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Happy Valentines Day.
So to celebrate this occasion I decided to draw one of the most underrated OTPs. Evelina and Erik.

1. Who is Evelina?
A: Evelina is the main protagonist of the Mystery Legends: The Phantom of the Opera video game. She is the grown daughter of Christine and Raoul.

2. Why does Erik look like that? Where is his classic look?
A: This is what Erik looked like in the game.…
The game is more based on the book rather than the iconic musical.
Plus I think this design looks the coolest.
Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Reaper from Overwatch?

3. Why would you pair them?
A: Because for multiple reasons.

A. In the game, Erik tries to reclaim Christine. (since the game takes place 20 years after the end of the musical/when Christine left him)
However, it was Evelina that received the letter instead and went to the Opera house to find who sent it.
Due to how similar she looks like her mother, Erik believes that she is Christine, and she must prove her love by gathering some black roses.

Yes he might be a killer and he might be insane, but the world did my boy dirty. All because he didn’t look nice.
Christine was his source of light in a dark world, and she just went to Raoul.
I mean, I know they were sweethearts growing up, but if it wasn’t for Erik’s teachings, I doubt she ends up on that stage.
But you want to know the best way to get back at a guy who took your girl?
Marry the daughter!!

C. Fanfictions helped.
There are a few fanfics about these two, but I love the idea of the daughter of Christine falling in love with Erik.
Let him have a happy ending!

If you are interested in the game, I highly recommend it. The Art Style is fantastic and its puzzles should keep you entertained.
Or not, you can watch a playlist of the game here.…

Expect to see more of these two in the future.

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“Bring me a Black Rose”

Christine holding a black rose.

 Mixed media (pencil on paper + digital watercolors and highlights)

maybe some beauty and the beast reference + mystery legends

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So after talking with and seeing daenerysthesilverdragon’s art of Mystery Legends Phantom of the Opera, I got curious and decided to watch a few lp’s of the game. And oh gosh, such good material, but with some royal screwups.
Like, the premise is pretty good. It shows (spoilers!!!) Christine and Raoul’s fully grow daughter Evelina being lured back to the Opera House by the Phantom because he thinks she’s her mother. The art is lovely, the voice acting for Erik is on point, and, as far as I’ve seen, the gameplay itself is pretty solid. They just dropped the ball with some pretty big things. Like, I just can’t unterstand why, with so much attention to detail, they made Christine and Evelina’s clothes so innacurate. They look like they belong in the 21st century, not the 19th. And why on earth do Christine and Raoul look so young? They look more like Evelina’s friends, not her parents. And plotwise (unless the lp I watched forgot to add this part in), why in the world would Evelina go
INTO the Opera House? I’m assuming that by the way she talks, she knows the about her mom’s history with the Phantom. So why the heck would she go in alone?
All in all, it’s not a bad game, it just needs some tweaking. Which is sad, because the majority of PotO games arn’t worth writing home about.

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Just look at this cute ass shit. Look at it! That’s fucking adorable. *_* I love it.

I got these from my super awesome talented friend ( back at ATOA and holy hell these are so cute. She did them in the style of the show Over The Garden Wall (an amazing show, might I add, that I’ve been dying to sit down and watch) <3

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Let’s talk about the Mystery Legends: Phantom of the Opera game from Big Fish.

They have quite a few great search-and-find games based either on classic gothic stories or dark tales of their own, but one of their best by far is their Phantom game. You play as Evelina, Raoul and Christine’s daughter who gets trapped in the long-abandoned Opera House where her mother performed. Evelina also happens to look exactly like her mother when she was her age, so it’s no surprise when Evelina learns that it’s the Phantom who’s trapped her there… and she’s not all that sure whether the Phantom is flesh and blood or a true phantom.

All in all, it’s a great game! The graphics are beautiful, and I was geeking out about all of the Leroux-based things. Even minor background things can be linked back to the book! It had great attention to detail, and all of the puzzles, clues, and riddles you have to solve felt very much like something Erik would have come up with.

