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#mystic messenger headcanon
hi allie! i'm the one who asked for the msyme x omswd beach resort hc this is my 2nd request i really love your writing! can i request for a jumin food date with mc headcanon where mc makes him try lots of commoners food?

okay, first of all, thank YOU for one of the best prompts ever. and thank you for saying you love my writing, it made my day <3

  • You kind of knew Jumin hadn’t had commoner food before. He had mentioned it a couple of times in the chat, but you thought he was exaggerating.
  • Turns out he wasn’t.
  • One time, you had had a rough day at work, so you bought your favourite hamburguer from a food truck and took it home. A hamburger with pineapple and cheese, and some fries on the side. Mmmm. You sit on the living room, turn on the TV and put on your favourite Netflix show.
  • You’re halfway done with your meal when Jumin comes home. Immediately he arches his eyebrow at the unknown smell.
  • “Is that… take out food?” he asks and you nod, mouth full. You pause your show, swallow and smile at your husband.
  • “Goodnight to you too, love” you tease him and blow him a kiss, making him smile at you.
  • “Goodnight, my love. Why didn’t you ask the cook for a meal?”
  • “Hmm, no. There’s this guy who has a food truck near my office and I missed his food. So greasy, I love it”
  • Jumin’s looking at you a little worried.
  • “I’m sure it is. Make sure to drink a cup of tea after to help with your intake of grease”
  • You laugh at him. “You want some? Or at you one of those people who hate pineapple?”
  • “Are there people who hate pineapple?” he asks, sitting next to you and loosening his tie.
  • “Well, you’re either a pineapple on pizza guy or not. There’s no middle ground. And I guess it’s the same for hamburgers? So, you want some or not?”
  • “I don’t know, I’ve never eaten hamburgers. Only steak”
  • You choke on air.
  • “That’s probably the richest thing I’ve ever heard you say, no joke. C’mon, have a bite”.
  • “Should I bring a plate and a knife?”
  • “Jumin, c’mon just take a bite”
  • Jumin experimentally takes a small bite from your hamburger and chews several times. You look at him expectantly.
  • “Somehow, the sweetness of the pineapple and the saltiness of the cheese taste good with meat” he comments.
  • “I KNOW!” you practically scream, startling him. His expressions then softens when he sees how pleased you are. You give him half your hamburger and smile at him. “I’m so glad you like it. Tomorrow we’re going out for pizza cones”
  • “…Pizza in a what?”
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Maybe where RFA + V find out that MC is a youtuber and they end up filming a video together that becomes very popular on MC's youtube channel.

Heyo anonnie! This was a really fun request to write although I don’t watch that much youtube lol. I hope everyone is staying safe and staying strong! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ Thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy! ^^

Commission info can be found HERE

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Zen x Mc Fanfiction 

I thought of this while thinking about a different Zen FanFiction, I hope you enjoy this OneShot!


,,No… no Mc, stay! Please!’’ I begged as she grabbed the handle of her suitcase and pulled it behind her.
,,I love you, I swear…’’ I tried to call. However, my words were a mere whisper and she closed the door behind her back, leaving me alone in the dark, cold room.
,,No!’’ I jumped up, panting. My face was sweaty as I tried to catch my breath.

I looked at Mc who was soundly sleeping next to me.
Her eyes were closed and her face was smiling. I had a nightmare, but apparently she was having a good time so I was happy.
I began to smile. However, I was still afraid.
My hand moved to her cheek as if I wanted to calm down and make sure that this wasn’t an illusion. I wanted to know that she was still by my side.
,,Mhhh… did you have a nightmare, Hyun?’’ she asked me. Her eyes were still closed.
I knew that I couldn’t hide anything.
I laid back and put my hand in her hand. Softly she put some pressure on mine, showing me that she was still awake.
,,Yes,’’ I confessed.
,,I dreamed that you left me,’’ I confessed and pulled her hand to feel her on my cheek. Mc smiled and pulled her hand back, kissing the back of my hand.
,,Your hand. You will stay right by my side, Hyun. I won’t leave you…’’ she mumbled.
,,Now, go to sleep. You’ll meet my family tomorrow…
’’ she told me and a few seconds later we both fell asleep once again.

,,I wonder if I look good,’’ I asked her.
She glanced over to me and shook her head.
,,You know perfectly that you have a handsome face and that your style is better than mine. Why are you even asking?’’ she asked me, making me laugh.
,,Well, I need to look good in front of your parents… but tell me, Mc. Is this popular among girls?’’ I asked her.
My girlfriend looked at me. She didn’t understand what I meant and so I added, ,,The thing with you meeting my parents after we’re together for two years.’’
She looked at me with narrowed eyes.
,,No, this was something my parents, me, and my sister made. I never met someone who had the same promise to be honest,’’ she told me.
I nodded.
,,Why?’’ she asked me, curious.
Suddenly I felt uncomfortable and…I lied.
,,Uh? No, just because a friend of mine told me the same thing about his girlfriend, although they broke up a week before they would meet her parents,’’ I told her.
,,Ah,’’ she nodded and moistened her lips.
,,You know,’’ she looked at me ,,the same happened to my sister,’’ she told me, making my heart stop for a second.


,,But luckily, she got over him. Years had passed already and by now she’s found her soulmate! Ah, soon they will marry!’’ she told me.
I had to smile. My girlfriend loved her family so much. I couldn’t wait to finally meet the wonderful family who made her like that.
I also deeply hoped for their approval.
However, suddenly the environment felt odd. It was as if I had seen the houses, the park, and the trees before.
Feelings came up, but why now? And why was my heart beating so quickly…?

,,We’re here!’’ she happily told me.
I looked at the big house. It seemed so fancy and my heart just dropped a bit more. The only thing I could do was pray that they would approve of me, a mere man with a stage name and a handsome face.
Mc rang the bell and a few seconds later an elderly woman opened the door, smiling brightly at the both of us.
,,Awwee! My baby! Hello! Oh, and you must be Hyun? This girl has been talking nonstop about you. She’s giving you a hard time, right?’’ she asked me, making me laugh.
I gave her my hand and bowed a bit.
,,Yes, hello. My Name is Ryu Hyun, it’s a pleasure to meet you, ma'am. Honestly speaking, Mc is giving me a hard time. There are so many boys who always look at her with pretty eyes, but she never notices!’’ I joked, making her laugh and Mc blush.
,,Oh my, so romantic! Please come in and please call me Mother! Dear, your daughter came in!’’ she called.
I liked her. She was so different from my mother.
Were all moms like this?

Suddenly, I saw a picture. There were four people. One of them was Mc, my beautiful Mc.
The other one must be her mom. A man who had white hair who must have been her dad, and her.
,,MC?!’’ a girly voice called.
I looked up from the picture.
A blonde girl ran towards Mc and hugged her. A well known perfume came up my nose and almost gave me tears.
,,I missed you so much!’’ she said and finally let go of Mc and then looked at me.
She frozed there, in front of me.
I wanted to say her name, but something made me think that I should stay silent about it.
,,Sis, that’s Hyun, my Boyfriend!’’ Mc happily said and looked at me.
She was so happy and here I was, scared and puzzled, and overwhelmed by feelings.
,,Hey, nice to meet you. I’m Taeyeon and there is my fiancé Hyungwon,’’ she mumbled.
At her words, the man behind her gave me his hand, smiling at me.

I couldn’t remember much of that afternoon. Her mother’s food was tasty, her family was funny, her dad was nice, and the house was comfortable. I felt good and happy, but at the same time I felt weird.
My eyes always glanced over to her, my ex-girlfriend.
The one I loved back then, supported me and loved me, just like I did.
If we hadn’t broken up back then…
,,I hope we can see each other soon!’’ her mother told me and I nodded.
,,I’m sure of it!’’ I told her.
She brightly smiled at me.
Mc and I were just about to go when suddenly Hyungwon called her, making us stop.
,,You forgot your CD. The one you gave me last time,’’ he told her.
,,Oh, right. I’ll be right back, Zenny,’’ she told me and quickly kissed my cheek before she went with him, the current boyfriend of my ex.
This was such a mess…

,,Hyun,’’ she mumbled, just like she did back then.
I turned around and looked at her.
Her eyes were just as teary as last time.
My throat felt dry. My heart was beating crazily and I was so nervous.
,,Please don’t tell her anything. I’m happy and she’s happy… if she knew about us… she would leave you,’’ Taeyeon told me.
I nodded and before I could ask her how she was doing, Mc returned again.
,,Bye Sis, let’s meet up sometime!’’ she told her.
,,You were quite nervous, weren’t you?’’ Mc asked and smiled at me. I shyly smiled back ,,Sorry, did I seem weird?’’ I asked her. But as always, she shook her head and told me that I was doing totally fine.
At that point, I still didn’t know that things would turn for the worse….

,,TELL ME!’’ she yelled at me, her face red. Tears left her eyes as she shook her head.
,,What do you want to hear?’’ I asked her as she sat down, her face in her hand as she hiccuped.
Mc actually found out about me and her sister, my ex. I still wondered how, since Taeyeon was the one who begged me to stay silent about it.
I didn’t know what to tell her, but I knew no words in this world would make her feel better. No words in this world would make her believe me.
,,Do you still love her?’’ Mc suddenly asked me, looking up.
She seemed so tired.
She shook her head. 

,,Don’t tell me,’’ she whispered and took the handle of her bag.
,,We have to break up, Zen. I can’t be… I don’t want to… this won’t work out,’’ she whispered and turned.
My nightmare came into my mind.

,,No… no Mc, stay! Please!’’ I begged as she pulled her suitcase behind her.
,,I love you, I swear…’’ I tried to call. However, my words were a mere whisper and she closed the door behind her back, leaving me alone in the dark, cold room.
,,Mc… please…’’ I begged. My legs gave up and the ring I was going to give her fell out of my pocket.
,,No… no… Mc…’’

If more than five person comment/ send me messages, telling me they want to read a sequel I will write one. If not…this story will end like this, heheh 🤡

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how would the rfa members would react to mc randomly complimenting on their hand and later finding out that mc actually has hand fetish?? i don't really have hand fetish but who doesn't like a pair of pretty hands right~

this isn’t really nsfw, but sex is discussed or implied. and yes, anon, i do enjoy some pretty hands. i particularly like how jumin’s hands are described here lol. hope you like it!~ <3 


  • He’s half asleep when you start playing with his hand. He thinks you’re being cute, playing with it to help you fall asleep.
  • “Yoosung” you whisper, wondering if he’s asleep. He opens his eyes and smiles groggily. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you”
  • “You didn’t. I couldn’t sleep either” he said, scooting closer.
  • “Can I tell you a secret?” you say and he nods. “I really like your hands”.
  • “My… hands?”
  • Yoosung looks at his hands. They’re small, thin and a little boney. Not to mention the gamer’s callus he had on his right wrist.
  • “Yes” you say, taking his hand in his. “I really do”
  • You look at them so adorably Yoosung feels his heart melting. How could a girl so pure could end up with him, loving him and–
  • Suddenly, you pop the tip of his index finger into your mouth
  • He’s a blushing mess now
  • Neither of you are sleeping anytime soon


  • You put your hand in front of his to compare their sizes while you’re watching a movie you’ve lost interest in
  • His fingers are really long and thin. He really looks like a statue. You particularly like the fact his fingers are long, because that means they can get to special places that make you see stars.
  • “You like my hands, princess?” he says and you nod with a soft smile.
  • “I do. Your fingers certainly know what they’re doing”
  • His face turns red at your confession and even coughs a little.
  • “Babe! You can’t just say stuff like that. You’re going to awake the Beast any minute now and–”
  • You smirked, knowing he was about to lose it.
  • “But how can I not say anything when you can make me come just with your hand?” you tease him, being a little bolder than usual.
  • The Beast™ has awaken.


