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Dear Cinderella,
or is it princess
or even queen now?
i don’t keep up with politics
gets too confusing,
Either way, Dear You,
you cannot judge us too harshly.

You see, we had a bad mother
Far worse than a dead one,
and we didn’t know any better.

We kept expecting you to be cruel right back
but you weren’t, not once,
which cast you as victim
us as villain.

(Why couldn’t you just hit us back? This role chafes and does not shed too easy, it makes us uncomfortable, queasy - )

We don’t know where mother is now,
her burning feet carried her far far away
we haven’t seen her in weeks, months, once upon a times,
Fresh out of happy endings, for her at least.

Us? Well, we’re trying now
Ana is going to anger management
her therapist makes her grow things,
get dirt under her nails,
take pride in making something live.

Me, well, yoga is therapeutic,
it quells the rage, the loss, the bite,
and sometimes now when i look in the magic mirror
i don’t look like my mother
which is enough, which is close enough to my wish
i can sleep at night.

we (i) am not asking for forgiveness
we (i) just wanted you to know that maybe

we’re better now
or at least, not as bad as we were
which will have to do.
another thing;
we are sorry

sorry in the way that only cruel children
who grew up kind
can be.

Stepsisters. (a.v.p)

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Between the chimneys and rooftiles
lies the only city you understood:
sidling past rain gutters

I mouth lies you told grotesques
before you tried another window
for your ashes to blow through

on their way to the ravine
between one refuge and the next.

You never rested anyway.
You lived your whole span

as a re-enactment of itself,
a history told from above
with the dreaming city as a prop.

It was so loud in your head;
so very quiet in mine
once you’d slunk away to sleep.

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you ever notice how many greek myths aren’t nearly as famous for what they did as for how they were punished? sisyphus, tantalus, cassandra… heck, even prometheus is almost half as well known for having his liver eaten as for stealing fire, and somehow that managed to overshadow literally creating humanity.

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Mine and my friend’s characters for our next dnd campaign, set in Magic The Gathering’s Theros setting!! The painting is heavily inspired by works by Eugene De Blaas, especially his “Venetian Women” paintings. The Brunnette is my barbarian, Pallas, and the blonde is my friend’s warlock, Agnes!

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“So … there’s this guy …” - I love this zag lad so much! ☺️ You can probably tell who he’s talking about 😘☠️ n this is inspired by Aladdin of course! Aahhhh beware of all the #hadesgame art coming up!

Twitter: @cdono_

Insta: @cdono_workshop

Twitch: @cdono_

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My Apollo altar. I’m grateful to him for all that he’s done for me. For choosing me to be his witch. For blessing me with his prophetic talents. For helping me through my depression. For making me feel loved whenever I need. His energy feels like the sun, warming my skin. It feels like healing. It feels like putting my head on a loved one’s shoulder. It feels like unconditional love and support. I love him so much. And I will always be his witch. 💛

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Just brainstorming some gods who operate in ways that initially seem counter to their domains but actually aren’t.  The first is stolen from a post I remember reading a long time ago, the rest are my invention

The god of Death, who nourishes people to live as long as possible, because everyone dies eventually and more people alive now means more people dying later.

A god of agriculture who causes famines because that leads to people planting more, asking for favor, and making sacrifices.

A god of war who gets antsy and stops conflicts that get too big, because a war to end all wars is a distinct and unwelcome possibility.

A god of light, who causes eclipses and ash clouds, because each candle light is a monument to their power.

A god of marriage, who seduces spouses because a) divorce is part of marriage and b) it leads to more marriages down the line.

A god of wealth who very much does not believe in trickle down economics or hoarding pressure, they work to build up a strong middle class because that is what is for the economy and best for them in the long run.

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