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eddieediaz · 3 months ago
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o0-snowdrop-0o · 3 months ago
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" You will have to be one and whole, for many have so much to enjoy and to be, and to do "
Finally I've finished it! 😊
I had to take a break due to my loss...I'd like to thank you for your patience and for all the kind, supportive words ❤
( in memory of my beloved little one )
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tiffanymarsou · 10 months ago
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Starting the Holiday Season with Tia is the best thing to do <3
Follow me on:
deviantART [♥] twitter [♥] Instagram [♥]
Please,re-blog don’t re-post my works! ♥
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mrcheyl · 7 days ago
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Tumblr media
Gillian Chan by MrCheyl
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gownshapedlikeapastry · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place🍁🍪
@taylorswift @taylornation
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katherynshoward · 3 months ago
𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐠𝐞𝐨𝐫𝐠𝐞 𝐰𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐥𝐞𝐲 𝐰𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐝𝐞; { 𝐠.𝐰. 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 }
SYNOPSIS; my headcanons for what it would be like to date george. fred is alive and this would be AFTER the war when everyone is grown. feel free to use these in your stories! if it’s precise, like my quotes, just be sure to credit me.
RESTRICTIONS; preferably 18+. if you’re under 18, i only ask that you do not read the nsfw headcanons section. it is greatly appreciated.
WARNINGS; mention of death, sex, dress up kink
Tumblr media
whenever you’re giving him the silent treatment after an argument, he puts your favorite snack on the highest shelf where you live and hides the stool. it’s how he gets you to talk to him. fucker.
he constantly asks if you still have a crush on him even after you eventually get married.
you tell him ‘sweet dreams’ every night before bed and he responds with ‘see you there’.
then he falls asleep in ten seconds while you stay up wondering if he remember to turn off the stove until you inevitably get up to check.
you guys build hella forts.
modern george would be the kind of person to angle his phone up so you can only see his forehead and one eyebrow during facetime calls, not realizing he’s on camera as well.
he likes to bath with you. he always sits directly behind you in the tub and tries to shape your hair into a mohawk with shampoo.
george loves hand holding. hand holding supremacy.
because you’re holding hands literally all the time, he likes to say ‘steady’ and twirl you around while you two are walking in public and then he places a gentle kiss on your knuckles.
he knows you’re very ticklish on your neck and likes to whisper the most obscure hilarious shit against your neck at random times.
you guys people watch A LOT. the two of you could literally commentate on others for hours, bouncing back and forth off of each other in good humor.
forehead kisses instantly revive his mood. it’s his life force.
he has to be sitting for you to give him forehead kisses bc he’s too tall otherwise.
he has accidentally used your toothbrush way too many times. they’re not even close to the same color.
fred used to pretend he was george to get you to tell him shocking information about george to blackmail him later. you eventually caught on and can clearly tell them apart now.
F: “Hey, love. Do you remember where I put my journal?” You: “Weren’t you just writing in it last night? It’s beneath the mattress. Like always.” F: “No bloody way. He still uses it?” You: “What?” F: “What?”
every opportunity to make a tasteless pun about his missing ear, he absolutely takes it.
george wakes up first and likes to spend his first hour just admiring you. caressing you with his fingers and brushing your hair out of your face. if you do anything embarrassing during this hour, you will be hearing about it.
he was terrified of cats when you first started dating. but he got you a kitten for your birthday after your last one passed and you were inconsolable. it looks just like your last cat.
george is now ultimate cat dad and probably cuddles the cat more than you do.
You: “Why did you take the cat to go poop with you?”
G: “He gets scared when I’m gone, y/n. I can’t leave him.”
you were best friends for a very long time before you started dating and you still very much act like best friends. because you are.
because he’s your bestie as well as your lover, he lets you do conventionally girly things with him if it means spending more time with you.
he would definitely by the type of boyfriend to let you do makeup on him for a youtube video.
