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#mysme hc

I loved this! Hope you like it <3

  • One day, when Jumin is arguing with Zen why he couldn’t call him Hyun if everyone is using their own name now than Seven has asked everyone to use his real name, Saeyoung.
  • “All I’m saying, Zen, is maybe you could let the RFA members call you Hyun instead of Zen”.
  • “I don’t want to! Everyone’s used to call me Zen anyways”
  • “I like to use people’s actual names”
  • “But you call me Liz lol” you intervene.
  • Silence.
  • “Isn’t… your name Liz?”
  • “Well, it’s actually Elizabeth”
  • It was probably the second biggest thing to happen in the chatroom.
  • Jaehee is speechless. Then, she asks you if you’ve ever feel uncomfortable with no one using you your real name. You tell her it’s really okay, you actually prefer being called Liz.
  • Jumin congratulates you on having such a beautiful name and says there should be no problem because you’re Elizabeth while his cat is Elizabeth the 3rd. It’s simple.
  • Zen starts sneezing. After he calms down, he politely asks if he can still call you Liz.
  • Saeyoung changes your screen name to “Elizabeth the 1st”, then to “Ellie #2”, then to “Ellie without whiskers” and so on.
  • Yoosung is shocked but laughs at the reaction of everyone else. Prefers to call you Lizzie like he did before.
  • Bonus for Jumin: He’s very concerned when he receives a call from his bodyguards informing him Elizabeth the 3rd was back home from the vet. He’s confused as to why she was sent there when he left no instructions about taking her anywhere. After doing some digging, he finds out the guard who received the order “take Elizabeth to the doctor” took the wrong Elizabeth to the wrong doctor. This was later confirmed when he saw a text you had send him earlier: “thought Driver Kim was going to take me to my appointment :( nvm, took a cab, meet you at diner xx”. He’ll never admit it but one of the best things about marrying you was being able to call you his wife so no one could get the wrong idea ever again.
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obey me!/mystic messenger just for fun 😊

— lucifer and jumin would get along easily, i think. they’d talk about the similarities between a student council and a fundraising organization, and of course, both would likely mention their devotion to their closest, dearest friends.

— mammon would hit it off with seven, and he’d teach mammon how to hack code and how to get mostly illegal jobs that way to get rich, and they’d send each other memes with no context.

— levi and yoosung would be best friends, obviously! they’d trade info about TSL and LOLOL and add each other in-game. don’t worry, the shouting matches over mic just means they like each other.

— satan and jaehee would admire each other’s diligence, she for her work and he for his studies. they would bond over their shared love of coffee, and visit each other on their days off, trading recommendations for books and plays.

— asmodeus and zen were already fans of each other, because beauty recognizes beauty, but when they meet, they shower each other in praise. “you’re almost as gorgeous as me!” might sound like a dig, but they both understand that it’s actually the highest compliment the other can give.

— beel was originally only lured to seven by the smell of HBC, but after he mildly threatened him and got a whole box out of the deal, he decided he was a pretty cool guy (even if he is friends with mammon).

— belphie and saeran are eventually forced into talking at the behest of their twins, who, upon both mentioning their sweet, shy, emo twin brother, immediately had the same idea. they grumble about it, but do end up liking each other, saeran lulling belphie to sleep talking about his garden.

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hiya! i heard you were open for requests! in that case, may i have headcanons of the rfa + saeran reacting to a mc with a passion for anime and drawing? (feel free to modify this ask if you want to do just one of them :D) thank you so much :)))

i wrote this while watching a re-run of Naruto lol again, sorry for this being so late, i hope you like it <3


  • lowkey interested in anime, hasn’t said anything until he knew you were interested as well
  • Really into shonen animes, because the fights remind him of LOLOL
  • He’s definitely going to stay up all night to finish watching a really good anime
  • When he discovers you like to draw them too, he’s in awe
  • “You’re soooo talented, MC! Can I see more of your drawings?”
  • You’ll be the first one to fall asleep when you binge-watch but he’ll stay up. He’s used to it.


  • Will totally ask you to draw him anime-style
  • And yes he’s going to frame it
  • WIll try and watch some episodes with you but he will eventually get bored, no matter what you try to do.
  • zen whyyyy
  • He will stay with you,but will start combing your hair or something else to keep him from falling asleep


  • Is mesmerized as how good you can draw! She’s a fan of the arts
  • Will take a picture of one of your drawings and put it as her phone background
  • At first not really into anime. Yes, the characters are designed beautifullu but have you seen Zen?
  • Will eventually find the joy in it, especially in the shojo section~
  • Be prepared for binge watching and fangirling with her


  • He’s really amazed at your work
  • He’s not much into anime itself, hasn’t watched one that really captured his attention, but it’s willing to try for you
  • Will watch you draw while drinking a glass of wine. Your expressions change softly while you’re drawing and he’s living for it
  • This is another one who will frame your best work at put them around the house so he can look at them every chance he gets
  • Wouldn’t admit that he shed a tear with Your Name, but the next day he gave you a nice red string silver bracelet, because he liked the idea of you being his soulmate


  • Will stay with you on the couch while binge-watching
  • Will definitely bring his precious Honey-Buddah chips, PhD Pepper and a blanket for both of you
  • Be prepared for long and very passionate conversations about headcanons for your favorite animes
  • You are wrong if you think he won’t ask you to draw him in one of his outfits
  • Will encourage you to cosplay with him your favorite anime


  • He’s a man of the arts, so he really likes the fact you like drawing
  • Has countless of photos of you drawing, taken when you weren’t paying attention
  • He’s really into anime movies more than series. He especially likes the emotional ones: Your Name, A Silent Voice, etc.
  • Will silently cry every time there’s an emotional scene. You snuggle closer whenever this happens and it makes him feel better


  • He hasn’t really been up-to-date with anime
  • But when he was a kid, he would watch Pokemon with his twin whenever their mom wasn’t home
  • So it takes him a while to watch again, it’s just too many memories for him
  • Will watch 2 to 3 episodes with you before getting tired, but will watch again tomorrow. He can’t just binge watch
  • Soft cuddling while watching though <3
  • Really impressed by your ability to draw anime. Will try and draw as well, while you give him some tips so he can be even better. Sometimes you just go to the porch and draw in comfortable silence, enjoying each other’s company.
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rfa + v mc who blares music and sings at the top of their lungs when their stressed, mad, sad(will sometimes cry if its really bad), or feeling any other negative emotions

I know it’s been a while, but I couldn’t figure out how to write this. Finally, I had the idea today! I’ve added a link to each song next to their names <3 I changed Seven’s to quiet singing but I think you’ll like the end result ~

Yoosung (x)

  • Yoosung can get wanting to express something through song. He’s friends with Zen after all.
  • But he was still surprised at your song selection
  • You had had an awful day at work and apparently had argued with one of your colleages,
  • So as soon as you got home, you threw your purse to the couch and connected your phone to the stereo. Yoosung was coming out of the shower. You both looked at each other for a second.
  • “I had the worst day at work” you said before pressing play.
  • “Fuck you, fuck you very very much. ‘Cause your words don’t translate and it’s getting quite late so please don’t stay in touch”
  • whyishisprincesscursingsomuchomg
  • He’ll watch you from a distance as you sing your lungs out around the living room and even dance a little bit, pointing at the air as you sing
  • When you’re over, he’ll wrap his arms around you and hug you tightly.
  • “Want some tea?”
  • “… Yes, please”

Zen (x)

  • Zen went to do the grocery. He insisted MC to go with him, but she refused, saying she wanted to stay home because she was still a little tired.
  • He had noticed MC being a little off the past few weeks, but he had been too afraid to ask why. 
  • He did the grocery quickly, not really enjoying it because his lady wasn’t there with him. When he was about to open the door to his place, he heard her voice singing. He decided not to interrupt her and stayed there listening for a little while.
  • “Yet if he said he loved me, I’d be lost, I’d be frightened. I’d couldn’t cope, just couldn’t cope. I’d turn my head, I’d back away, I wouldn’t want to know. He scares me so, I want him so, I love him so”.
  • The passion in your voice, a thing an actor could easily notice, was hard to ignore. He tried thinking about what had been going on with you to make you feel that way. Were you feeling like this because of other man? His heart clenched at the idea.
  • He opened the door, startling you. “Can we talk?” he quickly said and you nodded. Both of you sat on the couch in silence. After a moment, took a deep breath and asked: “Do you have feelings for someone else?”
  • You looked at him, surprised.
  • “What?”
  • “I’m asking if you have feelings for someone else. I heard you singing. That was definitely not just any song for you” he explained, his expression filled with sadness.
  • Suddenly, you started giggling. He looked at you, confused. You grabbed his hand tightly and smiled at him.
  • “I don’t know anyone else but you” you assured him. That made him smile just a tiny bit. “It’s just that… I’m scared” you confessed, biting your lip.
  • “Why are you scared, princess?”
  • “I’ve never been so serious with someone before. I– I’ve never lived with someone before and the other week you were talking about marriage and I panicked. I panicked not because I don’t want it, I do, but– these feelings I have…” you touched your chest. “I never loved somebody like I love you now. And it terrifies me a lot and I–”
  • A pair of lips crashed against yours. You kissed Zen back and couldn’t hide a smile.
  • “I never loved anyone like I love you either” he said, grabbing your face in between his hands. He placed a soft kiss on your lips before continuing. “So, can we be scared together?” he offered, making you smile again.

