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#mysme headcanons

Zen: *waking up in the morning rubbing his eye’s*

Asmo: *lay across the end of his bed* Good morning sunshine.

Zen: AAH! *sits up quickly* Asmo?! How are you in here?!

Asmo: *circling his finger on the sheets* Oh y'know..I was in the neighborhood..Thought i’d drop by.

Zen: *confused* But how did you get IN here I mean?! How did you get IN to my house?!

Asmo: *tuts in irritation* You ask FAR too many questions my little Zenny Pie..*smirks* so, seeing as i’m here, what fun are we going to have today hmm?


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this is so wholesome i couldn’t resist <3 I

  • “Zen, if you make one more joke about me being drunk I swear I–”
  • “What do you mean about getting drunk!? Young man, you’re supposed to be focused on your studies!”
  • Yooung later found out the incoming call that said “Zen” wasn’t Zen at all. When he came to complain to the chat, Saeyoung couldn’t stop laughing and called it the best prank of the year.
  • It happened a couple more times. After Yoosung did his best to recover all the numbers and rightful owners, Seven still managed to hack his phone and do it a couple more times, to the point where Yoosung would wait until the other person in the line talked before starting a conversation.
  • Once, he saw an unknown number calling him at 2 am. Worried it might be something important, he answered it. A robot-like voice announced him it was 2 am and he should get to bed because he had classes in the morning. Yoosung rolled his eyes and ended the call, knowing well aware who was behind the call.
  • It happened again the next day, only it was at 1 am. It even reminded him there was a test Yoosung had completely forgot. He thanked the voice on the other line and started to study. He ended up getting a pretty good grade.
  • It becomes an habit for Saeyoung to send reminders to Yoosung about his classes. He stopped messing with his contacts and instead even programmed the voice to call Yoosung to make sure he was drinking enough water or eating enough fruits. 
  • It even reminds Yoosung he should lay off the computer so his sight doesn’t get worse.
  • Yoosung /knows/ it’s Saeyoung, but he won’t talk to him about it. They haven’t discussed it in the chat, but he’s thankful he finds time to take care of him.
  • That what friends are for.
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Jumin Han and MC being best friends in relation to MC dating Jihyun (V).

  • Jumin was sceptical of you at first. Practically since the first day you magically popped into the RFA chatroom and even weeks beyond meeting you at the party he still was warry.
  • But his suspension goes down dramatically when Jihyun,Jumin,and you meet up for a friendly dinner for the third time.
  • To his suprise you were very open to him during that third dinner and he was alarmed at first when you spoke freely but ended up loving it. Your humor was actually enjoyable to him. No joke you said didn’t make him surpass a laugh. Your talks about politics and emotions got deep.
  • Though you both share different views about different things,Jumin was impressed at your listening skills and calmness when it came to discussions.
  • He told Jihyun multiple times that he picked a fantastic woman. To which Jihyun become a bit worried that his childhood friend may have caught feeling for you but Jumin reassured him that you were now family in his eyes.
  • Since you were great at words and convincing people, you managed to force Jumin to make you his famous pancakes every weekend when he came over for a visit. At first you forced him to do it but as the weekends went on Jumin began to start making you pancakes without you even asking.
  • You know that you’re family to Jumin Han when he leaves Elizabeth the third alone with you. That’s right…jumin fucking Han let you watch his cat. When he first gave you an offer to watch her while he went to his private island you immediately taunted Seven which Jumin had a great laugh because of it.
  • Another thing Jumin and you enjoyed doing together was messing with Zen. I shall give you all an example ;)
  • “YO MC!!! Could you throw me dem apple from da kitchen?”
  • “Of course Jumin!”
  • “What….” Zen questioned.
  • “I stan juymc 4ever!”
  • “Jumin Han?!?!?! What are you on?!?! MC what did you do to this idiot?? He’s acting stranger then usual!!!”
  • It was a daytime activity that Jumin would never pass up.
  • You guys hung out all the time. Jumin loved spending hours with you. Your enegry was intoxicating. But sometimes you’d have to remind him that Jihyun was your fiance and you wanted to spend all most of your days with him though you didn’t mind spending tons of time with Jumin. Which Jumin was not offended at all!
  • He understood. He was just happy that he was able to build up another relationship like the one he had With Rika. Though he would never compare. This man was different than Yoosung. He knew you did not like being compared to Rika. Sorry yoosungie :,(
  • “I am here to congratulate my old friend Jihyun and his new woman, MC. He couldn’t have picked a better wife. Let me share a story about how MC managed to get to my house intoxicated and gossiped about Jihyun until she started to talk to the white teacup thinking it was Elizabeth the Third…”
  • Jihyun did not know that happened but was laughing through the whole story while your face was a flushed with embarrassement. You mouthed to Jumin that his wine was going to disappear before he got home. He belly laughed.
  • In summary, let’s all agree being best friends with Jumin Han would be the best thing EVER
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  • he finds out in the first date
  • “would you like a beer or something fancier?” 
  • is kinda shocked at first but after hearing the reasons is totally fine
  • makes sure to always have options at his house
  • soda and juices for you
  • so everytime he invites you there is some new thing to drink
  • “I found this! I know you like the flavor so I hope it tastes good” 
  • having you there actually makes him drink less and less
  • rinde he finds it fun to taste different non-alcoholic drinks
  • eventually his house doesn’t have beers at all
  • he eventually finds himself drinking only on weekends or even after two weeks
  • and actually likes it
  • his body feels much better without the beer


  • when he invited you to the farm to try some new wines 
  • you tell him
  • “Oh…” he says
  • but after a few silent seconds he smiles
  • “I believe they have other products too, with no alcohol”
  • so you go to the farm with him
  • he does the testing anyways
  • but makes sure you have something to do in the meantime 
  • he keeps talking about wine, but try to find different topics about it
  • “This bottle is rather aesthetically pleasing, isn’t it?” 
  • so every “wine talk” turns into a different and interesting thing for you now
  • also makes sure to have like a million different drinks
  • “I found this cocktail, it’s made with soda and juice I think you can find it interesting”
  • makes sure that the party offers a lot of non-alcoholic options 
  • invest in a company to make non-alcoholic drinks that are as fancy as wine 
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RFA playing dnd

