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#mystic messenger hcs

I loved this! Hope you like it <3

  • One day, when Jumin is arguing with Zen why he couldn’t call him Hyun if everyone is using their own name now than Seven has asked everyone to use his real name, Saeyoung.
  • “All I’m saying, Zen, is maybe you could let the RFA members call you Hyun instead of Zen”.
  • “I don’t want to! Everyone’s used to call me Zen anyways”
  • “I like to use people’s actual names”
  • “But you call me Liz lol” you intervene.
  • Silence.
  • “Isn’t… your name Liz?”
  • “Well, it’s actually Elizabeth”
  • It was probably the second biggest thing to happen in the chatroom.
  • Jaehee is speechless. Then, she asks you if you’ve ever feel uncomfortable with no one using you your real name. You tell her it’s really okay, you actually prefer being called Liz.
  • Jumin congratulates you on having such a beautiful name and says there should be no problem because you’re Elizabeth while his cat is Elizabeth the 3rd. It’s simple.
  • Zen starts sneezing. After he calms down, he politely asks if he can still call you Liz.
  • Saeyoung changes your screen name to “Elizabeth the 1st”, then to “Ellie #2”, then to “Ellie without whiskers” and so on.
  • Yoosung is shocked but laughs at the reaction of everyone else. Prefers to call you Lizzie like he did before.
  • Bonus for Jumin: He’s very concerned when he receives a call from his bodyguards informing him Elizabeth the 3rd was back home from the vet. He’s confused as to why she was sent there when he left no instructions about taking her anywhere. After doing some digging, he finds out the guard who received the order “take Elizabeth to the doctor” took the wrong Elizabeth to the wrong doctor. This was later confirmed when he saw a text you had send him earlier: “thought Driver Kim was going to take me to my appointment :( nvm, took a cab, meet you at diner xx”. He’ll never admit it but one of the best things about marrying you was being able to call you his wife so no one could get the wrong idea ever again.
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well, I’ll be writing longer route posts once I get motivated and figure out how the formatting. And stuff works BUT

Here’s some more general headcanons for this au and the different characters. This is basically the aesthetics of the routes instead of an actual “how the route goes” thing. Also a rating of how good of a parent they’d be

wish I could put a read more but tumblr mobile is a bitch.

☕️ JAEHEE ☕️

  • well, I think we all know jaehee has some major mom instincts (if you don’t believe me just take one look at her interactions with Yoosung. Or what happens when you say you haven’t eaten, but that applies to pretty much every character)
  • that doesn’t mean the initial distrust in her route disappears, it just means that she is very conflicted about whether she needs to be wary of this child or she wants to be their mother
  • so, jaehee is conflicted but also this child HIGHKEY is ready to thrown down and wants nothing more than to stick up for her
  • very concerned about where their parents are????
  • they tell her they can handle themselves. she just about has a heart attack because Child You Are A Baby.
  • 10/10 mom, would recommend.


  • the age gap might be smaller here but they are still a Literal Child compared to him.
  • the Rika comparisons would be less creepy because this isn’t a person he is potentially romantically interested in, but still uncomfortable because.
  • this child doesn’t want to be compared to your dead cousin, yoosung.
  • highkey a big brother, he has not reached a dad level in his life yet.
  • he still gets blinded in an eye.
  • best for “wait I can be a good influence. don’t be like me.” moments.
  • 10/10 Good Big Brother.
  • 3/10 as a dad.


  • this boy is 100% ready to be a dad.
  • I mean, that’s just canon?
  • in his route normally he fantasizes about having kids with the MC like two days after meeting her irl
  • A Protective Boye
  • Jaehee, concerned people will think he has an illegitimate child: no child for u
  • Zen: this sign can’t stop me because I can’t read
  • 100% dad material, let him ADOPT.
  • 10/10 dad.


  • well
  • it’s got the Annie aesthetic
  • the bad ends probably have more of a coraline aesthetic
  • despite the fact that I Do Not Like jumin I believe he could be a good dad
  • also has room for cat - child - dad cuddle piles so that’s ALWAYS a plus
  • 8/10. I’d watch a remake of annie where he’s the dad.


  • suddenly his route is even sadder
  • I 100% believe he’d be quick to have a protective instinct over this child purely because of
  • 1. His own brother being younger
  • 2. His own Lost Childhood
  • later in his route he’d have more incentive to push them away, but I also imagine he’d be a bit softer
  • not to say he isn’t the Way That He Is, it’s just less of him being a Total Jerk All The Time and more like an exhausted parent
  • not the greatest influence, but he’s trying
  • 9/10 dad


  • I’m torn here, because boy has Big Dad Energy but he also has issues
  • he’s doing his best
  • he’s already p much canonly the rfa Dad
  • also even MORE incentive to protect them from rika and the general mint eye wildness because child
  • “I can’t take care of you.” “I know.”
  • also the jumin lovers out there can imagine him taking care of them for v while he’s figuring his shit out
  • Points reduced for making me cry
  • 7/10. good, but also sort of a mess.


  • TBA when I’ve played his route


  • alright, well.
  • I could make a whole post about my hcs for him and my whole backstory BUT instead I’ll put it this way
  • 100% the found family parent that tries Very Hard not to get attached and outright refuses to accept their attachment
  • definitely attached though
  • 10/10, found family parents in denial are the greatest.
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I had posted this a while ago but deleted it. It’s up again, hope you like it! Remember to stay safe during this time. Also, please keep in mind it’s okay not be okay during this global health crisis. There isn’t just one way to deal with it, take your time <3

trigger warning: mentions of anxiety.


