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Leviathan’s Odyssey 6:


*Lucifer is in the middle of packing an extra set of water-wings into a cat-themed bag on his bed. Beel is waiting for him at the door in swim trunks, holding a placated baby Satan who’s gnawing on the ear of his beloved Mr. Whiskers*

Beel: Lucifer, are you sure about this?

Lucifer: Yes. I’m sure.

Beel: But he’s so small… Isn’t there another way to get him tired?

Lucifer: I don’t suppose you have any suggestions?

Beel: ….. 

*unable to answer, Beel turns away with a guilty look. Lucifer just sighs, picking up the bag and finally looks back at his brother*

Lucifer: I thought so… *he passes by but sets a hand on his shoulder* If he’s strong enough to have a body count, he can learn to doggy paddle. Now let’s go.

*in an effort to curb Satan’s boundless destructive tendencies, Lucifer finally read a parenting book and decided that giving their little hellspawn some physical activity could make him easier to manage. Lord Diavolo offered them his private beach for a few days to that end, so some swimming appeared to be in order. Satan was still much younger than any of his brothers when he taught them, but nothing about this child was normal. He could probably handle a little water as long as he was supervised…*

*the trip through the portal was uneventful for the brothers, as was setting themselves up on the beach. Belphie had been the only one to complain about being dragged onto another family outing, but he seemed content enough to sleep in a deck chair while Beel set out (and ate) the day’s snacks. The sun wasn’t helping Lucifer’s headaches at all, and since Asmo had wandered off to take pictures in his new speedo, care of baby Satan fell to Mammon*

*to the secondborn’s credit, he actually remembered what they came there for and brought his little brother out to the water’s where the waves lapped the shore*

Mammon: Okay, little guy… Lucifer wants ya good and tired so let’s play in the water for a bit.

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Thank you for 1k follows everyone uwu I will continue to do my best 💜

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Kaku: pff yeah right, you don’t have hypnosis powers. Besides, I can’t be hypnotized!

Levi: bet

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Azimuth Compass

A Naga!Levi Series


AMAZING art by @cosmic-whorror​,

The water is cold. It’s always cold but today it felt especially lonely and empty and cold. The stories of scared children made sure that my home would always be this way. That no visitor would ever come to my shoreline or spend time in my waters. No visitor would want to see the treasures I have seen, only a few knots away, not as long as this water keeps still and empty.

It may have been a few years maybe even a hundred, I lost count after realizing how hopeless it was to expect anyone to play in the waves with a grotesque monster like me. And every day passed with the same results. Today didn’t seem any different.

The evening came as soon as the day had started. The only remarkable thing about the setting sun was knowing the full moon was behind it as well. One of the few times I like to leave the safety of the wooden pier. I lived for the nights I could bathe in the moonlight. When I could let the light do as it wished with me. I had just snaked beyond the first pillar, dull and splintered wood, when I felt the faintest of ripples. Like a silent heartbeat sending a small wave through the waters.Through me.

I stopped, frozen; my heart skipped at the sensation but…it’s probably a bird, a small animal from the land thinking they can get some freshwater.Right? With a sigh I kept moving, swimming pass the edge of the pier that houses me and into the open waters, lit up by the moonshine on this clear night. Closing my eyes I drifted slowly, comfortably in the open waters.

Another ripple broke the surface suddenly. Another skipped beat of my heart. This time I knew it was something.

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More self indulgence snuggling with naga Levi 💜 showing him your favorite manga!

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Naga Levi Underwater Kisses

@cosmic-whorror, for you my muse.

  • The idea came up when you were at the beach with the brothers. There was no privacy with all the other brothers trying to grab your attention.
  • Finally getting a chance he grabbed your wrist and dragged you into the water. Mammon of course yelled after you both as Levi shifted forms and swam deeper than anyone was willing to go.
  • With your arms around his neck he pulled you both under, taking a deep breath as he submerged you both. You opened your eyes just as he leaned in to capture your lips. Already holding your breath it wasn’t too strange. But you needed air immediately after parting.
  • Levi loved it, feeling so intimate in his element. Has to think of a way to keep you under with him for longer. The idea of kissing you underwater made him hot under the collar.
  • Learns a spell from a mermaid who follows his channel. Everyone knew what he was going to do with it, and immediately regret not using an alias to ask. More lewd illustrations will be sent to him after he logs off.
  • Henry doesn’t mind sharing his tank so you two can smooch and make out. But he draws the line at spicy times in his house. If you two decide to move things along you must go back to his tub.
  • When you’re underwater he loves the way the little air bubbles from your lips dance around your face. If you laugh he melts instantly. You look so ethereal underwater, you really were an Angel.
  • One time you two were interrupted by an angry Lucifer and he had to pretend he was giving you CPR.
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Levi loves his boops more than anything. Well, right under you and Ruri. If anyone interrupts a boop in progress he will pout until he finally gets it. Don’t you dare forget. Since he’s too shy to say what he wants or why he’s in a bad mood he’ll pout until you figure it out.

“You’re a grown man snake, use your words.”

If you’re ever in a bad mood he’ll Booop you until you talk about it though.

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I love fluffy though! Here are some of my fluffy headcanons:

Fluffy Naga Levi HC

  • Now that you’ve shown how much you love his form he takes you swimming more and more often. Usually slithering around on his back while you hold on. Your boyfriend doubles as a flotation device.
  • Levi can’t always control his tail so when you two occasionally butt heads or pout separated from each other, his tail will slither over to rub your hand for pets. He’s really sorry but doesn’t know what to do before his body does.
  • The first time you found out about his forked tongue you almost short circuited, unable to hear anything he was trying to tell you as you thought of what he could do with it. He was flustered when you told him.
  • When you sleep in the tub together he wraps his tail around his Ruri pillow so he can hold you in his arms.
  • Let’s you play with his hair. Since it’s so long it gets in his face. Sometimes you throw it in a bun or ponytail. But if you get creative you’ll decorate his horns with flowers and braid his hair around it.
  • Once time he forgot you had done his hair in pigtails and went live to stream. His fanbase thought it was adorable. You and Levi have a huge following as couple online. He was mortified.
  • Levi was so nervous you wouldn’t like him after you saw his snake body and shimmering scales. He hid in Henry’s fish tank. He was horrified when you ran and jumped in after him. But when you held him tightly and kissed him as you normally would, he happily sighed in relief.
  • When you cuddle you make sure to throw warm blankets on him and bring lots of pillows for you both. Usually you don’t need them because you’re too busy burying your face in Levi’s chest. Gushing over him.
  • He doesn’t believe you when you say he’s attractive as he is. So it takes some time and direct action to get the point across. You knew his weak spots like the tip of his tail and right where is abdomen changes.
  • Any bare or naked flesh he rubs against sends waves of warmth through his body. There are times his hands or tail might creep under your clothes at night seeking warmth.
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