attack as you tried to regulate your breathing. 

Skeptics voice had your blood turning to ice, and then you shoved your face back into the pillows in frustration a moment later as his words came through. “If I’d known you’d be so keen on relaying information, I would have had you tell a few others too”?

Geten’s soft laughter behind you had you stretching back a moment later to smack the smug grin off of his dumb, pretty face.

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Hahahahah, ah yes I live for it. 

It was the elbow in the face that woke you, or maybe the knee in your ribs as you groaned and went to roll away, an annoyed grumble of words caught your attention as a firm hand snaked around your waist, refusing to let you as you sighed heavily. Not again. 

You shoved the ice user, trying to push him back. He was mumbling to himself softly, brow furrowed, you tried not to let yourself be won over by the the adorable little pout on his lips, pressing closer to hear what he was saying. 


You snorted, hands pressing firmly over your mouth to hold in your laughter, even as your chest shook uncontrollably, soft giggles slipping past your lips as you gazed lovingly at him. Only Geten would manage to dream about the one person he hated more than anyone, Dabi, figures. You smiled softly, fingers ghosting over his cheeks as you kissed his nose gently, nuzzling him. 

“You kick his ass baby”, you whispered softly against his lips, shoulder shaking as he nodded fiercely at you, brows furrowed in determination. 

“I fucking will”, he mumbled back to you, pressing closer, even as you giggled softly, stroking his back gently as you coaxed him back into a deeper sleep. Oh how you loved him, even if he was a little nuts sometimes.

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Ah this was amazing, make sure you stay cool and hydrated xxx

The annoyed noise in his throat was cut off when he actually glanced down at you, glaring at the fact that you’d just flopped on top of him, nearly given him a heart attack with your sudden appearance, and nearly knocked him clean out of his chair. But all of that had taken a back seat to the current predicament, that which was the fact that you were in your underwear, in the meeting room, where the meeting would be held in 5 minutes. He made a choked noise and shoved you in annoyance, but you didn’t move, just hummed contentedly against his chest. 

“Baby come on, what has gotten in to yo-”, he cut himself off, pressing a hand to your forehead, you were burning up, “do you have a fever, are you sick”? You moaned softly in response, pressing against his icy hand and his annoyance dissipated immediately, replaced by worry as he pulled you closer, slipping your hands inside his parka so you could press them against his bare skin, enjoying your little sigh of pleasure. 

“Come on you, we’ll go back to the room and I’ll cool you down, okay?” He pulled you closer, lifting you carefully by the waist, angling you as best he could so all the important bits were covered as he walked out of the room, towards your shared quarters. He sighed heavily as he did, shaking his head, looking at you reproachfully, “what if someone had seen that pretty little ass of yours”?

Your fever didn’t stop your hand from swatting against his shoulder even as his chest shook with silent laughter. He’d punish you tomorrow, maybe, but right now he supposed the meeting could wait until he cooled you down a little. 

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Okay, so I got like 3 asks for angst- and an ask for a continuation of the Dabiten threesome, with the aftermath for our reader, so I hope you guys don’t mind but I combined them all into one. Fair warning,this got way darker than I planned, so it has mentions of self halfm, suicidal thoughts, and a little minor mental break, all with a fluff ending, promise! xxx

You tried not to show anyone the shaking in your hands, the trembling of your lips, eyes downcast as you walked through the mansion. A voice called to you but you ignored it, whoever it was didn’t matter, nothing really mattered at the moment. You scratched uncomfortably at your left wrist, feeling he mutilated skin there, your breathing easing steadily at the soothing motion, just how fucked up am I? Your lip wobbled dangerously, wetness dripping down your cheeks and you bolted out the front doors.

It was inevitable that he’d move on, you’d been pushing him away for weeks now, denying him any affection, locking yourself away as you mutilated your body to try and cope with the agony. But Toga? Of all fucking people, Toga? Seeing him holding her, it had been a wake-up call, one you needed.

Moments later you had raced up an old set of stairs, slowly rotting away from lack of use and up to a hidden alcove of the roof, relaxing as you reached your little hiding place, dropping unsteadily to your knees, hands digging viciously into your palms as you tried to calm your racing heart, you could feel the panic attack coming on, could feel the spots starting to dot your vision, you choked on a sob, eyes closing, body rocking back and forth steadily. A warm hand on your shoulder dragged you from the panic, and you whipped around to see the last person you ever wanted to see again, what more could he possibly want from me?

