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Trigger warning for assault/trauma

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that mystic messenger is a waste of your time, or calls you a loner or a loser for playing it.

I started playing mystic messenger again because it was a source of comfort for me years ago when it first came out, and is now a source of comfort for me again in this pandemic, and for dealing with the trauma of being assaulted and betrayed by someone I trusted during lockdown.

The regularly scheduled chatrooms give me something else to think about. It helps me escape away from everything happening right now. And if it’s helping you escape and makes you happy too, then don’t EVER be ashamed of that.

Your happiness and comfort matters.

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Having a crush with BestFriend!MC


—You two became friends from the moment you mentioned the LOLOL.

—Even if you didn’t know how to play, he suggested to teach you.

—And now you were addicted to games too.

Well done, Yoosung, now there is another game addict.

—But your friendship is not only based on video games.

—You talk about your lives too and give advice to each other.

—You also go to the cinema.

—He finds so happy being by your side.

—When you two part ways he can’t wait to meet with you again.

—And that’s how he finally admits to himself that he has developed feelings for you.

—He doesn’t know what to do.

—He doesn’t know how to confess and… Wait. What if you don’t like him that way?

—No, no. He won’t confess you.

—At first, you feel him a little more distant.

—Like… When you are sharing fries in a McDonalds and your hands touches, he takes his away at a high speed.

—Or like… When you are watching a show in his apartment and you lean a little closer to him on the sofa, he jumps on his site and moves a little away from you.

—Because of all of this, you start to think that he doesn’t want to be your friend anymore but he is afraid to tell you directly.

—So, at first, you avoid him.

—He calls you to hang out and you tell him that you are busy.

—He sends you a message to play LOLOL together and you tell him you are studying.

—He feels so bad because he can’t see you.

—He even thinks you are avoiding him but it can’t be… Right?

—Finally, you get tired of all of this and decide to let things clear.

—One day, you go to Yoosung’s apartment without telling him sooner.

—He opens the door in his pyjamas and rubbing his eyes.

—When he sees you, his eyes open wide and his face reddens.

—He isn’t ready to see you. HE IS IN PYJAMAS!

—“Wa- wait, MC! Can I dress first!?”

—You don’t let him. Instead, you push him into the house so you can enter too.

—“Do you really want us to be friends?” you ask.

—He is shocked by your question but carefully respond “Of course”.

—Even if he wanted to be something more, he is OK with being your friend.

—But you’re not satisfied with this answer.

—“Then, why are you acting weird when we hang out? Why are you… so distant?”

—And that’s how he understands what’s happening.

—“No, no, MC. It’s nothing like that.”

—“Then, what is it!?” you question angry.

—“I can’t tell you!”

—“Why not!?”

—“Because… if I tell you, I’m risking to lose you,” he says with his voice breaking.

—You sadden a little, but you need to know.

—“If you don’t tell me you’re risking to lose me now”.

—He put his face into his hands and, finally, he screams: “I’m in love with you!”

—At first, you are like WHAAAT!?

—But then, you look at him with loving eyes.

—“Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I thought we didn’t keep secrets from each other” you say.

—Yoosung’s cheeks are red as he stares into your eyes. You don’t sound mad at him only… a little sad.

—“I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. I acted weird because I didn’t want you to know. I didn’t know how you’d react.”

—“You’re so silly” you start saying and Yoosung’s heart sinks as he hears you laugh “I’m in love with you too”.

—After this, Yoosung’s eyes open wide and his brain stops working.


—You love him the same way he loves you.

—“Then, would you like to be my girlfriend!?” he screams a little but that is because he is very excited.

—You nod with your head and smile hugging him “Of course!”.

—You guys are now the best couple in the world ‘cause you have the confidence of friends but also love each other romantically.

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Solo quería decirles a todos que muchas gracias por el apoyo. Amo escribir y (obviamente) amo MM, así que junte 2 de mis cosas favoritas. Enserio es genial el apoyo que me han dado incluso en otros idiomas, así que estoy terriblemente contenta  ❤ así que si tienen preguntas, no duden en hacerlas :D 

I just wanted to say to all of you thank you so much for all the support. I love to write and (obviosly) MM, so I mix 2 of my favorite thing. It’s really cool all the support that you’ve given to me even in others languages (like English), so I’m really happy ❤ if you have questions, don’t be shy!! but I’m not making HC in English, I’m so sorry :c My English is not perfect, and this blog it was made with the intention of expan the Mystic Messenger fandom in Latin America :D


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