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#mystic messenger fanfic

Pairing: Zen x MC

Synopsis: After the death of his sister, Zen is entrusted with raising her daughter. Six years later, MC has now settled into the RFA, but she just wants to be back on the roof with the love of her life like she was two years before. But dealing with teenage years, dragged out engagements and a lot of unsaid feelings, you start to lose a piece of you. Or, perhaps, find a piece you had that had been missing the whole time.

Warnings: Only that this chapter is beefy. I’m sorry but I couldn’t find a good place to end it earlier, so it is a little longer than usual! Next chapters probably won’t be this long don’t worry haha.

Previous Chapter


The dense scent of coffee intertwined with the fresh air that soared through the open windows of Jaehee’s car. The radio, though quiet, was babbling away to itself — not unnoticed, but not entirely present either. The two women sat in a weighty silence.

Jaehee sighed, “I’m sorry, MC, it hurts me to say this but I just don’t think it’s going to work out the way you want it to.”

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RFA Headcanon: You didn’t start dating during their route


Originally posted by fablenaut


This isn’t my first time writing fanfic, but this is my first time writing in this format and for Mystic Messenger. I was into it during high school, and I’ve revisted the fandom after quarantine. If you have any requests for headcanons or scenarios, my ask box is open! 

This has spoilers for all of the routes good endings, some are minor, some aren’t (except Zen’s), along with the ending. Egregiously long. Genre: Fluff, slight angst- nothing too much. 


  • You hopelessly loved her 
  • The second you heard her voice, you knew she would be special to you 
  • But she needed a friend right now. A friend to guide her as she learned her own worth- so you would be her friend 
  • You were her friend as you picked out cafe tile together, as she went through all of the paperwork, and as she smiled at you every time she tried out a new recipe
  • But you still loved her 
  • Your eyes would follow her as she took orders
  • You would help tie the knot on her apron
  • You would send her new recipe ideas in the middle of the night 
  • Everyone in the RFA knew that you loved her,,,, except her 
  • Zen constantly told you to confess and tried to act as your wingman. “Man Jaehee,,, MC is such an amazing partner, you’re so lucky to have her…. aren’t you?” 
  • “Oh of course. I love MC-” 
  • YES
  • “-She’s my best friend” 
  • Should’ve expected that
  • Maybe you should try to move on? You didn’t even know if she was into women 
  • There was one regular that you had to admit,,,, was really cute. She came everyday during her lunch before going to her job at a school library 
  • One day she came in and you noticed she was wearing more makeup than usual. Not in a bad way, but now you could see her blush and shining lip gloss
  • As you handed her her daily frappe, she passed you a crumbled napkin. “I really like you. If you like me too, here’s my number. If you don’t, we can forget about this.” 
  • Before you could respond, she was practically running out the door
  • Jaehee cleared her throat from behind you. “What was that?” 
  • “…. I think I just get hit on.” 
  • “What?” Jaehee stepped closer and grabbed the napkin, where the customer’s number was messily scribbled. “Are you going to message her?” 
  • You wished she was jealous. 
  • You forced a smile as you took the napkin and put it in the pocket of your apron. “I haven’t decided.” 
  • You were taking inventory of the ingredients at closing when she walked in with a box of coffee beans. 
  • “Are you done?” 
  • “Wait…” You added one more figure before smiling. “Now I’m done, what did you need?” 
  • Jaehee grabbed the clip board and put it on the rack next to you. 
  • “Jaehee?” 
  • She pressed her lips against yours 
  • You gasped as she pressed you into the metal shelves and tangled your hands in her hair. 
  • She had really soft hair 
  • The kiss lasted forever but only a second 
  • Jaehee pulled away, redness covering her whole face 
  • Cute… 
  • “I see how you look at me…. because I look at you the same way too.” She whispered, resting her head on your shoulder to avoid looking at you 
  • “Jaehee, I-” 
  • “I’ve never been with another woman before, so I wasn’t sure how to go about it. I still don’t really know how to go about it to be honest- 
  • “And I feel like I just reset my entire life, so now really isn’t the time for me to be starting a relationship, especially with someone as important as you.” 
  • “I can wait.” 
  • Jaehee looked up at you with her bottom lip pulled by her teeth. “You can?” 
  • “You’re important to me. And I don’t want you to do anything you’re not ready for yet. As long as you do feel this way, I will wait for you.” 
  • “Thank you.” 
  • You smiled at her as she slowly stepped back. “I should go finish cleaning in the front then.” She stepped out and you called her name before the door closed. 
  • “Yes?” 
  • You reached into your apron and ripped the napkin in half. 
  • “I won’t message her.” 

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A/N: Hello! I’ve gained some new followers recently so I thought it was a good time to start putting all my writing in one place so it’s easy to find. Thank you in advance if you take the time to read any of my work :) - Sunny x

Last updated: 4th June 2020

Word Series

Hiraeth (Seven x MC): hiraeth (n.): a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past.

Lagom (V x MC): lagom (n.): a Swedish word meaning not too little, not too much. Just right.

Other Series

A Piece of You (Zen x MC): After the death of his sister, Zen is entrusted with raising her daughter. Six years later and MC has settled into RFA, but she just wants to be back on the roof with the love of her life like she was two years before. But dealing with teenage years, dragged out engagements and a lot of unsaid feelings, you start to lose a piece of you. Or, perhaps, find a piece you had that had been missing the whole time.

Prologue // Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3 (coming soon!) //

One Shots

Rainy Day (Seven x MC): When a rainy day ruins the perfect date, or does it make the date perfect?

Look at Me (Vanderwood x MC): MC can’t handle Seven’s coldness anymore, but finds warmth in the generosity of a complete stranger.


RFA in quarantine with MC

Zen + Jumin with a sensitive MC

Yoosung, Zen + Jumin with a younger MC

RFA with an MC who flinches easily

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MysMe exercises in fluff!