  • Jaehee knows you love taking her hand whenever you two are together. So always intertwine your fingers with hers and will occasionally kiss the back of her hand.
  • You always insist on doing her nails. You keep it feminine and discreet, as you know she liked them. You always love how they look after they’ve been taken care of.
  • Jaehee’s hands are always soft. Feeling them touching you everywhere is one of the many pleasures you’ve discovered since you’re by her side.
  • One night, she’s massaging your back and you moan softly.
  • “Does it hurt there?” she asks, thinking she may have found a sore spot on your back.
  • “No, baby. I’m just really enjoying this. I love your hands”
  • “You love my back massages” Jaehee corrects you and laughs.
  • “No, what I love is your hands. They feel really soft” you say and snuggle on the pillow you’re holding.
  • You look over your shoulder and give her a sly smile.
  • “How about I turn over?” you tease her, watching how her cheeks turn red. She nods and takes off her glasses, giving you the push you needed to start the night.


  • “Your hand is so big” you comment one day. You had been playing with Jumin’s left hand and he didn’t really care, as he was using his dominant hand to check his email on his phone.
  • “Well, I’m bigger than you” he replied, not taking his eyes off his cellphone.
  • Jumin then felt his hand closing on something and turned his head. He saw you had put his hand on a sofa pillow and now you were trying to make him close his hand on it. He arched an eyebrow, confused.
  • “I– I just like your hands. And I saw this TikTok trend and I wanted to try and see if…” you explain.
  • “Like this?” he asks, and squeezes the pillow. You can see the veins popping the the muscles tensing on his hand and wonder if they always look like that when he’s grabbing the sheets when you’re both on the bed and he’s on top and making those sounds you–
  • “I love that look on you” Jumin teases you. His voice takes you off the daze and manage to smile weakly at him before pressing a kiss on his cheek.
  • “You have an online meeting, so I’ll go to the bedroom and read a little. But… that was really hot. Come find me after” you say, before standing up and going to your bedroom. You know he’ll be returning soon.


  • “I like your hands, you know” you suddenly say, while your boyfriend is selecting items to go on a round of LOL. 
  • He laughs and makes sure his character’s hair is red as his.
  • “They’re full of calluses, MC. They’re not cute” he replies, without looking at you.
  • “I know. But it feels… I don’t know. It’s weird” you say and pick up your phone.
  • Saeyoung stops and turned his chair at you, with a playful smile on his face.
  • “What? How does it feel?”
  • “It… feels a little rough. But a good rough. That’s why I love when you… touch me everywhere. I like your hands” you say, feelings your cheeks burn. He grins mischievously and walks towards you.
  • You kiss him as soon as he’s close. Immediately you feel his hands on your cheeks, feeling that known rough sensation you’ve come to love.
  • “You don’t have to ask me twice” he says near your eyes and you feel chills down your jaw. 
  • i was inspired by this song
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Hello! Could you do the RFA+V and searan reaction to an MC that majors I fashion design and is excellent at designing clothes Please & thank you 💕

I love this! I have a friend who designs her own clothes and I admire her so much for it 🥰 If someone is studying this, please know you’re wonderfully creative and you help out people like me who struggle to find a style lol



  • This boy will ask you to try and recreate some of the costumes of the LOLOL characters, no doubt about it
  • You refuse
  • But one day, you surprised with with a jacket inspired in the clothing of his favourite LOLOL character and he just loses it
  • Both of you can spend hours doing what you love: playing videogames and designing in a notepad


  • Say hello to your new model
  • He’s tall, he’s fit and he’s absolutely in love with the idea with trying new clothes
  • a bit disappointed when he learns he can’t keep them
  • This man likes fashion, have you seen his clothes? He can rock white, black, pink (Zen is gorgeous in pink), ANY color.
  • He also likes the attention of you taking his measures or asking him to try something so you can add some final touches. Most of them are for your projects, but you promise one day
  • He’ll try to land you a gig in any of the plays he’s rehearsing, you could always learn a thing or two about costume design and it would look great on your resumé
  • Be prepared for runway shows, starring: The one and only Zen


  • You thought she wasn’t really interested in high fashion
  • But Baehee knows a lot. Even as much as you do
  • She may wear office clothes most days, but she had to help dress Jumin’s dates (ehem– young women Jumin’s dad forced him to go to an event with) and she had to find the best. Mr. Chairman orders.
  • So you both like to talk about new releases and watch tv specials together
  • Jaehee sometimes pauses the tv at a good time so you can quickly take notes or draw something for future reference
  • She’s just the most supportive girlfriend out there ok


  • Will immediately provide learning opportunities, such as private lessons if you need them
  • If you’re uncomfortable, he tells you you can talk with the personal tailor he has. You agree.
  • The next time the tailor comes home to take measures of Jumin (who has gained just a couple of pounds and it’s definitely NOT because you love baking hehe), you end up talking to the old man, who has years of experience. He tells you a couple of interesting things but has to leave soon because he has another client. You insist he stays longer next time and give him one of the muffins you made on his way out, to which he’s really surprised. None of the wives of his clients are like that
  • Jumin will always compliment your work. Whenever you’re feeling a little down, you show him your designs on your notebooks and he bathes you in compliments. 
  • He wants you to succeed and offers all the help he can give you now or in the future for that


  • Will try out anything you ask him to, even if it’s just for the giggles
  • Not opposed to wearing skirts if you need to fix them hem or something quick and it’s easier on someone else
  • will try and keep the skirt
  • stop him
  • or not
  • Sometimes you draw beside him while he’s hacking on his computers, so you can keep each other company
  • Like for Yoosung, you decide to make a feminine costume for him. It’s so good he decides to use it on Zen. He ‘accidentally’ meets him in the supermarket, flirts with him and actually gets his number. You can still remember Zen’s face when he finally sees you, bending over with laughter at the end of the hall and Saeyoung’s golden eyes shining


  • When you go out to buy new fabrics or inspire yourself, you like to go with him. But he’s not good with crowds, so he prefers to stay in a garden shop, admiring all their new plants while you buy everything you need. When you’re over, you both go to get some ice cream.
  • He has a flower shop. Most afternoons, you like to stay there and sketch a little while keeping him company. He really likes that you both can be in silence and still share a moment
  • When you’re nervous about a project, you show him your drawings. He looks at them thoroughly and says he really likes them. He even says he could wear one of those which is saying a lot because Saeran’s clothes are THE BEST
  • Will definitely gift you special drawing pencils or sketchpads

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I can’t express how MUCH FUN I had writing these. My grandpa would always tell me I needed to learn how to fix things because I needed to learn to be independent. So, some of these are actual experiences I had lol My exes were always so surprised when something broke down and I was like “*puts tool box down* ok, move over, let me handle this” 


  • Yoosung is in the middle of a LOLOL battle when suddenly the lights go out
  • He groans and goes outside his apartment with you to see if it has something to do with his apartment or with the whole building
  • It’s just his apartment
  • “Come with me downstairs?” you ask. He nods but starts complaining it’s the middle of the night and no one is going to come yo fix the problem and now he’s going to lose that battle.
  • You reach the first floor and you guide him towards a backroom, which has the electrical box you’ve been looking for. Thankfully, the key is still on, so you open it
  • Yoosung screeches
  • “MC NO STOP”
  • “Baby, it’s okay. I just want to see what the problem is”
  • Yoosung is so confused because it’s just a lot of wires and switched that don’t seem to make much sense, but you stare and them in silence. Finally, you softly turn on one switch and smile to yourself.
  • “I think that’s it. Lets see”
  • You return to Yoosung’s apartment and the light is back on.
  • “I think it’s because we had too many things plugged in. Shouldn’t happen again” you say, non-chalantly as you shrug.
  • You’re his new favourite magician


  • He’s the one that will be like: “Don’t worry, I’ll do it!” but actually knows that to do. He’s been living on his own for most of his life, he knows the basics.
  • One day, he comes home and finds you changing a lightbulb and he’s lie “No, babe, let me do it, I don’t want you falling down”.
  • But another day, he finds you half your body down the sink and is taken aback. You explain it was leaking so you decided to give it a try.
  • “But why didn’t you wait for me? I could have helped you, I don’t want you to feel you have to fix things around here, I just want you to relax and be happy”. He then proceeds to take off his shirt, to avoid stains. “C’mon, I’ll do it”.
  • “And… done!” you say and come back to a sitting position only to find your boyfriend shirtless in front of you.
  • “You actually fixed it?” he asked. You nod and then shrug, your cheeks a bit pink. You’ve been together for some time now but you still find yourself blushing whenever you see Zen’s bare chest.
  • “Well, since you’ve already taking off your shirt” you say with a coy smile. Zen smirks and helps you stand up to kiss you.


  • You think she’d know how to fix anything around the house since she’s been on her own as well
  • But truth is, she doesn’t usually have time to do that, so she calls someone to fix things around her apartment
  • One day, the fan stops working on a really hot summer night. It’s 1 am, Jaehee still has a lot to do
  • So you tell her not to worry, grab your tool box and start working. After half an hour, it’s up and running again
  • She’s thankful and makes sure to leave a nice breakfast for you before she goes to work the next morning
  • You two are the dream team


  • Jumin is not the one to swear. You’ve heard him do that just two or three times and it was when things were serious. So, when you heard “Shit!” and a loud, annoyed sigh you come quickly to the living room where he’s looking angrily at his laptop.
  • You looked at him arching an eyebrow and he explains his laptop suddenly shut off in the middle of a online meeting. It won’t turn on no matter what he does.
  • “May I?” you ask, grabbing his laptop. He waves it off. You look at it, pressing some buttons that seem to do nothing. The you put your hands under it and smile. You return the laptop to Jumin and go running to your bedroom, while your husband looks at you.
  • You return with a medium sized box and place it on the floor. You open it and Jumin can see a lot of different sized tools. Since when do you have this and why haven’t he seen it before?
  • You look at him and smile. “I still hadn’t unpacked this” you explain with a small giggle, while you take a really small screwdriver and turn around Jumin’s laptop. “So… uhm, may I try to fix it? I mean, there’s no technician available at this hour, I may as well try”.
  • Jumin nods and you start.
  • A few minutes after that, Jumin’s laptop in completely open and you’re inspecting the insides under Jumin’s amazed look, while he’s having a glass of wine. You grab a round metal piece and open it. Inside it, Jumin can see a big ball of white fur. Elizabeth the 3rd’s fur.
  • You grab it it and show it to him. “They were stuck in the ventilator. That’s why it was so warm. Let me put this back together and you can continue working”
  • Jumin doesn’t really understand the joy behind fixing things, since he’s used to having someone fix them for him. But seeing how happy it makes you, it’s his new favourite thing.