  • oh, this boy is scared
  • like, legit scared
  • he started isolating himself way before it was mandatory and washing his hands
  • plays his videogames to stop thinking about it. and it works really well until you have to stay home as well and now he discovered being with you is even more comforting
  • yoosung is totally okay with the quarantine btw, he could stay for days in his room and it’d be fine
  • it’s the idea of you, his friends or family getting sick that frightens him
  • you take him out of his room to do some exercises in the living room once in a while, to help both of you keep active


  • okay i’m actually worried about him
  • he does exercise regularly and since you’re living with him, he’s been eating healthier so he’s not exactly in a risk group
  • but he’s an actor
  • and all of the productions have shut down
  • he has savings, so he’s not going to go into bankrupt but it has seriously affected his economy
  • you are working from home, so you try to tell him it’s going to be okay, you’re in this together
  • but he’s not handling these news well. he’s really sad about it.
  • every time you’re not working, you try to cheer him up. you practice some lines with him so he keeps his routines, work out with him (even if you always end up sore, but if it makes him happy, so be it), and do movie marathons that end up in sweet kisses
  • he’s not really in the mood to wake up the beast but it’s okay. you just want him to feel better
  • you pamper him with kisses and homemade food all day, everyday


  • baehee is ready for everything
  • she’s not into physical contact so she’s okay with saying her hellos and goodbyes from afar
  • you’re the exception and will always be
  • she’s working from home and has a nice schedule
  • finds she has more time now that she works from  home and doesn’t have to do extra activities for Jumin
  • is pretty well informed about the outbreak. she doesn’t panic. she doesn’t hoard toilet paper or food.
  • in fact, she’s the one that calms you down when she starts getting agitated
  • loves working on her laptop with you reading by her side or taking a nap
  • bought vitamins for her an mc and they’re taking them just so you can feel better about their health


  • Jumin’s first concern was if cats could get sick. once he was told animals couldn’t catch it, he felt a little bit relieved. most of his clients said it was just a bad flu, so he had nothing to worry about.
  • that was until Jaehee told him it wasn’t like that. and that one of the risk groups was people with respiratory conditions
  • like you and your asthma
  • C&R closed the very same day. He would be paying his employees all their benefits and most of them could work from home. The ones that couldn’t would still get their pay at the end of the month. 
  • Jumin had the apartment so cleaned up it was almost sterile
  • he even bought a nebulizer.
  • “honey, my asthma hasn’t gone that bad in ages, we don’t need one”
  • he also works from home, just to keep tabs with everything going on in C&R
  • is very afraid of you having caught the virus somewhere. even if they went on lockdown, what if you caught it elsewhere days ago?
  • you calm him down, assuring him you feel fine and since they took all the measures, they will be okay
  • Elizabeth the 3rd is the happiest because both you and Jumin are home all day long
  • i’m so sorry but jumin bought food for a whole month, you try to tell him it’s not necessary but he’s worried as fuck, okay?
  • at first, Jumin works basically all day long and locks himself in his home office
  • one time you visit him in his office, Elizabeth the 3rd in your arms, and you tell him you both miss him. that he should also use this time to rest a bit and spend time with his wife
  • jumin and you talk every night with a glass of wine, looking outside the huge window of his living room (without opening it, he’s stil a bit scared) and making plans when everything comes to an end


  • you are the one who’s worried sick because he doesn’t eat well, doesn’t sleep well so his defenses must be on the floor
  • he takes it lightly and send you tons of memes about the virus
  • “coronavirus can’t kill me bc i died the day jumin took elly away from me”
  • saeyoung, no
  • one day, you break down and cry
  • he stops at the moment
  • you tell him how worried you are for him, that you would lose it if he got sick because of how much he means to you. that he needs to eat better and have better habits
  • so he makes a compromise and starts eating better. he even tries and cooks for the both of you once
  • like yoosung he’s normally on lockdown except on unique occasions, so he doesn’t get stressed about not going out
  • but you get stressed about not going out, so he invents games and scavenger hunts around the house so you both can have fun <3


  • has to close the flower shop
  • he gets really worried because you’re on lockdown and he can’t go and water his plants. you tell him you both could go and spent the quarantine there, but he tells you it’s not a good idea to sleep around plants
  • it’s not a complete lockdown, but the order is to only leave the house for food or medicines, so going there to take care of his plants daily is not an option
  • he feels sad about it, even if he doesn’t say so
  • the day before the lockdown, you surprise him bringing some of his favorite plants to the house. you can keep them in the balcony for this time
  • he’s so happy
  • you spend the days watching movies together, taking naps and you also decide to teach him how to cook your favorite dishes. he teaches you how to prepare some desserts as well
  • snuggling close is the best and now that you can do it for even longer periods of time makes you really happy
  • you both are a little bit worried about everything that’s going on, but you make sure to keep in touch with other people
  • you drag saeran to videocalls with other rfa members
  • he’s not amused
  • but he really likes when you’re listening to Yoosung talk, or watching how Zen and Jumin keep bickering while taking his hand in yours and idly placing a kiss on it, while everyone’s watching
  • seven always makes “awww” noises but he just ignores him even tho it does make him really happy
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Hello! Could you do the RFA+V and searan reaction to an MC that majors I fashion design and is excellent at designing clothes Please & thank you 馃挄

I love this! I have a friend who designs her own clothes and I admire her so much for it 🥰 If someone is studying this, please know you’re wonderfully creative and you help out people like me who struggle to find a style lol



  • This boy will ask you to try and recreate some of the costumes of the LOLOL characters, no doubt about it
  • You refuse
  • But one day, you surprised with with a jacket inspired in the clothing of his favourite LOLOL character and he just loses it
  • Both of you can spend hours doing what you love: playing videogames and designing in a notepad


  • Say hello to your new model
  • He’s tall, he’s fit and he’s absolutely in love with the idea with trying new clothes
  • a bit disappointed when he learns he can’t keep them
  • This man likes fashion, have you seen his clothes? He can rock white, black, pink (Zen is gorgeous in pink), ANY color.
  • He also likes the attention of you taking his measures or asking him to try something so you can add some final touches. Most of them are for your projects, but you promise one day
  • He’ll try to land you a gig in any of the plays he’s rehearsing, you could always learn a thing or two about costume design and it would look great on your resumé
  • Be prepared for runway shows, starring: The one and only Zen