I’m looking to write some fluffy drabbles for MC/Reader x RFA members!

I generated some prompts for each member below ⬇️

Vote which one you’d like to see either in the notes or send me an ask!










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Wow! Two long stories in one night! You’re on a roll Jay! I know. I know. I probably shouldn’t post 2 in a row but I CAN’T JUST IGNORE THE INSPIRATION.

This one is based off a song. Most of my fics come from song inspiration so…

This one is based off of this song:

A lot of you probably know that song. Again, just like last time, I changed some of the lyrics and some of this story might be ooc but idc.

I hope you enjoy :)

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I know this isn’t marvel and that’s what i mainly do on this account but i got inspiration from 2 songs and had to write this. Stuff might be off because I only know what I’ve read online cause I haven’t done every route and stuff might be ooc but oH WELL

These are the songs I was inspired by:

I used the song lyrics for the dialogue I’m sorry (I also changed some lyrics to better fit this)

I also feel the need to put a trigger warning because this is DARK AF AND THERE’S A LOT OF DEATH I’M SORRY

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A snippet from my MysticMessenger fanfic,


“Good End


Normal End


Bad End


Normal End


Good End


Bad End


The cycle never stopped.

You got an ending, and reset. Over and over and over again.

Of course, you got all the endings. And you had your favorite routes. And you did try, really, to break out of the monotonous cycle.

One time you didn’t go into the apartment, and instead walked away. You came to Unknown, who smiled at you, and made you his assistant.

That was interesting…. but it still repeated.



A coupe times, you had jumped out of the apartment.



You even made the bomb go off.



It never ended.

And you were exhausted.

You knew all the chats by heart. You didn’t even have to look at the clock anymore. You barely had to glance at your screen. You knew what the characters would say before they said it.

And you couldn’t leave.

It was upsetting, the Reset Theory. But as upsetting it was to the characters, most writers didn’t include how upsetting it was for you.

For the MC.

Well, now you barely felt anything.

It hurt, sure. But not as sharp, not as fresh of a wound anymore.

You were fading. ”


V x Reader

Saeran x Yoosung

Seven x Jaehee

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Hello my sweet Anon! Here it is, I really hope it’s ‘Vanderwood x MC’-ey enough…again I had never thought about writing this ship before but I gave it my best shot! :)

Look at Me (Vanderwood x MC)

Warnings: Description of anxiety/panic attack.

To be honest, she had had enough. She literally couldn’t do it anymore. She was done.

He didn’t need to adore her, he didn’t need to shower her in compliments or kiss her goodnight. He didn’t need to be in love with her, all he needed to be was kind. To tell her gently that he didn’t feel that way about her or that it’s complicated and but they would work something out. He needed to have not let her fall in love with him in the first place.

MC had gone far past angry at this point, to an extent where she couldn’t feel anything at all.

Well, for a bit.

It hit her like a truck speeding round a corner. She was scrolling through the chatroom when her her palms started to sweat, then she couldn’t even read the messages since her hand was shaking too much. What the…? The final straw was drawn when she felt like she was drowning in her own fear but burning at the same time. Her lungs were burning and her eyes pricked with tears. Every laboured breath didn’t feel like enough. All she could hear was the pounding of her own heart ringing in her ears, getting louder and louder as though they were footsteps chasing after her, getting closer and closer. Every nerve in her body told her to run, every instinct screamed at her that she was in danger, that she was running out of time.

She needed to get out.

MC burst out of her room, ignoring Seven’s vexed expression as she marched to the front door.

“Where on earth are you going?”

“Out,” she managed to squeak as she slammed the door.

Falling back against the closed door she tried to regain her breath, but it wasn’t enough. She practically through herself down the stares in a desperate attempt to get outside. Once she was out of the building, she slid down the wall trying desperately to formulate some coherent thoughts, but it was hopeless.

The air felt thicker and heavier as the corners of her vision started to fade to black, until she heard a voice.

“Hey, look at me. I need you to do something for me, okay?”


For Christ’s sakes, it was the same every damn week.

What exactly was the point of having a phone if you never answer it? 707 was lucky he was so talented because Vanderwood was pulling his hair out when he would much rather pull the trigger on the kid.

He didn’t mean it, really. It just felt therapeutic to think it.

Vanderwood checked the streets before rounding the corner. Luckily, the street and building where he had tracked 707’s phone to seemed pretty much abandoned. For once he could probably make a normal entrance through the front-

He barely got to reach for the door handle when the whole door burst open. Vanderwood had already pulled out and aimed his gun by the time he could identify the culprit. Isn’t that the chick that 707 had been creepily watching for the past few days? Yeah, it was. He was sure of it, he’d seen plenty of her through the camera feed.

But boy, she did not seem happy.

Actually, that was a bit of an understatement. She was having a full-blown panic attack.

Surprisingly, he knew how to deal with these, since it was in the manual he was given from the agency for training new recruits. Panic attacks were more than common amongst the newbies, and usually, Vanderwood would just give them the tough treatment. They would have to learn, after all.

But despite his foul mood, Vanderwood was feeling pretty generous today. Probably because she was innocent. Probably because she would definitely pass out if he left her. Probably because she was beautiful.

Uh, no. Definitely not the last one. Not at all. Nope.

He slowly inched up to her and knelt by her side, taking off his glove and offering his hand to her, “Hey, look at me. I need you to do something for me, okay?” he said in the softest voice he could.

The woman’s wide eyes stared straight back into his, making his own heart rate quicken slightly. Focus, dumbass. “I need you take my hand, can you do that for me?”