Jaehee (x)

  • It had been one of those days for Jaehee. She had had too much work at C&R and her new heels were killing her. She was mad, frustrated at everything going on. In that moment, she only wanted to come home and relax with her girlfriend.
  • When she entered the apartment, you immediately could tell it had been a rough.
  • “Was Jumin being a pain in the ass again?” you asked, as Jaehee took off her shoes and sat on the couch. She grumbled. You smiled sweetly and turned on the stereo, connecting your phone via bluetooth.
  • “I know what can help you” you teased, before pressing play. You started walking towards her with a huge grin on your face.
  • “We’re soaring… flying… there’s not a star in heaven that we can’t reach” you sang along.
  • Jaehee realised which song was it but refrained from singing along. You frowned and kept singing.
  • “You know the world can see us in a way that’s different from who we are. Creating space between us ‘til we separate hearts. But your faith–”
  • Now Jaehee was singing along as well. You knew your musical theatre loving girlfriend couldn’t resist High School Musical, even though it was her guilty pleasure.

Jumin (x)

  • Of course when Jumin learnt you could play the piano, he bought a big one for his penthouse. He loved listening to you play while he drank a glass of wine.
  • You played exclusively classical music, which le loved.
  • But once, he decided to come home early. He had decided to surprise you by taking out out for dinner.
  • He was about to announce himself, when he heard your voice on the piano. Making sure not to make noise, he took a couple of steps and watched you play. He had never heard that song before, never before heard you sing while playing the piano.
  • “But I don’t want some pretty face to tell me pretty lies, all I want is someone to believe. Honesty is such a lonely word…”
  • It was an emotional performance, Jumin had never seen someone pour all their feelings into a song. He let you finish and then saw you wiping the tears on your face with the back of your hand. 
  • He coughed a little, making himself present. You quickly turned your head in surprise. Your cheeks turned a bright pink.
  • “Do you want to talk about something?” he asked, walking towards you and sitting beside you on the piano bench. You sighed and took his hand.
  • “You know I can get kind of… insecure sometimes. With you having so many women with higher positions wanting to be with you, even after knowing you’re in a relationship. And I know you would never, never cheat on me but I have been cheated before.”
  • Jumin didn’t know that. He knew you got insecure sometimes, but he didn’t know someone had dared to betray your trust like that. He felt his muscles tense as he thought of you finding out and crying about it.
  • “Hey. It was last year and we split up after that. And I know you’re not like that, honey, I just… I don’t know, my head messes up with me sometimes. So “Honesty” seemed like a good song to… express myself I guess” you smiled softly.
  • Jumin kissed your temple and hugged you tightly against his chest.
  • “You’re the only woman I want beside me. The only one that makes my heart go faster when she’s around, or even when I think about her. So please, don’t worry your head, not about those things. None of them make me as happy as you do”.

Seven (x)

  • It’s a quiet morning. Saeyoung is asleep on the bed he still doesn’t want to share with you. He had bought a bed and made up a guest bedroom for you, which made you feel exactly like that: a guest. Not his girlfriend.
  • He has been working all night, you know, and maybe it was foolish to believe everything would be okay when you returned with Saeran, but Saeyoung was isolating himself again. 
  • Saeran was still at the hospital but you knew things wouldn’t get better when he returned home.
  • You know it’s rude to stare, but you do it every morning after you wake up. You look at him sleep for a couple of minutes and then start your day.
  • This time you go to the living room and see the RoboCat in a corner, not working anymore. And you can’t help but cry. You sit on the couch and start singing silently.
  • “Haven’t had a dream in a long time. See the life I’ve had can make a good man bad. So, for once in my life, let me get what I want. Lord knows it would be the first time” you sing quietly, tears running down your cheeks.
  • You put your hands in your face and sob for a moment, until you feel someone sitting next to you. You jump, surprised, and quickly wipe your tears.
  • “Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you” you mutter.
  • “What do you want?” he asks. You look at him, confused. “You were singing about wanting something. What do you want?”
  • His eyes are tired and his voice is raspy, but he looks like he’s really asking.
  • “I want you” you reply. Saeyoung opens his eyes, more awake now, his cheeks turning pink. You smile softly at that reaction, you had certainly missed that. He tries to process what you have just said, so you give him a little time to do that.
  • “Give me some time please” he murmurs. “I… I know we were getting somewhere. I just… There’s too much going on. But it’s not I don’t– I don’t want… you” he says, the colour on his cheeks getting more and more intense.
  • “Okay, okay” you whisper. You tentatively reach for his hand and softly grace it. When he doesn’t move it, you try and hold it. He still doesn’t move it.
  • You know it will take some time. But you would get there. Both of you would.

V (x) (x)

  • V knew you had gone to visit your parents after a long time. You didn’t answer when he texted you, asking how it had gone. You only replied saying “i’m home, please bring dinner”
  • So when V came home he was really surprised to hear really really loud music while you were playing the air guitar.
  • “What’s the worst that I can say, things are better if I stay so long and goodbye, so long and goodbye” you sang. You turned around and saw your boyfriend but didn’t stop. He looked at you, a little smile but still confused. V left the take out on the table and cam closer. You put your hand for V to take and pulled him into our frenzy performance.
  • During a small interlude, you began dancing some moves that V swore were from ballet.
  • “My dad hated that I was into this band when I was growing up” you shouted above the music, still dancing with him. The song ended and you quickly changed it to the next one.
  • “He thought it didn’t suit me, it was too rebellious, not me. But fuck his expectations for me, fuck everything” you continued and kept singing along.
  • “A life that’s so demanding, I get so weak. A love that’s so demanding I can’t speak. I’m not afraid to keep on living, I’m not afraid to walk this world alone. Honey if you stay, I’ll be forgiven” you pointed at an amused V. “Nothing you can say can stop me going home”.
  • “This is home now, though” you shouted, holding V’s hand. “This is home. You are home” you assured him. He could see in your eyes something had happened that afternoon, but he decided to ask tomorrow. 
  • Now it was time to let you let go.
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🏰 - spend the night in a spooky vacation spot

  • You can’t believe you agreed to this
  • But it’s too late to back out now, you and Saeyoung are already checked into the private resort, with the beach just steps away from the house
  • You have the whole place to yourselves –the closest house is miles away
  • You agreed to come here because you wanted some time alone with Saeyoung –no distractions, no missions, nobody who knows them for miles and miles
  • Everything’s perfect –Saeyoung’s old agency buddy got him a deal that made this entire trip free of charge
  • There’s only one problem…
  • “MC,” Saeyoung said as you packed your swimsuits. “There’s a teeny tiny detail I forgot to tell you about~”
  • “What is it?”
  • “The resort is said to be haunted. But that’s okay, it’ll be fun! We’ll have a slumber party with the ghosts, awooooo~”
  • You remember laughing at that time
  • Ghosts? No way, you don’t believe in ghosts
  • “Well, I better pack some treats for the ghosts too then!”
  • It was a ridiculous idea back when you were in your cozy home
  • But now that you’re here in the Philippines, so far from the confines of the bunker, preparing dinner alone in the kitchen as Saeyoung took a shower in the upstairs master bedroom
  • You can’t help but feel as though you’re being watched…
  • It doesn’t help that the house is centuries old, a beautiful remnant of the colonial era of the country but a house that many have once lived in…and possibly died in
  • It doesn’t help that awhile ago, when Saeyoung went out to put your diving gear outside to dry, you heard heavy footsteps from the second floor
  • It surely doesn’t help that the light in the bathroom flickers when you go inside
  • You rationalize that they’re just because the house is old
  • There’s no such things as ghosts
  • But goosebumps break across your skin as you feel a cold chill somewhere behind you
  • You tense and want to call out for your husband, but can’t seem to find your voice
  • You hear the wooden floorboards creak
  • “Saeyoung!” you blurt out loudly, not brave enough to look at whatever it is is standing right behind you
  • “Yes, my space muffin?”
  • You turn and Saeyoung just entered the kitchen, hair wet from his shower
  • You run up to him and hold him close, burying your face in his chest
  • “Let’s stay together…okay? Don’t leave me alone.”
  • Saeyoung chuckles, thinking you’re being adorable and he pulls you close, kissing your forehead
  • “606…if you wanted a shower with me, you could have just said so~”
  • He’s laughing but when there’s a loud SLAM! from upstairs, like a door slamming shut, you both jump
  • You let out a little cry and his arms tighten around you
  • “I take it back,” you say, “I don’t want to stay here anymore! Ghosts are real!”
  • “What? You’re admitting that now?”
  • “Yes! Let’s get our bags and leave now!”
  • You realize that’s silly, it’s the middle of the night and you’re at least an hour away from the city
  • But being in this house is giving you the creeps now
  • That is…until Saeyoung brandishes a small microphone
  • “Can you say that again, my lovely wife~? Closer to the mic please~”
  • Your jaw drops and you know you should be angry but relief floods your body
  • You playfully smack his chest and Saeyoung laughs, explaining how he orchestrated everything
  • The chill is from a device that blows out cold air, the door has a mechanism attached to it and the flickering lights were being controlled by Saeyoung with a remote
  • You shake your head as your goofy husband explains everything to you
  • How he wanted to see his brave wife’s spooked expression, because you never believed in ghosts
  • When you pout and cross your arms, feigning anger, he leans close and kisses your lips
  • “Don’t be mad, 606, you know I’ll never let anything bad happen to you.”
  • Saeyoung wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you close, his lips finding yours
  • Your act falls and you pull him closer, feeling breathless as your husband kisses you passionately
  • But something’s bothering you, and you break free a little and ask breathlessly
  • “How did you do the footsteps? The must be a heavy machine and I didn’t see you pack anything like that”
  • Saeyoung has a confused expression on his face
  • “What footsteps?”
  • “You know,” you say, brushing his hair from his face, “The ones on the second floor. I thought that was genius, agent 707.”
  • “I didn’t do anything like that.”
  • You chuckle and plant another kiss on his lips, even though he looks bewildered
  • “Ha ha ha, very funny, baby”
  • “I’m serious…I didn’t do anything like that. What footsteps?”
  • You pull back now and study his face –you know when your husband is messing around and this time he’s serious
  • You scrunch up your face and stare at him
  • That doesn’t make sense…
  • Because if Saeyoung didn’t do it…then…
  • All of a sudden, the chair in the corner of the room scrapes against the floor a little
  • Both of you look at it, your faces pale
  • You know it’s not a prank anymore, because even Saeyoung is tense, arms tight around you
  • Then a soft voice fills the kitchen, a mournful female voice singing a tune in the native language
  • There’s no one there, but the humming doesn’t stop
  • You feel yourself being lifted off the ground, Saeyoung hoisting you into his arms as he zooms upstairs to your bedroom
  • He locks the door and you jump into bed, pulling the sheets to your chin
  • Saeyoung lies down beside you, eyes wide
  • Both of you stay up all night, locked in the master bedroom
  • In the morning, you two get the courage to look into the kitchen, but everything is where it should be, the chair unmoved
  • Since you have a couple more nights here, you two decide to stay but avoid the kitchen for the rest of the trip
  • Nothing else happens during your stay and you’re thankful for that
  • Lol Saeyoung even insisted that you both shower together at some point
  • But when it was time to leave, you look at the house from the passenger seat of the rented car
  • It’s a really beautiful house, the architecture unlike the ones in the cities nowadays
  • Saeyoung drives away and you say goodbye to the beach, the house, the wonderful memories you two spent in there, despite that one spooky night
  • You grin and you’re about to roll up your window when you spot the window from the kitchen
  • It’s open, and a lady in a white dress stands and waves at you
  • In the blink of an eye, she disappears


