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#mystic messenger prompts

my bi butt is h e r e for this!!!!

* Jaehee…isn’t used to affection. That’s not to say she doesn’t like it! It’s just foreign as a concept to her, and even with past relationships she always welcomed affection and touches, she was just always confused as to how to reciprocate, never one to initiate anything by herself.

* So when MC began to flirt with her, Jaehee was so. So Confused. Was this MC’s way of joking around? Was it perhaps just them teasing Jaehee?! And-most importantly-how the heck should Jaehee respond?!

* MC would stroll towards Jaehee as they set up their coffee shop to prepare for the morning rush, greeting her with a ‘hey pretty lady~’ before walking back to whatever task they had at hand, as if they didn’t just make Jaehee’s cheeks flush redder than Seven’s hair.

* She’s not proud to say this, but she actually consulted Zen for this. One day he’d come by the coffee shop to chat with his favourite RFA duo, sitting at a table near the counter whilst Jaehee and MC went by to greet him, chatting all together for a while before MC rushed back to the counter to prepare some more orders.

* Jaehee stood there for a long awkward moment before Zen raised a brow, asking if everything was okay. Jaehee sighed and sat across him, her hands awkwardly fiddling with the hem of her apron.

* “I…I’m concerned about MC’s behaviour” she admitted, and that piqued Zen’s curiosity. He leaned in close, a frown on his lips. “What do you mean? Is something wrong with them?” he asked.

* Jaehee bit her lip, turning to glance at MC as they cheerily worked around the coffee grinder. They looked up, noticing Jaehee’s stare and winked with a cheeky smile, prompting Jaehee to furiously turn back towards Zen with a blush.

* “They’re-I know it might just be the way they are, but um-they are very-they’ll compliment me all the time and throw pick-up lines at me at the most random times and yesterday-I was cleaning the espresso machine and they hugged me from behind! They refused to let go even when I told them I have to finish up cleaning, saying they ‘needed to recharge’!” Jaehee shook her head as she recounted the memory, the warmth of MC’s arms around her waist still lingering on her skin.

* “I just…” she sighed, finally looking up at Zen, “I’m so confused. What does it all mean? Is it perhaps a flirtation or is it just their way of being friendly?”

* Zen’s response…wasn’t quite what she’d been expecting.

* “Jaehee….are you bragging about your adorable lovey-dovey relationship right now? To me?! Who has been single for so long now I might as well be lumped into the same category as that Trustfund dude?!”

* Jaehee was taken aback. “Lo…Lovey-dovey?! What, Zen-I’m-Me and MC aren’t-we’re not together!” she stumbled over her words, her heart racing. Was this what it seemed like? Could MC-there was no way MC liked her, was there?!

* Zen blinked owlishly, leaning back on his seat. “You…you haven’t realised?” he asked. Jaehee cocked her head to the side, frown burrowed.

* Zen merely sighed, hid a laugh behind his palm. “I think you should talk with MC tonight. Tell them what you told me. You…you’re an incredibly smart person, but really emotionally blunt aren’t you?” he teased her, making poor Jaehee even more confused than before.

* Taking Zen’s advice to heart though, she grinned through the rest of the day, blushing through each of MC’s compliments and flirty remarks, nearly melting into a puddle of affection when at some point during the afternoon lull MC leaned their head on Jaehee’s shoulder, content to hide their face in the crook of her neck.

* As the two closed up shop later that night, Jaehee stood behind MC as they locked the coffee house’s door, humming a cheery tune. 

* “MC…can I ask you something?” Jaehee finally managed to ask, gathering her wits and courage to this very moment. MC turned to her with a small smile. “Of course!”

* She shuffled her feet, looking down to the ground as she felt her heart stutter in her chest. “You um-you say many…affectionate things to me and I do appreciate them-I enjoy your company and your attention but…I just need to know, what does it mean?” she felt her breath hitch in her throat, a nervous lump slowing her down. “What…what do you feel towards me?”

* She didn’t dare look up to MC, merely saw their shoes as they walked to stand in her line of sight, tilting her chin up to face them.

* “Have you really not noticed, or are you just looking for a confirmation?” MC asked, a mischievous smile on their lips as they made Jaehee look back up. They sighed at Jaehee’s bewildered expression, leaning their forehead to rest against hers. 

* “I love you. Jaehee you…you’re the single most wonderful person I’ve ever met, you’re hard-working, gentle, caring, you are so passionate about the things you love and your joy is infectious. I…well, I can’t help but flirt and compliment you whenever I see you, you’re just too cute for words.” 

* Jaehee.exe has stopped responding

* MC?!?! Loved her?! ?! Her?!

* MC leaned back as Jaehee stared on bewildered, her brain shutting down and restarting. As she processed MC leaning away she came back to alertness, tugging them back towards her as she leaned in to kiss them, a short chaste smooch that left them both flabbergasted.

* “I love you too! I um-I just have to ask you of one thing, if we’ll…if we’ll be dating.”

* “Anything” MC replied deadpan.

* Jaehee shook her head, willing her heartbeat to ease. 


* Sorry Jaehee…but this is one wish MC can’t fulfil for u :3c

* Anyway Jaehee blushing is the cutest hecking thing reblog if u agree

-send me mystic messenger head canons for character reactions-

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oooh a n g s t time :3c


* It took so much for Yoosung to bring himself to confess to MC-he was so afraid, because…well, what if they didn’t like him back? What if this move put their whole friendship in jeopardy? What if-

* But then sometimes MC would turn to look at him, or they’d lean in close, rest their head on his shoulder and he couldn’t shake the feeling that no-no, he can’t keep these feeling to himself, can’t help the flutter in his chest whenever MC smiles at him.

* So one day whilst they’re hanging out at his place, MC beating him at video games (he’d never tell them it’s because he’s too nervous to focus on gaming), he just pauses the game, turns to them with a small worried frown.

* “MC I-I need to tell you something. I don’t know how you’ll take it but I just-I need to say it and-”

* MC let him build up his courage, encouraging him to say what was on his mind. So he did. He told them about how they make his heart ache, how he wants nothing more than to hug them close and never let go, to have the chance to be their boyfriend.

* He refused to look at MC’s face all throughout his confession, worried he’ll lose his courage if he did. Only after muttering out a small ‘I love you’ was he able to look up and the expression that awaited him was…..a sad, pitiful look, MC biting at their lip with worry.

* “Yoosung I…I love you too, but not in the same way you mean it-you’re like a little brother to me and…”

* He didn’t want to hear anything else. Of course, what was he even thinking, confessing to them like that? How could they ever see him-plain, boring, childish, stupid him, as anything other than a friend?

* He caught the stray tear leaving his eye before it could roll down his cheek, laughing through the shatter of his heart as it dropped to the bottom of his ribcage.

* “It’s okay MC, it’s okay-I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable. Let’s just..let’s just get back to our video game, ok?”


* He was used to both men and women drooling over his image, love confessions flooding his mail on the daily-yet this was the one time it was him who’d be writing a love letter, pouring his feelings for MC out onto the crisp sheet, his handwriting as neat as he could make it as his hands shook with worry.

* He wrote down everything he felt, in the way he felt it-how he loved MC’s smile, how he wanted to be the one to wake them every day and be the first to see those sweet lips form said smile, how he loved their eyes when they laughed, how he longed to kiss them-everything he felt was poured out on that page, then neatly folded and fit into a light grey envelope, sealed with a sticker of a white heart.

* He gave it to MC the next time they met, asked them not to read it until they went back to their home that night-MC obliged, and so Zen went back to his own home by nightfall, worried excitement stirring in his gut as he awaited MC’s response.

* He received said response through a phone call merely a few hours after leaving MC, hours he spent pacing up and down his apartment, even smoking a cigarette to calm his nerves.

* With shaky fingers he answered the call, using his acting skills to act cool and composed. “Hello~” he greeted, as if his heart wasn’t ready to pop out off his chest.

* “Zen I-I’m sorry I took some time in reading your letter and thinking over my response before I called you-I wanted to be certain of how to properly respond to your feelings.” Zen could already feel his heart still, his breath shuddering as he nervously tapped on his box of cigarettes. “I’m sorry I just…you’re a wonderful friend Zen, and a beautiful person I just don’t see you that way.”

* Zen let his eyes fall shut. He took in a shaky breath, crumpled the box of smokes in his grip before they fell onto the floor, his hands trembling.

* “MC, thank you for being honest with me. I’m-I have to go, but we can talk more later okay? Thank you I’m sorry-” he hang up before MC could get another word in, sinking down to the floor as his back slid against the wall. 

* He took a look at the crumpled box of cigarettes. “Guess I’ll be needing those tonight”, he mumbled to himself.

* Of all the times he had to write rejection letters-it was the first time he was on the receiving end of this bitter message.


* Honestly…Jaehee never intended on confessing to MC. She planned to keep all her feelings right here in her chest and then one day die and that’d be that.

*  But then MC would go and do something wonderful and stupid like stand up for Jaehee and call her the most beautiful woman they’ve met or even once they combed her hair because she was unused to having them this long and it took all of her willpower to not combust at the spot.

* She happened to confess by accident one day as the two closed their coffee shop for the night, MC humming a tune as they rinsed remaining cups and dishes and put them into the dish washer.

* The way the fairy lights adorning the shop framed MC’s face, the quiet tune they were singing, how they had that adorable half-smile on their lips-Jahee couldn’t help it.

* “I love you so much” she mumbled, only realising she said it out loud after MC turned to her with wide eyes, stilling as they held a rinsed mug in both hands.

* Jaehee gaped, unable to form words as the two stared at one another. In the end it was MC that broke the silence, smiling an awkward smile.

* “Awe Jaehee, I love you too-you’re like the sister I never had!” MC beamed, returning back to their cleaning task.

* Jaehee held the broom she’d been using closer to her chest, gulping down the tremor in her throat. A sister…yes, it’s appropriate that that’s all that MC sees her as-after all…who could ever fall in love with someone as plain as her?