I’ve only personally played DnD a couple of times with my friends but I couldn’t help but imagine the RFA playing :p


  • Plays a simple human paladin
  • Forgets that he’s also meant to be supporting the party and charges into every situation
  • “There’s a cave-“
  • “……”
  • As a result, he keeps dying in the middle of battle, causing the rest of the party to have to constantly go out of their way to heal him
  • He gets very into roleplay, which came from his constant LOLOL sessions, but is terrible when it comes to any kind of seduction missions.
  • “She looks at you Yoosung with wide, flirtatious eyes~”
  • Nat 1 on composure, especially when MC is DMing


  • Doesn’t quite understand the appeal, but will play anyway because MC asked him too
  • Plays a high elf wizard
  • Because “the elves are the prettiest” and “the wizard is the magic class, right MC? With the spells?”
  • Unfortunelty, his inexperience + a level 1 wizard causes him to follow in Yoosung’s footsteps and die in almost every encounter.
  • “I cast.. um.. fireball?”
  • “Roll.”
  • “….a 2?”
  • MC be kind to him
  • He usually doesn’t roleplay much, but when it comes to the seducing missions?
  • This is the boy for you. Natural 20 charm right there.
  • He gets SO into it


  • She understands the game even less than Zen does
  • Yoosung made her character for her, a half-elf cleric because she’s the mum of the RFA
  • “A cleric?”
  • “Yes Jaehee.”
  • She always ends up using all her spell slot healing Zen’s character, much to Yoosung’s complaining
  • “I cast-“
  • “Jaehee that was your last spell slot..”
  • “Oh… what am I meant to do now?”
  • “You could… punch the goblin?”
  • Jaehee ends up multiclassing as a barbarian after she gets more into the game purely so she can stop playing just support and beat the shit out of the enemies
  • Ends up carrying the team through most of the encounters


  • Oh boy
  • “MC I don’t understand. You want me to pretend to be someone else, in a made up fantasy world, and kill things for money?”
  • “……yes?”
  • Chooses to be a human fighter as that logically made the most sense to him.
  • And why would be pretend to be a made up race when he already knew how to be a human?
  • Relies WAY too much on rolls to do things and refuses to roleplay
  • “Do you want to say hi to the bar-“
  • “I rolled a 15 MC. What does that mean?”
  • “J-Jumin just walk up to her and say hi.”
  • “Do I have to roll for that?”
  • “Jumin no-“
  • Spends way too much time working on a backstory for his character that never actually gets revealed
  • “How can I play a character which an unrealistic childhood, MC? It is extremely over the top for both his parents to have been caught in that fire. The father must have been on a business trip.”


  • You already know what’s going on yall
  • We all know Seven would be that player
  • Gnome bard. All the way.
  • “I ROLL TO SEDUCE” is his catchphrase
  • What’s even more annoying is that he gets a high roll almost every time
  • He probably gave his character the most tragic backstory of them all “just cause”
  • He brings a different instrument to the game session every week to use when he’s bardically inspiring someone, much to the dismay of the rest of the party
  • Gets super into the roleplaying.
  • Are we at all surprised?
  • Has definitely cosplayed his character for a session more than once


  • Much like Jumin, V doesn’t quite understand the point of DnD
  • But if MC wants to play, who is he to say no?
  • Ended up choosing an elven druid after reading up on the different backstory of each class
  • The idea of being one with nature was quite appealing to him
  • Only problem is he has no idea how to help the party- in any circumstance
  • He’s misreading dice, adding the wrong modifiers, accidentally attacking the party instead of the creatures.
  • “I cast.. vicious mockery on… that one?”
  • One time, he ended up critical hitting an ogre and killed him in one hit, much to the surprise of the RFA
  • He was pretty chuffed with himself for the rest of the game.
  • “Maybe this isn’t so bad-“
  • He ended up dying a few rounds later after pissing off a dwarf


  • Surprisingly, Saeran was actually up for playing when you asked him to
  • The idea of being able to be a different person for a while was very appealing to the boy
  • He ended up choosing a tiefling rouge from a starter set who he ended up designing himself
  • Much to everyone’s surprise, the character’s backstory was actually the modest out of all of them
  • “Why would I give them a tragic backstory? Don’t you think they’re going through enough?”
  • Protect
  • Is always the one who’s looting the monsters or splitting the party without permission
  • Yet somehow hasn’t ended up dying yet?
  • Saeran doesn’t roleplay either, not to anyone’s surprise, but he does offer the occasional input into in character mission planning just to make sure seven doesn’t end up making them do something extremely stupid that would get them all killed
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Drunk Jihyun

Masterlist1 Masterlist2

  • Not a light weight
  • Giggly drunk
  • Everything is funny to him
  • He blushes a lot
  • Even from you brushing his hand
  • He can also be handsy, but will read your body language to see if its okay
  • Still very aware of everything around him
  • He can still read emotions and stituations
  • But can’t really control his own
  • When walking, he stumbles very little
  • He has no problems speaking unless he’s laughing, then its hard to speak
  • Very active
  • Could run a marathon if he chose
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Speaking of, I hope everyone out there is having a safe quarantine, including you anon (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥ I hope this satisfies what you had in mind! I had to write it twice cause I deleted the first draft…

