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My brain at 2 am: Hey, so if unicorns are (mythically- speaking) supposed to like, obey or come to the aid of virgins, and there are sex-repulsed Aces out there, many of whom are likely virgins… does that mean we could have a mounted Ace division at Pride parades? Only instead of riding horses, there is an Ace brigade on…


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I have some more questions sorry👉👈

(Tw: mentions of rape! I know this is greek mythology and it’s to be expected but I have some followers just from pjo so I don’t wanna risk it)

-Was there any actual evidence of romance between Achilles and Patroclus or is it just a ship? (By evidence i mean like was it confirmed in any text or anything). I’m working my way through the Iliad but it’s a little above my reading level and I’m having a hard time understanding it. Also are they cousins??? I just started hearing that but I thought they were from different kingdoms and everything? Idk bro this is why I’m asking jdjdjfj. (Also do you have any tips on making the Iliad easier to read or am I just gonna have to struggle?)

-Is it true that Athens tended to be harsher on the gods with their myths? Like I’ve heard that most of Ares’ bad myths come form Athens, Hera throwing Hepheastus off Olympus was from Athens, etc. Idk tho that could be wrong I just want to know!!

-Did Artemis send Dionysus to rape someone? I’m aware of the myth of Nicaea but that’s different I think and I’ve heard something like that??? It’s just always sat weird with me idk. And if I’m not just pulling that out of my ass djjfj, why would Artemis send someone to rape a girl when she’s supppsed to be a protectress of them? (This is nothing against Artemis or her devotees I’m just curious!!)

-was there any reason Apollo specifically stood out for his beauty? Like isn’t Aphrodite just known for that? (I know all of them are supposed to be attractive I just mean why Apollo is specified for it more than the other gods). Maybe he’s not and everyone on here just has a crush on him idk skdjfjf

-is Artemis usually portrayed as a younger girl or is that just pjo? I’ve tried to seperate greek mythology and pjo but sometimes I catch myself accidentally crossing them. I’ve always envisioned her like that but I want to know if it’s accurate or not lol

-is there any reason why certain gods raped more than others? (i.e Zeus and Poseidon vs Hermes and Dionysus)

-does hades have a lot of myths and I just can’t find them?? I was trying to read up on my boy but there’s not a lot to find. Do you guys have any sources you can recommend? All I can really find is the kidnapping one and when Cronus went munch n crunch :(

-okay this one I’ve always wondered!!! Why did Persephone’s name change?? (From Kore). Like was Kore just an earlier interpretation of her or is there something else? I feel like this is one of the mandatory knowledges of Greek mythology and I don’t know it sjdkfjfkdk

Thank you!!!!!!!!!! (And sorry for the excessive keyboard smashing)

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Ahh okok. I’ll stick to Greek myths because I don’t think I know enough of any other one mythology to do all the signs~

Aries: The Fall of Icarus

Taurus: Pygmalion and Galatea

Gemini: Prometheus

Cancer: Odysseus

Leo: King Midas

Virgo: Leto

Libra: Persephone

Scorpio: Orpheus and Eurydice

Sagittarius: Pandora

Capricorn: Jason and the Argonauts

Aquarius: Theseus

Pisces: Perseus and Andromeda

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oh, medusa! they cry, so pretty before she did the unspeakable, oh medusa! they sing, so pure and so favoured before she submitted!

they do not know that medusa is still beautiful, that her cowrie shell voice which sang hymns for her goddess has now been wept out onto salty sand. they do not know that medusa is still pure, because they do not know that a woman’s virtue does not exist between her thighs, they do not know.

oh, poseidon, says medusa quietly, her voice with quivering rage, you are foolish. strike me down, i do not care. for what more can you do to me? kill me? i am not afraid.

poseidon, hear my message and be scared. when you raped me, did you know that you flung me around like a cloth toy? poseidon, you have no regard for women you desire. i was just another plaything. another pretty trophy you can mount on your wall. another war you won.


