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about me

i’m kei, or you can call me minkiths if you’d like. i am currently 15 years old as of june 6, 2020. i’m a girl, and i go by she/her pronouns. i’m asian, atheist and lesbian. i like bts && chungha and i casually listen to other girl groups. if you want to ask about my music taste in western artists, just shoot me a question! i love min yoongi with all my heart && soul <3


i do a little bit of everything considering i literally don’t know what to pursue yet. i draw, write, edit (both photo and video), and produce music. i used to dance, but i can’t sing for shit. i will post fics sometimes at a random interval. i will also post bts edits or fanart, but i don’t know if i’ll ever release my music here.


i ship everything in bts, but i don’t really like jikook and sope. that doesn’t mean i’ll discredit their friendship, though! i think it’s adorable. i usually like yoongi-centric ships. i don’t really mind if he tops or bottoms, that doesn’t matter to me. i also like poly ships.

 do not follow

if you’re homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic, islamophobic, racist, etc. no hateful people on my blog !!!

if you’re an anti of bts or chungha

if you hate rps

if you’re a solo stan

before you follow

i won’t reblog or post anything that contains graphic smut. however, other nsfw genres are fine (gore, blood, etc.) i tend to write those nsfw genres as well, so if you don’t like it, don’t follow.

if you’ve reached the end of this post and decided to follow me, that’s great! feel free to shoot me a message, let’s be friends. :]

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What do I wanna be? What am I trying to be? Who am I trying to fool?




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