  • He’s a fixer too and this time you can’t one-up him, I’m sorry
  • But he’s still pleasantly surprised when he discovers you can fix things around the house
  • He almost melted when he saw you had a tool box and looked into it, liking you knew your way into things
  • He thought it was cute until one day he couldn’t find you
  • He called you, thinking you maybe had gone to the market, but you weren’t answering
  • Saeyoung was Officially Panicking™
  • Until he heard your voice
  • “Babyyyyyy, can you bring me a beer?~”
  • “… god?”
  • “Where are you!?”
  • “On the roof!”
  • Saeyoung startles outside the house and finds you sitting on the roof with a big smile and your toolbox next to you
  • “Hey!” you wave.
  • “What are you doing up there? Are you safe? You need to come down?”
  • “No, but I could really use a beer. There was a small leak but I’m almost done” you explained, laughing at your boyfriend’s shocked expression
  • Will definitely teach you more about fixing computers. He has tons of laptops and CPU’s that went bad so you can practice on them.
  • If you fix them, you’ll get a reward!~
  • At first you think it’s probably a bad of Honey Buddah chips but it seems Saeyoung has a nice and modern way of rewarding you ;)


  • This boy is… just is so pure. I can’t picture him getting his hands dirty
  • He’s also used to calling a handyman
  • One day, he trips and accidentally breaks one of his studio lights and a boom arm
  • He’s about to throw them to the trash but you ask him to please let you give them a ry
  • So you sit on the floor for a couple hours, trying to figure out a way to repair them
  • And you do!~
  • V is amazed at this ability
  • Will prepare you your favourite tea as a way of saying thank you


  • Obviously he knows how to fix things as well
  • He’s way more patient than Saeyoung to teach you how to fix things around the house
  • Also, his new favourite hobby is to see you peacefully try and repair one of his old laptops or any artifact around the house
  • You usually put your headphones on so you work in silence, sometimes moving your lips along the music
  • He loves that
  • Once, you need to repair the sink, so you change clothes to an old white t-shirt and a pair of denim shorts. You put your hair in a high ponytail and start working
  • He blushes because he’s never seen you looking so hot
  • And you notice it. Maybe he could use a little teasing after you’re done fixing the sink
  • You’ll definitely bend down more times than you need to just to see his reaction
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hello! im just wondering if you'd write about an MC that smokes weed for anxiety or even just for fun with the rfa+V? I have anxiety but sometimes people think its weird that I um.... self medicate... lol. Thanks ;)

Yes! I totally understand where you’re coming from. I’ve done my fair share of boofin with my friends, although not for anxiety, but many of my friends have done that. Imo, I feel like I can see all of the rfa members smoking, even Jumin ahah. Maybe not often, but you get it. I think MTL, it would go: Seven, V, Zen, Yoosung, Jaehee, Jumin.

RFA+V with MC That Smokes Weed


- Definetly smokes weed on a regular basis, would not give a shit at all

- You probably do it together whenever there’s a chance

- King of eating junk for 3 hours straight

- Just imagine the absolute stupidity that goes on with both you and Saeyoung absolutely zooted

- 100% includes laughing at anything at all, prank calls, watching terrible movies, creating disgusting food combos,

- For sure the most fun to be around while high, you’d keep each other entertained until you fall asleep where you stand

- you two go to McDonalds and gorge until they kick you out.

- this man moons the security cameras in any public setting. Just a total wild man

- Not the chillest man. This dude goes ham on sativa and has crackhead hours while stoned, there is no Vibing.

- Maybe after a while y’all sit down and vibe, listening to your favorite music until you fall asleep together :)


- this little boy has never smoked before

- definetly on edge about you smoking, but once you admit it’s for anxiety he understands and wants to help you

- after a while he wants to try it…

- probably has no idea how to do it— you have to teach him.

- doesn’t really know how to inhale it fully, but once he does— BLEGH ANAJKCK UHAHHA

-coughs like a pneumonic old lady

- gets the hang of it, really starts going to town on that joint/bowl/whatever you use


- dude gets paranoid

-“MC i thought this was supposed to help with your anxiety, not give it to me!” *cries*

- second times the charm right?

- this time is a whole other story— he’s having the time of his life!!!

-everything is funny. he’s wilding out!

- after an hour of giggling and listening to some tunes he crashes on the couch

- cutie yoosung x) he sleeps so peacefully with a little smile on his face


(kind of nsfw…but not really. just a little tiddlywink of maturity. 1/10 nsfw rank)

- This man smokes darts already, has a nic addiction, and used to be in a gang there is no way in Hell hes never smoked weed before.

- Since his gang days are over, he hasn’t smoked it in a long time, doesn’t really have a specific interest in it either, but…. he’s definitely not against it.

- you explain to him that you use it for your anxiety, but he’s a little wary about that

- doesn’t like that you have to resort to substance to calm yourself down, but wants t be supportive of it— he knows many people use it for similar medical reasons.

- but… when you offer to smoke together. well that’s cool. He loves you and would literally do anything with you

- you guys just sit on the floor, vibe, and listen to music, but he can’t stop staring at you

- he’s so damn happy, he’s smiling and laughing to himself while watching you sing to your favorite songs

- get gets up from where he’s sitting and slowly makes his way to you, and kisses you softly on the lips.

- Suddenly you both make your way to the bedroom. Every. Single. Sense. Is. Heightened. 11/10 sexy time.

- You just lay in bed, so relaxed and in love and just laugh about dumb shit together. <3


- she’s so stressed from work

- she comes home and notices you outside, smoking, and gets FREAKED

- why are you Doing That!!!!!!!

- you explain to her it helps calm down your nerves when you feel anxiety.

- …….. “gimme that”


- “are you sure jaehee? You didn’t seem too keen on it before…”

- “If you say it helps you, I trust you, and right now, I’m in need of a pick-me-up”

- you share this joint on the balcony and just talk about your worries together. It’s very therapeutic.

- you guys cuddle up together and just talk for hours, giggling here and there about random things.

- after the conversation dies down you both stay outside, content with each other’s company, her head rested on your shoulder, you also leaning on her for support


- Now, despite his stoic behavior, I have a deep feeling Jumin desperately wants to live on the wild side at least once. This was his chance.

- He found out you smoked due to anxiety a while ago, and he never really liked it.

- he thought it’d be better just to hire a professional, which he did, yet it never stopped you from smoking. Maybe because it could be fun sometimes.

- one day you woke up and decided to go for a smoke, which turned into a bit of a quarrel:

- “I don’t understand, I hired a doctor to help you! Smoking is bad for your lungs, why do you keep doing it?”

-“Because it’s fun.”

- “I don’t believe it—“

- “why don’t you just try it”

- he started at you for a minute. This was His Chance. Go against the harsh stereotype of a CEO and break the damn chains!


- this definetly took you by surprise

- 3 hits of a bowl later this man is an ANIMAL

- you’ve never seen him laugh so hard at anything before, it’s cracking you up too!

- man dances like a toddler. It’s cute

- you decide to go out into public. In disguise.

- walking into shops, people look at you because you’re wearing trenchcoats, a hat, and sunglasses, yet every time people stare, you both look at each other

- “Do you think they know?” “Oh god they know” “they definetly know”

- And every time, you burst out laughing.


- honestly, Jihyun is a fucking hippie. He’s an artist that got involved with a cult….. (poor guy)

- Probably has his own stash

- probably uses it for the same reason as you

- probably has done shrooms.

- anyway.

- if you can get high together you can expect photoshoots. But not just any photo shoot! A shitty-stoned-ugly-ass photshoot

- every picture looks like a meme

- sitting in a dark corner wearing a frilly outfit holding a bong like it’s the Crown Jewels.

- a photo of you shoving as many hot Cheetos into your mouth as humanly possible

- a photo of him falling down a set of stairs

- a photo of you guys together in some funky pose

- every picture you take is 1000 more seconds of laughing hysterically

- you turn on some music and just dance together for hours. It’s the most fun you’ve ever had. Little did you know, your speaker died 30 minutes ago and you’ve been dancing in silence, just laughing together

- eventually you settle down and just talk about the wonders of life until you see the sun start to rise again

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hiya! i heard you were open for requests! in that case, may i have headcanons of the rfa + saeran reacting to a mc with a passion for anime and drawing? (feel free to modify this ask if you want to do just one of them :D) thank you so much :)))

i wrote this while watching a re-run of Naruto lol again, sorry for this being so late, i hope you like it <3


  • lowkey interested in anime, hasn’t said anything until he knew you were interested as well
  • Really into shonen animes, because the fights remind him of LOLOL
  • He’s definitely going to stay up all night to finish watching a really good anime
  • When he discovers you like to draw them too, he’s in awe
  • “You’re soooo talented, MC! Can I see more of your drawings?”
  • You’ll be the first one to fall asleep when you binge-watch but he’ll stay up. He’s used to it.


  • Will totally ask you to draw him anime-style
  • And yes he’s going to frame it
  • WIll try and watch some episodes with you but he will eventually get bored, no matter what you try to do.
  • zen whyyyy
  • He will stay with you,but will start combing your hair or something else to keep him from falling asleep


  • Is mesmerized as how good you can draw! She’s a fan of the arts
  • Will take a picture of one of your drawings and put it as her phone background
  • At first not really into anime. Yes, the characters are designed beautifullu but have you seen Zen?
  • Will eventually find the joy in it, especially in the shojo section~
  • Be prepared for binge watching and fangirling with her


  • He’s really amazed at your work
  • He’s not much into anime itself, hasn’t watched one that really captured his attention, but it’s willing to try for you
  • Will watch you draw while drinking a glass of wine. Your expressions change softly while you’re drawing and he’s living for it
  • This is another one who will frame your best work at put them around the house so he can look at them every chance he gets
  • Wouldn’t admit that he shed a tear with Your Name, but the next day he gave you a nice red string silver bracelet, because he liked the idea of you being his soulmate


  • Will stay with you on the couch while binge-watching
  • Will definitely bring his precious Honey-Buddah chips, PhD Pepper and a blanket for both of you
  • Be prepared for long and very passionate conversations about headcanons for your favorite animes
  • You are wrong if you think he won’t ask you to draw him in one of his outfits
  • Will encourage you to cosplay with him your favorite anime


  • He’s a man of the arts, so he really likes the fact you like drawing
  • Has countless of photos of you drawing, taken when you weren’t paying attention
  • He’s really into anime movies more than series. He especially likes the emotional ones: Your Name, A Silent Voice, etc.
  • Will silently cry every time there’s an emotional scene. You snuggle closer whenever this happens and it makes him feel better


  • He hasn’t really been up-to-date with anime
  • But when he was a kid, he would watch Pokemon with his twin whenever their mom wasn’t home
  • So it takes him a while to watch again, it’s just too many memories for him
  • Will watch 2 to 3 episodes with you before getting tired, but will watch again tomorrow. He can’t just binge watch
  • Soft cuddling while watching though <3
  • Really impressed by your ability to draw anime. Will try and draw as well, while you give him some tips so he can be even better. Sometimes you just go to the porch and draw in comfortable silence, enjoying each other’s company.
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Here is my request idea! It's for MC x Jihuyn: Jihyun has just gotten back after being away for 2 years, but he was away for so long that MC had no idea when, or even if, he was going to return. After being back, MC has a developed a sort of separation anxiety.  She's scared that whenever he leaves for an extended period of time(like maybe more than a few hours) that he's not going to come back and she'll be alone all over again. ---- If you have any questions you know where to find me!

