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A Little Pick Me Up!

While all medpacks are meant to be used by all creatures, there are some special Health Cupcakes with crystals on them for the dragon member’s of each team, because the magical property’s of the usual health packs aren’t always effective on dragons

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I don’t really have a lot to say on this right now, as I’m actually really tired but I finally got round to drawing my version of MLP Merasmus, and yep he is a centaur!!

I had a couple of idea’s when it came to Merasmus, but in the end I went with this idea.

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Watercolor Beasts

My first shot at full watercolor.
Drawn with Japanese ink pen, colored with watercolor and then scanned into FireAlpaca. 

Please feel free to leave any advice, comments, compliments, or criticisms. By critiquing you help me to do better.
So don’t be afraid to voice your opinion. (My goal is to grow as an artist. Thank you!)

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Manticores were always a favourite fantasy creature of mine, and as such I always intended to include them in the universe of Very Angry Princess.

I went down a fairly traditional route with this one, especially in the body and tail. I was always more of a fan of  spines/quills as opposed to a scorpion stinger so to shake things up I went with a stinger and small spines. I like to imagine that the segmented section towards the stinger can be used to make a sound like a rattlesnake.
I tried to attempt some minor body horror with the mouth and teeth, as I feel the contrast of the maticore’s human head and multiple rows of teeth lend itself to such an interpretation, in addition to the fact that its something I’ve never really seen before in manticore depictions

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Kade. A local mythological creature, whose name means in Finnish “Jealous” or “a Lost Place/Place where things go when they are missing”. 

There are no clear records of what this creature looked like because it was pretty much just an evil spirit. So I depicted it as I’ve done in my comic, as a dark demonic cat creature. What this creature did, however, was more important. It stole things, especially things other people were jealous of, and that’s why there’s still a common phrase to say that when something is missing, people use the structure “olla kateissa” which means roughly that the stolen object is “in the hands of Kades”. This particular phrase is also the reason why I depicted my Kade-creatures as cats, and only people who know Finnish, can understand it. The phrase “olla kateissa” is created so that the plural form of “kade” is identical to the plural form of a not-so-nice “cat”-word (“katti”), like “to be inside of the damn cats” and because of this nice trick of a language, I have chosen them to be cats. 

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