to all this i say no.

poseidon, i will not be used and thrown away, left to collect dust in the back of your cupboard. i am not a toy. i will not be quiet and submissive. to whomever listens, they will hear my song of rage. when you send another man to kill me for this insult, if i see him, the last sounds he shall hear are my snarls.

poseidon, i am not a trophy. i will not mount myself on your wall and stay there like a prize you can parade around boasting about. of course, i know this will not stop you from doing so. there will be parties and cotillions, and i will be reduced to another fireplace story that you tell when you have had too much wine. you will tell the story to the wide eyed youth and paint me as consenting, and they will grow up like you, with murder in their hearts and carelessness in their actions. and i swear that they will have iron backed women who spit in their face and make them out for the bastards they are. i swear it, poseidon.

poseidon, i am not a war you won. how could i be? how can it be a war, poseidon, when one side does not know that the other will attack?

poseidon, i know that gods and goddesses are fickle. they forget. but i will make sure you do not. i will haunt you in your dreams, in this form which is called hideous and ugly, i will appear in your dreams, the woman they laugh at and call powerless, and i will show you, only you, the true power i possess, poseidon. and gods, they may forget. but i know that youth will not, and i know that one day monsters like you will be ruined by the innocent girls you raped, just like you ruined us. i hope that you then realize the havoc i will wreak on you. many centuries later, poseidon, they will tell my story right. and you will be a shameless rapist in their eyes, as you are in mine. i yearn for those children, those people, poseidon. that’s because they will show you that the real impure one in a rape can only be the rapist. they will show you who has been in control all the time. they are powerful. they are women, after all.

-medusa, part 12 of BRONTIDE

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İlk önce Türklerden başlamak istedim.


Bilinen en eski Türk efsânelerinden biridir. Tüm Türk halklarında çeşitli şekilde yaygındır. Efsâneye göre Türkler düşmanları tarafından tamamen yok edilirler. Sadece iki çocuk sağ kalır. Tengri’nin gönderdiği kutsal bir dişi kurt çocukları besler büyütür ve korur. Kurt, bir çocuktan gebe kalır ve on yavru doğurur. Bu on çocuk gelecek Türk toplulukların hükümdarlarıdır.

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Brigid is celebrated for her generosity to the poor. In her case, most of the miracles associated with her relate to healing and household tasks usually attributed to women.

