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#naddpod spoilers

The Band of Boobs having to face Starspawn in the tournament has the same energy as whenever my high school had a game against PRHS

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moonshine + hope

Moonshine isn’t quite sure when she stopped believing in a future. Maybe it was watching the way the crown burned Pendergreens when he put it on, or maybe it was watching Thiala kill thousands and thousands of people without batting an eye. Or maybe it was earlier, much earlier, when Marabelle died and she hadn’t been able to do anything but give her peace. It doesn’t really matter. She knows that Bev and Hardwon are planning for the time after the war. She knows that they think they’re going to win, are certain they’re going to win, and that’s why she says she’ll go to Hell; there’s no future for her, and she’ll happily suffer an eternity before she takes theirs.

It’s only when she talks to Lydia Stormborn, self-appointed Dark Lord of Shadowfell, General of the Undead, and Lydia tells her that she deserves to be heard, that she’s overwhelmed by a brief glimpse of light.

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hardwon + family 馃憖

Hardwon doesn’t have a father, and he never has, and so when King Coldain offers to choose him as his heir, he’s overwhelmed. He accepts, he thinks, and tries his best to be polite. It’s an honor. It’s more than anyone has ever offered him – to be a king, to be a dwarf, to be a son, all at once. It’s only when he finds out that Moonshine had been planning on leaving them and going to hell and he feels a terrible wrench in his heart that he realizes that that’s all wrong. Coldain isn’t his family, and he doesn’t need a damn father. He’s always been a dwarf, he’s the son of a mother who died to save him, and he’s never had any desire to be king. All he wants is Moonshine and Bev and Balnor and his mom and the Crick, and the real honor is that he has them.

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lydia stormborn and protect

Fuck him. Fuck him. It’s pouring rain and Lydia and Red and Gunther are running and Lydia is alone with their baby – her baby, fuck him – but she can hear the clank of Galad’s plate gaining on them as they inch closer to the docks and the SS Stormborn and safety. Except it’s not safety, because they’re not going to make it. She can hear Red’s and Gunther’s breathing, and they’re panting but she’s not, and so she yells, over the thundering rain – “Take him! Take Elias, I’ll buy you time, get out of here!” and passes her baby to Gunther, who grunts. Red nods. They keep running. Lydia turns and draws her sword.

The look on Galad’s face when he catches up and sees her ready and waiting is almost worth what comes next.

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casper’s really going through it, huh?

[image id: Vampire Hardwon Surefoot peeks out of a coffin-shaped space on the canvas. He has pale skin with purple veins and white hair streaked with light grey. He is wearing a dark red pirate captain’s hat, with two feathers and a lightning-bolt pin that is glowing slightly. He wears a blue jacket with a light blue collar, a breast pocket, and yellow buttons. The background is dark purple with a pattern of black bats across it. end id]

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