* Jumin…he’s a straightforward man. Very much so. When he knows something, he’ll speak of it with absolute certainty, and when he doesn’t, he’s never too proud to ask-knowledge is power after all, and he always craves to learn.

* So when he couldn’t place a name on the reason why his stomach tightened at the sight of MC, why he felt so protective over them, why he wanted so badly to keep them by his line of sigh at all costs, how he felt the urge to run his fingers through their hair-of course he decided he had to ask MC why that was, see if they had an answer.

* As he sat MC down on the couch, telling them he’d like to discuss his symptoms with them, MC laughed, rolled their eyes as Jumin started talking. Yet as Jumin went on, explaining how his heart fluttered at the sight of MC and how even right then he wanted to lean in close to them, MC’s smile quickly got replaced by a small frown, their gaze evading Jumin’s as they fiddled with their hands, unable to look back up at him.

* “MC, if you know what this is, please-I’d appreciate it if you could tell me. I’m not…I know I’m not a man that’s very in tune with his emotions, and I’ve learnt a lot thanks to your help-I’d be grateful if you could help me yet again.”

* MC took in a deep breath, let their eyes flutter shut before forcing themselves to look to Jumin. 

* “Jumin I-I can’t be sure, since feelings are a very private and individual thing, but the way you’re describing it it…it seems like you may be in love with me.”

* Jumin pondered over MC’s words for a moment, humming as he leaned back on the velvet sofa, his brow furrowed. He looked back at MC, how their stance was rigid, their hands firmly set on their lap, their eyes averting Jumin’s…

* His heart stilled when he looked at how MC fiddled with the ring on their finger-a present from V from when he proposed to MC a few months ago.

* “I don’t believe so”, he decided, “right now I…” he bit his tongue, fighting back at the flood of feelings unleashed with this realisation, “I don’t feel the urge to do anything romantic with you-perhaps it’s more of an adoration, like a sibling or a friend?”

* MC visibly relaxed at his words, their back slouching after they held it straight and tense for so long. “Ah, yeah, yeah that could be it! I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions, it’s just the way you described it-”

* Jumin nodded, forcing a smile to his lips. “It was also my mistake-like I said, I’m not yet as in tune with my emotions as I perhaps should be, so it’s hard to explain them some times. Thank you for helping me put this one to rest.”

* MC nodded along before looking down at their phone, buzzing on the coffee table, a candid photo of V flashing up on their screen.

* “Sorry, let me take this real quick-I’ll tell him you said hi!” they said and quickly took their phone off of the table, making their way to the balcony. “Hey baby”, Jumin heard MC mumble into the phone before disappearing outside.

* Emotions, Jumin thought, what good are they anyway? Looking to MC’s retreating figure-he wished he’d never felt a thing.


* He loves MC. He’s so in love with them it hurts, hurts to the point of tears, how everything they do is like magic in Saeyoung’s eyes, how he’ll see them standing besides him and get the urge to lean in, to wrap his arms around them, breathe them in like smoke even if he never lit a cigarette in his life before-MC was his drug and he was a junkie in withdrawal.

* He loves MC. He’ll never tell. 

* He sees how happy they are, how much they cherish the RFA, him included-and how they’ll never love him the way he loves them. Of course they won’t, how could they? They’re only dating his twin brother after all.

* They’re the one that found Saeran, that saved him from Rika’s mind control, that then not only helped his twin brother, the one Saeyoung had never even tried to find before, but also helped save Saeyoung as well from their fathers’ grip, helped him reconnect with Saeran and finally, finally live life as a free man. This is all he could ever ask from MC and more.

* So these feelings-the adoration, the pang of pain and jealousy and guilt-so much guilt as he watched his own brother, his flesh and blood lean down to kiss MC’s cheek, how they giggled as they turned to greet Saran-Saeyoung had no say in this. His brother is happy, MC is happy, and he…well, it didn’t matter what he felt, now did it?

* He was happy his brother was safe. He was happy MC was there for him when Saeyoung couldn’t be. 

* And he had no right to feel anything more nor anything less.

I went full angst for Jumin to make up for the fact that I won’t write one for V since well….it’s too angsty, i can’t even begin to imagine a sad V without crying TuT hope you like these regardless though! Sorry they’re bit short, I’m trying to get back into the swing of writing aah

-send me mystic messenger head canons for character reactions-

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now here’s a relatable prompt lol-quarantine’s slowly easing up where i am but it’ll take some more time still ;;

i’ll be using they/them pronouns for MC!


* He’s…not that put off by quarantine at first lol

* The boy’s a gamer-if anything he’d take this as an opprotunity to teach MC LOLOL if they don’t already play it, and level up his character as far as it can go!

* That being said, even the most avid gamer gets tired of staring at a screen all day, so with reddened eyes he’ll turn to MC and ask if they want to try out new hobbies while they’re locked in-he’ll finally properly learn how to brew coffee!

* Other than his hectic sleep scedhule, he’s actually a great person to be in quarantine with-he barely ever gets furstrated with being cooped up (and if he did he’d simply take it out via gaming), he’ll cook a l o t (both he and MC will have quite the belly after quarantine lolol), overall just really chill

* He will however demand cuddles and kisses constantly-if you let him this boy will be wrapped around MC like a koala 24/7!



* Now Zen…he’s the opossite of Yoosung.

* The man is so active and sporty, he needs to always be doing something. He gets antsy even sitting through a movie, needing to shift and move constantly.

* The first day of quarantine he convinces himself it’ll be fine. “I’ll spend all day long with my baby!” he says as he leans down to kiss MC’s cheek.

* True enough, the first few days are fine-he reads lines and excercises in the living room, spending evenings cuddled up with MC, playing board games or watching TV.

* Eventually though he starts to get antsy-he won’t explicitly say so but MC can see he’s furstrated, that he wants to go out and do something.

* MC suggests they do some high-intensity work outs together-No Zen, not that (tho lets be real-sex really would help him spend some energy lmao), but what MC meant was finding youtube videos with kickboxing, HIIT training e.t.c.

* It’s tiring and fun, and Zen will take every opprotunity he can to help MC fix their posture and moves, and he finally winds down a little lol


* She doesn’t really mind the quarantine-she understands how important it is, and that she has a civilian duty to protect the more vulnerable. Plus…spending so much time with MC isn’t a bad idea.

* She can’t help but be productive, so she spends her time working with MC on plans for the cafe, contacting suppliers to put orders on hold and scedhule new ones for when the cafe will work again.

* The rest of the time..well, that’s her holy Zen time. She’ll brew some delicious syrupy coffee for her and MC, bringing forth snacks and cookies, and she’ll review Zen’s plays on TV like a renounced critic, writing down thoughts and comments and reporting her findings on the RFA messenger.

* Honestly, it could become furstrating, but she’ll turn to MC with such a bright smile when a scene she really likes comes up, tugging MC close to her so she can share her notes, and well-MC will never say no to some good ol’ Baehee cuddles.

* When the cafe opens back up (for take away only! safety first and always), she and MC take shifts working since the going’s much slower in the meantime.

* When each of them comes home, the other helps them properly disinfect; bringing disinfectant at the door so they can clean their hands and mask before coming in, leaving all outer layers of clothing in the corridor before it goes straight to the laundry.

* They’re both extra careful since working and being exposed to people constantly all day is really risky! Honestly, Jaehee would argue that MC shouldn’t go out at all-if anyone has to take this risk it should be only her, but of course MC won’t even hear it. They’re a duo through thick and thin.


* Quarantine? Lol, what quarantine?

* He’ll work from home just as efficiently as at the office, and Jaehee will cry in glee at being able to work form home, even if Jumin calls her 24/7 to organise buisness.

* He’ll take every free moment of his time to spend with MC, be it organising a romantic date at home, taking them up to the rooftop garden to stargaze, excercising at the gym together-the penthouse’s building is literally a hotel lmao there’s really nothing lacking.

* And if MC feels tired of being inside all day long? Worry not, Jumin can just get his private helicopter to take them to his private jet to travel abroad to whichever destination he has a home at. 

* MC has to politely decline and explain that Jumin…this isn’t how quarantine works and even if you’re rich you shouldn’t be putting all these people at risk for your own benefit.

* After some research he actually decides along with MC to donate large amounts of his own money to research and to organisations that are helping people during this crisis-he might not be a doctor or a scientist, but he has the power to help, and he will.

* Other than that, living with Jumin by your side 24/7 is actually…not bad at all. He’s quiet but observant, and if he feels that MC wants their own personal space he’ll leave them to it, simply laying down at the couch with Elizabeth the 3d curling up on his chest, reading or taking a nap.

* He’ll be online at the RFA messenger often enough, sending photos of himself and MC (well lbr, mainly of MC lmao), much to Zen’s dismay.

* “Of course I’m ‘showing off’”, Jumin says as he looks to his phone with raised brows, “I’m showing off the beauty that is MC.”

* He’ll also finally…finally knit that scard made of Elizabeth the 3d’s shedded hair lmao

* (And he’ll try to gift it to Zen as a sign of friendship! Accept his love Zen jeez)


* Quarantine? Were we in quarantine, since when??

* His life is literally…no different lmao. He’s gone so long being indoors and completely alone, sometimes with Vanderwood breathing down his neck for weeks on end getting work done that this…is literally Not Affecting His Life whatsoever.

* The bonus this time though is that he doesn’t have that much work, there’s no Vanderwood here to spray water at his face every time he nods off, and he gets to be locked up at home with MC-every way he sees this is a win-win situation!!

* He too can’t sit still for too long (I headcanon he has ADHD, and only takes his medication when he must really focus on work), and he’s always jumping from working on one project to the next until he’s physically out of bolts and screws to finish up on any of his works lmao, and given the circumstances he can’t go out to buy some nor order any.