G: “Am I pretty now?” You: “The prettiest.” G: Buzzer noise* “That was a trick question. You were supposed to say ‘yes but not as much as me’.”
he is always the little spoon and will fight for his life on this.
cracks out baby book every christmas at the burrow of him and fred. likes to point out that his butt was cuter and that’s how molly could tell them apart. fred and george usually end up arguing over this, fred claiming that george has them mixed up.
fred will naturally throw hands for you because george loves you so much. you are untouchable between those two.
george is so in love with you, it’s ridiculous.
even when he’s mad at you, he ends up taking the blame although you still apologize for upsetting him.
he just can’t rationalize you being anything other than perfect, even when you leave your hair clumps in the shower.
which he calls your ‘mini-me’.
NSFW headcanons.
he cracks jokes during sex. there is no escape.
those forts from earlier? of course you have sex in them. but only after popcorn and movies.
his hidden kink is dressing you up in sexy costumes and fucking you while you wear them. 
modern george would lose his shit over you cosplaying and probably help you make your cosplays.
but his favorites would be typical ones. like maid, school girl, nurse, probably princess leia at some point.
his favorite position is you on top while he just hammers into you.
george is a thigh guy. he grabs your thighs more than he drinks water. it’s his sustenance.
he loves morning sex. he’s so sensual and gentle in the mornings. something about the glow of sunrise really gets that man going.
mostly, he gets off by making you feel good and worries far more about your orgasm than his own.
makes bedroom jokes at the most inappropriate times.
*Sitting at the Weasley dinner table* G: *Cracks open fortune cookie and takes out fortune.* G: “Y/n, it says here ‘serious trouble will bypass you - in bed.’” You: “GEORGE WEASLEY it does not say that.”
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ladysimmer94 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This past week on my TSR page, I have been doing a ‘Flower Week’ theme! We are coming to the end of it now but stay tuned for the new theme that shall be announced this Friday! (14/05)
Keep reading for cc used and download!
2/3/4 swatches of eye shadows / 3 swatches of blusher
Custom Thumbnails for all
Teen - Elder / Male - Female
All Occult / All Outfit Choices
Disallowed for random townies
Do not re-upload nor claim as your own
My Terms Of Use
DOWNLOAD (TSR) - Lavender - Tulip (Early Access May 23rd) - Daffodil (Early Access May 24th)  - Petunia - Marigold
Minor CC Used (top to bottom)
Hairs - @greenllamas @simandy @arethabee (accessory clips by @aharris00britney) @simpliciaty-cc @sclub-privee
Lashes - all by @mmsims
Brows - @goppolsme + @alf-si
Freckles - by me
Blushes  - by me
Eyeliners / nails - @pralinesims
Lipstick - @crypticsim + @goppolsme
Skins - @divinecap + @remussirion
@mmfinds @mmoutfitters @maxismatchccworld
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circumstellars · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mm! Shaking things up already... I admire that.
{TUA} {cast+}
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
showing my work and colouring because I can. I suffer for my art ok. 
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simp-pony · a day ago
Thank you @penda-bear for organizing PoppyWeekend. It’s great to see all these contents.
So here’s my rambling for PoppyWeekend day 2 - angst. I’m not even sure if this can be called angst lol. I don’t really write, so it’s only in the form of rambling (for now)
Thanks for @somewillwin @uhh-the-green-thing @jmojellybae @stanzoeywade who listen to my random ramblings all the time lol, even though it’s messy as hell since I can barely words
Im just thinking of a scene during graduation you know. I keep thinking of the lines Poppy said in the very beginning when we meet for the first time. "I will be your first and last memory of Belvoire." - what if it becomes a full circle.
What about after unexpected allyship, they actually have a hard time parting from each other.
Maybe after working together and defeating X at the end, they both celebrate it of course, but maybe they don't really hang out together for the rest of their Belvoire time (only a few months before graduating). Just both of them coming to an understanding that ruining each other is kinda pointless. "This doesn't make us friends," Poppy says. Bea agrees. They only give a subtle nod when they see each other outside.
Until graduation comes, and they both realize that they probably will never see each other again.
(Well, they could, but it would be difficult to admit "I still want to see you sometimes." given their complicated history and their huge ego)
And then the day comes. Poppy and Bea are just stealing glances in between, thinking that maybe they should have a quick private talk to finally close the chapter, but both are surrounded by their own circle.