Thanks for the request, girl! I had writing this spooky request! :)) I wrote the location as Philippines because lol that’s where I live and I have had some pretty eerie experiences when visiting the provinces lol so I hope you liked it! I’m sure GOD707 will protect you no matter what happens, Momo!!! :)) 

Wooooo excited for Halloween! <3 <3 <3

Prompt from THIS list! 


Feel free to send in more, but take note, idk when I’ll be able to finish hehe ^^; I had fun writing this!! <3

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Zen,seven, v and saeran showing moderate jealousy and mc finding it cute

Thank you for the request! I haven’t written headcanons in a while, so this is a little short, but I enjoyed every bit of writing it, so I hope you do, too! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

RFA + Saeran + V showing jealousy


  • It’s surprisingly easy for him to get a little jealous
  • Sometimes even when it’s just Zen casually talking with you, or when you’re laughing with Saeyoung
  • He gets a little red in the face, and wants nothing more but to pull you aside and kiss you
  • He thinks he’s not obvious, but it shows, and it’s the most endearing thing to see him rush over you, take your hand and pretend he needs something important from you
  • And then, when you’d ask what’s the emergency, he’d just smile a little awkwardly without an answer
  • But you knew what the matter was, and you’d plant a kiss on his cheek to remind him he was the only one
  • You got a bit jelly, didn’t you?”
  • He’d look at you, flustered, “What? N-no!”
  • And honestly, you enjoyed it a bit too much ;)
  • but don’t do this too often to poor Yoosung


  • Zen wasn’t particularly jealous, but his own words were that men are wolves, and that is clearly how he sees most who show interest in you
  • A literal master at swooping you away from whomever you were talking to
  • He knows just how to attract your attention - placing a hand on your hip and subtly whispering to your ear how he needs and wants you to himself, before gently pulling you away to someplace less crowded
  • When he was being so attentive, how could you resist?
  • If you’re together with someone in a caffe bar or somewhere where he can’t do that, then you’ll get bombarded with kisses when you’re finally alone
  • You called Yoosung cute?
  • Well, you better say that Zen is cuter 0.2 seconds later or you risk waking the beast… except if that’s exactly what you want
  • Expect hungry kisses, hands everywhere, and being held bridal style as he carries you to the apartment (and probably throws you to the bed, but that’s for special days)


  • As the most rational member of the RFA, she isn’t keen on getting jealous
  • But when you’re working in the caffe, sometimes people will casually flirt with you, and even though your replies were always purely platonic, Jaehee would still find herself slightly pouty
  • Which is strange, because you felt the exact same way when people flirted with her
  • When the customer finally left, she’d pull you aside and give you a small kiss to the lips before hurrying away to make another batch of coffee
  • “What was that for?” you’d ask, but the blush and small pout on her face gave you an answer. “Ah, I felt like that too. People flirt out of fun, it’s nothing serious. It doesn’t mean anything.”
  • “I know, but sometimes I just want to confirm.”
  • You’d check if anyone was watching, and have her a tight hug, planting your lips on her throat, where she was most sensitive
  • “We should do this more often,” you heard her say, her voice ragged
  • “Yeah, but I think I’m gonna have a nosebleed.”


  • Even though Jumin knew you were only his, he still couldn’t help himself whenever you were surrounded by other men
  • And, no, he wasn’t even trying to hide his jealousy
  • At business parties, he always has one hand around your waist, and if you manage to get separated, know that he has one eye on you
  • If someone is getting too personal with you, you can always count on Jumin to come by and pull you in for a deep kiss, unbothered by the audience
  • He was always a bit possessive, but never to the point of lacking trust or respect, which is what you loved about him so much
  • But sometimes he’d just get broody if he’s coming home after a long flight, and you’ve been spending your days with Zen and Saeyoung
  • You never thought you’d see Jumin pout, but it’s the most endearing thing
  • How can you stop kissing that beautiful face??
  • “Jumin, you’re my husband,” you’d whisper to him, watching those grey eyes squint as he started to smile, “You’re everything, and more, that I ever asked for.”


  • Initially, Saeyoung didn’t think he had the rights to get jealous, especially because of the fact that your relationship has grown out of honesty
  • …but there he was, glaring with narrowed brows at how you gushed over Zen’s singing
  • Before he even knew what he was doing, he was standing in front of you
  • “You know I can probably sing better,” he’d casually say, tossing his flaming hair to the side in an almost dramatic fashion
  • And of course, Zen heard him… and that’s how a singing contest started, and god forbid you were cheering for Hyun (he already had Jaehee doing all the fan work)
  • “You were actually good,” Zen complimented, but Seven just smiled
  • “It’s because I did it for this lady,” he said and placed a hand over your shoulders, kissing you forehead
  • You blushed, but were also amazed by how well he performed
  • “I hope you weren’t jealous before, but Zen is right. You were perfect,” you said, and he grinned, enjoying your praise


  • Ooh boi, this is no joking matter
  • If he gets jealous, you’ll know pretty quickly - his death stares are serous enough to scare people away
  • But sometimes he does it unconsciously, mostly when someone gets too personal with you
  • When they suddenly stopped talking, your first instinct was to look over at Saeran, and you’d see him pouting and glaring
  • And you shouldn’t find it cute, but he was the impersonation of a cute pitbull, and you knew others could find him scary, but to you, he was the sweetest
  • You’d kiss the pout away from his face, and you bet he’ll get his hands all over you
  • “It’s alright to get a little jealous, Saeran,” you’d remind him, sighing as he kisses your neck
  • “Who said I was jealous? I was just… cautious,” he said, but the blush that crept up his cheeks said it all


  • Definitely the most mature
  • He trusts you too much to be cautious or envious of who you hanging out with
  • Even on rare occasions when Jihyun does get jealous, he’ll probably bottle it up
  • But that doesn’t mean he’s naive or inattentive
  • If he sees someone clearly showing interest in you that isn’t only platonic, he’ll bring it up, plain and simple
  • He’ll come to your side, slip his hand over yours and kiss your cheek
  • “I see you enjoy my girlfriend’s company,” he’d say to the guy in front of you, “but I’m afraid I’ll have to steal her for a little while.”
  • “Thank you for getting me out of that one, JIhyun,” you smiled, standing on your toes to kiss him
  • “Anytime, darling.”
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“i trust you.” + jumin. since trust is such an important thing to him and a major theme in his route. ty 💞

In Seven’s defense it’d been a rare case of loose lips, the words had left his mouth before he’d realized what he had said. He wasn’t suppose to talk about this with the rest of the RFA before discussing it with V…

But V had been next to impossible to contact in the past two days, so Seven had opted in biting his tongue until he was able to manage getting a hold of V… until he opened his big mouth and Jumin pressured the rest out of him. The words security breach and at Rika’s apartment’s didn’t seem to sit well with the CEO in line.

