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#nadia arcana
dremorai · a month ago
Tumblr media
recent commission of nadia from the arcana
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houseofhimbos · 3 months ago
How about some cuddly HCs for the main 3?
thank you for the request! sorry that it took so long hdfdhf I SWEAR I STARTED WRITING IT AS SOON AS I GOT IT...
Tumblr media
Asra’s definitely the kind of person that gets all tangled up with the person they’re cuddling with. It’s a mess of limbs on the only bed in the shop; legs tangled up and arms splayed. While it can be kind of weird to look at from an outside view, for some reason, the person he’s cuddling is somehow always comfortable. Does Asra enhance their cuddles with magic? He’ll never tell.
Runs cold, so he’ll definitely be latching onto any warm being in the house. Great to cuddle in the summer, not so great in the winter. Their feet are CHRONICALLY ice-cold, and will mischievously slip them between his cuddle buddy’s legs. Claims that it’s because Faust is his familiar, and he actually isn’t lying. (Note: you’ll still be uncomfortably sweaty if you cuddle them for long periods of time in the summer. He doesn’t run that cold.)
Nadia is great at everything, and that includes cuddling. She prefers to be the big spoon, but will let her partner backpack off her if they want – it’s because she enjoys holding more than being held. Sometimes, she’ll drift off to sleep if she’s comfortable enough, and her face is the most serene if she’s holding onto someone she cares about. (Her dreams will almost certainly feature their face as well, though it’s something she likes to keep to herself.)
Runs a little bit on the warmer end, but is always a pleasant temperature to cuddle. She’s definitely better to cuddle during the winter, but it’s a manageable affair in the summer. Her hands and feet are cooler than her core, unsurprisingly, but are never quite cold enough to give her partner a shock.
I hate to break it to all of you, but this man is 6’4” and probably doesn’t fit on a couch OR a bed without curling up somewhat. While Julian is great to hug, cuddling with him is awkward at best (and ends up with an elbow to the cuddle buddy’s side at worst). However, I’ll give points to him for always trying! There might be limited options with Julian, but he’s a great big spoon and superb to chat with while all snuggled up together. He can and will tell his snuggle buddy stories that will leave them both laughing.
Julian runs hot, but has really poor circulation, so his hands and feet are pretty much always cold. Also, for some reason, never feels warm, which is my way of explaining the fact that he’s wearing all black in a Mediterranean region like Vesuiva. In conclusion: he will try to drape himself over his snuggle partner of choice, and he will be too warm for it. I rest my case, I am incredibly sorry to all of you who love Julian. (It is simply the truth.)
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xaharadesert · 6 months ago
Sports Day! - Headcanon
Arcana Characters (Main 6 + Nadia’s Family)
A/N: This one’s for @apprenticeshen, although Tumblr won’t let me @ them! I know I said I wouldn’t be posting until my break started, but this one is so simple and cute that I just had to write it! Requests are open :)
Destroys everyone in the obstacle course
His long legs make him faster in the first place, but all of his practice running away from his problems the law give him an advantage
There may be a moment when he trips over his own feet while trying to give you a smirk, but he’ll recover quickly enough that nobody overtakes him
He doesn’t exactly rub his victory in other peoples’ faces, but he does give an unnecessary speech thanking everyone who helped him achieve it
The undeniably best at wrestling matches
Does she know what she’s doing? No
Does she know that she has a lower center of gravity, greater mass, and less pride than the other competitors? Yes
She’s not afraid to go for the knees, and while that may or may not go against the rules, nobody is willing to tell her that
She destroys everybody, especially her brother, and looks super proud of herself (she should be, she’s an absolute legend)
Pretty much the only sore loser
And it’s not that he’s bad at any of the events; in fact, he comes in second place almost every time
It’s just that other competitors seem to get a lot more serious about winning when they compete against him
And Asra may or may not have used a little bit of magic in the name of being petty
With that being said, he eventually starts talking about his other great victories in life, and claims that they are much more important than any silly games that you may be playing that day (aka, he’s begging for validation, please spare him some)
He wouldn’t really want to participate at first, so someone will have to drag him into it
Doesn’t really give his all in any of the individual events, but goes all out in team events and helps destroy the competition
The exception is the sack race, which he gets really into
Unfortunately he’s too strong and rips through the sack
He still wins, and doesn’t seem to notice, but he seems so genuinely happy that nobody has the heart to tell him
Absolute champion of the buddy system
Now, you may be thinking “this is a sports day, we don’t need a buddy system”, but you’d be wrong
The buddy system is the most important part of the day, and if you think Asra is letting go of his buddy’s hand for even one second then you are sorely mistaken
His poor buddy may miss some events because he decided to take a nap and whoops, looks like his buddy is now trapped in a sleeping Asra’s iron grip
The only one who actually knows all of the rules to the games
When a sports day was announced, she decided it was necessary for her to learn about the different games so she would be prepared
Now she could probably beat anyone on a technicality, but she’d probably realize half way through that the rules don’t really matter as long as everyone is having fun
Once she lets go of the stricter aspects of the day, she finds herself having more fun than she has in ages
He’s in charge of the snacks!