Until the ceremony ends, and the crowds finally disperses. Bea sees Poppy standing alone and she decides to approach her.  "Hey."
They talk. Just to wrap things up. It ends well. But I guess both would just be sad inside because 'oh, this is the end' but they don't want it to happen, but they also don't know what to say. So silence just hangs between them.
Bea breaks it, "I guess this is the part where you wish me to die huh?"
Poppy just rolls her eyes, “Won’t be necessary. You’d wish to die when you end up in a crappy apartment full of New York rats.”
They both laugh. Until it fades away and now they have to say the real goodbye.
“So this is it. Finally we’re free from each other.” Bea says.
Poppy hums.
“I guess this is a goodbye,” and Bea offers her hand.
But Poppy doesn’t take it. She just keeps staring at Bea. I guess the word ‘goodbye’ finally sinks in. It takes a while until she takes Bea’s hand. A firm handshake and all.
They finally part ways and walk in opposite direction.
But what if something inside Poppy finally kicks in. And she comes back rushing to Bea, grabs her face and kisses her deeply. And that's how Poppy becomes Bea's first and last memory of Belvoire.
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o0-snowdrop-0o · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
" Some people believe it is only a great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I've found...
It is the small things, everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keeps the darkness at bay.
Simple acts of kindness and love "
Oh, boy..this piece took me for months to finish. I hope you like it! 🙂 ( 1 : Finn and Rose take care of ex-stormtroopers) ( 2: Poe visits the fallen First Order fighters' tombstone...showing respects to fallen soldiers, the blue-red ribbons symbolizes peace ) ( 3: Ben recieves his father's medal...the rest is obvious :) )
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mrcheyl · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gillian Chan by MrCheyl
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gownshapedlikeapastry · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s a love story
💛💛 @taylorswift @taylornation
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katherynshoward · 3 months ago
𝐞𝐲𝐞𝐬 𝐨𝐧 𝐦𝐞; { 𝐝.𝐦. 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 }
SYNOPSIS; you catch draco eyeing pansy parkinson at a party despite him insisting he has no eyes for her. no one likes a liar. all characters are aged up to 20 in their 6th year and it’s the early 2000s. i repeat, there are NO underage characters in this. hogwarts functions as a college.
RESTRICTIONS; 18+ only. i don’t consent to minors viewing this content.
WARNINGS; smut, edging, bondage, name-calling, degradation, blow jobs, hand jobs, rough sex, size kink, sex toys, alcohol, drugs
Tumblr media
The night was growing old, but yours was far from over. Three drinks down and another in your grasp, you could feel the effects of intoxication overwhelming you by now. You were never much of a drinker, but this was a Slytherin party. It would be considered nearly an insult to not finish what was supplied. And as much as it was a Slytherin gathering, it was also your birthday celebration. Of course, the birthday girl was expected to indulge in the night more than anyone. You felt special as this event was already contesting with one of the better Gryffindor House parties of the year.
You hadn’t expected your boyfriend to make an appearance this evening. He thought himself above parties as his arrogance would lead him to believe. Yet when Draco emerged from the men’s dormitories so late into the festivities, Theodore Nott could be heard howling his excitement and rooting Draco on. The young man quickly thrusted a drink into Draco’s hand and began urging him to ‘loosen up’ over several other hoarse voices that were worn out from yelling over the music. You turned away and smiled to yourself, taking another sip from your goblet.
The commotion over Draco’s appearance would draw more attention to him than he cared to receive. If he was truly here to enjoy himself, it was unlikely he would ever partake again after the spectacle Theo put on. 
But by Draco’s protest you could faintly hear, it became obvious Draco did not come to celebrate. He was irate. A soft tap on your shoulder a moment later alerted you and you spun back around.
“Break this up. It’s four in the morning.” He said.
“Don’t be a party pooper.” You frowned. “I see you have a drink. I think Nott was on the right idea.”
“I’m tired. Silencing charms aren’t working.”
“One drink and I’ll break it up. For me? You may even thank me later.” You winked and Draco subtly rolled his eyes.
