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#n o m u s i c

——————  QUICK INHALE THROUGH NOSTRILS , annoyance unknown and hidden by neutral expression worn. Whether this joke was made to irritate or amuse him, Murasame was left attempting to refrain from speaking up. Instead, he’d crack a forced smile, granting a reprieve as a chuckle followed in tow.That’s a good one.– it wasn’t. It was a terrible joke, but he still forced himself to pretend.

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x. @thekingmickey​ 


     … I was merely explaining to Sora that he is a child of Walter Elias Disney and, as the good boy and hero, is not permitted to swear. For, such acts would disappoint our Mouse Parents – trade mark – and we can’t have that.

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x. @willfulwayfarer and @thespellweaver​ plotted for a thread <3


      Locked away in a room far from the others, shielded away from the light was the Prince of Darkness himself. Shrouded in thoughts of a burning desire that was turning him towards the very thing he had accepted in himself long ago. How long he had FOUGHT the thick, poison that swallowed his heart whole. While he was often able to keep it at bay, other times it managed to bubble up toward the surface and SWALLOW HIM WHOLE.

God have mercy on him … 

      It happened FAST – it always happened fast. The voices started one by one.  Some kinder than others. Each one destroying the silverette where he stood one by one until he had no choice but to brought down to his knees. As he felt the world getting darker and darker around him, Riku just stared into the dark void of the room. The darkness… What was happening to him? 

God have mercy on me… 

      He ran his hands through his hair as he screamed, hoping his voice would send the Darkness away. Yet… 


      Words met with a CRASH as his fist made contact with the reflection in the mirror. It wasn’t his own, it was the very monster who was far stronger of a devil than he would ever grow to be. Again and AGAIN the silver-haired teen hit the mirror, dropping shards of glass all around the floor. Soon after, Riku joined that glass on his knees while his bloodied hands tore through his silver locks. Soon, both were stained RED. 

        …Y-You… Won’t win…” 

       He whispered to himself as he squeezed his eyes shut. From beneath darkened eyelashes tears fell onto the shards of glass, one by one. He dare not open his eyes out of fear that he would open them and see the monster he was becoming all over again in their reflection. 

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❀ || Winter theme is now live !!

Much love to @eternalworks​ for creating such a lovely theme for me !! Anyone who knows me and how I run my blog knows I love changing my theme according to the 4 seasons, and Ley did a fantastic job in creating my winter theme ♡ Y’all should check out her stuff! If you ever needed or wanted a new theme, Ley creates some absolutely GORGEOUS stuff! I’ve raved about her to close friends in the past, and I highly doubt I’ll stop doing so in the future. Each and every creation always leaves me floored and feeling so mushy inside to see my muse in such beautiful creations ♡

Thank you again, Ley !! 

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Yes yes, symbolism and ideals and overarching identical “dreams have no end” and different means to an end and wow look they clashed from the start on everything but one thing and all that, but I will never accept that Luffy insulted food because this is l u f f y we’re talking about, he loves all food how dare you

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aesthetic tags:

࿐ ˚ . ✦ a e s t h e t i c ┊ ❛ her trouble is that she falls in love with every pretty thing. ❜

࿐ ˚ . ✦ w o r d s ┊ ❛ her aura is made of poetry, roses and galaxies. ❜

࿐ ˚ . ✦ p h i l o s o p h y ┊ ❛ give us bread but give us roses ❜

࿐ ˚ . ✦ m u s i c ┊ ❛ maybe we will wake up singing ❜

࿐ ˚ . ✦ a p p e a r a n c e ┊ ❛ luminous tendril of celestial wish ❜

࿐ ˚ . ✦ f a s h i o n ┊ ❛ there is a hidden agenda in the fragility of romance ❜

࿐ ˚ . ✦ a r c h i t e c t u r e ┊ ❛ all palaces are temporary palaces ❜

࿐ ˚ . ✦ r w b y ┊ ❛ let me tell you about the birds and the bees ; the moon and the stars. ❜

࿐ ˚ . ✦ b r o a d w a y ┊ ❛ the earth is like a child that knows poems by heart ❜

࿐ ˚ . ✦ n a t u r e ┊ ❛ branches shudder beneath the frequencies of their creator ❜

࿐ ˚ . ✦ h a r r y p ┊ ❛ one day she realised he was made of light. ❜

࿐ ˚ . ✦ a r t ┊ ❛ eating yellow paint ❜

࿐ ˚ . ✦ i s m s ┊ ❛ if we studied birds maybe we could learn to be free ❜

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ooc tags:

࿐ ˚ . ✦ o o c ┊ ❛ in writing you must kill all your darlings. ❜

࿐ ˚ . ✦ m u n s p e a k ┊ ❛ underestimate me so i can embarrass you. ❜

࿐ ˚ . ✦ t h r e a d ┊ ❛ where must we go in search of our better selves? ❜

࿐ ˚ . ✦ h e a d c a n o n s ┊ ❛ i fear i will be ripped open and found unsightly ❜

࿐ ˚ . ✦ t e x t s ┊ ❛ diachronic linguistics and phonotactic paradigms ❜

࿐ ˚ . ✦ m e m e s ┊ ❛ adventuring enormous nowhere from ❜

࿐ ˚ . ✦ a n s w e r e d m e m e s ┊ ❛ everything you touch turns to gold gold gold ❜

࿐ ˚ . ✦ p r o m o ┊ ❛ the silence between the last crotchet held by the orchestra and the rupture of applause ❜

࿐ ˚ . ✦ d a s h g a m e s ┊ ❛ flamingoes and mustard both bite ❜

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