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Tumblr media
WARNING: 18+, Fem!Reader, AFAB!Reader, Dom!Reader, Sub!Reader, Pegging, Light BDSM, Heavy Sexual Themes, Fingering, Oral (f!receiving), Oral (m!receiving), Light Degradation, Praise Kink
Tumblr media
Sub. He’s a sub. This bitch a sub. We all know he’s a sub. Not even a brat sub. Like a good boy sub. We love a good boy sub.
Like come on it’s canon that he’s a masochist.
He does switch sometimes, when he wants to feel manly and like a provider and is in a “come on, I’m your man!” mood.
But giver. 100% giver. Will beg you to sit on his face while he’s tied to the bedpost.
Edge kink. Loves to be edged. And spanked.
A very fast learner and surprisingly good with his tongue
Peg him. Do it. Do it. He’d be hesitant when it’s first presented to him, until he realizes he wasn’t paying attention at all in his advanced bio class because he was too busy daydreaming of you doing it. After the first time, he begs for it.
He doesn’t last too long, but he has stamina for days. It’s not hours spent on fucking one or two times. It’s more like you suck him off, and then there’s like a 5 minute break and he grins and starts the next round, and then he makes you food because he wants to take care of you, and then he’s ready for another go, and then it’s time for cuddles, he wants them dammit!….and then please ride him more thx.
Him begging is just -chef kiss- He’s very vocal. Didn’t get the memo that apparently it’s “manly” for guys to be quiet. You asked him about it once and he tilted his head very innocently at you, “why would I be quiet? You get more excited when I’m loud.”
You inspected him under you. The way the dim light of his desk lamp made his face golden. The way his dark brows furrowed as a hiss tore through clenched teeth when you rolled your hips up into him. Yoosung’s arm rested over his head against the pillow, his other hand idly stroking your back. You bit the inside of your cheek to stop from grinning as you rocked heavily into him once, tilting your hips to hit that sweet spot inside him.
A cry choked out of his throat, his teeth sinking into his lower lip. Your hands pushed down on his knees, widening his legs to either side of his hips, making sure your soft belly slid over his dick with every thrust. He whimpered, blunt nails biting into the round flesh of your ass.
“Feels good.” His voice was faint; a breeze drifting over a windchime.
“Yeah?” You cooed, releasing one of his legs dragging your nails along his waistline. “Want more, sweetheart? You wanna be good for me, don’t you?”
Yoosung nodded heavily, a flush beginning to coat down his chest from his neck, a sign that he was close.
“You know I love that pretty voice of yours, Yoosung,” you leaned down into him, your breasts slipping over his chest. “Will you be loud for me, baby? Want everyone to know you’re mine, don’t you?”
“Fuck,” he choked, your thrusts gaining tempo, hips circling to grind against him every time you bottomed out. “Yes. Yes. Yes, yes yesyesyesyes-”
His chanting broke off as you instantly stopped moving, his eyes snapping open in a question up at you. His lip quavered at your downturned mouth. You began to pull out of him, and his legs locked around your waist in a desperate attempt to keep you there.
“No, no, no please. I meant ma’am, yes ma’am. Yes ma’am I want everyone to know I’m yours. Please, please ma’am, I’ll be good.”
He almost came when a sinister smile broke over your face.
Soft dom with a good girl sub.
Can’t help it. Something in you just wants to please him and have him praise you. Maybe it’d be different if he didn’t look like a literal fucking Greek statue, but the way he rewards you for being good makes you want to do it all the time.
Has a praise kink, and a hair pulling kink. Grab a big fistful while pulling and telling him he fucks you so good and he’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen, and he’s putty.
Not as vocal as Yoosung, but not quiet.
Fuckin eating out champ. MVP. Will do it till his jaw cramps up. Could literally eat you out for hours. Loves it. All about that life.
Doesn’t like quickies. He doesn’t like his game rushed. If he’s gonna fuck you, he’s gonna spend hours doing it. Expecting his best work in a half hour span isn’t good enough.
Overstim. Loves it. Wants you to crave him like a drug.
Not likely to let you peg him. He’s not a huge fan of giving control like that. Also the thought makes him go down a rabbit hole in himself that he’s not ready to explore yet, try again in like 10 years.
Your back arched hard up off the bed as his tongue curled around your clit and he gave a particularly hard suck. He grinned against you, and you slowly sunk back down to the bed, small quakes starting to jerk through your body.
Your fingers found purchase in his hair, and you tugged lightly. Zen’s moan rippled through you, and his tongue dipped into you, slowly curling upward as he mouthed your clit.  Your nails scratched against his scalp as you pulled harder at the silver strands, a tremor dancing down your spine. He seated his mouth completely over you, alternating between sucks to your overstimulated clit and lazy licks into you.  He had already pushed you into two orgasms, and was taking his sweet time on the third.
“Please, Hyun,” you whimpered. Zen looked up at you, crimson eyes flashing in reflection of the streetlight outside the window above his bed. “I’m so close…”
“Oh yeah?” He hummed, peppering chaste kisses along the crease where your leg met your hip. You shuddered, whimpering when he lightly blew against your exposed clit, the pad of his thumb gently brushing against it. “You want me to make you cum again, pretty thing?”
Your fingers brushed against his cheek, and he nipped at your fingertips, dipping his head down to draw a lazy circle over your slit with his tongue, gathering up the slick and swallowing roughly.
“Want you to fuck me,” you were so close to tears. He was so warm and his touch was causing fire to rip through your veins, but you needed to be full and he was toying with you.
His brows quirked in sympathy, and the corner of his full lips tilted up in a soft grin. “Ask me properly, jagiya.”
It was the first bit of leash he’d given you all night, and you grasped at it, twisting his hair around your fingers in desperation. “Please, Hyun. Zen. I need you. Want you to fuck me. You’re so hot. It’s too much, I can’t take it. I’ll do anything, please…”
Spreading a few quick kisses against your hip, biting softly, he grinned fully, raising up and crawling over your body smooth as a tiger. “Good girl.”
Power bottom switch. It’s not easy for her to give up control. But get her in the zone enough, and she will. She wants to be taken care of too, deep down.
You aren’t her first girlfriend, but she intends for you to be her last, so she feels it is her utmost duty to deliver and be absolutely bomb in bed. Which she fuckin is.
Zen thinks HE’S champ of eating out? Got fuckin nothin on Jaehee Kang.
Will never admit the one time you actually did get her really turned on talking about Zen sexually.
Will also never admit that you took care of that in the back room of the coffee shop for her.
Yoosung caught you one time, and she was so embarrassed, she refused to touch you for a week.
Always tastes like latte and apples when you kiss her.
“We have to get back out there,” she murmured against your lips. Her words denied you, but her arms slipped around your shoulders to pull you closer to her. You grinned as you gathered her skirt up more, bunching up her apron at her hips.
“No one comes in after the morning rush anyway. We have a good half hour.”
Jaehee moaned as your tongue delved into her mouth, stroking over hers, her eyes fluttering closed. Slender fingers tangled in the back of your blouse, and she sighed as your lips slowly began their journey down her neck. “We should…use this half hour for inventory…”
You grinned, sucking against her quickening pulse as your fingers brushed over her through her panties. “Do it now, we’re in the storage room. How’re we doing on coffee sticks?”
She moaned softly, her teeth falling into her lip as you dipped into her panties, tracing your fingertips over her soaked clit. As if they had a mind of their own, her hands slipped up from their place on your hips, ghosting over your breasts, brushing her thumbs over where she knew your nipples were.
“You’re being difficult,” Jaehee whispered.
“It’s your fault,” you circled her clit in tight, small rounds, relishing in how she dipped her head down to bite against your shoulder. “You wore this cute skirt today. Made me want to be naughty.”
She hissed, her hips swaying to your hand in a trance, her own tongue trailing up your neck, nipping along your jaw. “Ridiculous girl.”
Humming in pleased amusement, the butterflies in your stomach swarmed as she unbuttoned your blouse with nimble fingers, tugging the cup of your bra down to mouth at your breast. You moaned softly against her ear, and she rocked into your fingers, whimpering your name when they dipped down further to slip inside her.
“You’re always so cute, Jaehee,” you sucked her earlobe, delighting in how her leg came up over your hip in an attempt to be closer to you. Curling your fingers inside her, she moaned against your nipple, sucking hard until you pressed her flush against the door of the storage room, quickening the thrust of your digits inside of her until she broke and began to wantonly fuck herself on you. “Look best when you’re under me, though.”
This guy. Dom. Dom with a brat sub.
Rare is the day that anyone challenges Jumin Han, let alone tells him flat out “No.”
You got such joy in provoking him until he broke. He loved the fire in your eyes, and loved tempering it until it was a low ember that was completely malleable to him..
King of long, drawn out sessions. No breaks, we come 15 times in a fucking row like men.
Doesn’t use a lot of toys. Not big into whips or ball gags or anything like that. He’s more into the sensory overload. He’ll tie you up, and blindfold you, and then walk quietly around so you don’t know where he’s coming from. He’ll softly glide his hand over your knee and then completely withdraw only to pop up someplace else, making you tingle all over until you’re completely on edge and then you feel the bed sink next to you and suddenly he’s got his fingers in your mouth and is ordering you to suck them.
Loves making you beg for him. Gets off on being wanted and needed in such an obvious way.
Breeding kink. Breeding kink. Mega. Breeding.
Would be open to pegging, if spoken about logically beforehand.
If you push him too far, sometimes the provocation doesn’t end in your favor. He has left you tied up on the bed and sopping wet for a half hour before while he had a glass of wine because you got too mouthy. It’s a fine line between pushing him so it ends in your favor and pushing him to the point that it backfires on you.
Big aftercare lovebug! The minute you’re done, the blindfold comes off and the ties come down, and he’s laying on top of you and nuzzling into your chest like a cat. Wants you to pet his hair, wants to smooth his hands over any bruises and kiss away marks he made. Gives nuzzles and nose kisses and grunts like a bear, clinging like a brat if you try to get up too soon.
You were still shuddering, the aftershocks of your orgasm drifting through your system when you felt his hands come under your knees as he pulls your legs up to your chest. A low keen flittered through your lips as you felt him sink down into you, felt every bit of his cock until his balls brushed against your ass.
“Relax for me, kitten,” Jumin whispered against your lips. He waited until you weren’t clamped down quite as tight around him, and slowly pushed your legs down so your knees kissed the sides of your ribs. Grinding down against your clit, he rolled his hips until your heart began racing. “That’s it…Good girl…”
Each thrust he gave was long and measured, his fingers digging into your legs to keep them pinned to the mattress. You clenched your eyes shut behind the blindfold, and hated the ropes around your wrists. You wanted to hold him. You wanted to tear up his back and pull at his hair. You wanted to roll him over and ride him until his head snapped back in that beautiful soundless choked cry that he did.
But he wasn’t going to let you do that tonight. You had been working too hard lately, and he had to make sure you were taken care of. He was getting jealous of your job, and that sat with him in a way he didn’t like. For a night, he wanted you to feel only him and think only him. He wanted you to beg for him. He wanted to remind you that while the head of your own company, you were also his. He took care of his things.
Letting you adjust to his length and pacing, Jumin waited until you gave your short, comfortable little moans to piston his hips into yours, biting your breast. Your whole body jerked up, a cry ripping from your lips, and he sucked a mark onto the swell of flesh while he fucked you.
“Going to make you round with our child,” he growled against your nipple, flicking his tongue against the peak. “Force you to take care of yourself. Stubborn wife.”
Splinters of lightning shot through your core, all culminating to the apex of your thighs, swirling in a haze of heat that had your mind rolling. Jumin would alternate between fucking you hard and then seat himself completely into you, grinding his hips to catch your clit before repeating the deep strokes. Your head began to thrash back and forth, arms pulling at the ropes tying your wrists.
“Please,” you whimpered. “Please, Jumin. Love, please. I’ll be good, I promise. Take care of me, please. Please. I need it. Come inside me. I need it. I need you, Jumin please.”
You were babbling now, and he ate up every word like it was the finest cuisine he ever had. His own breathing began to race and his teeth sunk into his lip as your walls fluttered around him, his mind blasting into a nebulous of warmth and love that shattered into stars as you cried out and your body snapped and shook beneath him.
Within minutes he was back to himself, and he slowly raised his form from yours, slipping the blindfold off your eyes. Jumin brushed his lips over your eyelids, nuzzling the tip of his nose to yours as his long fingers untied the rope around your wrists. He laid his head on your chest, sighing as your arms came around him, stroking along his back.
“Okay,” you hummed into his hair. “I got the message. I’ll take better care of your wife.”
He smiled against the swell of your breast, nuzzling against it, his voice muffled against your arm. “Please do, she’s my whole world.”
My boy. My little shit. This friggin switch.
Switch to a T. He is up for anything. You wanna peg him? He’s down. You want to be a pillow princess? He’s got you. You want him to wear a maid costume and roleplay? He’s super for it. You want him to be your little slave boy? He’s down. You want him to call you his dirty little slut? Dope, he’s game. Y’all got a drawer full of toys.
Sex with him is full of laughter and snark. His favorite thing is making you so euphoric when you come that you start doing that happy giggle.
That’s not to say that there’s not times that it’s completely slow and loving and full of whispered words of adoration. He’ll laugh because he friggin mushroom stamped you like a little asshole. Then he’ll kiss all over your face and set your hands over his heart and remind you that he didn’t start truly living until you came into his life. This man has duality.
Your sex life is healthy as fuck. Like just about every night, to the anger of your roommates.
Most likely to fuck in the bathroom of an ice cream parlor. Not that that’s how you got kicked out of an ice cream parlor before….nope…
Also most likely to have the cops called on you for fucking in a playground at 3am. And then get arrested because your husband decided to defend yourselves saying that children weren’t around, and isn’t it more shady that the drug dealer caught you in the park at 3am.
He loves to make you feel good, but also loves when you get on your knees for him. It literally could go either way for him.
Got personally offended the one time you faked it to see if he could tell the difference. He completely stopped and looked up at you, “am I not doing this right? Don’t patronize me. If I’m not blowing your mind, you tell me so that I can do it right, dammit.” You started laughing, and he smacked your ass, called you a little shit, and then proceeded to make you lose your voice for real.
You covered his mouth to smother his laugh as you pushed him back against the door of the bathroom. Saeyoung’s head leaned back, auburn strands stark against the white paint on the wood as you sucked a mark against his pulse, fingers working to tug the shirt out of the waist of his jeans.
“You told me we couldn’t do this in public places anymore.” He grinned, his hands smoothing over your ass and squeezing. “You said that it wasn’t sanitary and we could get in trouble.”