“Easy there doll, you’re looking a bit pale, take a deep breath for me”. His raspy voice was oddly soothing, and after the shock of his appearance wore off you did as he told you, breathing in deeply, oxygen filling your burning lungs, how had you not noticed the pain? A scarred palm smoothed your sweaty hair back, the other hand brushing the tears from your cheek carefully, the gesture startingly soft, and you flinched, another wave of tears falling from your eyes as you drove your knuckles into the sockets, maybe I could just fucking blind myself?

“Stop it, now”. The command was harsh, your hands pulled away sharply, eyes clashing with the vibrant blue of his irises, but you couldn’t do this, couldn’t handle his touch, not again. You jerked back viciously, crawling backwards and away from him, shaking your head desperately. His eyes followed you, widening slightly, and for a moment you thought you could see genuine worry glittering at you from his expression as he lifted a hand, and then let it fall again, palm grazing his jaw as he watched you, lost in thought.

“Stay away from me”, you choked out. “It was you; it was fucking all you”, your voice cracked as you sobbed, rocking back and forth again as you descended into hysterics, Dabi’s expression paling further as he watched you. “You knew he’d be angry, that he’d punish me”, your nails clawed viciously at your cheeks, trying to distract yourself from the pain in your heart, by causing physical pain, a regular occurrence, ever since that day.

“Next time you want to act like a slut around him, maybe remember that I’m fucking happy to treat you like one”.

You screamed angrily as the voice filled your head again, shaking your head viciously to clear it. “You made me dirty, and now no-one will want me, he won’t want me”, you feel back against the bricks, blood staining your sleeve from where you’d scratched so hard the wounds had re-opened. Dabi was staring at it, eyes wide with understanding. You didn’t care, he can fuck off. “I’ll never be enough now; don’t you get it? You patchwork freak, he’ll never want to touch me again”. He flinched away from the rage in your voice even as you shrunk in on yourself, going quite all at once.

“He deserves better”, your whisper was so soft you weren’t even sure Dabi heard it. “I’ll leave, that’s what I’ll do, I’ll leave and then he can find someone worthy of him”, you mumbled to yourself, eyes flickering back and forth as Dabi gaped at you. Finally, he seemed to snap, shaking his head and jumping to his feet.

“Fucking hell doll, what’d we do to you, hm?” He dashed down the stairs a moment later. You didn’t care, he can stay gone. You blinked slowly, trying to focus, fingers wandering over the blood that had stained your wrist, had you scratched that badly, really? The woozy feeling in your head was difficult to identify, it could just be anxiety, or it could be blood loss, you glanced down and finally noticed the small pool forming at your feet, laughing listlessly. That’s one way of leaving, I guess.

Running footsteps interrupted your thoughts, but you were too tired to really comprehend where they were coming from, your vision spotty, breathing shallow, and growing painful even as icy hands cupped your cheeks, a warm body pressing to yours, lifting you against them, whispering softly to you, though you couldn’t really make out the words. You snuggled closer to that warmth though, nuzzling your nose against it, “hang in there, baby, come on now”. You loved that voice, that strong voice so much, it made you tremble and whimper, even as someone crooned soft reassurances to you. Your eyes fluttered slightly, locking briefly with those pale irises you loved so much, a gentle smile on your lips before you faded out.

When you woke the room was dark, your wrist had been bandaged, and your head hurt terribly. You sat up swiftly, confusion clouding your brain even as you noticed him climbing across the bed to you. You jerked backwards instantly, pressing back into the pillows, shrinking from the rage and the punishment you knew would be coming, you’d been so badly behaved after all. What if he brings Dabi in again? God I’d rather die.

“That won’t be happening, not ever again”. His voice was soft as he crawled closer to you, like he was trying not to startle you. “Just you and me, forever, I promise, okay?” Your lip wobbled as you met his gaze, so much love. You whimpered, eyes dropping again but he cupped your chin gently, forcing your head up to meet his eyes, “I promise I’ll fix this; I swear to you if it’s the last thing I do, I’ll fix this”. You openly sobbed then, head collapsing against his chest, too exhausted to fight him on it. He pulled you close instantly, arms tight around you, mouth ghosting over your cheek, pressing softly against the small scratches your nails had left you with.