Pushing his free hand into his pocket, he began drinking away at his beverage and walked away. You sniggered to yourself, bemused by your own wit. You were the only person in the world Draco would yield to at this point and it felt vigorous. Knowing you had the solidity to command Draco by sex appeal alone. He could hardly resist how tempting you were and obeyed without resistance.
You knew you would marry him one day.
It could have been predictable Draco was a lightweight and Nott gave him a particularly strong drink. Theo himself was a heavy partier and could take as many drinks as a 7 foot three hundred and fifty pound man and still feel fine enough to play beer pong efficiently. Draco was never the type to drink or engage in any kind of activity involving impairment. He seemed to think it stunted his magic. Something he wasn’t keen on for reasons you couldn’t identify. But after thirty minutes had passed, Draco was visibly impaired. He was trying to conceal it which only made it more obvious.
You purposely hid yourself away when he came looking for you, having held up his half of the deal. You giggled with another Slytherin girl, watching as Draco was clearly looking for you without much success. Yet when his eyes fell onto Pansy Parkinson, his gaze seemed to act a little too familiar with her. His eyes rested on her backside, lingering far too long to be an accident. You shot a look of malice to the girl beside you. She looked at you and shrugged her shoulders.
When you looked back at Draco, he was now observing his surroundings to make sure no one saw that. He was still aware enough to be mindful of consequences. It occurred to you then that he wasn’t that drunk. That excuse wouldn’t hold to defend his wandering eyes.
You’d have to remind him that his eyes were meant only for you.
Walking towards him, his eyes widened a bit as though you startled him. But he quickly relaxed again.
“I was looking for you.” He held the goblet upside down, showing there was nothing left in it.
“How do I know you didn’t just dump it?” You said.
He huffed out a vexed sigh.
“Maybe you should have been watching me if that was a concern.”
“I was watching you. I saw everything.” You smirked and quickly flicked your eyes towards Pansy.
Draco began massaging the bridge of his nose in a visually exasperated gesture. How he would dig himself out of this one, he seemed unsure. You crossed your arms over your chest and smiled.
“Fine. I’ll just deal with it.” He grimaced and nearly began walking away.
“Excuse me. You think I’d let you off the hook that easily?” You half chuckled. “I catch you burning holes into Pansy’s arse with your eyes and you think you can just go about your night?”
“I’m sorry, darling. Truly, I feel a bit fuzzy.” He shrugged one shoulder. “I mean, honestly. You know how I feel towards Parkinson. That was highly uncharacteristic of me. I do only have eyes for you.”
“Prove it.” You challenged him.
“What do you want?” He sounded skeptical.
“Hm, it depends. Whatever might satisfy me.”
As you said this, you wrapped his tie around your hand and pulled him closer to you. Your lips met with his. He did taste like alcohol. You knew he wasn’t a cheater, you just wanted to give him a hard time. He was the most fun to peeve of anyone as he always took everything so seriously.
Maybe if he made it less fun, he wouldn’t always be at the butt end of every joke.
You used your tongue to part his lips and leaned in closer to him, pressing your chest into his as you stood on the tips of your toes to better level yourself with him. He was still taller, but Draco leaned down into you to deepen the surprisingly erotic moment. Which was also unlike him. A benefit of the drink.
He pressed one hand gently against the nape of your back, traveling lower until his hand would rest directly over the curve where your back met your ass. He pulled you closer into him with the same hand and returned your kiss tenfold. Your pussy began throbbing already, taking you a little off guard. Draco never kissed you in such a venereal way to elicit this kind of response from your body. Maybe you would encourage him to drink a little more. He was more relaxed. Even the devil’s lettuce could do him some favors.
Draco typically preferred to keep this intimacy between the two of you. But now, the heat of his breath and the way he pressed his pelvis into you signaled that for once, he was a bit looser. You loved every moment of it. Of course, he still pulled away from you first with dazed eyes.
“You can show me your proof in the dormitory. If I broke up this party now, we wouldn’t have our privacy. Would we?” You stared up at him with big eyes.
Draco swallowed hard and modestly nodded, setting the goblet down on a table beside him.
You signaled for him to follow you by gesturing your head forward. When you took a left up the stairs, you made sure to sway your hips more than usual with each step. Halfway up the set of stairs, you glanced back to see if his attention was fixated where you intended. Just as you hoped, his watchful gaze was lingering on the curvature of your hips and bottom. He looked up at you. You bent forward a little to expose more of your panties beneath your skirt and continued up the stairs.
