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#mystic messenger

You’re not being punished

Come here, I’m your paradise

Can’t close your eyes

Can’t close your eyes

You can throw a fit but it’s no use

(Don’t reject me)

Just close your eyes, tune your ears

I appreciate that it plays heavily on the symbolism of eyes. He makes a big deal about you being his eyes. That is to say, he is watching your every move in the chat room and in the apartment.

There’s no use trying to close your eyes or to hear no evil. He’s always been there and he’s been watching you from the start. That’s what it says in the song and that’s always who that is been talking about. He tries to sell you a Spiel of paradise over and over again. If you get the bad ending in the Christmas DLC, he tries to tell you that you’re not going to be punished and that you’re going to go to paradise.

Don’t stop him or push him away.

You’ll be happy… eternally.

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yeah being shot hurts but have you ever replayed mystic messenger and seen the character ur in love with complaining they dont have a gf

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She said that you better vote for Saeran x Reader [Western AU]. It’s definitely an option I’ve wanted to write ever since Cowboy Jumin was written.

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Aight actual question! For the fics/head canons do y'all prefer the reader to be called MC or Y/N?

I know some people get distracted by the whole Y/N thingie so I just want to make sure cuz there are people that usually use MC, so I just wanted to know!

Might try out the result in the comfort hc I’m writing for MM so please tell me :D it can be replying to this post or just sending an anon or smth, I just want to know which one is more comfortable for y'all

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So I know logically Cheritz using the same safe house background for Seven in the secret ending and V’s route as the secret house you and Saeran hide in after escaping on his route is probably just a case of recycling with no deeper meaning

But how funny would it be if both Choi’s legit thought the same house was their Secret Hideyhole and were either juuuust missing each other scooby-doo style or they just straight up both show up in the living room and are like “the frick are you doing here?!” “The frick am -I- doing here, the frick are YOU doing here!?”

I dunno I might just be tired but I’m dying over it

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HI, BEE!!!!!!!! I was so happy to see that you were not only following me, but also interested in my mysme writing. THANK YOUUU

Okay, so, I’m stil figuring out how to do this, I’m not that used to writing in this format. I really hope I learn how to write HCs properly, bc I love that style!!!! 

There’s no V and Saeran bc this is my first and I tried to focus on the RFA. Also, no Jumin because I couldn’t imagine him going to a “commoner” place (as he’d say) like a store or supermarket without any bodyguards. 

i’m trying my best please be kind to me



  • From the moment you joined RFA, you knew there was something familiar about Yoosung’s face. It was only when he mentioned the college he attended that you understood why. 
  • It was the same as you.
  • Damn
  • You didn’t mention the coincidence to him at first, Seven and V being the only ones to know your identity.
  • And of course the hacker threw casual (or not) hints. He also was the first to ship you and Yoosung and call out your flirty interactions.
  • “Guys, don’t you think that MC and Yoosung would be such a cute couple? They’re both adorable dorks!”
  • As day four got close, it was getting harder keeping the secret. You avoided him in the hallways, afraid of him recognizing your voice from the phone calls. However, you didn’t miss a single chance of observing him from afar, noticing how he interacted with his classmates or the way he fiddled with his hair. 
  • He was so cute. 
  • And, without noticing it. you were falling in love with him.
  • You were exiting the auditorium when one of your friends called you to ask for your notes. You gladly handed them and talked to them about that day’s lecture. 
  • The only thing you failed to notice was that there was someone listening to your conversation. 
  • When you turned around, you silently gasped as Yoosung’s violet eyes stared back at you. 
  • Shit.
  • What was he doing there? He said in the messenger that he was in the middle of his class-
  • It was only when you noticed his hand grasping the fountain’s button that you realized he probably went out to drink some water.
  • You tried to pretend nothing happened and walk past him, but he called your name.
  • “MC…?”
  • You trembled at hearing his voice and stopped on your tracks. Slowly, you turned around, avoiding his gaze. You walked back in his direction taking slow steps, unsure about what to say. Were you even supposed to be talking to him right now? There should be a reason why V and Seven never told the others personal things about you, right?
  • “Is it really you?”
  • You locked eyes with him and nodded. Your mouth tried to form words, searching for something to say. You blushed. After a moment, you finally said:
  • “Why don’t we go grab something to eat after your class? I guess we have a lot to talk about, haha…” 