Jihyun x MC who has developed separation anxiety


Minutes, hours, days and months passed until the mint haired boy finally arrived one day.
As soon as your eyes recognized the smiling man in front of you, your legs moved on their own and your arms ended up hugging his body tightly.
The best feeling which then could fall upon you was the feeling of his hands on your back and his laugh in your ears.
,,That’s what it must mean to listen to angels!’’ you told yourself as he told you how much he missed you.
But you couldn’t say anything to the man you fell in love with.
Instead, your tears started to flow, wettening his shirt and making him chuckle as he heard you hiccuping.
,,It’s okay…’’ he laughed. His mood seemed so different from back then.
You finally let go of him and looked into his eyes.  
As if you would lose yourself in his big eyes, you stared into them, not believing that Jihyun was really back again.
Softly, your hands touched his cheeks and went through his hair before you heard Zen’s voice.
,,Finally, she’s smiling again!’’

Afterwards, the leader of the RFA hugged everyone and began to tell them the story which occured for the two years.
This wasn’t all. After all, he still had a surprise for them….

,,Home sweet home…’’ he laughed as he looked at the house he left in your care.
You had tidied up his place daily and lived there while he was gone. You watered the flowers he had there, you filled up the fridge, hoping he would come home so that you could cook for him.
You washed the towels so that when he would have returned home, he could have showered instantly.
You cleaned and took care of the dust. The bed was always fresh and… so empty.
The couch was always cozy but so lonely… the chairs around the table were always in their places. Not because you put them there, but because no one ever sat in them.
Suddenly, tears left your eyes as you and Jihyun looked around.
,,Mc…?’’ he whispered and took your face between his hands, making you look into his face.
He sadly looked at you as you kept sobbing.
Suddenly you grabbed his shirt.
,,Please,’’ you whispered ,,don’t leave me again…’’ you begged before your lips crushed together and ended up in a passionate play between the both of you.

,,Mhhh….’’ you mumbled in the early morning as the sunshine warmed up your face. You chuckled in your sleep as you slowly tried to open your eyes and tapped on the space next to you which finally wasn’t empty anymore.
Or so you thought.
Your hand moved up and down on the bed sheets.
,,JIHYUN!’’ you yelled and jumped up, your eyes open widely as you saw that he wasn’t there anymore.
You felt your heart getting tighter. You tried to calmly breath as you got up and put on some clothes.
,,Jihyun?’’ you called him again as you walked through the house.
Empty. No one.
,,J-Jihyun…!’’ you suddenly sobbed and felt as if the world was moving around you. Your eyes fell on the entrance. Panic was growing in your heart as you searched for his shoes.
However, they weren’t there anymore. Did he leave you again? Did he run after Rika this time?

,,Oh, you’re up?’’ he asked you as he closed the door behind himself and took off the shoes you were searching for a moment ago.
In disbelief, you looked at the mint haired man who smiled at you and showed you that he just bought breakfast.
,,Oh my god!’’ you hissed and hugged him.
You were so strong that you almost made him trip.
,,Mc…?’’ he asked you and patted your back with the free hand he had.
What was wrong with you, he thought.
,,I thought you left me again…’’ you finally spilled and looked up.

Days went on and the both of you were slowly adjusting to living together.
You had a good balance between the free time between couples, work, and private time.
However, from time to time you noticed that you got scared whenever Jihyun wasn’t able to be found.
You noticed that you got scared when he left for work and that the feeling got only better as soon as he returned home.
You noticed that you panicked whenever he didn’t reply immediately.
And the more you tried to get better, the worse you got and the more memories you got.
The letters he wrote you, the painful time while he was gone…
,,Get your shit together,’’ you hissed to yourself and tried to work.
,,Jihyun, I’m home!’’ you called as you entered and placed your shoes on the spot they always were.
However, his shoes were nowhere to be found.
It didn’t take ten minutes until you asked Saeyoung to track him down, sobbing into the phone that he probably left.
However, you later found out that he was at Jumin’s residence.
Of course, your faithful friend told Jihyun about your panic attack, which made him return home.
,,Why are you scared, Mc. I will stay here,’’ he tried to make you feel better.
However, his words triggered you.
,,Are you kidding me?’’ you asked him ,,I trusted you back then and you went to Rika. You ended up getting stabbed. Everything turned out fine, but later on you disappeared, Jihyun, and left me for two years. Do you think that sending letters apologizes for your actions? No, they don’t.
You could have told me your intentions. Jihyun, Saeyoung almost killed himself. I sat here day and night waiting for you and asking myself why, why did you leave everything in my care?
I thought, maybe he pitied me. I thought that maybe you trusted me, but Jihyun, I never got a response. Years later you return and… whenever I can’t find you… I get scared.
I trust you, but I have the feeling that you will never trust me! Did you change or did you only rehabilitate Saeran? Did you learn how to lean on others? I know the answer myself, Jihyun,’’
you stopped and breathed in.
,,You didn’t. Because if you would have changed, you would have informed us. We are here, Jihyun, we are here. We always were. We always trusted you and supported you. Jihyun, why can’t you do the same?! WHY?!’’ you asked him.

Your face was red and you were out of breath.
Your mouth felt dry from talking so long.
However, you just had to tell him.
Suddenly, he began to smile and kneeled down in front of you, pulling out a big ring in front of you.
,,I get it, Mc,’’ he began.
,,I would be scared too,’’ he laughed.
,,Will this make you feel better? This is our sign and our infinity. Our love, Mc. I will stay here forever and cherish you. I swear. Do you want to marry me, Mc?’’ he asked you.
You suddenly felt bad since you scolded him a few seconds ago, but then you smiled again and the tears you shed became happy tears.
And finally, with a nod, the both of you were officially engaged.  

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rfa + v mc who blares music and sings at the top of their lungs when their stressed, mad, sad(will sometimes cry if its really bad), or feeling any other negative emotions

I know it’s been a while, but I couldn’t figure out how to write this. Finally, I had the idea today! I’ve added a link to each song next to their names <3 I changed Seven’s to quiet singing but I think you’ll like the end result ~

Yoosung (x)

  • Yoosung can get wanting to express something through song. He’s friends with Zen after all.
  • But he was still surprised at your song selection
  • You had had an awful day at work and apparently had argued with one of your colleages,
  • So as soon as you got home, you threw your purse to the couch and connected your phone to the stereo. Yoosung was coming out of the shower. You both looked at each other for a second.
  • “I had the worst day at work” you said before pressing play.
  • “Fuck you, fuck you very very much. ‘Cause your words don’t translate and it’s getting quite late so please don’t stay in touch”
  • whyishisprincesscursingsomuchomg
  • He’ll watch you from a distance as you sing your lungs out around the living room and even dance a little bit, pointing at the air as you sing
  • When you’re over, he’ll wrap his arms around you and hug you tightly.
  • “Want some tea?”
  • “… Yes, please”

Zen (x)

  • Zen went to do the grocery. He insisted MC to go with him, but she refused, saying she wanted to stay home because she was still a little tired.
  • He had noticed MC being a little off the past few weeks, but he had been too afraid to ask why. 
  • He did the grocery quickly, not really enjoying it because his lady wasn’t there with him. When he was about to open the door to his place, he heard her voice singing. He decided not to interrupt her and stayed there listening for a little while.
  • “Yet if he said he loved me, I’d be lost, I’d be frightened. I’d couldn’t cope, just couldn’t cope. I’d turn my head, I’d back away, I wouldn’t want to know. He scares me so, I want him so, I love him so”.
  • The passion in your voice, a thing an actor could easily notice, was hard to ignore. He tried thinking about what had been going on with you to make you feel that way. Were you feeling like this because of other man? His heart clenched at the idea.
  • He opened the door, startling you. “Can we talk?” he quickly said and you nodded. Both of you sat on the couch in silence. After a moment, took a deep breath and asked: “Do you have feelings for someone else?”
  • You looked at him, surprised.
  • “What?”
  • “I’m asking if you have feelings for someone else. I heard you singing. That was definitely not just any song for you” he explained, his expression filled with sadness.
  • Suddenly, you started giggling. He looked at you, confused. You grabbed his hand tightly and smiled at him.
  • “I don’t know anyone else but you” you assured him. That made him smile just a tiny bit. “It’s just that… I’m scared” you confessed, biting your lip.
  • “Why are you scared, princess?”
  • “I’ve never been so serious with someone before. I– I’ve never lived with someone before and the other week you were talking about marriage and I panicked. I panicked not because I don’t want it, I do, but– these feelings I have…” you touched your chest. “I never loved somebody like I love you now. And it terrifies me a lot and I–”
  • A pair of lips crashed against yours. You kissed Zen back and couldn’t hide a smile.
  • “I never loved anyone like I love you either” he said, grabbing your face in between his hands. He placed a soft kiss on your lips before continuing. “So, can we be scared together?” he offered, making you smile again.

Jaehee (x)

  • It had been one of those days for Jaehee. She had had too much work at C&R and her new heels were killing her. She was mad, frustrated at everything going on. In that moment, she only wanted to come home and relax with her girlfriend.
  • When she entered the apartment, you immediately could tell it had been a rough.
  • “Was Jumin being a pain in the ass again?” you asked, as Jaehee took off her shoes and sat on the couch. She grumbled. You smiled sweetly and turned on the stereo, connecting your phone via bluetooth.
  • “I know what can help you” you teased, before pressing play. You started walking towards her with a huge grin on your face.
  • “We’re soaring… flying… there’s not a star in heaven that we can’t reach” you sang along.
  • Jaehee realised which song was it but refrained from singing along. You frowned and kept singing.
  • “You know the world can see us in a way that’s different from who we are. Creating space between us ‘til we separate hearts. But your faith–”
  • Now Jaehee was singing along as well. You knew your musical theatre loving girlfriend couldn’t resist High School Musical, even though it was her guilty pleasure.

Jumin (x)

  • Of course when Jumin learnt you could play the piano, he bought a big one for his penthouse. He loved listening to you play while he drank a glass of wine.
  • You played exclusively classical music, which le loved.
  • But once, he decided to come home early. He had decided to surprise you by taking out out for dinner.
  • He was about to announce himself, when he heard your voice on the piano. Making sure not to make noise, he took a couple of steps and watched you play. He had never heard that song before, never before heard you sing while playing the piano.
  • “But I don’t want some pretty face to tell me pretty lies, all I want is someone to believe. Honesty is such a lonely word…”
  • It was an emotional performance, Jumin had never seen someone pour all their feelings into a song. He let you finish and then saw you wiping the tears on your face with the back of your hand. 
  • He coughed a little, making himself present. You quickly turned your head in surprise. Your cheeks turned a bright pink.
  • “Do you want to talk about something?” he asked, walking towards you and sitting beside you on the piano bench. You sighed and took his hand.
  • “You know I can get kind of… insecure sometimes. With you having so many women with higher positions wanting to be with you, even after knowing you’re in a relationship. And I know you would never, never cheat on me but I have been cheated before.”
  • Jumin didn’t know that. He knew you got insecure sometimes, but he didn’t know someone had dared to betray your trust like that. He felt his muscles tense as he thought of you finding out and crying about it.
  • “Hey. It was last year and we split up after that. And I know you’re not like that, honey, I just… I don’t know, my head messes up with me sometimes. So “Honesty” seemed like a good song to… express myself I guess” you smiled softly.
  • Jumin kissed your temple and hugged you tightly against his chest.
  • “You’re the only woman I want beside me. The only one that makes my heart go faster when she’s around, or even when I think about her. So please, don’t worry your head, not about those things. None of them make me as happy as you do”.