After a few moments she managed to weakly raise her hand, but Vanderwood met her half way, gently enveloping her hand with his own, “Good, that’s really good. You can squeeze as hard as you need to. Now I need to watch my chest,” he suddenly felt a bit self-conscious, but swatted the thought away as quickly as it came, “I need you to try and match your breathing with the rise and fall of my chest. You’re alright, nothing will hurt you, I’m here okay? Just in…and out…in…and out…”

After a few minutes, the woman’s ragged breaths became slower, more controlled, indicating to Vanderwood that he could move on to the next step.

“That’s great, you’re doing really well. Could you do something else for me?” The woman hesitantly nodded. He continued, “Could you tell me your name?”

“MC,” the woman managed to say in between breaths.

“Okay, MC. My name’s Vanderwood. I’m here to help you, okay? Would you be able to name five things you can see right now?”

She stopped for a moment before shaking her head, her breaths starting to pickup speed again.

“I know it’s difficult, it’s okay. Just have a look around. Hey, it’s alright, you can open your eyes. See? Everything’s fine. I’m here, I’m not going to leave you.”

Her tears continued to run down her face but she managed to lift her head and look around. After a few gulps of air she croaked, “I can see a fence, a door…a sign, the road and…you.”

“Good job, you’re doing so well.” Usually, he would move on to sound, smell and then touch, but the area was so deserted that it would be too difficult for her to list sounds and smells and she was already making good progress, so he went straight to touch.

“One last thing, okay? What can you feel? Think about your whole body. In your hands, under your feet…what can you physically feel in this moment?”

“Um…I can feel the concrete under my feet, the wall against my back…umm the breeze on my face…and your hand.”

“Brilliant. See? Everything’s okay, you’re completely safe,” he said calmly as he gave her hand a gentle squeeze. She had done very well, he could tell that she was fighter, “Now, if you feel ready, do you want to tell me what happened?”

MC sniffed before wiping her tears with her sleeve, her other hand still firmly holding on to Vanderwood’s. Not that he minded.

“It’s pathetic, really. It’s my fault anyway, I’m just a fool.”

“I dunno, anyone who runs away from that punk is pretty damn smart if you ask me.” She chuckled, but he could tell held no weight. He sat down next to her, “What did he do? If he’s being a prick I’ll take care of it. I have a taser.”

She chuckled again, more genuinely this time. Which was ironic, because this time he wasn’t joking.

“He didn’t do anything. It’s nothing really…”

“Are you sure? Because what I just saw didn’t seem like ‘nothing’.”

MC tucked her hair behind her ear, exposing her neck, and Vanderwood could feel his cheeks heat up. Jesus Christ, pull yourself together man. How old are you? You would have thought you were fifteen years old considering you’re blushing at such a casual gesture. For goodness sake.

“It’s just a but of a wake up call when you spend your whole life thinking you’re alone, and it’s confirmed by the one person in the world who made you feel like you weren’t.”

Vanderwood had to fight the urge to dart up the stairs, kick down the door and punch the fucker in the face. 707 was an idiot at the best of times, but for some reason this pissed Vanderwood off to no end. Here was this beautiful, gentle, sweet woman who wanted him, and he practically tore her apart. He understood why he did it, but there were still better ways go going about it.

Or, you know, maybe he shouldn’t have opened his arms for her in the first place?

Vanderwood’s blood boiled.

“Listen,” he started, facing her now, “I know what he’s doing his harsh, but trust me when I say he’s doing it because he genuinely cares about you,” she scoffed but he continued, “I’m serious. You’re probably sick of him saying that it’s for your own good, right? But it’s true, and I’m sorry to say that. You can’t have loved ones in this field, because trust me, the consequences are much more painful than this…for both parties,” Vanderwood swallowed in an attempt to get rid of the lump forming in his throat. Now was not the time to get emotional. Now was not the time to remember. Then why could he not get the image of them out of his head?

She gave him a shy smile and squeezed his hand, “Thank you, Vanderwood. I really appreciate your kindness. And I’m sorry if me turning up slowed down Seven’s work and caused trouble for you…”

Vanderwood wanted to laugh. Was she really worrying about him in this situation? Wow, maybe 707 was right, maybe she really was an angel. “Nah, don’t worry about it. He wouldn’t have done the work anyway.”

They both laughed and sat in a comfortable silence for a few blissful moments, before MC’s phone rang, “Hello? I’m just outside…Because I can?…I’m a grown woman for crying out loud I can go outside if I want to…Fine! I’m coming back now, chill out!” she growled before she forcefully hung up.

An angel with an edge. Vanderwood fucking loved that.

“Well, it was great to finally meet you, MC, despite the circumstances,” he said as they stood up, “Listen, I wouldn’t normally do this but I know what that idiot’s like so here’s my number. Call me if he gets out of line. Only emergencies though, okay?” he handed her a business card.

“Oh, thank you. But where are you going? Did you not come to see Seven?”

“Meh, it seems you both have enough on your plate so I’ll come back another time. But please ask him to answer his damn phone, if you say the boss is asking after him he won’t question you.”

“Noted,” she said with a smile. Then she launched herself at him and wrapped her arms around his torso in a tight embrace, knocking the air out of Vanderwood’s lungs. “Thank you again, you’ve been a lifesaver.”

Ironic, but okay. After quickly recovering he wrapped his own arms around her waist, pulling her closer to him. He let his eyes flutter shut as he gave in to her warmth, and allowed himself to temporarily live in a world where he was allowed to do so. When was the last time he was hugged? When was the last time he felt cared for?

The fact that the feeling was so foreign hurt more than he cared to admit to himself, “No problem, now go before he turns the apartment upside looking for you.”

With an unrestrained laugh MC bounded towards the door, and Vanderwood had to force himself to turn and walk away from her. He didn’t get far, though, before he heard her again, “Oh, and Vanderwood?”


“Take care of yourself too…please.”  And then she disappeared into the building, and in all that time he spent watching her through the camera feed, he wondered how he had never truly seen her until now.