  • You weren’t even surprised when you woke up to huge cramps and white sheets stained with blood. Luck was never in your favor.
  • You were in a terrible mood when you reached the nearest drugstore and shoved a bunch of pads into your basket. That would probably be enough for the next five miserable days of bleeding.
  • You also got some tylenol to control the pain that you felt all over your body.
  • Walking to the groceries aisle, you looked at all the different chocolate bars options and wondered how many you could buy considering your lack of money and the expensiveness of those pads.
  • A huge sting ran from your lower belly to your whole body. You quickly  grabbed five bars of your favorite brand and put them on the basket, deciding that you deserved some sweets after all the stress of the past few days added to your period. 
  • You turned around, ready to go to the cashier, but someone bumped onto you and made you drop all of your supplies.
  • That was the final straw.
  • “Watch where you’re going, weirdo!!!”
  • Without even looking at the person, you dropped on the ground to put the items back on the basket.
  • “Oh my god, I’m sorry, miss!” The guy knelt in front of you and it was only then that you realized who you were talking to
  • Shit.
  • You really weren’t a lucky person.
  • You stood there, staring at Zen as he scrambled to clear up the mess. He wore a mask, but you’d recognize that white hair and those red eyes anywhere. It really was him.
  • “Is anything wrong?” He said and you realized that you’ve been staring at him like a fool. Not only that, but it came down to you that you’ve just shouted at Zen. The RFA star. The guy you’ve been crushing on for the past few days.
  • “No, nothing, I just…” You stumbled with your words. There was no way to get this even more embarrassing. “I shouldn’t have screamed at you. Sorry”
  • “No, don’t worry! It was my fault for getting distracted.” He helped you get on your feet and put on your basket the last packet of pads. You could tell that he was blushing, even with the mask on, but he didn’t say anything about it. Thank goodness.
  • You smiled timidly at him. 
  • “Thank you, Zen” 
  • His eyes widened instantly and you knew, you just knew, that he realized. He opened his mouth, but no sound left it. You looked at your feet, blushing furiously. That wasn’t the way you wanted him to find out that you were the girl from the messenger, especially because you had just screamed at him for dropping your basket.
  • “M-MC??” Zen finally managed to get the words out. 
  • “…Yes?” You looked back at him, tightening your grip on the hold. 
  • He looked at you intensely, then averted his eyes. Damn, you were cute. 
  • “Do you mind if we take this conversation somewhere else? After you buy your… things, of course.” 
  • You agreed, even though the pain your uterus was making you feel didn’t help. Zen waited outside the store (the cigarettes he went there to buy weren’t his priority) as you rushed to the cashier.
  • 100% would tell everyone how cute you are and send a lot of selfies claiming he was lucky to be the first to meet you in person!


  • You were getting bored at Rika’s apartment
  • So you decided go out because why not
  • After a quick walk around the block, you found a cute bookstore. The thought of getting some new books excited you, so you entered it.
  • You wandered between the different sections, not looking for something specific. After a while, you settled on the romance section (as always), picked a random volume with a pretty cover and slumped on a chair to read it. 
  • You had no idea how much time had passed, but your attention was taken away from the paragraphs when you heard a bell indicating someone had entered the place. The sound of heels tapping against wood was getting close to you, but it started to faint when the person approached the balcony.
  • “Good afternoon. Do you have, by any chance, a book called….” You stopped paying attention to the conversation and went back to the pages in front of you.
  • “I just checked in our system and it’s sold out. But I can send you an email when we receive it again. What’s your name, miss?”
  • “Jaehee Kang.”
  • You jumped on your seat and turned your head in a swift movement. You could only see her back, but there was no doubt. It was her. 
  • You stared at her slim form for a good couple seconds, thinking of what to do. You two had been growing close in the last days, you even dared to call her a friend. Yeah, approaching her would be the best option.
  • You walked up to her, leaning your torso against the counter, and gave her your best smile.
  • “Uh, hey, Jaehee.” 
  • She turned to look at you with a surprised face. Her stance soon turned into a defensive one and you concluded that that hadn’t been the best way to approach her.
  • “Excuse me, but do I know you?” Her voice wasn’t aggressive, but it wasn’t friendly either. It was more a curious, yet careful tone.
  • “I’m MC. From RFA.” You said, still grinning gently at her.
  • At first Jaehee still had her doubts, but when you showed your phone to her and logged into the messenger, she apologised to you for her suspicion over you. 
  • You proposed to go somewhere else to talk, but she said that she was busy and that she just went to the bookstore to buy a book for Jumin. A gift for a business partner or something like that.
  • For the next days until the party, you couldn’t stop rambling about how Jaehee was cute and that you wanted to talk to her more. Of course, she interpreted the comments as friendly remarks (oblivious baehee).


