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#nail faves
casukaga · 8 months ago
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date night ❤️ [C2E126]
after 3 weeks, i finally finish my beauyasha date art! amidst all the other crazy shit that’s happened since then, i still got this episode on my mind.
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#finally i can relax holy shiiiiit 🎶#commentary on each drawing if u care:#1. floating up the tower! all the vibrant colors are supposed to be the stained glass since that’s in the entrance yk#(my coloring’s very abstract and just blobs of color — ofc ur not gonna see my fully render those windows 😌)#2. tavern talks! tried to add more hues in the bg since liam said the colors of the nook were more vibrant in this recreation#3. nothing much to say. smooches u in a field of simulated flowers.#4. anime blush and sparkles were on my mind when beau said those words...#5. comic book-esque?? this one’s my least fave of them all. the colors are wonky but i’m so done i don’t wanna do anymore lol!#6. one of my faves! i think it’s cute. lotsa glitter and i like the shading i did on the wings!#7. i went in like ‘the lighting might be difficult on this one bc of all the fireworks.’ but it honestly wasn’t that bad.#8. NOW THIS ONE. the one u see here is the second drawing i had. the first one was something different and it was outlined and everything#but the lighting was SO DIFFICULT for me to nail — and i didn’t like the drawing anymore — so i drew up and colored a new one during#yesterday’s stream#yk when ur beauregard lionett staring up at urself in ur damn kink mirror embraced by a woman u love so dearly? yeah. cries.#and scene.#(a stock image was used as a ref for that last piece btw!)#critical role#critical role fanart#crit role#c2e126#the mighty nein#mighty nein#beauyasha#beauregard lionett#yasha nydoorin#fanart#digital art#casu art#my shtuff#casu art c2 spoilers
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sprucewoodmpreg · a month ago
a little brainrot for you </3 -minehog
Everyone on the last life server worries about turning red. They're all "ooh, i don't want to be red, i don't want to kill my friends, oh i hope i get more lives so i don't turn red!". Etho doesn't see red being an issue, though. What's a little bit of chaos, a little spot of murder? That's all part of a good time, in his opinion! Everyone on the last life server worries about turning red, but Etho's worry is different to everyone else's. He's worried about the *other* aspect of red- of that final march towards death. Turning red turns death into an inevitability, and Etho's never been very fond of dying.
He runs from the wither. He's fought withers before, hundreds of times, even with low armour or no potions or unusual circumstances, but those have all been in worlds where life and death is an inconvenient muddle. Where the worst result is a nasty scar.
Etho tries to run, but Bdubs does not, because he's experienced fear exactly once before but he survived that, conquered that, which makes him fearless.
And if Bdubs is fighting, Etho has to fight too, and he doesn't know it but Bdubs' stubbornness is cementing Etho a reputation as a monstrously powerful deity among the hardcore players. Etho is scared behind his mask and he's running again because Bdubs has turned red a third time which means he isn't there to fight the wither with him.
Most of the last life players are worried about turning red. But Bdubs has done it thrice and he's survived his worst fears and he's an idiotic stubborn mule, which means he's not really concerned. But it would be nice to go back to Etho again, and he knows Etho doesn't want to die, because he knows Etho is scared and vulnerable and he knows no one else knows.
If Bdubs kills a red life, it's not really Etho's life being given away. It's Lizzie's, obviously, because Bdubs is taking her life, not his. Etho isn't fond of dying.
The mossy jacket has a hole where it rests over Etho's heart. The edges are faintly crackly and dried with blood.
Everyone on the last life server worries about turning red.
YOU. YOU . you just- you. i . NO WORDS??? I HAVE NO WORDS. OH MY GOD
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