  • You thought she wasn’t really interested in high fashion
  • But Baehee knows a lot. Even as much as you do
  • She may wear office clothes most days, but she had to help dress Jumin’s dates (ehem– young women Jumin’s dad forced him to go to an event with) and she had to find the best. Mr. Chairman orders.
  • So you both like to talk about new releases and watch tv specials together
  • Jaehee sometimes pauses the tv at a good time so you can quickly take notes or draw something for future reference
  • She’s just the most supportive girlfriend out there ok


  • Will immediately provide learning opportunities, such as private lessons if you need them
  • If you’re uncomfortable, he tells you you can talk with the personal tailor he has. You agree.
  • The next time the tailor comes home to take measures of Jumin (who has gained just a couple of pounds and it’s definitely NOT because you love baking hehe), you end up talking to the old man, who has years of experience. He tells you a couple of interesting things but has to leave soon because he has another client. You insist he stays longer next time and give him one of the muffins you made on his way out, to which he’s really surprised. None of the wives of his clients are like that
  • Jumin will always compliment your work. Whenever you’re feeling a little down, you show him your designs on your notebooks and he bathes you in compliments. 
  • He wants you to succeed and offers all the help he can give you now or in the future for that


  • Will try out anything you ask him to, even if it’s just for the giggles
  • Not opposed to wearing skirts if you need to fix them hem or something quick and it’s easier on someone else
  • will try and keep the skirt
  • stop him
  • or not
  • Sometimes you draw beside him while he’s hacking on his computers, so you can keep each other company
  • Like for Yoosung, you decide to make a feminine costume for him. It’s so good he decides to use it on Zen. He ‘accidentally’ meets him in the supermarket, flirts with him and actually gets his number. You can still remember Zen’s face when he finally sees you, bending over with laughter at the end of the hall and Saeyoung’s golden eyes shining


  • When you go out to buy new fabrics or inspire yourself, you like to go with him. But he’s not good with crowds, so he prefers to stay in a garden shop, admiring all their new plants while you buy everything you need. When you’re over, you both go to get some ice cream.
  • He has a flower shop. Most afternoons, you like to stay there and sketch a little while keeping him company. He really likes that you both can be in silence and still share a moment
  • When you’re nervous about a project, you show him your drawings. He looks at them thoroughly and says he really likes them. He even says he could wear one of those which is saying a lot because Saeran’s clothes are THE BEST
  • Will definitely gift you special drawing pencils or sketchpads

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The Sound of a Grieving Heart

Another old piece that I edited! @katsukiboom requested this almost a year ago haha!


Originally posted by leahberman

Hyun Ryu (Zen):

Raising his head above water, Zen scouted the beach, glancing from left to right as he waited for anything– even an animal– to appear. No luck.

He sighed while his mouth was underwater, which created bubbles that floated towards the surface. Boredom was taking over and he despised it. He lifted himself up onto a nearby rock and closed his eyes, sunbathing while the stone gave his back warmth. After a few minutes of having his eyes shut, they immediately snapped open.

Nothing seemed to cure his boredom.

Zen’s eyebrows furrowed as he took another glance at the beach. It was still vacant. “Of course the minute I get Jumin off my back, no one is here.” He grumbled.


Feeling the sand through your toes, you shuffled your feet along the shoreline, your mind occupied with thoughts and an obvious scowl presenting itself on your features. The beach being empty did not help the feeling in your chest. There was just too much on your mind. You kicked your foot into the sand sending the particles flying everywhere only for them to sink back into the ground. Your fists clenched, “I hate this.”

Suddenly feeling a presence, he looked up to see someone walking slowly on the sand. Sighing with relief, he said, “Finally.” Slipping into the water, he dove deeper to prevent himself from being caught by watchful eyes.

Mermaids and mermen alike have the ability to see into the hearts of humans. Their desires being exposed for the mercreatures to see.

He glanced at you, expecting to see a normal human heart with normal human desires; money, love, etc. What he saw made his eyes widen: a heart penetrated with darkness and pain. It was grey and grim. Gazing at your heart alone put goose pimples on his arms and a shiver down his spine.

Zen’s hands started to shake, he was completely caught off guard. But the feeling of curiosity began to pull him closer, fear pulling him backwards.

Moments after his mind and heart began to quarrel, Zen found himself swimming closer. Perhaps if he could drive you away from the beach, the others wouldn’t have to worry about a corrupted heart?


“Hello!” Abruptly hearing a voice made you physically jump. A quizzical look was formed on your face, you heard a chuckle.

“Over here, look down~!”

Following the voice’s directions, you tilted your head downward. What you saw made your mouth agape: aman whose chest was on the sand, his behind in the water and not easily seen. He had long white hair. Almost too white, it could rival the clouds! It fell down his shoulders with grace. You could feel your cheeks flush.

“Hello,” You mumbled, tilting your head curiously, your eyes peered in the water trying to find his legs. “Why are you in the water?”

The man gave you a wink and a smirk. “I’m out swimming, what are you doing on this beach alone?”

“Thinking.” You replied. Behind that smug grin Zen was giving you, he could feel his heart pound.

They seem perfectly normal, yet their desires are so-

“What’s your name?” You asked him, interrupting his train of thought.

“Oh, Zen. Yours?” He gave you a flirtatious look, your cheeks began to burn.


“Well, (Y/n), you seem awfully lonely. Want some company?”

“Company with a stranger who I just met?” You scrunched your nose, “No thanks.”

“Awe, stranger or not. It’s nice to have someone to talk to.” Zen told you.

As the conversation continued, Zen’s gaze kept shifting from your face to your heart. Now that he was closer to you, he could see it much more clearly. Your desires screamed at him;

“My mother is dying, and I can’t watch her suffer anymore. Is it a good idea to pull the plug? She is still alive, but she is in so much pain…would it be better if she was taken off life support?”