I don’t know why, he just gives me those vibes
And obviously he doesn’t put the snacks together or carry them around himself (he is royalty, after all), but he does make sure everyone has had enough to eat and has had their preferences catered to
He participates in the events, and often loses on purpose to make everyone feel good about themself
Unless he’s competing against Lucio
He’ll destroy Lucio
She’s the one in charge of handing out medals :)
And you know those medals are made out of real gold
Honestly, the medal isn’t even the real prize, it’s the compliment she gives you when you win
The only reason she isn’t participating in the events herself is because she would absolutely destroy everyone else without even breaking a sweat
She likes to spectate
It’s not that she’s incapable of participating, or that she doesn’t want to, she just prefers to watch
She’s kind of off in her own little world, but she’s happy to be surrounded by people she loves
She’d also love to play little games of rock-paper-scissors with anyone who needs a break from the games
They are the absolute best teammate to have for the three-legged race
Somehow they’re always in sync with the partner, no matter who it is
They’re probably yelling throughout the entire race, but there won’t be any distinguishable words, just pure chaos and joy
That’s okay though, you can tell they’re having the time of their life
And even if they don’t win, they’re too busy laughing about how ridiculous everyone looked to actually care
Her favourite event is the tug-of-war
This doesn’t mean she’s good at it or anything, she just loves how much fun it is when everybody is working together
She’s the one yelling the loudest and cheering on her teammates
If the other side wins, then they’ll have to drag her the whole way across the line because there’s no way she’s giving up and letting go
The undisputed arm-wrestling legend herself
Nobody will ever defeat her, not even Lucio using his metal arm, or Muriel when he isn’t holding back, or the Arcana themselves
But if she casually lets you or Portia score a victory every once in a while, nobody needs to know
And of course, whether she wins or loses (she always wins), she’s a good sport about it
Absolutely demolishes that one race where you have to balance an egg on a spoon
She moves so gracefully that it looks like she’s floating
Crosses the finish line way ahead of everyone else, but claps every time someone else makes it across
Even if you’re dead last, she’ll be cheering you on
Self-proclaimed announcer/commentator
She commentates the events so seriously that you’d think that your little sports day was the Olympics
Also takes the opportunity to roast absolutely everyone who’s competing, whether she likes them or not
Nobody is safe, and she seems to know more about everyone than should be possible
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incorrect-fandoms · 6 months ago
Muriel: I don't understand why you're so nice to me. I wouldn't even date myself.
MC: your standards must be impossibly high then
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monwitch-art · 4 months ago
Your countess is back!
Tumblr media
My version of role swap arcana.
Countess Nadia 1/6
A little about my vision (english is not my native language so i'm sorry for mistakes in my text):
In my version, Nadia was still the youngest princess, and, accordingly, the most recent contender for the throne, which was so eager to get. Overwhelmed by ambition, she is suffered from the fact that her parents underestimated her, her sisters looked down on her, and the only fate that was left to her was to marry someone powerful and have children. Nadia was not satisfied with this and, not finding another way out for herself, made a deal with a demon and destroyed half of her family. After that, she ran away, became the commander of the army of mercenaries, etc., etc you know like in original story
It seems to me that as a ruler and commander, Nadia would be cunning, clever and cruel, without mercy. But she would not like to get her hands dirty and would not participate in the battles herself, preferring to observe and direct. Because of what to Vesuvia, thanks to its efforts and pressure, added territories, but at the same time increased the spread of the plague
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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xaharadesert · 4 months ago
Return to the Lazaret Alone Pt. 6 - Headcanon
Nadia Satrinava x MC
A/N: Here we are everyone, the final part of @seeliecourtking’s request! I have a unit test tomorrow, so of course it was the perfect time to be writing this :) and I’ve got a couple other tests coming up in the next two weeks, which probably means I’ll put out a couple more requests! Please let me know if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes— I’m writing this without my glasses on, so it’ll be a bit harder to check my work. Requests are open!
