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edgelord-saeran · an hour ago
(This starts off with outsider POV jsyk)
When Marcie joined the cheer squad, she thought she was prepared. She knew she fit the stereotype: small, pretty, and popular. She wanted the status that came with the skirt, and knew she could get it. And more importantly, she knew she could get herself a boyfriend from the football team.
Which is why it annoyed her so much that there was this emo weirdo that attended all their practices. He didn't do much, just sat in the bleachers sketching in his notebook, but his white hair with pink tips and black attire stood out from the empty bleachers. He was a creep, Marcie had decided. He stayed until all the girls left, and once she'd seen him standing way to close to the captain. Didn't he know better?
Regardless he was here again, and as they were doing a cool down toward the end of practice, Marcie glances over and saw that there was a redhead speaking to him.
"Ugh. Looks like the creep brought a friend." She muttered under her breath to the girl next to her. The other girl gave an awkward laugh, but was cut short when a voice rang out.
"What's my main rule?" Marcie ducked her head slightly. It was the captain, winding her way through the girls doing their stretches on the floor.
"If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." The other girls parroted back.
"And why is that?" The captain yelled.
"Because talking shit makes you a bitch and we ain't no bitch." Was the response. Marcie rolled her eyes. The captain had this positivity thing going on, and while it worked most of the time, Marcie felt that things just needed to be said sometimes.
She felt a presence standing over her and when she glanced up, there was the captain, looking looking down at her with a frown on her face. Marcie scowled slightly, and the captain looked back towards the group.
"New cooldown. Three laps around the track. You finish, you go home. Get started." She said to the groans of the other girls. Regardless, they started their run.
Marcie was pissed, but started the run anyway. To her surprise, one of the upperclassman started to keep pace with her.
"So? What'd you say?" She asked conversationaly.
"I just called the creep a creep." Marcie huffed out. The upperclassman looked surprised.
"Saeran?" She asked and Marcie nodded toward the guy who had finally come off the bleachers and approached the fence. The captain was walking toward him, intent in her steps.
"Maybe she's gonna tell him to stop watching us practice. He's creepy." Marcie muttered. To her surprise, the upperclassman let out a laugh.
"Listen, honey. You need to get over yourself. He's definitely not watching you practice and she's definitely not gonna tell him to stop."
"How do you know??" Marcie felt herself bristle at her comment.
"Because Saeran is her man." The upperclassman said with a laugh before slightly speeding up her run. She yelled back. "Better watch yourself before you get on a shit list you can't get off of~"
Marcie looked over to where the pair were standing. He had the notebook out, showing the captain whatever he'd written inside. She smiled at him softly and gently pressed a kiss to his cheek. Saeran's face flushed a pink that Marcie could see from across the field.
"Fuck." She muttered under her breath. She'd fucked up.
"You can't punish everyone anytime someone misunderstands me." Saeran said lightly. His fingers intertwined with hers as he walked her home after cheer practice. He knew how they looked together, but quite frankly he didn't care. After so many years of pining after his best friend and the person he thought he could never have, she loved him back.
"I can and I will." She said lightly, swinging their arms between then. She the grinned. "Besides, you're our bird's eye view. We wouldn't be nearly as good without your advice."
He huffed, scratching his cheek. It was true that he'd been taking notes on their routines and letting her know what flaws he'd seen.
"It's the effort you put in though." Saeran protested. She laughed, and leaned over and pressed a kiss to his cheek.
"Let me compliment you~"
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justanothermissingsock · 10 hours ago
The fact that Yoosung is a poor college student who regularly bleaches his hair has me convinced that his hair is completely fried. He doesn't have the time or money to go into a salon every other week to get his roots touched up; he probably walks into a Walmart and buys the cheapest hair bleach he can find. Good luck running your fingers through his hair because its all melted together and crunchy.
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edgelord-saeran · a day ago
Unknown sat at an outside table at a Cafe, laptop on the table in front of him. He should be working on his plans for the RFA, but he couldn't take his eyes off the woman standing at the end of the block. She was ridiculously out of place.
As the people bustled around her, bundled up in their winter clothes on a rapidly cooling day, she was wearing blue strappy sandals. The pure white sundress that fluttered around her knees and the floppy sunhat she had on weren't helping either.
Not that it really mattered. The people around her couldn't see her anyway. Otherwise the white feathery wings that were almost as big as she was wouldn't be visible.
Unknown cursed to himself when she suddenly looked over, a large smile crossing her face as she waved happily at him. He stood, shoving his laptop in his bag. Her bangs were long, preventing her eyes from being visible in the slightest, but he knew that her gaze hadn't left him.
He began to walk away, and instantly she was by his side, chattering about everything and nothing all at once. He grit his teeth in frustration, and turned to enter a nearby alleyway. She followed.
He slammed her into the brick wall, and he felt a small twinge of regret that her wings disappeared right before her back hit. He wanted to dirty them. The quick movement knocked her stupid hat off, and it fluttered down onto the dirty ground of the alley.