Seven (x)

  • It’s a quiet morning. Saeyoung is asleep on the bed he still doesn’t want to share with you. He had bought a bed and made up a guest bedroom for you, which made you feel exactly like that: a guest. Not his girlfriend.
  • He has been working all night, you know, and maybe it was foolish to believe everything would be okay when you returned with Saeran, but Saeyoung was isolating himself again. 
  • Saeran was still at the hospital but you knew things wouldn’t get better when he returned home.
  • You know it’s rude to stare, but you do it every morning after you wake up. You look at him sleep for a couple of minutes and then start your day.
  • This time you go to the living room and see the RoboCat in a corner, not working anymore. And you can’t help but cry. You sit on the couch and start singing silently.
  • “Haven’t had a dream in a long time. See the life I’ve had can make a good man bad. So, for once in my life, let me get what I want. Lord knows it would be the first time” you sing quietly, tears running down your cheeks.
  • You put your hands in your face and sob for a moment, until you feel someone sitting next to you. You jump, surprised, and quickly wipe your tears.
  • “Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you” you mutter.
  • “What do you want?” he asks. You look at him, confused. “You were singing about wanting something. What do you want?”
  • His eyes are tired and his voice is raspy, but he looks like he’s really asking.
  • “I want you” you reply. Saeyoung opens his eyes, more awake now, his cheeks turning pink. You smile softly at that reaction, you had certainly missed that. He tries to process what you have just said, so you give him a little time to do that.
  • “Give me some time please” he murmurs. “I… I know we were getting somewhere. I just… There’s too much going on. But it’s not I don’t– I don’t want… you” he says, the colour on his cheeks getting more and more intense.
  • “Okay, okay” you whisper. You tentatively reach for his hand and softly grace it. When he doesn’t move it, you try and hold it. He still doesn’t move it.
  • You know it will take some time. But you would get there. Both of you would.

V (x) (x)

  • V knew you had gone to visit your parents after a long time. You didn’t answer when he texted you, asking how it had gone. You only replied saying “i’m home, please bring dinner”
  • So when V came home he was really surprised to hear really really loud music while you were playing the air guitar.
  • “What’s the worst that I can say, things are better if I stay so long and goodbye, so long and goodbye” you sang. You turned around and saw your boyfriend but didn’t stop. He looked at you, a little smile but still confused. V left the take out on the table and cam closer. You put your hand for V to take and pulled him into our frenzy performance.
  • During a small interlude, you began dancing some moves that V swore were from ballet.
  • “My dad hated that I was into this band when I was growing up” you shouted above the music, still dancing with him. The song ended and you quickly changed it to the next one.
  • “He thought it didn’t suit me, it was too rebellious, not me. But fuck his expectations for me, fuck everything” you continued and kept singing along.
  • “A life that’s so demanding, I get so weak. A love that’s so demanding I can’t speak. I’m not afraid to keep on living, I’m not afraid to walk this world alone. Honey if you stay, I’ll be forgiven” you pointed at an amused V. “Nothing you can say can stop me going home”.
  • “This is home now, though” you shouted, holding V’s hand. “This is home. You are home” you assured him. He could see in your eyes something had happened that afternoon, but he decided to ask tomorrow. 
  • Now it was time to let you let go.
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How about yoosung dragging mc to bed again because it was raining when they woke up? Sleeping in during a rainy morning is the best 🥰 Thank you!

Thank you for your suggestion <3

  • The alarm went off. You turned it off, letting out a sigh before rolling on the bed. It was always your job to finish w, ake him up. Yoosung would always stay up with his games so he always wanted to sleep a little longer. 
  • Yoosung did wake pu with the alarm, but you could see he was pretending he wasn’t, seeking comfort in his pillow. You smiled at the view.
  • “Rise and shine, baby. C’mon, I’ll prepare breakfast” 
  • no answer
  • You chuckled and got out of bed and walked to the window. When you opened the curtains, you realised it was raining. You took a deep breath, relaxing at the view. You really liked it when it rained. 
  • You thought about preparing some coffee and sitting down to watch the rain for a while, when you suddenly felt someone hugging you from behind, buring his head in your shoulder. You smiled.
  • “Good morning to you too” you teased.
  • “C’mon. Lets get back to bed” he said. You lt him pull you back to bed and laughed softly when he covered you both with the blankets.
  • “You’re adorable” you said, smiling at him.
  • “I like the sound of the rain” Yoosung said. “And it’s a Sunday morning, I think we can stay here a little bit”
  • “We can” you agreed, snuggling closer to him and intertwining your legs so find a comfortable position.
  • You closed your eyes and inhaled Yoosung’s sweet smell.
  • This was definitely better than your oringinal plan.
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Seven when you and him go on a date together but end up meeting his dad

//please take note my mc is a female, thank you!


  • Saeyoung wanted to go on a date together since they rarely go out, other than buying groceries and stuff.
  • So he left all his work at home and went out with you the WHOLE day.
  • You both were having so much fun.
  • By the end of the day, it was almost 7PM and you both decided you guys would eat in a restaurant tonight.
  • As you guys were sitting down, “Saeyoung, I’m going to the restroom for a moment, can you hold my stuff real quick?” You said passing it to him.
  • When you finished, you went out, you started walking in the long hallway, making your way back to Seven when you saw someone staring at you.
  • Choi Saejoong.
  • You tried to avert your eye contact when he noticed you were there.
  • “Good Evening, Ms. MC, its a pleasure to see you.” He smiled, offering you a handshake.
  • Knowing what he did to your boyfriend, you stepped back a bit from him.
  • “Ah…Mr. Choi…Good to see you.” You said, making a slight bow and quickly trying to go past by him.
  • “Why in a hurry, dear? Meeting up with someone?” He asked, still smiling, acting all innocent.
  • “Actually I am in a hurry, so if you’d excuse me.” You tried to walk pass him again, making him irritated.
  • He pushed you to the wall and placed an arm above you.
  • “Listen, all I wanted to do, was to have a friendly conversation with you, so cooperate will you?” He said, sternly.
  • “Again, Mr. Choi, I’m in a hurry so if you’d be so kind and move-“ you tried pushing his arm away.
  • Wrong move, he quickly pinned your arms above your head.
  • “I’m a politician, I can put you in jail if I wanted to.” He whispered in your ear.
  • Back in your table Saeyoung was waiting patiently.
  • He wanted to call you but he remembered your phone was with you.
  • He got up and quickly followed the sign that was leading to the toilet when he saw his fathe- the prime minister and MC?
  • Mc was trapped in his arms and he could hear what they were saying.
  • “Tell me where he lives or I won’t let you go.” He said forcefully, bruising her arms along.
  • “I’m not telling you where he lives.”
  • “Then he can wait patiently for you in the table and we can do this all nigh-“
  • Suddenly a loud cough was heard by the end of the hallway.
  • “Actually, Mr. Choi, I can’t wait any longer.” Saeyoung said in a monotone.
  • “Saeyoung? Is that you? Son! Long time no see! Last time we saw each other was when-“ Saejoong said, excitedly, letting go of MC’s arms and offering his biological son a hug.
  • “I tend to keep it that way. C’mon MC, we’re going home, lets just get MacDonald’s on the way.” He walked up to you and slung his arm on your shoulder.
  • Saejoong started cackling like a maniac, “hahahahha, do you really think you can stop me? first, I am a politcian, second, I am your father. You and your girlfriend have no right to disrespect me.” He said loudly like he was proud.
  • “Actually, you’re not my father, sorry but you didn’t raise me. You and…that woman never did.” Saeyoung said firmly.
  • “Tsk. Just because you’re an adult now, you think you can disobey me? You and your brother were supposed to never exist! Be grateful that you’re even breathing right now.”
  • Seven pushed you behind him and walked towards the man who claimed to be ‘his father.’
  • “Heh…” He chuckled. “Mr. Choi, I’m actually out on a date with my lovely girlfriend so if you could please stop disturbing us, I think it would be lovely, have a good evening, sir.” He bowed before making his way back to you, holding your hand tightly and walked away fast.
  • He could hear the man saying to himself he was a prime minister and he dares to talk back like that.
  • That night, when you fell asleep, Seven got on his laptop and started hacking into the man’s phone.
  • ‘You’re a prime minister? Good for you. Just remember that I’m a hacker and YOUR BIOLOGICAL SON so I could easily expose you for all the cruel things you’ve done to me, to Saeran, to everyone around you. Wanna report this to the police? Go ahead. Oh wait, I’m not supposed to exist so you can’t LOLOL, stop trying to butt into OUR lives and mind your own business. -707.”
  • You never saw the prime minister or heard from him again.
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Could I request Saeran x MC (during his route or after good end) headcanons for an AU in which all Mint Eye members are vampires? (Rika and Saeran would be vampires, but V & MC wouldn't because they never actually got "initiated")

Vampire AU 

Heya! I really hope you enjoy what I wrote for you, please feel free to give me feedback, my love! Have a nice day and enjoy your day, lolol I want to be romantic but I failed. I noticed that there are a lot requests regarding Saeran…is it because he was on the background for the Valentines Special for this year…? LOLOL Cheritz didn’t even give me Hourglasses as a present this year, so sad ;;;;;


,,Special missionary Mc, the savior has ordered you to reside in the basement until your cleansing ceremony where you will finally become a vampire,“ a believer told you, showing you his sharp teeth and red eyes.
You were scared.
They weren’t all just brainwashed at Mint Eye, but also Vampires.
You found out when you first kissed Ray. The heat between the both of you got hot that he felt as if he was going crazy.
When he showed you his teeth, he almost couldn’t hold back, but luckily you could help him to stay in his right mind, stopping him before he could even put his teeth into your neck.
Of course there were dangerous times. For example, when Ray became Saeran and misbehaved.
But Ray knew what was going to happen and gave you a special necklace which would make it possible for you to stay safe.
Suddenly, something was broken and the lights turned off.
,,Mc, hold onto me,“ Saeran‘s dark voice told you. You immediately did what he told you to do.

,,We‘re going to get out of this place. Close your eyes and just trust me,
Saeran jumped out of the window and ran with you in his arms as he ran and jumped over the colorful flowers.
Saeran‘s skin suddenly began to glitter, he was even more beautiful, you thought and stroked his cheek.
Saeran looked down at you and smiled at you as he held you tighter and increased his speed.
Not long afterwards, both of you sat in a little wooden house, staring at each other.
,,Is it okay for you to escape…?“ you asked him, concerned for his health.
Saeran nodded and kissed you.
,,They would have turned you into a vampire, just like me. I don’t want you to end up like me…a blood sucker without any future,“ Saeran mumbled.
You, however, stroked his cheek and told him how much he meant to you.
Jumin and Jaehee successfully helped you out, making it possible for your boyfriend to work for Jumin‘s intelligence unit.