To be honest, you’d been still staying at Rika’s apartment. Jumin was still uneasy about it. He still hadn’t gotten over how wary Seven had seemed at one point before the party and though he offered you his home now that the both of you were enagaged, you still insisted in staying at Rika’s. He respected your choice, as he promised he would but ever since Luciel’s slip of the tongue he hadn’t been able to shake the feeling that you were in danger.

It’d only been two days but in those two days he’d been filled with nothing but anxiety for you, Luciel’s reassurance that he’d be looking after you through the CTV didn’t sit well with him either; what good was a camera if you were ever in actual physical danger? He needed to be sure that you’d be protected in every way possible besides it wasn’t like him to admit it but he also didn’t like the idea of Luciel watching over you all by himself, Elizabeth as dear as she was to Jumin was one thing but you were another and there was more than annoyance at the thought of 707 watching you. As petty or childish as the feelings were, it was what he felt.

So not long before the third day could end he had finally convinced you to to return to his home where you would be absolutely safe.

You’d been stubborn in wanting to stay at the apartment, and you had your own reasons but you had finally managed to reluctantly reflect and understand that none of the reasons you had were enough worth risking your life.

Whether it had been to avoid calling more attention to yourself (the press that was still on your tail after Jumin’s public proposal), or whether you felt like it was best for your relationship to give each other space after the incident which resulted in your first encounter of one another, or simply because Rika’s apartment was much closer to work that Jumin’s penthouse, or just because you finally wanted some normalcy back in your life and to reestablish your daily routine you finally decided to accept Jumin’s offer.

Staying with Jumin again finally made you aware of how much your life would change by his side, though you loved him all the changes felt so different and you were familiar with them. You were so accustomed to going wherever you wanted, whenever you wanted by yourself… now, that changed as well… Jumin had you take at least six bodyguards wherever you went and taking into consideration that you were going back to work on Monday, a place you liked having an open space and freedom in, you had a few ifs of yourself.

You were vocal about your concerns and though Jumin had promised to listen to you he was adamant on keeping the current number of bodyguards. You only wanted one, but he wouldn’t back off from six, and he was considering himself understanding enough with allowing you as little as six if it had been up to him he would have provided you with twice as much protection. Additionally, he wanted you to take some time off from work while a threat was still possible, but that’s where you had to drew the line.

“Jumin, I understand you’re worried but please try to understand me, I need my space and some time to get used to all of this… this- this is all still so new to me.”

“I understand Y/N, but your safety is more important right now. I know this isn’t ideal but I have to prioritize your safety, I promise you’ll adjust to it with time..”

“That’s the thing! I’m trying to Jumin, I’ve been trying to! But it’s difficult to adjust to it when I can’t even proceed with my life as I normally do, now you won’t even let me go to work, Jumin! I can’t put my life on hold just because there could be a threat, 707 said it himself and the hacker went quiet immeaditly after that last attack, I know you’re worried but you’re just gonna have to trust me on this.” Your voice softened as you reached for his hand. “I’ll take the bodyguards if that makes you comfortable, but please trust me… I’ll be safe.”

He looked reluctant as you spoke but his hard expression softened as you continued to speak to him, after a while he finally let out a sigh and hesitantly nodded. “I trust you.” He took your hands into his as he pulled you into his lap. “I know this might be just an overreaction but I do it because you are the most precious being to me in this world, I’m sorry if it felt like I was trying to restrict you-”

“I know, Jumin. Thank you for understanding and trusting me…. You’re very precious to me as well.” You leaned your head against his and no more words were left to say.

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RFA + Saeran x MC hit by a car

Thank you @jennifermikaelson for requesting this! A little bit of gore and angst ahead, nothing over the top, but tread lightly if you have a weak stomach! I hope it ended alright!


  • Yoosung never lets you walk on the side closer to the road
  • But still, like an excited child, you’d jokingly pull him away to the side you’re on, and you’d change places
  • It was a cute little game of bickering that you used to play
  • … all until one evening you’d lost your footing, and, to Yoosung’s horror, you stumbled right towards the road, under the wheels of a car
  • Yoosung couldn’t decipher whose shriek was louder, yours of pain or his of surprise and shock
  • Getting hit by a car was something that happened to other people, how could it happen to someone he loves?
  • His hands shook so intensely he could barely dial the ambulance number
  • The RFA couldn’t let Yoosung go through it alone, so everyone came and waited in front of your room at the hospital, like a big family
  • Jumin and Jaehee were like parents, giving their support, while Saeyoung and Zen tried to lighten the mood
  • When the doctor finally called him in, everyone stood up to go inside, but in the end they gave him the privacy to enter first
  • Yoosung basically ran towards the bed you were laying in
  • “Oh, I’m so glad you’re awake,” he spoke in a trembling voice, looking all over you to see how injured you were
  • “It was nothing big,” you casually said, reaching for his hand.
  • “Nothing big? Look at your leg, that’ll take weeks to heal!”
  • Yoosung was genuinely concerned, as he always was, but the gentle squeeze of your hand in his comforted him
  • “They all came, didn’t they?” you asked, changing the subject, but Yoosung’s shy smile answered instead. “What are you waiting for, let them in!”


  • It was a beautiful night, and Zen had promised to take you with the motorcycle to his favourite spot
  • You knew it was a remote location, but he still hasn’t told you where exactly
  • You’d be lying to say you weren’t excited, and he was, too - it was all over his big grin
  • Besides, he loved the feeling of your hands firmly pressed against his firm stomach as you held onto him while he was driving
  • In one moment, however, your grip felt looser, and for a split second he turned his head around to see if everything was alright
  • He even slowed down, but that did little to help once you completely fell from the motorcycle and onto the hood of a passing car
  • It was the fastest he’s ever ran in his life, while the other driver was calling the police and the ambulance
  • He knew the accident would soon be in the newspapers, but nothing mattered to him as much as getting you to the hospital
  • Thankfully, he didn’t have to wait long for the nurse to call him into the room - he didn’t know what he’d do if he was kept in the dark for any longer
  • She bragged about iron supplements and low blood pressure and quick recovery, but all he wanted was to see you, to hold your hand and kiss your forehead
  • “She probably won’t be able to walk for a week or two, but she should be able to regain her balance after that.”
  • “It’s alright, I’ll carry her,” he said, and you blushed when you heard his voice
  • “Just don’t go overboard with the fun,” the nurse added with a subtle smirk which made even Zen’s cheeks redden


  • Thankfully, Jaehee wasn’t with you when the accident happened
  • If she was, she would be laying right there in the hospital bed with you
  • The car passed through the red light just as you were crossing the road, hurrying to arrive on the job at time
  • “I just didn’t want to be late,” you said, looking at Jaehee, who was sitting by your side, holding your hand in hers. “Besides, I crossed at the green light. It’s the driver who wasn’t looking.”
  • Jaehee wants to say you should’ve been more careful, but she knows you are struggling enough as it is
  • Instead, she looks at your leg, tightly wrapped in a cast, “Does it hurt?”
  • “It’s still numb, but the doctor said it might start hurting after a few hours.”
  • Jaehee’s grip tightens around your hand reassuringly, “I hope it doesn’t start. If it does, tell me and I’ll get the painkillers.”
  • “Are you really alright staying with me here? What’s with the cafe?”
  • “There’s nowhere I’d rather be,” she said, “I don’t want to dramatise, but you mean so much to me - if something happened to you, I don’t know what I’d do. And don’t worry about the cafe, Yoosung volunteered to take care of it until I return.”
  • “And who’s paying him?” you asked out of curiosity
  • “Jumin,” she chuckled, “I swear, it wasn’t my idea.”
  • She promises that the man will be held accountable for his speeding
  • When you return home, she has to help you move around, since your leg is still in the cast, but she never makes you feel like a burden
  • Sometimes Zen comes to the cafe and helps you down the stairs, and Jaehee swoons everytime she sees him carrying you
  • Most importantly, she nudges you to hydrate properly and get enough sleep
  • “Can I at least have a cup of coffee?”
  • “I can make you fruit tea instead.”
  • “Fruit tea? Not even black tea?”
  • “No caffeine for you,” she shook her head, smiling at your fake pout


  • It was a busy period for both Jumin and you, and at times it felt like his whose life was led in a conference room
  • You tried to wiggle in some together time in your tight schedules, which meant you had to run from your work to the nice vintage restaurant Jumin picked for your dinner date
  • As you hurried down the street, you thought about how lucky you were that all the lights turned green for you - all until one car drove through the red light just outside the restaurant, and the last thing you saw were the blazing car lights before the crushing pain in your hip made your vision black
  • When Jumin heard the sounds of commotion from the streets, he thought it surely couldn’t be anything relating to you
  • But something in his stomach told him otherwise and he stormed out only to see your body laying on the side of the street
  • He never ran so fast, pushing aside the paramedics who told him not to approach the accident scene
  • “Let me pass! Are you listening?! She’s my wife! I have to see her, I have to know - “ He wasn’t even aware of what he was saying, his head pounded and he only wanted to see you, to know that you’ll survive
  • The paramedics finally allowed him to accompany you to the hospital, where he stayed by your side even when the doctors told him to get some sleep himself
  • When you had finally awoken, Jumin was sitting by your bed, his head between his hands
  • “Jumin - “ you started weakly, but he responded in an instant, covering you hand with his on the hospital bed
  • “I thought I’d lose you,” he confessed silently. “I don’t know what I’d do if - “
  • “But you didn’t.” You smiled. His hand was holding yours tightly, and you didn’t intend on letting go of it any time soon. “We’ll be together for a long time to come, Jumin.”


