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Face your line art.

Lineart is probably the most satisfactory part of doing art.

I use to absolutely hate it.

Now it’s kind of therapeutic.

Favorite pens:

● Pentel Arts Stylo Fine Liner

Water based but doesn’t smear with alcohol markers.

● Sharpie Fine Point Pens

Sometimes but barely smudges if it hasn’t dried for 10 minutes but it’s my favorite pen for most mediums.

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Hey there, traveler!

It is really common for folklore and mythology to color the boring parts of existing phenomena, medical conditions and natural occurrences, but if you search hard enough, you might find a spark of truth under the myth. Cyclopses, centaurs, mermaids, the manticore, they all have a possible origin that got sewn among the sparkly threads of imagination. I think it’s interesting to look at some of these nuggets of truth and uncover them in some short, bite-sized posts.

Today, we’re starting with vampires. Ever since we started working on our dark fantasy horror WIP, I’ve a sort of vampire fever, so I decided I’d share with you today something about that. To be more precise, I’ll tell you about a real-life disease that practically turns you into a vampire for real. Don’t believe me? Well, read on then, fellow skeptic!

The name of the game today is porphyria.

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WITH this night upon my shoulder
  I am stronger, I am older.
I am Hercules at last.
Now that nothing blurs or blinds me,
Now that nothing snares or binds me,
With the swamp, the dragon passed—
I, the puny god that killed,
To a labor unfulfilled,
To a new Antaeus stronger,
I, the human myth no longer—
I go out, the Man at last!


Song of the New Hercules

Leigh Buckner Hanes  1893-1967


Graphic - John Singer Sargent  1856-1925

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Zeus: That’s it I’m tired of you two fighting!

Ares: She started it.

Athena: Lies!

Zeus: Enough! You’re both grounded.

Athena: Excuse me?

Zeus: You heard me. Ares, no more Aphrodite.

Ares: Say What!

Zeus: Um…I’m not sure what you like Athena?

Hera: Tag me in…

Zeus: Sure.

Athena: oh-no

Hera: Athena no more thinking from now on you’re to be as impulsive as Ares.

Athena: *blinks* You suck! *runs off*

Zeus: You made a mistake she’s going to love this punishment.

Ares: For once, I’m proud of her.

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Twisted in folds

I have lived with many different folks

througout the time

I slithered and bend

seven heads I even had.

Once a serpent,

other times a dragon

in the deep, I stayed from the heat.

What they want

my flesh served to the righteous

my body for illumination

sparkling eyes to reach the eternal light.

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I’m not really the type to beg for money so I’m only gonna do this once and then go back to Your Regularly Scheduled Mythological And Esoteric Facts

I’m trying to get enough money for a new trailer by opening an etsy shop (imma call it the Craftee Marketplace, I think) and getting published

I have a Ko-fi page and would appreciate it if you paid for me to write a bad poem for you (link here: )

if I get enough money to buy a trailer I’ll post one of my novels for free

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When you candles burn in broad daylight

With the pitter patter of thin bird feet across the wooden planks of your floor

They do not ask for your earth, choking and dry in the wasteland they created

Or for the the salt in your sweat of your toils

They do not ask for every single flower your eyes have found solace resting upon

Or for every single dew drop collected on the bottoms of your skirt hems

They ask for you

The warmth of your attention–devotion through its vitality

Feeding from your thoughts like delicate dessert

That is all they ask

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There are a few naturally-occurring hybrids on Erit. Several conditions have to be met, of course. Right number of chromosomes. Right TYPE of chromosomes. Physical compatibility.

Species who can reproduce naturally together include the following:

  • Human/Elf (Most numerous)
  • Human/Duarrow (Common)
  • Faun/Satyr (Rare)
  • Banshee/Harpy (Rare and 50% lethal)
  • Troll/Banshee (Very rare)
  • Orc/Human (Extremely rare but technically possible)
  • Orc/Elf (Extremely rare but technically possible)

Elves have a lethal incompatibility with duarrow despite their compatibility with humans. For the same reason, trolls and harpies cannot reproduce. While children may be conceived from either pairing, the offspring is always stillborn.

There are many situations where, for example, a faun and an elf (or more likely, one elf and three or four fauns!) form a family, and sometimes those families want to have children. Many choose to adopt, of course. Even with all the resources on Erit dedicated to family planning and care of children, there are still children who need adoption into loving families.

But there’s also the possibility of magical intervention.