He hissed when your teeth sunk deep into the juncture of his neck and shoulder, your hand slipping into the waist of his jeans and curling around his dick. Saeyoung groaned as you began to pump him, your other hand unzipping his fly and tugging his briefs down.
“You knew what you were doing,” you slowly brushed your tongue over the new mark on his collar bone, “when you pulled the cherry stem out of your mouth and gave me that look.”
The smile he tried to bite back seeped through, pride warming his belly as you slipped down onto your knees in front of him. “I was just showing you I was proud of myself - Ah!”
Your tongue swirled around his tip, and you sucked hard. His hand found its way into your hair, gathering it all into his fist behind your head, his thumb brushing over your temple. Saeyoung looked so fucking good like this. Looking down at you, cocky grin on his lips, eyes burning gold under the lens of his glasses. His tongue dipped out to wet his lips, and his brow furrowed when you took all of him into your mouth, slipping your tongue along the underside of his cock. Pulling away, you flicked your tongue against his tip, stroking him with your hand.
“Proud of tying two fucking knots into it. Like I wouldn’t think of last night.”
A low chuckle came from him that ended in a higher giggle that made your heart clench in your chest. He was so happy. The situation wasn’t new to either of you, but having his wife unable to resist him to the point she wanted to suck him off in the bathroom of a diner gave him a good amount of pride.
“Is that what this is? Payback?” Saeyoung bucked into your mouth, heart beginning to pound when your nails bit into his hip and your cheeks hollowed out as you sucked him roughly. “Cause…gotta say, baby, blowing me in the bathroom of an iHOP doesn’t seem to equate my stellar performance last night.”
You rolled your eyes, taking your mouth away from him, but continuing to pump your hand along his shaft. “This isn’t an iHOP, and if you don’t like it I can just get up and go back to my French Toast. Lord knows my breakfast isn’t as mouthy as you.”
“Thought you liked me mouthy - ay! No! Kidding! Come back, come back! I’ll be good!”
You nipped the soft skin at the base of his cock. “Will you?”
“I will be a saint. Promise to make you see God later.”
You hummed, giving small kitten licks to his head, stroking him. “Tell Her I say hi first.”
Saeyoung’s teeth sunk into the side of his hand as his tip hit the back of your throat.
Romantic boy. Soft dom with a good girl sub. The boy doesn’t know what to do with a brat. Plus, he has bad memories from the push-and-pull of his past sexual relationship. He tends to take things at face value, so if you tell him no but really mean yes…he’s just gonna take it as a no.
No quickies. Expect a good amount of time spent on all of it. He will spend an hour fingering you. An hour with his mouth on you. Make you come like 3 times before he even starts to truly fuck you.
It’s rare that he allows you to go down on him. You’re still working on getting him to accept physical affection. It’s a long process, but he’s getting better about it. He’s just a people pleaser and wants to know he’s making you feel good more than he cares about feeling good himself. He gets off on you getting off.
Pegging? Mmm….he’s not completely adverse to the idea, but he doesn’t really want it. Again, he wants you to feel good, but if it would make you happy then he’d be willing to try it.
Cockwarming is his jam. Loves to just settle inside you and then watch you for a bit, seeing all the different emotions and thoughts flit across your face.
Feeling such raw love makes him choke up sometimes. He’ll hide his face in your neck so you don’t see him tear up.
Have you created a painting out of you two fucking on a large canvas on the floor of his new house? I mean yeah, maybe. That one wasn’t for sale though.
His long fingers brushed over your lips, a gentle smile making the sun rise on his face as he watched you. Jihyun’s arm slipped under your shoulders, adjusting you to be more comfortable as your body trembled beneath him.
“So beautiful,” he whispered, his long fingers curling inside you slowly. You bit your lip, whimpering as he cooed at you, his lips tracing the contours of your face as he fucked you. “The pink was a good choice, I think.”
Your palm slapped down on the canvas under you, making the rose colored paint flicker onto his hip. V grinned, chuckling softly when your sunrise hued fingers grasped at his hip, smearing the pink onto his pale skin. He was already covered in robin’s egg blue, a color that was your choice when he told you he wanted to display your coupling. Blue for him, pink for you to match the flush he put on your skin.
Long digits scissor inside you, and he traced his lips feather light across your cheeks. “You’re so perfect, love.”
Hips swaying onto his hand, he ground his palm over your clit, delighting in the way you keened and scratched at his back. “Jihyun…please…”
His head tilted as he watched you. “What do you feel? Tell me.”
Your head shook, cheek laying down on the scratchy canvas, a smear of blue appearing along the white. “I…I’m going to fall apart…”
“Do it,” V whispered. “Fall apart. Make a mess. Shatter so gorgeously, my love. I promise I’ll put you together again…and again….and again…”
Each time he uttered the word, his fingers curled against that soft spot inside you, making you quake until your mouth opened in a silent scream. You bucked under him, convulsing as you scratched a long line down his arm, pinning his wrist against your clit as you rode his fingers. There was a clatter from the side of your head and you felt a wet puddle. When you opened your eyes, the glass of scotch you had set aside was on its side, the amber liquid slowly seeping into the paint.
“Well done, “ Jihyun whispered, spreading kisses against your lips. “There she is.”
Sighing, small aftershocks slipping down your spine, you opened your mouth to apologize for the spill, but he slipped his fingers between your lips.
You moaned, your own slick coating your tongue as he sat up. Teal eyes watched you suck on the digits, and he took his own scotch glass, taking a leisurely sip before he began to move. His knees making small suction noises against the paint as he settled between your legs, your knees coming over his shoulders.
“Jihyun,” you whispered. “I’m spent.”
He smiled, the tip of his tongue flicking up against your clit. “I say when you’re spent.”
Okay but like honestly, he’s a sub but like…a mean sub with a dom streak. So a sub-switch, but like…he can be degrading and mean.
It was about a year before he actually got to a point where you could have a physical relationship with him without him being afraid of touch.
That and without him being triggered.
That and many conversations that were open and honest about his feelings and what he wanted and how he felt about everything.
He’s a soft boy, but he does have that Unknown side to him that makes him afraid he could hurt you.
The first time he lost himself and started calling you his own personal slut, he came back to himself right away and then started crying because he felt like he was a monster for talking to you like that.
You had to have many conversations about how it was okay, because everyone got into a certain headspace in bed that didn’t apply to their real lives. You knew he didn’t actually think you were a slut or a whore or a bitch. But that Unknown side of him had to filter out somewhere, and you were okay with him using you for it.
Because of this, his aftercare is impeccable. Soft boy takes care of you.
The man that fucks up into you as you ride him, and slaps your ass and calls you a dirty bitch for making him feel that way, and then after you come cleans you up with a warm wash cloth and blinks up at you with big eyes, “did I do okay?”
Please protect him. He’s precious.
Your cheek still stung, but that was in the back of your mind with how he was fucking into you. Your hips had bruises the shape of his hands, and you felt like your brain was overheated. You couldn’t even form a syllable, let alone his name to urge him on.
“Look at you, you stupid slut,” Saeran snarled, planting the heels of his feet harder onto the mattress to give him more leverage and his hips slammed faster into yours. His cock hit deep inside you, and despite his words, he rocked you forward with each thrust so your clit would catch on his pelvis and shoot sparks of lightning into you. “Are you crying?”
You shook your head, but the tears began to fall down your face from overstimulation. He had fucked you through two orgasms and he wasn’t stopping. You were so sensitive, and he laughed when a small string of saliva dripped onto his chest.
“Drooling for me? Love being fucked hard like this, don’t you?”
If it was even possible, he moved faster, pistoning into you with such a force that your throat became raw with how loud you cried out. You were happy in that moment that you had the island to yourselves. His teeth ground down together and he looked down at where his cock disappeared inside of you, and felt his own orgasm approaching like a tightly coiled spring in his belly.
“Tell me you love me, you fucking moron.” He snarled, and you nodded, whimpers of broken adoration falling from your lips as your fingers splintered the bedframe. “Who do you belong to?”
“You,” you keened, your walls clamping down around him with a force that made him moan despite himself. “You Saeran, you, you you youyouyou Saeran, Saeran. M’yours.”
He exploded inside of you, heat blinding him as his tip pressed deep into you and you milked him. You shuddered repeatedly over him, your fist coming down on the headboard as your throat turned raw with the scream of his name.
Gathering his breath, he let you sink down to lay over him, and he blinked as he came back to himself. His arms gathered you close, rolling onto your sides. He whimpered softly as you still fluttered around him gently, but was in no hurry to slip out of you. Saeran took your hand, and frowned when his thumb brushed over your bloodied knuckles.
“Baby,” he cooed. “You hurt yourself. Was I too rough? Did I do too much?”
You smiled gently, watching as he kissed over your split knuckles, his tongue dipping to clean the blood. His eyes were gentle, his brow furrowed in worry as he continued to spread gentle kisses along the bruised skin.
“I shouldn’t have gone that far this time, you must be so sore, love, I’m sorry.”
“Saeran,” you shushed him, gathering him tighter into your arms. He held you gently, his nails tracing light patterns along your spine, circling around the teeth marks he had put there earlier. “I’m fine, baby. You were wonderful.”
“I was?”
Your heart ached. He was so fucking cute, his green eyes luminous as he lifted his head from your collarbone. You tapped his nose with a finger. “You always are, Saeran.”
A dopey grin fell over his face and he cuddled deeper into you, continuing to soothe your bruised skin. “Love you so much. You’re so beautiful. You take such good care of me.”
An Enigma
This asshole acts like nothing you do affects them. They’ll lean back on the couch smoking while you try to suck them off, and just watch you with a blank expression.
It’s not that they’re not affected, but they like to make you work for a reaction. Once you get one though, it’s hard dom city.
Needs a brat. Loves the pushback. Wants you to submit.
Slightly degrading but in a loving way.
Peg them? Maybe. You wanna see if you can make them come like that? Pffft. I mean sure, try it. They’re not affected. Shut up, they are not turning red.
Undoubtedly has the biggest dick of the entire bunch. Like, come on. They do.
They’ll take care of you after, but act like they’re so fuckin put out to do it. But then yell at you that you weren’t drinking the water that they got for you. You sweat a lot! You need to rehydrate, damn it!
Loves you in the small ways they take care of you, rather than the spoken words. Don’t expect to be called perfect or beautiful or be made to laugh during it. Their petname for you is “moron”.
It was frustrating. You tried to distract them, but they just kept watching the security cameras. They weren’t even paying attention. You were horny, damn it! Vanderwood took another swig from their beer bottle, setting it down on the desk and resting their cheek on their hand as they watched the screen.
You moved slowly, rocking to your leisure over their clothed cock, but it was frustrating! They were only half hard, and it was starting to get to your ego!
“Please,” you whispered against their ear, nipping at the flesh softly. “I want to ride you, please.”
Vanderwood glanced at you, sighing before leaning back in the tall, leather chair. “Get me hard, then.”
It was embarrassing how you jumped into action. Unzipping their leather pants, you reached in and pulled out their cock, stroking vigorously. Your mouth watered at their size, and you made a note to try to persuade them to let you suck them off after. Glancing up at them, you pouted when you saw that their eyes still were glued to the screen.
Unbeknownst to you, their fingertips had gripped a little harder onto the arm of the chair, and their Adam’s apple bobbed with a hard swallow. The way your hand moved along their cock had them almost biting their lip. If they weren’t trained to withstand torture, it’d be so easy to lose their mind in you. But this was part of the fun, making you work for it. You looked too cute when you got frustrated and started begging.
You rose up on your knees, and they watched you with dark brown eyes as you slowly sunk down onto them. Their length slipped deliciously along every soft space inside you, and your eyes closed in bliss as you began to rock over them. Their hand came to your hip, and part of your heart soared as they began to gently help you move over them.
“See?” You breathed. “You do want it.”
Vanderwood grunted. “I’m just trying to get you to hurry up so I can go back to what I was doing without you bothering me.”
“Mmhmm,” you grinned. “Sure you are.”
“Don’t get full of yourself.” The sentence was cut off with a hiss when you squeezed your walls tight around them as they bottomed out inside you. You rolled your hips along theirs, shuddering with how full you felt. “Fucking annoying.”
A laugh bubbled up from your lips, and they grabbed your hips, stopping you. The laughed died into a whine, and your eyes opened to see them pinning you with a blank stare.
“If you have it in you to laugh, then you have it in you to go grab your dildo and stop bothering me.”
You whimpered, your hands coming to their shoulders to curl your fingers into their shirt. “No please, I won’t laugh anymore. I’ll be quick. I just…I want to make you feel good too. It never feels as good when I do it myself.”
They sighed, ignoring how their heart clenched inside their chest. The hand at your hip rocked you over them again, and your head fell down to their shoulder, shivering when they bottomed out in you each stroke. The hair at your temple swayed when they breathed out a laugh against your ear, their voice low.
“Guess I have to do everything around here.”
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pochipop · a month ago
Tumblr media
#ALT ACCOUNTS! — @yyolkchi (spam/sketch posting account!) & @ddollipop (mature fic account!)
Tumblr media
𖦹. ━ JUMIN !!
Jumin needs both loyalty and compassion in a relationship. As someone who has been greatly impacted by disloyalty throughout his life, —Jumin seeks the love of someone who can be true to him at all times, even when things get rough. Just as well, he needs someone who can look at him and truly believe that he deserves all of the compassion he's denied himself (and subsequently others) for innumerous years. Honesty would be another key factor in the mix, as Jumin adamantly requests candid answers from those around him, not wanting their opinions to be sullied by worries that he may retaliate emotionally or out of spite. He would also be likely to give his heart to someone leaning to the introverted side due to his more reserved nature. Someone good with both problem solving and emotional regulation would be the cherry on top. Affection wise, Jumin would fall fairly quickly for someone who bounces between cuddly and needing personal space, as he's a bit like that himself, and it would likely be easier to manage expectations if his lover could relate to him in that way. When it comes to loving someone, Jumin is devoted and sincere, and would feel most comfortable in a relationship where that devotion and sincerity could be reflected back to him. Honesty is also crucial to Jumin's communication style, especially since he isn't always the best at understanding or empathizing with the emotions of others. 
Tumblr media
𖦹. ━ YOOSUNG !!