Vanderwood smiled despite himself, and sighed as he walked away from something he could never have.

“Oh, you’re going to be trouble, aren’t you?”


“What do you think you’re doing, MC? You do realise that there’s a hacker on the loose, right? Or did you happen to forget that you were almost kidnapped and taken-“

“You know what, Luciel? I don’t wanna hear it. I’m going to bed,” MC said evenly, catching the redhead off guard.

MC didn’t even take the moment to watch his facial features drop in surprise. She just went straight into the bedroom and slammed the door. She threw herself onto the bed with a huff and stared at the ceiling, letting her mind wonder.

She was so lucky that Vanderwood found her when he did, and that he was so gentle and generous towards her. He didn’t even know her, nor did she know him. But there he was, saving her from her own damn mind and sitting with her in a companionable silence like it was the most natural thing in the world. She could still feel the ghost of his hand in hers, his shoulder against her own, his smooth voice as he grounded her.

MC closed her eyes, her heart thumping away again in her chest. Although, she noted, it felt completely different than before. Then she chuckled to herself, amused by the situation she had found herself in and the ridiculousness of it all.

“So, I have a thing for secret agents, do I? How fucking inconvenient.”


There it is! I wanted to get this to you asap so I’m sorry if it’s rough! Any feedback or constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated! :)

Thank you again Anon for the request! <3

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Are there many people who are still into Mystic Messenger?? I recently got into it again (thanks to lockdown lmao) and I missed this blog and this fandom :(( hit me up if you’re still into it bc I kinda miss writing for this fandom and wanna chat about it again especially after doing V’s after ending BOI I have some words

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Your Letters | 707 x Reader (2)

Your Letters | 707 x Reader

1 | 2 |

A young red headed hacker furrowed his eyebrows behind his computer screen.

“MC?” he mumbles as he does a quick background check on you before widening his eyes to his surprise. He double checked just to make sure but yep, thats you.

He couldn’t let you know it was him. Saeyoung.

A few texts and introductions were sent by the other RFA members. Though you barely know Seven, he seemed very familiar.

A few hours passed ever since you joined the RFA. While cooking you got a call from 707.

“Hello?” you answered the call of course.

“Beep beep, your bank account has been hacked, Ms/Sir. MC.” the man from the other line said. You rolled your eyes at his statement before giggling, trying to play along.

“Oh no! What do I do?” you replied in a sarcastic tone jokingly.

“You should say I love you! Like the bears!” Seven exclaims while laughing at how you were playing along.

“Like the bears…? Honey, I love you?” you furrowed your eyebrows, confused.

“Ahh so cute~!” he laughs.

“Very funny Seven.” you laugh as well.

You guys talked for a while, before he had to end the call thanks to Vanderwood and his pile of work. Seven couldn’t believe it.

After all those years of not seeing her, he thought he had finally moved on from her. Its not like he’s allowed to like someone let alone love but…maybe you’re an acception right?

No. Absolutely not.

He stares at the computer once again, “I finally found you.” he mumbles quietly while smiling softly at the bright screen, your profile picture in the chatroom reflecting on his glasses.

“But why…after all these years? Why now?” he sighs before closing the chatroom, getting up to stretch and get a new bag of Honey Buddha Chips.

Once he got back, he smiled to himself, an idea popping up.

707 isn’t allowed to have outside relationships, but Saeyoung is.

He quickly made a new email account under the name

He then sends a short letter to the email that was attached to your profile,

‘Greetings, MC!

How long has it been? 6 years? Seven years? Ah, I hope you’re doing well! I actually…went to college alot earlier thats why, I left the church a bit unexpectedly.

If you have the chance to read and reply please do~ Its been a while since I’ve…seen and heard from you.

Old pal,


He signed it off as Saeyoung before sending it to your email.

Hoping you’ll reply soon, he smiles to himself and reopens your profile on his phone. “Lets be good friends like before, MC.” he says.

Meanwhile, you were checking guest emails when you saw a new email come to your phone.


No way.

You quickly opened the email and read it before widening your eyes.

Theres no way he’s….back?

And in Korea too?

You didn’t know what to do.

You quickly replied to him,

‘Saeyoung, the boy I met at Church?

Its been so long! I’m actually doing great, got a new job and moved in to a new apartment, the place seems a bit sketchy but eh, if you’re in Korea you should visit sometimes~ we could be pen pals or something haha but this time I’ll be sending letters back to you..

God, this is so awkward, I haven’t seen or talked to you in years! We should catch up soon, Ngl, I miss you alot! Though you were a pretty shy boy, you were fun to talk with.

Saeyoung, I remember how you said that you had a twin so I hope you and him are happily living together right now.

I hope we meet soon, take care!

MC, your cool church friend :D’

She smiled.

Its great to reconnect with a friend.

Thank you for reading, stay tune for part 3 :D

Have a great day~!

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he makes me smile when I can’t  - Saeyoung Choi


Originally posted by mrsmaow

- cross-posted on ao3 and quotev (same username)

- 1.9k



Sometimes, Saeyoung’s unusual sense of humour tires people out. They can’t keep up with it, or don’t understand it. Very rarely, even you get tired out. Although this is something that happens once in a blue moon.

But then, on bad days like today, you’re so, so glad that Saeyoung’s sense of humour is the way it is, because it always cheers you up. He always cheers you up. Without fail.

You’d curled up in bed as soon as you’d come home, ignoring Saeran, who’d been looking at you curiously from the couch, instead kicking off your shoes by the door and snuggling into the coziness that yours and Saeyoung’s shared bed provided you with, sighing tiredly as you did.

Now you’re all snug in a blanket burrito, but you can’t seem to doze off. Your brain just won’t stop working.

It’d been a long, tiring day at work, and you’d had just about enough. Your boss was unnaturally keen on overworking you and didn’t seem to listen to any suggestions you or your other coworkers had.

