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#mystic messenger
The kids super surprised that THIS angry brat is his kind, quiet father, and that he has such venomous words about anyone, let alone when he realizes its his uncle hes so angry at.

You know what, this has some real potential and now I kinda wanna write something for it because can you imagine Saeran’s kid just being totally fucking floored that their Dad is like, feral. Like, he’s just saying the rudest stuff and has no shame about the vengeful feelings that he has inside of him at that moment because of what’s going on. Like, the kid doesn’t know the extent of what happened in the past at all. 

So, you can imagine the horror when they’re just. “Huh. Oh, my God. Did they have some sort of blood feud? But, Uncle Saeyoung jokes all the time about it being over something silly!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING!”

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Did you say heated tango with Saeran? I’m interested... 😏👀

“I’ll make you see nobody else but Saeran.”

Lila blinks at him, as the terror in her eyes has lapsed and turned into sheer and utter confusion. She’s startled, her eyes look up at him - not stupid with the way she looks just perplexed by the question he’s decided to ask her. 

“Uh… yes, I do,” she said, quietly. ”But I’m not all that great at it. My Dad taught me when I was younger.”

He scowled. "I didn’t ask for a life story, princess. I wanted a yes or no answer, don’t waste my time.”

“Then, yes, I do know-how,” Lila punctuated.

“Then dance with me,” Saeran commands, simply. 

He leads her into a dance. She follows his step, one, two three, one, two, three. It’s an excuse to be impossibly close to her body and the way she pulls into him is deliciously perfect. 

Her body is pressed against his and his body is pressed against his in this lonely dance. 

Neither of them said anything at first, just following the other in an endless twirl around the room as the heat from fear began to grow, as the tension begins to reach a peak; Lila wasn’t lying about knowing what she does, he finds that out very quickly with how she can keep up with him, how fast she is to nearly taking the lead from him. 

How unsatisfied she must have felt to be the one lead around. Is that what she thinks of him? Is that how she thought of Ray? The pathetic girl was always the one to push Ray around. Well, she wouldn’t have to dare think about that notion anymore. 

To think that you have to kick and shove to get what you want from somewhere seems tedious. 

It was much like how he wasn’t ever satisfied with the world around him, always pinning and fighting for something better, always grasping for the next thing to fill the void. 

Sometimes the object that he’s reaching for is just at his fingertips—

She’s right underneath his hands and he can see her eyes that she’s not seeing that airhead. No, she’s seeing him. And oh, the way that this pathetic princess is gazing up at him with nerved confidence is driving him up a wall. 

“For a princess, you aren’t so bad at this,” He says, the manner comes out as a taunt but she seems to know better then he does at that moment. There’s no line of fear in those eyes but her nerves. “Here I thought you’d be far worse. Color me surprised that you know how to do anything besides whine and cry for attention.” 

“For a snarky asshole, you are bad at this,” She countered, quietly.  “Who even taught you how to dance, Saeran? It’s not charming at all when you step on somebody’s toes. It ruins whatever you’re trying to achieve with… this. Whatever this is.”

He snorts at the insult. Naturally, he would want to wring her neck for talking back but this is the first time that she’s tried to fight him back.  “I should punish you for saying something stupid. If you think you can do better, why not try and amuse me by trying?”

“You’re supposed to lead,” she tells him. “Are you saying you want me to try to do better?”

“Has something stupid ever stopped you from trying to fight me since we met one another?” Saeran countered, rolling his eyes at the statement. “Go ahead. Try me.”

Lila couldn’t find a reason to disagree with that statement. She merely humored the thought as he let himself let go of control and she was the room to show him which way to go. Saeran seemed pleased with the action, as he didn’t protest her choices. 

 "If you wanted to prove a point to me about how different you are from Ray, you could have started more confidently and taken steps more like this,“ she mumbled underneath her breath. 

One step.

Two steps.

Three steps.

He isn’t awful, Lila believes. She’s still trying to understand this man and she’s learned a little something from tonight. Trying to figure how what makes him tick is not as easy as it came to learning about Ray. Saeran was a challenge and every step he took was more calculated then the last.  

"Is the princess satisfied with herself? Do you feel like you have all the power in your hands now?” Saeran taunts in a haughty whisper when they came together again. His voice murmuring close to her ear. “Don’t you wonder what that feels like all the time? Oh, toy, you could have everything if you weren’t such an idiot with around the Savior all the time. If only you had listened and been a good girl from the start.”

Lila hesitated. 

“I don’t want that kind of strength,” she says, instead.

“You haven’t earned it,” Saeran replied, simply. “Even if you wanted it I don’t think you’ll ever be capable of wielding it. To see your face scrunch up in anger at the world? You, princess, would never be able to do it.”

She pursed her lips. “I consider that a good thing, Saeran. I don’t want that kind of power. You shouldn’t either, honestly.”

Saeran scoffed, shaking his head at the dribble that came out of her stupid mouth. “A good thing? You have such a misconception of power, no wonder you refuse to side with the right people. You don’t know what’s good for you.”

Her brown eyes are looking at him now, and the grip of her hand on his is tightly woven. “You think you’re in charge but you’re not. That’s a real misconception, Saeran. Haven’t you seen that?”

“Oh? A toy has an opinion on how things work around here?” He cocked an eyebrow, questioning her faith in her own nonsense. 