Saeran had already guessed Saeyoung left some traits for him since he succeeded so quickly, which was odd in his opinion.
The RFA also knew about Saeran‘s secret.
It was just Yoosung, who once again, didn’t want to believe that his dear cousin was the one who made him like that.
Just when the blonde guy saw how Saeran drank the blood out of a bottle, he believed what the new member said.
Your boyfriend worked day and night, of course you knew that he didn’t have to sleep and drinking blood was already enough for him too, however you still couldn’t but be concerned.
But you quickly adjusted to this kind of life and soon afterwards it wasn’t a problem anymore.

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Having a crush with BestFriend!MC


—You two became friends from the moment you mentioned the LOLOL.

—Even if you didn’t know how to play, he suggested to teach you.

—And now you were addicted to games too.

Well done, Yoosung, now there is another game addict.

—But your friendship is not only based on video games.

—You talk about your lives too and give advice to each other.

—You also go to the cinema.

—He finds so happy being by your side.

—When you two part ways he can’t wait to meet with you again.

—And that’s how he finally admits to himself that he has developed feelings for you.

—He doesn’t know what to do.

—He doesn’t know how to confess and… Wait. What if you don’t like him that way?

—No, no. He won’t confess you.

—At first, you feel him a little more distant.

—Like… When you are sharing fries in a McDonalds and your hands touches, he takes his away at a high speed.

—Or like… When you are watching a show in his apartment and you lean a little closer to him on the sofa, he jumps on his site and moves a little away from you.

—Because of all of this, you start to think that he doesn’t want to be your friend anymore but he is afraid to tell you directly.

—So, at first, you avoid him.

—He calls you to hang out and you tell him that you are busy.

—He sends you a message to play LOLOL together and you tell him you are studying.

—He feels so bad because he can’t see you.

—He even thinks you are avoiding him but it can’t be… Right?

—Finally, you get tired of all of this and decide to let things clear.

—One day, you go to Yoosung’s apartment without telling him sooner.

—He opens the door in his pyjamas and rubbing his eyes.

—When he sees you, his eyes open wide and his face reddens.

—He isn’t ready to see you. HE IS IN PYJAMAS!

—“Wa- wait, MC! Can I dress first!?”

—You don’t let him. Instead, you push him into the house so you can enter too.

—“Do you really want us to be friends?” you ask.

—He is shocked by your question but carefully respond “Of course”.

—Even if he wanted to be something more, he is OK with being your friend.

—But you’re not satisfied with this answer.

—“Then, why are you acting weird when we hang out? Why are you… so distant?”

—And that’s how he understands what’s happening.

—“No, no, MC. It’s nothing like that.”

—“Then, what is it!?” you question angry.

—“I can’t tell you!”

—“Why not!?”

—“Because… if I tell you, I’m risking to lose you,” he says with his voice breaking.

—You sadden a little, but you need to know.

—“If you don’t tell me you’re risking to lose me now”.

—He put his face into his hands and, finally, he screams: “I’m in love with you!”

—At first, you are like WHAAAT!?

—But then, you look at him with loving eyes.

—“Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I thought we didn’t keep secrets from each other” you say.

—Yoosung’s cheeks are red as he stares into your eyes. You don’t sound mad at him only… a little sad.

—“I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. I acted weird because I didn’t want you to know. I didn’t know how you’d react.”

—“You’re so silly” you start saying and Yoosung’s heart sinks as he hears you laugh “I’m in love with you too”.

—After this, Yoosung’s eyes open wide and his brain stops working.


—You love him the same way he loves you.

—“Then, would you like to be my girlfriend!?” he screams a little but that is because he is very excited.

—You nod with your head and smile hugging him “Of course!”.

—You guys are now the best couple in the world ‘cause you have the confidence of friends but also love each other romantically.

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Not sure if you are taking requests right now but if you are. Could you please write something about the RFA or MC celebrating Yoosung's birthday with him? xxx

Of course! I’ve been meaning to write something to celebrate this blonde bean’s birthday but didnt get around to it 😭


* He honestly was really excited about his birthday-wouldn’t stop reminding everyone about the date since like 2 weeks before

* No one had it in them to really tease him about it-sure, Zen pretended to groan and tell him he should act like an adult, and Seven kept trolling him with insane gift ideas, but everyone was light-hearted about it; they were just happy to see Yoosung be the bright happy youngster he is lol

* On the date of his birthday he actually woke up before his alarm clock did! His hair a fluffy mess, eyes bright, he sat upright in his bed, unable to contain the smile spreading across his lips. He turned to where MC should be, right by his side on the bed, only his smile dropped when he saw their side of the bed empty. Where did they go..?

* Before he could think any longer, the door to the bedroom creaked open, the smell of warm chocolate invading his nostrils.

* MC stood there, still in their pyjamas, but with two cups of hot chocolate in each hand, topped with cream and marshmallows-Yoosung’s favorite.

* “Baby! You’re up! I wanted to wake you up first” MC pouted, rolling their eyes at Yoosung’s teary-eyed excitedness. They sat besides him, handing him one of the cups.

* “Happy Birthday Yoosungie” they said as they clinked their cup with his, letting him take a sip before mentioning anything else. He took a big gulp and squealed with joy, bringing the mug back down as he beamed to MC, some whipped cream still clinging to his upper lip.

* MC leaned in to kiss him, wiping the remaining cream from his lip with their thumb. “Wanna go downtown? We can do some shopping and go wherever you want for lunch.”

* Yoosung nodded along happily. He’d love to spend the day with MC! He…did feel a small tinge of disappointment though. Did the rest of the RFA not want to see him and congratulate him on his birthday? Surely they’d at least send a message to the chatroom right?

* And yet the chatroom was oddly quiet, only Jaehee logging in once to check if anyone had seen Jumin-and even then she didn’t so much as mention Yoosung.

* He tried to not let his disappointment show-he was with MC after all, and they were doing their best to keep him happy, taking him to his favorite videogame shops, took him out for lunch at that brunch spot he kept talking about-they even got him a LOLOL keychain he’d been eyeing for a while now but never had the time to go to the shop and get it. He was happy, he really was!

* ….but he couldn’t help but miss his friends. Even his online friends all messaged him, even the ones on different time zones took the time to send him congratulatory messages, and yet the people closest to him didn’t…?

* By the time the sun started to set, he couldn’t hide his frown any longer. He tugged on MC’s hand as they were walking down the street, swallowing down a sigh before speaking. “Baby let’s-can we go home? I’m really greatful for today, but I’d really just like to go cuddle with you on the couch.”

* MC was about to answer when their phone rang. They looked to it with a frown. “Hold on-it’s Zen.”

* Their voice was frantic as they spoke on the phone with him, peaking Yoosung’s attention. “What? Are you okay?! Yes we’re coming over right now!”

* Yoosung was confused, even more so when MC tugged at hia hand and told him “Quick, we have to go to Zen’s house-he’s in danger!”

* He didn’t realise how close to Zen’s house they were-or maybe his anxiety just failed to let him notice the time because, within minutes they were at Zen’s front door, which was oddly half-open.

*MC didn’t stop him as he pushed the door and dashed in-only to be met with dozens of confetti falling over his head, balloons with the LOLOL logo on them, a banner saying “HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOOSUNG” over Zen’s ancient TV.

* They were all there. Zen, Seven, Jumin, Jaehee…even V stood there with a balloon in hand, all screaming ‘congratulations’ and 'happy birthday’ to him. Did they plan this? His mind was still fuzzy trying to wrap around it all, and he only snapped back to the present when MC wrapped their hands around his shoulders as Seven came to stand in front of him with a huge cake in his hands, shaped like a shooting star, multicoloured candles lit atop the body of the star.

* They all sang to him and he just realised it was all planned-the idiots wanted him to worry they forgot so they could surprise him! This was-this was a surprise party!

* He couldn’t help but tear up, much to everyone’s dismay-“Wait no don’t cry over the cake you’ll wet the candles!” he heard Zen say, but he didn’t care. These were happy tears!

* He blew the candles out, and looked to his friends with bleary eyes, their smiles brighter than the now unlit candles.

* He was grateful to have the RFA besides him. With his eyes shut, he gave a silent thanks to Rika, that through the good and the bad she’d managed to bring this ragtag team together. He looked to MC, to the crinkle in their eyes as they looked at him.

* “Thank you”, he mouthed. He meant it more than anything.

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Nice headcanons for Jumin and Jaehee after she left the company because I need them to repair their relationship and remain friends. There's no longer any power imbalance.

oh i love this! i really do also want them to be friends, ive always felt so bad for Jaehee in all other routes but hers ;;


* Let’s be real, it’s be awkward as hell at first; Jaehee doesn’t know how to interact with Jumin in a way that isn’t forced politeness, and Jumin’s a peculiar person-though he held Jaehee in high regard, he has no freaking idea how to talk with her now that she no longer works for him

* It’s not like they hate one another; Jumin highly respects Jaehee, and though he furstrates her to no end, she never hated him; she could see through the cracks, as the person spending the most time with him, and could tell he’s not as much of a heartless robot as the world deems him to be

* It’ll take a while for Jumin to get used to not calling her ‘Assistant Kang’, and he’d follow anytime he adresses her as such with a polite cough and a quiet 'Sorry, I meant…Jaehee’, with what could only be a flustered expression.

* She also has a hard time not asking again and again about the state of the C&R, being used to her role for so long that it takes a while to get used to being her own person, independant from her past job. It’d honestly require help from MCa as well, to help her unwind when at home, to learn to enjoy her new job and find pleasure in her efforts.

* As an olive branch, Jumin will absoloutey help fund the cafe in the begining at least, even when Jaehee vehemently refuses his help; she’ll only accept when Jumin insists he wants to help, not out of duty, not as her old boss, but as a friend. 

* “You can name a drink after Elizabeth the 3d”, he says, “as a thank you”. Jaehee…hopes he’s teasing, but doubts it

* (She does though. She creates her own version of a fluffy white vanilla latte, and names it Elizabeth, though she refuses to be the one to tell so to Jumin, a furious blush on her cheeks at the mere thought of him ever ordering it)

* Jumin was at a loss at first after Jaehee left, but she’s nothing if not meticulous; she was there to help him find her replacement, and preformed the interviews alongside him, spending countless hours over resumes until they find someone that can step up to fill her spot. Jumin won’t admit it, but he’s grateful-he genially thought Jaehee would just up and disappear the moment she quit, worried he’d never find someone nearly as competent as her.

* He’d eventually admit it one day, after a sucessful RFA party, when the lull of the music and the buzz of wine give him courage. He’d be standing in a corner besides Jaehee, looking out to the people socialising with the RFA members, and quietly say 'You were great, you know. I know it’s a little late for praises, but you were the most competen, hard-working person I’ve yet met.’

* Jaehee would look up at him with wide eyes, before schooling her expression into a soft smile. 'I know’, she says, and they share a soft laugh, content to leave the conversation at that

*He’d regularly visit the coffee shop, although Jaehee would stop him right at the door if he had Elizabeth with him, pointing to the 'No pets allowed (except service animals)’ sign on the door. At his frown she’d sigh, nodding at him to wait there as she went back to the bar to make him his usual coffee-a latte with strawberry syrup, mix of the bitter espresso and the sugary foam creating the perfect balance, or so Jumin insists. She brings it to him at the door and shoos him away with a roll of her eyes and a smile, waving goodbye as he heads back to the car, nodding to Driver Kim as they leave.