"Why are you following me?" Unknown hissed at her.
"Guardian angel." She said with a smile. He scowled. Ever since he'd picked out a pawn she'd been on his ass.
"Don't get in my way." He said harshly. She frowned at his words, and he shook her slightly. Her bangs finally moved, and in that moment he paused. Her black eyes held the swirls of galaxies and stars, no light escaping as the depths constantly moved. For a moment, he wondered how she saw the world. How she saw him.
He turned away from her quickly, planning on his threat being the last thing he said. However, when he felt a touch on his back, he whipped back around, seeing her there with her hand outstretched. No, not his back, he realized as a plume of black feathers filled the air around them. His wings.
"What? Never seen a demon with feathers?" He sneered at her, trying not to show his panic. He didn't realize how thrown off she made him until that moment. He never showed off his wings, as they weren't the leathery sort that the others had. He didn't know why. "Guess I'm a fuck up in that regard too."
To his surprise, she looked sad, finally dropping her gaze from him. She held out her hand to to sunhat on the ground, and in an instant it was in her hand. She turned it slowly, analyzing the dirt before giving it a shake. Unknown had to stop himself from laughing. It was clean.
Then, the hat was suddenly on his head, and with both hands, she pulled him down to her level. There was a ghost of a whisper and a press of warmth on his forehead, and then it was gone.
He was standing in the alley way alone, stupid sunhat still on his head. He frowned, showing his hands in his pockets as he exited the alley and started to walk back down the street again. He wanted to throw off the hat, but found that he couldn't make himself. Her whisper, no matter how quiet, rang in his head.
You are precious. Wait for me.
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juminsmysticmc · a day ago
Pregnancy Series - Part 3
Tumblr media
Telling them 
Hey! So a lot of you have been waiting and I am honestly happy that you guys seem to like my pregnancy series! Please feel free to tell me your opinion with a comment or through a reblog ( I read every single # ) or just send me a message in my inbox! Hope you enjoy! 
Pregnancy Series: Part 1 // Part 2 
You nervously rubbed your hands together as the weekend finally came.
Ever since Jumin married you, he decided to have his birthday parties only with you instead of throwing big parties with people he didn’t even like just because of his status.
But this time you prepared something special for him.
You decided to invite your father-in-law as well as the RFA, even Zen, at your place on the 4th of October to stay until Jumin’s birthday at midnight the 5th october.
For Zen, you even prepared your party room since your beloved cat wasn’t in every room of the big penthouse your husband owned.
And so you prepared everything without your husband’s knowing. To say it clearly, you made someone else prepare it because you were scared of hurting the baby, being overprotective since it took you so long to get pregnant.
Maybe you were too scared, but you knew that Jumin wouldn’t have wanted you to overwork yourself.
The room was decorated in gold and black colors and you also baked a big cake on your own, deciding to hide a long note into the cake, saying that you were pregnant. At the end of the note, a copy of your first picture of the baby was attached, showing Jumin that whatever was happening was real.
You knew that he would be more than happy to see this, to know about the baby you were carrying.
,,Finally ready,’’ you said and sighed, looking at your clock, knowing that at 8 PM everyone would come home to stay into the room before Jumin would come home with Jaehee from the office.
The first guest to arrive was your father in law. To your surprise, he didn’t take his girlfriend along, but since Jumin always had to prepare a second party for his status, your in-law promised you to bring her along the next day. Well, you knew that this wasn’t going to last for a long time, but to make the elder happy, you nodded and smiled, telling him that you were more than happy to be able to get to know her.
Lastly, Seven, Zen, and Yoosung arrived. Zen and Seven were arguing whether or not the red haired boy should kidnap his Elly.
,,I need to go home with you. You can’t take that fur ball with you!’’ he hissed.
You left the men alone for a second before you waited for the final guest - your husband, of course followed by Jaehee who just sent you a message about her arrival.
Jumin was puzzled at first when you invited Jaehee inside and led the way to another part of the penthouse, but since it was you who asked, it was okay, you were his wife after all.
The surprise party, however, made him emotional and you knew that Jumin was touched just by his mimicry and how he stood there, you knew your husband.
,,I have a present for you, but you will only be allowed to have it at midnight!’’ you teased him after he gave you a long, lovely kiss.
Staying awake almost four hours more was hard for you. Since you knew that you were pregnant, you were even sleepier, but for Jumin you could manage to stay awake. You had to.
,,IT’S MIDNIGHT! BRING THE CAKE!’’ Seven screamed in excitement, making you a bit nervous.
Yoosung carried the cake into the room after you kindly asked him to, as you all sang ,,Happy Birthday’’ to him.
,,Thank you, my love,’’ he whispered and kissed you again, ready to blow his candles.
,,Before you cut the cake, Jumin,’’ you said as he stood there with a knife already ,,here’s something you have to pull out. Read it out loud,’’ you said.