* That’s when quarantine starts to get to him-not being able to do something furstrates him to no end, and MC can tell-he’s never mean to them directly, but he’ll sigh and shake his head, tugs at his hands as if he’ll magically produce materials for another tech project through his palms.

* It’s up to MC to find new things he and them could do together-so after some scouring around the house, they found some paint and some glow in the dark stars-the perfect chance to re-decorate their bedroom!

* With Seven’s help, they begin to paint the ceeling with a dark blue wall paint, letting it dry before starting to glue glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceeling, creating their own little asterisms and shapes.

* It takes a couple of days, and in the meantime the two tackle more and more hobbies and tasks-fixing up the house, organising cabinets, organising the biggest mess of all that is Seven’s office-he’s reluctant to do it all at first, but being able to work on their home together-knowing this is now a shared space for him and MC melts his heart in a puddle of warmth, and he’s happy he gets to spend this lock-down with them.

* Once the last star is glued on the ceeling, he and MC flop down on their bed, looking up at their work. Seven shuffles about, tugging himself up to close the lights before flopping back down. He looks up, blinks at the myriad of glowing stars, their own private galaxy.

* His hand finds MC’s in the dark, interlaces their fingers with a tight squeeze. “I love you” he whispers, his eyes looking up to the stars yet only picturing MC’s little smile.

* “I know”, MC says and oh snap-they really *did* that to him, and he’ll literally turn to them with a face as if MC’s offended Elizabeth the 3d at this horrendous Star Wars reference lmao


* Ok..ok look, quarantine sucks, yes, but picture this-

* A little apartment shared with Jihyun, his artworks adorn the walls, the living room’s got big wide windows that look to the quiet city outside, light peeking through white transluscent curtains, blankets thrown on the couch from a night of cuddling and watching movies with Jihyun; the kitchen, a small half-hidden space with counters and trinkets adorning each corner, the scent of brewing coffee as MC makes a fresh batch. They take the mugs, one in each hand and they go through the hallway to their shared bedroom where light peers through curtains, a breeze seeping through half-open windows-

* They meant to wake Jihyun up, but he’s already sitting up on the bed, his oversized pyjamas hanging low across the line of his collarbones, his hair-that had been a prim and proper ponytail the night before, before MC ran their hands through it, tugging at times after last night’s….events, tufts are falling over his forehead, his ponytail loosened as strands adorn his neck, frame his face. He looks up at MC and smiles, graciously accepts the warm cup of coffee and a kiss.

* “Another day in quarantine, huh?” he asks with a little devlish smile, and MC can’t believe they’re this lucky, to have the privilege to spend this grim situation with hope and warmth as they have the man they love besides them.

* Living with Jihyun during quarantine…is the best possible outcome. He’s so gentle, so caring, if MC gets anxious by the events unfolding and the grim faces of the reporters on TV, he’ll hold them tight, turn the TV off as he whispers promises that everything will be okay.

* He’ll be very active in helping others during this time-let’s not forget he’s as much of a rich boy as Jumin is, even if he’s more humble about it. He’ll donate as much as he can to WHO and other organisations helping the situation, and any profits he makes off of comissions of his art or pieces he sells, he’ll give a large portion of them towards any one who needs it; if he sees someone in distress, Jihyun can never not intervene, and that’s that.

* He spends most of the day working away at his paintings, but if MC takes an interest, he’d love to sit with them and sketch, teach them some basics of art if they don’t know them or are interested in learning. He’ll sketch MC constantly, a little sketchbook, leather-bound with coarse blank pages now filled with MC’s form; them sleeping, them making coffee in the morning, them as they lean their back on the balcony’s windowsill, looking up to the warm sunlight streaming through; they were his muse before quarantine, and now that he gets to explore all of them, their ins and outs, he’s even more enarmored by them.

* Let’s be real, he’s an artist, it’s more than likely he’ll have a stash of weed somewhere at home; and he and MC evenutally go through it during quarantine, smoking some as they sit at the balcony pondering about life, some they use to make weed butter to use in baking-they’ll simply sit there, munching weed brownies and laughing until tears form in the corners of their eyes, reading what Jumin or Zen are arguing about this time on the messenger.

* Great now i made myself sad for not having a cute loving Jihyun to spend quarantine with :’(


* He doesn’t mind quarantine per say-I mean, the guy was in a cult and didn’t leave the IT room for days on end, weeks sometimes. Compared to his days at mint eye, being cooped up in his home with MC at his side…it’s really not so bad.

* He’ll spend a lot of time tending to his little garden, smiling as he watches his flowers bloom and grow.

* Spending this much time with MC is always welcome, but he can feel furstrated at times-he’s not used to spending his every minute with someone else, and MC understands it-they feel this way too, so they each have their own little routine around the house, meeting up in the mornings to have breakfast together, sitting outside in the evenings and watching the sun go down, cuddling up at night and talking about anything and everything until they fall asleep.

* Saeran will be thrilled if MC asks him to teach them about gardening-he’ll be a little strict, especially if they accidentantly go to harm one of the flowers, but never mean. He’ll gently kneel besides MC, put his hands over theirs and guide them through the proper motions of pulling out weeds or packing the dirt.

* If he has any flower seeds left over, he’ll bring them out so he and MC can plant and care for them together, their own little creation during quarantine-and seeing MC’s proud smile as the first leaf sprouts, he can’t help but smile along, leaning close to kiss them, whisper an ‘i love you’ on their lips.

* MC will take this opprotunity to catch Saeran up on anything and everything he’s missed during his time with Rika-from films they think he’d like to memes that have popped up over the times. They’ll even show him tik tok, and he’ll secretly make a hyper-lapse video of his flowers and how their leaves move this way and that throughout the day-it actually gains a lot of traction, and the moment his brother catches sight of it, he knows exactly whose garden that is, and sends the video in the RFA messenger with a litany of emojis.

* All in all-Saeran’s glad he can spend this time with MC. Laying in bed with them in his arms, looking out the window to the city lights, he lets his eyes flutter shut, hiding his face onto the crown of MC’s head;

* “Thank you” he whispers before letting sleep take him.

-send me mystic messenger headcanons for character reacitons-

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ahh this is a cute and light-hearted idea :’) You speak of a wedding dress but refer to MC as they/them, so I’ll be writing for them as non-binary! 

I’ll also add photos of what I think their wedding dress/suit would be bc….I have to, and because I have a whole pinterest board of wedding dresses saved from last summer when I was helping my sister plan her wedding orz :’)


* When speaking of weddings, Yoosung’s always imagined the beautiful classics; standing at the altar, seeing the love of his life walk down the aisle dressed in the most gorgeous gown, his smile broadening at the sight of them.

* He himself wore a humble black suit, but with a baby blue bow-tie; reminiscing of his own innocence.


* He absoloutely had Zen help him pick out his suit; they took Seven along too but he kept insisting Yoosung should just wear a onesie instead lmao

* He did discuss with MC what they’d like to wear; when they said they wanted to wear a dress, he immediatly thought of classic puffy white dresses with lace and toule. 

* Seeing MC walk towards him though, he couldn’t help how his jaw hung open, how his eyes widened. “Lucky you”, he heard Seven whisper, standing besides him as his best man. 


* MC was like a princess, and he, their soon-to be prince. He took their hand as they reached the altar, kissing their knuckles with a wide smile. He’d ditched his glasses for the wedding, finally able to see better with the help of surgery, and he blessed each of his doctors for being able to witness the sight that was MC.

*Overall he’s just a tearful happy nugget, and 10/10 will choke with tears whilst saying his vows


* Despite what you may be thinking, he actually doesn’t dream of big fancy weddings and expensive venues. His ideal wedding would be something simple; a gathering of friends and loved ones, perhaps even by the beach, being able to stand besides the one he loves comfortably and proudly.

* He’s glad that he and MC are on the same page about that; even if he’s a celebrity, his humble approach to life never changed, and he wants their wedding to reflect that. So a wedding by the beach it is!

* It’s Zen we’re talking about, so even a potato sack would look flattering on him, so his choice of suits is endless. He’s classy but doesn’t like the plain old black suit, so instead he goes for something more summery, given their venue. 


* I can really imagine him in a linen suit, ditching the tie for a more laid-back look, his hair tied into an intricate braid, even wearing one or two little white flowers at its end.

* He’d be just as awe-struck with how MC looks no matter what they’d wear, suit or dress, casual or formal. He’ll love them just as much if he sees them every morning in their pyjamas and bed hair, or in a gown and heels. 


* Simple and elegant, and nicer than the summer breeze blowing through Zen’s hair, he had to bite his lip, blinking back tears threatening to fall at the thought he’s about to spend the rest of his life with his beloved. (Also he has to fight the Beast until later tonight and hoo boy is that a hassle or WHAT)

* All in all-he’s one happy hecking groom, and he can’t wait to tear that dress off of them the moment they’re in their private quarters lol


* Honestly…she didn’t see the point of holding a wedding at first. Did she fantasize about it as a little girl? Sure, she did. But as she got older and the thought of dating and family got further and further away from her, that childhood dream was put aside, stored in the repressed part of her brain.

* It’d been MC who proposed, and MC who began the planning for the wedding-they didn’t want Jaehee to feel burdened with organizing, but the more Jaehee worked to plan their wedding, the more she fell in love with the idea of this special day just for the two of them, and the more she fell in love with MC, seeing their hard work and adoration towards her.

* They didn’t want to have an all-out wedding like many couples do; just them, their families and the RFA, a little get together to celebrate a milestep of their life together. 

* They had arrived at the dillema of; will we both wear suits? Dresses? Should one of us wear a suit and the other a dress? In the ned MC suggested they each decide on a look without telling the other, so it’ll be just as much of a surprise for each of them to see the other on their wedding day!

* Jaehee is a practical woman, yes, but we know that she’s not the strict short-haired lady she was whilst working with Jumin-she allows herself to explore femiminity more and more in her route, and I feel that’d be evident in her choice of a wedding gown-simple, yet elegant and chic.


