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Brian Murphy- honestly an amazing guy

So I see there’s a of Emily appreciation (as there should be) but DAMN, Murph is also dope as hell- and I don’t see much about that! He talks about a lot of things that may be traditionally unconventional, especially for men. From Hot Date where it basically is all one honest conversation about relationships, love, and sex to NADDPOD where he touches on so many subjects to Riz on Fantasy high where he has an ace character that’s not “sex repulsed holier than thou unfeeling intellectual asexual” (which is what most not focused on lgbt media portrays). Even with Kugrash from Unsleeping City he talks honestly about making mistakes and being a bad man, and that he owns the fact he was wrong and tries to be better. Murph is honestly amazing and I love him and Emily so much.

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freckledmccree replied to your post “I’m only on the second episode but I really love Murph’s setting for…”

I’ve seen this one mentioned a lot in passing, but honestly, this is the post that pitches it to me. I gotta actually look into this.

It hasn’t really played out yet (probably because I am on episode 4 of a hundred episode campaign) but I’m excited to see it because I am a big fan of the Murph school of ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES (and the Q&A episode made it clear that this will be a part of the world), and it has already colored elements of the worldbuilding and NPCs in this first arc in a really cool way. That said: it is also just very funny and worth it for Emily Axford’s character alone.

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Out of all the Naddpod Gags one of the funniests have to be Balnor’s potential backstory of a WW1 solider and his looking off to the distance when anything “modern” is mentioned (ex: California King bed & His family)

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“I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna go but-It’s my duty.”

I can’t believe I never posted this but here it is now! Beverly is my fave character and his entire arch hurt me

So bad

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I posted this on Twitter and then forgot to crosspost, but: I do not have artistic skills, but if anyone’s interested, I will write you a few hundred words of anything you want within reason (I don’t do nsfw, but I’ll write your OCs, I’ll write your D&D character backstory, I’ll write fic of any property I know) in exchange for a recent, timestamped donation of 10$ or more to Black Lives Matter, Black Visions Collective, Reclaim the Block, a bail fund, or any other relevant organization. 

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I’m only on the second episode but I really love Murph’s setting for NADDPod (a podcast I will probably capitalize in a different way every time so buckle the fuck up). Like, I think a major appeal of D&D is that it frequently allows us to turn our real-world frustrations into actual things we can fictionally, but physically fight, rather than nebulous injustices that require a multifaceted, slow approach, but also even a fantasy world isn’t going to magically clean up all the collateral damage this approach would cause.

Also as a big fan of malicious compliance, there are few things funnier to me than taking a premise (that of the traditional D&D hero’s journey) to its logical conclusion with all of the aftermath that entails, but one of the few things that’s at least equally funny is fantasy bureaucracy.

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* thinks about ulfgar growing up in the dwarphenage * *thinks about thiala and alanis being his first friends * *thinks about them literally fighting through hell together * * thinks about the trust between them * *thinks about him getting crick rot * *thinks about thiala promising to cure it and then using it to control him* *thinks about alanis abandoning him* *thinks about him being stuck in a gem* *thinks about ulfgar* *thinks about ulfgar* *thinks abou

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