RFA during quarantine


  • His first instinct when he thinks about being stuck inside for the next few months isn’t how he’ll be spending it with you…
  • No, instead his first instinct is to turn on the computer
  • Of course, with the increase in players and traffic to the site, the game appeared to be getting a lot more maintanance than it usually would, which annoyed the blonde boy.
  • “I’m meant to be doing a raid today MC! What am I doing to do now….”
  • “…Well for one you could do something with me?”
  • “Oh yeah!”
  • After finally tearing him away from his computer, the two of you decide to be productive during this time and learn a couple new skills!
  • First week: Cooking.
  • Of course, it would be easier to learn about such a thing if the supplies in the shops weren’t extremely limited, causing you both to have to make up substitutes as you went along.
  • You almost burnt the kitchen down twice in one week
  • You gave up with cooking after that
  • It wasn’t entirely a bad thing, you even got Yoosung to invest some of his time into your favourite games, which to your pleasant surprise he seemed to genuingly enjoy!
  • A few weeks in, he found an old guitar from high school in storage.
  • Worst. Discovery. Ever.
  • “Yoosung no…”
  • The next few days were filled with the sound of out-of-tune plucked strings overlapping the various youtube videos Yoosung was ‘learning’ from.
  • “Hey MC, I think I can finally play Hey There Delilah!”
  • “That’s wonderful honey…”


  • This man was SO EXCITED to spend lockdown with you and immediately started to plan all the wonderful things you two were going to do together.
  • The beast certainly had a few ideas as well
  • It was domestic bliss for you two
  • You couldn’t get your hands off of eachother for even a minute
  • You did everything together - eating, sleeping, showering etc.
  • The RFA commented on how suffocating it was, but neither of you seemed to mind.
  • It only solidified the knowledge that you two were destined to spend the rest of your life together.
  • A few times, Zen had caught himself almost calling you his wife, causing him to immediately hide his face away from you in fear of you commenting on his sudden blush.
  • There was a downside however. 
  • Zen’s routine was in shambles
  • Products were sold out left right and centre, food shopping was even worse, it was driving him crazy.
  • You found yourself having to remind him that a break in his rountine wasn’t going to be the end of the world and that you loved him regardless, even if he got a pimple or two.
  • Don’t even go there MC
  • You found yourselves cooking together more often too, showing Zen how to prepare more meals that were normally out of his diet range.
  • Of course, it wasn’t like he could resist your cooking anyway.
  • Whenever you two got a little too stir crazy, he would take you on motorbike rides through the city, more often than not resulting in you two at the top of a mountain stargazing.
  • It turned into a weekly tradition, one which you both promised to keep up even after quarantine.


  • You would think that the lockdown would give Jaehee the break she so desperately needed, right?
  • You would be wrong.
  • With the cafe closed, this girl threw herself into her work just for something to do
  • Much to your dismay.
  • It took a lot of persuading for her to get up from the computer and spend time with you during the initial first few weeks, but it was definitely worth it.
  • This girl was also extremely prepared to the lockdown before it was even announced.
  • Sanitiser? Got it, she had spare incase the cafe ran out
  • Masks? No problem. She had many still in storage from the days she would force herself into work even whilst sick
  • Again, much to your dismay
  • You suggested that instead of doing mindless work on her computer that she could help you with a different project you had in mind.
  • “A project? Whatever could we do in a time like this?”
  • Redesigning the cafe!
  • It was something the two of you had talked about many times before quarantine, but had never gotten round to going through with it.
  • You both took it upon yourself to fill your day with physical and mental labour, pushing around furniture, painting the walls, coming up with new bakes and sales to draw the customers in etc.
  • It was hard, but it was so worth it.
  • During the evenings, you two would bundle up together on your sofa and pick a set of movies to watch before bed.
  • One of you always fell asleep before the end- not that either of you would mind.


  • Out of all of the RFA, he was definitely the closest to breaking the social distancing rule
  • The idea of not seeing you- touching you- for an unknown amount of time was driving him crazy.
  • Mr We-shouldn’t-move-in-together-until-marriage was certainly about to rip that view right out of his head just for the chance to kiss you again.
  • He distracted himself by constantly checking up on you.
  • “Do you need food? I can have one of the guards stop by a local shop to grab- what do you mean everything is sold out? Can’t they just order more?”
  • Jumin no-”
  • You had to teach him about video calling so he would stop asking for selfies every ten minutes, disputing his claim about how he ‘was already missing your beauty’. 
  • It went about as well as you might imagine it would…
  • Press the little video icon to turn on your camera- no the other one. It looks like a small- NO JUMIN THAT’S THE MUTE BUTTON.”
  • When you did eventually get it working, he was more than thrilled to be able to talk to you face to face again. He even looked up how to take screenshots on his computer so he could save them.
  • “You know MC, this platform has a lot of potential uses…”
  • Down boy its only been a week.
  • At first you thought just video calling him was enough to satisfy his need to see you, hoping he would stop complaining about ‘missing your touch’.
  • That was until Driver Kim showed up at your door.
  • “Mr Han has asked that you pack your bags ma’am. It seems he is rather fond of the idea that you spend this quarantine with him instead.”
  • Of course he does.
  • You are thankful though, you missed him more than you were willing to admit. 


  • This boy spends his life indoors anyway, he barely registered the lockdown announcement when it finally came.
  • But when you brought up the idea of spending quarantine with him instead of in your own apartment, that’s when his interest finally peaked.
  • He picked you up in one of his babies, grinning from ear to ear as he helped you with your small bag of things. 
  • “Operation 707 and 606′s lockdown extravanganza - COMMENCE!”
  • To no one’s surprise, he had hacked into the shopping network the moment he knew basic supplies would become sparse and ordered everything you both would need to come straight to his doorstep.
  • Which in his eyes meant a dozen boxes of Dr Pepper and Honey Buddha Chips. 
  • “Saeyoung…..”
  • He would often complain to you about being an ‘essential worker’ because he was still hacking even in the lockdown, but you quickly shot him down.
  • “MC! You’re so mean! I’m doing this for you! Reward me!!”
  • The only reward he got was a pillow to the face
  • When he wasn’t working, the two of you spent your time playing games and watching movies mostly, with the occasional prank call to Yoosung sprung in if you were extra bored.
  • As much as he joked around about it, Seven was genuinely thankful that you chose to spend such a delicate time with him instead of alone, and made sure to remind you of it at least once a week.
  • Sometimes he’d go out of his way to cook you your favourite meal, sometimes he’d run a special bubble bath and light some scented candles for a relaxing night, sometimes there were other things too-
  • But he was genuinely happy to spend every day with you like this, it reminded him of how lucky he was to have you in his life.