* With her hair in a gorgeous loose bun, flowers adorning her head, her ring-finger soon to be decorated with a delicate ring she and MC chose together-she almost can’t believe the person looking back at her in the mirror is herself.

* Less so can she believe that the person she’s about to marry is soon walking towards her, a smile on their face as if they’re the lucky one to be marrying Jaehee when Jaehee stares wide-eyed at the beautiful person she’s eagerly waiting to spend the rest of her life with;


* Of course they’d choose a dress with pockets, she thinks with a roll of her eyes, if only to tease Jaehee about her own lack of pockets later on. 

* They both can’t help but stare at each other as they meet at the altar, wide eyed with incredulous smiles. The preacher even has to cough politely to get their attention back to well, their wedding lmao

* It’s everything Jaehee could’ve wanted and then some.


* Yeah yeah, it’s Jumin Han, the handsome man in a suit, and yeah he’s gonna have an all-out wedding alright-but only if that’s what MC wants. 

* He honestly…doesn’t care what the ceremony will be like, who will be there or what they’ll say. He only cares about seeing MC’s ring finger adorned with a rind that has his surname engraved in it, a mark on them that says MC’s his, his and no one elses.

* Even if he wears suits on the daily, his wedding is no exception; he’ll wear a suit tialored to perfection, classic black and sleek, matching his raven-dark hair, slicked back for the occasion-he’d go to the ceremony in his pyjamas if he had to, so long as he’s able to call MC his spouse once the day’s over.

* He had given MC the absoloute liberty of choosing what to wear, with the only condition being they have the best tailors across the world work on their outfit, wanting it to be as unique and wonderful as MC themself. 

* It was jarring at first, to have 5 or 6 professionals tug and probe at MC whilst working on their measurements and meeting up to discuss their style, but they figure that’s just how life with Jumin as their husband will be-extreme, sometimes awkward, but full of love and care; they could see it in his smile when they came home from their fitting, tired but happy as they snuggled up in his arms, him stroking their hair until they fell asleep.

* It’s hard to find a dress picture that I feel captures what MC’s dress would be, but I think the closest to it would be something like this;


* “The most befitting dress for royal beauty such as yours”, Jumin whispers to MC’s ear as they approach him at the altar, his smile small and private, for MC’s eyes only.

* Yet as he leans down to kiss them, completely ignoring the preacher waiting to start the ceremony, he whispers on their lips ‘I love you’, and MC knows from the bottom of their soul, that no matter what they wore, how they looked, Jumin would love them just as much. And they’re forevel grateful for that.

* p.s: Elizabeth the 3d is ABSOLOUTELY going to be the ring bearer, and she’ll have her own little dress appropriate for the occasion, fight me on this.


* Y’all….tease him about the ‘let’s get married at the space station’ bit all you want, but this boy DREAMS of a wedding, a family and happy life for so long, you can never convince me he doesn’t go all out for his wedding.

* A beautiful, flower-covered venue? Check. Tailored, custom-made suit? Check. Planning everything to the most minute detail? YES. He’ll run himself dry working on creating the perfect wedding, it’ll take some convincing from MC to tone it down lmao.

* He’ll still insist on inviting absurd guests just like he did with the RFA parties, but in all honesty, he just wants MC besides him, Saeran and Yoosung next to him as hie best men (yes he can have both of them shush), the rest of the RFA there to congratulate him and MC on their special day; the people he loves, to celebrate the day of uniting with his one true love, that’s all Saeyoung wants.

* To be able to say ‘I love you MC’, and to have MC tell him ‘I love you, Saeyoung’-to formally and completely leave the life of 707 behind, to have his brother hug him, congratulate him on his wedding-this is all more than enough to make Saeyoung cry happy tears, pushing his palms on his eyes as he laughs and cries at the same time, letting MC hug him to help him calm down.


* While he does dream of a classic classy wedding, he loves the colour red a little too much, so he’d try and sneak it in there, be it in a vest or bow tie lol (he’d absoloutely wear a bow tie instead of a tie, and he’d be allowed one (1) doctor who joke for the duration of the ceremony lmao)

* ((also….not relevant to the wedding itself, but his marriage proposal would absoloutely be at a planetarium, js))

* As for MC…they’d spent nights on the couch together, eating chips and wondering what they’d each wear on the day of their wedding. They ended up taking Jaehee and some more of their friends with them when looking for a dress, as much as Saeyoung pouted and asked to tag along.

* It was worth it to keep him in the dark though; his big wide eyes as MC walked towards him, how he had to bite his lip to stop giggling like a fool, he was jumping up and down at the altar, giggling behind his hands as he mumbled ‘oh my god oh my god oh my god allah and buddha!’. 


* “Holy shit” he whispered to himself, earning a stern gaze from the preacher, his brother groaning in the background. MC took it as a compliment though, smiling up at him as they stood across him.

* This boy….will cry real ugly snort filled tears at his wedding vows, I guarantee it.



* Like hello??? Have you seen this hippie-ass man at the end of his route?? He’ll be so happy with a marriage ceremony in the forest, in a little church that looks almost abandoned in its little spot at the edge of the woods, in a little city no one knew before V brought it up.

* He’d love to help decorate and renovate the church for their wedding, using funds taken from a painting collection he did featuring the very forest the church sits besides. 

* (I can also totally picture their wedding taking place in a botanical garden/greenhouse, if you’d rather skip the church option! Just surrounded by plants and nature :D)

* Even if it’s not a boho wedding though-just being able to spend the rest of his life besides MC, the person that truly taught him what love is, that’s all handsome mint boy needs.

* Honestly…he’s extra enough to be the kind of guy that ditches the shirt, so I can imagine him wearing something like the following, but in a darker colour; 




((something with a little simpler bust, but the puffy sleeves,,,flowy dress,,,the line cut that’s honestly so charming on any figure,,,fight me this is the cutest kind of dress))


* He’d really want a small, closed wedding just for him, MC, and the RFA sure, why not (he’s kidding, he’s grown really fond of them all but he refuses to openly admit it)

* If MC suggests they hold their ceremony at a greenhouse he’ll be over the moon; he’ll personally visit the greenhouse and make sure all the flowers are in tip top condition for their wedding.

* For his own suit, he’d like to keep things simple, maybe even ditching the whole suit and tie thing; 


* I really imagine him with a suit similar to this, but ditching the vest , with flowers pinned to his blazer that he looks fondly at, knowing MC will be holding a bouquet just like these, ones he himself picked out with all his love and care, removing each thorn to make sure nothing can harm their hands as they hold the bouquet.


* As MC walks towards him through the greenhouse his breath shudders, any words he may have had dying in his throat; MC looks ethereally beautiful and he’s out of words as they come to stand in front of him, his lips trembling.

* Is this person really his? The one he’ll be able to hold, to love for as long as he lives? He shakingly takes MC’s hand in his, giving them a tight squeeze as he smiles.

* “In sickness and in health” he whispers, smiles as MC says it back.

* In sickness and in health.

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heyo! Don’t worry, your english is fine ^^

I hope you like this, I wrote for MC using she/her pronouns, but I can absoloutely change that if you’d like!

I unfortunately don’t have the time to write for V and Saeran too right now, but I promise I’ll come back to this headcanon and write their parts too once I have the time to! Sorry ;;


  • He felt like the luckiest man in the world, having such a cute loving girlfriend!! The two make the cutest freaking couple, people cooing at them when they walk down the street
  • So when MC told him she’s in a band, he found it really cool, but didn’t question it further-he assumer she may sing some cute acoustic songs or pop bops.
  • When MC invited him to a show at a bar he was a little curious about the location choice but hey, of course he’ll be there to support his girl!
  • When they arrived MC kissed him, promising she’ll see him after the show; he invited a few of his classmates along to see his MC’s talent uplose
  • He already started wondering what kind of band MC’s was when the opening act started with punk rock covers of pop songs, one particularly sticking in Yoosung’s mind as it was a rendition of Taylor Swift’s ‘Love story’, taking note of their extreme fashion, all spikes and dyed bright hair…
  • And them MC’s band came on stage and hoo boy she was unrecognisable! Thick smudged eyeliner, a bold black lipstick, her leather jacket adorned with patches and spikes all over, her jeans so ripped you could see her thighs, and thos massive combat boots…
  • Yoosung didn’t have the time to pass out as MC greeted the crowd with a cheer and the drummer started up the beat, the guitsrist following suit, and MC’s voice…
  • Sure he heard her hum at home but this was NUTS. Her voice was so thick, deep, yet she managed to pull out some screams from her little frame that Yoosung couldn’t believe
  • After the show he would NEVER shut up about how much of a cool badass his girl is. And if someone said sure, she’s cute but not a badass…Yoosung would simply invite them to MC’s next preformance


  • When MC had casually mentioned she’s a singer in the RFA chatroom, Zen was thrilled!!! How did he end up flirting-dating a fellow colleague??
  • When he kept asking what kind of singing she did, MC cryptically replied 'oh, it might not be the type of gig you’re used to’ and left it at that, much to Zen’s dismay.
  • After the two started dating, MC invited him along to a show, which Zen excitedly prepared for, tagging along as MC drove him to the location.
  • He took note of the underground bar-turned-coner-hall, the exposed cement walls and dingy barstand in the further corner, how there were posters and graffiti covering parts of the walls, the floor…
  • He raised a brow; Zen was no stranger to the punk rock scene, and definitely not to these underground bars; let’s not forget he was in a motorcycle gang thank u very much
  • MC took him along backstage to meet her bandmates, whose styles ranged from completely average everyday style to punk spikey badass. He didn’t question that either, but started to understand what MC’s gig was, smirking as he realized; MC was testing him, pushing to see just how comfortable he’d be with her scene.
  • As the opening act started up on the stage, MC had been putting the finishing touches to her makeup, Zen sitting besides her smirking up at her reflection in the mirror.
  • “What?” she asked with a laugh, adjusting her spikey necklace.
  • “Not my kind of gig, you’d called it? Baby, I’ve been in this scenes long long ago. And knowing you’re about to go out there and sing your lungs off…” he bit his lip, having the nerve to look bashful for a moment.
  • She rolled her eyes as he stood up, tugging her into an embrace.
  • “Give them hell out there” he whispered in her ear.
  • And she did. Hoo boy she did.
  • What she also did was bring out Zen to the stage…and boy, this man was born for the punk rock scene!!