“Like the view?” You joked, giggling a little.
Though you couldn’t see him, your mind’s eye already pictured Draco shaking his head to himself.
You reached the room you shared with a few other girls first and pulled him inside by his collar, slamming the door behind him by shoving him into the door with such force, the foundation shook. You pressed yourself into him and sunk into his lips with ardent force. Draco forcibly grabbed onto your buttocks, squeezing hard. You pushed his hands away and planted a firm smack on his cheek that cause his hair to fall over his face. It actually looked better that way. 
A soft breathy chuckle escaped your lips and Draco quickly grabbed hold of your wrists, making you spin around so that your back was now pressed against him. He pushed you onto the nearest bed and mounted you, grinding himself against you. You could feel him growing harder with each passing moment.
“Watch it, Malfoy. You’re biting off more than you can chew.” You warned him, already having an idea of how this wanted to go.
He began undressing himself quickly, getting rid of his button up shirt and tie first. You could hear him fumbling with his buckle now.
“Try me.” He sounded almost angry, but in a lustful way.
As he always did, he placed two fingers into your mouth to pull your head back while he unzipped his trousers. But this time, you bit down. He hissed and pulled away. You promptly kicked him away while he was distracted and reached for your wand in your waistband.
“Accio!” A chair came hurling towards you.
With another flick of your wand, you pushed Draco into the chair and acted quickly to bind his hands behind him with a temporary binding hex.
“What exactly are you doing here?” He sounded annoyed again and you laughed.
“What satisfies me.”
You shrugged and got up. Getting on your knees in front of him, you took his belt off for him and teasingly snapped it in front of him. You got back up and tied his hands behind the chair, careful to not cut off any circulation. But to be certain it would be difficult for him to escape, you placed a sticky charm on the belt.
“Too tight?” You asked, peeking your head over his shoulder.
Much to your surprise, he chuckled and shook his head.
“I didn’t know you were into bondage.” He observed. “You know your knots. It’s not too tight.”
“Maybe next time, I’ll let you tie me up. But I think you deserve this.”
You circled back around in front of him.
“Now, your punishment. You can’t touch me. Or yourself.”
“That’s it?” He asked.
“Oh, love. I’m not going to make this easy. Not even a little.”
His eyes narrowed on you and you returned the same look. You used your wand again to lock the door behind him and began circling around him. First, you traced your fingertips along his clavicle. He felt hot from the alcohol around his neck. His head followed you, looking around to the other side when you emerged from behind him. Casually, you ran your hand over his hair before grabbing a fistful and snapping his head back to expose his adam’s apple. You placed a sweet kiss on his lips.
“Safe word is baboons.” You whispered against him.
“That bad?” He asked with a smile. “I might act out again.”
Again, you placed another firm smack on his other cheek. He was aroused by this as you noted his pants move a little.
“Don’t be a pig. If you want something, you don’t resort to childish antics. You take them like a man.”
“I’ll keep that in mind.” He snarled back when you brought his head forward and let go of his hair roughly.
You walked away and positioned yourself in front of the bed. Still turned away from him, you began to strip off your skirt first. He loved your ass the most. The creaking of the chair told you he was either shifting uncomfortably or already attempting to work himself out of his restraints. You made sure to struggle with getting the skirt past the girth of your thick bottom, bending over slightly to make it appear even bigger. Draco sighed at the sight of your panties finally peaking through. A designer pair he bought you as part of an early birthday gift a week ago. Again, the chair creaked. Your skirt finally hit the floor.
You took no time to remove your top, already braless. Turning around to face him, he immediately looked at your breasts
“You weren’t wearing a bra?” Draco quickly observed.
“What? You must hate the idea of other men looking at my hard nipples. Don’t you? Maybe I wanted them to stare. It’s my birthday, after all.”
You shrugged and sat on the bed, which made your thighs appear wider. Relaxing onto your elbows, you kept your eyes on Draco who remained just as fixated on your figure.