  • Come on
  • Of course he knew what you looked like. He did his research on the first day, when you entered Rika’s apartment.
  • Seven thought you were extremely cute and you went along with his jokes! The perfect person for him!
  • It had been three days since you joined RFA when you two first met face to face.
  • You were in the grocery store buying some supplies for your stay at the former party coordinator’s  apartment when you saw him. 
  • Of course, he was shoving honey buddha chips into his cart. What a surprise.
  • You chuckled and decided to surprise him in a funny way. With your phone in hands, you called Seven. You watched  from afar as he felt his jeans buzz and took his own phone from the back pocket. 
  • “Agent 606! How is everything going? Did you manage to kidnap- *cough* get Elly in your hands? How does her gracious fur feel in your hands?”
  • “Defender of justice, I need your help!, I don’t know what to do! There’s a cute guy in the chips aisle and I don’t know what to do! my heart’s beating so fast~”
  • You saw him freeze. He stood there for a second, processing the words he heard, then turned around in the direction of your voice (you weren’t far enough so he wouldn’t hear you talking to him).
  • Seven’s face went pale for a second. You beamed at him and hopped over to him. 
  • “So, what are you going to do about it, 707?” You stuck your tongue out.
  • error error restart the program ERROR
  • He was red as a tomato as he stared at you, trying to understand that you were there, actually there, in front of him.
  • He might or might not have given a cheap excuse to run away, not knowing what to say to you. Poor Seven, he did not expect this.
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Tumblr has a limit to how many links can be in a post. This means that I have to separate my Masterlist into parts. You can reach me for Commissions or Trades by clicking the links.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Updated as of 01/27/2021 (if you think I missed a favorite of yours let me know and I’ll fix the list)

GE Saeran W/ an MC with no relationship experience

4 notes

Ok this is really random but I headcanon that V would probably propose by having a photo of MC in one his exhibitions titled ‘marry me’.

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Crowns and Courtships - A Mystic Messenger AU

This AU is basically about MC being a princess who is courting during the Regency era! The readers can choose who MC ends up with :)

Chapter 6 - The Garden Party

Chapter 5

Words: 2500

Summary: it’s finally time to travel to the city to go to the first party of the social season, hosted by your close friend Duke Yoosung Kim. Will the party be a success? Will the group plotting against you make their next move?

You woke to a knock on your door. Blinking the sleep out of your eyes, you told the person they could come in. No surprise, it was Jaehee. “Good morning Princess, Sir Zen. I’ve gotten you some tea; we will be departing for the city soon. Would you like to get dressed before breakfast?

“That would be lovely,” you told Jaehee. Sir Zen excused himself and went to leave, but you stopped him. “Wait! Please tell me you will change my father’s mind and convince him that you should join us in the city.” You could tell he was going to object, but you stopped him once more. “Please. I feel safer with you around.”

“I’ll see what I can do.” He smiled, then left. You could hear him making his way down the stairs, hopefully to find your father.

Jaehee got your clothes out, helping you step into each layer of the heavy travel clothes, then brought in some tea. “What happened last night, if you don’t mind me asking? I was surprised to see your knight in your chambers.”

You could feel your face heat up. “Oh! It’s nothing like that! Someone left a threatening note on my door, stabbed into the wood with the dagger. I couldn’t sleep… but with him watching over me it helped.”

“Oh! That’s awful. Are you okay?” She gently placed her hand on your arm.