While Petalvine is best known for being the goddess of flora, her other aspects include love, reproduction, new life, and genetics.

While one of the easiest magics to learn is flora magic, Petalvine’s other aspects are much more difficult, and require close binds to the goddess herself. While the wilder magics of Antirrhopus are more designed to produce a whole manner of horrible creatures, Petalvine is more delicate.

ANYWAY, through some wonder of magic, if you are a faun and you want to have a genetic child with an elf, you can do that with Petalvine’s blessing and magic.

There’s a couple questions behind this:

1. Why aren’t there millions of hybrids running around? There’s a lot of reasons for this. Elves don’t usually marry humans because elves live for thousands of years. Fauns don’t usually marry elves because fauns are polyamorous and elves tend to be monogamous. The orcish body temperature is so high that reproduction is nigh-impossible for logistical reasons. Et cetera. It generally comes down to cultural differences.

2. What quality of life do these hybrids have? Natural hybrids (those listed above) occasionally must face from fertility issues, especially troll/banshee hybrids. Additionally, while there is a VERY small chance of disability or birth defect from a hybrid pairing, these things do occasionally happen. Petalvine will not give her blessing to a pair if she believes they will abuse or abandon a disabled child. They have to accept all risks for her to help them conceive. In summary, though, hybrids generally have the same quality of life that any other citizen of Erit can expect to have.

3. Traits. Natural hybrids tend to have distinctive appearances that are universal among offspring. (For example, a human/elf hybrid will have shorter but pointed ears and approximately a 400-year lifespan.) Magic-aided hybrids generally display incomplete dominance and are sort of a genetic grab-bag. Genetics and magic generally do not get along; a human/faun pairing might produce a one mostly-human child with horns, while the next child has a faun body type but has no horns or tail. A rather common faun/human trait is completely human legs and feet with hooves instead of toes.

So there you have it! I wanted to overhaul hybrids and give Petalvine this specific magic, so my previous post on hybrids is now declared NULL AND VOID. Also, orc/elf hybrids are HOT. Literally. Their body temperature is the equivalent of 106 degrees Fahrenheit.

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I’m excited that you’ve asked me this! Because WOE has such an anti-religion vein to it, the religion of Estare plays an important part of the plot and context. 

In Estare and it’s neighboring country to the North, Arros, the worship of Skjold is the principal religion. It is the monotheistic worship of a male god/creator figure, such as we see with Abrahamic religions. This is from a draft but this excerpt explains the meat of the mythology. (I removed some irrelevant bits so this is not the complete version of this excerpt)

I am quickly drawn away from the throng of men when I see it - a wolf, grotesquely drawn, carrying fire in her mouth. She is on the rightmost wall, snarling and cowering. I reach out to touch her face and the paint is rough under my fingertips.

“The mother of sin, Ailyth,” a female voice breaks me from my trance. I turn my head over my shoulder and see a woman standing there, in the brilliant white robes of the priesthood, with hair so shockingly blonde it looks as if she were struck by ice. She receives my gaze and comes to stand beside me as my eyes flutter back to the mural.

“I’ve heard her name before,” I say, already wary, but it is the truth. My mother would mention her under her breath, like a curse, or a prayer. “However, I have never heard her tale.”

The woman smiles. Her face seems to be sloped towards the point of her nose, and her skin looks like it’s never seen the sun. “I thought that might be the case. Do you know of Skjold?”

She gestures to the parallel painting of a man in blue and white, with long brown hair, his hand raised as if to bless me. I have seen his crude countenance imprinted on gold coins, and emblems, and cheap market trinkets. 

“Yes,” I answer, “your god.”

“Our God,” she corrects, with raised brows and a grin, like I am a child. “Our creator. The maker of humanity from the soil of the earth. When he first came upon our earth, he held the powers of ice and fire in his hands. Winter and summer, dark and light. He sought out to shape this crude world for us, so that we may live in it.” The paintings follow her tale, showing mountains being risen and rivers carved from the earth. “But he needed assistants, so he created them from the animals, and gave them human forms so that they could better serve him. Ailyth, the wolf, was his Lieutenant.”

I stare at the painting of her again, fascinated even if I believe none of it. Her fur is wild and russet brown, her eyes piercing gold. But her maw is too wide, her teeth too exaggerated, her body too malformed. She looks more monster than animal, a crude beast that lacks the beauty and grace I saw in the white wolf, even if there is a resemblance.

“They don’t seem particularly amicable with one another,” I observe.