“They know better.” Draco said, referring to the men of his house having a certain moral code. Specifically when it came to significant others and staring.
“You didn’t.” You retorted, a little pleased with your quick response that would have angered him. It’s not like he could do anything now.
You lifted your legs up to gently pulled off your panties and wiggled them up your legs, removing them from your ankles. Now your slit was exposed to Draco. Teasingly, you opened your legs before quickly shutting them again with a laugh of mockery. He angled himself down slightly, almost as if to get a better look.
“I can tell you want to touch me already and I’ve barely started.” You swung your panties around your pointer finger before slingshotting it at Draco. “This is gonna be fun.”
“You have no idea.” He said.
You propped your heels up on the bed while keeping balance on your elbows to make sure he was still watching you. But it seemed as though he couldn’t look away even if he wanted to. With your legs now spread open, you used one hand to trail gently down your navel to meet with your nether lips. Draco squirmed again, this time flexing his arms. He was maneuvering an attempt to escape. But the sticky charm he was unaware of would make that process much more difficult. Slowly, you began massaging yourself where your clit would be while he watched. His pants appeared to subtly move again.
Draco groaned out.
“Are you already about to cum in your trousers?” You giggled out.
“My pants are killing me. It’s — I’m hard.”
“Obviously. Maybe you shouldn’t wear such tight pants all the time. Although I do like how it accentuates your bulge.”
“What? People can see that?”
You tossed your head back and laughed. Getting up from the bed, you quickly moved onto his lap to straddle him. The heat between your legs caused him to tense even more. Draco tossed his head back and gently groaned again, already physically quelled by the influence of your tempting body. He was going to be easy to break. Only to you.
Your slit met with the outline of his erection. You began grinding against it and Draco’s breathing sped up, growing deeper with each breath. He was now squeezing his eyes shut, attempting to calm his arousal. It would be embarrassing to cum now.
“Are you alright, love? If you say pretty please, I might be kind and let you out of these painful restraints.”
Draco nodded, his eyes still shut tight.
“Please, for the love of god. I’m fucking dying.”
You got back up off his lap and spread his legs apart sensually, running your hands up and down his thighs. This elicited another involuntary response from his body. Close up, you could see his v line flex with the straining of his abdomen. It was arousing you now. The heaving of his chest and the outline of his neck tightening. Observing how his body naturally responded to you without sex was extremely lubricious. Inciting sexual desire in you. Your nipples were now painfully hard in a satisfying way.
You finished unzipping and unbuttoning his pants, slowly pulling him out of his boxers. It was true, he was completely solid. He was enjoying this even more than you were. The thought started to make you wet.
“Wow, you’re kind of a whore.” You smiled up at him, resting your hand around the base of his cock. “You love being tied up and helpless, don’t you?”
“You better hope you tied this belt tight enough.” He warned.
“Or what?” You teased, licking up his shaft. His arms moved again to release himself.
Draco snapped his head back up now to look directly down on you.
“I will fuck the absolute shit out of you.” He pressed through gritted teeth.
“I’d like to see you try.” You smiled up at him and winked, starting to squeeze the base of his cock as you moved up and down with your hand.
Using your other hand, you began massaging deeply into his pelvis while jerking him off. You used a little spit to lubricate him which only seemed to deepen his arousal. You began speeding up in slow increments, using your hand to stimulate the area beneath the head of his cock every time you moved up. He leaned back into the chair once again, somewhat straightening out his body. Again, he was attempting to get out.
Now moving fast, you focused your attention closer to his head. Every time you felt him contract in your hand, you’d let go. This frustrated him visibly.
“Fuck you.” He mumbled out a few times.
With this, you began using your mouth to stimulate the base of his cock while still jerking his head. Draco moved up in a sharp movement that told you he was now close. When you felt that familiar pulsating sensation, you immediately pulled away and walked off.
“You fucking bitch.” He breathed out heavily.
“You love me.” You cooed out while looking through your panty drawer.
“And you’re so god damn lucky I do.”
“Ah, here it is. I think I’ll go first. And then you. I’m not done with you” You pulled out a vibrating toy.