Yoosung is by no means picky. He doesn't have many requirements or needs and is the type of person to simply be happy that he's desired, making almost anything enough for him. Still, he wouldn't do well with a partner who was overly secretive, hiding things away from him, only giving vague answers to his questions. . . That kind of situation would turn him away quickly. Yoosung likes to be in the know, whether it's passive knowledge or active understanding. He also appreciates people who seek to understand the actions, motives, and points of view of others. As someone who tends to fluctuate between masking his feelings by being cheerful and kind and expressing his emotions perhaps too bluntly from time to time when the setting may prove to be inappropriate for such actions, Yoosung is thankful for those that don't judge him rashly and instead seek to understand his feelings. Instead of shaming him for his poor emotional regulation, Yoosung would prefer to have those around him acknowledge his mistake while also understanding his perspective. Communication is a big part of his needs, helping him to better understand what to do in the future when similar feelings bubble up inside him. Patience would likely be a good quality for Yoosung's lover as well.
Tumblr media
𖦹. ━ JIHYUN !!
Jihyun, who loves photography and life itself, would be best suited to an artistic/creative partner, —someone who could share in his ideas about the world. He'd love to be able to show his partner a set of photographs and explain the emotion behind them, explain what he was feeling in the moments which he took them, and have that be fully internalized for all it's truly worth. Moreover, Jihyun holds a lot of guilt, both for things he had little to no control over and things he could have done differently if he'd chosen another path. Someone compassionate and forgiving would likely be better for Jihyun in the long run, especially on the days when he feels like he's drowning in his mistakes. To the same effect, a loving person would likely prove to make Jihyun feel more secure, no matter how that love were to be expressed. He sees the value in every love language and could adapt fairly easily to any of them. Someone willing to ask what he needs at any given time is a real selling point for Jihyun as well, —even when he doesn't have the answer, just being asked means so much to him. Despite seeing the value in each love language, however, Jihyun does prefer quality time more often than not, and would be suited for a partner who could actively be sure to make time for him.
Tumblr media
𖦹. ━ SAERAN !!
Saeran needs a partner who is patient and willing to give him the time and space he needs to blossom. With everything that's happened in his life, Saeran has been left with many scars; —some physical, others metaphorical. Because of that, he may tend to push people away or act coldly towards those he loves, as he doesn't have another way to express his feelings. When he becomes overwhelmed, it's easier for him to put up a wall and make sure there is distance between himself and whatever is setting his heart on fire. Being patient and understanding of him is a must. Saeran wouldn't suit a pushy or overly physical partner. He much prefers someone who could either read his body language and get the hint or ask him what is suitable for certain circumstances. Just as well, Saeran would likely value a sense of wit in a lover, to make it easier to banter back and forth and not be hurt by his playful jabs that might not always come across perfectly. Moreover, Saeran can be incredibly sarcastic at times, so an overly sensitive partner may not be the best option of the bunch. Lastly, someone in it for the long haul is the preferable type for Saeran, because when he loves, he loves hard, —even if his affection tends to lean to silence.
Tumblr media
𖦹. ━ SAEYOUNG !!
Saeyoung is best suited to a lover with a sense of humor, —someone he can banter back and forth and be silly with at times. However, because Saeyoung often uses humor to mask his more complicated feelings, someone perceptive who could see through him sometimes would go a long way for him. He has trouble expressing himself in any deep, complicated manner because he doesn't want to burden anyone else with his feelings. For that reason, a reassuring person would be a wonderful fit for Saeyoung's overall personality. Because he is no stranger to feeling both alone and isolated, a certain level of affection would be perfect for him, especially if his lover were to ask first, just to let him know that his feelings are being taken into account at all times. Being trustworthy would also greatly help Saeyoung in bringing his walls down and allowing himself the liberty of being vulnerable. If he learns that he can trust someone with both the troubles he faces due to his line of work, as well as the issues that arise from his hard to regulate emotions, Saeyoung will naturally gravitate toward that individual for both advice and comfort. Perhaps the most important trait his partner could have is empathy. It means a lot to Saeyoung when someone looks at him as a real, genuine person with his own feelings. Sometimes, between the genius level intelligence and the mask of constant clowning, it can be easy to forget that he has feelings and troubles too. Please keep that in mind for him.
Tumblr media
𖦹. ━ HYUN !!
Hyun desires someone more overtly affectionate, —someone who will be happy to reciprocate his physical expressions of love. He values those that are less judgemental and more open-minded, as he's done and been involved with things in the past that he is not proud of, but wouldn't want his partner's current image of him to be sullied by who he was when he was much younger. When it comes to emotions, Hyun tends to stuff his down for a while before being honest about them, and he has a bad habit of drinking when he feels the pressure weighing on him. It would be great if his lover could encourage him to have healthier habits and even join him in doing so. Moreover, Hyun can easily match the vibe of an introverted or extroverted partner, making him the perfect candidate for an ambivert's significant other. Another crucial aspect would be actively supporting his work as an actor, —going to shows when you can, helping him run through his lines, offering criticism and praise when he asks for feedback, etc. His work is very important to him, it's an extension of himself in many ways, and his partner being sure to show him support when it's obvious he's been working incredibly hard would surely make Hyun feel genuinely loved and appreciated.
Tumblr media
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thebarkingraccoon · 9 months ago
What about an MC route~
Forgive the length of this...
I would think it would wrap up the Reset Theory and all the characters that are aware of you, MC, being a player. Everything else like, knowing they're in a game too.
MC route would be solely focused on how kinda messed up that whole scenario would be, right?
Like imagine one day you meet someone and, despite all the struggles you face normally, now you're falling madly in love with that person... only to find out that something is so terribly wrong, that they don't exist.
Then you wake up, back where you started. Never making progress in your career, school, personal life, etc. And you meet that person again, but this time they're familiar...
After each and every Reset, the code strains a bit more. Not because the game is coded poorly, but because the characters are starting to remember through the Reset.
After you've done ALL the other routes, got all the endings (good/normal/bad/etc.), finally the game Resets again and back at the "Mode Select" screen;
Tumblr media
There's a new mode, but unlike all the others the routes in that mode do not have a picture of a face. (Casual: Yoosung/Zen/Jaehee Deep: 707/Jumin Another: V/Unknown [ ]: //// )
But you, the Player, don't get to select it. The game starts playing the mode automatically. You just figure, Hey, it's the last route so that makes sense. The game knows this is the next step so you roll with it.
What you can't see are the characters most sensitive to the Reset have started to break through. So obviously, 707/Saeyoung. He'd crack the code first, opening up a wealth of information beyond anything he'd ever seen. Like looking at a code prison, shackled to his cell. In each cell is another RFA member, only accessible to the person that can see from the outside.
The Player, You.
Not MC, she's just an avatar that you control and right now, your control has begun to slip.
With the game slowly starting to 'act up', you get closer and closer to uninstalling it completely.
After all, an app that doesn't work needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled right? But that would be a Hard Reset for the RFA members.
Saeyoung sees more than everyone else, but Zen backs him up cause we all know Zen's at least somewhat aware.
So maybe the Route would be them racing to find a way to communicate with you? Outside the game parameters.
Because if you choose a route, they're kinda stuck in that storyline and can't break free. So the first task is on Saeyoung, he has to find a way to break the restrictions on speech/text.
Then he has to find a way to stop in game time from progressing. Or vice versa, whichever comes first.
Until eventually, finally, MC gets to meet the RFA face to face. But it's not at the RFA party and it's not in Magenta.
You, the Player, have grown increasingly frustrated with this 'broken ass game' because, fuck, it keeps freezing and sometimes the text is all messed up and makes no sense. Clearly, someone didn't bug test, right?
You enjoy the times when Saeyoung breaks the 4th wall or during Zen's call, when he pretty much openly states he knows you're not MC, you're the player and he wishes to be with you.
But the game straight up doesn't work anymore. So it's time to uninstall and reinstall-
Right when a visual novel part of the game starts seriously bugging out, you groan super frustrated and decide, "Screw it, time to reinstall."
Then the game shows all the characters, you get a repeating phone call that is kinda messed up at first, but you eventually hear all the voices of the RFA members.
Everyone is there and they're calling out for you, The Player, saying the same thing...
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ijwrsmff · 21 days ago
Ok, thanks for clarifying! I was wondering if I could request headcanons for the RFA (+ Vanderwood if you write for him) responding to MC being a secret agent (kinda like 707 and Vanderwood)? If not, that's fine though! This is just something I've been thinking about lately lol. Have an amazing day/night/etc. :) -🖌️
I am so sorry this took so long XD I've never even considered writing for Vanderwood, but he seems cool. I should write for him more. It's a bit ramble-y, so sorry! I hope you enjoy :D
He had no idea. Like none
Once he finds out you’re a secret agent, he is BAFFLED
He worries for you as a first instinct, but quickly learns you’re capable of handling yourself
He will observe your work, and praise you for it despite not knowing what 90% of it is
You try and keep him out of it, and he respects that
He acknowledges that it could be dangerous, but it makes him respect you more
His work can be dangerous to some degree, but nothing like yours
He will stand down if you expressed not wanting to involve him in something specific
Otherwise, he’s there for you when you need to talk about a particularly difficult assignment
It’s also very time consuming, but he also works…a lot. So in a way, it kind of works out
He’ll send you gifts to your shared house, (before it was a po box because there was no way you were telling someone new your actual address, agents have spent way too much time trying to find that information, thank you very much!) and you send presents to his sets so you both have things that remind you of the other!
Overall he’s very trusting. He takes pride in knowing one day…one day you’ll fully open up to him. 
He waits patiently for that day to come
She has some idea that you would be a secret agent
You and 707 talked sometimes in the rfa chat…and there was a clicking sound in her head once she knew 707 was an agent
All those code words…the fact you’re rarely in the chat, and when you are…it’s almost brief
It made sense to her
She’s a bit more curious than Zen, asking questions calmly but carefully as to not sound too…curious
But she ends every question in a “You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to/can’t” 
She’ll respect your boundaries, as she has some of her own, and she is a kind person at heart
She gets worried when you’re gone on a job, but takes the time to catch up with you after you’re back
If you wanna talk about the job, she’ll listen! If not…she’ll make your favorite beverage and give you a cake/pie she hand made herself just for you! 
As a woman who used to have a lot of obligations and authority in Jumin’s company, she knows when she can or can’t talk about details of an assignment
So she’s perfect at knowing when to pry and when to leave it be
He is…not like the other two. He NEEDS to know anything and everything
He’ll pout if you don’t tell him something of a job, and even whine 
But he’s not heartless, he won’t genuinely be mad, just concerned
His prying comes out of his fear of abandonment and concern for your safety
He knew being a secret agent could be dangerous, ever since he went with 707 on an assignment that caused both to come off worse for ware
Once the initial fear wears down some, he’ll look at you with stars in his eyes
“Please, please, pleeeeease tell me what you did on your last mission?” 
He’s a golden-retriever boyfriend, and can get excited easily
You fear for that, given your job, so you keep many details private
But sometimes you can’t help but fall for those big eyes all over again, and tell him SOME details on your latest jobs
His excitement only ever falters if you were put into danger
(You don’t have the heart to tell him you are ALWAYS in danger)
Then he gets worried and asks questions about your safety rather than the job
He would be devastated if something happened to you, so you’ve learned to keep the dangerous details out of the stories unless you have an obvious wound/scar, in which you downplay it immensely
At some point, he demands to go on assignments with you when you come back with a particularly nasty wound
He could get hurt…but nothing like the people who aimed to hurt you. They get no mercy from him and it can be alarming to watch…
He just loves you so much…
He knows SOMETHING is up
As soon as you were added to the rfa chat, he did an immediate background check
It was clean…too clean
And as far as he could tell, the background only goes a few years back and you were more than a few years old
He becomes increasingly intrigued, and tries to question the possibilities
You could be from a foreign country, but there would still be a paper trail there
Witness protection was a possibility, but that didn’t feel right either
It was when you met in person at the RFA Charity Party that he put the pieces together
The stance of someone who was well guarded shone through your nature and made him certain you were an agent as well
After that, he interrogated you often
In turn, you interrogated him
It was around the same time that you found out each other’s identities for certain
After that? You started working together. Might as well, right?
You learned to respect each other’s work, and became each others special person to tell anything and everything to
Who else better to understand an agent’s work than…another agent
At first, he couldn’t find the time to care about you…(as mean as it sounds)
But after 707 told him something was off about you, his curiosity peaked
He cared for the other members of the RFA, so he found it a personal mission of his to figure out if you were dangerous to work with
And yes…you were…just not to the members of the RFA
He paid 707 a generous sum to investigate everything about you
He declined the money, but after more persuasion from Jumin he just had to accept
It took some time, but 707 was able to inform Jumin that you were an agent from another agency
Jumin remained guarded in this time, but when 707 told him you were one of the good guys, he relaxed a bit
He would invite you to his building for dinner and a drink, and eventually you both opened up about the weight on your shoulders
Jumin was in charge of a lot of people, and it was completely new to you
You just worked alone
But to the same end, Jumin couldn’t comprehend how you could do work for you and you alone
You both talked about the ins and outs of it, and ended up longing for the other’s positions, before reality set in and you realized the work you did fit you better
Jumin has very similar, but very different problems that you have
You’ve bonded over weights carried, and find yourselves able to relax more in the other’s company
On the outside, you looked like a high-class couple. And well…you were
And it worked for you two
He’s PISSED when 707 informs him that another agent is working in the RFA
It makes him more invested in the chats, often trying to read through 707’s chats, but he isn’t having it
707 jokes that he can join the RFA, but neither party really wants that
Instead, he does a lot of research on you
Finds out exactly who you are and what agency you work for
He’s a bit relieved to find you primarily work alone
Technically you don’t even have a boss, a freelancer if you will
Just…as a secret agent
In a way that also makes him more hesitant, and spends days upon days between his own assignments learning more about you
At one point, you message him on his personal cell
“Nice to know I have your interest, Vanderwood. You could just message me instead of stalking me online, but I suppose that’s more fun.”
After that, you talk regularly
At first it was a mutual distrust, but eventually turned into something more
He found he kept your identity secret from his own agency, and even offered to take his personal time to help you with assignments
He knows you don’t really NEED his help, but he offers anyways
Working with another agent…maybe it wouldn’t be so bad?
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mysmegrace · 11 months ago
Alright girl. I wanna hear your best Jumin Han hcs. Personality I believe that Jumin is a goofball when he lets loose. I refuse to accept that he is alway keeps himself together and level-headed. I wanna see this man let go of his mature composure and ease up completely.
thank you for giving me an excuse to gush about jumin for a minute.