* She’s a proud person, but when she runs into some problems she and MC have difficulty working through at the cafe, she would eventually call Jumin for help-he’s competent as all hell, and always objective, so she trusts his judgement, and honestly, would like his advice, as both an old boss and as a friend.

* She’d frequently invite the whole of RFA after closing hours to chill at the cafe, and Jumin and V would bring along bottles of wine, spending the night laughing and talking with friends, under the fairy lights adorning the cafe walls.

* Eventually, they do become friends. Even if it takes some time for either one of them to admit it so.

-send me a mystic messenger scenario/headcanon for character reactions!-

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hi i love your writing! is it okay if i can request a domestic jumin scenario where mc and their child visit him at his workplace? i think it would be so cute! i apologize in advance if this is against the rules. thank you so much for writing!

A short one to fill the void. I’m sorry I’ve been so absent, things have been really hectic for me and they will be until around July- just as a prewarning. Thank you for your continuous support and patience xx

Surprise visit

(Jumin x MC)


Surprise visits were never a surprise for too long; Little Miss Han was a little terror, and she certainly made her presence known. Jieun was a spitting image of her father- slate eyes and the most beautiful thick, dark hair- and yet she seemed to be nothing but a tiny bubble of her mother’s joyful, bright personality. She was only four but everyone had watched her grow into the little monster she was now, with a toothy grin and a smile sweet enough to brighten anyone’s day.

The office was no more than a giant playground to the child, a maze she could run around in for hours if she were given the chance. Rarely was she given that chance- it was a trip to visit her father- but that’s not to say she didn’t try to have fun. Through every corridor she went there was the distinct sound of her infectious giggles and was more often than not followed by her mother ushering her in the right direction.

As they approached his office, MC took hold of her daughter’s hand, crouching down to her level and fixing the collar of her dress. “Best behaviour for your father, okay?” Jieun nodded eagerly, her cheeks a pale pink. MC smiled back, squeezing her hand gently, “Good.” Rising to her knees, she knocked on the door carefully before opening the door a crack.


“Daddy!” Jieun had gone skipping across the room, calling joyously for her father, before MC had even tried to open the door any further. She ran with her arms open wide, having complete disregard for her surroundings.

Jumin gasped, dropping his pen in an instant and moving his chair from behind his desk to catch his incoming daughter. Jieun leaped fearlessly into his lap, her arms wrapped tightly around his neck as she continued to chant his name. “Oh! How is my princess today?” Jumin snickered as he held her tight, nuzzling his nose into her cheek playfully. “Have you been a good today?” he questioned his daughter with an almost cocky smile.

Jieun let go of the hold she had on him, her teeth on display through her cheeky grin as she nodded wildly once more. “Yes!”

“Really?” Jumin teased, pinching his daughters cheeks gently and causing her to giggle.

MC stood across the room from the two, her arms folded over her chest as she smiled on at her family. She moved closer to them, her voice playful as she joined in on the teasing: “I don’t know about that.”

“Oh?” Jumin’s gaze shifted between the two, only to fall back onto his daughter. “Are you lying, Jieun?” He questioned playfully, laughing almost hysterically as he watched her shake her head as if her life depended on it.

MC, too, snickered under her breath as she stood in front of the chair, her hand resting on her daughter’s soft hair. “Really?” She mused and Jieun’s bright eyes darted up to her in an instant, her cheeks rosy and her lips still up turned in their seemingly permanent grin. MC stroked free strands of her hair away from her face gently. “Well… I thought we were on best behaviour,” she raised her tone as she picked up her daughter from Jumin’s lap, holding her carefully above her hip. “And running into Daddy’s office screaming,” she began, “is not good behaviour.”

Jumin leaned back in his desk chair, crossing one leg over the other as he took in the sight of the two loves of his life- he couldn’t help but smile. “Maybe,” Jumin explored, his daughter making adamant eye contact with him as she fidgeted in her mother’s arms, “seeing Daddy is just too exciting and my little princess just can’t help herself.”

Once again, Jieun nodded furiously, stretching out her hand towards him and grabbing at the air. MC had to pull her back from trying to escape back to Jumin’s lap. She fussed in her mother’s arms, her brows furrowed and her lips pouted angrily in defiance as her father watched on in silence. MC smiled pitifully at her, hushing her quietly: “I told you, Jieun, we’re not staying long. Daddy’s busy and we’re going to get some new toys for Elizabeth, aren’t we?”

It didn’t take much to distract the child, see was all smiles within seconds. “Lots of toys!” Jieun cheered, her shiny teeth on display again. “And Daddy can play later with us too!”

MC watched as Jumin sighed, his eyes shifting away from the two for the first time and back to his work. She placed Jieun down with care, before holding her husband’s cheek and placing a kiss upon his forehead. “We’ll get going. I’ll see you later.”

“Bye, bye, Daddy!” She waved her tiny hand from the doorway, holding it out for her mother to take ahold of it as she joined her.

“Bye, bye.” Jumin waved back at her but it didn’t take long before his pen was back in his hand once she’d turned around.

Jieun was tugging at her hand, excited to shop for new plush mice, but MC was focused on the growing frown on her husband’s face. “Hey, Jumin,” she called delicately and he hummed in response. “I love you.”

He laughed stoically, the corners of his eyes creasing as he did, “I love you too.”

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Could I get a Mysmes Highschool AU please? Including Jihyun and Saeran if you don't mind  (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。

yes!! this is such a cute idea~ for the sake of it let’s assume all of the mysme gang go to the same high school :D


* He’s the kid that’s always friendly and bright when you approach him, but he’ll never come up to you first; he’ll always shout out a ‘good morning!’ when coming into the class each day, and he’ll have his own little raggedy friend group (that majorly consists of guys-he’s just too shy around girls!)

*People always say he’s nice and sweet but…that’s pretty much it. No one knows his favorite colour, what he wants to be when he grows up, if he gets along with his family…

*Well, MC decides to approach him-they’d always been friendly with him but at a distance, and something in his eye makes them want to bridge this gap between them.

*Turns out, he’s actually an absoloute sweetheart like everyone says, but he’s also so much more than that! He’s funny and bright, but beats himself up a lot-he’s a good student but lazy, and without someone to cheer him on and push him to keep up a scedhule he gets lost.

*So MC takes it upon themselves to convince him to have weekly study dates with him, rewarding themselves with cold sweet milkshakes after a job-well done; neither of them would admit it, but they’re absoloutely falling for eachother with each meeting.

*Yoosung would NEVER confess so-he’s so scared! All his friends at school tease him and ‘threaten’ to tell MC themselves if he doesn’t, but he just grumbles an excuse and leaves when they do-how could he possibly ruin this thing he has with MC because of his stupid feelings?

*Well, someone eventually spills the beans to MC because duh, it’s a high school, word gets around faster than you can say ‘pop quiz’-so MC takes it upon themselves to confess in their next study date.

*They don’t become the cutest couple at school or anything, but their friends are all very happy for them-and even teachers turn a blind eye if they catch Yoosung giving a quick kiss to MC during breaks, because well, that’s young love for ‘ya.


*Yes, yes, he’s the hottest guy in school (for this AU let’s say he never dropped out but he did leave his home, so he’s living on his own and works part time jobs and gets whatever acting gig he can whenever possible).

*He’s a bit of a…semi-deliquent? He’s the guy you’ll find smoking under the bleachers, be it cigarettes or weed, but he’s not a junkie nor a bully-he’s actually a very gentle and caring guy, smart too-he doesn’t study much but when exam season rolls around he tries his best to at least get semi-decent grades so he can have a good CV when looking for jobs later on.

*No one knows about his family situation-he’s kind yes, but he keeps everyone at a distance, scared of letting them get too close. 

*Jumin does know about Zen, mainly because Zen’s friends with V who’s the type of guy people just tell everything to-and Jumin tries to help Zen, often just by shoving money to Zen’s face which…really doesn’t help.

*Well, MC meets Zen once outside of school when they start working at the convinience store he also works at! They’d never talked to him at school-girls would constantly flock around him and fawn and whilst MC thought he’s attractive sure, they just never made the effort to talk to him.

*Turns out, he’s actually a hilarious guy with a temper-do NOT get him started on how much he hates ‘capitalist-loving pigs’ as he so calls them, and the curses he throws out whenever their manager isn’t looking are enough to make MC snort with laughter.

*They become fast friends, and whenever Zen sees MC at school he’ll wave and come their way to talk to them-which gets them both a lot of weird stares and glares. It’s not like anyone will come and bully MC for talking with Zen or anything, this isn’t the movies, but people are constantly asking how they know Zen, which they never grace with an answer-their extra-curricular activities are not something everyone should be privy to.

*One night they both work later than their shift ends, busy stocking up and running the monthly checks, and by the time they’re done it’s well past midnight-and they have school tomorrow.

*Zen offers MC to stay at his place for the night-he lives a five minute walk away from the store, and he’d hate to leave his friend alone to walk back home when there’s fewer buses and trains at this hour.

*So this is how MC discovers Zen lives alone-they don’t pry, but he tells them everything anyway, finally giving in and letting himself trust MC-and this is also how the two get together. 

*One minute they’re on Zen’s couch laughing over one thing or the other, the next they’re kissing, Zen’s hand cradling MC’s cheek.

*The next morning when they both go to school, MC wearing one of Zen’s t-shirts as an undershirt to their school uniform…well, let’s just say there’s a LOT of jealous people around lmao 

*(But still, no one dares say anything to MC-Zen is NOT known for his patience, and if anyone hurts his beloved then one glare from Zen is enough to send them to an early grave really)


*She’s the quiet kid-you know the one. She’s always buried in her books, sits in the front of the class (not by choice, not really-she just has bad eyesight lmao), her hair’s short because she thinks long hair’s a hassle, and has one or two superficial friends but that’s pretty much it.

*Well, one day she comes into class during a break only to find MC holding back tears as they look down at a book on their desk.

*Jaehee cautiously approaches and notices MC’s struggling with a math equation-one of the ones their teacher had assigned as homework, she reckons.

*With a soft smile she asks MC if they’d like Jaehee to sit with them-no ‘i can teach you’ or anything, she merely wants to sit beside them and cheer them on, and only offers her help if asked.

*And that’s how the two become friends. Jaehee’s not used to the affection MC shows them, how they’ll sit with them during breaks and bring them their favorite drink or snack from the cantine, how they’ll often invite them out after classes and wrap their hand around Jaehee’s shoudlers-she’ll never admit it but she was fast to develop a crush on MC, and her feelings terrify her.

*One day they’re at a park by MC’s place, sitting on the swings talking about their future. MC talks with bright eyes about all the plans they have after graduating, some completely absurd, others attainable with hard enough work and dedication.

* “What about you Jaehee? What do you want to do after graduating?” MC asks, their focus on Jaehee as they snap her out of her trance.

