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October 1st, 2020

Introduce yourself and tell us what you study

Hi, I’m Trisha and I’m new to the studyblr community so I love that this challenge is happening right now. I’ve just started my PhD in Mathematics today! I thought the photographs were a nice way of giving some insight into who I am, a lover of old cafes and a bloody difficult woman.
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Studyblr Community Challenge

Day 1 - Introduce yourself and tell us what you study! 

Hi, I’m Vera, 18 y/o, Ravenclaw, entj, taurus, all that jazz.

I’m currently “majoring” in social studies, psychology and senioritis in Danish highschool. The other classes I’m taking are: 

  • Religion
  • Danish
  • English
  • History

I’ll be finishing highschool next June and afterwards I’ll spend a couple of years learning French before starting a bachelor in English at Aarhus University.

I don’t know what else to say so I’ll just see you tomorrow, y’all<3

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These are just some old Korean notes of mine.

Day 1 of@myhoneststudyblr ’s studyblr challenge!

Introduce yourself and tell us what you study!

I’m 16 yo Honey, a high school senior. (I’ll turn 17 next month, haha.)
I study math, political science, psychology, economics, physical education.
Also, I love learning languages so currently I’m learning Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

Happy Chuseok, everyone!! (I know I’m late but still. ❤️)

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Day 1 of the Studyblr Community Challenge

🍂Introduce yourself and tell us what you study!

Happy October everyone! It’s spooky season! My name is Olivia, I’m currently in high school, and studying in the US (don’t even get me started on the mess over here right now). 

I am currently studying the basics (english, math, science, etc.) but I’m also taking German, world history, and chorale! I’d like to study psychology in college later on, though, and help people with their mental health.

I’ve been pretty inactive on here but I’m hoping this challenge will change that! I wish everyone luck and happy autumn!

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31/100 Days of Productivity

  • Attended online classes
  • Studied Political Science
  • Studied Sociology
  • Learnt Psychology flashcards
  • Made Sociology flashcards

Studyblr Community Challenge

Day 1 - Introduce yourself and tell us what you study!

Hi! I am Amyra and I am 18 years old. I live in India and I am currently in my last year of school (Class 12). My stream is Humanities and I am studying Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Political Science, English and Fine Arts.

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• 01.10.2020 •

Studyblr Community Challenge by @myhoneststudyblr

• Day 1 - Introduce yourself and tell us what you study! •

Hi! I’m Kate, I’m 20 years old and on my second year at university. I’m studying Theoretical Physics in the UK.

I love learning languages (I’m native Polish and I can speak English fluently. Currently self-studing Spanish, Latin and a little bit of Japanese). I also play the piano and I think about learning the guitar.

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Studyblr Community Challenge Day 1 - Introduce yourself and tell us what you study!

Well, hello! 🍂 My name is Laura, I’m German and I’m studying history. I’m currently doing a masters programm and plan to finish it in about a year. The recurring topics during my studies are religion and France during the sixteenth and seventeenth century. I’m also able to understand six languages, even though I can only confidently speak in two of them, but at least both fluently 😅 during the next year, I will take some time to improve some of my other languages, tho!

I hope you all had a nice first day of October!! 🍂🍁

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01/10/2020 | Day 1 of the studyblr community challenge

🌼Introduce yourself and tell us what you study!🌼

Hi! I’m Bea, i’m 20 and I live in Spain. I’m in my third year of university studying modern languages, culture and communication (i study french and german + french literature + german literature + linguistics this semester)

I’m also about to start a watercolor painting course like i did last year for the first time and I’m super excited about it! Maybe you’ll get to see some of my future paintings around here…

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Day 1 of the studyblr community challenge 💜

Today’s prompt is to introduce myself. So, hello! I’m Beth. I’m 20. And I am a third year university student. I study creative and professional writing and after university I hope to train as a teacher.

I hope you are all well and that this month treats you kindly ✨

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Day 1 - Introduce yourself and tell us what you study ✨

Hello! I’m Wiame. I’m 17 and am from Morocco.

I have graduated from hs last summer and I literally do not know what to do with my life therefore I might take a gap year or randomly jump into any uni course? Who knows? Stay tuned for the adventure guys :’)

Anyway, in order to stay sane, I am still taking this time to study German, focus on my hobbies and health.

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Day 1: Introduce yourself and what you study

Howdy I’m a second year Microbiology and Cell Sciences student in UF. My favorite sports to watch are basketball and volleyball, I’ m working out to be able to join my school teams when I get back on campus. I love to watch documentaries and movies with my friends so we could discuss them together. This semester I am taking these classes:

- Human parasitology

- Bacterial Pathogens

-Ecology of Vector Borne Pathogens

- Advanced Lab

- Medical Terminology

- Introduction to Equine Sciences

- Introduction to Bioinformatics

- Supervised Teaching of Micro lab

My goals for this semester is to pass all my classes and become a TA for Parasitology. I want to pursue a career in research with my degree.

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Day 1 of @myhoneststudyblr Studyblr Community Challenge: Introduce yourself and tell us what you study!

Hi! I’m Rhea and I’m an international student in the UK 🇬🇧

I recently finished my undergraduate degree in Geography and I’m now doing my MA in Law. It’s a definite swerve in the way of thinking and I actually started this week so looking forward to being a full fledged lawblr!

To-do today:

  • Sort out some client work
  • Finish my French written exercise
  • Transcribe an interview
  • Prep for an assessment centre tomorrow
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1 / 10 / 2020

Day 1 of the Studyblr Community Challenge ✨

Introduce yourself and tell us what you study!

Hi! I’m Nah!

I’m a proud muslimah and a southeast asian

I graduated from junior high this year, so I’m now in my 1st year of senior high! I’m also wanting to learn more and improve my arabic bcs I learn it at school but still can’t rly converse in it! 😬

and I’m so excited in participating this challenge bcs it’ll be my first studyblr challenge I’ll participate in!

photos :

right : bits and pieces I stick on my wall :v

left : a used vintage book I bought and just read last night and it was just— (T~T)

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Day 1 of @myhoneststudyblr’s Study Community Challenge!

Introduce yourself and tell us what you study!

I’m Rosie, a student at the university of Cambridge. I’m in my 4th and final year, and at the end of the year I’ll graduate with a BA and MSci!! 💫

I study Materials Science, which is a mixture of chemistry, physics, maths, and its own unique perspective on science. My main interests are biomaterials and sustainability! 🍀

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if i’m being honest, this week has been really rough. we’ve had so much drama with volleyball, accompanied by threats to cancel the season, and it’s really weighing on me. at least it’s officially spooky season!

my anatomy class isn’t until next semester but i bought this study guide from staples and i figured i’d get a headstart!

today’s seltzer: aha strawberry cucumber (like always)

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