Jumin Han Headcanons
when he says he always makes the other person do more once they ask for something, he wasn't joking.
do with that what you will.
on the weekends, especially sundays, he loves to roll around with you in bed all day.
he loves that one day where he doesn't have to do anything and he can just rest cuddling you.
he also enjoys the nights elizabeth jumps up to join the two of you in bed while sleeping.
and his heart almost bursts every time he wakes up to your messy bedhead with your arm swung around elizabeth.
every lunch during the weekdays when he doesn't have a meeting, he always calls driver kim to pick you and bring you to enjoy lunch with him.
contrary to popular beliefs, he commits PDA with you all. the. time.
the man who proposed to you in front of a room full of reporters, the rfa, and his family is seen on the cover of magazines at least once a month with you, always holding you close and kissing your neck.
he turns out to be a lot like his father when it comes to love, without the cheating and womanizing.
your humour starts to rub off on him, causing him to come in the chatroom speaking with commoner slang and advanced dad jokes.
though he'll never admit it, he starts some projects because of your liking towards the idea.
you're always at the front of his decisions.
when he comes home from work, you can see him napping on the couch cuddling elizabeth until your dinner arrives.
after that, he'll take a shower.
and one day you asked to join him as a joke.
but he replied saying of course with complete sincerity, starting a new weekly activity for the two of you.
jumin uses every excuse possible to hug you 24/7.
one hour he's cold, the next you're cold and he needs to warm you up.
but the excuses work all the time.
the honeymoon phase never really ends for you two.
his serious demeanor is only kept at work, completely letting lose once he gets home to you.
he never wants to bring you into his work struggles, never stressing you out.
he truly feels every emotion down to his core, and isn't just the cold man the public sees.
the two of you talk about your feelings whenever they become strong, constantly reassuring each other.
as time goes on, he lets his emotions have a little more power over him.
feeling more sympathy for jaehee, he lets her take a christmas break, despite it being the busiest time for c&r.
if he has a picture he's taken that he'd like to frame, he always sends it to v first to unblur it.
his photo skills never improve.
and nor do his driving skills.
he almost drives the two of you off the road.
he's immortal when it comes to car accidents.
they literally can't kill him.
to the ppl who sent in requests, i'm working on them, sorry they're so late! i had a lot wrote down but i had computer problems and they vanished. that's what i get for keeping shit in my drafts...
once again, i'm so sorry. and please note, headcanons with the rfa and minor trio will take longer to get out, but they will get out. thank you so much for your support <3
19:18 AST - 08/26/21
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dilucsrevenge · a year ago
How about fingering Jumin slowly 👀
listen… i WANTED to write a fic for this but i am impatient and i am so brainrot about this idea… so you get headcanons
nsfw warning under the cut!!
first of all… it took a lot of convincing to get jumin to let you do this to him but you were always sweet with requests and never pushed on it
the day he lets you, and actually brings it up first, it is a SUPER huge milestone in your relationship
you go slow with him at first, easing him into the idea of being the less in control one by starting out just kissing the insides of his thighs
which, BY THE WAY, you found out the inside of his thighs are extremely sensitive
he was instantly squirming under your touch which just encouraged you even more since you never saw him this vulnerable
the squirming didn’t stop when you stared letting him adjust to your lube covered finger, his forehead covered in sweat already as he practically forced himself to stay quiet
that effort was quickly gone when you were pumping your finger in and out of him instead of going slowly, his moans and groans of your name were filling the air more than you had expected
he actually was asking, practically begging, for you to add a second finger after you had gone at a slow pace with a single finger for far too long
you indulged him since he had been patient with you so far, but you went even slower with the second finger since you had to stretch him out
to take his mind off the burning sensation of your fingers stretching him out, your hand wrapped around his cock to jerk him off at the pace of your fingers moving inside of him
in all fairness, you should’ve known the new sensation of your two fingers stretching him out along with your hand wrapped around his length would’ve made him cum quickly but you were still surprised when you felt the warm liquid on your hand after a few moments of fingering him slowly and jerking him off
jumin almost looked embarrassed after he came so quickly, his stamina was something he always took pride in
but of course, you watched his cock twitch as you pulled your fingers out of him and cleaned his cum off your fingers. now that you had pleased him, it was definitely your turn and he was more than happy to get his way with you this time
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Jumin and 707(separate)meeting their s/o parents
Tumblr media
Jumin would be very happy that you think he is ready to meet your parents.
He would like to make the best possible first impression on your parents.
But he's afraid your parents won't like him.
And because of this, he behaves very politely and a bit robotic.
But when he starts to feel comfortable he is no longer so formal.
Jumin answers all your questions and if your parents have prejudices he will take it.
He gets along well with them.
(or MR. I have too many names.)
Tumblr media
"Don't worry dear I know how to behave"
So 707 said and it was true...
At least until he walked over the threshold and sees that your parents have bought a white cat called a snowball.
"Elisabet is that you"?
He keeps the cat in his arms throughout the meeting while he kiss it.
707 get the cat free it seems to suffer
Otherwise, the meeting will go well and he will get along well with your parents.
707 manages to avoid family and work-related issues.
After your departure you will have to go back as the 707 tried to smuggle the cat with you to your home.
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princess-fuckrosa · a year ago
Loved your first time stories with both Zen and Jumin! Can I please request one with our dear Defender of Justice, Seven oh! Seven? Thank you! ❤️
Another first time for you MysMe anons, I hope you like this one too!
Thank you for your request, sorry it took so long!
It turned out to be a little shorter than the previous ones, sorry, but I'm a bit out of practice now.. I tried to make this gender neutral, I hope I didn't mess it up!
SMUT under the cut!
Tumblr media
First time with Seven
He would be nervous.
Seven loves you so much, and when he finds out that you're a virgin, he becomes a bit confused and anxious
You want HIM to be your first?
"Why?" would be his first thought
It is not that he wouldn't feel blessed about it, but he would have a hard time accepting that he is worthy he is
But when he finally put that into place...
well, he is still nervous. He wants it to be special for you. Something pure, something perfect, but not something over the top at least not now lol
There is no real plan, you didn't discuss anything specifically, but when you said you'll come over to his place to watch a movie, he already knew that there's no way either of you can hold back anymore.
He was not sure if you had the same mindset, so he tried his best to control his lust
I'm pretty sure you knew what you were doing, everyone knows that Netflix and chill means only one thing lol
Anyway, not soon after you arrived, you started watching the movie while you snuggled up on the couch.
I swear to god it only took ten minutes of Detective Pikachu for you two to just get down to business.
It started out as usual, with small kisses escalating into something else, you quickly found yourself in his lap, kissing passionately, dry humping each other.
He savored the moment for a long time, but when he felt you getting needy, he laid you down on the couch, pushing you beneath him as he kissed you with love and passion.
His fingers trailed down on your body, quickly unbuttoning your pants to get inside them
For a while, he would just teasingly cup you with his hands through your underwear, waiting for you to get a little desperate
When you rock your hips into his palm, he finally groped you gently with a groan
Seven picked you up and carried you to the bedroom
He had so many jokes in his mind about the situation, but honestly, he was too scared to crack those, he didn't want to spoil the mood.
He laid you down, and clothes quickly got thrown into all kind of directions from both of you
Soon, you were there, only in your underwear
He peppered kisses all the way from your face, down to your chest
If you are wearing a bra, he would totally make a cheeking competition about whether he can remove it with only one hand while you are laying on your back, just to make you laugh
he nailed it but that's not the point
His hands returned to your underwear, teasing you through the fabric before removing it slowly
He would pay attention to every sign you made, and would take things slow if needed but---
I'm sorry, but Seven is the king of oral, so whether you have a penis or a vagina, he would absolutely worship it, he would spend a lot of time between your leg~
Would love to make you a little embarrassed about it, so he would definitely make some comment about it.
"You taste so good, y/n~"
"Look at you, whimpering like that for me~"
"Do you want a taste too?"
Just pinch his nose if he becomes too much of a dork for you
He wouldn't push you to return the favor, but would be delighted if you would give him a blowjob
Seven is a kinky little shit, and he would love to teach you to have to pleasure him as well, slowly guiding you to take more and more of him, he likes it sloppy and fast, but not against a sensual and slow pace either
But he wouldn't bring it up himself, he would be too busy to focus on your pleasure
He would praise you a lot through the whole act, not just if you give him head, I imagine him quite chatty
"You doing so good, Kitten~"
"That feels amazing, don't stop~"
"I love you y/n"
For your first time, he wouldn't do anything too wild, Seven would get on top of you, slowly tangle up his body with yours in a soft embrace, his lips on your neck again as he spread your legs a bit further to get between them, one of his hands staying there on your thigh, while the other goes under your head, brushing through your hair.
He would try his best to be as gentle as possible, distracting you with kisses and sweet compliments along with some soft, breathy moans as he slowly pushes into you, letting you adjust to the feeling itself
He wouldn't move for a while, praising you with kisses, stroking your thighs with his fingers
After feeling your body starting to relax....
"I'm in."
He said that in a deadly serious voice, like a hacker would say it in a cheap movie.
It was SO unpredictable that it made you laugh in an instant, burying your face into your boyfriend's neck
He would be so proud of himself, and would give you some minutes to calm down before he would start to slowly rock his hips against yours
Your giggle fades into a moan as he sets up a steady pace, hearing his needy pants in your ears
He would hold your body as close as possible, his hand on your thigh, gently groping your skin as the movements of his hips fastens a bit
He loved hearing your voice, your scent was intoxicating, and the heat in the bedroom could lit up a forest as your bodies are slowly melting together
Soon, you felt your body tensing up as he picked up the pace once again, skin slapping into each other, echoing through the room with your moans and whimpers
You hold onto his neck tighter as your climax hits you, making your legs tremble as he chases his own release too
His thrusts starting to get sloppier as he came, moaning into your ears how deeply he fell in love with you again
Seven would give plenty of time for both of you to come down from the high, holding you close to his body, giving gentle kisses to your neck and cheeks, his fingers tracing your body up and down, before leaning back a little to gently push his forehead to yours with the dorkiest smile.
"Mission accomplished."
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daisies-n-dewdrops · 8 days ago
I’m in my fanfic writing era again !!
I write mystic messenger fics !! may expand fandoms soon !!
please request a character and a prompt and I will write it asap !! so excited to be writing again :]
- incest
- underage sexual content
- piss or scat or anything like that
- A/B/O
- Fluff
- Angst
- Smut (Ive never written it before but I’m 18 now so I’m open to trying !)
- Horror
- AUs
- pretty much anything as long as it’s not under my do not write list !!
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kimjihyun-archive · a year ago
Tumblr media
zen would definitely be a simple outfit kinda guy. he doesn’t wear a lot of flashy clothes because if we’re gonna be real?? he doesn’t need to. probably can’t really afford a lot of super elegant outfits in the beginning of the game, but even as his career progresses, he tends to dress the same. he likes simple colors, a lot of darks and a lot of lights (big fan of gray. huge) and he loves that leather jacket. he owns a lot of cool tones and tends to stick with them. if he’s really feeling up to it, he’ll incorporate bits and pieces of costumes he wore into his outfits once the production ends. always carries his phone, loves to wear a watch. probably not too too big on jewelry in his day-to-day life, but he’s more than happy to put it on when he’s going out.
Tumblr media
yoosung loves light colors. his outfits are also usually pretty simple (he doesn’t have the time, nor the money to really do anything else) but he somehow manages to throw together outfits that kinda work?? he ends up mixing a lot of colors and patterns in really unconventional ways since he really just grabs whatever’s clean, but they suit him in his own little way. most of his clothes tend to remain in his closet way past their lifetime and it can be assumed that his socks have holes in them at least 90% of the time. he would have lolol merch if he had the money. it would look awful.
Tumblr media
jaehee loves big sweaters. probably a cable-knit enthusiast. there’s a huge separation between what she wears at work and what she wears at home. tries to be as well-put-together as possible when she’s working since she knows damn well she’s gonna end up on the news, but at home she tends to stick to really simple styles. big on small and dainty jewelry (always gold if she had a say) and definitely has a few necklaces that she treasures. her work clothes always go to the dry cleaners on time and everything in her closet is hung up neatly at all times. folds beautifully.
Tumblr media
jumin is probably the most obvious one here. never picks out his own clothes—he pays his stylist for a reason. loves those three piece suits. you will never see him in casual wear (the closest he gets is when he rolls up his sleeves) and the employees at C&R are convinced that he sleeps in a suit. he doesn’t wear a ton of jewelry, but he probably wears a watch that he got from his dad. would wear anything you buy him without shame though. he does not care. knows he looks good and he’s great at emphasizing that. never wears anything that isn’t designer. he has to look professional after all. his clothes are always spotless, save for a cat hair or two.
Tumblr media
saeyoung does not care what he looks like. he can put together some really nice outfits if he tries, but considering he spends most of the day at his computer, he’s definitely more driven by comfort than anything else. has a ton of big sweatshirts and jeans (they’re never in his closet though. probably picks them out of the hamper or clean off the floor) and owns a surprising amount of sneakers. he hates wearing shoes at home though, probably insists on ‘letting his toes breathe.’ none of his socks match, but none of them are ripped either. owns a ton of jewelry but really doesn’t wear it unless he’s dressing up.
Tumblr media
jihyun is the biggest turtleneck enthusiast you will ever meet. loves simple colors and earth tones. wears a lot of black to exhibitions to keep the focus on the art. very basic in his colors and outfit choices, but always elegant. probably owns a silk up button-up or two. he loves to layer and never knows what to wear in the summer. also not a huge jewelry fan, but he likes to wear little things that are hand made!! he definitely makes some rings and bracelets in his free time and if you match them with him he will never take them off. designed his entire closet based on keeping attention away from himself. disgustingly color coordinated. artist king <33
Tumblr media
saeran makes sure his clothes are entirely comfort based. he didn’t get to choose any of his own outfits for a long time and a lot of them were really scratchy and tight. he likes sleeves that stretch over his hands and soft materials that feel nice. he loves neutral tones and colors that really go with anything. he doesn’t wear any jewelry (he just doesn’t really like it) and he tends to wear cold-weather outfits all year round since he can never seem to warm up. definitely a fan of button ups. they’re airy and he just thinks they’re neat :)
Tumblr media
formatting is a mix of my need to be a whore for aesthetics and an unintentional inspiration from @rfadaydreaming (hi i adore u i hope that’s alright!!)
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bloodpacks-archive · a year ago
Tumblr media
alright we’ve got zen’s bachelor pad first - generally zen tends to be a pretty minimalist guy with his house. part of it is honestly because he couldn’t really afford to completely deck out his house for a while, and now he’s just grown used to the look of it so he really likes having spaces that are a little less cluttered. the one exception to this, unfortunately, is his kitchen. he doesn’t use his kitchen often, and as a result, he often forgets to do his dishes until the end of the week. monday? that shit is spotless. his kitchen is cleaner than anything has ever been and the dishes are neatly put away. do not even look at that kitchen on wednesday. it’s become a disaster zone and he’s embarrassed. but once the mc starts to come by more, i think he ends up cooking for himself a lot more because he starts to realize that he actually really enjoys it. he loves being healthy, and now that he has the motivation to cook for himself (and her, of course), he starts to realize how much he likes control over what he eats. so now his kitchen is a lot cleaner bc it just has to be.