*What Jahee wants…? She thinks of her dream, the little coffee house with music and laughter, the smell of fresh grinded coffee beans and her behind the counter with an apron on and her hair long and tied into braids, how she’ll have regular customers she knows by name, how she’ll have someone she loves beside her-someone like MC-

* “I’ll just be an office worker I guess” she shrugs, avoiding MC’s bright gaze. That makes MC pout, getting off of the swing to sit in front of Jaehee on their knees, their hands on Jaehee’s lap, holding her own palms tight.

*MC tells Jaehee to think of what she truly wants, how she should never settle when she has dreams to follow and work on, how she owes her future to no one but herself-and maybe MC had more to say, but Jaehee will never know; for in that moment a surge of courage pushed them forward, leaning in and kissing MC mid-speech.

*They seperated quick enough, Jahee’s eyes wide, her mouth agape-would MC hate her now? Would they get up and leave? Would they-

* “That was wonderful” MC said with a grin, “but that doesn’t mean you’re excused from this conversation.”

*Anyway this is a long winded way of saying the two become the sweetest freaking couple their school has ever seen lmao


*He’s…also a popular guy, but for all the opossite reasons than Zen.

*People say he’s cool and mysterious, handsome to boot and richer than the queen of england. There’s all sorts of rumors surrounding him that he never adresses, which only add fuel to the fire.

*Some girls even start calling him ‘Mr.Grey’ after *that* film comes out, which makes him really confused. He doesn’t even like the colour…? Has he ever worn a grey tie he doesn’t remember?

*Anyway, he’s secluded yes, and quiet, his only friend that’s by his side at all times being V, who’s honestly equal parts mysterious as he is handsome.

*The two emit an aura that makes them unapproachable, so people just…don’t try to get close to them, and that’s that.

*MC’s one of those people, until one day, their art teacher splits them into groups of three people to create a photography project-something about light or whatever, MC wasn’t really paying attention. They’d already turned their head towards their friends with a smile and a wink, knowing they’d spend their ‘study time’ playing and gossiping…

*….until their teacher announced they’d be seperating people into groups themselves. And lo and behold-MC had ended up in a group with Jumin-yes, just Jumin since their class was an odd number. Their teacher said they’d have more time than the others since they were only two, but there was no changing groups, that was their definite rule.

*So after class ended, MC timidly approached Jumin-who was…way more polite than they’d thought. He greeted them with a handshake of all things, and told them to meet him at his home that very same day in the afternoon to discuss their ‘plan of action’ as he called it.

*He was odd, that much was sure, but there was a sort of cuteness to his actions, like a child trying to imitate an adult.

*Well, going to his home was…an experience. It’s everything you see in the movies and more, from a massive gateway to bodyguards taking MC up to Jumin’s study hall, to a maid coming by to ask what the two would like to drink and eat.

*Jumin’s nice enough, albeit cold and distant, but there’s something about this whole situation that kept bothering MC. With a small frown they quietly asked “Jumin, are your parents home?”

*He seemed taken aback by the question, his facade fading momentarily before he schooled himself back into a neutral expression. “I only have a father, and no, he’s not home at the moment.”

*MC nodded. “You think he’ll be home soon?” they asked. Jumin seemed…irk at the question, his lips tugging downwards.

* “I’m not sure. He’s a busy man, it might be a few days before he returns home. Why do you ask?”

*Their next words shocked Jumin to hsi core, his eyes wide as he looked to the timid person across of him. 

* “It’s nothing I just…I’m worried you seem lonely.”

*Jumin never adressed the comment, merely carried on working on their plan for their art project, but it stuck with him-and it was in fact, the reason he allowed MC to slowly get closer to him.

*When they decided on what their project would be-the different ways sunlight hits trees from morning until evening, they set out on a camping trip that very same weekend, which showed MC a whole new side to Jumin-the man beneath the suits, the teenager who wore jeans and shirts, who knew how to light a fire with sticks, who was awed when he learnt what smore were and ate so many he gave himself a stomachache.

*That night in the forest as they awaited sunrise to take more pictures, Jumin poured his heart out to MC-his fears, his relationship with his father, how he worries he’ll grow up to be just like him, how he values family in a way his father doesn’t seem to share-and before he knew it he was resting his head on MC’s shoulder, their fingers intertwined just as their lives had become.

*His life would never be the same after meeting this person with their keen eyes and gentle heart.


*Again, for the sake of this HC, we’ll assume Seven lives with Saeran and his mom who neglects them, and goes to the same high school as the rest of the RFA-he knows about hacking and does it as a part-time job to gather money, but he’s not an agent (yet..?)

*He’s a very weird guy-one moment he’s bright and cheerful and the next he’s solemn and cold, which doesn’t leave him with many friends, and even less people who actually care and want to find out what’s wrong, if he’s okay or needs any help.

*He’s often seen huddled with his twin-the two are practically inseperable, even though they’re in different classrooms, it’s rare to spot them away from each other druing break times, and they always seem to linger when school’s over, as if they dread going back home.

*Well, MC isn’t the type of person who’ll leave someone like that on their own. They’re concerned, no, more than that, they’re worried and need to know if Saeyoung’s alright, if he needs any help-there’s something about him that just puts them on edge, and they want to figure it out more than anything else.

*Well, trying to get close to Saeyoung is about as hard as Hercules’s trials; he’s friendly enough sure, sharing memes and joking about, but the moment a conversation becomes more serious he vanishes, finding some flimsy excuse to disappear before he needs to open up about anything. 

*But MC is relentless, and the more they learn about Saeyoung, every little bit of himself that he dares share-from his favorite colour (orange, he says, like the sunset), to his little quirks and habits (he bites his nails, he speaks so fast he stumbles over words, he’s genius to a fault but has a hard time reading-words seem to get jumbled up-), all the little things that make Saeyoung himself just swell up and fill MC’s heart and before they knew it-they’re in love.

*Saeyoung’s no fool, he knows MC likes him-and that makes him push them away all the more. Saeran notices his brothers conflicting emotions but says nothing, worried he’ll only make things worse.

*One day he snaps. MC confessed to him, and rather than saying ‘I don’t like you back’, he said ‘I can’t do this’, prodding a myriad of questions from MC.

* “Why? What is it you can’t do-Saeyoung, what are you hiding-”

* “Everything!” he yells-his hands are balled into fists, his back trembles, his eyes swell with tears; this person in front of him, the one he loves back, that’s so close yet so far-how can he drag them down into his own hell? “My family’s a fucking mess, my dad would rather have me dead, I’m barely surviving and-I’ve been doing fine, I’ve been coping but then you came along and put everything into your own unique chaos and-and I should push you away, I should I should but I can’t-”

*MC held him as he broke down in the empty school courtyard, his head resitng on their chest as he cried himself into fatigue. MC protected him from stray gazes of students finishing their EC activities, glared at whoever tried to approach them.

*They kissed his forehead, running their hands through his hair as he sighed at the action. “I’ll protect you Sae. Both you and Saeran, I promise-I’ll do everything I can to help you. No one will ever hurt you two. No one.”


*Similar to Saeyoung, he’s a weird character, and one few people dare approach. He seems cold and distant, and unlike his brother doesn’t joke around even for pretense’s sake. He’s rumored to have beat up people more than once, some even saying he’s a hired mercenary, although that’s a fat stretch of a lie at best, and a malicious intent to spread gossip about Saeran at most.

*In truth-he’s none of those things. MC knows, because his gentle eyes had caught their attention since day one, and they’ve been noticing the little bits and pieces that make him the Saeran they bid as kind and gentle-how they’ll cower their head at loud noises, how he’ll trail his fingers over leaves and petals of the courtyards’ plants as he walks by-they even saw him watering them once, but were pretty sure he’s not in the gardening club-they were the head of that club after all.

*With that in mind, MC had eventually gathered up their courage and approached Saeran, who seemed frazzled at their sudden approach to his desk. They introduced themselves as the head of the gardening club and asked if he’d be interested in joining them with a bright grin.

*Saeran was wide eyed and tense, but never graced them with an answer-at that moment his twin brother Saeyoung came to the classroom’s door and called out to Saeran, who graciously took the chance to hop out of his seat and leave before MC could utter another word.

*Only then did MC notice they had caught the attention of the entire classroom, only when the twins left and the chatter returned in the room had they realised how quiet everyone had fallen when MC approached Saeran.

*That evening at the gardening club, MC was restless, their hands fiddling with the water hose they’d been using to water the trees around the garden. Had they been too straight-forward? Too intense? They only wanted to befriend the guy, not scare the heebie jeebies out of him….

*They were shaken out of their thoughts when a timid knock came to the door, a familiar pair of golden eyes looking to them with a furious blush on pale cheeks.

*Saeran stood there, his fists trembling. “Um-I’d-I want to join…?”

*MC hates to admit it, but they were so shocked they forgot they were holding an open wate hose-so they turned with such force and excitement they ended up losing control of the hose, dousing themselves with tons of water before a giggling club member turned it off and took it from their hands.

*Even soaking wet and cold, they merely shook water off of their hair as they waltzed to the door, extending a hand towards Saeran.

* “Welcome to the gardening club!” they cheered, and just like that-Saeran graced them with a small little smile that was enough to melt glaciers off of the North Pole.


*V is the epitomy of ‘gentle and handsome’. He’s the president of the class, firm yet gentle, his smile hiding a menace, each word calculated and cool.

*MC…they didn’t know how, but they knew this was a facade. They knew it. He was nice enough, never giving them a reason to think he’s not who he seems, but there was something twisting in their gut whenevr Jihyun smiled at them, something that said not all is as it seems.

*In the next class elections-Jihyun had been elected president once again, and surprisingly, MC had been elected vice president, which meant they’d be working closely with Jihyun, having to frequently meet him after class to discuss plans and class budgets.

*For their first meeting, he suggested MC comes to his place, since it was the closest one from school, and he had the necessary materials there already since he’d been class president plenty times before already.

*Seeing Jihyun outside of school, at home-seeing him greet his father with cold hard eyes, that gave MC the confirmation they needed-that Jihyun isn’t all that he seems to be.

*As they silently worked on the class budget, MC saw something in the numbers that made them frown.

* “Um, Jihyun-don’t you think our budget for art supplies is really low? Surely we can increase it a bit no?” they asked.

*Jihyun looked up from his papers with wide eyes, his facade cracking before he laughed, rubbing at his eyes as MC stared on in confusion.

* “I’m sorry, it was mean of me to laugh-but increase the budget for art? It’s such a useless thing-there’s no need for it. Besides, no one’s complained about it before.”

* That only made MC’s confusion grow, their frown deepening. Jihyun must’ve caught on as he moved his hand across the table to gently rest over MC’s knuckles.

* “Don’t worry too much about it-if we see there’s an increased demand for it, wihch I doubt, we’ll cut a bit from the rest of the supplies and icrease that. Okay?”

* MC nodded, but remained cautious. The way he looked down on the arts-was he always like this? Something felt…off. They knew deep in their bones that Jihyun couldn’t-wasn’t a bad person, but there was something tying them back, a grudge, or so it seemed…and they were determined to find out.

-this got very out of hand and the final stories almost developed into full fledged fics lol, I’m sorry for the sharp ending! If you’d like to see more, or individualised fics for each character-you can send in another prompt, or consider comissioning me for a lengthier fic (rules/info here) <33

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