Your soft cries continued for some time, while he stroked your hair and kissed your skin, whispered sweet nothings to you. I don’t deserve it; I don’t deserve any of it. I’m dirty, I’m disgusting, that’s why he’d been with Toga in the lounge area, he’d moved on. “No baby, no never”, the fierceness in his voice was a shock, you flinched slightly without meaning to and his eyes softened instantly, hands cupping your cheeks and pressing your foreheads together. “I wanted her advice, on trying to mend this rift between us, that’s all, nothing more”. You breathed in at that, realising suddenly that your lungs were burning again.

“It was my fuck-up baby, not yours. I went too far, I know it, Dabi knows it. I swear I’ll never do it again”, his words were whispered softly against your lips, eyes glistening wetly, you gaped at him. My beautiful, strong Geten, ready to cry for me. “Forgive me? I’m so fucking sorry”, his voice broke, teeth biting into his bottom lip as he waited, for my answer, god he really thinks I won’t forgive him. But he’s the one who needs to forgive me.

“No baby”, he whispered softly to you, and you realised you’d recently developed a nasty habit of speaking your thoughts aloud. “I messed up, but I swear if you let me, I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to you, please”. The pleading in his voice broke you, drawing a whimpering cry from your throat as you surged forward to kiss him, mouths clashing in a messy tangle of teeth and tongue, moaning as his tongue slammed inside your mouth, licking desperately, exploring like he would die without it.

You climbed into his lap, hands roaming over his shoulders, shoving his parka down and onto the floor, fingers ghosting over his slender abdomen, scratching playfully at his nipples as he moaned softly into your mouth at your ministrations. His hips bucked up against yours, both of you groaning from the friction as his length rubbed against your clothed pussy, too many clothes. Clearly Geten agreed, because a moment later your shirt had vanished, leaving you clad only in your bra and panties, and rubbing desperately against the growing bulge in his pants. “Please”, you moaned desperately, drawing a strangled noise from his throat as he tore your bra from your chest.

A hot mouth closed hungrily over your nipple, drawing a desperate cry from you as his had slipped under your panties, rubbing through your dripping folds instantly, before swiftly shoving two fingers inside your heat, a choked gasp leaving you as your hips started to ride his fingers, desperate for more, needing more, needing everything. A third finger slipped inside you a few moments later before he started to scissor them, eyes gazing at you as your mouth opened in a soft moan, hips humping his fingers heatedly, throwing your head back as you lost yourself to the pleasure. His finger curled then, stroking over that spot inside you and you squealed, “God, Geten please”, you begged.

His fingers were pulled out a moment later as he dragged his pants down far enough to free his cock, guiding it swiftly to your entrance before sheathing himself inside you as you screamed. It was so much, so good. You moaned loudly, and then started to ride him, his hands coming up to grip your hips tightly, pushing you up and down as you moved, he was so fucking deep inside you. It felt so good, so good, as you bounced up and down desperately on his cock, moans growing louder as he angled it perfectly to brush against that one spot inside you.

He started to lift you then, pulling you back down as he thrust up into you, hard, and you came apart on top of him with a scream a moment later, nails clawing at the nape of his neck, crying out his name in desperation as he chased his high, moaning softly in his ear, mouth sucking softly at the pale skin of his throat, he’d be mad about the hickies later, but you didn’t care, not right now anyway. “Please Geten”, you moaned softly in his ear before pulling back and pressing your foreheads together again, “please cum inside me, please”.

He gave a strangled, throaty groan at your words before sheathing himself inside you one last time, hot spurts of cum pumping inside of you as you both moaned, falling sideways, cock still buried in your mess of a hole. He always fucks me so good. He sealed your mouths then, claiming yours in a blistering kiss, tongue slamming so far down your throat you were worried you’d choke for a moment before he pulled back, eyes half-lidded and full of love.

“I love you so much”, his soft whisper against your lips had you whimpering again as you pressed closer, burying your face in the crook of his neck, desperate for as much affection as you could possibly get while he was feeling this soft. “My beautiful, baby girl”, he continued quietly as your eyes closed, humming contentedly as he nibbled your jaw, before pressing soft kisses all over your face. He didn’t stop until you started to giggle, hiding your head in his neck again as he smiled gently against your hair.

“You’re mine, only mine, forever, I promise”.

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Yissss, this was hot af xx 

Warnings for dubious consent.

He blamed you for it, as he walked slowly along, directly behind you, watching your hips sway in that tight, white skirt you were wearing. Did you even realise how little it covered? Of course, you didn’t, or your sweet little ass wouldn’t be wearing, such an innocent little thing. He tried to ignore the growing tent in his pants, pushing his hand against it sharply, footsteps silent as you entered your bedroom, legs jiggling, god he loved those thighs.