  • There were a lot of times you and Saeyoung went for a ride when the Sun has long since disappeared from the sky
  • He was naturally a great driver, aside from the fact that he loved to drive fast
  • Despite that, you always felt safe with him - he was a fast thinker, sharp and had good reaction time and perception… all traits contrasting his childish behaviour
  • His hand would sometimes travel to your thigh to give you a small, playful squeeze
  • But no matter how good of a driver he was, he couldn’t control other drivers on the road
  • He couldn’t predict the actions of a driver from the other side of the road, his urge to hit gas and crash into Saeyoung’s car
  • He could only watch your face contort in horror and pain when you realized what was happening
  • The door on your side was completely smashed, and the protrusion quickly reached your side, making you gasp at the pain
  • In any other situation, he’d hesitate calling the hospital to avoid giving information about himself, but your life was at stake and it was worth every risk
  • There was bleeding on your arm and hip, and he swore he saw a bone amidst the blood
  • In the shock it was hard to feel anything else but the vibrations of your heart, beating wildly, and you barely noticed you were crying when the pain slowly started taking over you
  • “Don’t move, just don’t move and - oh God, please, stay with me,” he begged, taking your healthy arm in his hand, squeezing tightly when he saw you close your eyes
  • His grip only loosened when the ambulance tore him away from you to pull you out of the car
  • The next few hours felt like days as he waited for the doctor, who finally came and told him to enter the room you were laying in
  • “You didn’t think I’d leave you that easily, now did you?” you asked, a small smirk plastered on your lips despite the weakness in your voice
  • My god,” he exhaled, rushing to the side of your bed
  • It was so strange for Saeyoung to be this silent, but he didn’t need any words, not now that he had almost lost you - he only needed your hand in his, and your soft breaths reminding him that you’re alive and well


  • When the accident occurred, you were enjoying an afternoon stroll with Saeran, enjoying the sights of late spring flowers
  • In your periphery, you saw a car going in your direction, but you didn’t have enought time before it collided with the flower stand you were just inspecting
  • The only thing you did is move Saeran out of the way, even though he would blame himself for it later
  • Saeran’s first instinct was to curse at the driver, but the moment he saw your body on the side of the road, his chest tightened
  • The thought of losing you was the first to enter his mind, and he could barely stand it
  • He never typed so fast as he did then, calling the ambulance and basically ordering them to come as quickly as they could
  • The lady on the other side of the line was probably scared shitless, but Saeran wasn’t in a mood to be polite
  • When the ambulance finally came, he insisted to be by your side, and he managed to keep that promise to himself all until you woke u
  • I didn’t want to lose you… I prayed that you survived. There is no one else like you, no one who I would love nearly as much as I do you,” he rambled, pressing your hand to his forehead
  • “Saeran, I’m here and I love you.”
  • “But if you had died… I would’ve been alone again, and I know I’m being selfish.”
  • “You’re not selfish for wanting me to survive,” you smiled. “I can’t say I’m a fan of dying, myself.”
  • He was endearing, but you still hoped he would acknowledge his wishes
  • “If I was more careful, I could’ve pulled you - “
  • “Saeran,” you called him softly, “It could’ve happened to anyone. Listen, we’re here together now, and that’s how it’s going to stay.”
  • “You promise?”
  • “Promise.”
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Headcanon for how RFA+Saeran support an MC in their weightloss journey

This is my first attempt at making a mystic messenger headcanon post, so please forgive me if it’s not the best! No one asked for this prompt but oh well…


“You want to lose weight? Why?” After you explain that you need to for health reasons, yoosung’s round puppy eyes flash to a determined expression. He would get really excited about helping you figure out your new meal plans; insisting to make half of them for you himself. It gives him cooking practice he wants, but mostly it’s an excuse to be more domestic with you.

It’s so fun to experiment with all the different healthy options he can think of… When things get stressful and you cheat(skipping a workout or binge eating cake) you know hes there with you to make sure you don’t beat yourself up. You feel so comfortable talking about the whole ordeal with him, that it hypes you up even more to work harder and show him how much healthier you have become through your guyses work together. While Yoosung is a gamer and not exactly a gym rat, he will go with you to the gym sometimes… “I got us matching gym shirts MC! That’s not to cheesy is it?!” Give this little boy some cuddles, he’s so loyal and supportive through it all he deserves it!


When you explain about your trip to the doctors and how they said you needed to lose weight for your health…Hyun was instantly concerned about how you were taking it. “You know you’re gorgeous, babe, right? In fact it’s hard for me too keep my hands off you…” You laugh and reassure him with a kiss. Zen has never let you feel bad about your body, and you’ve really gotten to a place where you have loved yourself. But your body has been in a lot if pain lately and your longterm health was definitely worth this healthy lifestyle change.

Lucky for you, Zen knows ALL about that healthy lifestyle. You start with him taking you to the gym and teaching you to lift weights… with him there, the process was much more fun then you ever thought it could be(plus Zen at the gym… panting and covered in sweat… urging you to push through your exercises… ahem*cough*). You’re not exactly a fan of only ever eating salads like he does, so you guys eventually work out healthy meals that you both enjoy. Who knew you were so good at seasoning chicken? And Zen made hella tasty veggie salads! Honestly the experience brings you guys even closer together as a couple and when the doctor weighs you two months later, you end up crying happy tears. You’ve felt lighter and stronger than you had in a very long time. The next time you see Zen you surprise tackle him with kisses. Expect a very romantic date to celebrate.


This rich boy. He’s got nutritionists, personal coaches…. He would have bought a whole chain of gyms if it made you happy. When you first bring up your weight loss goals he’s instantly on the phone, arranging all the help you could possibly need to reach your goals. “Whatever you need MC, I will arrange it”. In fact, all this “help” overwhelms you a lot at first. You ask him if it was alright if the two of you workout together, and his face turns into one of his beautifully soft smiles. “Of course, my love.”

Jumin. Spandex gym shirt. LIFE.

Not gonna lie, several of your guyses gym days end with you tugging him away from the coach and the elliptical so you can examine his body up close and personal… Workout Jumin is a side you are not used to seeing, and its… stimulating.

Boy uses this to his advantage on days your groaning and not willing to get out of bed to do push ups.


When you came home from your doctor’s appointment rambling on about terms like “prediabetic” and your needed life change, she was worried. Was your health really that bad? Was there anything she could do to help? When you explained that your weight loss would mostly be preventative she let out a sigh of relief. You meant so much to her, but she wasn’t the most knowledgeable when it came to health and such. Sure she knew about portions sizes and things but she hadn’t exactly been raised to take care of herself.

So, of course she uses her amazing research skills to help you craft a scientifically proven meal and exercise plan that would actually be realistically manageable for you. She even saved up a bit of money from the cafe to buy you guys a home elliptical machine. “I know you find it difficult to go to the gym sometimes after being exhausted from work… so I just wanted to make it a little easier for you.”

An angel. This woman is an angel.

You thank her with a thousand kisses and an intimate bubble bath😘


“This is your fault Saeyoung. I told you all those honey buddha chips would make me prediabetic.” When you get back from the doctor’s and tell Saeyoung about your need to live healthier and lose weight, he takes it surprisingly serious at first. You dont even ask him to help support you, hes already on board with an exercise plan. But again this is Saeyoung. “Saeyoung, where did all my clothes go?” They are in a lock box, attached to a strange eliptical??? Machine that saw cooked up. “It will only unlock after ten minutes of activity MC!”

Honestly, the boy has so much fun thinking of unconventional ways to get you to exercise. Who needs a gym, when he can send you on quests/scavenger hunts through the neighborhood, leaving little notes and things up trees. He gets you a pretty bike, and the two of you make a habit of biking together. It’s hard for Saeyoung to schedule it sometimes, but he will do anything to make sure you are healthy and stay with him as long as possible~ He even goes so far as to make you a special Stationary bike that gives compliments to you as you workout! “Keep up the hard work! Your booty’s lookin’ fiiiiiiiine.”(seven why? Omg). He never let’s you feel alone in all this. He can’t completely give up his chips and dr Pepper but he’s managed to curb it a bit… sorta. You still find crumbs and empty bags stashed in odd places but he always apologizes and gives you hugs. “You know meow I’m getting awful jealous of that bike…” He snuggles into your neck and wraps his arms tight around you. “Maybe you should spend more time riding me hmm?” OMG SAEYOUNG WHY-


Saerans reaction is a little less enthusiastic than the rest of the RFA. He doesn’t exactly know how to be healthy much, and is really quite worried for your health at first. “I dont think you need to lose weight but if the doctor says it will help…” Hes more hands off with his support of you. Like yoosung, he relishes the opportunity to cook new foods for you, and when you fall off the wagon or get discouraged, he takes your hands in his and softly kisses your forehead. “ I know this is hard. It’s amazing you’ve gotten this far. It’s okay of you mess up from time to time, but it doesnt define you. You will get to your goal eventually, okay?” SWEET MARSHMELLOW BABY HES PRECIOUS IM DEAD.