Tumblr media
two different places for yoosung !! - the one on the left is yoosung’s dorm :) it’s actually really cool in there. he spends a lot of time in that little room, so he decides to invest a little bit and make sure that he’s happy with the place he lives. he likes alternative lighting (mainly because it helps his eyes a bit when he’s playing lolol) but also because overhead lights can be a little harsh for him, especially after a long day of school. when the mc’s there, he always makes sure that the lights are just right. it’s very common for both of them to fall asleep while the LEDS are still on, a movie playing on the projector he bought a while back. when he moves out of college, though, his house is a bit of a different story. he still keeps some LEDS and neon signs in a little gamer/office space, and for the most part he’s actually pretty neat, but his house can definitely get messy. surprisingly enough, the mattress on the floor is not for him. in fact, it’s for zen. he comes over so often that yoosung ends up setting up a little mattress for him so that he can stay over whenever he has drinks with him. the mess honestly isn’t terrible though, and he and the mc are both good about making it an organized disaster.
Tumblr media
jaehee’s cozy little apartment - rather than art posters, jaehee actually has a lot of framed broadway and other musical posters on her walls. she branches out a bit from zen’s musicals over time, and she actually really loves decorating her home with something that she loves so much. she likes her small apartment, and it means that she and the mc are never really that far away from each other. she places her hand on the mc’s back whenever she squeezes past her in the kitchen, and when they have their coffee in the morning she can lean over and grab her hand during conversation. she always has candles lit, and she prefers really earthy and woody scents. tobacco is a common scent, but as is sandalwood. even with the candles, their apartment constantly smells like fresh coffee beans and sourdough bread. it is a very rare day if there isn’t dough rising in the window somewhere, and even rarer if there isn’t a baked loaf hidden away in the kitchen.
Tumblr media
two homes for jumin as well !! - the first picture is of his penthouse when the mc moves in with him. she adds little throw pillows, some rugs, and some plants to his stupid penthouse and makes it feel much more like a home. he gets rid of that stupid circular bed the second he realizes that she feels a little cramped in it and upgrades to a beautiful king sized mattress. there’s about a million and one windows, and that’s actually something he really loves about the penthouse. so it’s really no surprise when he and the mc move a bit out of the city and they keep the big windows and the big open spaces, but make it feel like something that’s meant to be lived in. jumin discovers his love of wood and tall bookshelves with a mix of occult novels and old classics, and the mc convinces him to add a little more color into his interior. their new house has a big garden out back so he can still visit the roses (though they aren’t the same ones from his old rooftop garden, but he’d argue that he planted them with her, so they’re so much better). they built the house themselves so it’s perfect for them, and elizabeth the third has her own little space for playing.
Tumblr media
hmmmm. saeyoung choi’s new home <3 - saeyoung eventually leaves the bunker. it’s a hard move, and it’s definitely not one he takes lightly (he’s used to moving, but not away from a place with so many good memories). but, he builds this new home from the ground up with the mc. he makes the plans and hires architects to help him, and he starts to fall in love with this new home even while it’s still a blueprint. he never gives up his complicated security system (the arabic dictionary really starts to feel heavy sometimes), but he does start to realize how much he loves windows. he still ends up getting them reinforced, but he loves the natural light and he actually really likes being able to see outside so easily. it’s a stupid thing, but sometimes the mc will catch him sitting on their couch and just looking out at the secluded little forest they ended up moving to, and he seems really happy. similar to yoosung, saeyoung cannot stand overhead lighting. at first, his solution was to just have no lighting at all, but one day he came into his office and there were these little lamps everywhere and they actually made his office feel a lot less daunting. ever since then, he’s started using lamps more often than the lights installed into his ceiling. he also says they help to reduce any sensory issues he might have from the light, which also means a lot less headaches for him. he starts to really love thunderstorms while he lives there, and so he and the mc always curl up whenever it starts to rain and they sit on the couch, watching as lightning cracks across the sky and counting the seconds until the thunder together. whenever it rains, saeyoung knows he can take a break from everything for a while.
Tumblr media
jihyun kim’s beautiful little apartment - his apartment is tiny except for his studio. similarly to jaehee, he likes the small spaces because one, he loves how cozy is feels, but two, because it means he can reach out to his mc a lot more often. his studio, however, is the biggest and brightest space imaginable. all of his apartment is big on natural light, but he loves having a huge window in his studio because it means he’s able to see actual life even when he’s wrapped up in his work. it’s also big enough that the mc can sit in and watch him work without ever feeling like she’s in the way, which he absolutely loves. it’s really common for her to be sitting on one of his extra stools, flipping through some of the drawing drafts he’s made with delicate fingers. he’ll turn then, half-dried paint on his fingertips and go to kiss her. she’ll laugh when she feels the coolness of the wet paint on her cheek, and he’ll feel terrible about it, but there’s not many worries that can be had when you’re standing in the shine of the afternoon sun, surrounded by art that you’re proud of and standing in front of the girl who brought you back to artistry. as far as the rest of his apartment goes, jihyun is very particular about color. he likes things to look nice and he appreciates things to be very calming in nature. the green kitchen is perfect for him because of this, and everything is always spotless. the only part of his home that’s ever a mess is his studio, but he knows where everything is.
Tumblr media
and lastly we have saeran’s little getaway :) - of course, saeran stays close to saeyoung. they both end up moving to a really nice, secluded area where they feel safe. even after the issue with their father has been resolved, both of them feel safer if they’re away from the public. this actually ends up being great for saeran though, because it means that he has access to so many plants. so many. he can walk though his pretty summer garden outside to get to his greenhouse, and he loves being able to tend to all of the flowers there. it really is something that’s calming for him. plus, whenever he walks outside he can see saeyoung’s house and he can be reminded that he’s only a few steps away, so he’d make the trip often even without the flowers. his house is pretty small, but he can’t imagine wanting anything too big. it always smells really fresh in his house, like clean linens and citrus, but not the artificial kind. he just always has oranges somewhere in his house so fresh citrus is always there in the kitchen. he and the mc enjoy a really quiet life together in their house, and it’s honestly at this point that he feels the happiest. he likes being able to wake up in the morning and sit at their kitchen island together, a homemade breakfast in front of them and her head leaning on his shoulder.
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pochipop · a month ago
Tumblr media
#ALT ACCOUNTS! — @yyolkchi (spam/sketch posting account!) & @ddollipop (mature fic account!)
Tumblr media
𖦹. ━ JUMIN !!
Jumin took a few ballroom dancing classes when he was young, but never found himself enjoying it. He'd only attended diligently because his father had insisted that he do so, and back then, Jumin had yet to learn how to stand against that man's frivolous wishes. Thankfully, the need to attend the classes went out the window after Jumin's father and one of the young, female instructors ended their fleeting relationship. So, he never went back, and the proper way to dance elegantly with a partner that Jumin once memorized in order to appease those around him eventually got lost to time.
When you take hold of his hand, your warmth seeping from your palm to his own, and ask him if he wants to dance with you to the slow song that just began playing. . . He hesitates.
"I'm not much of a dancer," he says, —but he hates the way that little twinkle of excitement in your eyes dies out like a meteor crashing to Earth's surface. 
You're not going to force him to do something he's uncomfortable with, and that much he knows for certain. But he also knows that you've put yourself in some very precarious situations in order to help and even protect him, and he feels it would be wrong to deny you something so small. In the end, if he were to make a fool of himself, you'd still love him. You'd still be there, even if everyone else were to turn his way and laugh. Your opinion matters to him more than anyone else's in the room.
"As long as you're alright with having me as a partner, though. . . I'll give it my best," Jumin adds.
It doesn't really matter to you how he performs. You just want to feel his hands on you, holding steady along your hips with your own arms around his neck. This isn't a dancing competition, after all, you're simply seeking closeness and something a little romantic to sweeten the pot. Two slow songs had gone by, and you were worried that as the party drew to a close, you might not get another chance to ask. By the time the third one began, you'd gathered up nerve to do so, and you were elated when he didn't choose to turn you down.
Your heart bursts as the dimmed lights glimmer off his eyes. A rainbow of colors reflects off his irises like stained glass windows to the soul. He takes one of your hands in his own, and you watch as his long, lithe fingers find their homes in the slits between your own. His other arm reaches out, allowing the flat of his hand to match the curve of your body, touching just along your side. Sheepishly, you bring your free hand up to rest along his shoulder.
Even now, when you can feel the stiffness and slight apprehension in his body and in the way he moves, Jumin looks as elegant as ever. There's something regal about him, as if he were born with such high confidence and the ability to work his way smoothly through any situation. Of course, you've seen many sides of him by now, but. . . You'd still venture to call him princely, even after knowing all you do.
When you meet his gaze and offer him a small, bashful smile, his lips curve up at the edges.
"I feel honored when you smile at me," he comments softly, mumbling the words into your hair before pressing a gentle kiss to the crown of your head.
Some eyes naturally draw to Jumin as he dances with you, stiffness melding into something much more fluid as he relaxes into the movements. You know a few women here at the party are looking on with scorn in their eyes, jealous of you for being so close to the man they dream of. Still, you can't bring yourself to care much about them when Jumin pulls you closer, his grip steadying.
Others are simply shocked that Jumin is dancing with someone so intimately, seeing as he's gone the vast majority of his career without ever parading a lover about. And even now, that's hardly what he plans to do. He doesn't care if people don't understand. . . All that matters is that you see right through him as if he's made of glass. Shattered glass that you've somehow managed smoothed back together.
You've taken the mangled threads inside him into your graceful hands, nimble fingers untangling the mess he's been caught in for as long as he can remember. You've soothed the ache inside him, —and your heart skips a beat when his breath ghosts against the shell of your ear as he whispers to you that he loves you.
Tumblr media
𖦹. ━ YOOSUNG !!
Yoosung has lived a fairly normal life, all things considered. He never learned how to slow dance, just like many young men his age. There wasn't really a reason for him to do so, and if he's being honest, the idea of it has never particularly appealed to him. After all, you're the first lover he's ever had, and he's at least eighty-five percent sure that you need a partner to slow dance with before you can really figure out how to get the hang of it.
So, when you ask Yoosung if he'd like to dance with you, he initially panics a little, worried that maybe slow dancing is just something everyone knows how to do, and somehow he's been left completely out of the loop.
"I. . . I don't really know how," he admits, "—but if you want to, then I'd like to try!"
If you were anyone else, he'd have wrapped that up by requesting that you not make fun of him for having no clue what he's doing. But, you are, in fact, you, and Yoosung knows that you're not the type to make fun of him when he's making an active effort to please you.
The music is soft and slow. It plays in the background like a living soundtrack synced to your heartbeat as Yoosung puts his arms around your middle and you rest your hands along his shoulders. He shivers under your touch, still reeling from the idea that someone like you is his, —his to love, to respect, and to admire like you're some celestial being that ascended from the heavens above. His heart is beating like a drum, and with you being so close, his cheeks flush a pale pink at the idea that you may be able to hear it.
"Am I doing this right?" The blond asks, glancing down at his feet for the fifth time within a minute, careful not to step on your toes.
"You're doing fine," you reply, massaging your fingers into his shoulder ever so gently in hopes that it might soothe some of his worries.
Yoosung feels his heart blossom at your touch. He's never felt like this before, and he's not sure what to do with himself. His heart throbs more with every brush of your fingertips, and all he can think about is you, —your eyes that temper the anxiety as it crawls up his spine, threatening to send him into another downward spiral. Your lips that he's brushed his own over, and every single time it's sent a shockwave of starkly innocent pleasure to every cell in his body.
"It doesn't even matter how you dance," you add softly, "—as long as I'm dancing with you, I don't care about anything else."
He feels himself melt like wax under a wick's flickering flame. If he could, he'd like to crawl inside your heart and live there, safe and warm. Yoosung feels comfortable here, when he's close to you and has nothing left to hide. His walls have come down, and you've embraced him, —all of him. The broken young man he still is on dark, lonely nights as well as the smiling student he shows the world so they won't worry. He wants you to see every face, meet every version of him, because he knows you'll love each and every one of them down until he's learned how to weld himself back together again.
"I'm really happy to hear that," he says, voice nearly catching in the back of his throat.
You feel his arms tighten around you, pulling you closer to him. When you rest your forehead against his chest, he doesn't bother to bite back the happy smile that forces its way onto his face.
This is what true love feels like. . .
Tumblr media
𖦹. ━ HYUN (ZEN) !!
Hyun is no stranger to dancing. In his line of work, he's mastered lots of talents in order to be eligible for a wider array of roles. It's certainly paid off, if his diverse history of characters and projects is anything to go off of, —but even so, dancing with his lover seems to present a completely different challenge. There are so many more emotions with this; real ones that he doesn't have to muster up the skill to act out. These are raw and just about as genuine as Hyun has ever felt anything at all, —so authentic that it's driving him wild.
It's not that he fears messing up. Much the opposite in fact, Hyun is fairly certain everything will go his way, and even if it didn't, he knows you would be the last person in the room to laugh at his expense. Still, he's never been in love. Not for real, anyway. He's played a lovesick fool under blindly white lights or up on a velvety stage, but he's never let someone in like this. He's never torn himself open to let someone else see everything that lingers below that confident, handsome surface. You're the first to know him inside and out, and that scares him as much as it quenches his anxiety.
When you ask him to dance, he shoots you a smile and quickly agrees, but you take note of the way his crimson eyes quiver. The sharpness of them dulls a bit, —and you make note of it, reminding yourself to tread gently with him.
While he plays up the inner beast that seeks to devour his love, you know well and good that sometimes, that so-called beast is nothing more than a silly little puppy frolicking behind in Hyun's shadow.
"I've slow danced for performances before, but this. . . This is my first time with someone I actually love," Hyun admits.
His strong arms are tight around your waist, keeping you close to him, while your arms are wrapped around his neck. He guides you, clearly being the more experienced of the two when it comes to dancing of this kind, —and he does it with such delicate precision that it's hard to imagine he could be anything less than perfectly confident about it. But, then again, Hyun does seem to be completely and utterly golden in nearly every aspect, almost too much to be real. . . And yet there's something much less flattering (in his own eyes, anyway,) that lingers below the surface.
"It still feels a little bit like a dream," you admit, "—to hear you say you love me, that is."
With robotic precision, Hyun guides you in this dance. His grip is secure and snug, but far from tight. He offers just enough pressure to set your heart on fire.