“Because Ailyth stole from him,” she gave me a very sober gaze this time, with wide eyes, “she sought his power for herself. She betrayed him, and hid among the first people’s tribe, disguised as one of them, and soon gifted us power over the flame as well. But it was never meant for humanity to wield.”

I cast aside reason for the time being and ask, “So what happened to her?”

The woman regards the painting of Ailyth with distaste. “She was doomed by Skjold to remain a wolf, never to live within her human flesh again, so she could be prevented from committing evil and trickery. But we believe that she lives on. All of her children, wolf-kind itself, wander the earth, seeking righteous people to corrupt so that they may do her bidding. That is why they must be eradicated.”

Due to this mythology and their conceptualization of fire as humanity’s sin/weakness, the priesthood purifies through ice rather than fire, meaning that they often freeze people to death and subject themselves to similar treatment in order to be regarded as “Of God”. 

Skjolism has not been officially adopted into their government, so Estare is technically a secular feudalist society for the time being. In Arros, there is no unified government due to widespread tribal societies, but the High Priestess lives in the temple called Solistera in Arros. 

But of course, this is the colonized version of this tale! The native Arrosi people believe something much the opposite which will be touched on in later novels.

Thank you for the question!

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This time I’ve got inspired by fairies, hydrangea flowers and roots, a classical. But I tried to give her a twist from the typical butterfly winged, pale skin, super delicate look we’re used to have. I liked making this one a lot, so I might paint more taking inspiration on other flowers and plants! ✿

If you liked this one please check the video process on youtube!…


Instagram: @esthervelar
Tik Tok: @esthervelar 

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Ah, this is such a great question! Thanks for asking (and sorry it took me so long to actually reply)

So, according to the religious mythology of Chesnia, Elgovina, and Asdarant, originally there was nothing. Within the endless, white expanse, awareness formed. The awareness took the name Lady Daylight. Though all of existence was hers to do with as she pleased, she was lonely. So she gathered a bit of the endless expanse and formed a new awareness. This new awareness was too delicate to survive on its own, so she nestled it within her, letting it grow.

While it grew, she readied the universe for her soon-to-be companion. But she did not know to ready herself. When the awareness was strong enough, it split her open and poured forth. For the first time, there was not just endless white spread across all of existence. Now there were shadows and darkness. Thus, was Lord Midnight born.

etc., etc., Lady Daylight and Lord Midnight create the world, have two sons – Mudd and Wash (who shape the land and oceans of Obroth) – create the moons and stars, and send a mystic to the early people of Chesnia/Eswold to teach them how to help and be helped by the gods.

As far as worshipers of the Celestial pantheon are concerned, you would need to kill both Lady Daylight and Lord Midnight to destroy the ordered universe.

But myth usually doesn’t tell you everything ;)

While the gods are very much real, they were not the “original beings,” nor did they create Obroth. (They did alter some land/sea shapes, but mostly minor stuff). Now, they are extremely long-lived beings (Day/Midnight are around 4,500 years old, and could be considered “middle-aged”), but even they don’t really know what came before the start of the universe.

As the series is (technically) science fantasy (the science part doesn’t really kick in until around book 6/10), I assumed existence started with a “big bang.” I don’t really understand all the physics and such that goes into understanding the start of the universe, so… I don’t have any fun analogies to explain it in Obrothian terms lol

But dimensional walls can be (and, in some cases, are) ripped open. And magic always has the potential to be an uncontrollable force. There is the natural chaos of the world/physics, but no “Chaos” waiting and wanting to (re)consume everything. (Though there are some gods worshiped by other people on Obroth called variants of “chaos,” but those are the same kind of beings as Day/Midnight and crew, no matter what their individual mythologies say)

Hope that all makes sense and answers your question ^.^

Thanks again for asking!


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Meadow of Fallen Palaces

In Bactrasia this beautiful plain of poppies is littered with the crumbling husks of ancient flying war palaces. Home to some two dozen destroyed Pishtari war palaces, the tranquil meadow is haunted by serene ghosts of glowing blue light. The ghosts that haunt the meadow are believed to be those of the warriors that once manned the flying palaces though some believe them from another reality brought to our realm by the weapons of the ancients. Some of these spirits are playful, others bashful but none malevolent. The ruins are a sight to be seen, one can only imagine the grandeur of these war machines in their time. Long picked clean of any lost technology the greatest treasure of the meadow is peace and quiet.

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