You and him go on walks more regularly now and he really loves it. More time to explore around your guyses neighborhood/city, and just experience new things together… it makes his heart melt. You’ve always tried to help him take care of himself but to do little things for eachothers health like this really means a lot for the both of you. When you meet your weight goal, you are so ecstatic, you tackle hug him. The boys so happy he bakes you a cake!(And it’s okay to have some because health is about healthy portioning, not quitting everything you love and enjoy!)

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How about RFA members + Jihuyn × Mc on their wedding day ? Thank you. Also I love your writting so much.

RFA + V x MC on their wedding day

Thank you for the request, I hope you like it!!


For your wedding, Jumin and Jaehee were the ones who planned the most. Of course, the main ideas were yours, but honestly, they had more experience with organizing, and their help was invaluable.

Despite it being your special day, you would no doubt both be sweating buckets before the main event even started. The though of walking towards the altar with all your friends and family staring at you made you a little anxious, but when it finally happened, all you could focus on was Yoosung. And all he could focus on was how beautiful you looked in your gown.

He seemed so happy and proud looking at you, and you hoped the gleam in his eyes wasn’t a tear. Thankfully, you didn’t cry, but you were filled with emotion. Your friends cheered for you the entire time, throwing confetti and, when they got a little drunk, nudged Yoosung to add a little more detail to his vow - like promising to make you breakfast every morning.

Your first dance was a little clumsy in the beginning, even though you prepared for it, but everyone said you looked very cute together. You may have stepped on each other’s feet a couple times, but you both enjoyed the dance… especially the kiss that came after it.


You wanted to have a small, intimate wedding, especially since Zen gained in popularity and didn’t want it to be a public event. There were still a lot of people, and even his family came, surprising the both of you.

Walking down the aisle, you couldn’t help but notice everyone was staring at Zen, standing proudly in a perfectly fit suit. You didn’t even mind, he was truly stunning. To be honest, you felt a little dull compared to his glistening beauty, but your thoughts perished the moment he took your hands in his and planted a kiss on your lips. It made you feel like the rest of the world was gone - only the two of you were important.

Everyone cheered at the kiss, and urged you to have the first dance. It wasn’t a secret that Zen was a hellishly good dancer, taking the lead was natural to him. You were so lost in the moment, relishing how complete you felt in his arms. His movements blended perfectly with yours, swaying in an organic, sensual way. When you pulled apart, you were both blushing with an undeniable heat between you.

Zen wanted to capture every moment, he insisted on selfies every two minutes despite Jihyun already being busy taking pictures all day as your photographer (poor V). Hyun was obsessed, giving you kisses on the cheek all evening and calling you Mrs. Ryu just because it made you blush!


For you and Jaehee, planning the wedding was not at all as stressful as you have heard - having an organized and diligent girlfriend definitely helped.

Your cake was coffee-flavoured with white buttercream decorated with brown and beige flowers. Jumin’s gift was a few bottles of quality wine that you shared with the guests, but you still insisted on everyone trying out your and Jaehee’s new brew of coffee you even roasted yourselves.

For your first dance song, Zen was the singer. He surprised you beforehand with how good he dances, so he gave you two some private lessons. Both Jaehee and you wore dresses, which made the dance look magical as your flowing skirts swayed in tune with your movements. You saw Jaehee cry a little at the end of the dance, and she confessed she hasn’t felt this emotional in a long while.

It was the best day for you and Jaehee, completely stress-free and filled with joy, but you didn’t doubt your upcoming days of married life are going to be any less joyous, as long as you were together.


You couldn’t resist being nervous on your wedding day, but Jumin was there to calm you. He made the event private, as opposed to his father advising him to make it public. It would help show the company is prosperous, he said, but you and Jumin disagreed.

It was still a big wedding, hosted in one of C&R’s luxurious hotels. The food and drinks (mainly wine) were extravagant, and the cake was ordered from a prestigious patisserie, picked out by his father (so, no, there was no Elizabeth-shaped marzipan figure on top). It had five tiers, large white flowers and a decadent chocolate cream inside.

You were determined to find a pre-made dress, but Jumin insisted to get you a tailor-made one. Once, he said he wanted you to put yourself above all others, and he still stands by his words, but you still didn’t want a dress too grandiose. You opted for a ball gown with small crystals etched into the bodice (it would be no surprise if they were real diamonds, but Jumin wouldn’t tell). It was princess style, but you felt like a queen.

Exchanging vows was more emotional than Jumin thought it would be, but seeing you walk down the aisle made him want to forget about tradition and run towards you to pick you up. He was good at controlling himself, however, so he waited for you to come stand beside him. With a kiss that sealed your love, he smiled at the thought of your future life together.


Deciding to have two separate events, you first got married at a small Church. It was a simple, intimate ceremony just between the two of you. Saeyoung almost cried while reading his vows, promising to protect and love you until the end of time. As if the endearing words weren’t enough, hearing his voice tremble with emotion made your own eyes wet. Exiting the Church hand in hand, you were both sniffling, your noses red and runny.

The main event, though, was far less serious. Despite the only guests being the RFA and a few close friends, the atmosphere was joyous and playful. Saeyoung’s bright idea was to have a chocolate spaceship on top of the cake, and a bowl of honey buddha chips on every table (he insisted). He had so many ideas, like blackmailing Jumin to bring Elly or having a cosplay wedding, but you managed to convince him otherwise.

For the first dance song, you chose something happy and upbeat. You didn’t want it to be too sappy, because you already had your dose of cheesy emotions at the altar. Instead, you goofed around while dancing, being your genuine selves and very, very much in love.


The two of you had the artsiest wedding possible. The whole thing took place in a beautiful wooded meadow, every table decorated with white cloth and spring flowers. It looked like a fairy wedding, especially with the string lights hanging overhead from the trees. It was obvious V was responsible for the decor.

As if sticking with the theme, you looked like a fairy yourself - a simple white dress and a flower crown gave you an enchanting flair. Jihyun looked gorgeous as well, with a turquoise tie that matched perfectly with his hair. 

You couldn’t help but cry a little when you ended your ‘I do’s, because it took so long for you to finally show him how much he means to you. You loved Jihyun, but he couldn’t love himself enough to accept your feelings - but now, underneath a flower arch and in front of your dearest friends, he had no choice but believe you.

His own eyes were getting glossy, but he tried to hide it. “There is nothing to hide anymore, Jihyun,” you stopped him with a kiss and a warm smile.

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can you write a fic where Jumin gets jelous of everyone in the rfa because mc some times makes food for each member and bring it to them but not for him. The real reason behind this, mc doesn't have any confidence in her food for Jumin to eat and she just use the other members as her lab rat to taste the food she made.

MC is Afraid To Give Jumin Homemade Treats

  • at first he thought you really didn’t like him. he was the only one you never gave your sweets to
  • he watched as you handed over bags of candy to the rest of the RFA without giving anything to him
  • at first he didn’t mind but eventually he thought you were pretty rude for doing this right under his nose
  • until one day when you shakily hand over a small bag of cookies to him
  • “H-here. It took a long time to perfect the recipe but I finally did”
  • Oh?
  • “Yeah!” Seven chimed in “Though it’s not like we minded getting the mess ups”
  • The mess ups? You mean all the times you gave sweets to the rest of the rfa, you just weren’t confident enough to give them to him?
  • A streak of red spread across his cheeks all the way to his ears when you looked him in the eyes and nodded shyly
  • As you handed pver the cookies, he was able to get a grip on himself and let out a flustered “t-thank you very much”
  • You looked up and smiled, happy that your countless hours perfecting your recipe finally went to good use
  • After he returned home he placed the small bag on the table
  • After minutes of just staring at it he opened the bag and took a bite of one of the cookies
  • His rogue quickly returned to his cheeks once more. He could practically taste all of the hard work you put into these
  • Y-yes he’d have to repay the favor by making you his own homemade pancakes as a thank you
  • But something about his recipe… it’s not on the same par as your amazing cookies… he has to make it better
  • And so the cycle starts again, folks
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ok but headcanon that zen just... Knows. in every route, he Knows. he can tell... whether MC and her chosen LI have done the do. it doesn’t even have anything to do with MC specifically, but when her guy is staring at her and spacing out zen can easily tell the difference between a guy using his imagination or his memory to picture a girl naked. zen KNOWS and he is CONCERNED because ALL MEN ARE WOLVES!!!

Zen Knows All Men Are Wolves

  • its been this way since he knew what sex was
  • at first he thought it was just him being horny but as time went on he realized that he has a sixth sense for PERVERTED WOLVES
  • he knows when someone is picturing a poor woman on the train naked but he can’t tell them to stop because that’s strange and creepy! so he will just stand in between the pervert and the lady
  • No view = no dirty thoughts
  • its even stronger when he gets a little zing in his back. That’s the sign for when one of the rfa PIGS are slobbering on the PRINCESS HERSELF!!
  • he will text them things like “i swear if you lay a hand on her in an indecent spot i will cut off your arms”
  • 4 times out of five it works. The loose screw is Jumin
  • “lol i’d like to see you try” -Jumin
  • damn him and his body guards
  • The one person he doesn’t seem to have an internal alarm for is Jaehee u already know what that means
  • maybe it’s because only men are wolves? the world may never know
  • but if zen thinks Jaehee isn’t a beast herself, he’s got another thing coming
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Headcanons on MC2 x 707, please! *-*

hello! i’m extremely sorry for the late reply!!