You pressed your lips together as you waited for him to pull out the long white note until finally the first words appeared. ,,I…..’’ he said, he smirked, thinking that the note was ,,I love you’’
,,A….M…..P...R...E...G…-’’ he looked at you in shock before he pulled the note even quicker out of the cake, seeing the last picture of an ultrasound.
For the first time, all members of the RFA saw Jumin Han cry real tears by the man they always called ,,cold hearted’’ as he hugged his wife and kissed her with a lot of love, thanking her over and over again.
,,This is the best present ever,’’ he hiccuped and kneeled down to kiss your flat belly.
,,You will surely be a good mother!’’ the chocolate lady praised you as she gave you the white chocolate with the baby sonogram of your baby.
You quickly went back in and prepared a few more things. The chocolate was ready, you thought you would now take a little package and put balloons around the chocolate so that it would float up as soon as Zen would open the box.
Since the chocolate was in a cute packaging too, you put a note on it saying to open it immediately to see the surprise.
You guessed that this would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.
Then you also decided to bake a few muffins, not just for Zen, but also because you wanted to slowly get used to the idea of baking cakes for your future child.
That evening, you tried your best to act normal because you were overloading with happiness and excitement.
The next day, you woke up pretty quickly. One of the reasons was because you had the urge to throw up and the other reason was because you wanted to drop the news as soon as possible.
,,Mc, did you get checked up? Like-’’
,,Hyun, it’s just a virus. That’s why I had to cancel our reservation at the hospital,’’ you groaned as you again had to empty your stomach.
,,Of course, baby,’’ he whispered, holding your hair as he kept rubbing your back.
At times like these, he wished you could be like him, healing and getting better quickly.
But he also knew that you were a strong woman and didn’t have any problems.
,,Okay, I’m better,’’ you gasped as you went to wash your mouth. The taste you had in your mouth wasn’t really yummy and so you brushed your teeth before you decided to give him his present.
,,Here, for you,’’ you whispered as you laid back in bed, feeling a bit lightheaded.
Zen’s eyes went soft as he saw the big box, placing it on the floor and sitting next to it to open the present.
Just like you wanted, the balloons flew up, pulling the chokolate up.
Zen quickly grabbed the present and read the note out loud.
,,I’m excited. I never thought that Valentine’s Day could become so special one day,’’ he laughed.
You slowly teared up as you thought about how much better and special this day would become.
Zen opened the chocolate and inspected the picture.
He stayed silent for a second before he looked up at you again.
,,Really?’’ he asked you, whispering as his tears found a way out.
,,Really, Hyun, really.’’
You hurried home after the appointment, thinking about the best way to tell your husband that you were pregnant.
After you decided to take a look at some Pinterest boards, you decided to sew a little baby out of his clothes.
You once saw it in a drama and it was, in your opinion, the cutest idea.
And so, you took an old shirt of his and went down to the city, buying some stuff to fill your baby.
It took you the whole day to sew that baby, to first cut the material, put it together in a little cute baby outfit, and patch it together.
You were really happy back then; your teacher taught you how to sew at the machine and your mother bought you one back then.
Right when Yoosung entered, you just finished the little baby.
You were proud of yourself and were more than happy that you could hide the present before he came home.
,,Hello, my wife,“ he smiled and kissed you, seeing that you were in a better mood than in the morning.
,,You haven't cooked yet? Wanna do it together?“ he asked you, seeing that nothing was prepared.
,,Oh, I need to be honest. I took a good rest today and I forgot that it was already so late,“ you lied.
,,It’s okay! I can also order some sushi or-”
,,No sushi!“ you called, looking away.
,,Can we eat pizza?“ you asked him, trying to hide the fact that you preferred to not eat raw fish.
And so you both did, although Yoosung was kind of puzzled when you didn’t take the wine you both usually drank while eating pizza.
The day went by and the next morning finally arrived. You were happy to wake up just in time to set the table, prepare the breakfast, and put his bag with the baby doll on his seat.
,,Happy eighth anniversary,“ he whispered and kissed you, hugging your body from behind, nuzzling his head in your neck.
,,Eight years already,“ you sighed happily and turned around, ready to give him a deep, lovely kiss on his lips.
Yoosung quickly sat down, giving you his hand over the table as he put some sugar in his coffee.
,,That’s for you,“ he told you, giving you an envelope.
You smiled.
,,The bag in front of you is from me for you,“ you told him, as if someone else could have made him a present.
The both of you decided to open your present at the same time.
And once again, you surprised each other.
,,You want to adopt a child?“ you asked him as he almost screamed ,,YOU’RE PREGNANT?“
You both laughed at the same time. Yoosung quickly got up from his chair, getting on his knees as he kissed your belly with tears in his eyes.
,,I knew it! No sushi, no wine! I knew it!“ he sobbed, stroking the place where his baby was supposed to be.
,,Such a little human being will grow up here. Can you believe it?“ Yoosung asked you.