“I’m honestly scared. That’s why I want him to join us in the city. It seems that if the organization doesn’t like my decision, they’ll attack me there. I already feel sick about the whole thing… having him by my side would help.”

“He is handsome… isn’t he?” Jaehee had a small smile on her face.

You giggled. “He is! He’s opening up more too.”

“Well, I hope we can catch these people, and soon. You should be excited about your first garden party, not dreading it!”

You set your cup down on the saucer, then stood. “We’ll have to hope for the best. I’ll meet you downstairs at the carriage soon! I have to join my parents for breakfast.”

When you sat down for breakfast, your parents stared at you like they had seen a ghost. “What’s wrong?” You asked, nervous that something else bad must have happened.

“We’re surprised to see you coping so well… Sir Zen brought us the note that was on your door,” your mother explained, concern evident in her eyes.

You sighed, your face falling: “Well… we knew there would be people who didn’t like my decision. It’s the consequences I have to face to achieve my happiness.”

“Well Sir Zen is joining us now, without question. He’s packing his things as we speak,” your father explained. It made you feel much better knowing that he’d be by your side, looking after you and protecting you from the people in the city.

“That’s good to know. On another note, I’m excited for the party today as well as our travels!”

“I’m glad to hear it. It must be exciting to be out and about during the social season. You’ll have to tell me all about it!” Your mother expressed happily. It was clear that she was disappointed she had to take part in an arranged marriage, but she was lucky her marriage turned out so well; it was clear that she loved your father dearly, which was surprising considering the fact you were born before your father had married. It was a lot to overlook, but the Queen’s love was able to overcome it all.

One you finished breakfast, it was time to prepare for the trip. You, your parents, and Jaehee took the main carriage. The others rode on horseback alongside the carriage. You smiled when you saw the horse you trained the other day leading the carriage. You walked over to him while the bags were being loaded.

“Why hello there!” You greeted the horse, patting its head. Mr. Choi sat at the front of the carriage, right above the horse and its partner. He raised an eyebrow at you. “Valiant. That’s his name,” you decided.

“A fitting name for a horse so daring and brave,” he grinned, petting the horse. “Let me know if you need anything throughout the trip.”

“I’m shocked you’re being so nice. Nervous? This is your first long carriage trip after all.”

“I just got used to leading one horse; now I have already graduated to two,” he said boastingly, but his face showed that he was quite overwhelmed by the prospect.

“Maybe you should let me know if you need anything throughout the trip,” you teased, turning his words against him. “Safe travels, Mr. Choi. My life literally depends on it.”

“You’re telling me… mine too.”

You loaded into the carriage with your family. You sat next to your mother, and your father sat across from you, next to Jaehee, who got the honor of sitting in the main carriage as your new lady.

You spent your time reading another book on flowers. You read for most of the trip, finishing the book in its entirety. You were lucky your home in the city had a large collection of books that you could read. You luckily made it without needing to take any stops, which was pretty impressive. Before you went inside, Sir Zen swept the house to make sure there was no intruder inside. Luckily there wasn’t. You took Jaehee up to your room to get ready for the garden party that was quickly approaching.

Jaehee quickly helped you get out of your traveling clothes and into your pink ensemble. The blush tone suited your skin tone perfectly; Jaehee had even packed a blush hat to match, since the party was outside.

She spent her time pinning each piece of hair into place, working on a low bun so that the hat would still sit nice. “I know we did not have much time to get ready, but I think you look wonderful,” Jaehee complimented, a small blush on her face. She practically pushed you out of the room before you could respond. “Off we go! We cannot be late.”

You made your way to the carriage with Jaehee next to you. You were lucky she was joining you since your parents weren’t going to attend; they were going to spend their time settling in. Still, it was nice to have some company.

Mr. Choi gave you his hand to help you onto the carriage, which you gladly took. Despite your recent fights, you still needed his help and wanted to keep things cordial. “That is… a lot of pink. You look like a flamingo,” he commented, taken aback by your dress. So much for cordial. It was obvious he was making fun of you to make himself feel better; you could tell by the stupid look on his face that he was just teasing you. You wouldn’t give in that easily though.

“Well, I figured you didn’t have taste, but this just confirms it,” you shrugged as he helped Jaehee into the carriage. “Let’s get going please; I’d hate to be late,” you urged him, and he listened.

