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playedcrowd5610 · 15 hours ago
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Mer Phantom?
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mtg-realm · 2 days ago
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Magic: the Gathering - Kamigawa Fox 'o' Nine Tails
The Kitsune (Japanese: 狐きつね) of Kamigawa are cunning, tricksy masters of diplomacy and swordmanship. They are curious and fond of playing pranks, mostly harmless ones for their own amusement. They tend to live in large, close-knit family clans related through blood and marriage. Kitsune are proud of their lineages, and are are able to trace their ancestry back through multiple generations.
The more a kitsune experiences, the more tails they grow, with the wisest elders having nine tails. The average kitsune is slighter and shorter than a human, with the top of their head coming up to person's chin. They have white fur with red markings.
The kitsune are are most commonly found in the Imperial court.
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Light-Paws, Emperor's Voice 1W
Legendary Creature- Fox Advisor [rare]
Whenever an Aura enters the battlefield under your control, if you cast it, you may search your library for an Aura card with mana value less than or equal to that Aura and with a different name than each Aura you control, put that card onto the battlefield attached to Light-Paws, Emperor's Voice, then shuffle.
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dusky-doe · 2 days ago
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I'm back from a short break! Time to work through some of the french dragon designs, starting with the Garde-de-Lyon.
I really like drawing the lightweight dragons, and this guy has such a lovely color scheme!
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kipineart · 7 days ago
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Unicorns across the world
Whew, finally this is done! Different types of unicorns! I like different interpretations of mythological creatures, so I made a bunch of them at once. They're based on real animals, but I tried to design them a bit more otherworldly.
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thevibraniumveterans · 4 months ago
Chinese mythological creatures
I’ve watched Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings yesterday, and I really enjoyed it.
I don’t quite want to spoil it, yet there’s a little bit of context to the film’s third act I wish to provide, using information that already exists and is easily accessible on the internet with a quick google search.
You see, many cultures have their mythological animals. Chinese culture is no different.
Dragons, in Chinese mythology, are revered creatures. Powerful, wise, benevolent, noble, very much unlike the monstrous depictions in Western stories. They are long, serpentine in nature, and mostly have four limbs with hawk-like claws. Some have many animal-like forms like turtles and fish, but the most common depiction is that of being snake-like with four legs. They symbolize the sovereignty of emperors, are seen as lucky and good. They are one of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. They live at the bottom of seas, rivers, lakes, or anywhere with water.
This is what they typically look like:
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Next up, we have the qilin. A qilin is a mythological hooved chimerical creature with one horn. It is said to appear with the imminent arrival or passing of a sage or an illustrious ruler.
They look something like a Chinese unicorn, if you will. Something like this:
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The Phoenix, the myths of which go back 4000+ years, signifies the just rule of the Emperor. An auspicious creature, it is associated with the sun, south, justice, obedience, and loyalty. It is also a peaceful creature.
This is what they look like:
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There is another mythological animal, the huli jing, the fox spirit. The nine-tailed fox, among the most famous of the huli jing, is a shapeshifter, and can either be benevolent or malevolent.
Their most famous incarnations often look like this:
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And then there is the dijiang, the patron god of mountains in Chinese mythology. Described as a round chubby sack and having six legs, four wings, and no face, it causes chaos and confusion wherever it goes. But hey, it enjoys song and dance. In some Chinese myths, the dijiang is said to be one of the deities created from the the final breath of Pan Gu, the mythological Creator of the World.
This is what a dijiang looks like:
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Lastly, there is another mythological hybrid creature called the pixiu. Resembling what is basically a lion with wings, they are considered to be powerful protectors. They have a voracious appetites for exclusively gold, silver, and jewels, thereby being regarded by the Chinese as a very auspicious creature that draws cai qi, wealth, from all directions.
This is what a pixiu looks like:
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I promise you, these bits of preexisting information about Chinese mythological animals are pretty relevant to the film.
While I already knew about the dragon, the phoenix, and the qilin, it wasn’t until later that I discovered just what the nine-tailed fox spirit, the pixiu, and the dijiang were.