The brunette was staring at him with unbridled strength now. Pushing her around was proving to pull out more and more fun reactions, and he wasn’t going to let her get away with this right now. He gazed down at her as their movements grew quicker and quicker. 

“You command others, but they only listen to you because if they don’t your so-called Savior will take them down. It’s not you that they’re really afraid of at the end of the day. It’s what she can do that they’re scared of,” her voice shakes a bit, but she doesn’t stop. 

"Psh. That’s because she has the final judgment of the Believers, and so what of that?” Saeran asked, rolling his eyes. “They’re hers, she can do whatever she wants with them and that’s her prerogative, princess. That’s her mission as the Savior to take care of. I have more important people to push around them some shoddy believers… and that’s you. You’re under my jurisdiction.”

“For… for somebody who does the opposite of that, you sure seem to think otherwise.” She mumbled underneath her breath.

“My business isn’t any of yours, anyway. So what if I do or don’t do something, princess? Believers listen to me. I don’t have to scream at them for hours to get what I want. They listen without hesitation. They know their place and they know what I can do to them.”

“Because they’re scared of you, Saeran.” Lila’s voice grows louder, for the first time in a long time. 

His eyes darkened. “They fucking better be scared of me.”

“Do you feel comfortable knowing that people aren’t listening because they respect you? That’s not what they’re afraid of in the first place. They just fear what you might do to them. They fear what the Savior will do to them if she finds out. A strength that comes from pain only hurts everyone involved. It’s not a strength, then. It’s a means to survive. It’s not about power. It’s about control. What kind of power is that, anyway? What kind of existence is that?" 

Lila is staring right into his eyes with those wide, ugly brown eyes. She was pressing on his toes now with her words as their movements had begun to spiral, too fast, far too fast. 

"A warranted one,” he hissed. His voice was as acidic as the elixir that he took to keep himself in control. “This power means you can never be hurt and you can stop anything before it comes to you. Nobody can touch you when you have this power. It’s better than living as you do, waiting in fear for the next punishment. It’s a real paradise on Earth. The kind of paradise you’ll never understand since you’re an airhead.”

“Then I hope I never understand it,” She says, quite loudly compared to her soft whispers from before. “And I wish that you never understood it in the first place, either. Because, as far as I can tell, you’re just as scared of the Savior as the rest of these people.”

This small comment sparks something inside of him that he can’t quite explain the feeling it. 

How dare she imply… 

He was the strongest. 


HE wasn’t afraid of anything. He could do anything that he wanted to do and he wasn’t scared to try it. WHO was she to think that he was scared of anything in this world?! He wasn’t Ray. He would never be like Ray. He was Saeran, cold, calculated and powerful Saeran. 

He wasn’t scared. 

He wasn’t scared…! 

Yet, the words of his Savior still played in his mind. The way that she whispered to him that she would be soon disposing of Lila like common trash because she was tired of his games. She wanted paradise to become the way she wanted, and that scheme didn’t involve the princess at all.

But, Saeran was supposed to be the one that got to choose when that happened, the Savior had promised him that and now she was backpedaling and that’s why he even came to seek out this stupid toy in the first place! The thought came crashing into him all at once. 

Saeran stopped short, and she’s perplexed by his halt as she nearly trips into his grasp. They’re just close to each other, staring at one another as if something had been unlocked that shouldn’t have been breathed into life. Her breath is shallow, and his grip on her is so tight that his fingers are starting to feel numb just from doing it. 

He reaches out and presses his hand against her cheek with his free hand. Lila’s trembling, she’s shaking like a leaf. Maybe she regrets having a back and forth with him after the fact? Maybe she knows that she said the wrong thing and that he’s thinking about doing something. 

Whatever the answer is, he isn’t going to be bothered by that thought, no, he wants to…

What is that he wants?

“Why are you so hellbent on fighting your fate? Why do you keep opening your mouth and making things worse for yourself when you know that it would be better if you stopped talking?! Why don’t you learn your place and shut the hell up when you can?!” He demanded her, suddenly. 

His grip on her tightens. He’s holding her so hard that he’s not even noticed that he’s shaking now. Saeran doesn’t know it, but there’s a fear in his eyes at that moment that only Lila can see. 

“I am the strongest and I’m the only one that gets to decide what happens to my toy. Stop fighting me and be grateful that I pity you! Why don’t you get down on your knees and beg for my help, huuuh?! You know if I didn’t want to play with you like this, the Savior would throw you away! She’s already said that she’s going to do it the instant that I get bored!“

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Hot take: Imagine Ray teaching you how to ballroom dance 🥰🥰

Anon, you’re speaking my language. I literally have sat here thinking about how tender and romantic that could be. Ray is just a little nervous so he’s just a little clumsy as he takes the lead but man, you’ve never seen such confidence come to his eyes. Imagine him daring to be bold. The slow conversation, coming close together but pulling apart before it’s too heated. 

Yeah, but, have you considered a heated tango with Suit Saeran? Because I’ve written something for that before. 

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Jumin Han April Fools Appreciation Post, Pt 2~



His efforts pay off




i’m so sorry Jaehee but he funny




worst joke 1


ok but i laughed at this one


Y’all better be caerful



i lov




thank u cheritz for this DLC 🙏🏻

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