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mayticks-art · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hear me out.... H a r p i e s
I’ve become completely smitten with drawing them.
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deep-water-siren · a day ago
Thinking about that post where aliens attack earth and the old gods return to defend humanity.
What if: the creatures return too.
En mass.
The fair folk giving hell to invaders who dont know the signs, travel the wrong roads, and definitely dont heed the warnings
Interactions with the Huldra?
Sea monsters snatching drop ships that fly too low
Mongolian. Deathworm. (Like many others, a warning unto itself)
Fucking imagine how they would react to the jersy devil, or mothman, or nessie????
Imagine droves of them going missing from to the hidebehinds (or the Appalachian region in general)
Or what if they try to take up in abandoned hospitals or something and the residents of the paranormal persuasion dont take to kindly to that.
How would they react to the oklahoma octopus?
Theres a few others i can think of that i dont want to name drop.
The world is so full of mythology, it would be bedlam.
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mikeybooch · a day ago
Tumblr media
Today marks the last day of Virgo season as well as the autumnal equinox. Did you know that in western astrology the twelve zodiac signs are based on figures from classical mythology? Virgo is represented by the goddess Astraea. Astraea is the daughter of Eos and Astraeus. She is best known for being the last of the gods to live among the mortals. To honor her dedication to mankind, Zeus set her image amongst the stars so that she may always watch over them.
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lepetitdragonvert · a day ago
Tumblr media
Artist : Sigov Alexander
Source :
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stuckysdumbbitch · 2 days ago
the eye of the storm
Summary: nothing is going the right way.
pairings: Dark!Hunter!Bucky x bunny hybrid! reader x steve rogers
warnings:18 + content, noncon smut, cuckholding, forced breeding, pain kink, soreness, kidnapping, angst, threesomes, lactation kink, innocence kink
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Tumblr media
Both men watched as you innocently played with the little deer, the bunnies overjoyed to have a new friend. You had done your best to squeeze some milk out for the deer, and the little creature seemed totally happy about his stay.
Wandering hands on your hips caught you off guard, the musky scent of Bucky wafting over you made you slightly relax as he positioned his chin on your shoulder. But Steve plopped himself on the grass in front of you, and the babies went immediately to him. You frowned at how even the fawn followed him.
Dusk came, and Bucky invented some excuse for Steve to stay, saying it was “dangerous” for the super soldier to roam the woods this late. Supper went by quickly, soup and vegetable for you and beef for the men. The wine colored their cheeks and filled their mouths with hollers and over-the-top comments.
You at least expected Bucky to offer the couch, or even let you sleep in it, yet as you draped over your form one of his t-shirts, Steve crawled into bed right behind you. Hands pulled you closer, and you swallowed a cry when you saw Bucky laying the babies together, the fawn with the bunnies curling up.
The lights were off as your husband jumped into bed, and the horror began. The only thing you could tell was that Steve was latched to your back, sniffing your berry scented hair, and Bucky pulled you into a deep kiss. Tears fell down your cheeks, laying limp, allowing these men to hurt you and touch you as they pleased.
A finger delved through your folds, finding your nub to rub deliberately. You gasped when two fingers where introduced at once, shifting uncomfortably.
“Good girl,” Steve whispered, and you barely heard him talk while he was fucking you. “Gonna take my cock so well, right baby?”.
A pinch on your nipples caused you to yelp, throwing your head back onto Steve’s shoulder. The familiar cold and hot sensation todo you it was Bucky toying with your tits, but that also meant that the thick digits you were clenching around were Steve’s.
His hand left, and you suppressed a whine at the lost of contact. Wrapping your arms around Bucky when you felt a engorged head poke against your entrance, you sobbed. You could never grow fond of his length, it felt as if it would never end. He held your hips as he bottomed out, letting out a long breath that smelled like whiskey and cigarettes, a scent that was more familiar with Bucky.
His thrusts were deep and short, holding your hips against himself as you clutched to Bucky, your weird solace. His grunts began echoing in the room, more viciously and animal-like each time and your whimpers were shushed by Bucky, placing tender kissed on your lips.