  • Jihyun was concerned at first about the lockdown and his career as a photographer.
  • Where was he going to go now? Where would he find his inspiration?
  • His questions were thankfully answered when you walked through the door.
  • The two of you started a small project amongst yourselves to try and spread some positivity in the community involving V’s photographs.
  • You’d find inspiration around the house you shared and create these elaborate photoshoots between the two of you that you would share online, encouraging those at home to do the same.
  • It actually became rather popular, so the two of you continued it.
  • Your personal favourite entries were the photographs from Jumin as he tried to capture Elizabeth in all her glory but failed miserably.
  • It was the effort that counted though
  • When you weren’t taking photos, Jihyun was constantly entertaining you with various activities and puzzles, leading to your weekly board game tradition which was one that you very much enjoyed.
  • Living in the countryside, you were lucky enough to be able to spend your exercise out in the wilderness with your boyfriend, mindlessly cloud gazing and discussing what the future could possibly have in store for the both of you.
  • You made sure to spend this time making Jihyun feel as loved as possible too, showering him with little gestures of gratitude for his efforts in keeping you sane during this scary time, which only made him fall in love with you more.


  • Stuck…. inside…?
  • For months???
  • Saeran was not about that lockdown life, and immediately went into a grump only you were able to drag him out of.
  • “Saeran it won’t be so bad! I’m sure it’ll go by in a flash!”
  • “….You’ll stay with me for it?”
  • “Of course.”
  • The two of you slowly get into a comfortable rhythm with eachother, with the you both making sure to give each other space if the other felt suffocated or emotionally drained at any point.
  • You find yourselves searching around the house for anything you could possibly use to entertain yourselves, eventually stumbling upon a pile of old jigsaw puzzles you had forgotten about.
  • And thus a tradition was born
  • Both you and Saeran discovered your love of jigsaws during the quarantine, finding them to be both mentally stimulating and emotionally relaxing at the same time.
  • Plus, the satisfaction of finishing one you had been working on for the last few hours was extremely satisfying to say the least and quickly became one of your favourite activities to do with Saeran.
  • You ended up asking Seven if he could do you a favour halfway through the lockdown when your boyfriend had had a particularly hard day, and low and behold, a whole box of ice cream appeared at your doorstep a week later.
  • “…MC how did this get here?”
  • “Must have been a miracle darling. Now, how about a movie night, hm?”
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Seven w/ Stressed Reader

Masterlist1 Masterlist2

  • Makes you a nice warm bath
  • Spoils you
  • Favorite movies, snacks, takeout, whatever
  • Wraps you up like a burrito
  • Movie night
  • He holds you burrito form
  • Nestled between his legs so you can rest your head on his chest
  • Massage while watching movies
  • Burrito naps
  • Will even run his fingers through your hair so you can fall asleep
  • He literally deserts work for you
  • Vandy may kill him later, but at least you feel better.
  • So. Many. Kisses
  • Nose, lips, cheek, forehead, belly, everywhere
  • Just bask in his love and affection
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RFA with an MC who doesn’t sleep because she’s on her phone too much

There are two types of people in this world, one who goes on their gadgets too much and the other, liars.

Enjoy~! Sorry I didn’t post last week D:

requests open~


* okay aside his gaming addiction, this boy rarely goes on social media.

* Probably has a facebook account just to login to LOLOL easier or sumn.

* Would usually use his phone for cooking recipes and lolol

* But you were the opposite

* You were on the phone 24/7.

* When he’s asleep, you’re on your phone.

* You’re at a theatre with him? You’re on your phone.

* At first he was just doing some positive thinking like, “Oh, maybe she has work or something.”

* But then when you guys went to bed a bit late, you promise you’d go to bed right away.

* Woo its 3AM and you’re up.

* On your phone

* And guess who caught you.

* Dearest Kim Yoosung.

* “Mc, sleep. Going on your phone too much will damage your eyes.” he worriedly said.

* You pout but then he gave you those darn puppy eyes and you cant say no?????

* In the end you gave up and slept

* It honestly felt good.

* Yoosung tells you about how he feels like he’s being ignored whenever you’re on your phone too long.

* “I’m not saying to not go on your phone, but um…its not good to go on it too long, you know?” he says.


* To my lovely readers who are students, Yoosung has something to say to you~ (will be doing this for the whole RFA mwah)

* “Hiii!! Its Yoosung~~ I love you so much but please don’t go on your phone too much! You should study hard but also take breaks, not only study breaks but breaks from your phone as well, I’m a student as well so I get you TT, if you go on your phone less I’ll kiss you~ hehe, i love you stay safe~”





* He never really realized because of practice and stuff until he saw that you were up???

* Watching netflix???

* On your phone???


* “MC.” he grabs the phone gently, surprisingly you didn’t say anything to him. He then realized you were asleep.

* He was wondering how long you’ve been doing this.

* The next day he’d definitely ask you about it though.

* You’d explain your reason and stuff.

* “I understand but staying up until 3AM? Babe, do you know how bad the radiation from your phone is to your face?” he asks.

* Would try to make you go to sleep early with him.

* ‘No phone hour’ is set one hour before you both go to sleep.

* You both would just chat and have fun like maybe doing facemasks together and doing each others hair and such.

* Loves the attention he’s getting from you whenever you’re not on your phone.


* “Hey babe! Is it very late at your place? If yes then WHY ARE YOU STILL UP? LIKE I SAID ABOVE, DO YOU KNOW HOW BAD RADIATION IS FOR YOUR SKIN????? If its morning and you’re still in bed, get up and do some exercises! I would do some with you but I have practice, you know lying in bed all day isn’t healthy so you should try doing some stretches to keep your body healthy during all of this pandemic thing. I hope you take care, see you soon, love you, mwah<3”


* Stays up till 3AM

* Doesnt really mind

* She got coffee for both of you.