  • To be fair…Jehee respected MC’s profession, but she didn’t really understand at first.
  • “So…it’s not like Zen’s musicals?” “No Jaehee, it’s not.” “But…you sing and have a distinctive style when on stage?” “Yes!” “I see…just like Zen! :D” “Jaehee…no baby”
  • Instead of trying to explain, MC sat Jaehee on the couch, connecting her phone to the TV to find one of her band’s videoclips to play.
  • She settled on one of her favorite songs of theirs, and with a glance Jaehee’s way, she hit play.
  • Jaehee was mesmerised; she stared at the screen, barely blinking as she took in this brand new side of MC she was witnessing, blushing as MC sang and winked at the camera, her lipstick smudged on purpose, her black ripped shirt falling off of one shoulder as if she’d been in a scuffle, her voice-how could a girl as sweet as her MC let out such a grovely voice?!
  • As the video ended, Jaehee remained quiet, her eyes still focused on the screen.
  • “So..” MC started, “What did you think?”
  • With an unfathomable intensity, Jaehee turned her head towards MC, pushing her glasses that’d fallen low.
  • “MC, I need you to show me every videoclip and concert you’ve got videotaped. NOW!”
  • She’s from now on MC’s number 1 fan UwU


  • MC actually didn’t tell him much about her occupation, worried how someone serious like Jumin would take it.
  • He knew she sings, and that she has a band, but that’s pretty much it.
  • Not wanting to push her, Jumin simply left it at that, allowing MC to share what she felt comfortable sharing at her own pace.
  • He did hear her hum songs to herself sometimes, sometimes finding her on the couch surrounded by pages and music chords as she figured out new songs and lyrics.
  • He did sneak a peak at one of her music sheets once, reading through the lyrics with a confused frown.
  • “Lips like blades cut words through blood…?” he read the words aloud, looking to the paper with furrowed brows. “I see..what a wonderful metaphor MC has thought of” he smiled, setting the paper back down. He was so proud of his beloved’s  talent!
  • Once at a buisness party, he saw an associate of his approach him and MC with his daughter in tow, a girl seemingly no older than 16.
  • “Mr. Han, greetings” the man started, “I’m sorry to interrupt your discussion this suddenly, but you see, my daughter saw your fiancee from across the room and insisted we come over and say hi.”
  • The girl looked up to MC with a wide grin. “I’m sorry I-I’m a big fan! I love your music and your latest song-'Bloody Sins’, I loved it so much!”
  • Jumin watched the situation unfold as MC chatted with the girl, even taking a 'selfie’ with her that the girl squealed with joy at, and in a flurry she was gone, leaving Jumin alone with MC again.
  • Jumin glanced at MC, a small smile on his lips. “Bloody Sins, was it?”
  • MC blushed, looking away with a flustered grin. “Ah yeah um-I never told you the genre of my music, I don’t think it’d be something you’ll be into-”
  • “Metal, I assume? Or rather, judging by the glance I’ve happened to take at your music sheets, the chords seem more befitting of some modern form of rock. Punk rock, prehaps?”
  • MC stared at Jumin flabbergasted. “You…how do you even know what punk rock is?!” she couldn’t help her voice raising with shock.
  • Jumin smiled, leaning down to kiss her forehead. “You’ll find I’m not as dull of a buisnessman as you might’ve thought me to be my love. If you’d do me the honor of inviting me to your next show, I’d be happy to listen to your wonderful voice live.”
  • Jumin wearing ripped skinny jeans and leather jackets? Sign me tf UP


  • Not only did he know who MC was from his background search on her, he was actually a fun!
  • He loves punk rock, its the type of music he listens to whenever he works lol, and there was something about MC’s voice that he just loved
  • He knew MC only as she was in her videoclips and as an online persona; a strong voice, tiny and soft-spoken in a couple interviews he stumbled upon online but with heavy makeup and rocking outfits.
  • The MC he met in the RFA though was much different; she was soft and cute, funny but so insufferably sweet, how could an innocent girl like her belch out such badass lyrics about death and destruction?!
  • Not that Saeran minded it-on the contrary lol, he loved to point out the difference in online punk rock MC and his now-girlfriend MC, throwing some of her more intense lyrics her way whenever she’d try teasing him over something herself.
  • Still, he was her biggest supporter, talking about her online to the point of getting a hector of traction towards her band; he rarely attended her shows given his job, but when he did he’d watch her from backstage with the proudest of smiles, and sometimes…well, he’d be a bit of a prick and mess with the lighting and audios backstage lmao
  • Im sorry MC you’re the one that decided to date a prankster OwO
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oh i never thought about it, but you’re right! they’d get along really well…hmmm


* Vandy would be really, reaally weary of Saeran at first; less so because he’s Seven’s brother and probably just as much of a hindrance as him (thats what they says but lbr Seven’s their only friend lmao), but more so because…well he’s seen Saeran. They know the kid’s not at fault, but he’s unstable to say the least, and you can’t be certain what’s hiding beneath his silence.

* During Saeran’s recovery at the hospital Vanderwood actually stuck around-something tugged at their heart strings anytime they’d look at Seven’s tearful face so with a sigh they’d sit beside their fellow hacker, waiting until he’s ready to talk; and if he wasn’t, Vanderwood would simply accompany Seven in the silence.

* Once Saeran was more stable and able to be home with Seven and accept visitors, Vanderwood was back to buisness, visiting Seven and sticking around for days on end to make sure he gets his work done, even though he was luckily a little more docile now with MC and his twin around.

* At first they didn’t really talk with Saeran; they’d simply nod in greeting if they saw him in the room and Saeran would nod back and well…that’d be it.

* Sometimes they’d smack Seven over the head with a magazine or something, nagging ‘why can’t you be more like your brother? At least he’s nice and quiet’, unbeknownst to them that Saeran actually heard them say so once or twice.

* Well, with time humans can adapt to anything; and so Saeran got used to Vanderwood appearing and disappearing around the house, and vice versa. They started from small curt greetings; a 'good morning’ here and a 'hello’ there, and ended up stumbling on one another in the house a couple times, bonding over their mutual furstration concerning Seven.

* One morning Vanderwood was manically searching for coffee in the kitchen cupboards, having stayed up all night working with Seven, when Saeran walked in, seeing the agent’s bloodshot eyes and all the open cupboards.

* Without a single word he walked besides Vanderwood, leaning down to open a cupboard and dig around until he found a can of coffee beans, which Vanderwood gratefully took from Saeran’s hands.

* “Uh…want some?” he asked, nodding to the now brewing coffee. Saeran pondered it for a moment, twisting his lips this way and that.

* “I don’t like warm drinks” he admitted. Vanderwood simply nodded. “I can make it into iced coffee” they shrugged, already heading to the freezer to pull out the ice cubes tray.

* They’d already poured ice cubes into a glass when Saeran spoke up again from besides them. “I don’t like bitter things either.”

* Vanderwood turned to him with an owlish blink before rolling their eyes, going as far as to ruffle Saeran’s hair. “Don’t dare tell this to anyone else, but..I don’t like them either. I only drink black coffee if there’s no helping it.”

* Saeran remained quiet besides them, seemingly flustered as he looked to the floor. Vanderwood couldn’t help but smile.

* “Go sit down. I’ll bring you your sweet coffee in a bit.”

* They made some coffee with creamer for themselves, and a sugary coffee with a vanilla ice cream scoop for Saeran, slumping down to the kitchen table with Saeran across of them as they pushed the drink to him.

* Saeran took a ginger hold of the drink, twisting the straw around begore taking a hesitant sip, under Vanderwood’s watchful eye.

* At the first sip his eyes widened, and he leaned back down to his straw, taking a longer sip this time. He looked up and blushed as he saw Vanderwood hide a laugh beneath their palm, leaning back away.

* “Glad you like it” Vanderwood said, waving a hand as if to tell Saeran to stop being so shy, “next time I’ll teach you how to make it. There’s some spices I add to give it a bit of a kick.”

* And well, that’s how the two of them started bonding; by drinking sweet coffee and dissinh Seven.

(BROTHER WHAI, Seven can be heard screaming in the distance))

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ohh its good ol’ angst time i see


* When it comes to fears, things that twist his heart like thorns on a rose, the one thing that comes to mind is death.

* His first true experience with death and loss was when he lost Rika, and we all saw how much that affected him; it got him thinking of what it’s like to die, what comes next, it makes him wonder if he’s lived a life worth living and when he realizes he has done nothing of what he wanted to he panics, cries even

* When it comes to anger, what upsets him like no other are lies, or having his kindness being mistaken for naivety. He’s a cheerful guy, he’s gentle and caring; but he’s not an idiot, and you’d be a fool to treat him as such.

* When people take advantage of his kindness he’ll show them a face they’ve never seen before-long gone is sweet happy Yoosung and in his place comes a menace, his gaze ice cold and his words dripping venom.


* He likes to play at being a ‘macho man’, even though he too acknowledges the faults of toxic masculinity, even if he falls into some of its traps. Yet his biggest fear isn’t to not be perceived as manly. No, his fear is to be acknowledged.

* What does that mean? You ask and you’re right, it’s very vague phrasing. For me at least, Zen seems to always be putting up an act (especially in other routes except his own); he’s so scared of letting true emotions show, to expose himself for who he really is that he tries to pull a facade, be it over exaggerating and focusing on his beauty to flat out avoiding conversations so as to not show his cards, his isnecurities. He’s afraid of being seen.