You went to push the door shut behind you, his foot prevented it, eyes watching as you continued further into your room, pulling your blouse carefully from your form, god you hadn’t even noticed him come in. You pulled your heels off carefully, before stretching up, arching your back. Your bra was lacey and white, far too sexy for an innocent little thing like you, he smirked slightly, biting down on his lower lip, you filled it so nicely though.

Your hands had moved to your skirt, pushing it carefully down your long legs, revealing a pretty set of matching panties, and he nearly exploded right then and there, eyes roving over your figure, admiring your curves, your bulging breasts, what he wouldn’t do to suck on them. He took a few more steps forward and then grabbed your hips tightly, pulling you back against him as you squealed in terror, eyes blinking as your head snapped around to him, body relaxing for a split second when you noticed it was him.

“Geten!” You glowered at him after a moment before swatting his shoulder, oh you silly thing. “You scared me half to death, what on earth are you doing, I’m a little bu-, ahh!” Your voice broke when he pressed you harder against him, his erection pressing firmly against your cheeks, enjoying your spluttering, your weak little protests as your arms pushed him half-heartedly. You were barely even putting up a fight, such a docile little darling. He thrust his hips forward harder, hands reaching up to cup your breasts through your bra.

You squirmed in shock and went to pull away, only to be stopped by the bruising grip he had on your hip, whimpering softly, uncertain with the situation as you turned back to face him. “Geten stop, what are you, oh, oh”, your eyes fluttered when his fingers slipped nimbly underneath your bra, rubbing your bud softly, flicking and pinching carefully as your mouth opened in a silent moan, eyes fluttering full shut, until he whipped you around to face him. You blinked your round, doe eyes up at him, breath shaky as you watched him nervously.

He threw you a wicked grin before pushing you backwards until your legs hit your dresser, lifting you up onto it, enjoying your little gasp, before his mouth closed over your breasts, tearing your bra impatiently from your body. You moaned then, really moaned, as his teeth bit down on a sensitive bud, hips canting up into his in pleasure, before you jerked them back, as if surprised by your own body’s reaction. He smirked around your mound, other hand kneading the opposite breast steadily, before moving his mouth back up over your chest, up your neck, sucking wet, purple bruises into your skin even as you whimpered and shoved at his head, a little harder than before.

“Ge-Ge-Get-Geten, n-no, no st-stop”. His hand moved down to brush over your soaking panties in response, eyes glittering as you moaned, telling me to stop but you’re absolutely drenched. He grinned silently to himself before slipping his fingers inside your panties, rubbing them through your wet folds as you gasped and groaned, eyes shut again as your head fell back against the wall, hips rocking slowly forwards against his touches. Dirty girl.

He thrust one inside you then, nearly groaning with how tight you were, even as you shrieked in surprise, jerking further onto your dresser, “no, Geten, no, no!” Back to that, huh? He rubbed your clit slowly with his thumb, eyes blazing at you as your hips started to tremble again, body shivering, pussy throbbing tightly around him as he fucked you slowly with his finger. So fucking tight. You were still whimpering, a few stray tears dripping down your cheeks as he pushed another finger inside you, groaning as your heat sucked him in.

“Please”, you, managed to choke around a sob, wetness dripping onto your chest now as you cried softly. He blinked up at you in surprise, mouth ghosting over yours a moment later, before pressing a soft kiss to your lips, hand cupping your cheek gently. Your trembles steadied somewhat as he kissed you, fingers dancing along your collarbone as he continued to thrust slowly in and out of you, but you were starting to loosen, slowly, as the tension melted from your body. Tears or not, you were loving it you little slut.

He thrust the third finger in, maybe a little too soon, but he was so eager, scissoring them slowly inside you, stretching you further, fingers playing with your nipple as his thumb pressed harder on your clit, drawing a ragged noise from your throat. You bit your lip shortly after, turning your head away, eyes wet, but angry. He snorted in amusement and thrust deeper, fingers curling expertly to hit that spongy spot inside you, smirking when your back arched, little gasp shooting from your mouth before you could stop it.

His finger withdrew a moment later, relief flooding your features, right before he pulled his throbbing cock from his pants, pumping it slowly before guiding it towards your entrance. You shook your head vehemently, hips twisting away in terror as a flurry of “no, please Geten, no”, fell from your lips. He grinned, fingers dragging your hips back to him, lining you up with his cock, before kissing your neck softly even as you cried softly.