"Really?" He blinks, shocked to hear you say that to him, as if you've managed to read his mind and spout his own sentiments right back at him. "I feel like I should be the one saying that to you."
The giggle that erupts from the back of your throat leaves Hyun laughing softly with you before he bends over slightly and presses his forehead to your own. Sighing gently, he mumbles your name under his breath. Your heart skips a beat at the mere sound of it as it falls from his full lips. If it were physically possible, he'd pull you close. But, unfortunately for the both of you, it's not, —especially if you're keen on continuing this dance with him.
Hyun likes that there's no pressure here with you, no demands that he knows he has to meet at the end of it all. You don't want anything in particular from him. . . You just want him as he is, no qualifiers or conditions attached.
This, he thinks to himself, is what falling in love feels like.
Tumblr media
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antiochean · 9 days ago
Ok here are my Weirdly Specific Vanderwood headcanons
Was hesitant to post this cuz it kind of spoils my writing, but I'm still constantly debating posting my writing, and making a list is light and fun
TW for drug use, trauma. The vibes get kinda bad after the read more. But then they pick back up a little.
Alright check this out:
Could be very good with technology if they were interested
But as it is they aren't. Computers and smartphones are things they have to deal with for work.
The more analog the better. In fact, they somehow have a tape player in their car, and they keep tapes around. They love the feeling of their music taking up physical space.
Because they're very affected by their environment. Cozy environment equals a cozy Vanderwood. If their space is disorganized they can't focus on anything else.
What they enjoy listening to is mostly old metal and rock. Think Queen, Mötley Crüe. Music that drips glitter and gold.
I mean where do you think they got their haircut and leopard print from if not glam metal
They were raised in the UK and exposure to glam metal androginy was their gender awakening
I headcanon them as bigender and bisexual. Totally not because I'm projecting my gender and sexuality onto them. Nuh-uh. He/they lol
They love beautiful things. Gold, specially. Silk. But they don't allow themselves to wear it. (Yet?)
They own many scarves
Contrary to popular belief I don't think they blush very easily at all. They're very good at keeping their cool. They do, however, avoid eye contact when flustered, sometimes swallow dryly. And if you pay close attention, you'll notice they hold their breath, too.
I see them as a trauma kid. Probably had an absent mother figure and shitty father figure. Very low income childhood household.
Tried to be a good kid for most of their childhood. Realized in high school that that wasn't working, and became a delinquent shithead.
An incident while playing with fire/homemade explosives seriously injured a kid their age and put them in juvie
They got picked up by the agency six months later. They were 16. Kids with nothing to lose make for excellent killers.
Having injured that kid actually fucked them up pretty bad. Their personality did a full 180 after that. Ego death.
They're now completely desensitized to gore. Still find it unhygienic, but not disturbing.
Watch slasher movies as a coping mechanism. Specially shitty old slashers with practical effects.
They're only ever not ashamed of laughing out loud when they're watching slashers or spy movies.
Or if they're doing it sarcastically, I guess
They have OCD. They obsess with cleanliness and numbers.
They're always counting. Very good with quick math cuz they're always doing it. Sometimes a number pops up and they have to tap a joint (wrist, knee) that number of times to avert some grotesque catastrophe.
No one can see the tapping. If anyone sees it, grotesque catastrophe.
Sometimes it's like their sanity relies on everything being perfectly under control. And they're actually pretty good at keeping things under control and preparing for every situation, so you rarely get to see them having to deal with what is, to them, the catastrophe scenario.
They have a lot of practice at analyzing people/psychological and personality profiling. They're also always doing it out of habit. And it is a lot like math. They can't allow themselves to have interactions that aren't transactional, anyways, so socializing ends up being math.
The way they allow themselves to understand value is very practical - they're good if they're useful. That means they enjoy shooting a lot, cause they're good at it.
They have psychosis when on drugs, but didn't make the link between the drugs and the psychosis for a while, and abused drugs for years.
Became obsessed with divine geometry during those, felt that the patterns that they found in numbers were messages from a higher being.
Swore off drugs after an extremely bad paranoia bender. It made them realize how much they really, really didn't want to die.
Dropped the God stuff by that point. Wanting to survive was enough for them.
Mostly abused drugs with huge crashes.
Because they're a total emotional masochist
The type of person to Relish in an unrequited crush, as it confirms their bias that they're unworthy of love.
Torture themselves by keeping track of where they could be in life if they had actually gone to college
They feel like they're hardening themselves when they do it. That they're turning themselves more and more into a cold, indestructible weapon.
Cope by completely emptying themselves. And they feel safe when they're empty. Emotions equal danger
Because if they care about something, it will be taken from them, and absolutely destroy them
While working for the agency, they have plenty of excuses to be bad at relationships. Plus, they're scared you'll be terrified when you realize what a monster they've been their whole life, and they're terrified they'll lose control and do something horrible. But leaving the agency adds a whole new layer of "What if I let myself hope for a normal life and all of my hopes get crushed"
So yeah trying to get close to them will involve a lot of them avoiding you to keep themselves and you safe. Expect many unanswered texts and "Oh yeah I'm actually on the other side of the continent right now sorry I didn't tell you anything beforehand"
When a person with an avoidant attachment style is in love or in a relationship, it starts building up pressure. It builds up stress - a primal urge to run for your life. There are outbursts, fights.
They're usually capable of apologizing if they're unreasonable, though, after they cool down. They really don't want to lose you.
The urge to run is there in other places, too. They usually leave the room immediately after waking up from a PTSD nightmare.
By default, they're allergic to expressing positive emotions
But damn. When they start warming up to you and taking breaks from fighting the positive feelings more and more frequently. They care about you so much
You just have to know/learn how to read the signs
They'll easily get attached to someone who understands them and understands their boundaries and not to cross them. They're working so hard on being better about emotions!! Give them time. Don't make them too uncomfortable, or they'll shut down and pull away.
They value nonverbal communication because of how hard it is for them to be honest and upfront about things that matter to them. Sometimes a conversation will approach one of their boundaries and you two will look at each other and just know. Without having to say anything. You know the things they can't say yet are already there.
This wreck of a human being wants to be understood so bad. They CRAVE the mortifying ordeal of being known. Demonstrate insight into their personality and you'll live in their head rent free forever and ever. Same for remembering like, their favorite ice cream flavor or some offhand comment they made. They don't expect you to be interested enough to do these things.
He has so many scars. Try to avoid touching the one on his back from when a bullet punctured his lung. On a bad day, it'll knock him out of breath all over again.
Emotions are intimate and therefore dangerous and scary. Sex is easy though. They're bad at emotions and good at sex.
I imagine that in the beginning of a relationship they'd use sex as a love language a lot, cuz physical intimacy is the only type of intimacy they have any experience in.
Also. Acts of service. They will NOT let you drive. They will NOT let you cook. How else will you know they love you. They need this. Put the car keys down slowly and nobody gets hurt
Will also show they care by giving any hobby you have a serious try.
Stark comes from Game of Thrones, not Iron Man. They watched the first season when it came out and never recovered. Read all the books. They're a total geek about it.
GOD that got long. Can you tell I think about this character a normal amount. Anyways thanks for reading this far. Will you marry me
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thebarkingraccoon · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
RFA + V | Unknown react to meeting the Player behind MC.
A kinda quick head canon thing based on this: MC's Route
Premise: MC's Route resulting in you, the Player, finally seeing the characters free of the Mystic Messenger's restrictive programming. You, as you are, meet them for the first time~
(This is just for fun, bit of a fluff piece!)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The poor boy was in a full panic.
One second MC was in front of him, the familiar sweater she wore was comforting to see.
But this person... didn't dress the same. Their hair, voice, eyes- It's all so different, so unfamiliar.
"Uh- Hi." Yoosung was screaming at himself.
I mean, his girlfriend just evaporated into code in front of him before being replaced by a complete stranger.
and all he could come up with is "um hi"
But really, what is he supposed to say?
He was a nervous wreck, his hands were shaking. What did all this mean for him, for the RFA, for you?
And just who are you?
"Yoosung..." You started, but struggled to find what to say to him. He was so anxious to ask a million questions, but he failed to realize that you are just as nervous.
While you cared for Yoosung, you knew that he didn't know you at all. He only knew MC, but she wasn't real.
You had all this time to get to know him, care for him, and while you had wished you could meet someone like him one day; you didn't expect this.
Seeing him hesitate though made it so much harder to confess face to face.
Does he still care about you, now that you're not MC? Does he feel hurt, betrayed? It wasn't your fault, you had no way of knowing all this could happen.
You clung to the hope that Yoosung would accept you for you, that all this wouldn't scare him away.
I mean, if you had just found out your boyfriend was a bunch of coding in a game, wouldn't you feel unsure about the player behind them?
Realizing that Yoosung is likely unsure about your relationship, you sigh dejectedly. You had to let him go his own way and maybe, just maybe, he'll one day be okay with all this.
You doubted it, after all, who would be?
"I'm sorry." Your eyes look anywhere but at his. Your apology catches him by surprise and his breathing stills. "I understand this... is a lot to take in. It's alright if you don't want to be with me anymore."
Yoosung's eyes widened, now seeing his silence was mistaken for doubt.
His hands grabbed your shoulders, perhaps a little rougher than he meant. Panicked, he desperately tried to explain himself.
"No! It's not that." Yoosung was starting to sweat, his heart felt like it was being twisted in his chest.
"I still love you!"
His face bloomed into a bright red, but he forced himself to keep going. "I mean, I think I do."
"If you really meant everything that you've said to me, all the things you've done-" Yoosung kind of glossed certain things. He definitely wasn't going to bring up his eye at a time like this. "It doesn't matter where you're from... or, what you are."
"I'm still just human, Yoosung..."
His blush deepened in embarrassment. How was he supposed to know that though? He shook his head so he could focus.
"You've done so much for me... I may not even be here if it weren't for you. I was struggling when I met you." Yoosung felt like he was admitting something, but he didn't want to focus on himself now. Not when you looked like you were about to cry.
"I might not know you, but I feel like I know the kind of person you are." A tentative smile spread across his face when you finally looked at him. "You cared so much for me and I want to do the same for you."
"I love you..." Yoosung glanced to the side, suddenly looking supremely embarrassed. "I, uh- I don't know your name..."
His bashfulness, the nervous and unsure smile; your Yoosung.
"Y/n. My name is Y/n."
Tumblr media
"It's me, Zen. I'm MC."
He was beside himself.
On one hand he had this lovely girlfriend that he adored and adored him. She was sweet, beautiful, and supportive. Literally a dream come true, he had plenty of fantasies of his perfect girlfriend.
MC had blown his dreams out of the water though. She was all that and more.
On the other hand, there was this... stranger? Standing in MC's place. Someone completely new and Zen really didn't know what this person was all about.
Sure, he wanted to be his usual flirtatious self upon meeting them.
He thinks you're attractive, but he's conflicted.
MC is his girlfriend, right? He wouldn't be unfaithful, he wouldn't flirt with a stranger knowing he was with someone.
But... you are MC...
Zen needs to sit down, he needs a few moments to come to terms with this. MC wasn't real? How does anyone just accept something like that?!
You are, of course, so worried to see him like this.
There were so few times when Zen was less than confident. Seeing him so deeply shaken by this realization made you fear for your relationship, but more important; for him.
When he sat down, he put his head in his hands. There was no doubt in his mind he loves MC and if this person really is MC, then he loves you too.
It's not that Zen is questioning his love, but rather he found MC fading away very jarring. When MC vanished he thought the worst.
Then you showed up in her place. You explained that MC is just a- what was it?- an avatar you use to communicate with him.
The hell is an avatar?
You had no issues giving him time and space. Whatever he needed! You love him, you care about how this makes him feel.
Still, it hurts to know this was causing him so much stress.
"Zen, it's still me." I just look different. You didn't want to bring attention to the differences between yourself and the MC avatar. It was hard enough as it is.
As you kneel down in front of him, you carefully reach out for him. But think twice when your hand nears his.
You both sit in silence for a few minutes, just letting Zen reconcile this crazy circumstance.
It doesn't take him very long surprisingly, as he suddenly takes a deep breath and throws his hands away from his face. The quick movement startles you and you lean away.
Then you see Zen's gentle smile and he steals one of your hands, bringing it close to him.
"I'm sorry, jagi." He began, his voice steady and quiet. "I didn't mean to make you wait."
"What-?" You were taken aback by this quick turnaround, but he didn't give you time to question it.
With a hand on your back, he pulls you into him. Just like before, he held you close. Firm, but gentle.
"It's a lot to take in," You felt him chuckle, "But I can't imagine being without you. I love you, jagiya."
Sure, it was a relief, but it still felt strange. Zen had definitely understood you and MC were, technically, the same person. Only that MC didn't exist, but the affection MC had for him still did.
That wasn't why you felt weird about it though. It's just that he seemed so shaken and then, without warning, was perfectly okay with it.
Pulling back from Zen, you can see his confused expression. It twanged a heart string, but you had to ask:
"You're... really okay with all this? I mean, I'm basically telling you that you're, ah- code and so is your world."
"And I'm from a different reality! That's a lot! It's... okay if you're not okay with it." You said it and it was the right thing to do, giving Zen this way out.
But it was totally unnecessary.
"How impressive is that?" Zen kept smiling, pulling you back until he could rest his forehead against yours. "My jagi is from another world- Oh! Tell me about your world!"
"Zen, what-?"
"Yes! There's so much, you have to tell me all of it!" Truthfully, Zen was curious.
He also felt incredible that his S/O loved him, even from another world.
he already kinda knew
Tumblr media
Down for the count, absolutely.
This couldn't be real, this was insane.
She'd finally lost it, huh?
Her girlfriend had just- well, whatever that was it was unnatural. MC disintegrated pretty much. There was nothing scary about it, MC warned her ahead of time it was going to happen.
But Jaehee didn't really believe her.
That is, until this new person approached her. They weren't MC but... they were. A different face, hair, body, voice. It was all so, so different.
"Jaehee..." There it was, that strangers voice. So loving and worried for her that it made her confused all over again.
"Are you okay?"
For what seemed like forever after MC disappeared, Jaehee blinked. She removed her glasses, wiped them clean, and put them back on her face.
You laughed quietly, your cheeks tingling. Her shocked face was so endearing, it made it hard to stay away.
But you had to, she needed to process on her own time.
You and Jaehee had built this cafe together. A dream come true, something life changing, and here you were; dropping another life changing thing on her head.
It felt a little selfish, but this wasn't your doing. You hadn't been in control until now.
Though you could've kept the MC avatar going, you chose to be honest with Jaehee. She didn't deserve the stress, she also didn't deserve being lied to.