* As for what pisses him off, well…Jumin obviously lmao

* Nah, what really angers him like no other is greed and convinience. He hates being handed things, can’t stand to be coddled. He needs to know he’s earned his place and victories through his hard work and hard work alone. If he sees people taking advantage of the system, using priveleges others aren’t privy to and then pretending they got to where they are on their own he WILL expose them for the idiots they really are lol


((friendly reminder that i havent plaged her route in a long while so these are mainly observations from other routes))

* She likes to pretend nothing truly fazes her, but truly Jaehee takes things to heart much more than one would think. That’s also exactly why she’s built up walls for herself, afraid of letting anyone else in because…what if they hurt her? What if they don’t like what they find once she lets them in? …what if they leave?

* Of course the death of her parents impacted her like no other event, and losing loved ones in a flash like that is jarring, especially at a young age; so Jaehee’s always afraid of people getting too close, and worse-of people leaving.

* As for anger, she HATES being taken advantage of. Similarly to Yoosung, but the main difference is that it’s not her kindness people tend to take advantage of, but her capabilities and resilience. People think she’s a reliable wall, piling things atop of her without even once thinking she might break under the pressure.

* What’s worse, is Jaehee will rarely if ever lash out in anger, or even at least tell people to stop. She lets them lean on her until she can’t no more, and then she simply takes a step back away from them, becomes cold but never mean. It might just be that she doesn’t know how to.


* Yes yes, Jumin the 'robot’ as Zen calls him does have feelings, and fears and worries-truly he might be more human beneath his cold exterior than any one person may ever truly know.

* Jumin’s big flaw is that once he’s attatched to someone, once he bonds with them, he’ll be there for life. Even if the person he loves is to kick him to the ground, even if they hurt him and dispose him like a carcass, if he’s with you he’s with you 'till the end of the line. Jumin’s fear is that he cares too much or not at all, and there’s no inbetween.

* He’s learnt to deal in extremes, and that’s not a trait you can simply unlearn; moderation has never been a part of him, and he fears it never will. So he’ll love, or he’ll hate, but he’ll never simply tolerate (even if he may sometimes make it seem that way).

* As for anger, there’s very few things that infuriate Jumin. Or rather, it’s that he bottles in his furstrations until much later on he reaches a tipping point, unlesshing all those grievances like breaking glass. For him to come to that point though, it takes a LOT.

* One thing that can and will anger him like no other, even to the point of being physically fighting, is seeing someone mistreat animals. He WILL throw hands don’t test him just because he looks like a prim and proper gentleman. 😤


* I mean…we all know Seven is in fact a bundle of insecurities and fears moulded into human form.

* His fears and worries are countless and they often keep him up at night; losing the ones he loves, being unable to help as people he cares about suffer, having others be put in an unfavorable situation because of him…oh wait these are all things that HAVE happened and he has gone through. No wonder this man is as closed off as he is.

* So yeah, he has a myriad of fears. But honestly, and this will sound cliche I know…his biggest fear is himself. Wether he’s good enough, wether he’s worthy of love, if it’s okay for him to be cared for, they’re all worries that choke his throat, making him push others away for their own sake. Teaching Saeyoung to accept himself, and him truly believing he’s capable of being loved is a long hard process.

* When it comes to anger, well generally he’s learnt to keep his cool under most situations given his training, but he will go feral if he sees anyone being abused under any form. Knowing what it’s like to be a victim in your own house, to cower from the people that should be there to protect you-he’ll fight for the victims with tooth and nail.


* Similarly to Seven V’s a burrito of insecurities, with a stuffing of fears and worries.

* He'a afraid of hurting the ones he loves, afraid that he’s too much, too little, not enough and overwhelming all at once. He’s afraid of moderation, afraid he’ll never be able to provide the love one needs as they need it.

* In truth, he’s afraid of being abandoned, and this deeply rooted fear is the one that blooms the rest of his insecurities and worries. He’s afraid that if he doesn’t mould himself into exactly what the other person seeks, they’ll leave him in search of something better. He’s terrified of being alone.

* When it comes to anger, in the past as a young teen the slightest thing could infuriate him, and he’d freely voice his anger even if it hurt others. Nowdays though, mainly because of the aforementioned fears, he’s learnt to handle his anger, and it’s a feeling he rarely experiences.

* One thing that can anger him to no end though, is if you dare hurt or taunt the ones he loves. If you even look at the ones he cares for the wrong way, he’ll point you with a glare so cold and sharp you can feel blood pool on the tip of your tongue.

* Don’t mess with V’s family. DON’T.

-send me mystic messenger headcanons for character reactions-

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Got it! This is actually a great prompt; my mom works in the hematoncology and genetics department back home, so I’ve been helping out and meeting patients with leukemias and other conditions frequently since I was a kid. 


* He’s been with MC through it all, through every failed and attempted treatment.

* He saw MC get weaker by the day, frailer, only to then have a few weeks of stillness, before acute bouts of the disease resurfaced, making her spend days in bed, too tired to do much else.

* And suddenly, it all just…phased out. She seemed better, stronger slowly, and they were both confused, scared of what’s to come, what’s going on.

* Even her doctors seemed surprised, running test after test, taking so many blood samples Yoosung thought they’d run MC dry. But then her supervising doctor came back with a smile on her face, explaining the situation to them.

* Remission, she’d called it; not cure. It’s the best they could hope for, she said. Yoosung held MC’s hand in his, tight as he carefully listened to the doctor’s explanation and detailed follow-up plans.

* Whilst MC’s blood results were seemingly back to normal, the cancer wasn’t quite gone; she’d still have to continue some of the treatments she’d been undergoing, mainly medications and injections-Yoosung pretended not to hear the shaky sigh of relief when MC was told she wouldn’t have to undergo any further radiation treatment, that they’d still have to have monthly check-ups until they can no longer detect any genetic abnormalities in her white blood cells.

* Yoosung was thrilled at the news-MC was getting better! She’d slowly reover her energy, return to the bright excited girl Yoosung had fallen in love with!

* And yet she didn’t seem nearly as thrilled as he felt. He didn’t ask anything, not until they were back home, late at night when he held her close to him, fully aware than neither of them was asleep.

* He didn’t say anything, simply held her by the waist as she hid her head into his chest. “What if it comes back? Again and again? What if-I’ll never go back to how I was before?”

* He..didn’t have a response to her question. Yoosung whished with all his might that he could find an answer, a definitive one to ease her mind, but there wasn’t one; neither of them could know what the future had in store for them.

* All he could do was kiss her forehead, pull her as close to him as he could.

* “I’ll be there with you. Through it all, no matter what.”


* Honestly, MC’s ups and downs had taken a toll on both of them.

* The Zen that always took care of his pristine appearance now had dark eye bags, his skin taut as he spend nights worrying over MC’s sleeping form, constantly terrified she’ll slip through his fingers.

* When, after her usual check-up, the doctor called them the very same day to ask them to come in for a meeting the next day, they both looked to each other, fearing the worst; why else would the doctor call them this hastily?

* He didn’t let himself appear weak or scared at that time-he put his best acting skills to work, working up a smile on his lips as he eased MC’s worries, telling her he’s sure it’s no big deal, that the doctor might just want to discuss a few things she forgot to mention in their previous meeting.

* He only let himself break down at night, only after MC was fast asleep. He sneaked up to the rooftop, stealing one single cigarette that shook between his lips as he took ragged breaths, ignoring the wetness that trailed down his cheeks.

* The next day as they sat across the smiling doctor behind her desk, Zen had his hand firmly gripping MC’s thigh, a gesture that was less-so romantic as it was meant to be reassuring, a quiet ‘I’m here whatever may come’ sort of thing.

* When the doctor explained the remission to them-how not only MC’s blood results were getting better, but that the amount of mutated cells had significantly dropped, when she said the word remission-Zen couldn’t help the happy tears that escaped his eyes.

* He turned to MC, his smile shaky but sincere. “You hear that baby? You’re getting better! You’ve been so strong, and now you’re being rewarded for it!”

* Even the doctor couldn’t help but smile at the couple in front of her, how MC immediatly ducked into Zen’s embrace to hide her laughter.

* “This is really great news, and I’m happy to see you both excited, but please remember that this isn’t a cure-it’s remission. We still have a long way to go, but MC, you can definitely expect an improvement in your energy levels and for some of the more severe symptoms to slowly fade away. We’ll discuss follow up treatments and arrange future check-ups, but if all goes well, we can expect a full remission soon” the doctor said, and it was music to their ears.

* Zen took the whole rest of the day off of work-rehearsals could wait, today he had to celebrate the good news with his baby! He took her out to their favorite ice cream parlor, walked lazily for a while around town before heading back home, where he had MC sit beside him on the kitchen counter as he cooked her her favorite meal. 

* “Zen it’s-I’m happy too but please stop pushing yourself this much for me” MC asked, guilt pooling in her stomach. She was no fool, she knew the toll this had taken on Zen, and she didn’t want him to get his hopes up only to have them crushed again if there was another acute bout of her disease reappearing.

* Zen shook his head, leaning close to MC to give her a chaste kiss. “We’re allowed to celebrate small victories my love, and this is one of them. For today let’s stop thinking of what the future holds, and just enjoy the good news, okay?”


* When Jaehee’s stressed, she plans. She cleans, she arranges, she needs to put structure into everything she can so that at least everything else in her life is controlled.

* So when MC told Jaehee of her diagnosis, when Jahee started living with MC and saw the impact this leukemia has on MC; she got to planning, researching, strategising. 

* She’d read every resource available when it came to CML, what the phases are, what to expect in each phase; every medication MC took, Jaehee looked up, reading on their effects and side effects, how to best combat post-chemotherapy nausea, everything she could learn, she did. 