It was a simple muggle toy and relatively small, but it was effective. Of course, there were many magical toys, but you somehow preferred these ones. With five different settings based on speed and frequency, you really couldn’t go wrong with these little guys. They were simplistic and nearly comforting.
You positioned yourself back on the bed the same way you had before, certain Draco could see everything. You switched on the middle vibrational setting and moved it gently against your clit. Immediately, you gasped out before relaxing into it. It was slightly cold due to the make of it, but your warmth would immediately change that and it would become comfortable.
This time, you didn’t care to watch Draco. You were far more invested in pleasing yourself now. Making yourself cum while leaving him high and dry would be the sweetest punishment. Laying your head back onto the bed and closing your eyes, you began using your other hand to insert two fingers inside of you and stimulate your g spot by curling your fingers up while the vibration of your toy continued to hum against your clit.
You heard something, although you figured it was merely Draco once again enjoying himself too much. That was fine. If he could cum without being touched, it wasn’t as though you could prevent that. You squirmed beneath your toy, feeling heat rising in your core.
Time passed, although you weren’t sure how much. But you could now see the horizon turning a deep blue color and morning was almost upon you. And with each passing moment, you felt yourself getting closer. Your abdomen tightened and small little shocks throughout your body indicated you were now closer than ever. Easing into your climax, you cried out with ecstasy. And even though the quivers of your orgasm pulsing through your body were intense, they weren’t enough to satisfy you the way Draco’s cock did.
You wondered if he was worth quenching that thirst right now. But remembering how he could slide into you as though you were made for him, there was no second guessing. You needed him inside of you.
Slowly, you got back up and looked at Draco who was still hard, his large cock resting against his abdomen. It twitched slightly when you looked at him and your lips pulled up into half of a grin.
“Shall I go again or is it your turn?”
“I quite enjoyed the show.” Draco said.
You began walking back towards him and tossed the vibrator into the air a few times, catching it each time it fell back down. When you knelt in front of Draco again, he visibly tensed.
“I think we should try the strongest setting. What do you think?” You asked him while holding up the toy for him to see.
“I guess that would depend on what you already believe I deserve.” He let out a breathy chuckle. “I would think you’ve already made up your mind.”
“You know me so well.”
Switching the setting up to the highest vibrational speed with a fast frequency, you didn’t hesitant to trace the vibrator up his shaft and tease it around his tip. This was exactly the response you had been yearning for. Draco nearly cried out which was an accomplishment in and of itself. While his body leaned away from it, his pelvis gravitated into the touch of the vibrator. His body was communicating all green lights and his words didn’t protest.
He fucking loved it.
All you could think of now was having him inside of you. Watching him break beneath the weight of his carnal lust was so painfully arousing, you could feel your wetness traveling down your thigh. It was becoming more torture for you to refrain from having him. His legs were tensing so hard, the muscle in them was now clearly visible. He was practically shaking now.
This was all for you. Not Pansy. Not anybody. He was yours.
You angled the vibrator against his shaft and began sucking on just the tip of his cock. Again, a few subtle whimpers escaped his lips as he was attempting to control himself. You swirled your tongue around this part of him, focusing again on the area just beneath the tip where it met with the rest of his cock. He was absolutely reeling with the intoxication of you.
And just as you had hoped, you finally felt his hand close around your neck. He had worked himself out.
Knowing what was to come, you let go of the vibrator. Not a moment of hesitation and Draco had one hand wrapped around your neck and the other, tangled roughly in your hair. He began fucking your face, forcing you to gag on him as you took his full length down your throat. You wondered if this is where he would decidedly cum. Mentally, you’d prepare yourself for the warm liquid that always caught you a bit off guard.
You braced yourself on his legs, feeling him invest a lot of strength into using your mouth. He was raging with lust and that was just how you wanted him. It was difficult to get him this way, but when he was, it was all you ever wanted.
He pulled you off of his cock by your hair and smacked your face more gently than the treatment you recently subjected him to. But he knew you loved being treated this way. It just took effort to be able to get him to act upon it. 
He lifted you to your feet and quickly picked you up, throwing you onto the bed. It took you a moment to gather yourself, the impact startling you. But when you did, you were feeling pain from your arousal. You needed him to fuck you. And it seemed that was what he was readying to do.