Sweat took no time to coat your skin and the blond’s, beard scraping against your cheek as Bucky mysteriously reached over to the other man. Your eyes widened when you heard the sloppy sounds that weren’t just coming from your pussy. Steve became more erratic as he kissed Bucky, sloppy and messy. They grinned as they separated, the brunet instantly holding your face to kiss you and then place a thumb into your mouth.
Although it quickly came off when Steve pulled you underneath him, bending your knees just the slightest for leverage as he fucked into you.
“There you go, little bunny.” he cooed, wrapping his hand around your ears to tug “this ass is way too pretty to not look at, bouncing on my cock like you should.” He slipped a hand under your body to squeeze your sensitive boobs.
Bucky cradled your cheek with shimmery eyes, a loving glance that seemed way too out of context.
“You’re going to let Steve get you all nice and plump for me? gonna give me more babies? my good little bunny.” he praised, and you bit your lip in discomfort as Steve delivered a hard spank on your sore backside.
“Answer him, little slut.” he grunted, hips pistoling against you in an almost furious way.
“Yes!” you cried out, voice drawling out into a moan as you clenched around Steve.
“Of course you are; you know how pretty you make them.” Bucky chuckled, pulling you somehow closer.
Of course you hadn’t though your plan properly, thinking the two super soldiers wouldn’t hear you tiptoeing to the bathroom. As dainty as you were, the little noise was detected by the two men.
You reached the bathroom with a sigh, believing your plan had worked. The silver reflection that stared back at you on the dimly lit bathroom was saddening; your neck was marked with different hues of purple and blue, puffy eyes and red lips, sensitive tits and an ache on your ears for the intense pulling. You could barely flop them upwards.
You sat on the cool porcelain bathtub, slowly pulling out the silvery plug from your throbbing pussy. You finally closed your legs, almost moaning with delight at the empty feeling. A mixture of slick, cum and blood was quick to seep out of you, staining the white tub. You turned the faucet on, quickly washing your shame away. It was way to perfect to be-
The door slammed open, and there they were. Oh god- you cursed yourself for you foolishness of thinking you could get away with this. Dumb little bunny, getting caught by the wolves again.
Your blubbering justifications meant nothing as a hand tugged both your hair and ears out of the bathroom, dragging you through the wood floors to toss you into the bed. Bucky was furious, Steve looked annoyed and disappointed. You didn’t know what was worst.
“You little bitch!” Bucky screamed, and you were for sure your babies were up now. He gripped your neck, pulling you to face him, face contorted in such anger you really feared for your life. “Are you such a whore you didn’t wanted to get pregnant so that he could continue fucking you? or you just want us to be miserable?”
His questions dumbfounded you, because the answer to both of them was no. He dropped you carelessly and began to strut to the dog bed, your eyes widened and you almost sprained your ankle trying to rush towards him. Steve caught you, pressing him to his stony chest. Bucky picked up James, the little male bunny who stared to its mommy in confusion.
“You are telling me you don’t love them?”Bucky questioned, genuinely sounding hurt. “You are telling me you don’t want to have more of this beautiful things?”
“Why the fuck do you want more so desperately?” you yelled, tossing in Steve’s grip. “You went as far as to let another man rape me because you are so desperate to have more children, why?”.
He strutted towards you, thick body hovering over yours. He could kill you, Steve could kill you, they could kill your babies. The little bunny he was holding in his hands was a reminder of it.
Your gaze didn’t falter this time, you stared right at him.
“Because you are mine.” He stated, clenching his teeth. “You are mine to fuck and do whatever the fuck I want; so if I please to make you round with children to keep me happy and accompanied, I will.”
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disease · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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fictifgames · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
It's Vidas' birthday! What would you do to make their special day the most memorable one in centuries?
Read For The Love Of Gods in the FictIf app!
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greekschist · 2 days ago
Hephaestus: If anything goes wrong, fake a heart attack.
Dionysus: What are we thinking? The classic angina? Or something sexier, like a myocardial infarction?
Athena: Just drop on the ground and wiggle.