You’d had a small fight with your friend over which coffee was best, but it had escalated into something much bigger and much more nasty, and you’d both stormed out of the coffee shop at ends with each other.

Your mother hadn’t called today, and none of your calls had been going through to her, so you’d been extra worried about her.

This was the first time you had finally gotten up early enough to call her before work, and she hadn’t picked up right away, like she usually did. She lived in the family home by herself, with only a few caretakers by her side, none of which had been reachable when you’d contacted them.

Worrying about her, your friend and how you’d get through all the work your boss assigned you had you more than mentally exhausted today.

You’d heard Saeyoung come by the door a few times, clearly worried since you almost always came to greet him in his little office when you came home; or he would be waiting for you in the small living room of the bunker. Either way, you always made sure to greet each other when you came home from work.

You hadn’t greeted Saeran today either; so you were clearly out of routine.

The first time Saeyoung had come by, he’d been about to barge into the room.

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MysticMessenger Fanfics

Y'all! I am on a massive MysMes fic binge and I would love to get your recommendations for any and all fics you think are worth reading!

If I wasn’t at work right now *cough* I would be trawling Ao3 for the gold mine it most certainly is, but the best fics are the ones people know and already love, so please, let me know your favourites!

Thanks a million in advance! 😘


Originally posted by isabelsykes792

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Your Letters | 707 x Reader

‘Your Letters’

Pair - Choi Saeyoung (707) x Reader

Description - Every Sunday, a boy named Saeyoung would give you a small handwritten letter. One day, those letters never came, a few years passed and you met the RFA but then the letters started to show up again.

read part 2 : 2

Growing up in a religious house hold, you would always be dragged to church everyday. Your parents would always dress you formally as if they’re taking you to your coronation to be a ruler or something.

Going to church wasn’t bad, you tend to almost fall asleep sometimes but other than that it was good. Parents and their kids would come up and try talking with your family, you’d play with the other kids and have fun sometimes.

Until you met him.

A boy who seemed like he was a few months older than you. He wore a black jacket and had particularly red hair. He was the boy that always stood at the corner, trying to join in the other kids.

But he was always with a blonde girl who seemed like thats his older sister. Feeling bad, you went up to introduce yourself to him.

“Hi, I’m MC, whats your name?” you smiled politely, offering your hand to shake.

“Um…Saeyoung.” he awkwardly takes the hand shake, a small smile appearing on his face.

You noticed how pretty his eyes were, not only did he have bright red hair, his eyes are golden…and very pensive, always deep in thoughts.

Both of you grew close real quick though he doesn’t like to talk much about his family, you understand, of course! Its his right if he wants to keep something like family a secret.

He’s probably just a private person you thought to yourself and just shrugged it off thinking nothing of it and continued to play with him.

You learned that he’s always dreamed of becoming an astronaut, flying to the moon and marrying their significant other in the moon.

One day, you didn’t see him for a bit but, you did get a small handwritten letter from him. It was folded neatly and the nice blonde girl gave it to you.

‘Mc! I’m sorry I can’t come to church today :(,

my house is a bit…rusty so I had to miss church this week, but thats fine, I’ll be sure to go next week :), by the way, did you know I got baptised a few weeks ago?

it slipped my mind and i never really got the chance to told you! So I asked one of my good friends to give you this letter, sorry I couldn’t tell you in person…

I’d like to talk more but-

Oh shoot, my moms calling me to dinner got to go :(

see youuuu!

-Saeyoung💫 ‘

Every two weeks, he’d sometimes miss church but everytime he did, a letter would be given to you instead.

‘MC! I haven’t been feeling well lately and I caught a really bad flu so I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to church for a while.

But I’ll still try to write letters to you tho because I don’t want you to feel lonely!

Mc, thank you for all the fun memories in church even if it was short :(

Please live a happy life and I pray to God that you will!!

I don’t know when I will be back but just know I won’t be too far from you :D

Bye-bye for now!!

-Saeyoung 💫’

It sounded like a goodbye letter and you weren’t liking it. The next week, thankfully you got another letter.

‘Haha! Did I scare you? I’d never write an emotional goodbye letter to you.

Mc, how are you? I hope you’re doing well!! I’ve moved to a new school and made new friends, its fun! We learned alot of new stuff but I can’t tell you because its a secret ;)

I’ve been getting into computers lately and how interesting they actually are.

Like did you know that coding isn’t that hard? I learned how to write ‘Hello World!’ by coding and I’m so proud!!

Oh, I have to go back and finish some classworks and projects.

Wait for my next letter, okay?

-Saeyoung 💫’


Saeyoung was right.

He would never send an emotional goodbye letter.

Why? Because that was the last letter he sent before disappearing.

The woman who was always with Saeyoung disappeared as well. It was as if they never existed at all. You shrugged it off thinking they probably moved or something.

Fast forward to a few years passing and you were now a someone who’s looking for a job.

You looked at the convenience store to see if anyone was offering jobs.

A man behind you laughed, “Lady, if you’re not going to take anything, can you move so I can pass by please?” he politely said.

You quickly apologized bowing slightly and walked to the side, allowing them to pass and grab the item they wanted.

You looked at him for a moment and raised an eyebrow, he looks familiar, sort of.

He wore a black hoodie that covered his hair color. But something about his aura felt familiar like as if they knew each other for years.

You were about to ask them if they knew each other but he immediately paid the chips and walked out.

“Hey, are you looking for a job?” a man with white hair asks.

You nodded, basically you were desperate.

“Cool, I’ll explain the details once we have a short interview tomorrow, how about here?” he gives you a card that has an address, a phone number and a weird combination of numbers.

“….okay…” you say, hesitating slightly.

This is going to be fun, I guess..