* She was on a first-name basis with MC’s doctors, always coming in for check-ups and treatment rounds, writing down the dates and dosages in her calendar-the nurses were honestly in love with Jaehee, asking her if she’d be willing to come work with them lol

* She’d put up a strong face in front of MC, but everytime she saw MC cry because of pain or fear, everytime she’d hear her vomit in behind closed bathroom doors, she’d allow herself a moment of vulnerability, letting out a shaky breath before composing herself again.

* Jaehee would look through each of MC’s blood test results everytime they were available, and within a few months she noticed the pattern of improvement-how her white blood cell counts were returning to normal, how the last specialised blood test showed a decreased count of mutated cells.

* She was aware MC was going into remission even before the doctors told them, but still, to hear it from a professional-she was so relieved she could melt right into that hospital office chair right then and there. 

* She knew the risks of course, how remission doesn’t equate cure, how MC would still need to take medications and return for frequent check ups, the risks or relapse per percentage and what not.

* But still, this victory-they could allow themselves to relish in this.

* As soon as they exited the doctors office, standing in front of that door-before MC could turn and utter a single word to Jaheee, Jaehee whirled around, grabbing MC’s face and kissing the heck out of her, earning a few ‘awws’ and coos from passerbys. 

* Even through her furious red blush she looked to MC with a confident smile. “I’m so, so proud of you” she said and kissed MC again for good measure.


* Similarly to Jaehee, he’s a man who needs structure, especially in stressful times, unable to allow himself to drown in emotions. Unlike Jaehee though, he’s unable to even recognise those emotions at first, not until one day he feels such a horrible stomach ache he decides to stay home for the day.

* MC asks him how he’s feeling, if he needs anything-when he explains his pain to her, how he feels this constriction in his chest, his stomach pain a nuisance; MC smiles, soft and sad as she strokes his hair. “That’s anxiety my love” she says, “And I’m afraid I might be the cause of it.”

* Jumin takes some time, acknowledging the feeling, but tells MC to never blame herself again-if he’s feeling this way it’s not because of any wrong-doing on her part, it’s simply another manifestation of his love for her.

* He too closely monitors MC’s progress, inviting the best of the best hematooncologists to monitor her, gets her the latest and most improved treatments they can offer.

* He learns all there is about CML, and talks with her doctors on the daily-nothing slips by Jumin, not when it comes to his beloved MC.

* When the doctors explain remission to the couple, the stages of it and how they’ll modify MC’s future care accordingly, he patiently listens, and does some further research himself before he can feel even a little at ease-only facts and numbers can sooth this mans’ mind, and when he sees how low the relapse percentages are in comparison to the 5year survival rates-over 90%, medical papers assure him, only then does he smile, telling MC the good news.

* MC is worried, and rightfully so-even as Jumin tells her all he’s learnt, she’s gnawing on her lip, her hands firmly clasped on her lap.

* “I-what if luck isn’t on our side Jumin? What if I’m one of those few numbers that do relapse?”

* Jumin didn’t miss a beat. He kneeled in front of MC, taking a hold of her hands. He stroked her knuckles with his thumbs, stopping to take a hold of her hand where her wedding ring sat perfectly on her ring finger.

* “Even then, we’ll face it together. Through the good and the bad, in sickness and in health. That’s what we promised, isn’t it?” he asked, leaning down to kiss her knuckles.

* “You’ll find I’m a man of my word MC” he added with a smile, and well, it’s impossible to resist kissing that smile off of his face now isn’t it?


* Believe it or not, he’s the one that lets his anxiety show the most out of all of the RFA.

* Thing is, when stressed, sad, overwhelmed-Saeyoung becomes closed off, distant and cold, his only defense mechanism given what life has thrown at him.

* He tries to be strong though, for MC. He’s there with her through every session of chemotherapy, and even if he can’t be there for the whole duration, he’ll send her memes and silly jokes to distract her, and will always come pick her up from the hospital when she’s done.

* If she gets anxious or sad, he’ll take her for a ride in one of his babies, finding the best secluded viewpoints he can-he’ll lay a blanket on the ground in front of the car, take another to cover them both as he holds MC close, looking to the city skyline at night-sometimes they’ll stay there, talking until daybreak, and if MC falls asleep in the car on the way back, he’ll drive a little slower, avoiding any bumps in the road so she can get some peaceful rest.

* you fell asleep in my car, I drove the whole time, but that’s ok I’ll just avoid the holes so you sleep fine, I’m driving here I sit, cursing the goverment, for not using my taxes to fill holes with more cement-

* When doctors speak of remission and stages and treatments, Seven honestly zones out-not because he’s not interested in what they’re saying, but because he just can’t help but focus his attention on MC’s face, how her eyes light up at the doctors explanation, the little tremble of her lips that split into a smile as tears well up in her eyes;

* “Excuse me doc, I just need to do something mildly indecent for a moment-” he speaks up, and shifts from his seat besides MC in the doctors office, cusps her cheeks in his palms as he gives her a quick kiss on the lips, knocking his forehead with hers as he whispers “You’ve made it baby. You did it.”

* The doctor politely coughs, unable to hide her smile as Saeyoung gives her a sheepish smile, returning back to his seat, his hand still gripping MC’s tight.

* The explanation of follow-up care is a blur for Saeyoung-he has a photographic memory though, so when the doctor gives them some leaflets and a detailed individualised plan for MC’s follow up care, he reads through them, and ticks a mental note to drive MC to her next appointment.

* When outside at the hospitals parking lot, Saeyoung walks ahead to unlock the car, feeling MC snake her hands around his waist, knocking her head on his back.

* He smiles, covering her hands with his own.

* “Thank you-being there for me, even though you’ve been going through so much yourself I-thank you, Saeyoung” she mumbled on the fabric of his jacket. Saeyoung simply turned, pulling her close to him as he looked into her gleaming eyes.

* “No, thank you, MC”, he started, wiping stray tears from her face, “for choosing to be with me. Thank you for everything you’ve given me. If-if you’ll have me” he looked away, his cheeks a fiery red, “I want to be there with you through anything and everything else that’s to come.”

* MC poked his ribs, a smirk on her lips. “Sae, that sounds just like a marriage proposal.”

* Saeyoung…he was thankful she didn’t move her hands lower on his back, that she didn’t feel the box-shaped lump in his back pocket.

* “Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t-you’ll just have to wait and see now won’t you?” he teased back, letting go of MC to hop into the drivers seat.

* Soon, he promised her quietly, soon.


* Oof…honestly…this man has been nothing but supportive through it all.

* He researched everything he could about CML, politely asking doctors and nurses whenever he could about things he didn’t understand or things he wanted to fact-check that he’d read online.

* It could’ve been annoying were it not for his dang politeness, the worry in his eyes as he asked his questions. No one had the heart to dismiss him, and MC’s supervising doctor even set up a seperate time to meet with Jihyun and answer any questions he may have about CML (so long as they didn’t directly relate to MC’s condition-we ain’t about to violate HIPPA y’all)

* MC and him quickly become the cutest couple the hospital has ever seen-he’s always there with her through every chemotherapy session, holding her close as he quietly reads one book after another to her, his voice lulling her into a brisk sleep while the IV drained in her veins. 

* Nurses and other patients would greet the two, stop and whisper-talk with Jihyun whilst MC slept, and he was always so happy to chat and remembered everyone’s names and conversations they’d have had the weeks before-he quickly became everyone’s favorite person to roam the hospitall halls lol

* With every new developement, every up and down, he’d face it together with MC, her hand clasped tight in his.

* When the doctor talked to them about remission, how her latest blood results looked better and better-how another bone marrow biopsy could tell if she’d gone into full remission or not, Jihyun sat beside her with a smile. 

* He didn’t even notice he’d been crying until the doctor politely pushed a box of tissues his way, earning a giggle from MC as she turned and saw Jihyun’s confused tear-eyed expression at the offending tissue box.

* During her bone marrow biopsy, he stood by her side, let her hide her face into his shirt as the doctor plucked the thick needle onto her hip. He held her hand, letting her dig her nails into his skin, ignoring the crescent shaped dents that remained on his skin for days afterwards-this was nothing, nothing in front of what MC had underwent.

* They celebrated the news of her full remission by cooking her favorite meal, then going to a late-night summer drive-in cinema, where he removed the cloth-plastic covering of his old Volkswagen car’s hood, letting the summer breeze in as they watched a cheesy romance film, holding MC close and kissing her temple every once in a while. 

* Honestly…he was so happy, and they’d both been strong for so long through it all, they deserved these quiet vulnerable moments, and Jihyun wanted nothing more than to stay here with MC healthier and happier, in his arms.

-send me mystic messenger headcanons for character reactions-


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50 Writting Prompts

1º “A penny for your thoughts?”

2º “I think that I love you”

3º “Tell me that you love me anyway”

4º “I don’t know how to talk to you”

5º “I love you”

6º “I hate you”

7º “I’m sorry”

8º “I can’t go back there”

9º “I’m not the same person I was all those years ago”

10º “Please have mercy on me, you keep breaking my heart”

11º “Take it easy on my heart”

12º “Take care of them”

13º “I think I wanna marry you”

14º “I can’t help falling in love with you”

15º ¤I’ll be your Santa Claus if you’ll be my ho ho ho¤

17º “Wait for me to come home”

19º “Loving can hurt”

20º “He’s so tall, handsome as hell, he’s so bad and he does it so well”

21º “Alone. Yes that’s the key word, the most awful word in the English tongue. Murder doesn’t hold a candle to it and hell is a poor synonym”

22º “Now you understand why Peter Pan didn’t want to grow up”

23º “I can’t erase it from my mind, I just replay it, over, think of it all the time”

24º “And it all comes rushing back. Unexpectedly, of course”

25º “I’m pregnant”

26º “Give it back”

27º “I know I’m nothing special but I hope you won’t replace me”

28º ¤Just because it was meant to be doesn’t mean it would last forever¤

29º “I don’t love you”

30º “You can’t make the same mistake twice, because the second time it happen, it’s not a mistake, it’s a choice”

31º “I’m fine”

32º “I wish I had never met you”

33º ¤If you always fear what might happen, you won’t know what will¤

34º “Your a diamond, they can’t break you”

35º “I’m scared”

36º “I want to break up”

37º “Why would you do that?”

