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Wednesday, 03.03.21

So I was plateauing and also tmi having bowel issues… Now after going through my calorie tracking app I noticed that I barely drank anything besides a cup of tea, coffee and some zero sodas or energy drinks during February. Plus I eat a lot of fiber. High fiber diet without enough fluids was not the best idea… I’ll try my best to drink at least 2.5 liters of water from now on! Maybe even a little more cuz I am currently drinking a fiber supplement every morning as well.

1 cup fiber drink - 22 cal
Protein overnight oats with mango - 298 cal
2 tsp hazelnut duo cream (It tastes like melted kinder chocolate!! It has no added sugars and is high in protein!) - 110 cal
A bowl of berries - 92 cal
2 cups of coffee - 8 cal
Tofu with pumpkin and celery root - 260 cal
Diet Coke - 1 cal

cal in: 791 cal

cal out: 297 cal (😬)

net: 494 cal

weigh in: / not weighing myself till Friday

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i should draw furry galo again but in the same style i did that lio in……

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headphones fully charged baybie………… i should watch another movie 

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وهل هناك شيء يبعث بنا الأمل غير الصباحات و وجهك..!

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was reminded today how much I love rings

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Do you ever think about how the vampires in blood probably have no sense of how old the werewolves and mc are

Like given that they’re over 500 years old a 30 year old is probably a fetus to them

And they’d probably estimate the mortal character’s ages as like 200 and stuff (and immediately receive weird looks after)

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OH i had a thought earlier, going off of the concept of galo becoming burnish because of lio- i wonder how he would react to that in reference to his trauma with fire?

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had…. to make Them…..

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