“I already warned you I would fuck you silly if I got out. So now we can see who the whore is.”
Lifting you back up, he forced you into a straddling position against him as he held you up by your ass. He didn’t hesitate to start slamming his erect cock into your pussy that was already dripping wet. Your preparation had made this part simple. It felt as though you were already gaping, ready to receive him. And just as promised, he fucked you mercilessly.
You cried his name out loudly, assuring anyone in close proximity would know Draco was pounding into you. The clapping of your thighs against him also presented loud enough to issue a noise complaint.
Holding onto him to keep yourself supported up, you bit into his shoulder to stifle your cries that only grew louder. The way he felt inside you was perfect. Your pussy fit over his cock like a glove and the slight curve of him made it so he scraped frequently against the nerve endings of your g-spot. It wouldn’t take long to make you see stars this way.
The way his strength was able to hold the full weight of your body while simultaneously fucking you meant you were now his to do with as he pleased. You were completely at his disposal. He was much stronger, taller and more agile. The only advantage you had over him previously was having him tied up. And he even managed to undo those difficult binds.
Again, he pulled you off of him and set you back down on the bed. Quickly, he removed the rest of his trousers and climbed on top of your trembling body. He placed an endearing kiss on your forehead and wiped tears away on both of your cheeks. You often cried with overstimulation and now was a perfect example.
“Now, I’m going to fill you up and I don’t ever want to hear you doubt my devotion to you ever again.” He spoke gently, seeming to mock what was to come.
“No woman in this world can hold a candle to the riches of your sweet cunt.”
“Then take it.” You taunted him through a few shallow breaths.
He flipped you over onto your stomach and angled you so that your ass was now in the air. You could hear him pump himself a few times before thrusting his cock back inside of you. Gasping out, you grabbed hold of the bed sheets and took all of him into you.
Draco loved this position because he could feel you deeper. On the seldom occasion he would cum inside of you, he preferred to be as deep as possible. Sometimes, due to his length, he would go a little too far. But he had more recently acquainted himself with a healthy medium he was able to maintain. You also felt more of every inch in this position. And because of leverage, he could move much faster and harder. This was perfect for the times either of you wanted rough sex as simple as it was.
Each thrust was mind numbingly pleasurable. Draco eventually placed his hand over your head to keep you against the mattress. The precise angle felt better for both of you. But the idea that he only did this for his own pleasure made you wetter. It was the idea of your only purpose here being to please him. You loved it.
Your core tightened when you felt that familiar sensation that indicated Draco was ready to cum. His hips tensed and jerked more upwards while his cock would start pulsating. And when you felt his warm liquid fill you up, you nearly cried with elation. It was your favorite place for him to cum. You had been on birth control for awhile and never risked pregnancy, but the thought of him claiming you in such an intimate way made you happier than words could say. You sighed out when he pulled out of you, quickly followed by his cum dripping from your cunt. Quietly, you let your body collapse onto the bed. It was a good thing this was your bed. Your roommates may not have taken kindly to all the body fluid on their sheets.
Draco laid himself down behind you and hugged you close to him, burying his nose into your shoulder. You began caressing his soft cheek with your knuckles.
“I love you. I love only you.” He whispered.
His arm moved up between your breasts so that his hand could cradle your chin. Despite his callouses, he had the most gentle touch you had ever known.
“I just hope you’re prepared to be my wife once we graduate.”
With large eyes, you gazed back onto him with a soft smile.
A loud knock on the door alerted both of you.
“Draco, lad! We know you’re in there fuckin’ the lovely birthday gal, but there’s been a bit of an accident, mate!” Theo’s voice sounded through the door. “I think someone stopped up all the toilets and it’s leaking from the pipes when anyone tries to flush!”
“It’s your fault, you prick.” Blaise could now be heard talking to Theo.
“Shut it, bell end.” Theo whispered back. “I’d really appreciate if ya could help me out, friend!”
“You better go handle that.” You joked at Draco as he rolled his eyes.
Draco started getting up and fetched his clothes with sophisticated poise.
“I don’t suppose this is over?” He asked you while pulling his boxers and trousers back on.
You shook your head with a coy grin.
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