  • Brigid, who had a reputation as an expert dairywoman and brewer, was reputed to turn water into beer.[16]
  • The prayers of Saint Brigid were said to still the wind and the rain.[26]
  • When Brigid was of marital age, a man by the name of Dubthach maccu Lugair came to woo her. Since Brigid had offered her virginity to God, she told the man that she could not accept him but that he should go to the woods behind his house where he would find a beautiful maiden to marry. Everything that he said to the maiden’s parents would be pleasing to them. The man followed her instructions and it was as she said.[14]
  • In one story, Brigid protected a woman from a nobleman who had entrusted a silver brooch to the woman for safekeeping but then secretly had thrown it into the sea. He charged her with stealing it, knowing that he could take her as a slave if a judge ruled in his favour. The woman fled and sought refuge with Brigid’s community. By chance, one of her fishermen hauled in a fish which, when cut open, proved to have swallowed the brooch. The nobleman freed the woman, confessed his sin, and bowed in submission to Brigid.[16] A similar story is told of Saint Mungo.
  • On an occasion when Brigid was travelling to see a doctor for a headache, she stayed at the house of a Leinster couple who had two mute daughters. The daughters were travelling with Brigid when her horse startled, causing her to fall and graze her head on a stone. A touch of Brigid’s blood healed the girls of their muteness.[16]
  • When on the bank of the River Inny, Brigid was given a gift of apples and sweet sloes. She later entered a house where many lepers begged her for these apples, which she offered willingly. The woman who had given the gift to Brigid was angered by this, saying that she had not given the gift to the lepers. Brigid was angry at the nun for withholding from the lepers and cursed her trees so they would no longer bear fruit. Yet another woman also gave Brigid the same gift, and again Brigid gave them to begging lepers. This woman asked that she and her garden be blessed. Brigid then said that a large tree in the virgin’s garden would have twofold fruit from its offshoots, and this was done.[14]
  • One of the more commonly told stories is of Brigid asking the King of Leinster for land. She told the king that the place where she stood was the perfect spot for a convent. It was beside a forest where the members could collect firewood and berries, there was a lake nearby that would provide water and the land was fertile. The king laughed at her and refused to give her any land. Brigid prayed and asked God to soften the king’s heart. Then she smiled at the king and said, “Will you give me as much land as my cloak will cover?” The king thought that she was joking and agreed. She told four of her sisters to take up the cloak, but instead of laying it flat on the turf, each sister, with face turned to a different point of the compass, began to run swiftly, the cloth growing in all directions. The cloak began to cover many acres of land. “Oh, Brigid!” said the frighted king, “what are you about?” “I am, or rather my cloak is about covering your whole province to punish you for your stinginess to the poor.” “Call your maidens back. I will give you a decent plot of ground.” The saint was persuaded, and if the king held his purse-strings tight in future, she had only to allude to her cloak to bring him to reason. Soon afterwards, the king became a Christian, began to help the poor and commissioned the building of the convent. Legend has it, the convent was known for making jam from the local blueberries which was sought for all over Ireland. A new tradition is to eat jam on 1 February in honour of this miracle.[27][28]
  • After Brigid promised God a life of chastity, her brothers were annoyed at the loss of a bride price. When she was outside carrying a load past a group of poor people, some began to laugh at her. A man named Bacene said to her, “The beautiful eye which is in your head will be betrothed to a man though you like it or not.” In response, Brigid thrust her finger in her eye and said, “Here is that beautiful eye for you. I deem it unlikely that anyone will ask you for a blind girl.” Her brothers tried to save her and wash away the blood from her wound, but there was no water to be found. Brigid said to them, “Put my staff about this sod in front of you”, and after they did, a stream came forth from the ground. Then she said to Bacene, “Soon your two eyes will burst in your head”, and it happened as she said.[14]
  • She is associated with the preservation of a nun’s chastity in unusual circumstances. Liam de Paor (1993)[29] and Connolly & Picard (1987), in their complete translations of Cogitosus, give substantially the same translation[30] of the account of Brigid’s ministry to a nun who had failed to keep her vow of chastity, and become pregnant. In the 1987 translation: “A certain woman who had taken the vow of chastity fell, through youthful desire of pleasure and her womb swelled with child. Brigid, exercising the most potent strength of her ineffable faith, blessed her, causing the child to disappear, without coming to birth, and without pain. She faithfully returned the woman to health and to penance.”
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“Poseidon,” said Chiron. “Earthshaker, Stormbringer. Father of Horses. Hail, Perseus Jackson, Son of the Sea God.”


Originally posted by rinfangs

Chapter 8 - We Capture a Flag, Page 126

From Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Lightning Thief By Rick Riordan

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Born from a spring

near the Ocean’s tears

immortal I became

wild and free, from those who tame.

But once a mortal hero captured me

Bellerophon was his name,

we rode upon the Chimera, the Amazons,

till the gods were angered,

threw the hero to his grave.

A different fate awaited me,

not of slaughter and disdain, 

amidst the stars, the ancient heroes 

and of a well-known name.

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Kadınlar bir çok şeye benzetilirler; kurt, kaplan, fırtına, tsunami…

Büyürken annemi rol model olarak aldım; güçlü, bağımsız bir kadın. Güçlü ve ulaşılmaz bir kadını anlatan şarkılar dinledim, filmler izledim, kitaplar okudum. Lana Del Rey dinlerdim ve anlattığı kadınlar gibi olabilmek isterdim; ‘’Kar gibi ol: soğuk ama güzel.’’ diyordu Lana.