“Who is holding this party again?” Jaehee asked as the carriage began moving.

“Duke Kim. I’m sure it was a lot of work for him to arrange the party on his own for the first time… especially since it’s the first one of the season. This is important though, because it’ll set the tone for the rest of this season’s events,” you explained.

You were trying to stay stoic but you were worried about Yoosung. He’d be crushed if the party wasn’t perfect, as if he had let his parents down. You’d take it upon yourself to make sure the party was a success.

But once you got there you weren’t too worried. There were a large number of round tables, draped in lavender linen. Vases of pink roses sat on each table, clearly expensive in order to impress the guests. A few nobles were already there, talking amongst themselves, Duke Kim greeting them.

You couldn’t wipe the smile off your face as he greeted you. “Nice to see you again, Duke Kim. This party is wonderful. I’m sure your parents would be proud,” you complimented. You meant every word; he was always an overachiever, but you were worried the death of his parents would kill his spirit. That wasn’t the case though! He was working even harder now.

“Your Royal Highness, it’s nice to see a friendly face around here,” he leaned close to her, lowering his voice: “I feel like everyone here is waiting to see me fail.”

“Don’t talk like that! Even if they were here for that, it’s not like they could say anything. You’re a Duke now. You outrank most of the people here,” you reminded him. The only ones higher than the Duke in the social status were the royalty. Yoosung should be proud of his title. “Plus! I’ll bet you’ll have at least half a dozen ladies swooning over you at the end of the event. You’ll never have to plan a party on your own ever again,” you grinned, reassuring him. A more genuine smile made its way onto his face.

“Honestly? I had a lot of fun planning this party. It helped take my mind off of things,” he admitted. Another guest entered, standing behind you, waiting their turn to talk to Yoosung. “Let’s talk later. There are place cards on each table to show you where you sit. I hope you enjoy yourself!”

It was obvious Yoosung had thought a lot about the seating arrangements. People sat by those in comparable class to them. Your table had Prince Jumin, Yoosung himself, Lord James, Lady Elizabeth, and Lady Sarah. The seats alternated boy-girl to help with the courting. It was very well thought-out.

Your only bit of criticism had to be Lord James. You had never gotten along with him well; he was extremely opinionated. Still, it was important to give him a chance. He approached the table first, addressing you before standing in front of a seat across from you.

“Hello Your Royal Highness,” he bowed to you.

“Lord James,” you curtsied, “how are your parents?”

“They’re doing quite alright. How has your kingdom and family been these past few months?”

“Pretty good. A little upset over my decision to court instead of going through with an arranged marriage, but nothing out of control,” you explained, downplaying the situation.

“Well I think that it is certainly a scandalous move. But, us noblemen are glad to see it occur. You look absolutely radiant,” he complimented. He eyed the pitcher of lemonade on the table awkwardly. You weren’t entirely sure what he was waiting for.

You ignored him, grabbing the pitcher and filling up your glass. His eyes were glued to it, still confused. “Is something the matter?” You asked, confused.

“I’m simply waiting for somebody to pour it for me. Would you like to do the honors?”

“I’d rather not. Thank you for the offer though,” you mentioned, allowing your voice to show a bit of annoyance. Luckily, Lady Elizabeth made it to the table to save you from the ridiculous conversation. You stood and swept her into a hug, not caring about appearances.

“My dear friend, it’s so good to see you,” you greeted.

“I’m not used to that sort of greeting, but I certainly will not complain,” she looked around. “The Duke has certainly outdone himself, huh? I didn’t realize he had this attention-to-detail in him.”

“Don’t be silly; he’s been straightening the silverware on the dinner tables at parties ever since we met him; this doesn’t surprise me at all,” you laughed. That was Yoosung alright. He had always been a perfectionist. Elizabeth joined you in a fit of giggles. You both sat down one seat apart from each other, Elizabeth getting the unfortunate pleasure of getting to sit next to Lord James.

“Who else is at our table?” Elizabeth asked you curiously, leaning closer to you to speak over the chatter.

“Yoosung, Sarah, and Prince Jumin,” you explained, looking over the table cards just to ensure you were correct.

