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Days are getting difficult, but we can go through all of this together!  ೕ(•̀ᴗ•́)

We need to stay calm, be kind and compassionate in times like this! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

Hope you’re all doing well! 

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Can you do E6 with Nadia please ? P.S: your art is very beautiful 馃槉


Aaaaand another request is done! Honestly Nadia there looks like she saw something very “interesting”, if you know what I mean ahm… Anyway thank you for your wonderful request and for the compliment. It warms my heart knowing that you enjoy the things I do so, yeah. Thank you very much <3

The next request is going to be a challenge for me. They won’t be any of major characters, but the side one. And I want to make a little intrigue like someone is interested and won’t tell their name. Just wait ;)

(You can also ask me to draw emotions from here)

(Click on the picture for better quality)


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Attention Arcana Fans:

Look, I know I’m a small blog so this probably won’t get much attention, but I wanted to post this anyway.

Please please please consider playing Portia’s route if you haven’t already!!!!

According to the Arcana developers, since Portia’s route isn’t breaking even in terms of profit it is in danger of getting shut down early and unfinished

I know this may be old news to some of you, but I just found out about it.

As of right now (3/29/2020) there is unlimited keys for the Arcana, so if you have the time please go play Portia’s route.

This is a community that cares about one another, and even though Portia isn’t my first choice of route, I’m playing it so that those in this fandom who love her route can see it through to the end like others have. I’m a Julian fan myself and I would’ve been devastated if his route ended early.


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Hello! I received so many prompts for Portia Appreciation Week so thank you so much first off. I did say that I was going to be holding a vote today for the prompt list but I did a little research and wanted to keep the prompt days vague enough for you guys to fulfill all your amazing ideas. 


This is my current line up for the days. If you guys are still interested in holding a vote for the ideas we still can but if you guys are ok with the current line up then we can go ahead and get started! 

Thank all you so much <3

- Viviae

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Main 6 with an mc who gets frequent nightmares which make them cry/stress them out



-Always leaves Faust with you when he travels so you have someone to comfort you at night.

-Whenever he is actually with you when you wake up crying he comforts you in all the ways he sees fit.

-Always makes you your favorite tea/drink

-Lots of cuddles if you’re comfortable with them.

-If you’re up to it he will give you a reading to make you feel better.



-Will do his best not to freak out because he thinks it’s his fault.

-Many cuddle but only if you want to be touched.

-Will ask if you want to talk about it and if you do he will listen.

-He tries to figure out what in your life is causing the nightmares.



-She comes to your room after a sleepless night.

-Comforts you with kisses and hugs but is to make sure your okay with it first.

-Gets the best doctors(including Julian) to try and on point the source of the nightmares.



-At first, he doesn’t know what to do so he sends Inanna to comfort you.

-She eventually pulls him over to at least sit with you.

-Thinks he is the reason your crying.

-Once he gets comfortable with you he will wrap his cloak or a warm fur around you before you either cuddle or he pulls you into his lap.

-Still not being a man of many words he won’t ask you to talk about it because he understands that you may not want to.

-If you do he will listen to every word.



-Sneaks into your room around 2 am threw the window just to see you crying.

-Comes over and hugs you before saying she’s going to get Pepi, snacks and your favorite tea/drink.

-She comes back with a platter of room and drinks with Pepi curled up in her other arm.

-Cuddle while you talk about your nightmare.



-You and him fall asleep in his bed and you wake up crying.

-Sends Mercedes and Melchior to comfort you which is them laying of you while you suffocate in their fur.

-100% goes back to sleep because he needs his beauty sleep.

-Asks about it in the morning but doesn’t really listen or pay attention.

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Main 6 with an mc who has an attention deficit disorder



-This man notices right away when you first meet.

-When he is first teaching you he stops a lot to make sure you are paying attention.

-He helps the best he can when you get lost because you spaced off or we’re fidgeting.

-The first time he leaves his shop to travel he brings you back a few fidget toys.

-You still have/use them to this day.



-Being the doctor he is he realizes early on in the relationship.

-He worries of course but he knows that it isn’t something to be cured or 100% stopped.

-Brings you little toys and such from the market so you have something to fidget with while working.

-He completely understands if you need him to repeat something over or explain something you missed.



-She tries her best to make sure you catch everything during meetings and such.

-She has also had all the best doctors (including Julian) from Vesuvia come and diagnose you.

-She makes sure you always take your medicine and go to therapy to keeps everything under control.

-Makes time for you where you both go on a walk at the end of the day to talk about that day’s activities.



-Doesn’t notice anything unusual at first.

-Slowly starts noticing you u get distracted easily while helping him with tasks.

-When you and him rarely go into the city he notices how bright colors attract your attention.

-You decide to tell him one day. At first, he doesn’t understand so you explain it to him.

-After that, he carves you like anime figures and has Asra paint them bright pretty colors. He wants to make sure you’re comfortable and can fidget etc.



-She has a lot of energy so she keeps up with you easily.

-She is the supportive girlfriend who makes sure you’re always on track with your work.

-Asks Nadia to order some fidget toys which she does.

-Tries to keep herself and you busy so you don’t space off and get bored.



-He is so oblivious with body language.

-He only notices when you space out talking to him.

-“Hey, MC I’m still talking.”

-He keeps talking and acts as nothing happened.

-Sometimes notices you fidgeting with something but ignores it.

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Tell your friends to try the Arcana, spread word, give this game some love, because the game devs are losing revenue

We love Portia like crazy, and she deserves to have a full and meaningful story

Please help us out

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You were walking in the market, looking for some herbs that you’ve run out. You were wandering among the busy market, commenting about how this is the seventh time you’ve run out of this herb this week, however, Asra didn’t seem to listen, instead, their eyes wandered at every store until they stopped at the freshly baked pumpkin bread on your favourite stalls. 

The two of you, without noticing it, got separated. Once they got out of the bakery, satisfied that they got the hot pastries for the two of you, they realized that you were nowhere in sight.

Their worry was rising every moment as he tried to find you amongst the crowd. Their fingers were moving until they felt someone lightly tap their shoulder.

“Found the friend!” Faust said as she was happily slithering on your left arm.

“There you are!” you said before quickly pecking their cheek. Once you moved away, you added, while playing with their hair, “I have been looking everywhere for you! Please pay more attention, I’ll lose you for real once!”

They sighed in relief as they gave you the pumpkin bread they bought you. Later during the day, Asra gave you matching charm that would help find each other.

  Read all chapters here

Keep reading

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Headcannon requests!!

I will be taking the arcana headcanons they can be sfw or nsfw. I will write them all out the best and the fastest I can. I will mainly be doing the main 6 but I don’t have a problem doing any other character. I will write almost anything. Have fun sending requests

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