The next day came sooner than you expected and now she’s heading towards the address, you check the place and see that its nothing suspicious. It was just a regular apartment.

You knocked on the door, no response.

Knocking once again, you didn’t hear a response so you decide to text the man.

‘…hello?’ you texted.

‘just enter the passcode i wrote on the paper.’ he replied.

you hesitantly typed in the passcode and just like that, you entered the room.

“Hello?” you said.

Surprise surprise.

No one’s there.

Suddenly, your phone lit up, saying a new notification has arrived, you clicked on it thinking it was the man.

But it wasn’t

“Congratulations, the RFA app has officially been installed on your phone.” you read it out loud.

You opened the app and checked what it was.

Was it some sort of virus?

While looking through the app, you didn’t realize it was actually a chatroom app with actual people.

‘Wait..I think someones in the chatroom.” a silver haired man says.

“You’re right!” someone who goes by the username 707 says.

Looking at the profile picture, you weren’t sure if it was the same boy from all those years ago..

And you were determined to find out.

‘Hello?’ you typed into the chatroom.

I’ll upload the next part next week!!

Happy Mother’s day everyone<3

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Originally posted by hasukouu

I would match you with Saeyoung! 

♞You would bond over pranking other people, something as simple as a whoopie cushion under the chair or as complex as sending a virus to a computer that plays the leek song on repeat

♞So So So many cats, it gets to the point that Vanderwood would threaten both of you if you took another cat home. Lots of dates at the humane society playing with the cats too

♞Video game marathons? All the time, even if you know Saeyoung would win its still a lot of fun to play against him


Originally posted by relatablepicturesofouran

I would match you with Hikaru!

♞ He would work on breaking through your shy personality, wanting to see more of your relaxed and laughing side 

♞You two would drive the host club insane with all the pranks, messing with Koyas papers, switching Honeys sweets with salty snacks, etc 

♞ Lots of cute dates together, anything from staying at home and playing video games to going out to eat at fancy Italian restaurant. 

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Nonny, I want to personally thank you for this ask as part of my Followers Celebration. I hope you’ll let me know if this story meets your expectations, because it has been a roller coaster of emotion for me to write. Anyone who knows me well knows that Jihyun is my most favorite Mystic Messenger boy, so when I had to brush him off in favor of completing Saeran’s normal ending, I was devastated.

But then, I came to love Saeran, too. In a completely different way than Jihyun, obviously, but this poor, traumatized ball of disaster deserves all of our love, too. And I hope I have conveyed my devotion to him for you.

This turned out to be more of a fluff-angst-smut, so I apologize if it gets too “feels-y” for you. I can’t help it with the Mysme crew. 

Warnings/Tags: NSFW- Mentions of past abuse/trauma, consensual sex
*Contains SPOILERS for Saeran/V’s good and normal endings. Read at your own risk.*
Word Count: ~3k


Bishop Briggs - Baby
In your arms - Chef’Special (get the tissues for this one)
The Night We Met - Lord Huron (okay, and probably this one, too)



The island was nothing short of a dream come true for both of them. The ferry set out at sunrise the morning after Jumin’s invitation came, a welcome and most unexpected surprise. She and Saeran boarded happily, with Jumin and Jaehee seeing them off, a cabin full of their personal belongings and foodstuffs to last a week being the only other cargo on the boat besides the captain. He was a good-natured older gentleman with a tobacco-stained beard and a twinkle in his eye, and he grinned knowingly at the young lovers who shared a wooden bench on the deck, their arms entwined, faces pressed close together against the sea breeze.

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 A/N:  yes ik I haven’t been active rip really sorry, I stopped going on tumblr and kinda forgot abt it but HERE I AM AGAIN ples enjoy c:

You blended in with the crowd of people boarding the ship, casually bumping into someone, slipping something into their pocket quickly and raising your hands up, apologizing when they turned around. After that, you sneak into the other crowd who were disembarking the ship, successfully completing your plan. You stop by a stand, then headed towards Saeyoung’s car.

Once you got in the car, Saeran was basically fretting over you, mostly with his eyes. You could feel his gaze asking multiple times, “Are you okay? are you alright? did anything happen?” Before he could even say anything, you handed him a blue -almost mint- cotton candy answering his unspoken questions, “Yes, Saeran, I’m perfectly fine, it went smoothly, were you underestimating me?”

While you gave Saeyoung a pink cotton candy, Saeran replied, “No, It’s a fact that you’re obviously a pro, but worrying isn’t logical, it’s emotional.” You raised an eyebrow, “That is true..” 

Saeyoung suddenly took the blue cotton candy out of Saeran’s hands and replaced it with the pink one. “Hey! I gave that to Saeran for a reason! It’s the better flavor!” You narrowed your eyes at Saeyoung while he nervously smiles, “It’s for personal reasons sorry.. Trust me, the pink is better for Saeran. Also, original always wins. PINK VANILLA ALL THE WAY!!” 

You gasped as if you were offended, “Saeran, isn’t raspberry blue the champion?? Back me up on this.” 

Saeran replied after chewing a piece of the cotton candy, “Sorry but I do agree with her, raspberry blue is better, hyung. On to more important matters, were you able to get rid of the card?” 

You nodded your head as Saeyoung started the car after devouring the cotton candy, “Yep, but now I have to find some sort of job for money since I got rid of the card, but it shouldn’t involve my skills because then I’ll be found easily.”

Saeran looked puzzled, “Weren’t you planning on just working with me?”

“Huh? But I might be found out..”

“You can work with me, but not signing up to work for the agency or anything. Just help with the work I get.” 

Suddenly, the car halted to a stop and you saw that Saeyoung parked the car on the side of the road with the emergency lights turned on, “Woah woah, she’s working with me. You need that money to help pay for my babies.” 

“Why should I?” Saeran scoffs, “Only time I’m ever ‘using’ *air quotes* your so-called babies, is when I’m a passenger.” 