You were also now sobbing, shaking his head as you stroked his fluffy hair ,,Finally, Yoosung, finally,“
Your girlfriend couldn’t wait to hug you, hold you in her arms and so, as soon as she caught a glimpse of you at the train station, she hugged you, sobbing into your shoulder.
It was cold outside and you luckily came back right in time before the holy days of Christmas.
Jaehee still hugged you when suddenly, something soft and cold touched your nose, making you look up into the sky.
,,The first snow,’’ you whispered, making Jaehee loosen up her hug and look up too.
She chuckled as she knew that you loved the snow.
A few seconds later, the both of you walked hand in hand towards your shop. Jaehee was happy as you seemed to be in a happy mood.
Your fingers felt hot as hers were entangled in yours, stroking the skin of your finger with her thumb.
,,Go and take a warm shower. I will make us some food,’’ she mumbled and quickly left you alone.
And so, while the warm water of your shower hit your body, warming you up and relaxing your muscles, you thought of a way to tell Jaehee that you two finally did it.
Suddenly, you got a very good idea. Lately, you were into sublime stitching and found it hard to find new things to stitch, but now that you had your first ultrasound, you finally had a new challenge to take!
You copied your first ultrasound and sent it to your favorite artist, who was more than happy to make your ultrasound into a pattern with ink.
Just like always, you ironed the picture with the hot iron on your fabric, but this time you didn’t buy the pattern and indeed used your own.
You smiled as you saw how good it worked out. You were really proud of yourself that the first step was already so well done! 
But you couldn’t keep going as Jaehee called you to open the shop with her.
And so the weeks went by. You luckily didn’t have any symptoms that could have ruined the surprise for Jaehee.
You wanted to give it to her as a Christmas present after all.
You kept stitching along the line, slowly and accurately so that everything would look nice and neat.
When you finally finished, you felt yourself becoming emotional. This was now real, this present and this baby was really happening to you and Jaehee, who waited for so long for this.
The last step was to wash the fabric so that the blue ink would disappear, making it look once again much more beautiful.
,,I can’t wait for Christmas,’’ you chuckled to yourself and put the present into a little box.
,,You really didn’t have to,’’ Jaehee whispered the morning of Christmas Eve.
The both of you sat on your couch in front of your Christmas tree.
It was warm and cozy in your living room as you both were wearing the same Christmas hoodies.
You excitedly looked over to Jaehee as she opened the box.
Her fingers followed every stitched line, her lips began to tremble and it seemed as if she couldn’t breathe calmly.
You were getting worried, but soon enough Jaehee looked at you.
,,Is that yours?’’ she asked her, her voice was cracking.
,,Yes. I didn’t have the flu or covid, I’m pregnant,’’ you laughed.
Jaehee hugged you, not too strong, stroking the back of your hair as she enjoyed the warmth of your body.
,,I don’t have such a great present,’’ she laughed and kissed your cheek.
The birthday of the twins was slowly approaching. By now you were eight weeks pregnant.
You still had symptoms and felt sick. Sometimes you couldn’t even cook, making Saeyoung worry for you, but you knew that this was worth it.
You chuckled as you thought about your self made toy you prepared as a present for Saeyoung. It was a toy he had to play first before the news of your pregnancy would be announced.
It took you a while to construct everything.
It was a game where he had to put cards together. To put them together, he had to form different sentences in different languages.
Matching cards would give him a letter and afterwards those letters would give him the sentence ,,You will be soon a daddy!’’ but of course, he had to also form this sentence.
Since it was kind of difficult to perform this all in Hangul, you decided to make it an english game.
For Saeran, you prepared a little teddy bear which would say ,,Hello Uncle’’ but of course, he wasn’t allowed to open his present until Saeyoung played with his present.
The 11th of June quickly approached you guys as you woke up one morning. Luckily, you still didn’t feel sick.
You hugged Saeyoung as you woke him up with a sweet kiss ,,Good morning,’’ you whispered, making him groan, but not open his eyes.
,,Hello, how did you sleep?’’ you asked him when he turned his body to you and hugged you back.
,,Good, but being awake next to you is better,’’ he whimpered and almost fell asleep again.
,,Ya! Your birthday breakfast is waiting for you!’’ you hissed and laughed.
He immediately jumped up, yelling for his brother. ,,SAERAN, YOU ARE TURNING A YEAR OLDER!’’ he laughed, making you shake your head.
But you were happy that Saeyoung finally found his brother. You could just imagine how it must have been for him to miss his second half for all those years.
And even though Saeran didn’t admit it, he probably missed his brother too.
The three of you were sitting around the table as they ate their soup. It was a special soup for their birthday.
,,I will give you your birthday present later when the other’s are here too,’’ you told them both, making your husband especially sad. ,,You always want your present at midnight and now I have to wait?’’ he asked you, whining as you laughed at him.
,,It’s special, that’s why,’’ you told him, making him sulk.
