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#nahikari garcia

realsociedad Bihar Nahikari Garciaren txanda izango da prentsaurrekoan!
🎙 Bidal iezaguzu zure galdera iruzkin batean eta parte hartu prentsaurrekoan!

¡Mañana es el turno de @nahikarigarcia en rueda de prensa!
🎙 ¡ Envíanos tu pregunta en un comentario participa en la rueda de prensa!

Tomorrow it’s @nahikarigarcia’s turn on the press conference!
🎙 Send your question in a comment and take part in the press converence!

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top 3 spanish players you find attractive or you’d date

Lit rally all of them 😭 but

1. Leila Ouahabi

she’s so chaotic, and beautiful, and talented i’d risk it all for her. LOOK AT HER


Never have i wished i was a trophy more


I also lose it every time she posts with her cats (and i hate cats so you know my love for her is deep)


2. Nahikari Garcia

my smart, talented, and gorgeous queen I mean just


How can i not 😅


3. Mapi León

Look at my little baby she seems badass


But she’s baby


I love her so much 😭

Honorable mentions: Alexia Putellas (because, c’mon)

📸: @laiasbian and @housedanvers

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nahikarigarcia A veces no es como lo imaginas, pero es mejor de lo que sueñas.

Eskerrik asko zorion mezu guztiengatik, polita da hainbeste berotasun sentitzea!!

¡Deseando estrenar los 23! 🎂🤩

nahikarigarcia Sometimes it’s not how you imagine it, but it’s better than how you dream it.

Thank you for all the birthday messages, it’s beautiful to feel such warmth!!

Dying to go into 23! 🎂🤩

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