“Prince Jumin? Oh, how exciting. I didn’t expect him to be showing up to all these events… is he courting too?” she asked curiously, twirling a curl of her hair.

“Well he’s certainly courting me. But besides that, not that I’m aware of. He stopped by the other day for tea.” Truth be told, though, Elizabeth was so beautiful and graceful that it was very likely Jumin would fall for her. Most people did.

“I don’t believe it,” she put her hand atop yours, “oh you must simply tell me all!” Prince Jumin walked over to the table, a smile on his face. “All… regarding how your mother is doing. Did she get over her flu?” Elizabeth asked, trying to cover up the gossip you were getting into. You had to restrain your laughter; no man wanted to see a woman gossiping, especially not the Prince, you imagined. Now the two of you couldn’t have cared less about Lord James, though, as he hardly counted as a man, but this was a prince after all.

“Prince Jumin, so lovely to see you,” you greeted, standing up to curtsy to him.

“I hope your travel was well?” Elizabeth chimed in, curtsying far lower than you had. Show off.

“My dear friend, Lady Elizabeth,” you introduced, “I don’t think the two of you have met formally yet.”

“It’s a pleasure,” Prince Jumin remarked, bowing to the both of you. “It seems I am seated between the two of you. Princess, I hadn’t realized your mother was ill. She seemed fine the other day when I saw her.”

You could feel your cheeks heat up. You didn’t like being questioned like this, especially when the cover-up was Elizabeth’s doing yet you had to dig the two of you out of it. “Ah, yes, well I actually haven’t seen Elizabeth in a while, so she was unaware that my mother had recovered almost a week ago.”

“But I thought we wrote one another just a few days ago? You even mentioned that one man who-”

“Well it seems I must have forgotten to mention it. It has been quite hectic at home lately,” you countered, eyeing Elizabeth, trying to hint that she should stop pressing the matter and be glad you saved her from the reputation of being a gossip.

“Well, Ladies, it looks like I’m at your table,” Lady Sarah announced, making her way in front of you both. “Prince Jumin!” she curtsied quickly, “Whatever might you be doing here?”

“Searching for good company, luckily it seems I might have found some,” he looked at you, smiling.

“I never expected you to be the type of person who would show up to the average boring garden party,” Sarah confessed. Behind her approached Duke Kim. His face fell at the mention of his party being ‘average’ and ‘boring’.

You knew it was your job to make Yoosung feel better. He had worked so hard on this party. He turned away, likely to excuse himself and take a moment. It hurt to see him so disappointed; he likely felt like a failure. You’d have to try and make this right.

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Look at this man??!!

Zen is literally the cutest human being in the world. He wants to participate in the tweeting challenge and so he gets dressed up on the top half of his body


I love him so much

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Yes. You don’t always connect with the physical body. You may look entirely different than you do on the inside in the inner world then you do when you’re fronting. I actually have covered this in a few posts before if you’ve not been here before on my blog, but, I do have a Secret Ending themed Timeline where I have drawn how I see Ray and Suit Saeran as they appear within the inner world. Not only that, but I do have style posts that explain that further. As well as how much they appreciate being acknowledged as they are separately.

Self-promotion aside, it’s confirmed in the game that Ray, Suit Saeran, Saeran are different folks in the same system with the post credits scene and the game lays it down pretty heavy when it comes to ensuring that you know that Ray isn’t Suit Saeran and vice versa. GE Saeran is a fusion of Ray and Suit Saeran. He is his own person who contains those we experiences and memories. Unknown and SE Saeran are the same person just pre-and-post being ripped to Mint Eye and ripped away from Mint Eye.

Okay. So, let me talk about how I discerned how I see Ray and Suit Saeran. I’ll start with Ray. He is someone that identifies with the bleached hair on their body and he dug the color so deep that it’s forever rooted in his body. In the inner world, he has their bleached hair. He has the lithe body that is worn ragged and tired. He holds so many of their insecurities and it wears on his point of perspective on the body. No matter if he’s in the inner world or fronting, he can’t escape how he feels about their body.

His eyes are a mixture of mint and gold. It’s like a part of him is still clinging to the memory of the time before Mint Eye. His hair is a little bit longer and I think I’ll leave it up to you to discern why it may be like that. It’s still straightened as if he’s spent a lot of time brushing and working on his hair to make sure that he looks neat and orderly for whoever he’s with.