Your desire didn’t match the color of your heart. It was innocent, almost. Zen was sure you were planning to murder someone with that grisly color. He began to feel pity squeezing at his chest.

You squinted at him, “Why do you keep looking at my chest?”

Zen began to squirm at your stare, “O-Oh! Nothing, I was just–uh–”

You had to bite your tongue to prevent a giggle fit. “I’m joking. It’s nice to meet you, Zen. I guess I won’t mind some company.”

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YES!!! Bless you for requesting this!

Domestic Meme!

Yoosung Kim:

👶 Who usually takes care of the kids?

Yoosung volunteers to be a babysitter if he has the time, he adores his kids and would die for them if necessary. While he has his act together at work, while babysitting it’s a whole other story. It can be a chaotic mess, one time you walked into your home only to see the walls covered in baby food because your husband couldn’t get your one year old to eat anything. (After cleaning the mess of globs and chunks, they ate again.) It’s risky to leave him alone with your children, but in the end it all works out. 

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K but hear me out I absolutely need a headcanon of the RFA+Saeran reacting to MC doing the gwiyomi thing.

I admit I was staring at this ask long enough trying to recall how mad this song was when it first went viral 6 years ago 😂😂

I also found a dance mob video of the song here

~ Nao

RFA Reacts : MC doing the Gwiyomi dance

Everybody was feeling good about holding another successful RFA party and were gathered around for the after party, sharing drinks and casual chatter. All was well — until Seven came running into the hall with you in hot pursuit.

“Everyone, I’d like to have your attention please! I have an important announcement to make!” Seven excitedly announced, keeping all eyes on him. From the way you were trying to wrestle him out of his messenger duties though, they suspected he was up to some mischief again.

“Do you guys know how talented MC is? I was hacking into— oh wait, no… what I meant was, I was leisurely browsing MeTube when I came across a video of MC expertly dancing to the tune of G—-mmmpppphhhhfff!!!”

You thought you had successfully cut him off, but you suddenly heard your cheerful teenager voice drifting out from the speakers and the projector screen rolled down, showing you from xx years ago. “Hey everyone! This is MC and today….” You could only look on in horror as all eyes were fixed expectantly on the giant screen and the music started…


  • This was MC….? THEIR MC???
  • He’d seen most of his classmates in high school do this before, but he never thought it was going to be this CUTE
  • The song was cute to begin with, but add MC dancing to it? YES. HELL YESSSS
  • Quietly danced along with his hands, even mouthed some of the lyrics as he fondly watched


  • Instant kill
  • His love meter just increased beyond 1000%
  • Wants to comfort you, but he also has to control the beast™
  • Faintly remembers singing this to someone, but he doesn’t remember when it happened
  • Actively sang along and danced in his seat


  • Is that…. MC?
  • Knows how embarrassed you are right now, but can’t help but smile from ear to ear
  • Approaches you and provides emotional support
  • Well… at least that was the intention.
  • Really just wanted to hug you because she can’t get enough of your cuteness


  • Instant Fanboy
  • Damage over 9000
  • Anymore and his heart would explode from watching the video
  • Keeps sneaking glances at Jaehee and you
  • When was she going to let you go? He wanted in too *pout*
  • He wasn’t too familiar with the song, but nevermind that, what matters is that he likes you more now


  • Was of the opinion that Luciel shouldn’t have shown the video if you were so against it
  • Took it back immediately when he saw you dance
  • Yes, this is definitely meant to be shared
  • He’d seen other videos of this on the internet when the craze first started
  • But so far this was his favorite
  • Never noticed that he was smiling the whole time
  • Unconsciously made small dancing gestures with his hands and hummed along


  • All the scratches and punches you inflicted on him earlier was so worth it
  • Number one fan
  • His eyes and soul were instantly cleansed the first time he saw it
  • Actually called you and asked permission if he could show this to the other RFA members when he found it
  • You were busy then, so you absently said yes
  • Is plotting to have the video recognized as a national treasure plzsomebodystophimasdfghjkl

Jihyun / V

  • Isn’t really into pop culture trends but was faintly aware that this was a thing some years back
  • Loves that he could see your past self like this
  • Smiles at you whenever you make eye contact with him
  • Also one of the growing number of people who want to hug you, but Jaehee was monopolizing you
  • Even he was swaying along and softly clapping to the music
  • Wonders if he could get a copy of the video later

Bonus : Vanderwood

  • Was on security patrol when he heard your name and the nostalgic music started
  • Knew the song and dance steps by heart, but he’s not letting anyone know that
  • Had to take an early break just to watch
  • Even he wasn’t immune to the angel that was MC
  • Gave you a thumbs up when you glanced in his direction
  • Definitely count him in the increasing number of your fans

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RFA + V and Saeran reaction to MC who really likes kids

Hey all! I’m at work right now and decided why not write some HCs about kids while the kids I work with sleep? I hope you enjoy!!!


  • Why. Why kids?
  • He doesn’t understand at first.
  • They’re just… Gross.
  • And he doesn’t like the gross parts of them.
  • I mean, he wants kids, but like… He can’t get over that gross part.
  • Once you show him the other fun parts of kids he definetly comes around


  • Okay this boi loves kids
  • He just???? Relates with them more
  • He loves to play games with the kids you watch or your younger siblings
  • He won’t go easy on them though. He’s gonna kick their asses.


  • She likes kids.
  • She has a hard time when they do gross stuff. Toddlers are her least favorite age group because of how nasty they are
  • But other than that, she loves them too!
  • Especially the older ones.