707 x MC2 (read: MC2 // MC2′s Occupation)

  • Both of them keep their relationship very private, for various reasons.
  • MC2 is a relatively well-known actress, so should her lover’s identity be revealed, Seven’s life/job as an agent could be at risk.
  • Other than the RFA members, the only other person who knows about their relationship is Vanderwood and MC2′s manager.
  • Most of their dates are indoors, at Seven’s place. Seven loves spoiling her – creating cute little inventions for her, constantly coming up with new games to entertain her and stuff like these. MC2 loves it, and would shower Seven with as much love as he wants or needs.
  • On days where Seven comes home from a long day of work, MC2 would be there, welcoming him home with open arms. His house would’ve been cleaned up nicely and his couch was ready for the both of them to just cuddle and fall asleep till the next day.
  • MC2 makes breakfast for Seven whenever she sleeps over, and Seven loves this. If MC2 does not prepare a meal for him, chances of him eating only HBC and Dr Pepper all day are really high.
  • Other than that, there are days where they would prefer to go out on dates, rather than staying home. On those days, both of them would dress up and ensure that they look nothing like their true self, especially MC2. (They walked past Yoosung once, and Yoosung couldn’t recognize them. – they spent the whole day following and teasing Yoosung.)
  • They enjoy the prepping session so much that sometimes, they just spend the whole day playing with costumes and make-up. (they love drawing weird stuff on each other’s faces too)

Bonus: When MC2 stays over, and Seven is busy working, she would just sit nearby and read her script. After which, she would just lightly rest her head on his shoulders until she falls asleep. Seven absolutely loves this. He would then carry her to his bed, and cuddle with her a while more, before getting back to work.

thank you for the ask, and once again, sorry for the late reply!
i really had a lot of fun writing this one~

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Can you write a wedding proposal HC for Saeran and MC?

Saeran Wedding Proposal HC 

  • I think it’s something that would happen a few years after Saeran and MC get together, by this point let’s hope Saeyoung has turned up but for the sake of this HC will say that he has
  • Things were initially very awkward between the twins but after a few years they’ve become closer, not as they were once but very well on their way there
  • Saeran has been thinking about proposing for some time now, it’s been on his mind and it’s not like he doesn’t want to get married but he’s having trouble coming up with a way to propose, he wants to make the proposal something you deserve, something memorable for the both of you but among so many options he doesn’t know what would be the best
  • He’s thought about proposing on the beach but what if that’s too obvious and you see it coming? He wants it to be a surprise
  • He also thought about taking you to a botanical garden but maybe that would also be too obvious? 
  • Then Saeyoung had suggested he take you back to Jumin’s island for the spring for a weekend and pop the question there but he wanted to do also show you something new that neither had seen before! 
  • You liked amusement parks and maybe there was an idea to work with there but an amusement park was too noisy and indiscreet, he wanted the moment to be intimate as well 
  • And like that he went crossing one by one his ideas off his checklist, he sat on your living room sofa thinking up more ideas but hardly having any luck… it’s only after he saw a postcard on your coffee table that a light bulb lit up! 

Two Months Later: 

  • Saeran had proposed the both of you go on a little trip across the world to New Mexico and catch the International Balloon Fiesta, it’d been long since both of you had gone on a trip and with the money saved up between the both of you, you guys had more than enough to afford the trip 
  • You guys went sighting seeing first and took many pictures of all the nearby places and had fun trying out the local food but with every second you couldn’t help notice how happy and excited Saeran seemed, he seemed like a kid in a candy store
  • You guys took even more pictures of all the different types of hot air balloons, it was a lucky thing that there was nothing but clear skies a few fluffy white clouds adorned the sky but it only made the event look so much prettier! 
  • You’re busy taking a picture of a cute duck-shaped hot air balloon when Saeran insists the both of you head-on into one of the hot-air balloons for a one in a lifetime opportunity! 
  • The both of you hop in but you notice Saeran’s shaking hands and worry about whether the height might scare him, you ask him but he tells you that he’s fine and the air balloon lifts off the ground, it’s the both of you and the two other people handling the hot air balloon 
  • He watches you as you take pictures and bask in the view, as a child this experience alone would have been like something out of a dream, he would have been completely captivated by the scenery but right now all his attention was on you… your pink nose and cheeks and the way your hair flowed in the cold breeze of the early morning, he gave himself a small mental pep talk trying to give himself courage, his cold hand clasped around the small box in his pocket and he inched towards you
  • The sky looks so pretty from where you’re standing and you take advantage of the moment to take more pictures of the areal view and of the event below you, you and Saeran talk amongst each other for a little while about the week you’ve had so far and about normal things that you usually talk about when he suggests taking pictures of each other and have one of the other people take pictures of the both of you 
  • It’s during one of the poses that he bends down on one knee before you and pulls out a little box with a ribbon on it, he pulls the ribbon off and opens the box… a ring. He looks you in the eyes with anticipation taking in the look of your surprised face.
  • “Y/N, my whole life I looked to the ground too afraid that if I looked up I’d end up wanting to fly higher than I could manage and come crashing down but ever since you came into my life you’ve taught me that it’s okay to fly and that it’s okay to fall, that I’m capable of getting back up. When I’m with you it’s as if I were floating on clouds and now that I am and with you, it’s that I ask you… Y/N, will you marry me?”    
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Hi! Can I request for an MC who acts like a scared cat around Halloween things so she has an excuse to have Jumin hold her close, but then one day he comes home early from work to find her nonchalantly watching a horror movie in the dark like Hellraiser or The Thing while eating fries with ketchup and soda? What would be Jumin reaction? Thanks!!! And Happy Halloween!

WoW, CieL, YoU’re AcTUalLy tHe WOrsT! Why CAn’T YoU FiniSh StUff On TimE???

let’s just call this boi the nightmare before christmas

lmao i know im sorry and i haven’t forgotten about any of you I’ll have all my requests finished by Christmas <3

Jumin With A Tricky MC Around Halloween

  • During the entire night of October 31st, you weren’t scared in even the slightest
  • But Jumin didn’t need to know that… all night you had burried your face into his sleeve to “hide” from the monsters
  • To be honest, Jumin was more scared than you were. You felt bad so you made him feel like the fierce protecter that he aimed to be
  • Honestly props on you for smelling pit the entire night to make your man feel good about himself
  • You put on a splendid performance that even Zen would be jealous of
  • The cold breeze made it easy for you to shiver, the move that strengthened your act to the fullest
  • and he was  l i v i n g  for you clinging to his arm almost begging him to save you
  • Since you both had walked a long way that night, when you got home you were pooped
  • You guys took off your makeup yes, Jumin wore makeup fight me, slipped into something more comfortable and hit the sack
  • The next morning when you woke up, Jumin was gone and in his place was an amazing looking pancake breakfast that was just calling your name
  • Since you hadn’t had your dose of spooky last night, you flicked through horror channels on the tv until you found one that sparked your interest
  • You were monching away on your breakfast when the main character drops the famous line : “Why don’t we split up? What could go wrong?”
  • “Don’t split up- they just split up” you said with your mouth still full
  • It was only at the climax of the movie, when the main girl was getting ripped apart by a horde of zombies did the door handle turn and open
  • Your husband stood in the doorway, completely dumbfounded at your blank face as blood splattered across the screen
  • “I left my papers- wHAT???” you heard his voice say as you whipped around
  • “Jumin?! I-it’s not what it looks like” you stutter as he gasps
  • “Well it looks like you’re watching a horror movie without any fear on your face” he fires back
  • “Then it’s exactly what it looks like, then” you finally say
  • What happened to you being scared? Were you just pretending so you wouldn’t hurt my feelings?”
  • oof he got that one right on the money
  • “Ugh, fine, I faked being scared so you would be happy”
  • “You’re saying you stuck your face in my armpit all night to give my ego a boost? I was sweating the whole time… didn’t it stink?” he asks
  • “Yeah… all of that’s true… but you didn’t stink as bad as this movie does” you answer
  • he let’s out a laugh “I’m only happy when you are, love, I knew something was up. Please don’t lie to me again in the future especially if it’s something as stupid as this” he motions towards the tv
  • “Haha, lesson learned. Now can we turn this shit movie off and watch something at least worth our time?” you smiled
  • the rest of the day is spent on Jumin’s lap watching horror movies and snuggling
  • The next day, Jumin gets chewed out by Jaehee about leaving work so suddenly
  • Yikes, he’ll have to give her her birthday off
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mystic messenger hogwarts houses hcs

okok so im just. gonna put this here ig? starting off with the easiest ones. i just felt like doing this for whatever reason ok dont judge me.

v: hufflepuff.

one thing that might be wrong w/ this is that honesty is a huge part of being a hufflepuff, and v lies to protect people??? so like. that’s one thing that doesn’t work. but he does that out of loyalty to his friends and he’s hardworking and likes carrying the burden by himself. i could see him being a ravenclaw for his creativity but imo hufflepuff is best for him. not much of a hard choice there.

jaehee: ravenclaw

i believe that jaehee is a mix of ravenclaw and hufflepuff (like me!!) but for different reasons. she’s hardworking and loyal, but she’s also very wise and intelligent and - when given the opportunity - follows her dreams. she graduated college early!! during her route, she begins to try out and experience many new things, which ravenclaws love to do! she also really likes musicals, which hints at a more creative side. so i’d say ravenclaw. but she could be a hufflepuff as well.