,,My presents are always special,’’ he whined but didn’t say anything anymore as he enjoyed his food.
You were nervous as the RFA came one by one. By now, you guys were always together. You saw yourselves as a family.
,,Okay guys, because of you I couldn’t open my present!’’ he whined and finally unpacked the box. At first he looked a bit… puzzled, which made you chuckle.
You explained to him how to play and even persuaded him to play on his own.
,,Boring that everyone is watching me,’’ he mumbled as Saeran kept patting his present, you told him he wasn’t allowed to open it yet.
,,Is that german? ,,Wir müssen…’’ what?’’ he laughed.
But one by one he did it and finally had the single letters that would give the hidden message.
,,I am pregnant, I don’t even have to think about it, that’s the message, right?’’ he said and immediately looked up at you, already in tears.
By now, Saeran too, unpacked his bear and in a big family embrace, Saeyoung cried into your shoulder.
After you were brought to the maternity ward and they did some more tests, it seemed that it was official that you were pregnant!
Saeran got up as soon as he saw you walking out of the big doors.
,,Is it something serious? It took you so long and no one wanted to say anything,’’ he whined and took your hand between his, massaging your palm as he slowly walked out with you.
,,I just had to wait a long time,’’ you lied and smiled at him, trying to convince him that you just had a mere virus.
And so the days passed again and you worked on a present for Saeran who was a soon to be father.
You put a lot of thought into it and decided that doing something handmade would be much better than just telling him.
That’s why you decided to give him something your baby would get - a handmade baby blanket with his favorite flower patched on it.
You put a lot of hard work into it, using the best material and the most beautiful colors.
And since the gender was still unknown, you decided to go for a light beige color with some red details.
In the end, the blanket looked just too cute and it hit you - you were pregnant.
The day was nothing special when you told Saeran that you would like to go and eat an ice cream with him, something he agreed to immediately.
He took a few hours free and hand in hand with you, he went to buy ice cream for the both of you, enjoying the sun on your skin and the nature around you.
,,What do you have in that bag?’’ he asked you after a while, still licking his ice cream as he pointed at the little bag in your hand.
,,Nothing,’’ you began, ,,just something little I want to give you,’’ you told him, making him excited to know what you would like to give him.
To prevent the blanket from getting dirty, you decided to wait until the both of you were finished with the ice cream, giving you the chance to talk to Saeran a bit more about his day and your day.
,,Okay, now I’m ready,’’ he nodded and looked at the bag. He couldn’t wait to see what you had prepared for him in there.
He opened the bag and pulled out the self made blanket, observing every little detail.
He tilted his head as he looked at the length of it.
,,It’s a bit too little for you, right?’’ you laughed, making him laugh too.
Suddenly, Saeran saw a little note in there.
,,It’s not for you, it’s for your baby, Dad. Congratulations…’’ he whispered and put the note back into the bag, looking at the tiny blanket again.
You knew that he was happy, but probably overwhelmed with this news and so you decided to wait a few moments.
But as soon as the news arrived in his head, Saeran couldn’t prevent himself from hugging and thanking you a thousand times.
,, always make me so happy…!’’ he whined.
,,I will give my best to become a good father,’’ he said with a trembling voice.
,,I won’t become like my parents. I will be a good one and I will protect you and our unborn child,’’ he whispered, his hand on your belly by now.
,,I promise,’’ he nodded.
,,I trust you, Saeran.’’
As soon as Saeyoung heard those words, he began to tear up and hugged you, patting your back. He was just so happy for you and Jihyun as he knew that the both of you had a hard time lately.
,,Let’s get back and prepare something!’’ he said in his mischievous smile and helped you to get into the car.
Of course, to keep it fair, Saeyoung wasn’t allowed to tell anybody. Instead, the both of you planned on how to tell Jihyun who would soon come back home.
,,How about I make a computer print of your future family and he has to paint it in little colors? We will just make it with so many details that he won’t notice from the beginning that it’s a family picture of four!’’ Saeyoung chuckled. You loved the idea and were more than happy to go with it.
You and Saeyoung worked on the details while the rest of the RFA weren’t at your home as they too had their personal lives.
Saeyoung and Saeran, however, stayed with you partly because Saeyoung prepared the surprise with you, but also because they both were worried.
When you finally finished with the layout and Saeyoung helped you to print it out, you wouldn’t be able to tell that this was a picture of a family.
,,I wonder how he will react,’’ you laughed and thanked him for his hard work.
,,Those were the longest six weeks I’ve ever experienced,’’ you whimpered when Jihyun finally arrived at home, Lucy on your hand, also more than happy to see her father.
Hugging the both of you, he nodded in agreement.
,,I also missed the both of you,’’ he said honestly.
Quickly letting him step in, you took his stuff and helped him to unpack before you told him that dinner would be soon ready.
,,I have a little challenge for you,’’ you laughed as you went back to your room to take the picture you prepared for him.
