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How to introduce the X-Men into the MCU!!!

-first, total reset and major recast ( some actors are just too perfect for the role, looking at you McKellen and Jackman)

-before Hydra infiltrated shield, they knew about Mutants due to Magneto

-then they kept mutants under wraps, violently.

-So that hydra hidden within sheiks can run experiments on mutants to try and create super soldiers.

-this kinda explains Wanda and Pietro. Their mutations were forced out a-la Deadpool. They don’t know their dad is Magneto, yet.

-after Cap goes back in time, he interacts with wolverine pre Weapon X

-Since hydra has been (mostly) disassembled by the Cap and the Avengers, there is a significant uptick in unexplained events centered around the mutants we know and love. Hydra isn’t around to kidnap and disappear

- pre fall of shield, we see the original X-men recruited by professor exavier, Angel, Iceman, Cyclops, Beast, Jean Gray. We see the version of their origins that comes strait out of the comic books

-fun montage of Storm, Colossus, Kitty, Jubilee, hopefully Wolverine, Rouge, Gambit and Night Crawler joining the Xaviar Academy for the gifted. along with an evolution of the teams costumes while fighting in the Danger room.

-flash forward to when they are adaults, post fall of sheild. Mutants are comeing into the spotlight since hydra doesn’t have the resources to keep it all under wraps.

-the Xaviar Acedemy is filling it’s halls while mageneto’s brotherhood is gaining membership.

-After Socovia, magneto steals quicksilver’s body, he is his kid after all. He finds a mutant to heal him, and it takes a lot of time

-people are talking about mutant incidents but they don’t know that they are mutants yet.

-a senator named Robert Kelly is spouting hate for the many newly powered people. He is advocating for a new version of the Sokovia accords and is working with businessman Bolivar trask to create government robots to suposibly “help maintain peace”.

-Trask’s high tech weapon business is super successful after Tony Starks death left a hole in the market.

-the existence of mutants is revealed in a battle between the X-men and the brotherhood, with Sentinals getting in the middle.

-Anti-mutant sentiment rises and Sen Kelly gains popularity.

-Magneto and his brotherhood, Mystique, Sabertooth, Toad, Blob, Pyro, Avalanche, and healed Quicksilver decide it is time to make a big public statement. They break into avengers tower to recruit Wanda. After seeing Pietro alive, meeting her father, and while mourning the loss of vision, she joins them.

-the X-Men want to defeat the brotherhood, the avengers want Wanda back.

-the big plot is a team up between the avengers and the x-men to help Wanda and Pietro break away from their toxic father and do some healing from all their trauma.

- all future plot lines are taken out of the comic books, with very little change.

-iceman is gay from the getgo.

-we get an Xavier school TV show where members of the x-men rescue mutant kids a-la early X-force, with help from members of the avengers

- The Phenoix plot is avoided for al long as humanly possible, and when it does happen, it’s straight from the comic books

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Can mind-readers read people’s minds on tapes? Are movies just ruined for them because they are constantly having to listen to Jennifer Lawrence’s insane thoughts as she pretends to be serious?

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So I’m re-watching  Evo and I’m on ‘Fun and Games’.

(New Recruits pictures pop up in Cerebro.)

Risty: Who are those people?

Arcade: I don’ t know, new game characters?

Me: They’re….the….same….people….you just saw….upstairs.

(Dies laughing.) I needed that right now. Originally I wanted to do Evo Sins for Youtube, but I might just move the idea to Twitch once I get my account all spiffy looking. It’s mental commentary like this that needs to be shared with the world. XD Or not, IDK.

Granted, maybe they didn’t notice them because it’s a big party, but I feel like A COUPLE OF THEM would’ve been even A LITTLE FAMILIAR!! Sheesh.

Or we could chalk it up to Arcade being an unobservant nerd who’s distracted by constant thoughts of Star Trek and other nerd things, and Mystique was just being Mystique, with another agenda.

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We need a Mystique origins movie, I don’t make the rules. &&& with Rebecca Romijn. Jlaw was cute but she’s not HER.

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