zen: gryffindor

i’ve seen some people saying he might be a hufflepuff and i can see why but he’s such a gryffindor imo. he’s very chivalrous and he calls mc “princess” at multiple points. he considers himself like a knight. he’s somewhat narcissistic (although it can be argued that he has self-esteem issues but i won’t get into that) and arrogant. during his route, when he finds out about the bomb, he’s the only one (aside from seven and yoosung in his bad end) to go to mc’s apartment himself - he forced seven to tell him where the apartment was. that seems slytherin-ish but he stood up to unknown and protected mc - that’s something a gryffindor would definitely do. also he was reckless. and he can be pretty stubborn at times too (like w/ jumin). gryffindors and slytherins also fight like cats and dogs, just like jumin and zen lmao. also!!! he reminds me of sirius black.

jumin: slytherin.

he’s resourceful, cunning, and smart. he’s also ambitious and focuses on his work more than his emotions. he knows how to hold his own in a debate and uses logic to manipulate the argument in his favor versus becoming emotional. we see this especially in his route w/ him and his father arguing. he can be sarcastic too lol

saeran: gryffindor

some people might be wondering about this and honestly i thought he mightve been slytherin before i thought about him as a character. he was drugged up and brainwashed - none of the things that he did under rika were done willingly. we see it especially with ray, but he’s very chivalrous. he is quick and cunning, but he’s also not afraid to stand up for what he believes in (even if it wasnt something he’d believe in if he wasn’t drugged up). i cant do too much of an analysis because i havent done his route or finished the secret ending all of the way, but imo he’s not slytherin, nor hufflepuff. he might be able to pass into ravenclaw, but not really. the house that matches the most with who he really is is gryffindor. also, his true personality reminds me a bit of neville? aka he seems cowardly esp when he was younger and he’s very shy in the se but he will stand up to his friends and his enemies if its for something important to him.

yoosung and seven i wasn’t really able to come up w/ a very definitive choice on? so i’ll do rika first and then come back to them.

rika: hufflepuff

people might put her in slytherin but imo slytherins arent evil. perhaps w/ their ambitions and their cunningness they may be more likely to be evil, but being evil doesnt make someone a slytherin. if rika didnt have the mental problems that she did that made her more manipulative she would be a hufflepuff. yoosung pointed out that she worked very hard for the parties and that she loved to volunteer. rika and v are actually pretty similar too, esp w/ one of v’s bad endings where he and rika get back together w/ v being the abusive one bc rika thought she deserved it for hurting him. so i call hufflepuff, but honestly we wont really know what shes truly like unless we get a rika route imo.

seven: slytherin/gryffindor/ravenclaw (in order of likeliness)

ugh!!! he was so hard T_T because honestly he could be in any of those three houses (i dont see him working out in hufflepuff lol) he reminds me so much of the weasley twins, but at the same time he’s resourceful and cunning - he has to be for his job. he could be a ravenclaw because he loves to build things (think robocat and the robodog) just for funsies when he gets bored and he has to be creative to come up with those ideas!! he’s very cocky though and he’s arrogant when it comes to unknown hacking into his systems - he thinks that nobody will be able to get through. he knows what he wants and he’ll go for it if given the encouragement, no matter how hard it is (think the secret endings). i also think that vanderwood would be in the house that seven isnt in UNLESS he is a ravenclaw (if vanderwood is slytherin, seven is gryffindor; if seven is slytherin, vanderwood is gryffindor; if seven is ravenclaw, vanderwood is ravenclaw) because of their dynamic. having seven in slytherin would mean he’d get to harass elly and jumin. gryffindor would mean his brother. ravenclaw would mean vanderwood. and ofc, hed pick on yoosung no matter the house lolol. personally, i can see him working the best in slytherin, but i can see him easily being in the other two. needless to say, he will end up being a hat staller. so he’d just sit there and make the stupidest faces he could think of while saeran sulked at the gryffindor table about his brother embarassing their family name in front of the entire school.

yoosung: hufflepuff/ravenclaw/slytherin (in order of likeliness)

yoosung is such a sweetheart!!! when he was younger, he was hardworking. he got extremely good grades. SKY university, the one he goes to, is a mix of the acronyms for the best 3 universities in South Korea. he’s very loyal (to the point where people have compared him to a puppy). he’s somewhat naive and gullible (think Pass Out After Drinking Coffee Syndrome lolol) and after rika starts a fucking cult “DIES” he gets really depressed and forgets about school and plays games all the time. but even after he slacks off like that, he STILL graduates w/ his degree early in his after ending and ends up in the top of his class???? so he can be a ravenclaw too. people point out that yoosung could be slytherin too, esp in some of his bad endings, but im a little iffy? like i can see why but at the same time eh? but i’ll put it down just because i’d love to have seven teaching yoosung how to prank properly and them becoming the mini-Marauders and pissing off the entire fucking school.

idk if im gonna make a lot of hcs tbh but!! this was pretty fun to do. sooo i guess if anyone wants any i could take them?

oh!!! and mc could fit into any of the houses imo, except maybe slytherin. she’s too gullible (think being tricked to go to an absolute stranger’s apartment LOL) to be that cunning. she could still be very ambitious and self-assured so she could still be slytherin after all. honestly just depends imo.

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I saw this on another blog and it made me want to see another persons take on it, can you do an Mc with Zen who’s from an English speaking country and still has a hard time with Korean?

Writer’s Note: Since I read a lot of headcanons with the similar plot, this was difficult yet enjoyable to write. I hope you enjoy this, anon.

English-Speaking MC Having a Hard Time in Korean with Zen 

  • With the help of dictionaries and auto-translator, MC managed to chat with the RFA properly. But it wasn’t enough to save her in her first RFA party, she was a stuttering mess and thus, Zen (being the one closest to her) decided to help her out.
  • Which led her to a situation being surrounded by Korean-learning books of all ages piled up in Zen’s humble desk and an auto-translator device placed in her one good arm.
  • “Babe. You alright there?” Zen asked in his intermediate English from the other side of the room, his script resting in his lap.
  • “Yep. I’m currently on the naming terms in what each person should be properly called as,” MC answered without her eyes leaving the pages before her.
  • This nonchalant attitude somewhat made Zen pout in turn. He was seriously worried about her health, he saw the obvious dark line under her eyes growing thicker every hour and her complexion was sickly pale from sleep deprivation and exhaustion.
  • So, he carefully placed his script down on his makeshift drawer and went to her side, his eyes then examined the current topic MC was in. Although he was impressed with her fast progress, it failed to stop him from his current mission.
  • He let out a sigh as he watched MC struggled with learning the terms. Placing his hand in her shoulder gently, he closed the distance between them and sweetly whispered into her ears, “MC. How about learning this topic with me?”
  • In turn, MC furiously turned and persistently shook her head as if his help was the last thing she needed. He felt the hurt of rejection grow but he cast it aside with a smile and pressed on further with a question in mind.
  • “How so? I mean…I’m pretty proud of my Korean if you ask me. Isn’t it always better to learn faster through an expert?”
  • MC made a face before replying shyly, “Zen, i-isn’t it obvious? Your…hand-handsome face and…s-sexy voice would be a total dis-distraction and it would deviate me…from-from the whole point of l-learning!!”
  • Her answer left him dumbfounded for a moment and that pause allowed her to continue.
  • “I could im-imagine those…s-situations like in-in Drama CDs…you wr-wrapping your-your arms around…me and teaching me…in your-your sexy voice as if what…we’re l-learning are swe-sweet nothings. And I’d…turn arou-around and get l-lost into your mesmer-mesmerizing eyes then some-something else w-will happen! That’s why…please leave me be,” having her words said and openly expressed, MC grabbed a few couple of books before retreating shyly with her cheeks turning deep red like cherries. [1]
  • Zen felt his ego growing another head but at the same time, it would be wishful to think that he’d be able to help her if only he looked more average. Ah, the blessing and the curse of his beauty.  
  • Fully knowing that MC would still reject his offer, he turned and headed over to his kitchen to at least make her some snacks.
  • Zen couldn’t resist the urge to see her face so he cranked his neck, hoping to catch a glimpse. To his delight, the same blush adorned her pretty face and she looked much more energetic than before.
  • He looked away before MC caught him in the act. Secretly chuckling to himself, he thought with a genuine smile. 
  • She’s so damn cute. 

Additional note: 

[1] - If anyone’s curious about this part, well then…I do admit to being an Otome Drama CD Listener. Period


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Hi Hi! Hope you're having a wonderful day~ I'd like to request sleep, sad and angry/violent headcanons for jumin (sorry I can't use the emojis u_u) Thank you so much :D

☾ - sleep headcanon

He doesn’t let Elizabeth the 3rd sleep in his bed, since he wants her to in her own bed (it costed him a few hundred thousand won ffs). The only moments he lets her is when he has nightmares. Feeling her soft fur and the warmth of her body calms him down, allowing him to sleep.

★ - sad headcanon

When he gets sad, he locks himself in his apartment with Elizabeth the 3rd and turns off his phone. He can drink up to three bottle of wine in one day.

☠ - angry/violent headcanon

It takes a lot to get him angry. When he is, there is no way to tell that he is, unless he is extremely mad. His voice gets shaky and he just tell everything that comes to his mind.

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