Well, it isn’t very often that I learn something new about my culture. 😅
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enchantedbook · 5 days ago
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'Harpy', Art by Erin Kelso
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blue-dragon-has-a-pen · 5 months ago
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Amidst the Familiar Tenderness in Death and War,
[Part 1] | [Part 2]
The designs are up on my Redbubble store, if you want a print or poster, check it out! Pride stuff are still up as well! [LINK]
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great-and-small · 24 days ago
One of my favorite things about Tolkien is his tendency to just randomly drop the name of some creature or animal with practically zero context, only to literally never mention it in the legendarium again. Hobbit poems are absolutely filled with these and there’s no way to tell what the hell they’re referencing when they mention the mewlips, gorcrows, lintips, etc. The biologist in me yearns to know every single detail about these creatures while the reader in me gleefully leaps at the opportunity to just make up some stupid shit about them myself.
My favorite one is the “ wild were-worms” which most people assume are some kind of shape shifting dragons from Hobbit lore. I myself choose to believe that a were-worm is just a regular guy that turns into an earthworm during the full moon and throws a wild little bug rager down in the dirt with the other were-worms. In my experience people do NOT like this theory but none of them can ever conclusively prove it wrong and I’m free to think me and JRRT were on the same page when it comes to worms 🪱
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breeyn · a month ago
Details of creating Prey Tell, Love, the second piece in the Hunter Aziraphale/Harpy Crowley au by @dorywhynot and I. Prints of both pieces are available on Dory’s Etsy!
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reniadeb · 5 months ago
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🐥 reniadeb 🏚️
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bestiarium · 20 hours ago
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The sea monk [Medieval Danish folklore]
In 1546, a strange creature was captured at the eastern coast of Zealand, Denmark (1549 according to some sources). Guillaume Rondelet concluded that this creature was a kind of merman (Homo maris), but was suspicious of the images he had seen, as many of them did not resemble each other. According to Conrad Gesner’s Historiae animalium, the sea monk measured 4 cubits (1.8 meters) and had a black face (“like an Ethiopian). According to his sources, a similar creature was captured in the estuary of the Scottish river Forth.
I could find no claims about the intelligence of the creature, so I don’t know whether it was supposed to be a fish that resembled a human or a merman-like creature. Nevertheless, modern-day theories propose that the sea monks were walruses, seals or rays, possibly with heavy wounds or mutilations. It is also possible that the sea monk was a Jenny Haniver, a fake mythological creature stitched together from dead fish parts.
(Image 1 from Historiae animalium, 1574) (Image source 2: Diana Nock on Artstation)
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starrberried · 2 months ago
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Werewolf/Vampire Hybrids based on this one ask I got! Please click through each panel for details, and let me know which is your favorite! :D
(ID and bonus OC under the Read More!)
Tumblr media
There is a column of four panels. Each panel has a digital drawing of a werewolf/vampire hybrid, along with blocks of text describing the creature.
First Panel: A crouching purpley-grey werewolf with batlike features is in the right corner. Top left, there's a 3/4ths view of a man with tan skin, dark brown hair, small wolf ears, and grey-brown stubble. Near the bottom-middle of the page is a white and tan werewolf with batlike features. The text reads:
Offspring of Werewolf mother and Vampire father, or when a Werewolf mother is bitten by Vampire during pregnancy. Though smaller than most werewolves, its heightened senses and intelligence make just as dangerous. “Human” form resembles a somewhat furry Vampire, or quasi-shifted Lycan. White Vampire Bat color variation, know as the “Rouge the Bat” pelt (this text is next to the white werebat). Reduced weakness to silver and wolfsbane. Astute and lethal ambush predators Able to inject vampiric venom.
Second Panel: A black, angular werewolf on four legs, with one of its clawed hands pointing up. It's maw and claws are dripping with dark red blood. It has two bite marks on its neck. Its eyes have beady dots of red, and its fangs are yellow. To the right of the page are two smaller busts of two canine creatures. The first is a profile of the same type of werewolf, black with red eyes. The second is a hellhound with a glowing red chest and a fiery mane, curved ears and fully red eyes. Underneath the busts are three circular swatches (left to right: white, black, and dark rusty red). Text reads:
Result of Werewolf bitten by Vampire. Given that the Werewolf survives, it will develop a frenzied craving for fresh blood and will no longer consume meat of prey. Extremely dangerous during the Full Moon. Features angle after infection sets in. Vampire bite marks do not heal. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH HELLHOUNDS. Only three color variations. Must sleep in a Werewolf-sized coffin in case of transformation during Slumber.