TW: isolation, Lazaret, relationship insecurities
Listen, disagreements between the two of you weren’t exactly unheard of
They weren’t malicious, of course, but the two of you had very different backgrounds, which often lead to differences in perspective and opinion
Usually both of you were willing to work through these differences peacefully, but sometimes one (or both) of you was more stubborn than compromising, such as was the case with this particular case
Nadia had been the one to request that you two take the night to think things through on your own before readdressing the issue
But when she woke up and discovered that you had left the palace in the dead of night, she immediately began to regret that decision
Of course you were free to come and go as you wished— she would never keep you trapped— but the idea that you could be avoiding her specifically after your fight pained her
She would have liked to find you immediately herself, but unfortunately she was a very busy Countess and had responsibilities to attend to first
Communication was very important in your relationship for reasons such as that, and she hoped that you had simply needed to talk through your feelings with another loved one before coming back to her
But by the end of the day when she still hadn’t seen or heard from you, her panic became harder to restrain
She trusted you to be safe on your own, but she also knew that there were still parts of Vesuvia that were dangerous to venture into— especially since you were in a public relationship with the Countess
Knowing that she alone wouldn’t be able to do much, Nadia sent out her guards with the mission of finding you and helping only if needed
If you were safe, then a report from a trusted guard would be enough and she would let you be
But none of her guards could seem to find you
Always one to remain calm, she widened her search and allowed her guards more freedom to interrogate people who may have seen you
That got her results; apparently you had been seen paying a man to take you to the Lazaret
Why you would willingly go there she didn’t know, and thus assumed there must be a darker motive
She gathered a few of her most trusted guards and went in search of you at the Lazaret herself
When the small group arrived on the blackened shores, Nadia set off immediately toward the tall building, nearly leaving her guards behind
She knew you were there— it was the only logical conclusion to draw seeing as there was nothing else noteworthy on the small island
And of course she was right; you were tucked away in a corner that she nearly missed while searching through the ruins
She filed away the fact that you had almost seemed to be hiding from her for a later time, instead focusing on checking you over for any obvious injuries
You seemed unharmed, which calmed her a bit, but your expression, which seemed to shift quickly between guilt, relief, terror, and sadness, prompted her to start questioning you immediately
Why had you come here? Did someone force you? Was magic involved? How long had it been since you had last eaten?
She kept her calm exterior in place, waiting patiently for you to answer her questions and offering soothing remarks to calm over any stutters or tears
She quickly discovered what she had selfishly feared; that you had left because of your fight the previous evening
After prying gently for a bit longer she also learned that there may have been some other underlying relationship issues that you would have to work through together
But at that point, she was becoming a bit too emotional to think clearly as well
Ignoring the fact that a lack of communication and trust was what started this whole ordeal in the first place, she opted to help you to your feet, supporting you when you stumbled, to help lead you home
The two of you were both tired physically and emotionally, and any conversations about the future could wait until tomorrow
And if Nadia asked you to promise not to run off in the middle of the night and give her a heart attack again, could you really blame her?
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deluxe-rabbitsu · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
💕💕 Happy Valentine’s Day!! 💕💕 I hope you have a lot of fun today 💖✨, i just finished this drawing, i couldn’t pass the opportunity to draw the lovebirds sooo,,,,here u go Gosh,,,i adore Nadia,,,,
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wilddarkchocolate · 9 months ago
Hello buddy! Didn't know you take requests. So I'm just gonna ask, what do you think the arcana main six would argue with mc about (hope that makes sense) ❤️❤️
It makes sense, buddy. And totally fine. (Let's hope these are somewhat accurate. I took a break from the arcana and the hyperfixtation wore off cri)
What would the main six argue with MC about?
Asra is a rather calm person in general so serious arguments aren't frequent until absolutely necessary or unavoidable
If its something risky that puts MC in danger, he would definitely have a few words with MC.
If there is something that you both disagree with,he will try to see your side and find a compromise unless he's frustrated. If he's frustrated he might accidentally say something he regrets
Arguments are something he tries to avoid because it reminds him a lot of your fight with him that lead to him leaving you. And he does not want to relive that
Asra can come off as over protective at times but he just loves you a lot
His wellbeing. He knows he needs 8 hours of sleep. He knows yet he doesn't do that. Small argument happens
Julian struggles with self esteem. This is my take on him but his whole self sacrificing thing makes it obvious. Arguments like "you're more important than me" happens at times
She cares about her image as the countess so if you cause a unwanted scene on purpose she will definitely be mad
Arguments about how to rule Vesuvia may happen if you both disagree on certain point of views.
She will really only get heated if you're both alone. She doesn't want others to see you two argue
Trusting people probably. If you have a close friend that he has a bad feeling about. He will try to distance you two secretly just to keep you safe. Would deny when you notice and if he continues, it'll lead to an argument
He still has a bit issues trusting new people and has even more issues trusting that the new people won't bring harm to you
Mountain man knows when to back off though. He wants to keep you safe and is just protective of you
Keeping things from her probably will be a sore spot honestly.
She opens up to you a lot and shares a lot of her secrets to you so if you keep secrets from her she will understand
What she cannot stand is if those secrets start putting you in danger or starts effecting you negatively.
She will ask you to open up and if you stay stubborn she may start to argue.
"I trust you so why can't you trust me?"
Fashion. Let's be honest his fashion sense can sometimes be spot on and can sometimes be way way off.
His pet's wellbeing. Anything that involves his pets needing to be trained probably would lead to an argument if you wanted to punish the pets.
His own safety. He likes playing hero a lot and sometimes it scares you what kind of risky things he does.
He may understand when you bring it up or think that you think that he can't take care of himself.
The latter of which causes a fight
Feel free to drop more requests. Only rule is no nsfw
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