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Poco a poco mi cuerpo convoca al tuyo

Cree que la realidad no espera

A nada ni nadie

Y busca movilizar nuestros labios

Fabricar recuerdos fugaces

y uno que otro interminable.

En ese instante,

Nuestras manos se darán las paces

Y darán la espalda

a la soledad traicionera

José Miguel Silva Domínguez

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So I never really show my face around this site because I don’t know. But this is a wall in my nerd cave. I turn 31 in about two months time and all I gotta say is 30 has been an absolute wild ride. Literally a month after my birthday, I experience a 6.4 & 7.1 magnitude earthquakes then come October I switched careers (Jesus has that been stressful) then come now we are in this chaos. 30 is going to be the year in my life that I truly will not forget. Hope you’re all doing alright, if you need anyone to chat with hit me up!

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