You couldn’t help but giggle at the sibling banter, drawing their attention to you.

Saeran then turns back to Saeyoung, remembering the reason for their banter, “Anyway, she’ll be working with me because I said so. My jobs are more harder and long-term so deadlines aren’t stressful. You take up a lot of normal short-term jobs and tend to pile them up to get money faster. I don’t wanna stress her out.”

You had no complaints but still had questions so you coughed to grab their attention again, “Okay, I’m fine with that, I prefer difficult work and challenges than easy stuff, but why can’t I just have my own work by joining the agen-”

The brothers simultaneously yelled, “No way!

You held up your hands, taken aback by their response, “Okay? Um, why not?”

Saeran and Saeyoung looked at each other then at you, “It’s not worth it.”

You guessed it was because of certain agency requirements as many of them tried to recruit you before, so you just shrugged, “Alright. Then, how do you suppose I earn the money?”

Saeran explains, “I know you’re better than me so I’m going to leave most of the work to you. I don’t really need to earn money-” Saeyoung huffs loudly, “-but I’ll help here and there at first so you can get used to the procedures and expectations. We’ll split it 70-30 but later on it might be 90-10 when you get used to everything.”

You raised an eyebrow, “I’m basically taking your job then, Why keep working when you don’t even want to anymore?”

“It isn’t that simple to leave.. especially for this agency,” Saeran sighed.

You understood the gist of it so you decided not to pry, “Mmkay. I’m fine with the under the table method, makes it more rebellious,” you joked, earning a laugh from Saeyoung and a slight smile from Saeran. Saeyoung started the car again, heading to your townhouse.

Saeran quickly caught your attention, “Oh yeah! When is your rent due?”

You were surprised he remembered, “Uh, next week actually,” you saw Saeran nod his head before adding, “But the lady is really nice, so I can stay for a month more if I have to.”

Saeyoung stopped the car announcing, “We’re heereee~” You were about to open the door but Saeran grabbed your arm, “Why not live with us?”

You were beyond shock and your reaction was voiced out by his brother, “WHAT?! I have no problem with it since I ship you guys, but where the hell is she gonna stay? People need their privacy you know, it wouldn’t be healthy if she stays with you in your room.”

Saeran rolls his eyes at his brother’s scolding before saying, “I know that you idiot. I’ll clean out that guest room and stay there while she takes my room.”

Saeyoung widened his eyes, “The room that was basically turned into a storage room? With an insane amount of stuff? You know how long that’s going to take for you to clean? Lil bro, it’s going to take decades-”

Saeran hushes him through his glare.

You frowned, “Saeran, I don’t want you to bother and go through all that. I’ll be perfectly fine.”

You smiled but heard him mutter, “Well, I wouldn’t be.”

You blinked, believing you heard wrong, “Wait, what?”

You felt your face heat up when Saeran boldly says, “I’ll never be fine unless you’re right next to me. I can’t help but worry about something happening to you, especially since Mint Eye still exists.”

You tried to assure him, “I’m not that far though, I’m a drive away.”

Saeran stares at his hands that were on his lap after letting go of your arm, mumbling, “It’s not the same..”

You were slightly confused Iamconfusion until Saeyoung yells out, “I think what he meant to say was! He loves you too much to leave you by yourself.”

You and Saeran looked at each other, and you decided that it was only right that you should take the courage to express yourself like Saeran, “Oh.. Well, same here, I’ll take you up on that offer then! I feel really safe when I’m with Saeran,” you scrambled out of the car, followed by a squeal, “The ship is sailing!!!” And then a cry of pain after you entered the front door, “OW! What was that for? I helped you!”

You plop yourself down on the couch and the rev of an engine indicated that the twins left. “You know, I really think bewitching someone should be listed under your many talents,” he smirked at you from the couch across.

You scoff, “Bewitching?” and stare at him, “How can you be so sure I already have him hooked? Once you think everything is going your way, that is the exact moment it doesn’t.”

Smiling, he looks back at you, “Because, sweetheart, if you don’t have him bewitched, that would be a problem,” he pauses, “Hmm, a problem for your sister that is.”

“It’s only been 6 months,” your voice hardens, “The results you’re after is going to take time. Much more time.”

“I’m well aware, babe,” he rests his chin on his hand, “I just want to remind you of your mission, you wouldn’t want another cleansing, right?”

Clenching your fists, you grit out, “I’ll be living with them soon, so I can’t contact anyone-”

“I know, but if you think I still can’t keep an eye on you, you’re mistaken,” he grins, “If you even think of betraying us and crying to them for help.. Well, you already know what’ll happen. Oh, and great job on the delivery on the ship, it not only took care of something but also helped you into making them believe you can’t pay anymore.” You just huffed in response, the “side mission” not fazing you at all.

Without saying anything more, he gets up to leave.

You stare at the palms of your hands and sigh, “He’s still affected by it.”

Anon stops and raises his brow in question.

You hesitated, but why were you hesitating? You don’t care about these boys. You’re doing this for one person, and one person only. Keeping that in mind, you spit out, “The elixir. Even though it might not be the exact color, colors that might be related to mint, like blues.. He avoids it. I-” you clench your fists again, “I do the same, so I would know. It’ll be easy to have him under control again. Just give me time.”

Anon, obviously delighted, walks over and pats your head, “How lucky for you! But I’ve been wondering..” He hums, “I’m surprised you haven’t asked about the significance of those boys especially with your ever-so-caring heart.”

Honestly? You never felt great about deceiving others, but you don’t have the luxury to worry about that. All you need to strive for is the protection of your sister. You look up to meet his gaze, chanting, “Do as you’re told, don’t ask meaningless questions-”

“-and paradise will welcome you,” Anon finishes it along with you, grins like a madman, and pats your head one more time.