  • Okay he wants his own kid
  • But other people kids?
  • Keep those Gremlins away from him
  • He doesn’t hate them but he certainly doesn’t like them


  • Okay he is a big child for suresies
  • But he gets scared around kids
  • What if he hurts them?
  • What if they’re climbing a tree with him and they fall?
  • Easy solution, don’t climb trees with them?
  • He loves them though, especially after he gets over his fear of them getting hurt.
  • He would probably babysit with you


  • Kids!!!!
  • Kids!!!!!!!!!!!
  • KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • He loves them
  • They’re so full of passion?????
  • Little man tell V about your dreams. He wants to hear it all.
  • Likes hanging out with them!


  • Okay kids are disgusting why would you like them
  • Refuses to watch kids with you
  • Absolutely refuses
  • Maybe after enough exposure to kids he may come around but he needs some time.
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Zen Doing More Movies and TV Dramas HC’s

happy zen day everybody!

  • his main occupation is still being a theatre actor, but he does occasionally do dramas and movies
  • in one of the dramas, his character was a secret agent
  • his gang member days really helped out with fighting scenes and looking cool on a motorcycle
  • “Honey, did I look cool with the wind blowing through my hair?”
  • he’s got great stamina and chose to do a lot of stunts himself, unless they were too dangerous
  • he took martial arts lessons and was taught hand-to-hand combat and also how to use weapons
  • jaehee was even asked to help and she was embarrassed at first, but happy to help her favorite actor with what she could do
  • mc’d totally be fangirling/boying over how awesome the two of them looked
  • during shoots, mc would be behind the scenes with the rest of the staff, as his manager, and cheer him on
  • he’d monitor his acting and re-do scenes until he was satisfied
  • acting means a lot to him and he always gives 100% in whatever role he gets
  • he and mc would practice his lines over and over again at home
  • he brings scripts wherever he goes and reads through them until their embedded into his mind
  • sometimes he’d even get props to act out parts of the script instead of just reading
  • “What do you think I should act out when it’s time to start filming?”
  • “Do these actions match with the dialogue?”
  • “How do my expressions look?”
  • “If you were to keep your eyes closed and just listen, would you be able to feel the emotions I’m trying to express?”
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I love High School hcs with Zen, won’t lie. Hope you like this! ^^


High School AU: April Fools’

  • Zen hated that he had to put on a frown from the moment he entered the school that morning
  •  It’s his birthday, for fuck’s sake. It’s a day for him to get even more attention than he usually does
  • And oh, he gets a lot of attention, but… not for the reasons he would like to.
  •  Because it’s also April Fools’ Day, so instead of gifts, sweet treats and hugs from girls, he gets prank gifts, candy made out of cat food and wedgies from guys, ugh
  • So he wasn’t in the best mood when he arrived, it was written all over his face
  • And he hated this, specially because he spotted you in the hallway and all he wanted was to be all sly and nice just to make you smile and blush like you usually do.
  • But today he couldn’t, he needed to keep the straight face so people wouldn’t dare to mess with him
  • You watched as he found the little gift you placed on his desk before class started and… scoffed, tossing it aside.
  • And he kept doing this with all the small treats you tried to secretly hand him. Like, you understand if he doesn’t like you, but… being rude doesn’t suit him either… even though you felt like he was glancing at you at all the time you caught eyes with him during class, at the lunch… pretty much… everytime you wanted to look at his perfect face…
  •  Maybe you were wrong… figures, he would never be interested in you, right? Look at him! Yeah… this was stupid from the beginning… and to think you were planning to confess and ask him out at the parking lot when he would find the note you let at the seat of his bike and… HOLY FUCK! THE NOTE!
  • You run to the parking lot and find your silly little note, whew… thank God he didn’t see it…
  • “MC?” you yelp when you hear his voice behind you, holding his helmet and looking at you curiously. “What’s… going on…? What are you doing next to my bike?”
  •  “Uhm… nothing, I… I…” “What is that?” he points to the piece of paper in your hands. “NOTHING!” you quickly hide them behind your back.
  •  “Huh, I see… honestly, I was expecting pranks from everybody today, MC… except from you…” Oh, he looks… disappointed, he looks… so hurt.
  • “Pranks? Why would this be a prank? Why would I ever pull a prank on you?” “Hum, because that’s what everybody does on April Fools’? And I’m the favorite target since it’s also my birthday?”
  • “I know it’s your birthday, Zen. I… could never forget it’s your birthday, actually, it’s… so important to me I didn’t even remember it was also April Fools’” you admit embarrassingly. Gosh…. Now he will think you must be really dumb…
  •  “Ha, very funny, and very original too. Congrats, MC.” “Zen, I’m serious! I… I wanted you to have such a special day, since it’s a special day, it’s your day! I…” your heart is beating so fast you fell breathless, so you just lower your head and offer him your note
  • Zen eyes you a little suspiciously, but… no, you look too real right now for this to be a joke… so he takes the note.
  • “It… it would make more sense if you had accepted my gifts…” he widens his eyes. Gifts? You sent him gifts? Oh shit…
  • “You… you really like me? Are you serious?” “I… dead serious.” You look at him with determination.
  • Zen feels his shoulders getting lighter. And even though he believes you, he can’t help but laugh… in relief.
  • “What’s… what’s so funny?” “It’s just… I was so prepared to have an awful day because of the pranks, but… this day couldn’t end better, can’t believe the girl I like is confessing to me right on my birthday…” he smiles and… there’s that Zen you know, the Zen… you like… and likes you back? Is he joking? No, but… He doesn’t seem to like jokes on a day like this!
  •  “So… about your note… it says that you would ask me something if we met… well, I’m here… what do you want to ask?” he walks towards you, and you’re feeling… seduced?
  •  “I- I… I…” ERROR, you just blush, trying not to drool at the way he looks at you.
  • Zen smiles, how can you be so cute? “Can I go first, then? Would you like a ride on my bike? I… know a place where they sell really good cake…”
  • You just nod, still not believing this is actually happening.
  • Before he motions to get the extra helmet, you hold the sleeve of his jacket, driving his attention back. “Hey, Zen? Happy Birthday…”
  • He chuckles before grabbing your wrist and placing a quick peck in your hand. “Yes, it will definitely be very happy for me.”
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  • when you brought up the new horror movie you’ve been meaning to watch, this boy was Sweating
  • can’t handle horror to save his life, accepts your invitation anyways because he wants to “protect you”
  • make a bet he can’t get through the entire movie without closing his eyes. easy $10
  • doesn’t know he has a death grip on your hand, please tell him
  • you better enjoy cuddles because he will hold you like no tomorrow, he needs more comforting than you do
  • in the end, you end up protecting him, and he gets adorably clingy. worth it?