He’s more akin to the cottagecore vibes that we see on GE Saeran, but I tend to see him in bigger sweaters and clothes that hang from his thin frame since it can cover him and keep anyone from looking at him. He’s insecure and it shows in the way that he holds himself and tries to avoid meeting your gaze. He’s fairly light-toned cause he’s always… trapped. Inside, in this darkness, in the room… so, his body sort of reflects that and how he feels.

Now, onto Suit Saeran. I heavily based my feelings on Suit Saeran on the photo that our boy Unknown uses to try and phish the player. You’re certainly going to know the photo that I mean, it’s the guy with dark hair and green eyes without a doubt. I feel like that was what you call a form of self protection. Nobody in their system has ever really accepted names or their body, they try to avoid being called names and leave it as default. Ray was given his name. Suit Saeran and Unknown, quite frankly don’t care about names but they just accept being called the bodies name, more so the prior than the latter because Unknown will lash out if called Saeran.

It’s almost a trigger to some of them. I don’t see Suit and Unknown as the same person. I say that a split occurred between AS and Casual/Deep, but I am someone who connects both routes and I know that some people don’t do that but I hope that helps you better understand some of my choices and opinions.

I see Suit Saeran using all blacks. He wears dark colors, he has dark hair, and the only thing about him that is starkly contrasted is his eyes that will seem to glimmer or sparkle. He’s kind of like a black cat in the middle of the night that you put a light on. He’s ominous and very stark when it comes to his appearance and there is no doubt in my mind when it comes to the way he looks. I say it’s dark academia but like, goth. He must feels dark and it’s in his perception of himself.

If we mean SE Saeran, he’s just seeing himself as the body. The same could be said for GE Saeran, but it took them a while to get to that point. It’s just that Ray and Suit Saeran have such pointed personalities and I see them as having a look to them. Unknown feels more like a shadow of a person if I say anything, rather than a body or anything like that. But I think that’s easy to go and visualize compared to how I see it.

Lemme just add my drawing.

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Updated: January 27th, 2021

other people’s heartache, pt III requests

i could only be myself with you around (Saeyoung X Reader)

i could only be myself with you around (Jumin X Reader, NSFW)

just cause you don’t know what to say (Saeyoung X Reader, NSFW)

fall into your arms again (Saeyoung X Reader)

fall into your arms again (Jihyun X Reader)

hurts like hell to be torn apart (Saeyoung X Reader)

fall in love all over again (Zen X Reader)


human again prompts

1. walking into fire with you (Saeyoung X Reader)

2. i won’t surrender (Saeyoung X Reader)

3. no one’s gonna wait for you (Saeyoung X Reader)

4. first time in the longest time (Saeyoung X Reader)

5. what you are, i am too (Saeyoung X Reader)

6. over and over, over and over again (Saeyoung X Reader)

7. wrapped me up in ribbons (Saeyoung X Reader, NSFW)

8. eyes like the rising tide (Saeyoung X Reader)

9. want to be a human again (Saeyoung X Reader)

10. broken down the middle (Saeyoung X Reader)

11. your fingertips are falling far from where i know (Saeyoung X Reader, NSFW)

12. you are mine to keep warm (Saeyoung X Reader)

13. will you find me? (Saeyoung X Reader)


other requests

after (Saeyoung & Reader [platonic], Saeran X Reader)

ready (Saeyoung X Reader)

first date (Saeran X OC)



wanna be ok (Saeyoung X Reader)


longer writing on AO3

done enough talking (Saeyoung X Reader, NSFW)

rfa speculates (Saeyoung X Reader, chat format)

your voice (is a weapon) (Saeyoung X Reader, NSFW)

dance with u (Saeyoung X Reader, NSFW)

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My country (Perú) is entering its second lockdown and I’ve been unemployed for almost a year now so if you ever wondered if I do commissions, I do! If you have any more questions don’t be afraid to send me a message ~

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Zen: Why don’t you let people see the good in you?

Saeran: Because when people see good, they expect good. And I don’t want to have to live up to anyone’s expectations.

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