* You’re answering guest emails (secretly watching netflix oop) while she’s doing all of Jumin’s piled up work.

* Zen’s at the back frustrated about how both of yall aren’t getting sleep.

* But on Fridays, Jaehee and you would try to stay away from gadgets for at least an hour before bed.

* “MC, its almost 2 we should head to bed soon.”

* Its either her who reminds you about the time or the other way around.

* Yall got each others back its no problem lol

* But fr yall both seriously need sleep

* Who am I kidding its 11.42PM rn

* In the morning, she’d prepare coffee for both of you so yall good.


* “Hello MC, I hope you’re having a lovely day, I know that you‘re having trouble going to sleep and honestly, I can say the same, with all the piled work Mr. Han gave me, I’m suprised I’ve even gotten at least 3 hours of sleep, but please don’t be like me. Sleep is important, I’ll sleep right after you sleep, promise! Take care!”


* Its either he sleeps early as fuck or he doesnt sleep at all.

* Ya know being director of C&R tingz

* Anyways he sees that you’re still awake

* ‘I thought she finished replying to guests the other day?’ he thought to himself before entering her office

* Yes you have your own office in Jumin’s place, we been knew.

* “Darling, its almost 1AM why are you not asleep?” he asks worriedly.

* Well you explain it and if it was a stupid reason like about a series then he isn’t having any of your bullshit and takes you with him to bed.

* If it’s reasonable he’d understand but wouldn’t recommend you staying up at ungodly hours.

* Sometimes would see you popping up in chatrooms and he’s like??? tf???

* Would recommend you to see a doctor to see if there were any problems as to why you weren’t sleeping well.

* Would stay by your side when you’re in bed and is asleep.

* In the end, he’d definitely recommend you not to go on your phone half an hour before going to bed so thats that.



* My love, is it late there? If it is, please get some sleep soon. I wish I could cuddle with you right now and help you go to sleep but I’m out of country. I hope the body guards are keeping you safe and I hope you’re staying indoors. My love, please wait for me, I love you.”




* saeyoung ilysm






* nah he’d still scold you though.

* He doesn’t care if he stays up for 287373 hours

* But you????

* No.

* Its bed o’clock MC time for bed.

* Has robocat set up to put you to sleep.

* Like it would remind you to go to bed and once you’re in bed it would play some soft music.

* Sometimes, it would also play Seven talking like ASMR.

* If robocat sees you on your phone it would send a notif to Seven immediately so thats that.

* I still think hes not allowed to have a say in this.

* But wbk seven loves mc more than he loves himself :(


* “drum roll!!!! ITS ME! Your lovely 707! MC! Why are you not asleep? I know, coming from me it sounds stupid but you should be sleeping because its not good for your health! I wish I could cuddle you some more but I’m on a mission right now! But don’t worry~! I’ll go back soon and we’ll cuddle alot! Stay safe and I love you!!”

THANK YOU FOR READING!! If you guys like this, I’ll try post V’s, Saeran’s and Vanderwoods :)

Requests are open please send some~!

Have a great week <3

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Saeran One Shot

enjoy the saeran fluff :))

“I love you.”

Saeran loved his job. He was surrounded by one of the things he loved the most. Ice cream! Yes,he managed to score a job at an ice cream parlor. He swore he only got the part because of his frosted tips that looked like strawberry syrup dripped down is hair. Other than that he looked absolutely frightening to most outside people.

At this job,he smiled whenever little kids ran into the shop and had the largest grin of their face. Their eyes filled with possiblity and innocence. The opposite of what Saerans childhood was. When he was a child he craved for an escape to go and grab a cone of ice cream. He was glad that he could give that joy to the children around the area.

Even though Saeran loved his job he loved going home even more. A beautiful human was at his home waiting for him to come home everyday. He enjoyed being showered in kisses and attacked with a giant hug whenever he walked in the door. Through he didn’t like to admit it…he liked walking into a house where his brother petrified him with jokes and the home maid patted his shoulder with care.

Saeran shift was finally over. He could go home to the ones he liked being around. Hopping into the car he pulled out his phone to text his partner. A notification stopped him from clicking on MC’S contact. It was from Seven.

“You gotta come home now. MC is crying and I can’t figure out why.”

Saeran was a careful man every since he left Mint Eye. He didn’t let his emotions over power his actions. It would only cause more problems. Every customer that talked down on him,Saeran didn’t snap. Every time an RFA member accidentally brought his past,he learned to keep his cool. But whenever it came to MC…he couldn’t keep his mind straight.

A tight grip on the wheel,his eyes never leaving the road in front of him he drove fast. He was surprised when he was over half way home and no cop had pulled him over. With the freedom he had right now he just drove faster.

He stormed into the bunker and looked frantically for his MC. He heard the loud cries mixed with Sevens plead for them to calm down. Saeran ran over to the scene. Their legs pushed up to their chest and head in their arms. Saeran pushed his brother out of the way and kneeled down to MC’S level.

“I love you.” He pulled them into his chest and stroked their head while they quietly sobbed into his chest.

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RFA + V (-seven) being drunk


  • A sobbing mess.
  • He is a talkative and horribly honest drunk.
  • If he has something on his mind expect him to speak up about it.
  • Yoosung rarely drinker unless he was feeling depressed that day. Whether it was a long day at school/work or you both had an argument (rarely) he would drink until he had no more tears.
  • He also whined A LOT. More than he usually does sober.
  • And Yoosung doesn’t just drink a little, he drinks tons at a time. It didn’t help that he was such a lightweight.
  • When he was indeed drunk, you made sure he was not on his phone and let him know that your shoulder was always welcome for him to drunkingly cry on.
  • In the morning his headache was fucking terrible. Before you went to work you put a note with medicine on the bedside for your hungover puppy. He thanked you and apologized everytime.
  • “MC!!! I love you MC!!! Do you love me???”
  • “Go to bed you big baby.”


