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#nakahara chuya

Hi hiiii this is cute! Thank you for the ask! And thank you so much for the support 💕

Chuuya with s/o who is jealous of Yuan


You and Chuuya had met up in the arcade once again, like every other Friday night. Although you were a mafia member along with Dazai, you had made acquaintance with Chuuya during one of your missions, and despite his instant disapproval of your friend, he was quite literally entranced by your presence the first time he saw you; he just had to know more about you.

And so here you were, both of you being the best of friends, playing your usual round of games together, in which you would… usually win, much to Chuuya’s displeasure.

“Come ON! That’s cheating!!” Chuuya yelled, frustratedly slamming his fists onto the controls while you cackled delightedly at his defeat.

“Sorry Chuu~ the world works in wondrous ways, and unfortunately, it’s on my side this time!” You feigned a disappointed sigh before smirking triumphantly in his face.

He groaned, face-planting onto the controls. You snickered and got up from your seat, springing onto his back while continuing to tease him in a sing-song voice.

“Oh shut up (Name)! I swear I was gonna win that won, I just got.. distracted!” Chuuya grumbled, slightly shoving you off his back.

Sure you were, whatever helps you sleep at night Chuuya,” you grinned, poking his forehead.

“Ok that’s it–” the redhead started, before standing up to scoop you up in his arms as you yelped.

“Oi! Nakahara! Put me down right this instant!” You demanded, slapping his chest. 

“No can do, bud. You brought this on yourself. Now prepare yourself for…” he started to lean in, pursing his lips as he “threatened” to kiss you.

“Ack!! Get away!” You screeched as you batted at his face, Chuuya victoriously laughing at your disgust.

“You’re a dick” you said, glaring at him before proceeding to fake a gag in feigned disgust at his previous actions.

“You know it!” he jeered, still holding you up in his arms. “But ya know… I would have crushed you into the ground if you were Dazai. Consider yourself lucky.”

“Shut up.”

“Chuuya-senpai!” A foreign voice called out. You both froze, looking at each other with widened eyes. You struggled out of his grasp before you both turned and faced two other members of the Sheep, whom you had no idea about. But your annoyance grew when you turned your attention to the source of the obnoxious voice– a young girl with loose pink hair, part of it pinned up to the side in a circle. Yuan. She was quite an annoyance for you and Chuuya, always coming and linking an arm around his when she saw you alone together, sending a menacing glance your way. As much as Chuuya and you were friends, and as much as you knew it would be just another inconvenience to develop that relationship into something more, and especially with a member of the Sheep, of all other organizations, you couldn’t help but feel a little bit….


Another boy, around Chuuya’s age and slightly taller, with silver-blue hair followed behind. 

“Yuan? What are you and Shirase doing here?” Chuuya asked, clearly looking annoyed that you two had been interrupted.

“You’ve been disappearing pretty frequently, we wanted to know if you were up to anything suspicious,” the boy, Shirase, said matter-of-factly. His eyes move to you. “Who’re they? A mafioso?”

Chuuya looked back at you, a glow of sympathy in his blue eyes. “They’re just a friend,” tearing his eyes off of you only to look back at the Sheep members standing before him. “What’s it to you if I’m off with someone else, having fun?” he snapped, clear irritation present in his rough voice.

“But Chuuya-senpai~ We just wanna make sure you’re not messing around with anybody who might hurt you!” Yuan whined, shoving herself in between you and the redhead to cling onto his arm.

That again. God, she was so annoying.

Chuuya looked down at her, exasperated “How are they gonna hurt me? Did you forget about my power or something?”

“I don’t mean that silly… I meant… traitors, you know? People who backstab you?” Yuan said slyly, giving you a once-over, repulsion evident in her eyes. Chuuya raised his eyes to you, eyes widening as he saw your troubled expression.

That girl… what a bitch.

You cleared your throat, trying to seem unbothered by her subtle advances as you looked away, hands tightened into fists inside your coat pocket.

“(Name)-san? (Name)-san~ Where are you?” another voice called out, this one more playful and definitely familiar.

“Dazai-san?” You rose your eyes in surprise at his presence as you saw him scan around the arcade. His eyes found yours, and a smile danced upon his face as he strode towards you.

“Oh? Are we having a little standoff over here? Chuuya~ Are you causing trouble for our dear (Name)-san?” 

“Shut up, shitty Dazai. I didn’t expect these guys to come here,” Chuuya snapped, subtly shrugging Yuan off his arm.