Yıllarca nasıl birisi olmam gerektiği, aslında ne olduğum ve bunun için ne yapmam gerektiği hakkında düşündüm. Mükemmel olmak istiyordum. Sorgulayan bir yapım var ve kendimi bildim bileli bilgi arzulayan birisi oldum.

Bilmediğim şey ise insanın güçlü olmak zorunda kalmadıkça içindeki gücü asla ortaya çıkaramayacağıydı. Anladım ki bundan öncesi şımarıklıktı, özentilikti. Bilmiyorum belki de idolize etmeydi.

Hayatımda çok zor bir dönem geçirdiğim bir zamanda içimde olduğunu bilmediğim bir gücü keşfettim. Büyüklerimiz buna ‘’Kan kusup kızılcık şerbeti içmek’’ der. Bu sözü de ilk kez annemin bir arkadaşından duymuştum, küçüktüm fakat aklıma kazındı. O da güçlü bir kadındı onlardan öğrenmem gereken çok şey olduğunu biliyordum.

İçimdeki ‘’Kurt’’ u ancak biri bana beni anlattığında anladım. Duygularımı ve acılarımı bolca ele verdiğimi sanmıştım fakat sonradan söylendi ki aslında dışarıdan her şeyi normal gibi göstermişim. Sanırım herkesin (benim de) gördüğüm şey sonunda içimdeki gücü ve kendime olan saygımı bulmamdı. Birisi kendini sevip, saygı duyduğunda bunu görmemek imkansızdır.

Kendimi takdir ediyorum; demek bunca yıldır dinlediğim şarkılar, kafamda oluşturduğum idolüm ve kadınlar hakkında söylenen tüm bu mythler gerçekmiş. 

Ama belirtmem gerek; kendimi takdir ettiğim nokta negatif duygularımı göstermemek değildi (aksine bana yakın olanları daha da yakın tuttum ve kendimi asla izole etmedim.) Acı çekmemden zevk alan ve mutsuz olduğumu görmek isteyenlere bunun tam aksini, aslında ne kadar güçlü olduğumu gösterdiğimdi. 

Eskiden bir bütün olmak için başka bir insana ihtiyacım olduğunu sanırdım fakat sonra fark ettim ki ben yarım değilim.

İnsan birini sevebilmek için önce kendini sevmeli. Duygusal ve hevesli olmak zayıflık değildir; tıpkı içine dönük ve agresif olmanın havalı olmadığı gibi.

Bu yazı bir çok şeyi kapsadı ama yine de tam olarak hissettiklerimi aktaramadı, belki gelecek sefere. Tek bildiğim hatalarından ders çıkaran bu yeni ‘’bana’’ saygı duyduğum ve onu çok sevdiğim.

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Brainwashing of Indian Minds


Her name is Romila Thapar. She is a professor in JNU. She is a prominent historian and writer. She also have family relations with Nehru. If you read her works, you will clearly sense Anti Hindu bigotry and Minority Appeasement. With people like Irfan Habib around her Lutyens circle they have tried their best to manipulate history.


A twitter handle true Indology exposed her anti hindu hatred. From 1947 these historian have strong holds on our institution and syllabus.She recently gets exposed when sculptures of temple were founded in Ram Janmabhoomi, which she denies wholeheartedly.


Now you can imagine, how much such historian have manipulated our minds from centuries.

With the win of ABVP in DUSU election in 2019,young minds in universities have understood their hypocricy and refuses to fall in trap of such fact mafias. But still universities like JNU and Jadhavpur have some bunch of such thugs, who have their own army of brainwashed youths .In 2019 three student union in JNU have form coalition just to defeat ABVP, they are trying their best to keep away right minded ideologicies away from campuses. It will take some time to defeat them from such universities. But there are many students in JNU who don’t support such thugs and in future left will be demolished.

+ Bonus

Hindu Bashing is present everywhere. Beware before you believe any Hindu deregotary articles or books.
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