  • He drank almost every night.
  • It wasn’t enough to get him too drunk but he had his days.
  • He was a quiet drunk. But he was very touchy.
  • He would be tumbling into your arms, trying to grab different parts of your skin while whispering ‘I love you’ into your neck as you hold him so he didn’t fall on his face.
  • He was not a light weight so him getting drunk was unlikely.
  • When he was under the influence you made sure that he went to bed early enough for him to still wake up before seven am for his run which he would definitely need.
  • “Let’s make this a night to remember jaji!”
  • “You’re going to forget it in the morning either way idiot. Now sleep.”


  • I’d like to believe that Jaehee barely drank.
  • But when she did expect tears and relief pouring out of her.
  • She would be confessing her love to you over and over again until you told her stop.
  • Then she’d probably apologize and heavily complain about her work.
  • The whole night was Jaehee planning on how she was going to talk back to her boss.
  • Her cheeks were adorably red when she was drunk.
  • I think that Jaehee would be sorta touchy. Not as much as Zen but definitely hugging you and not letting go.
  • She was an easy drunk so getting her to bed wasn’t as hard.


  • Only got wine drunk.
  • But Jesus- this man gets so talkative and so politic and DEEP.
  • He could probably sit down for hours talking about his childhood or the economy while still slurping down some red wine.
  • Only got drunk when he was stress.
  • He didn’t like being intoxicated becaude he didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable.
  • But in reality you lowkey enjoyed drunk jumin because he opened up more. A lot more 0//0
  • You swore you had heard every single detail of this mans life. No details missing!
  • Before bed you made sure to help him change and get him into bed. Putting water next to him for the morning. He held you tighter than when he is sober while you both slept.

(-seven because he doesn’t drink and he is a natural drunk anyway :3)

V / Jihyun

  • Omg he loved you so much. Even more when drunk.
  • I can imagine him basically clinging to you. He would sob when you went to the bathroom.
  • He was such an emotional drunk. It was cute and troublesome.
  • He rarely got drunk. V said once that he was intoxicated on your love. Yeah whatever V :U
  • Surprisingly he didn’t get hangovers. And the only way to get him to sleep was you laying on his chest. He would fall asleep in an instant.
  • Also this man was far beyond a lightweight.
  • It took like a wine bottle to get him almost completely drunk. Thank God for that.
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getting ID’d for everything omg


  • He knows how old you are, he’s a hacker remember. You have to explain you’re older than you look.
  • He is surprised when you first meet, though. He thinks maybe there was a mistake with your data file or maybe you had been lying about your age the entire time.
  • He makes fun of you for it, calling you a “child” or pretending like it’s illegal for you to consume alcohol.


  • Hey, you guys have something in common! Yoosung knows how you feel, people always mistake him for a 14 year old boy instead of a 20 year old college student.
  • Whenever Seven tries to make fun of you for looking older than you seem, Yoosung is there to ward him away.
  • You guys have a really strong bond because your often holding him back from chasing Seven.


  • “I need to know how you do it! I can’t grow old, then my fans won’t like me as much! MC!”
  • He’s actually really jealous because when you’re both 40, he will actually look 40 and you’ll look 30.
  • Sometimes he gets a bit frustrated because he can’t ask you to buy cigarettes for him. Whenever you try, you get asked for some form of I.D and it’s all a giant hassle.


  • I don’t think it would change much, honestly. He’ll still see and treat you as he would treat any other person.
  • He might ask you about it, not really understanding why you look much younger than you actually are. He suspects botox at one point.
  • When the pair of you are alone, he might make an off-hand comment to you which is meant to be teasing.


  • She’s kind of jealous. She looks older by the day because of how hard she works and you look so young!
  • She tries to follow through with your actions by eating the same foods as you and sleeping at the same times as you.
  • She has to buy wine for you, to avoid the hassle of having to pull your I.D out.


  • What..? He finds it a little weird because you still look youthful.
  • Teases you. Like a lot. “When are you turning 18, MC?”

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Mystic Messenger has taken over my life and my wallet, and my heart, and my soul. Have some headcanons about living life with Saeyoung and Saeran. (I think some of this is canon, and it’s a combination of different endings and…maybe isn’t 1000% accurate to the plethora of endings, but…it’s fanfiction. I’m allowed.) I’ll stop defending myself and post now.

  • Every day is nothing short of an emotional roller coaster. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, always guaranteed to be a wild ride. 
  • Saeyoung chooses to do most of his work for his agency from home still. He’s also working part-time for C&R’s intelligence unit, so he’s constantly in front of a screen, most of the time wearing headphones with music blaring so loud you can hear it. 
  • What does he listen to? Death metal, thrasher stuff. Wailing, loud, fast guitars, singers(screamers) whose sounds come from the very pits of hell. You’ll catch him every so often nodding his head or tapping his foot to the beat, and you wonder how he’s able to keep himself in check while listening to such intense “music”. 
  • His diet still consists mainly of his two favorite staples, but you’ve since convinced him that the occasional vegetable won’t hurt. In fact, he’s grown rather fond of your family’s Udon recipe, and you try to make it once or twice a month. 
  • No one. Touches. His Babies. Not even you. But the late night drives happen more frequently these days, now that his life is almost completely devoted to his brother’s well-being. The three of you set out together most nights after dinner with nothing but the open road ahead of you. You’ll find a scenic spot to stop and watch the sunset, sprawled on a blanket in the middle of a meadow under a cloudless sky, dreaming of the future and how things will continue to get better and better.
  • Saeyoung takes Saeran to biweekly therapy sessions. His medication changes constantly, and it’s been a struggle to find the right combination of counseling and meds to help him recover from the damage caused by his traumatic childhood and the elixir from Mint Eye. He has come a Iong way from where he was when you first met him, though, and you couldn’t be more proud of his progress.
  • Social situations are a bit touch and go, so you try to keep things low key with just the three of you at home. Saeran tends to mope around quietly, and you have to be careful sometimes about being too loud or making any sudden movements. He’s skittish, still, worried that someone is going to be angry at him for just existing sometimes. 
  • He doesn’t talk much. But when he does, you can almost touch his tender spirit, his loving nature that’s been buried for so long. 
  • Of course, he loves gardening. In more temperate months, every inch of available green space on Saeyoung’s property is unearthed and filled with new life. He especially loves roses, and spends hours outside during warm days, pruning them to perfection. In the winter months, the interior of the house is filled with pots of all shapes and sizes, boasting blooms and sprouts of all kinds. You’re secretly happy, because it tends to mask the smell of Saeyoung after a couple of days without a shower if he’s particularly engrossed in a bit of coding.
  • There are sibling feuds, and it’s both heartwarming and melancholy. Things like Saeyoung accidentally wearing Saeran’s socks, or Saeran eating the last of the ice cream without telling anyone. 
  • They also fight over who loves you more, though it was always Saeyoung who had your heart from the very beginning of your life with RFA, and therefore the one you share a bed with each night. 
  • Not that Saeran hasn’t played your heartstrings. When you pulled him away from Rika, he was so grateful to you, and only wanted you to have eyes for him. He clung to you like a lost puppy, pleading with you to never leave him, to always be by his side. When the effects of the elixir began to wear off, he became volatile and unpredictable, but you remained steadfast through it all, drawing upon some inner strength you didn’t know you had. 
  • And when Saeyoung proposed moving in together, it was understood that he and Saeran were a package deal. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t a little worried about how it would work out, but it ended up being exactly what all of you needed. Both men needed stability. You had an incessant need to see them both safe and healthy. 
  • You wake with Saeran when his nightmares come and his headaches are unbearable on the nights Saeyoung works into the wee hours. Saeyoung is there to relieve you of the emotional and mental burdens of caring for his brother, both with his physical affection and his unorthodox humor. And his unconditional love.