  • doesn’t like horror like… at all.  he doesn’t really say so, but you could tell.
  • why would you willingly scare yourself?? he doesn’t understand
  • when you invited him to watch it with you, he does try it out for you since you seemed so passionate about it
  • (he thought you were so cute like he never imagined you would be the type to love horror)
  • insists he will protect you from any monsters
  • keeps his arm around you, sometimes tightens his grip during tense moments although unintentionally 
  • sometimes critiques the acting, he doesn’t mean to but he uses that to hide his fear
  • definitely the type to hum to himself when he’s scared


  • doesn’t like horror either, she can watch it but would much rather prefer watching musicals
  • if you did manage to persuade her into watching with you, she would like thrillers more since she finds chilling stories more compelling than cheap jumpscares
  • not much can scare her, as she’s confident in her ability to defend herself
  • will definitely protect you if the time calls for it, but her rational mind knows that the movie isn’t real
  • also doesn’t believe in ghosts
  • every so often, you get to take turns on which movies to watch next.
  • these nights often include a bountiful amount of snacks, her guilty pleasure is caramel popcorn
  • don’t doubt her ability to eat an entire bucket of popcorn within 5 minutes of the movie
  • if she has the time, you’ll marathon movies back to back. like the best sleepovers she never had.
  • no matter what you watch with her, she enjoys the time she spends with you the most.


  • finds them boring tbh
  • “why would she run to the attic if the front door was open”
    “its a movie, jumin”
  • if you were hoping to get a different reaction out of him, you’re out of luck
  • honestly, his questions make the movie more amusing to watch from his perspective
  • does enjoy psychological horror to an extent. he does like mysteries, ones you really have to analyze yourself
  • one of his favorites is the shining, with the ending that’s open for interpretation, and mysterious in itself
  • never tried popcorn before. you will show him the light.
  • enjoys having you sit on his lap so he can wrap his arms around you and play with your hair
  • if it’s not his type of movie, he’d much rather pay attention to you instead.


  • pretty much unfazed by horror its borderline concerning
  • really hard to scare, you’ve tried it once before and he just laughed and pinched your cheek
  • one day you’ll get him, you swear
  • sci-fi and comedy are more his taste, but he likes to watch terrible horror movies for the fun of it
  • if you were to watch a well made horror film, he’d be cracking jokes the entire time, you’d be laughing so hard you’d forget the movie was supposed to be scary
  • “the only way to watch horror is at 3 am in complete darkness” saeyoung please don’t
  • dear god you actually do it
  • if you do manage to get spooked, he does tease you about it, finding you adorable when you hide your face in his chest
  • when you pout, he eventually gives in and comforts you, it isn’t real after all!
  • “the Defender of Justice will never let anyone hurt his princess!”


  • edgelord only liked horror movies because he thought it made him look badass (spoiler: it didn’t)
  • more or less unfazed by jumpscares, like saeyoung
  • he likes the classics, but some modern movies can be up to par
  • gore’s a bonus
  • definitely gets frustrated with dumb protagonists
  • “well maybe they deserve it”
  • post-recovery saeran is less comfortable with gore and horror, would much rather prefer some feel good movies or fantasy/adventure. but like jaehee, also likes more story-driven horror
  • a sucker for happy endings!
  • this boy suffered too much to properly enjoy these movies


  • why would you do this to him
  • hasn’t really watched horror movies before, but may flinch a couple of times and laugh it off
  • when he does get scared, he mostly looks uncomfortable and his eyes tend to wander from the screen
  • doesn’t understand why you like them, but regardless he will watch them with you because he loves you
  • especially doesn’t like gore, please don’t make him watch it
  • enjoys historical or drama movies, finds them compelling to watch, but romance is his favorite. 
  • he always wanted a lighthearted and fulfilling relationship, which was what he couldn’t find with rika 
  • runs his thumb across your knuckles as a form of comfort and reassurance you’re still there with him
  • cherish him
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Café Owner Jaehee HC’s

  • jumin being salty is canon lololol neither jaehee or mc wanted to be his assistant poor yoosung
  • i have screenshots of jaehee’s after end as proof
  • the café’s comfy and cozy, the kind where you can just relax with a warm cup of coffee without having to worry about what’s happening on the busy streets outside
  • there’s a short set of stairs at the front and a small terrace to provide outside seating
  • little succulents decorate the inside, on plant hangers the two of them DIY-ed themselves
  • jaehee and mc have matching couple aprons!!
  • mc’s says “happy wife, happy life” and you can guess what jaehee’s says
  • mc thinks it’s adorable how flustered jaehee gets when they tie her hair up in a ponytail/bun or fix her apron
  • she uses the coffee machine zen gave her to experiment with her own recipes
  • you can say it’s kinda like her good luck charm let’s be real it’s gonna become a family heirloom
  • not only does it smell like coffee, but freshly baked goods! croissants, bagels, coffee breads, cinnamon rolls, muffins, scones…it just smells really really good
  • as a grand-opening present, saeyoung made a device to attach on the wall next to the door
  • it has a sensor and whenever someone enters or exits the café, a short, but cute jingle plays
  • a photo of all the rfa members along with their signatures, is put up on one of the walls
  • of course there’d be the occasional rude customers who would be politely escorted out the door. mc does not tolerate any bs, especially if it’s toward jaehee
  • but one day an obnoxious group of people had come in and started complaining about every little thing, going as far as insulting jaehee
  • mc offers to make their drinks and tells jaehee to deal with their other customers.
  • takes a quick glance around the café, making sure no one was looking before spitting in each of the drinks it is not recommended to do this to anyone in real life kids bad mc bad
  • putting on a fake smile, mc walked out from behind the counter and set down the customers’ cups of coffee
  • “Here’s your Chocolate Mocha Caffé Latte, Guatemala Antigua Espresso, and White Chocolate Mocha.”
  • “This coffee tastes pretty good. Finally!”
  • “Of course. We use All Natural ingredients.”
  • and the hc you’ve all been waiting for…………………FREE WIFI
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Misc V headcannons