38º “Merry Christmas”

39º “Happy Birthday”

40º “Goodbye”

41º “Give them no reason to stare”

42º “Step out of the sun if you keep getting burned”

43º “See I decided I must ride you till I break you”

44º “No one told me where I went wrong”

45º “When you’re fallen in a forest and there’s nobody around do you ever really crash or even make a sound?”

46º “You make me feel like a dangerous human”

47º “I knew you were trouble when you walked in to my life”

48º “Raise a glass to freedom, something they can never take away”

49º “Look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now”

50º “Save your strength and stay alive”

So here are 50 writting prompts I obviously didn’t come up with (unless they are in between ¤¤ in which case please don’t steal those and claim them as your own). Most of these are everyday phrases or lyrics. To request one, just state the fandom, the character (unless you want headcanons for the overall group or something). Fandoms I will be writting for will be in the tags, though if you don’t see it there you can definitely ask, I might know it and do it!

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Hey, I’m going away this weekend so I thought you guys could send in a person and a number (from the ones below) and I could write something for them over the weekend to occupy myself. Please keep it to one person per request.

Please specify if you’d like it to be Fluff of angst. Feel free to request an AU + dialogue prompt to go with it
eg; V with ‘You’re Soulmates’ + “There’s something about you that just annoys the fuck out of me”


1. You guys go to college together

2. You knew each other as kids

3. The RFA never happened, you meet
through other means

4. You’re the local barista

5. You’re soulmates

6. You guys were rivals/enemies as kids,
and now you have feelings for each other

7. The two of you dislike each other when you first meet

8. They save you from harm

9. You save them from harm

10. You’re a secret agent

11. You get lost together

12. Deep talks at 3 am 

13. Hogwarts AU

14. Superhero AU

15. Mafia AU

Note; Mafia AU will be based off the Bungou Stray Dogs Mafia, since that is where my knowledge of the Mafia comes from. Some things may be wrong, but I hope you don’t mind. Superhero AU will probably be similar with a Marvel/Avengers/X-Men AU.

Dialogue Prompts

11. “Is this a bad time? Well, sorry, but I love you”

12. “There’s something about you that just annoys the fuck out of me”

13. “I think you deserve happiness”

14. “I’m looking after you because you’re sick, not because we’re friends”

15. “I had no idea you could sing”

16. “Dance with me?”

17. “Don’t look now, but they’re staring at you, again”

18. “If the wind changes your face will be stuck like that”

19. “I had a nightmare…”

20. “I’m sorry”

21. “Could you be happy here? with me?”

22. “I tried my best to not feel anything for you, Guess what? I failed”

23. “Please don’t shut me out”

24. “Wait, you’re gay?” “What gave it away? constant flirting?”

25.”You deserve better than me”

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Meant to Be Yours - Heathers:

“We’ll watch the smoke poor out the doors
Bring marshmallows,
We’ll make s’mores!
We can smile and cuddle while the fire roars!”

Unknown x assistant!MC you know when the bomb goes off.

I wanted to put it out there… I may draw it myself but I’d love to see if anyone else does. Writing too! I’d love to see~

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I think they have been done before and I read your fanfics (which are amazing! Thank you for your brilliant mind!) a jealous Zen (who doesn't love him!) or a argument between them and you know what sin comes after馃槀 (sorry for my sinful mind!) Also thanks again for the wonderful fanfics!! Please continue doing more and don't rush or force yourself! Have a nice day!馃槼

Omg. This ask was so nice???? Thank you so much! I legit just started writing with the first fic on this blog, and I know I have a ways to go but this kind of encouragement makes it soooo worth it. As for the fic…I decided to go with jealous Zen! 😊


Zen was getting ready to wrap up the shoot when you headed for the back room to grab him a water. It had been a horrendously long day for both of you, your feet screaming in the heels you had picked out for what was supposed to be a light work load. One of the other leading actors hadn’t gotten all of his lines down, and if he hadn’t been such a ticket seller you were almost positive your boyfriend would’ve walked out by now. You bumped into Ken, one of the assistant cameramen, on your way back, and offered him the cup of coffee in your other hand.

His eyes brightened when you handed it over, and he mumbled his thanks at you - blushing all the while. You knew he had a crush on you, but he knew you were with Zen. It was more than enough to deter him, and you found yourself making easy conversation as you waited for Zen to finish up with rehearsal. “H-hey…um…this might be out of line, but…if you didn’t have a boyfriend, would you-?” He didn’t get to finish his - highly inappropriate - question. Zen sauntered over to you out of his changing room, and instead of greeting you he simply slid you against the wall and covered your mouth with his. He swirled his tongue around your mouth, groaning as his hips rolled towards you. By the time you came up for air, Ken was nowhere to be seen.

Instead of maybe…talking…to you about what was going on, he grabbed your hand and dragged you into his changing room, locking the door behind him. Before you knew it, he had you pinned between him and the wall, his mouth sucking hard enough to leave marks up your neck. “You’re mine,” he growled into your ear, “I don’t want him getting the wrong idea. I’m not going to share you.” You felt him unbutton your blouse with one hand while the other gripped into your hair. When he saw the lacy bra you were wearing he groaned before jerking it down to reach your pert nipples. Your skirt slid to the ground, followed quickly by your panties.

He wasn’t going to wait. He was through with waiting, and told you so - there wouldn’t be much foreplay, but you were already soaked. His cock sprung free as he slipped out of his pants, and he was holding you against the wall before you could make a sound, your legs wrapping around his waist. He growled low in his throat as he slid into you, making you groan when his length hit you just right. Zen began to move with rushed, hard, movements - desperate to claim you and prove that you were his. You reached between your legs and rubbed your clit, yelling his name while you watched his face slack with pleasure when you started clenching around him. “Yes babe…come for me…only I can make you feel like this…” he gasped into your mouth as his movements became jerky and he went over the edge, spurting into you.

He was heavy as he leaned into you, leaving tender kisses on your neck and shoulders, his hands running through your hair. “I love you so much, babe. It drove me crazy seeing that guy make moon eyes at you, you know?” Your eyes went wide in surprise. “You saw that?” Zen huffed out a laugh, “AND heard that. Damn prick. You’re MY woman.” You giggled against him, pulling him up to meet your lips. “If this is how it’s going to be, maybe I should make you jealous more often?” He growled at that, biting your lower lip, “damn woman.”

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Yes i do. Jaehee is so underrated, and possibly one of the softest obsessives ever, just dont push her. Jaehee would not have the patience for ‘cruelty’ from her one nice thing in life, but she seems so sweet and innocent albeit a bit distant when you behave. Luckily, literally all you have to do is make the move to hold her hand and she melts.


Strength:How outwardly passionate is this yandere around their darling? 

Jaehee was learned that anytime shes happy, someone will take it away from her, and you’re what brings her the most joy and calm after dealing with Jumin dumping all of his work and more onto her. She’ll try and repress the joy you bring her when others are around- shes nice, but not interested in you as more than a much needed friend. However, when its just you two, she cant help how she lights up! Its so cute, she cant help but ramble about things she’d like to show you, or take you to, or how shes been practising some of your favourite desserts to enjoy her new coffee to or how she finally perfected the angle for her bedroom camera on you, or that shes perfected her hogtying abilities for you

The Hermit: Is this yandere more relaxed, or capable of being more relaxed?

Jaehee can never feel truly relaxed without you- you’re the only thing in this world that brings her peace without strings attached, and shes so tense from work, the only thing she wants to completely relax in the hold of her beloved (and maybe watch a musical while snuggling together on the couch). However, dispite this being the thing she wants more than anything, Jaehee has a crippling fear that you’ll see her as weak, or clingy, or annoying. 

This results in her indulging in your company, but without touching or talking to you too much, as she doesn’t want to be a bother. But she asks for tri-hourly update on how your day is going, and will ask you to remind her to take breaks with a phone call (even if she cant take them, she feels a boost of energy knowing her darling believes in her and cares for her well being). Nighttime routine is something she adheres to religiously: lock the door, hide the key, affection with darling, dinner, affection with darling, get ready for bed (this means all the normal things of course, but if shes had to kidnap you, at this point she swaps out your restraints for some velvet lined ones and replaces your gag with a fresh one- without all your tears and saliva). She defiantly can be more relaxed, and as time goes on she will be, even if it seems to take her awhile.

Judgement - Would this yandere ever open up to their darling? 

Yes, with time. Jaehee will learn to open up to you bit by bit, as much as her flustered self will allow her. It wont be more than a few months before she trusts you completely. God forbid you push her buttons though and force her to kidnap you. You’ll be back at square one, with a squirmy and flustered captor sitting on the other side of the couch you’re on, trying desperately to find the right words to express her feelings while trying not to cry. Jaehee’s fidgets and tears almost make it look like shes the one in an emotionally taxing relationship against her will

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Prompt #16: “I know you liked them, sweetie, but they were keeping you away from me.” and #13: “You’ve been so good lately, my pet. Don’t make me have to punish you…”

Hi everyone!! So this is the first fic that I’ve ever written and I hope you enjoy it! The story is below the cut and it contains (subtle) possessive behavior, kidnapping, emotional manipulation (not much), toxic and unhealthy relationships, mentions of abuse and yandere behavior, and mentions of sexual intercourse. If you don’t like any of these then please do not read it. 

Disclaimer: I don’t own Jumin Han and Mysmes characters belongs to their respectful owner. I don’t condone toxic and yandere relationship and if you ever find yourself in one, please get help immediately.


Keep reading

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