,,Oh, I saw that on Instagram,’’ he nodded, as he remembered the logic of the painting.
,,Yes, but I did this myself,’’ you said proudly, handling it over to him.
He laughed happily ,,I’m excited to work on it, thank you!’’ he laughed.
,,Yes, but there’s a hidden message in it so you need to hurry with it!’’ you told him, not knowing that you encouraged him to work on it the whole night after you fell asleep that night.
In the morning, when you just opened your eyes and saw his black bags below his eyes, paint all over his hands, you knew that he overworked himself.
,,Will we be able to adopt a child?’’ he asked you, his voice was raspy as he asked you, tears in his eyes, excited to know the answer.
You slowly shook his head, making him wonder if his sleepy eyes made him see something he just wanted to see.
But you didn’t want to tease him anymore so you finally told him. ,,I’m pregnant, Jihyun. I wasn’t sick back then, I was just… pregnant! I was having symptomes. We will have a child together soon!’’ you told him, slowly getting up from the bed.
,,I’m so happy,’’ he sighed and kissed your belly.
,,I will never go away for such a long time, I swear,’’ he whispered and then, with his knees on the floor and head on your lap, slowly fell asleep….
You observed Vanderwood, noticing that the mood was being off for a few days.
To be honest, it was happening ever since you told him that you wanted to stop trying to have children for the time being.
Your eyes followed Vanderwood as he walked out and took out a cigarette, sluggishly smoking and looking around.
You began to chew on your lips as you thought back, maybe beginning the topic with ,,Yo’’ wasn’t the best way to start.
But there was no way back now and it didn’t matter anymore since you finally got pregnant.
You hoped that a day later, Vanderwood’s birthday, this silence between the both of you would be over finally as you wanted to surprise him with a self made cake which said, ,,Hello Daddy!’’
Of course, you firmly told him to not look at it, something he would never do since he knew how much you liked to surprise him.
,,Vandy,’’ you called him softly.
,,Don’t call me like that,’’ he groaned, a bit annoyed as he closed the door.
,,Are you angry at me?’’ you asked him, scared for his answer.
Vanderwood turned his body to you.
He didn’t look happy and you just noticed.
,,I’m not angry, I’m just… I have the feeling that you don’t really care about having a family with me while I work my ass of and-’’
,,Woah, what gives you that idea?’’ you asked him, slowly getting off the couch and looking at him.
You didn’t want to fight with him, but his comment… hurt you deeply.
,,Last time, sorry, but you approached the topic totally wrong!’’ he hissed, on his way to the kitchen.
You followed him there. He was partly right, you thought.
,,But, I was just… I didn’t know how to tell you, but this doesn’t mean that I don’t care,’’ you told him, your trembling voice making him look back at you.
,,I know. It still hurts though,’’ he whispered and opened the fridge to take out a cold drink.
,,You know what,’’ you told him, holding onto the door of the fridge and pulling out the cake you made for him which was covered with something so that he couldn’t see what was written on it with the chocolate.
,,What-’’ before Vanderwood could even say anything, you showed him the cake you prepared for him with the note written on it that you were pregnant.
,,It’s true. I was mean and I should have approached you differently, but I was so down, I didn’t think I could get pregnant anytime soon and- just don’t say anymore that I don’t care,’’ you finished your sentence and looked up, your tears were rolling down your cheeks as you were unsure of what to do now.
But Vanderwood knew what he had to do and softly took you in his arms, laying you down in the other room and kissing your neck.
,,You destroyed my surprise,’’ he whispered, giving you a kiss again.
,,Sorry for being selfish. I was mean while you’ve been carrying my baby,’’ he honestly apologized, stroking your flat womb as you sobbed into his shoulder.  
Part 4.1 of my pregnancy series (coming soon)
🤰🏻ᴘʀᴇɢɴᴀɴᴄʏ sᴇʀɪᴇs🤰🏻Masterlist here
16.05.2021// 00:12 MEST
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yanderes-galore · a day ago
Could I get a one shot of yandere Jumin Han buying gifts for their s/o, making her feel as if she's a doll?
Funny thing is I actually am writing a Yandere Jumin, so I'll just write it here.
This is loosely based off his Bad Ending 2.
Tumblr media
Yandere! Jumin Han Scenario
Summary: It's yet another night where Jumin comes home with a new set of clothes. You wonder what he bought today.
Possible Trigger Warnings: Yandere behavior such as a forced relationship and hinted NSFW
Tumblr media
"I see you're right where I left you." Jumin comments while looking at you on the bed. There you were, covered in fancy decorations that accent your shiny red heels. Such a stunning beauty.
The man strolls towards you and lifts your head to meet his gaze. You were still, just like a doll. He loved your obedience.
"I bought you some clothing when I was out today. I think it'll look good on you." Jumin continues as he pulls out a bag. Your eyes drift from him to the bag, a slight curiosity in them.