  • Is the best plant dad
  • Tried to give jumin cat grass once
  • After a lot of “are you sure you don’t want any??” jumin accepted
  • Elizabeth probably wrecked it when jumin was gone and jaehee was taking care of her
  • V thought this was really funny and Jumin kept apologizing
  • “Jumin you know I can just give you more, right?”
  • Probably prefers vanilla over chocolate (just in general)
  • Hums a lot
  • When he’s in the bathroom doing his business he hums
  • When he’s cooking he hums
  • Writes poetry
  • Mainly about flowers
  • Pansexual
  • But so lowkey abt it
  • Has platonic crushes a lot
  • Probably has had one on jumin before
  • Also such a hufflepuff ??
  • Also the mom friend™
  • will sass ppl for the rfa/his s/o
  • Savage v
  • “I cant work with this model, they just arent working with me. I can’t make them look good in any lighting or setting, it just isn’t possible”
  • Likes to have his s/o cut his hair but won’t have them do it unless they offer
  • Doesn’t ask for anything - he doesn’t want to be a bother
  • Not a dog person
  • Not a cat person
  • A bird person
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Ice Cream Parlor Saeran HC’s

  • this boy enjoys little moments like seeing people’s faces light up when he hands them their cone or when they take the first bite of their ice cream
  • there was a lot of trial and error in coming up with his own recipes, but he succeeded!
  • all the different flavors are named after flowers
  • some are even made with the flowers he grows in his and mc’s garden, but it’s small and he can’t grow much, so he only makes those special flavors for events and holidays
  • he watched tons of videos online to learn how to make flower shaped ice cream and now he’s a PRO
  • they look so beautiful, i just- i can’t describe it in words and i can’t draw, so idk how to express how amazing his flower ice creams look omg
  • it’s like dainty flower petals had gotten caught in the chilling wind, falling down from the heavenly gardens of the azure sky. plush cotton coating them in velvety down and feathery ice crystals. the petals end their journey in the aromatic kitchen of a soft marshmallow boi and his precious squish to bloom and manifest into a rich, creamy delicacy.
  • (*〇□〇)……!brilliant my work is brilliant! lololol
  • “Choi Saeran’s Crème de la Crème in the Art-Making of Cream of the Ice”
  • a very real title of an article written by pen name, Seveny
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Misc 707 headcannons

  • Tried to teach himself how to be left handed at some point
  • Succeeded, but it’s flawed
  • Probably orders customized pencils online because he doesn’t wanna use a yellow #2 one
  • They’re red and yellow stripes
  • Doesn’t let anyone use them
  • He stole that nun outfit
  • Has had 3 pairs of glasses in the past
  • The last two were just as crazy as his current; leopard print and a marbled effect
  • Always needs new ones somehow
  • Probably has five pairs of the same pants
  • He definitely has made a weird felt doll of himself before
  • tried to give it to yoosung
  • He put it in yoosungs pocket when he wasn’t looking and the poor boy almost left with it
  • Has gotten into jumins penthouse by going through windows
  • Some of the guards by know him by name
  • “Oh heyy, carl” “Sir I’m going to have to as you to leave” “But carl !! Can’t we just be friends??”
  • Half of them love him, the other half can’t stand him
  • There is no in between
  • Probably lost his first kiss to yoosung
  • At a (rfa only) Christmas party he probably caught yoosung under the mistletoe just to tease him and then kissed the poor boy
  • Yoosung couldn’t stop washing his mouth after that
  • He uses flavored chapstick and he’s s o particular abt it
  • “Ugh, I had this before and It was NOT good.” “This makes my lips look like I have lip gloss on I love it”
  • Also definitely has worn lip gloss
  • His favourite is a light red that makes his lips look redish with sparkles
  • He’s constantly running out of lip gloss or chap stick
  • Never actually dyed his hair, but he has multiple wigs that are several varying colours
  • Has cosplayed multiple real and fictional ppl before probably
  • Is really good at cosplay
  • Still working on doing full on make up, but he HAS done lipstick tutorials before
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Guys MC1 and Vs little sister look alike


ALSO WHAT IF instead MC1 is related to Vs step mom(like say MC1 is a niece or perhaps a child of a cousin of hers) and they didn’t figure it out until MC saw a picture of Jihyuns little sister

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This is the last prompt for the special day! Thank you all that read, commented, rebbloged and liked these, it was very fun to write for one of my favorite characters to celebrate 1 year of this blog. <3