It was hard to tell what the right option was, you just did what felt right. You wanted to be with Jaehee, not have that avatar separating you. Perhaps it was a little selfish, Jaehee was so happy with MC...
But it only took Jaehee drinking a tall glass of water in one gulp before she returned to you, ready.
"Are you MC?" This was the business side of Jaehee again. She was trying to be organized about this craziness and she had just the way to do it.
"Uh- yes..." You shrugged, "But my name is Y/n."
She nodded, calm. "Y/n." Your name fit you, she liked it immediately. "Will you explain it to me? Everything?"
That was a big ask.
It wouldn't be easy working through it, but you tried your best anyways.
Jaehee wanted to understand, she asked you to help her; how could you say no?
So you both talked through the night with very few interruptions from Jaehee. She usually just asked a few simple questions between your long winded descriptions.
Where are you from?
What about your family?
How come you didn't mention this before?
Why now?
What is your world like?
The questions kept coming and she kept logging down every bit of information she could until she finally felt like she got it.
As complicated as it was, Jaehee wasn't going to judge you based on your answers.
Eventually, the sun rose and you realize you had been speaking all night.
Before you knew it, Jaehee got up and started to return to work.
Confused, you followed her while studying her face. She didn't look angry, upset, or... well, anything other than tired. You were up all night.
You finally stopped, desperate to find out what she thought, she turned to you and said;
"You're still MC, right?"
"Then what's there to worry about?" Then she smiled, returning to work.
Jaehee was practical.
There wasn't anything else she wanted in this life. So long as she had you and the cafe; she's happy.
Tumblr media
This was... so far beyond him. He didn't understand a lick of it, so much flew over his head in the first few seconds that he eventually just checked out while he witnessed MC leave.
Well, MC left but she was still here.
Or, more specifically, you were. MC, the avatar, was gone for the time being allowing Jumin to see you and only you, in her place.
At first, he didn't hear anything you said.
Then, he heard everything but didn't comprehend it.
Now, he just really wants to know if you're okay.
His wife just vanished and now there's a stranger claiming to be her. You explained it before you removed the MC avatar, but that barely did anything to help Jumin connect the dots here.
He understood and he didn't at the same time.
"Are you..." Jumin Han actually had to clear his throat, excusing himself as he gathered his composure again. "Are you alright, like that?"
Not exactly what you expected. "Like what?" You looked down at yourself, but saw nothing out of place.
"MC. The woman." It came out a little quiet. Jumin felt remarkably uncomfortable describing his wife like this.
Oh. "Are you asking if it... hurts me to control her?"
Jumin just nodded once.
"No, MC is just an avatar. She does whatever I tell her to do or say." You already explained this bit, but you anticipated not all of it would get through the first time. "I'm still MC, I just don't look like her."
Faintly, Jumin's eyes narrowed. Just enough for you to notice and cringe under his critical gaze.
Jumin was rather intimidating in person.
"You... are not my wife."
Man, that didn't feel great.
"Who are you?"
"I'm Y/n." You figured being straight and quick was the best way to go. Jumin was a very curt man after all.
He looked away from you, eyes closing in thought. There was so much to consider, but he opted to ignore most of it. He knew himself well enough to know he'd need more time and a lot deeper explanation before he grasped it.
Instead, he took a few long strides towards you before stopping in front of you.
Seeing him approach with such a stern expression caused you to lean back, resisting the urge to step away.
You loved and trusted Jumin, but seeing him like this was difficult.
"It won't look good in public if I'm seen sharing my private home with another person."
That... was a good point. People would assume he's having an affair or, at the very least, ask where MC went.
"Can you make her appear when you want?"
Nodding quickly, you answered. "I just wanted to show you me, the real me." A little ashamed, you diverted your eyes from his overpowering gaze. "I can always just... stay as MC, if you prefer her."
Instantly, you felt a hand under your chin urging you to look back to him. Nervous, you felt your cheeks redden.
"Y/n, I still love you deeply. There is much we should discuss, but in public I would ask you to appear as MC."
You understood why, but you also worry.
And Jumin saw right through you.
"But in our home, I would much rather spend my nights with the real you."
Jumin would ask Seven to explain this to him later cause he still doesn't understand.
Tumblr media
To say this man was excited (and exhausted) would be putting it lightly.
You were the ultimate anything. Literally, you controlled pretty much everything.
First he would ask you to give him a new car. Then, bring him Elly. Then, give Vanderwood a new maid outfit. Then-
Okay, You thought. He needed to be stopped.
There was no telling when it would end, so you just grabbed him by his jacket to slow him down.
Saeyoung was laughing, positively buzzing with excitement about what to do next. Pretty much anything was possible if you controlled the game's code, right?
You were basically untouchable.
And that filled him with such relief.
No one could take you away now, no one could possibly threaten you. His work as an agent was not a threat to someone that could rewrite their reality!
But he kind of knew this already.
After all, he was the one to finally help break through. He knew MC wasn't really real. He knew she was just something for them to see and interact with...
The real you was a lot more than he expected. In the best way possible!
Of course, he cared for MC as they were. And had this never happened, he still would've loved MC without ever getting the chance to know you.
Because he'd do anything to be with you in any capacity.
It worked out surprisingly, for the first time in his life; something went right!
"Saeyoung!" You wanted to chastise him, but found yourself giggling at his antics. It was always so hard not to.
You were caught off guard when you felt his arms wrap around you, bringing you into a soul crushing hug. Honestly, this was the tightest hug you've ever felt.
When he released you, he immediately kissed you. His hands holding your face, squishing your cheeks together.
"You're so cute!" He was extremely pleased with himself. "I didn't think you could get any cuter!"
Okay, Saeyoung.
You pull his hands off, still very worried about him.
The reaction wasn't what you expected, though you recall brief interactions with him from before. He expressed moments of... awareness.
Those were jarring, but you had thought they were part of the game until recently.
Now you knew there was so much more to this. You managed to break away from the coding shackling you to certain responses and actions.
With Saeyoung's help, naturally.
You were here now and he couldn't possibly be happier.
"Are you sure?" Your question came out of the blue. Though he knew you were agonizing over his reaction, he was determined to show you how he really felt.
"I'm married to someone with superpowers!"
Saeyoung just sighed, knowing you needed something more than his jokes right now.
Most of the time you appreciated his humor and it helped you. He always knew how to make you laugh...
But you needed reassurance that this wasn't going to drive him away from you.
So that's exactly what he would give you.
"Hey," Saeyoung nuzzled his face between your shoulder and neck, pressing you against him in another tight hug. "I love you, you know that, right?"
"Uh- I guess." You really weren't sure how to respond, but you did your best to shake off your doubts. "I mean... I love you, I hope that's enough for you."
"More than I could hope for." He mumbled before letting you go, "Now come on, I have got to show you off to everyone."
"Saeyoung, I don't think that's a good-"
"Let's go!"
Tumblr media
Yeah, there's no way V would grasp this one. He loves you, he just has a lot he worked through on his own.
When V could see again, and you found a way through, he finally got a glimpse of you.
The explanation was hasty, desperate to convince him you weren't trying to lie to him.
He's had some bad past experiences.
In the midst of your rushed words, V can see that you're only getting more and more worked up.
You didn't anticipate showing your real self to him like this, but now that you have-
How can you possibly explain that you're not just like her?
You might be jumping to conclusions.
You definitely are.
Yet you care so much about V and the others. You can't bare the thought that they might write you off as a liar.
From their perspective, you basically lied about who you are.
It wasn't your fault, but you were naturally an empathic person. You can understand if V thought poorly of you because of this.
And that killed you inside.
As your face turned red in frustration, your words beginning to skip over; he saw the thin glimmer of tears building in your eyes.
And he wouldn't stand for that.
V pulled you into his chest, hand on the back of your head, as he shushed you.
"It's alright, love."
He meant it to calm you down, but it only made you tense as a few stray tears ran down your face.
When he heard, and felt, your sniffling, V pulled away in worry. "I didn't want to upset you anymore, I'm sorry."
You wiped your forearm over your face before meeting his eyes. He seemed so at peace with it.
Frowning in confusion, you had to know.
"How are you okay with this?"
V didn't expect that at all, his smile faltered a bit, but only because now he was confused too.
You thought he would be upset with you. That this giant secret would tear a rift between you two.
Something you could never repair.
And perhaps it would've, but V saw how distraught you were and realized very quickly that you did truly care.
You cared what he thought of you, how this could hurt him.
He couldn't stand to see you like that and though it took him a moment to catch up, V had no doubts you didn't mean to cause any harm.
"I won't lie, at first I thought you were joking." V murmured shyly, a hand coming to rub the back of his neck. "You and Saeyoung make a lot of the same jokes."
"But... I see how scared you are."
Embarrassed, you turned your head away.
V winced at that, he was trying hard not to put you on the spot here. It was hard.
"I've known you long enough to know you wouldn't do anything to hurt me intentionally." And he meant it. "I trust you."
After that, there really wasn't much discussion about it again.
V was content with you by his side, but only if you were too. Knowing you had been unable to communicate with him before made him worry...
But, you made it clear that you chose to be with him.
That's all he really wanted to know.
Tumblr media
The initial meeting was... less than ideal.
You had been 'MC' so long that the concept of being anything else was impossible.
Though, it was impossible normally too.
But it was Saeyoung that helped break this barrier between you and this world.
Saeran was aware of this happening, so it wasn't that much of a surprise.
However, what did shock Saeran was the change.
Specifically, MC not being real.
A concept you feared might cause Saeran to completely separate himself from you.
Since you are, basically, a stranger now. MC isn't real, everything about her was only part of the story.
Now that you have the freedom to do so, you wanted to show him who you really are. Though the fear of losing him threatened to keep you quiet.
You knew that Saeran deserved the truth.
After everything he's been through.
So, here you are. Purely you, nothing in between you anymore.
And the silence was deafening.
At first you feared that Saeran had entirely written you off. MC was fake, but he knew that already so why only now was he silent?
With all the work he and Saeyoung put into breaking this code, he had to have known that you were going to be different.
But was it a good or bad different?
Saeran was a very internalized person. He had so many issues in the past, but things had changed.
His hair was starting to go back red, he wore a sweater for fucks sake.
Would it be so terrible if you weren't the same too?
That wasn't up for you to decide and, if Saeran didn't accept you, you'd have to deal with that.
Standing here in front of Saeran though... It was dizzying. You never dared to imagine it, it was impossible! Dreaming about impossible things would only disappoint you.
Nervously, you shifted on your feet. You didn't speak, didn't dare break the tension in the air.
Saeran did.
"You can talk now, right?"
Just hearing his voice made you jump. You furiously nodded, "Y-yes, I can."
That was enough for him. With a few steps forward and a blush spreading across his face, Saeran pressed his lips to yours.
It was firm, full of expression. This was Saeran telling you it's okay, you're okay.
When he broke the kiss, you dared hope. "So... does this mean...?"
Huffing, Saeran shook his head. "You thought I was going to break up with you?"
"I-... yes?" You visibly winced as you answered him.
"You're still you. MC was only an avatar you used." Hearing it from him helped tremendously. "Why would leave you?"
He was actually a tad confused.
The reason he was silent when he could finally see you was because of how shocking the whole situation is.
It's a tad overwhelming to learn about a whole other reality existing that can control your own.
But Saeran saw for himself that you had hoped you could one day talk to them, meet them for real.
He understood what it was like being trapped, unable to reach out. Seeing that you couldn't talk to him was driving him mad ever since Saeyoung discovered the code.
Now that you're here, he wasn't planning on letting you go.
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himbobeel · 10 months ago
Hiiii! I'm excited for the requests! How about mystic messenger zen and v with a first kiss?
hi!!!! thank you sm for being my first request back, and with my two favorite boys at that <33 i would love to do this. here we go!! 
feel free to send me more requests to my inbox
hiiii! i'm excited for the requests! how about mystic messenger zen and v with a first kiss?
Tumblr media
on day 11, after the end of the rfa party. once the last guests have filed into their respective limos and the venue is 100% clean, zen takes you back to his apartment to make you dessert. after the two of you are stuffed to the brim with chocolate cake and have watched a sufficient amount of television, he takes you out onto the roof. the same one where he brought down his walls for the first time and told you about his family.
as he takes your hand, helping you sit on the safest part of the ledge, you gasp at the brilliant blanket of stars that hangs just over your head. he can’t help but blush at your excitement.
it’s quiet for a while as the two of you search for constellations and point them out to one another, basking in the glow of a successful evening. zen has been slowly inching his hand towards yours for the past few minutes, and eventually he musters up the courage to slip your fingers between his. 
 as a cool breeze blows through your hair, you turn to look at him. the way the moonlight eclipses on his face makes his eyes glow just as bright as one of the stars in the sky. he looks absolutely ethereal like this, mouth slightly parted and tongue in his teeth as he tries his best to search the sky for god knows what. he must become aware that you’re watching him, because as he turns to you, his cheeks turn ever so slightly pink, like a spring rose.
“thank you for being so helpful tonight,” you say, giving his hand a light squeeze.
“thank you for hosting it,” he squeezes back. “it’s been hard without rika, and...i think tonight is just what everyone needed.”
both of you stare at one another for a while, and as if you both can read each other’s mind, you lean in and your lips meet. he’s hesitant at first, making sure you’re comfortable before he continues. you inch closer to him, pressing a hand to the back of his neck in encouragement. kisses still featherlight but confident, he brings his own hand up to your cheek, rubbing gently back an forth with his thumb.
the way your mouths move together in harmony, the love dripping from each touch to your neck, back, knee. you are a puzzle and he is your final piece, fitting together with you so perfectly.
after the events of the party in his good ending on the main route. after v’s return from traveling, the two of you decide to take things slow. while both of you know what you want, his healing journey is far more important to you than anything else. he does, however, ask to see you as often as he can; taking you to coffee shops, art galleries and exhibitions, and reading to you are some of his favorite activities.
this particular morning, you woke up to a text that he has something important that he wants to do with you. greeting you at the door, he takes you into a long hug, something he loves to do anytime he sees you now. he covers your eyes and takes great care leading you across his apartment. after a moment, he stops, removing his hands and whispering for you to open your eyes. on is balcony, sat on his recently-purchased oak easel, is a canvas.
an empty canvas. you furrow your eyebrows. v must see your confusion, because he motions for you to sit in a stool. for a moment, he leaves you further in confusion as he rushes back into the apartment and returns with a black bag. he rummages through it before pulling out his glass paint pallet and a small kit of different colored acrylic paints.