“It’ll only hurt for a minute baby, then it’ll feel so good”, he crooned softly at you. His thumb circled your sensitive nub again, your hips jerking forward in response, moaning softly at the pleasure, “yeah, there’s a good girl, that feels good doesn’t it”? “You like that, don’t you”? Dirty, dirty girl, what would the others say if they could see their favourite, innocent little comrade now, huh?”

His cock pushed into your hole a moment later, dragging a ragged gasp from him at the tightness, and a choked sob from you. “Relax baby, relax”, he muttered at you calmly, hips stilling as he blinked up at you, “fucking hell you’re tight”, his brow furrowed at just how tight you were. “Guess you really were a virgin after all, hey”?

You glared at him harshly, “of course I am”.

He laughed then and thrust forward, sheathing himself to the hilt as you whined, face contorted in pain, “were, baby”, we whispered against your ear. “You were a virgin”, he grinned at you as you glowered at him and then started to thrust back and forth harshly. You whimpered and cried softly against him as he pistoned his hips, fucking you harshly, breathing ragged. After a few minutes, the discomfort abated, your walls loosening just enough to clench around him desperately, and then you started to moan and claw at his back.

He groaned quietly as your nails dragged viciously along his spine, hips jerking forward harder as your walls tightened around him again, your hot breath fanning over his face as you moaned and gasped around his cock. He thrust up harder, and was rewarded a moment later when you came with a desperate cry, walls clenching like a vice around his cock, member throbbing inside you as he chased his own end. A few more thrusts was all it took for him to groan loudly and cum deep inside of you, hot ropes filling you as he steadied his breathing.

You smacked him sharply on the shoulder, his eyes flickering up to you in surprise. “No condom Geten, seriously”?

You smacked him harder when he started laughing.

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Come get ya angst/fluff tea xxx

His hands were shaking, trembling even, when had that happened, fucking pull it together Geten. His hands carded carefully through your hair, watching as you slept agitatedly on his bed, hands twitching every now and then, breathing uneven, fever burning through you, he shuddered again and fought the need to smash something, fist clenching in the sheets, where the fuck had he been when you needed him. His head hit the mattress a moment later, eyes never leaving your face, anger surging inside him, he’d fucking murder them for this.

You stirred then, eyes fluttering, arms reaching wildly, body shivering terribly. He reached for your hands instantly, fingers intertwining with yours, his other hand going to press against your forehead as your eyes snapped open, eyes moving to his instantly, body pressing forward against him, always so clingy. He brushed a strand of hair behind your ear, forehead pressing to yours a moment later, lips brushing over the corner of your mouth, just softly.

“Ge-Geten”? Your voice was shaky, fearful, he’d let you feel like that. He kissed at your cheek, nuzzling your jawline as you relaxed into his soft touches, “where, where am I, where is he-is he, he?” He sealed your mouth in a gentle kiss, nibbling on your lower lip just lightly, feeling you shudder beneath him, pressing closer to the warmth of his torso, he climbed in beside you a moment later, pulling you carefully into your arms, eyes locked on the bandage wrapped around you stomach.

“He’s gone, I promise, I took care of it”, he tried to not to let the murderous intent seep into his voice, judging by your flinch, you’d heard it anyway. He kissed your nose next, abandoning his gentle, kind guy act, “no one hurts you and lives, no- one”. He stroked your cheeks carefully, brushing away the tears, rubbing your noses together gently even as your eyes closed, breathing him in.

“You’re safe baby, I promise”. You snuggled closer to him as your breathing started to even out, exhaustion winning out even as you whispered softly to him.

“I love you Geten”.

He comforted himself with the knowledge that no one could see the soft smile on his face. His hands wrapped tighter around you, eyes watching your bandage carefully to make sure you hadn’t pulled any stitches. Heroes, pathetic, fucking heroes. Thank god Redestro had been there, I wasn’t. He shuddered and concentrated on not holding you too tight. You were still here, still in his arms, you were safe and you would live, though it brought him little comfort. He hadn’t fucking been there.

As if hearing his inner monologue, your hands curled in his shirt, pulling him closer as you sighed softly, face pressing into his neck, breathing in his smell. He nuzzled your throat softly, lips kissing your earlobe gently, silently promising that he would be there for you the next time you needed him, army duties be fucking dammed.

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