Jumin reaches in and pulls out another elegant dress along with some hair accessories. Stockings came out next along with some red ribbon. Jumin had a smile on his face as he glances at you.
"How about you try it on? Here, I'll help you then I can see if your trackers are working properly." Jumin hums, gently removing your heels. "You know better than to run, so I trust you."
He was right, you wanted this so you wouldn't run from him. You chose to be his little pet and doll. Ever since you showed interest in staying with him in the chatroom your fate was sealed. You woudn't be lying if you said you enjoyed it atleast a little bit.
Your old stockings were removed then he worked his way through the back of your dress. The old jewelry and decorations were removed as he stripped you down. Soon, you were in nothing but lingerie.
"Beautiful as always~" Jumin compliments as he took a moment to admire you. Small marks from the previous nights 'activities' were still visible as he traced his fingers over them. It looked like he was contemplating making them darker before shaking his head and reaching for the new clothing.
He gently helps you put on the new dress along with the stockings. Everything is smoothed out as he slips the red heels back on your feet and ties them. Then it's onto your hair, which had been grown out.
The hair brush and comb he had worked its way through your hair as he dilgently worked all the knotted hair out. Small hair clips and bows were put in your hair as he then picked up a familiar red ribbon.
You look at him lovingly as he ties the ribbon around your wrist. A soft kiss was placed on your forehead as Jumin met your gaze. His hand was dangerously close to the bottom of your dress.
"Shall we get started?" Jumin teases. You nod eagerly as he begins his advances.
Tumblr media
Author's Final Thoughts: I enioyed playing Jumin's route a long time ago, and this was the only bad ending I have ever gotten in Mystic Messenger. I got it willingly, of course, lol. The DLC they made for it was also great!
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lys-lilac · a day ago
Every MC is unique.
I don’t know since how long I wanted to post this. I mean, water just got above my head, and I just had to do it.
[Pre note: I hope my words don’t hurt anyone, because it was never the intention to. Please don’t take it in wrong way, otherwise I will go cry somewhere...]
I have seen in many social platforms players comparing different MCs. Like MC from a game and another MC from another game, and rather than enjoying the plot and the characters, it gets converted to ‘find the differences between these two MCs’. People start to appreciate one, while criticize another. And this, I can’t stand. Yeah, I know that many of you reading this will say that games are meant for improvement, and a strong MC is what is required for a stronger story plot. Ok, calm down and just listen to me.
Till now, I have played 4 otome games, Mystic Messenger, Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice, Romance MD: Always on Call (Love 365) and Tears of Themis (I have not played it, but at least have gone through some translations). So it’s true that I am an amateur in this field and just laying down my thoughts here.
Mystic Messenger
I haven’t had come across any posts regarding Mystic Messenger MC till now, because the game has set various options according to your choice, so that you can make the MC the way you want her to be. Personally I liked Jumin’s MC more (and by that, I mean Happy ending one) because she was much more mature there, and solved problems calmly. (Note, I haven’t gone through any other character’s MC except Jaehee).
Tumblr media
Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice
There were many posts saying that MC was cute, determined, while few acknowledged her as naïve, timid, clumsy. Well, she is. We can’t ignore that. But, I got sad seeing that players compared her to Tears of Themis’s MC. Of course the latter one will be better in terms of character, because she is bold, talented, and confident in herself and her actions. MLQC’s MC is designed in that way. And I think that the main reason why the MLs fall in love with her is because of her determination and willpower to never accept failure. Clumsiness is in her nature, and one can try to change that along with time. MLQC’s MC is what she is, and the guys love her because of her traits, including her naïve nature and mistakes. And if you are updated with the recent CN contents, then she is changing, right? 
Do you think that MLQCs guys will fall in love with Tears of Themis’ MC? Answer, A BIG NO. The same applies for Tears of Themis’ guys. Every MC remains beautiful in her own world.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Romance MD: Always on Call
She is different from other MCs of Love365. I am tired of seeing people saying that she is a nerd, is talkative and so on. Well she should be. Because she is in medical field right? How could she know about romance at first when most of the time she is occupied with studies. And in my opinion, the girl is not talkative, but rather than that, has a childish nature to her. She herself mentions in the story that she has limited her romantic ventures to a fictional character only, because more than that, she needs to study to become a good surgeon. Lastly, she is beautiful FROM INSIDE. We should appreciate that Voltage Inc. was kind enough to change the normal genres of MC to a brand new one, which didn’t fail to amaze me.
Tumblr media
Tears of Themis
I haven’t also come across any negative post regarding this one, but can I just appreciate how amazing she is?! A literal goddess. This MC is more of a confident one, strong willed, and mature. She analyses the situation beforehand and judges it carefully before landing to any decision. And that’s what required. I like that she doesn’t get scared, and whatever she does, does it perfectly. 
Tumblr media
Concluding this post here, I would like to say that everyone has flaws. And our world can’t be in balance if everyone becomes perfect. So, instead of pondering on different traits of different MCs, we should appreciate each one of them, and note down any point if we did not like in her, so that we can improvise ourselves. 