“It’s fine, Dazai. Let’s go,” you said sharply, yanking the sleeve of Dazai’s shirt as you marched out of the arcade.

“Oh– (Name)-san? Wha–” Dazai didn’t get to finish his sentence before getting pulled away from the group.

And Chuuya… was seething with rage.

Why the hell did he have to have his moment ruined by a bunch of buffoons, and then see his best friend (and crush) walk out on him arm in arm with his enemy? Was the world seriously against him today?

Chuuya sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose as he furrowed his eyebrows in annoyance. Now he had to worry about how the hell he was going to apologize to you.

“What is your problem you guys? Can’t I have a little time to myself to be with my friend? I already have an entire mission for us to take care of, for fuck’s sake!” Chuuya snarled, glowering at the both of them.

“But Chuuya–” Yuan started, a perplexed expression written onto her face as she looked on at him.

“Just shut up, both of you!” Chuuya yelled, storming out of the arcade.


You and Dazai were sitting on the terrace of the Mafia headquarters. You had thrown your coat into your room out of anger, but Dazai had offered you to come up to the terrace with him to accompany his smoke break, and you had accepted in an attempt to get your mind off of today, and… you had left your coat. So here you were, slightly shivering from the chilly Yokohama air as you sat alongside Dazai, watching him blow puffs of cigarette smoke out of his mouth.

“Cold?” Dazai asked, curious brown eyes finding yours as he casually threw his coat around your shoulders before leaning back against the wall once more.

“Thanks,” you mumbled, pulling the coat further around you as you stared absentmindedly at your toes.

“So what’s up?” Dazai asked, tapping out the ashes against the concrete, adjusting his position so he was looking at you.

“…You already know,” you sighed, turning to face him. “I just… that girl fucking bothers me. I don’t know what she has against me but… here we are, I guess.”

“Tell me about it,” Dazai sighed, lighting a new cigarette. “As much as I hate the chibi, it pisses me off seeing how much they use him to their advantage. So fucking greedy….” He leaned his head far back so it touched the wall behind him, looking up at the setting sky as it turned from orange to pink.

“It’s not just that, Dazai,” you gave him a look. He looked back at you, and the realization hit him. He smirked.

“So why don’t you just tell chibi-san that you’re jealous?”

“Shut the hell up,” you groaned, punching him in the arm. 

“Ow! Was I wrong though?!” he whined, rubbing his sore arm. You packed a good punch when you felt like it. “But seriously, when are you just gonna tell him how you feel? It’s really obvious how much you like him, you know.” 

You exhaled, bringing a hand to your head to massage your temples. “I seriously don’t know anymore. But you’re right. I should just… cut to the chase and tell him straight up.”

Dazai smiled. He ruffled your hair. “That’s what I like to hear! So when are you gonna tell him?”

You shrugged. “At our next visit?”

He scoffed. “Come on (Name)-san. Do you really think he’s gonna think you both are gonna meet up as usual after what went down today?”

You bit your lip. “I mean… you’re right but… ugh, I don’t know!” you groaned, head thudding back against the wall. “How am I gonna ask him to just… meet me tomorrow?”

Dazai chuckled. “Hey, you’re friends with me. I’ve got you covered,” he said, grinning as he gestured to his phone. “I’ll text him where to meet you, and you just go there. Got it?”

You let out a heavy sigh, resting your head on your knees. “Fine. Whatever you say, Dazai.”


Chuuya was relieved, yet panting as he walked up to the steps of the Port Mafia headquarters. He had to resolve things with you as soon as he could, and if that meant literally putting his life on the line by possibly trespassing into a criminal organization’s lair? Then so be it. He’d do anything for you. He was… dare he say it, sort of in love with you, if he was being honest. But anyway, he knew it wasn’t like you were going to like him back. You had Dazai. That should be enough for you, right?

But even so, he didn’t want to lose you no matter what. You were the only true friend that he ever had, and he didn’t want to lose the only person he ever actually cared about. 

So he was just about to crash down the locked entrance before he saw a familiar figure wandering past the front of the headquarters.

It was you.

The next moments were all a blur. One moment he was at the entrance, and the next he was holding you in his arms oh so tightly. 

And you were in so much shock you could barely move.

“(Name),” he whispered, burying his nose into your hair and inhaling your comforting scent.


He swallowed, pulling back to look at you, his sapphire eyes on the brink of tears.

