the---hermit 2 days ago
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Weekly spreads for August and a couple of pictures from my trip to Rimini (which I really liked because there's a lot of roman remains!).
Just realized that like the idiot that I am I dated the other two posts I wrote in August as if it was still July. Anyway after some editing here's a little update. I did not study as much as I had planned while on holiday, I decided to actually take some time off, even though when I'll get back home from the seaside I'll be quite busy. But I had no energy to study and I really needed some real time off. To be honest I would still need some time off, but I'll find a way. Not sticking to the initial plan I had makes me a bit anxious, and of course makes me feel guilty, but I have to work on these feelings. Because it is unbelievable that I cannot rest without getting negative feelings. All this stuff aside, today is my last day at the seaside, and I cannot believe two weeks have gone already. I am almost done with reading It by Stephen King, and even I have more or less one third of Time Is A Mother by Ocean Vuong left. I am taking my time with the latter, because I feel like I have to be in the right headspace to fully enjoy poetry.
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a-students-lifebuoy 21 hours ago
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Serendip Sanctuary 馃尶
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girl-please-study 10 days ago
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The todo list for the day was so big, my ypt planner couldn't capture it entirely and that's exciting (said by my have-to-be-productive voice)
I've noticed, if you keep studying the whole day and completely ignore your hobbies, you're more likely to burnout and feel demotivated, so I've decided to girlblog 10 hrs a day, for mental health reasons.
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wavestudy a month ago
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it's been a while, but i officially graduated highschool and actually passed the ib which is exciting :))
as for the upcoming study content i'm not too sure what will happen since i'm taking a gap year where i'll volunteer in iceland for 5 months. but who knows maybe i'll get back to you with some updates on my quest to learn how to code and work with the adobe creative cloud 馃檭
as always, i hope you're all doing well 馃挍
(also peep the very last notes i took right before my bio exams while completely losing my shit haha)
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study-van a month ago
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I had a really challenging year but I鈥檓 proud of my self for overcoming it. The exam results will be out in a couple of weeks until then I鈥檒l just have some fun!!
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orangeteastudying a month ago
Hi! I made a new study with me video! Go give it some love if you have time :)聽
Holiss! Hice un nuevo estudia con migo! Vayan a darle un poquito de amor si tienen tiempo <3聽
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mich-happy 2 months ago
Into you 馃鉂わ笍鉁
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studyblrdim 2 months ago
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Day 3/30
did an 1h30mins of reading from the exam i have in tuesday and thankfully i see a lot of progress
i will start reading thermodynamics and maybe maritime engines in order to finally pass those two classes hehe
the app on my pc is called life at and it's really helpful and relaxing for when you have to study theory, it also has timers and notes. in addition it has a spotify lofi list and it really relaxes me when i have to deal with mathematical problems
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fakestudyingblog 3 months ago
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astralflora-studies 3 months ago
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20. what are your personal signs of burnout?
Hmm I get very overwhelmed and get very tired ??.. but like I can鈥檛 sit down in one place because I feel like I have so much to do ??鈥
21. how do you look after yourself and bounce back from burnout?
These days making to-do lists have made it easier and giving myself deadlines on when to finish certain things.. makes me less like I have to get everything done NOW 鈥
(Speaking of burnout.. I have two essays due next week and have only started one AHA anyway .. someone pray for me to finish them by Sunday鈥lso been waking up earlier these days and the sunrise makes it so worth it !!)
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studyingwithcatherine 3 months ago
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Today's been a lot more productive than I thought, I just need to keep going! Also, welcome Bernardo to my studyblr family! He was a little easter present from my boyfriend <3
I did some journaling in the morning and it really put things into perspective for me. I highly suggest you try it out! This is where I found my journal prompts.
Tried a little something different with the editing of my pictures, wanted something a little warmer to make up for the cold depressing weather today.
Take care, love you always, xoxo - C.
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studygilmore 3 months ago
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04. 18. 22. clambered out of bed today after a long, rough cold to get some physics studying done. managed to cover a solid portion of the chapter even though i'm still kind of sick, so i'm counting it as a win 鈾
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peachblossomstudy 3 months ago
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peachblossomstudy鈥檚 4000 followers celebration聽 鈥
thank you so much for 4000 followers! i hit 4000 a while ago but i was quite overwhelmed by school at the time so didn鈥檛 get round to do anything - now it鈥檚 the easter holidays so while i鈥檝e got a lot of revision to do for my a levels i do have more free time. to celebrate i will be opening up requests for custom icon and header packs!
info/rules聽 鈥
packs consist of four icons and two matching headers
there are four available slots for packs. in the past i have offered unlimited slots, but given how busy i am at the moment i have to limit them this time
studyblrs/langblrs etc. only please
to participate please send me an ask with the url of the blog you would like a pack for and a rough theme/aesthetic
requests will be open until the 23rd of april or until all four slots are filled
it really amazes me that so many people are interested in my silly little blog, i鈥檓 so grateful for and love you all <3
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jssonata77 4 months ago
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April 12, 2022
Haven't posted anything for quite some time now. :D I kept all these photos 'cause I already have in mind to update my studyblr. :) The photo on the lower left was captured about a few weeks ago. First time serving in a while and I was amazed. Seeing people going to church again feels surreal. I am grateful 'cause I had a chance to volunteer on the first onsite worship service again after years of quarantine. :) I never thought I'd still be able to use whatever skill I have to serve again.
The photo beside it was my bass project update. :D Transcribing was both fun and challenging. I enjoy organizing my bass pieces now. Other photos were captured to make some memories. :) I missed going to Peyups 'cause every time I go and visit that place I remember how eager I am to always study my pieces.
Still have a few more photos on my phone. :))
Til next time!
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littlefoxjournal 4 months ago
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Do you prefer to take notes on paper or digitally?
I tried to summarise the text on the left digitally, but returned to paper after two pages 馃摑
Vegan chai tea pear milkshake by @/ choartemi
IG: littlefoxjournal
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fizazz 4 months ago
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Going to campus for offline classes for the first time and I am already halfway through my second year. Living on my own in a new city is so much harder than I could have ever imagined but grateful to have cozy room to return to and coconut trees outside my window 馃尨鉁
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studykac 4 months ago
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March 20th 2022, 19:58
48/100 Days of Productivity
- Spent the morning planning my week and reading a little bit of Elantris by Brandon Sanderson
- Went to see The Batman! Actually thought it was very well filmed of the writing was a bit cringe at points, and the actors were really good! Never even realised that was Colin Farrell!!
- Went to a Korean restaurant with my friend for 攵雽彀岅皽 - which was so good!!!
20. Do you wear glasses?
I do not! I have 20/20 vision despite my long days of squinting at computer screens and low light reading 銋嬨厠 I am contemplating getting a pair of blue light glasses, just to see how well they work.
馃帶 = 1 of 1, SHINee
馃摉 = Elantris by Brandon Sanderson and Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb
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