The Phantom routinely pops up to mess with you, make demands, etc. while you try to find a way out. Evelina also keeps having mysterious, magical flashbacks to when her mother was there, so you get to see Christine perform while Raoul (and, secretly, the Phantom) watches on, as well as the death of Joseph Buquet (which I only have a screenshot of while I hit the volume button at the same time, sorry)—interesting, you also have to do a puzzle that opens a stone sarcophagus, which holds a rose that you need to give to the Phantom… along with the bones of Joseph Buquet. That was really exciting, as a fan, that they even involved Buquet’s corpse. Even in death he can’t get away from the Phantom! (Even more bonus points because MAGIC LASSO.)

The sets were also fantastic; just look at the cathedral in the cellars and Christine’s dressing room, complete with the large mirror! And in the ballroom shot you can see the life-sized marionettes of the Phantom and Christine posed as if waltzing… while the marionette of Raoul is hanging in the background from the chandelier, tied up and gagged. (And yes, that’s an organ grinder and monkey in the bottom left!)

All in all, this game is AMAZING. There a lot of detail that phans can appreciate, and it’s just a fun game. The first few levels are free, after that the rest of the game is pretty cheap, only a couple of dollars. I’m really hoping that there’s a sequel, because the game ends on a strange cliffhanger and let me unsatisfied.

Fun fact: On the middle shelf in the last screencap, you can see a black pipe near the edge. Right next to it, on the right? Yeah. That’s totally the music box from the animated Anastasia movie from the late 90s! What the heck is that doing there?! ( ancientphantom, did you notice that when you played?)

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It had been so long since Erik had any visitors. It almost made him sad that his Opera house went out of business, but that was his own fault. He had destroyed his beautiful theater in his rage. Destroying his theater didn’t seem to succeed in destroying himself, though. Such a shame. Since then, he managed to restore the building almost entirely, and yet, it still seems abandoned. They had built another Opera house, so no one ever came to this one anymore, and Erik has began to neglect it as he has grown more weary.

This slowly seeping weariness didn’t succeed in deterring his annoyance when discovering he did finally, after all this time, have company. He watched silently from the shadows as the young woman walked into his abandoned theater. She was a beautiful and seemingly kind young woman, at least her soft features appeared, but that didn’t change anything. He should be left alone to brood until he finally leaves this world. His eyes glowed in the shadows, reflecting the light in the room. “You should not be here.” He said, his voice echoing rather loudly through the nearly empty room.

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I finally downloaded the trial version of “Mystery Legends: The Phantom of the Opera” - which is a little weird for me, you’d think someone who’s such a huge fan of “Phantom” would’ve tried this game out years ago. Nevertheless, I’ve played it for about a half-an-hour and these are my initial thoughts:

-The visuals are gorgeous and the atmosphere is immersive - it really sucks you in.

-The voice acting is pretty decent for the most part, the Phantom’s is particularly good - but honestly, Evelina’s voice annoys me a little bit.

-Also - is it just me, or does Evelina seem a little dense? I mean, the Phantom throws out a long explanation about how the opera house burned and then, seconds later, when you click on a certain part of the room, Evelina asks “what caused all this damage?” Really, Evelina? Really? But once again, her supposed density could be do to her voice.

-It’s probably too early to remark about the storyline, but I find one plot element a little confusing. Evelina is Christine and Raoul’s daughter, but the Phantom addresses her as Christine and says that she will love him this time…but the little boy gave Evelina the letter…which leads me to wonder: was there some sort of mix-up? Was Christine the one who was supposed to receive the invitation? Did the boy deliver it to the wrong person? Is the Phantom (his spirit?) so wrapped up in his vengeance that he was blind to the difference between Christine and her daughter? Or does the Phantom have this idea that if he can’t have the mother, he’ll have the daughter? Maybe it’ll all sort itself out in the end, but I’m a little bothered by that weird plot point. (I could look it up, but I don’t want to spoil it for me.)

Minor nitpicks aside, I’m eager to continue this game. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, so let’s hope the game lives up to the praise it’s gotten.

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