“Have fun! MC and I will be waiting,” the door clicks as he leaves.

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what the mirror sees: jumin

a short fic based off of one of my favorite quotes. i dedicate this to my dear friend @jafndaegur though in a way it’s also dedicated to myself and many others i know in this fandom.

in short, dedicated to anyone who struggles with their self-image.

here is the quote: “when we look into a mirror, sometimes we don’t like what we see. but, fortunately, what we see is never the same as what people love about us.”

it’s a quote i try to remember when i’m really down on myself and something i think jumin should learn as well.

“What do you see when you look into a mirror?”

The businessman sat straight and tall. Confident. Imposing. “I see a man of 184 centimeters with dark hair. Grey eyes. Striped suits. Occasionally I wear the silky white fur of my cat on my suits, though this is unintentional most days.”

“I see. That is a very astute observation of your physical appearance.”

“Is that not what a mirror reflects?” Jumin asked.

The other person smiled. They held a clipboard and a pen but had yet to write anything down. “Indeed, most mirrors do. But if I were to ask you what you’d see if the mirror were to reflect your soul, how would you answer?”

This time Jumin paused before answering. He thought about how to reply. “I would say I see a successful CEO. A person worthy of fame, though I did not ask for it. I am my father’s son but I am equally my mother’s son. My birth mother…” He idly touched his hand to his sleeve cuff. “I am a member of a charity group and…” He paused again. The word in his mind was “friend” but he feared that would be inaccurate for the other RFA members. “And that charity group is very important to me.” He took in a breath, wishing to fill the emptiness he felt when wondering if anyone else in the RFA considered him a friend. “That mirror might reflect my love for Elizabeth the Third. It would show that I value my work and am satisfied with that part of my life.”

“What about the other parts of your life?”

Jumin heard the voice but no longer saw anyone else in the room with him. He would not normally reveal such things to a stranger, after all. “The mirror would reflect emptiness,” he said softly. “I am missing so much. Those I consider my friends or family do not see me as such. No one seeks to understand my thoughts, not even me. I see someone who is pragmatic and logical and who always believed those were virtues but they are used to describe my faults. If the mirror showed my soul… Would it reflect anything at all?” he wondered. “A human has a soul. There are some who say I cannot be human so perhaps… That is why I feel empty inside.”

The silence settled over the room. Neither person moved at first. But then Jumin heard the faint scraping of pen on paper. He seemed to snap out of a trance but didn’t remember all that he had revealed.

The person smiled and gave an acknowledging nod. “I see. Thank you for answering my questions. That is all I needed of you at this time.”

Jumin rose and left the room. His thoughts seemed hard to hold onto. Slippery. He returned to his office to address the stack of employee applications.

The form on top was a woman. Younger than Jumin. Her application suggested someone competent but perhaps lacking the confidence to support her claims. But stapled to the back was another sheet of paper with different handwriting.

“One who sees a long path before she will arrive where she wants to be, unaware of the progress she’s already made. One who carefully sculpts her appearance for others but can see the truth in herself and those important to her. One whose heart is all-encompassing and one of her greatest assets. She cares deeply but it causes hurt when it is not reciprocated.

To one closed off who sees nothing within himself, I suggest this candidate to fill his heart with her warmth. She knows every virtue he possesses and is not blinded by his own masked thoughts and emotions. She will understand him and love him. He will give her the confidence she feels she needs but will also give her the appropriate outlet for her deep love and will fully return that love to her. She will fill him, not with herself but she will show him exactly what he is within and he will love her all the more for it.

This is the candidate I suggest for one Jumin Han.”

Jumin picked up the phone, fingers already dialing the girl’s number.

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requested: n/a

a/n: wanted to try my hand at some possessive yoosung

warnings: a guy is kinda forceful but nothing bad just a little pushy 

word count: 774



MC cleared her throat. She was off to the side with one of the party guests, standing in the front hall. “Um… I’m really flattered but…” She knew that he was flirting with her. He was coming on strong. But she didn’t know how to tell him that she was interested without sounding mean or upsetting him. She had to at least save face. She was new to the RFA and to hosting parties and didn’t wanna make enemies so soon. 

“I could treat you like the beautiful princess you are,” he crooned, his hand tracing down her arm. 

MC took a step back, shrugging her shoulder away. “I-I’m sure you can find someone here that really needs that but…” 

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Oh gosh I just had a brilliant but tiring idea. So I’m gonna make 4 or 5 books each probably more than 20 chapters long. Mystic Messenger theme.

Mc switches. But each chapter only contains text message and chatrooms. They’re going to be published at the times of real chatrooms in Mystic Messenger (if I’m awake)

So it’s gonna be like this:

[New Chatroom!] Nagisa’s Doubts

Nagisa, Karma


Hello, Karma

Good Evening Nagisa. How was Elizabeth the 3rd?

She’s doing well. Although my clothes are almost completely white…

I’ve been looking forward to seeing you in the Messenger more frequently. I want to call you everytime something bad happens…

Don’t call me too much lolol. I can’t always answer you~

Sorry. I sounded weird, right? I hope that you don’t start thinking of me as a weirdo.

Did you eat today?

No I’m not really in the mood today. What about you?

You should really start taking better care of yourself, Karma. It’s not good to skip meals like me.

I wish that I could go to the appartment and cook for you. To take care of you. To be by your side…

I hope that you won’t think ill of us. I wasn’t aware of the bomb until recently and Okuda… it was her choice. I have fath in her.

But now, I’m questioning what else she’s hiding…

Stop talking like that. It not like you have the right to know everything about the members.

I know. I’m sorry if I seem nosy. I just… I don’t know if I can trust Isogai after all of this.


I have to go now.


… good bye. I hope that you can stay safe.


I hope that I can see you at the party ❤

Nagisa has left the chat

So yeah.

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