———————————————————————————–Thanks for reading! You can read more of my works



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Mystic Messenger Characters In A Nutshell

707 aka Saeyoung Choi

  • Hi my name is Seven.
  • Also i hate myself.
  • I am a hacker who spends so much time on reddit.
  • And i hide my crippling depression in my jokes
  • I also have a twin brother who tries and kills you
  • I also let you live in an apartment with a bomb.
  • Have i told you i hate myself yet?

Yoosung aka Yoosung Kim

  • Hi my name is Yoosung.
  • I am addicted to video games and my cousin Rika.
  • I am a collage student who has never had a girlfriend.
  • And V is the main cause of every single problem i have, always.
  • So how are you Rika-i mean MC?

Jumin aka Jumin Han

  • Hi my name is Jumin.
  • I am also to become a CEO of a multimillion dollar corporation.
  • And i have a cat named Elizabeth the 3rd.
  • I have daddy issues.
  • And everyone thinks i’m gay.
  • I also overwork my assistant.
  • And i’m gay-no i mean i’m not!

Zen aka Hyun Ryu

  • Hi my name is Zen.
  • I am a narcissistic asshole who only talks about how great i am.
  • I am a musical actor.
  • My main problem is that I am too beautiful.
  • I also hate Jumin!

Jaehee aka Jaehee Kang

  • Hi my name is Jaehee.
  • I am the gayest not gay character ever.
  • I am Jumin’s assistant who hates her job and my boss and his cat and everything about him basically.
  • I worship Zen.
  • I have to have a totally not gay friendship with you.

Unknown aka Saeran Choi

  • Hi my name is Saeran.
  • I am Seven’s emo brother who spends too much time on his eyeliner everyday.
  • I try to hurt you or kidnap you in every route because of the cult i’m in.
  • I am the edgyest edge lord you will ever meet.

V aka Jihyun Kim

  • Hi i am V.
  • I am blind.
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Event Rules!

Hey guys! Event time.

  • Starts: Now
  • Ends: Monday @ 7am CDT

You will be able to ask me and/or MM (with the exception of Vandy, Rika, and Saeran/Ray) characters anything you want! The reason I’m excluding those 3 is because I don’t feel like I know their characters well enough.


  1. Please be respectful, I may not get the characters quite right just bare with me.
  2. Be specific (for Seven, for Jaehee, etc)
  3. Ask anything. NSFW, SFW, anything
  4. Participation is key. Participate as many times as you like!
  5. Anonymous will still be available, use wisely or I will have to turn it off.
  6. Up to 3 questions per ask.
  7. Have fun! This is for your entertainment.
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I just finished Jumin’s route and now I’m going onto Seven’s and I’m scared.

Slight NSFW themes but nothing major.

Zen x Chubby!MC

  • First and foremost, he loves you no matter what. His love for you is never-ending because of how good for him you are.
  • He worships your body, making sure you know he loves every single part of you.
  • He especially loves your thighs. When the pair of you are just relaxing on the couch and he has his head in your lap with your fingers running through his hair. Heaven.
  • Sometimes, when you’re feeling very insecure, he’ll hug you and kiss all over your face until you stop being sad.
  • Supportive.
  • You want to lose weight? He’s going to help you do that.
  • He would never force you to lose weight either, he loves you no matter.
  • Zen loves drinking beer, he may not admit it but he adores the taste. Don’t be fooled, he wouldn’t let something as deadly as beer taint his perfect MC. You have another thing coming if you even think about putting yourself at risk like that.
  • “It’s not healthy for you, Babe!”
  • He enjoys giving you kisses any chance he gets, like lots and lots of kisses. So many.
  • His favourite are neck kisses. He’ll nip and bite the soft flesh, the cute little moans and mewls you let out make him extremely happy.
  • Showering you in affection. Please, he does this all the time.
  • He loves to caress your exposed sides in bed, especially if you guys have just finished making love. It’s like he gets to discover your body all over again.
  • Zen definitely wants to have kids with you. He can just imagine the house filled with laughter as you bake up a special treat and he gives all his attention to your children.
  • Expect a little of little compliments or cheek kisses when he’s busy.
  • He’s very protective of you.
  • His fans can get really nasty towards you sometimes, saying how you aren’t good for him and you’re only with him for the money. There’s been countless rumours surrounding you because you’re on the chubbier side. People can be very mean sometimes, especially when they’re jealous.
  • Zen has addressed these rumours towards you - they stopped quite quickly after that.
  • Zen is very much a ladies man, but he would never DREAM of cheating on you. You are the light in his world.
  • You over his work.
  • You need him? He’s there.
  • Sometimes you can get a little bit reserved because Zen is so handsome and you don’t want to be compared to him.
  • It doesn’t last long, he confronts you about your reserved manners and asks if he did something wrong.
  • He comforts you a lot. He loves you so much that his heart hurts when he sees you sad. Don’t ever be sad.
  • He’s constantly reassuring you that you’re the most beautiful person he’s ever laid eyes on. Even more beautiful than him.
  • Feel honoured.
  • He loves the little blemishes and imperfections than make you perfect.
  • This man loves and cherishes you.
  • No matter what your body looks like.
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my bi butt is h e r e for this!!!!