Thank you for reading!
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naoface · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
My full piece for @707hearts606 fanzine! Check out the blog for extras sales before they’re all gone c:
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sapiophile-j · 2 days ago
V: *telling Lucy the story of how he and MC met*
V: Oh, I forgot to tell you the happy ending.
Lucy: What is it?
V: You. :)
( ◜‿◝ )♡
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mustardcusstard · 2 days ago
Yoosung: Zen and Jumin are engaged!
MC: wHAT?!?!?!
Jaehee: What?? Are you serious??
Yoosung: I'm serious! They're engaged!
707: Lololol engaged in combat
*muffled screaming and sneezing in the distance (courtesy of Zen)*
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lazy-girl666 · 3 days ago
Saeran: *having his two hands beside MCs head against a wall* Feel intimidated!
MC: It's not working-
Saeran: I saw your expression change, what do you feel then?!
MC: Horny.
Saeran: ...What is horny?- Is it something like fright?!
MC: *cries internally*
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bored-jumin · 3 days ago
hello gang it has been a year but i’m back on my bullshit
give me nsfw prompts for lucifer or jumin han (ΦωΦ)
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candyandlollipops · 4 days ago
Pairings: Jihyun/V x Rika, Jumin x Rika (mentioned), Past!Jumin x MC1 (Mi-Cha)
Warnings: Implied violence, cheating
Tumblr media
Chapter 5
A moment later, Jihyun appeared from the door towards the rooftop, holding a bottle in his hand. He looked disappointed.
"I did not hit her!" he ranted. "It's not true. It's bullocks! I did not hit her! I did not!"
As he threw the bottle towards the floor, he paused, looking at the other direction.
"Oh, hi Jumin!" he greeted.
Jumin was sitting on a chair, holding a baseball in his hand.
"Oh hey, Jihyun! What's up?" Jumin greeted back.
Jihyun sighed sadly, as he sits in one of the chairs beside Jumin.
"I had a problem with Rika," he said. "She says that I hit her."
Jumin got shocked by this. "What? Well did you?"
"No, it's not true! Don't even ask!" Jihyun shook his head. "What's new with you?"
"Well, I'm just sitting up here thinking, you know?" the raven haired man replied, looking at the sky. "I got a question for you."
"You think girls like to cheat like guys do?" Jumin asked him.
Jihyun glances at him. "What makes you say that?"
Jumin shrugged. "I dunno. I dunno. I'm just... I'm just thinking."
"I don't have to worry about that because Rika is loyal to me," Jihyun smiles at him.
"Yeah, man," Jumin frowned a bit. "You never know. People are very strange these days."
As they talked about girls and infidelity, Jihyun finally stood up, his arm around Jumin's shoulder.
"I'm so happy I have you as my best friend," he said. "And I love Rika so much."
"Yeah, man," Jumin would only nod, feeling a bit sorry for Jihyun. "Yeah, you are very lucky."
"Well, maybe you should have a girl, Jumin," Jihyun suggested.
"Yeah, yeah," Jumin agreed. "Maybe you're right. Maybe I have one already. I don't know yet."
"Well, what happened?"Jihyun inquired him. "Remember Mi-Cha? That's her name?"
"Mi-Cha?" Jumin blurted out.
"Yeah, we don't see each other anymore," Jumin admitted. "She was beautiful, but we had too many arguments."
"That's too bad," Jihyun replied. "My Rika is great when I can get it."
"Oh man," Jumin spoke up. "I just can't figure women out. Sometimes they're just too smart, sometimes they're just flat out stupid. Other times they're just evil."
This made Jihyun beam up at his words. "It seems to me that you're the expert, Jumin!"
However, Jumin shook his head again at this statement. "No. Definitely not an expert, Jihyun."
This words made Jihyun sense that something is off with Jumin. He seems to act weird.
"What's bothering you, Jumin?" he asked with suspicion.
"Nothing, man," Jumin lied.
"Do you... do you have some secrets?" Jihyun persistently asked. "Why don't you tell me?"
"Forget it! Forget it!" Jumin quickly replied.
But Jihyun wouldn't give in.
"Is there some secret? Tell me."
In response, Jumin brushes off Jihyun's hand off his shoulders before walking away.
"No, forget it! Talk to you later!" then he left.
(To be continued...)
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dailysaeran · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
HC: Fem!Saeran is Not Very Tall and it causes some issues when trying to kabedon someone
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[img enclosed]
Yoosung ☆: I found a pic of Seven!
MC: ehadtfytfseyatujfejw
MC: asrtygfvcguhviokjnb
MC: surghuhdszeikjkieshfuhc
707: :)
MC: sweating rn
Zen: Gay.
MC: and you aren’t, rat tail? methinks someone’s a little too into slandering Jumin
Jumin: wow
Zen: shut UP
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