Visiting MC’s family

  • He’s so happy for meeting your family. Nervous, yes, but super happy!
  •  It’s your family, he finally gets to meet the ones who raised you to be such a good and sweet person.
  • And very naïve, haven’t your parents ever told you not to go to a hidden place in the mountains to test a game developed by a stranger?
  • He chose his best clothes, checked his hair multiple times and rehearsed the greetings over and over.
  • “Nice to meet you, sir, I’m-“ “They’re at it again.” Your father says with a tired expression. “Oh… hello, boy.” BOY?
  • “Dad, what’s happening?” he doesn’t even have to answer. Both you and Saeran listen the yelling coming from inside.
  • “That was low, bro! Even for you, it was low!” “You never liked her, bro! You told me yourself that you were with her just to make your ex jealousy!” “Yeah, but I ended up liking her for real!” “Should’ve told her before, you piece of shit!” “You’re an asshole, dude!”
  • “Meet my brothers, Saeran…” you say with a small voice, completely embarrassed.
  • “Should… should we leave and go back another day?” he asks you carefully. “Nah, let’s just get it in.”
  • Dinner is super awkward with the brothers making passive aggressive comments as they glare at each other.
  • “So… apparently it’s a ‘bring your date’ family reunion. Why didn’t you bring your girlfriend, bro? Were you feeling guilty for stabbing my back?” “No, I just didn’t want her to throw up looking at your ugly face.”
  • “Tsk… if mom was alive, she would…” “Please, let’s not involve your mother on this? So… Saeran, right? What do you do for a living?”
  • “I… work with computers, but I’m… trying to change careers, I… want to work with plants in the future.” “Yes, he’s very good with plants.” You hold his hand and smile. Whew… so far still good.
  • “When do you plan to start?” “Hum… right after I meet my brother, we have… unsolved business…”
  • “Why? Did your brother steal your girl and acted like it was no big deal?” “No, he just left when we were teenagers to start working for a shady intelligence agency to make sure I would have a better life with my new guardians after our mom abused us physically and verbally, but… my guardians weren’t exactly great either, the woman started a cult that brainwashed me and made me hate my brother, and the guy tried to help me, but only made a bigger mess, now my brother is missing because our father, who’s in jail now, kidnapped him, but we don’t know if he succeeded or not, so now I’m looking for my brother so we can make amends. I don’t think he ever had a girlfriend, I wouldn’t know since it’s been years we don’t speak…”
  • “Whoa, this sounds like that story we saw on the news…” “Yeah, dude… that’s… tough.” “Yeah… I don’t know what I would do if we stayed years without talking to each other, bro.” “Yeah… I can’t even imagine how it would be to be brainwashed to hate you, dude… I… love you.” “I love you too, bro.” the guys get up and hug each other.
  • “Hum, MC?” Saeran frowns, completely confused. “Meet my brothers.”
  • When you guys are leaving, your father shakes his hand happily. “Good luck in finding your brother, the two of you will be very happy one day.”
  • “The three of us.” saeran says, hugging you and placing a kiss in your forehead.

Headcanons to celebrate the 1st year of this blog, as explained here!

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Okay, now that Saeran has his own route, whenever we talk about Secret Endings Saeran, I’ll take it as MC and him being brother and sister-in-law since that’s what they are cannonly in the SEs, therefore, this one will be a little angsty since it’s Saeran falling for a MC who’s with Saeyoung… hope you understand and like this!




MC helping Saeran to get a date

  • He comes back from the ice cream shop with cones for himself, his brother and you.
  • “Oh, you’re back! We were getting a little worried since it was taking a while.” Saeyoung says.
  • “Yeah, sorry I’m late. The girl who works there confessed to me.” He shrugs as you and Saeyoung widen your eyes and stare at each other.
  •  “Uhm… Saeran?” you ask. “What?” “Did you just say… a girl confessed to you?” “Well, she said she likes me ever since I went there for the first time and that I didn’t have to give her an answer right now, but she asked me to think about accepting her feelings. This is confessing, right?”
  • “Saeran… what did you answer?” “I said ‘thank you’.” “For her confession?” “No, for the ice cream.”
  • “But… you will think about it, right?” you ask him. “I… I don’t know, should I?”
  • “I don’t think you should, you barely know her.” “You barely knew me when you fell for me, Saeyoung.” “Says who?” “Uhm… you. Like, all the time.” “Ah yes… because it’s true.” He winks and you giggle.
  • “I think you should consider, Saeran. I mean… I think it would be good for you to go out and date.” “Why do you think that?”
  • “Because… you’re nice, you’re sweet, you deserve to be happy and to be loved, don’t you think?” He… never thought much about that, to be honest.
  •  “I mean, it’s not like you dislike the girl, do you?” “Well, no. She… always gives me extra topping for free.” “Hum, that’s… something to start with.”
  • “Promise us you will think about it and give her an answer, bro.” Seyoung says. “Even if it’s ‘no’, just answer her. It’s too cruel to let someone hanging like this.” You grab his hand and plea, making him blush.  “F-fine, I will.” He promises looking at you.
  • A week later, he decides to go talk to the girl. For some reason, he couldn’t stop thinking about what you said about him deserving to be loved…
  • Saeyoung always says he’ll find a way through happiness, and most of the days, he believes that, but being loved? Like, in a romantic sense? Could it be? Why do you think it’s possible for him? Is it because you are surrounded by love, or is it because you’re so bright and positive? You sure know a lot about love, and you’re very honest and sweet with him, you would never lie to him, you…
  • “I thought about what you told me the other day.” He says, trying not to dodge his gaze from hers. “Y-yes?” “Thank you very much for what you told me, but I… like someone else.”
  •  “Oh… oh okay. Thank you for telling me, honestly I thought… you would just ignore me and never say anything.” “That would be cruel.” She nods when he says that bluntly.
  • “Well, good luck for you! Whoever this person is, they are very special.” “Yes…”
  • He takes a deep breath before walking home and having to face Saeyoung… and you.
  • “Well? How did it go?” Saeyoung asks. “I said ‘no’, she took it pretty fine.” His brother nods. “It’s okay if… you just don’t want to date at all, you know?” “Yeah, I do.”
  • He looks at you, then looks away, knowing he’ll blush if you look into his eyes and pat his shoulder sweetly.
  • “Like he said, it’s fine if you never want to date, some people are like this and they’re fine. But if you want to…  I’m pretty sure you’ll meet someone amazing and you guys will have something very special, just like your brother and I.”
  • The last part hits him like a punch in the stomach. Yeah, he already met someone amazing that already has something very special going on, but it’s with the other twin.

Headcanons to celebrate the 1st year of this blog, as explained here!

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