* Jaehee…isn’t used to affection. That’s not to say she doesn’t like it! It’s just foreign as a concept to her, and even with past relationships she always welcomed affection and touches, she was just always confused as to how to reciprocate, never one to initiate anything by herself.

* So when MC began to flirt with her, Jaehee was so. So Confused. Was this MC’s way of joking around? Was it perhaps just them teasing Jaehee?! And-most importantly-how the heck should Jaehee respond?!

* MC would stroll towards Jaehee as they set up their coffee shop to prepare for the morning rush, greeting her with a ‘hey pretty lady~’ before walking back to whatever task they had at hand, as if they didn’t just make Jaehee’s cheeks flush redder than Seven’s hair.

* She’s not proud to say this, but she actually consulted Zen for this. One day he’d come by the coffee shop to chat with his favourite RFA duo, sitting at a table near the counter whilst Jaehee and MC went by to greet him, chatting all together for a while before MC rushed back to the counter to prepare some more orders.

* Jaehee stood there for a long awkward moment before Zen raised a brow, asking if everything was okay. Jaehee sighed and sat across him, her hands awkwardly fiddling with the hem of her apron.

* “I…I’m concerned about MC’s behaviour” she admitted, and that piqued Zen’s curiosity. He leaned in close, a frown on his lips. “What do you mean? Is something wrong with them?” he asked.

* Jaehee bit her lip, turning to glance at MC as they cheerily worked around the coffee grinder. They looked up, noticing Jaehee’s stare and winked with a cheeky smile, prompting Jaehee to furiously turn back towards Zen with a blush.

* “They’re-I know it might just be the way they are, but um-they are very-they’ll compliment me all the time and throw pick-up lines at me at the most random times and yesterday-I was cleaning the espresso machine and they hugged me from behind! They refused to let go even when I told them I have to finish up cleaning, saying they ‘needed to recharge’!” Jaehee shook her head as she recounted the memory, the warmth of MC’s arms around her waist still lingering on her skin.

* “I just…” she sighed, finally looking up at Zen, “I’m so confused. What does it all mean? Is it perhaps a flirtation or is it just their way of being friendly?”

* Zen’s response…wasn’t quite what she’d been expecting.

* “Jaehee….are you bragging about your adorable lovey-dovey relationship right now? To me?! Who has been single for so long now I might as well be lumped into the same category as that Trustfund dude?!”

* Jaehee was taken aback. “Lo…Lovey-dovey?! What, Zen-I’m-Me and MC aren’t-we’re not together!” she stumbled over her words, her heart racing. Was this what it seemed like? Could MC-there was no way MC liked her, was there?!

* Zen blinked owlishly, leaning back on his seat. “You…you haven’t realised?” he asked. Jaehee cocked her head to the side, frown burrowed.

* Zen merely sighed, hid a laugh behind his palm. “I think you should talk with MC tonight. Tell them what you told me. You…you’re an incredibly smart person, but really emotionally blunt aren’t you?” he teased her, making poor Jaehee even more confused than before.

* Taking Zen’s advice to heart though, she grinned through the rest of the day, blushing through each of MC’s compliments and flirty remarks, nearly melting into a puddle of affection when at some point during the afternoon lull MC leaned their head on Jaehee’s shoulder, content to hide their face in the crook of her neck.

* As the two closed up shop later that night, Jaehee stood behind MC as they locked the coffee house’s door, humming a cheery tune. 

* “MC…can I ask you something?” Jaehee finally managed to ask, gathering her wits and courage to this very moment. MC turned to her with a small smile. “Of course!”

* She shuffled her feet, looking down to the ground as she felt her heart stutter in her chest. “You um-you say many…affectionate things to me and I do appreciate them-I enjoy your company and your attention but…I just need to know, what does it mean?” she felt her breath hitch in her throat, a nervous lump slowing her down. “What…what do you feel towards me?”

* She didn’t dare look up to MC, merely saw their shoes as they walked to stand in her line of sight, tilting her chin up to face them.

* “Have you really not noticed, or are you just looking for a confirmation?” MC asked, a mischievous smile on their lips as they made Jaehee look back up. They sighed at Jaehee’s bewildered expression, leaning their forehead to rest against hers. 

* “I love you. Jaehee you…you’re the single most wonderful person I’ve ever met, you’re hard-working, gentle, caring, you are so passionate about the things you love and your joy is infectious. I…well, I can’t help but flirt and compliment you whenever I see you, you’re just too cute for words.” 

* Jaehee.exe has stopped responding

* MC?!?! Loved her?! ?! Her?!

* MC leaned back as Jaehee stared on bewildered, her brain shutting down and restarting. As she processed MC leaning away she came back to alertness, tugging them back towards her as she leaned in to kiss them, a short chaste smooch that left them both flabbergasted.

* “I love you too! I um-I just have to ask you of one thing, if we’ll…if we’ll be dating.”

* “Anything” MC replied deadpan.

* Jaehee shook her head, willing her heartbeat to ease. 


* Sorry Jaehee…but this is one wish MC can’t fulfil for u :3c

* Anyway Jaehee blushing is the cutest hecking thing reblog if u agree

-send me mystic messenger head canons for character reactions-

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