Third Panel: A huge tan werebat. The underside of its wings are dark brown. It has a pointed pink noise. There is a closeup of its open mouth and vampire bat fangs. There are also two different posed wings drawn on the left side of the panel. They are drawn small as a diagram example of how a wing can look turned in our stretched out. There is also a tiny doodle of a cartoon werebat face with X's over its eyes. Text reads:
Result of Vampire bitten by Werewolf; if the Vampire survives, it will transform into a Werebat the next Blood Moon. Vampires who do not reverse the curse by the Blood Moon will transform into a Werebat every following Full Moon. Victims often beheaded for access to more blood. As the vampire ages, werebat form balds. Does not howl, but shrieks and clicks to echolocate. Relies on sensitive hearing to hunt.
Fourth Panel: This is split between two types of monster. To the left, a cream-colored furred vampire with reddish brown hair and yellow eyes. He is tall and thin, with arms too long to be humanoid, wearing blue fannel, skinny black jeans, and a purple coffee mug. He wears silver bands around his wrists, and he also has fangs and long pointy ears. His feet are paws. A small neck-up bust of his werewolf form is to his left. The werewolf has cream and brown fur, yellow eyes, and long vampire fangs. Text reads:
Offspring of Vampire father and Batwolf mother. Werewolf form retains Vampire intelligence and sensibilities. Food substitutes can work to abate craving for fresh blood. Often sleeps in coffins because "It's just comfier". No weakness to silver. Not undead, but often anemic. Since a werewolf curse is not lifted across generations, a Furred Vampire still transforms under a Full Moon, but has a reduced appetite and a more anthropomorphic appearance.
To the left, a lanky cool grey werewolf with pitch black eyes, a flared purple-black nose, and vampiric fangs. Her human form is pictured with two headshots, one with a beanie and mask on, another with a grey shirt. Her human form has tan skin, dark eyes, and vampire fangs and ears. Text reads:
Offspring of Werebat and Werewolf. Werewolf form closely resembles a regular werewolf, with exception to facial features. Completely black eyes, reduced night vision. Flared nostrils. Fang placement to the front of top jaw. Human form easily disguised. No necessity or craving for fresh human blood. Sometimes prone to dormant garlic allergy.
Fifth panel, under the cut: A cool grey anthro wolf with a black and cool blue vampire cape stands looking profile. He has a white neck collar with a moonstone in the center. Text reads:
Extremely polite Werevamp* (except during Full Moons, when he goes apeshit)
Loves Shakespeare
Prefers anthro form.
Moonstone allows him to shift at-will
Snooty bitch <3
*A werevamp is the general term for any werewolf/vampire hybrid. Sometimes, “werevamp” refers to a vampwolf that remains in anthro wolf form between Full Moons to abate the bloodlust of vampirism.
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lowpolyanimals · 7 months ago
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Dark Griffin from Miitopia
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jellycatstuffies · a month ago
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Jellycat Dinosaurs, Dragons and Nessie (source)
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chaaistheanswer · 2 months ago
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tfw youre a gorgon fashion model in the human world but you have to wear special shades almost 24/7 or else you'll petrify someone
i really am in love with malakai you don’t even know
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und0miels · 3 months ago
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a w i t c h ought never to be frightened in the darkest forest, because she should be sure in her soul that the most terrifying thing in the forest was her.
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kiwi-the-first · 11 months ago
If monster bad then why sexy
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nemfrog · 4 months ago
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Lush black and gold pattern with mythical beasts in the corners. Nature in ornament. 1894. Cover.
Internet Archive
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silkmaenad · a year ago
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Vintage Vampiresses 🥀🦇
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breeyn · 5 months ago
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I know most of y’all aren’t here for my original work but I’m sneaking one more mer-skelly in. I promise, this whole project will eventually have a good omens tie-in, I just needed to learn and practice some bits first 🖤🖤🖤
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