“i figured we could paint together,” he smiles at you warmly. “how does that sound, flower?”
you nod, eagerly taking the brush and paints from him.
you both sit with your easels facing away from one another, a small table of snacks, brush water cups, and napkins between you. over the course of the next few hours, you paint and snack on biscotti and discuss everything going on with elizabeth 3rd and zen’s new musical. when you finish, you turn around yours to reveal a winter scene, the centerpiece being a frozen pond and small duck with a scarf. although it’s not very good, v claps for you enthusiastically anyways, his eyes twinkling along with the sheer size of the smile on his face.
when he turns his around, you gasp. on his canvas is a portrait of you. you’re sat on a couch holding a black cat in your lap with glistening, teary red eyes. you remember this day vividly. on the first “date” (or whatever you would call it) v took you on, you both decided to go to a cat cafe that recently opened. to your (happy) surprise, they were some of the fattest, cutest cats you had ever seen. your cheeks blush, embarrassed that just a cat brought you to tears.
"this was one of the most special days of my life,” he says. “it had been so long since i did anything that fun someone i truly cared about without feeling miserable. and it was sitting there, watching you fall in love with every cat in the place, that i realized that my heart let me to the right person.”
and he kisses you, soft but confident and chaste but passionate. he leans off of his stool, taking your hands and walking you over to him. he wraps your body in his arms, and you reciprocate by taking his face in both hands. 
how fortunate you were to love kim jihyun.
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mysmegrace · 11 months ago
can i please request rfa with mc who has constant stomach , head and back pain thanks to stress / anxiety please ?
of course~ i'm kinda going through something similar ha... classes are scheduled to start again soon and my anxiety always spikes worse than it does regularly.
RFA with an MC who has Constant Stomach, Head, and Back Pain Due to Anxiety/Stress
yoosung kim:
your entire day had been a nightmare.
from participating in classes and working a part time job, you were worn out.
honestly, you felt quite sick.
you hadn’t noticed how much your body was aching until you had finally arrived home.
aiming for your bed, you wasted no time in unpacking before landing straight into your pillows.
the stress and anxiety the day gave you has now left you barely awake, small groans of pain leaving your mouth.
some higher power had given you the gift of sleep for no more than an hour before you were awoken by a phone call.
of course saeyoung would mess with you after he’d seen you on the cctvs walking home exhausted.
yet to your shock, it was yoosung.
you could’ve sworn he told you earlier that he had to study this hour.
quickly composing yourself the best you could, you answered to be greeted with a whined hi.
“hi yoosung” you responded, thinking you had masked your tired state well enough.
but you had always been a poor actor after all.
he paused, before asking “are you okay?”
in this state, you couldn’t be bothered to lie to him, getting into some kind of debate over your wellbeing.
“i’m just... exhausted. my entire body is aching” you admitted.
hearing a small sigh through the other end of the phone, you were about say your goodbyes for the night before he responded, “how come princess”.
his tone matched your upset one, yet with a hint of sympathy added on.
you sighed, responding “i’ve had an exhausting day, it’s taken a tole on me”.
he had to stop, thinking of the best ways to comfort you.
after a few seconds of no response, you continued “sorry yoosung, but i just want to rest right now”.
quickly, he snapped out of his thought process, not realizing the silence he had been giving you.
“that’s alright, please sleep well” he said, before hearing the sound of you hanging up the phone.
once you had come to your senses the following day, you noticed something was off.
french toast wasn’t something that spread in the air often in your apartment.
yet your suspicions were cut short as yoosung came around the corner, noticing your awakened state.
shocked, you began to sit up before being pushed back down, completely caught off guard.
“no work for you today lady, you just rest” he said, before running back out to the kitchen, bringing back a plate of french toast seconds later.
you couldn’t help but smile, yet a question popped up in your mind.
“wait, how am i going to eat this if i can’t sit up” you asked.
“easy, i’ll feed you”, problem solved.
hyun ryu / zen:
boarding the bus with zen, the first thing that caught your attention was the sheer compacity inside.
you two were only planning to take the bus 10 minutes to a new cafe that opened in town.
it was the perfect day to do so.
you and zen had off work, the weather was great, and it wasn’t predicted to be busy.
taking hold of the first railing you could find, keeping zen’s hand in your grip, you couldn’t help but to start getting overwhelmed.
there were so many people looking at you as you got on, and now you were stuck between a bunch of strangers looking you up and down with nothing else to do.
you felt your stomach start to turn, you knew this feeling well.
if you didn’t get off soon, you’d be sick and start crying with everything going on.
8 minutes in, you couldn’t take it anymore.
you had tried to get through by zoning out and thinking about other things, yet nothing was in your favour.
you were terrified, and now physically ill.
mentally preparing yourself, you pulled the string, your hand cutting between two heads of people you’d never seen before.
who knows if they were judging you?
that thought didn’t help a thing.
the bus came to a stop within the next few seconds, and you pulled zen’s hand tightly, practically pulling him off the bus.
“babe, we get off up there” he said, pointing north as the bus had taken off again.
you couldn’t handle a conversation with him right now, you needed to find a washroom.
taking notice of a camp-like washroom set up alongside the park a few steps away, you rushed off.
zen chased you in shock, attempting to grab a hold of your arm, to which you flicked him off of several times before reaching the area.
now he was stuck, not being able to go farther once you dashed into the ladies room.
he stood in a ball of confusion and worry.
you hadn’t acted like this before.
while inside the washroom, you locked yourself in the stall to the back, attempting to collect yourself.
once you came to the realization that your strategy wasn’t working, you just let it all out.
you felt like shit.
god, you had ruined the entire day with zen, embarrassed the two of you, and now you had made yourself physically sick.
you stayed in there for 15 minutes, simply balling your eyes out before deciding to go out and talk to him.
seeing you emerge from the washroom door, he took the best approach he imagined, pulling you into a tight hug as his eyes came across your redden face.
“i’m sorry” you muttered out, your face pressed against his chest.
quickly, he responds “it’s okay jagi, please tell me why you’re so upset”, comforting you with the tone of his voice, making you ease up a touch.
“i, there were so many people on the bus. i got sick, i was so anxious” you let out.
you knew how accepting your boyfriend was, which was why you weren’t shocked by the comforting words he spoke next.
“shhh, i get it, don’t cry”, pulling back a bit to clear the hair from your face.
he continued, saying “do you need anything? some medicine, drink?”
you shook your head, saying “no, i just need to calm myself down for a bit”.
“of course” he said, holding you until you said you were okay again not too long after.
jaehee kang:
“ugh” you let out, walking past jaehee with a throbbing pain in your head.
the cafe was making you unbelievably stressed, it was nothing like you’d ever experienced.
stress was a major downside to your cafes growing popularity, though you didn’t expect it.
little to your knowledge, jaehee heard ur groan, getting away from the counter for a spilt second.
“hm?” she said, before continuing “are you okay mc?”
“i just...” you paused, thinking of your next words.
you didn’t want to lie to her, but you didn’t want to make her worried on top of the already stressful situation.
“my head just hurts” you said, hoping to pass it off as a simple headache.
“are you alright? when did it start?” she asked, concern lacing her tone.
these pains were nothing new to you, but they got worse each and every time.
you had no energy to lie at this point, you were already done in by the day.
“the stress is getting to me, my head always aches when these things happen” you answered.
you could see her facial expression pause, as if she was deep in thought.
yet the expression changed within the minute as she responded “please go home, take the day off”.
you were blown away.
of course you didn’t want to leave jaehee alone, but you knew you couldn’t carry on like this for long.
you quickly argued “i can’t do that, you’ll be left with the stress alone”.
she gave a small smile, glancing at the clock, before responding “thank you for worrying, but i’ll be alright. there’s only an hour before closing and i can tell how bad this is effecting you”.
hence why with hesitation, you took her up on the offer.
you gathered your stuff up to leave, and went on autopilot, waking up the next day covered in warm blankets.
you couldn’t remember a thing after leaving, but you could feel how calm your body became with a bit of stress relief.
and you made sure to give jaehee your biggest thanks the next day.
jumin han:
you had started your new business over the summer.
and being the wife of c&r’s chariman-to-be, naturally people were intrigued.
many were incredibly supportive, although the occasional rumours surfaced from time to time.
crazy ideas you wouldn’t have been able to think of yourself.
suddenly you were the daughter of a president aboard, you and jumin weren’t actually married, and you only used jumin to fund and grow your business.
all completely foolish, never lasting more than a week.
however, this time around was different.
you had woken up to articles suggesting you were having an affair on your husband with your father in law, and that you had been using company profit for your own benefit.
how they came to these conclusions was beyond you, but you let it slide for now thinking it would only last a few days.
certainly nobody would believe this, there was no evidence brought forward and nothing you did had ever hinted towards these claims.
but that wasn’t the case this time.
one week went by and nothing changed.
two weeks went by and you noticed that the rumours had only increased and more was being added to the story.
now three weeks had passed, and things were only getting worse.
you had started getting emails about the rumours and sponsors had started pulling out to stay safe.
not only was it getting to you in a business sense, but your body had become ridden with stress and anxiety.
you woke up everyday in an upset mood, the first thing you noticed after coming to your senses was the back throughout your entire body.
though today it was focused in your abdomen.
this morning was no different from the previous few.
except jumin had stayed home from work for elizabeth the thirds yearly checkup.
he was the overreactive father to his cat daughter.
when he returned home with the news of elizabeths pristine health, he was met with your sleeping figure.
it was something out of the ordinary as you were usually awake at 6am.
yet it was 10am and he was standing beside your sleeping state.
remembering you had work, he shook you with ease to wake you up.
watching as you slowly opened your eyes, and within a snap you jumped up from the position you were lying in.
“what time is it?” you asked your husband frantically.
his eyes widen, slowly answered “it’s 10am, are you alright love?”
you wanted to cry.
you had woken up earlier at your usual time to an upset stomach, took some medication to ease your nerves, and laid down on your phone for a bit.
falling asleep wasn’t the plan.
“i didn’t mean to fall asleep, i need to-” you said, finding yourself in sobs midway through.
you couldn’t continue.
the tears fell uncontrollably, all the stress and worries coming out.
and jumin was at a loss for words.
yet he went to embrace you, calming you down through little words of endearment.
when you were finally calm enough to communicate, he asked “what’s going on?”
you let it all out, though you wanted to hide it from him earlier, you were desperate for things to subside at this point.
“there are all these rumours that have been going around for weeks, stuff about me getting with your father, using profit for myself, and using your entire family for exposure.”
you inhaled, being continuing “i thought they would end, but they keep going on and now it’s effecting my business. i just want it to stop”.
you stopped yourself from breaking down again, quickly composing yourself.
jumin paused, unsure of what to say.
hearing your sobs shattered his heart.
there were so many questions he needed answered, where would he even begin.
thinking for a bit, he asked “why didn’t you tell me earlier? it pains me to see you in tears”.
looking up to meet his eyes, you answered “i didn’t want you to worry”.
you knew it wasn’t an excuse he’d take seriously, but you were honest.
“your wellbeing comes before me, do not worry about my state”.
he had told you that since the day you became a couple.
adding onto that, he said “you’re staying home today. get some rest and i’ll take care of everything”.
you couldn’t argue, and part of you felt relieved getting it off your shoulders.
doing as he asked, you fell asleep again, napping like a baby.
you woke up again sometime around noon, immediately looking through your phone.
a new article caught your eye.
“Chairman Han denies all rumours involving MC and the upcoming business” it read.
you knew it wasn’t over yet, but you found comfort in the fact that it was finally thrown out of the water.
and within the next few days, you noticed your mood return to normalcy along with your body.
the stomach aches, headaches, and back pain disappeared.
you had learned your lesson, and didn’t hide your worries from then on.
saeyoung choi:
you dragged saeyoung out of the house for the night.
being the hard task that it was, you were understandably tired.
but you wouldn’t let that stop the night in front of you from being a success.
you had planned a special date to the movies in celebration of your birthday.
it was a movie you had wanted to see since it came out a year prior.
you were expecting to leave in a scared state of mind due to the movies horror nature.
what you weren’t expecting was the compacity of the movie theatre.
you wouldn’t be quick to admit it, but the sheer look of things frightened you.
it shouldn’t have been that hard to sit down and stare at a screen.
but all your attention was taken off of the movie, now directed at the people around you.
were they looking at you funny?
did you have something on your face?
were they judging you?
these questions wouldn’t leave your mind.
though you made multiple internal attempts to stop it, they just kept coming.
eventually it got too much, the nerves overwhelmed you, and you felt your stomach become physically ill.
you were gonna be sick, you thought.
turning to whisper to saeyoung, excusing yourself from the movie, you left to the washroom.
there were people in the ladies room as well, but they eventually left one by one.
you hung your head over the toilet seat, just waiting for your body to give in.
it was probably best to hide out in the stall for the remainder of the movie, you figured.
and that you tried to do, until saeyoung became suspicious and started looking for you 20 minutes later.
after searching the halls, the only reasonable conclusion left was that you were in the washroom.
he became worried that you were ill and needed help.
hence why he stood outside the door, yelling your name inside.
it caught you off guard, you weren’t ready to face him yet and have an excuse prepared.
though you didn’t have long to stay in your thoughts for long once he yelled your name out again.
leaving your safe area for the foreseeable future, you hesitantly went outside.
the red lining your eyes and your skin beginning to pale was the first thing that came to his attention as you met him outside.
“are you alright?” he asked, his voice full of fright.
“my stomach hurts” you answered, while not technically lying.
you didn’t want to come across as ruining the night by your own fear.
“i’m sorry” you let out, the guilt getting to you.
he hugged you, saying “don’t apologize, please, we’ll go home”.
he didn‘t know exactly why you became sick, but he knew better than to keep you in public while being so sick.
once you arrived home, he asked “did you catch something?” caressing your leg as you sat beside him in the parked car.
“umm” you thought for a second, “i think so”.
he looked you dead in the eye, a full minute passing by, before responding “you’re not a very good liar”.
you looked at him in confusion, trying to pass your lie off as reality.
“please, tell me the truth” he pleaded.
now you were hurting him, you thought.
your lies were too see-through to continue with this, hence why you fessed up.
“my anxiety got the best of me, there were too many people there, it made me sick” you confessed.
you felt the comfort of a hand on your shoulder within a second, feeling shitty for ending your date early.
“i understand” he said, continuing “we can have an even better night at home instead”.
you smiled, glad to see him okay with the current situation.
“of course, thank you” you said.
the rest of the night was full of sweets and cuddles, watching a fluffy drama on the tv.
you fell asleep on the couch together, awoken by saeran the next morning wanting to sit down within saeyoungs foot in his lap.
20:00 AST - 09/06/21
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