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yoga-onion · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Sumerian Mythology - The earliest deities of ancient Mesopotamia (47)
“Gilgamesh and Huwawa” - Expedition to the Cedar Mountains
Gilgamesh proposed an expedition to Enkidu(Ref), saying, "Let's cut open the forest of cedar (cedar of Lebanon), drive away Hwawa (Humbaba: Ref2), the evil of all from the country, and etch our name forever.” From the beginning, Enkidu had a strong sense of guilt about harming Enlil's "natural order," and advised Gilgamesh that he should be consecrated beforehand to Utu(Ref3), the sun god who ruled the Cedar Mountain. In response, Utu sent seven heroes to Gilgamesh, "having the forelegs of a lion and the hind legs of an eagle" at the head of them to guide the way. Gilgamesh himself gathered fifty homeless and motherless young men in the city of Uruk, armed them with axes and other weapons, and then set out on his expedition.
With the aid of the wind reinforcements sent by the god Utu, they successfully capture Huwawa. No matter Huwawa begs for his life, Enkidu kills him. Upon learning of this, Enlil(Ref4) reproaches them for his death, and distributes the seven auras (a kind of awe: In the language of the time, they were called "melam" or "ni" ) to the fields, the rivers, the reed-beds, the lions, the palace, the forest and Nungal, which would explain the fear and fascination they give to the humans.
The two later killed the Bull of Heaven,too. Fearing that their combined strength could eventually reach the gods, the gods decided that one of them must die, and determined that Enkidu would receive the curse of death for abandoning his divinely appointed role.
After Enkidu's death, Gilgamesh also became aware of his own mortality, and gradually became tormented by the fear of it. At every turn, the gods reminded Gilgamesh of what he had done, namely, "stealing the special trees and killing Huwawa.” After Huwawa's death, the cedar forest was sealed off, and its magnificent cedar trees were used for various buildings, but due to repeated logging, the trees dwindled and became endangered.
The story of the extermination of Huwawa (Humbaba) has been handed down to posterity as the world's oldest record of the destruction of nature, but it has also been passed down as a tale of adventure by Gilgamesh and Enkidu, heroes of valour and courage.
Tumblr media
この二人はこの後、「天の牡牛」も殺してしまうが、二人が力を合わせれば神にも届き得ることを恐れた神々は、二人のうちどちらかが死ななければならないと判断し、神の定めた役割を放棄したとして、エンキドゥが死の呪いを受ける事を決定した。ギルガメシュはその後、エンキドゥの死を経て自らの死も意識するようになり、 徐々にその恐怖に苛まれるようになる。神々はことあるごとにギルガメシュに彼のしたことを、すなわち「特別な木を盗んだこと、フワワを殺したこと」を思い出させた。
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quaintobsessions · 2 days ago
Eurydice’s Daybreak
Up there in an attic that doesn't exist yet lie stacks of pages
I haven't seen in years, bright paeans to August sunlight on water, to the greenest grass, to divination already come true.
I avoid this graveyard, its out-of-season jonquils on sleepless beds.
Once in a new moon the audacity of a stolen moment bursts on my tongue, tart fruit that leaves
no aftertaste at all.
Here in a shadowed chest, phrases lie in wait. Golden hour-lit,
they are more intimate than any caress, and stubbornly alive.
Beneath imaginary rafters I turn each painting to the light.
I begin to sing, dancing barefoot on grave grass.
Orpheus, go on, it's nothing.
It's just a sigh, it's just a sting, it's just a bite.
Go on ahead, go on out of sight.
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ammelanoleuca · a day ago
Reposting an ig story so it can live on at least one of my account feeds permanently. I made a phoenix suncatcher, so it hopefully would take much faster than two full weeks just to make a phoenix perch 😅
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facinaoris · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Goddess of sensuality and femininity. 
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greekschist · a day ago
Kronos: You can trust me.
Oceanus: Okay, can I? Because the last time I left you in charge of something-
Kronos: Ugh, if this is about those stupid Tamagotchis—
Oceanus: Actually it is!
Kronos: You left me with six of them, brother! Taking care of that many is like a full-time job!
Oceanus: I left you with six adult Tamagotchis in perfect health, and by the time I came home they were all dead.
Oceanus: You have to, like, actually murder them in order for that to happen.
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