You stared back at him, your eyes softening. “I… I was going to meet you tomorrow–”

“I’m really sorry about today. I never thought of you as someone who would stab me in the back, I trust you so much and you mean so much to me and I–”


“–just don’t want to lose you, you’re literally the only person I ever actually cared for and I just… I just don’t know what–”


He couldn’t bring himself to stop. The words plummeted out of his mouth like a waterfall. 

“–I’d do without you, please please don’t be mad at me I’m so fucking sorry and I know it’s shitty and you don’t have to forgive me but just please–”

“Chuuya!” You cupped his cheeks, pulling him out of his tangent and forcing him to look into your gorgeous eyes. “Listen to me! This isn’t your fault. I just… yeah, that girl was a bitch to me and all, but it’s not your fault, okay? And even with that… I was jealous. I just got mad at her and all and I stormed off, I should be the one to say sorry to you,” you said softly, stroking his cheek and taking off one of your hands to brush the strands of ginger hair that had fallen into his face.

Chuuya’s eyes widened. Was this…?

“I wouldn’t have dreamed of leaving you anyway. I…” you took a deep breath, “I’m in love with you, Chuuya. I’ve felt so strongly for you since the start. And you probably don’t feel the same but… I would never want to lose you over something so stupid and silly as this, okay? I’ll always be at your side,” you whispered to him, smiling warmly, a few teardrops clustering around your lashes.

Chuuya tightened his arms around your waist, pulling you closer than ever. He dipped his nose to yours, lips brushing against yours in a soft kiss. He pulled back only slightly, your breaths mingling together, the kiss still lingering on your lips. He tasted like candy.

“I love you too, (Name). So much…” he murmured, kissing your head as one hand wandered to intertwine his fingers with yours.

“Come with me,” you said, looking deep into his blue eyes. “I want to be with you more. And… I know those people you’re with aren’t making you happy, Chuu. I want you to be happy… and I want you to be safe. So…” you leaned up, pressing a chaste kiss against his nose. “Come with me.”

He smiled softly down at you, squeezing your hand in reassurance.

“I will.”

// I hope you enjoy this anon! Sorry that it’s soooo long lololol I had to think out this plot sdjfdjsksfd

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aide-mémoire: Dazai and Chuuya’s reaction to their sister revealing to them she’s dating their former partner. You can find the Astushi and Akutagawa version of this post here, where ‘partner’ is switched for rival.


Originally posted by peiipain

Two words: whiny and dramatic. Chuuya Nakahara? With his sister? Of all the men in Yokohama you could have ended up with? Please, someone say it isn’t so. Dazai is going to act as though you just relayed to him something utterly horrific, like proof existence is a social construct and therefore suicide isn’t physically possible. 

  • Considering its Dazai, he already knew, or at least suspected there was something between you and his former partner. Even if he did figure it out beforehand, that’s not going to stop him from acting devastated and pondering aloud how you could wound him so by waiting to tell him of this tragedy (at this point, the appropriate response is to clunk him on the head and tell him to cut the theatrics.)

  • Expect to hear a barrage of unflattering commentary about Chuuya, proceeded by a list of reasons why he’s the last person in the world you should be dating. 

  • Some of them might make sense (you wouldn’t want to increase your proximity to the mafia, would you?), but the majority will just be plain petty and mean-spirited (“Couldn’t you have at least picked someone tall enough to see over the kitchen counter?” “Osamu, that isn’t an actual reason.”). Chuuya’s not good enough for his sister. He probably groans and tell you to dump him, please. He wants you to be happy, yes, but God, he can’t stand the thought of his sister dating Chuuya.

  • Isn’t going to keep you two apart if you insist on dating him, but can get real annoying. Often manages to show up wherever you two are. Doesn’t matter how secret you’ve kept your plans. Dazai will find out and he will be there, nonchalant no matter how much you eye him with suspicion. 

  • “…Don’t you have to be at work?” “Oh, Kunikida gave me the day off.” (This is a lie, for he did not—just stop by the ADA after your date with Chuuya to confirm it with a very livid Kunikida.)

  • Tends to pop up in your place of residence uninvited, when you just so happen to inviting Chuuya over. Or calls you at inopportune moments for the silliest of reasons. Do not be surprised if while Chuuya is leaning in for a kiss your phone rings for the fifth time that night, just so Dazai can ask if you know where the sock he left on his nightstand is.

  • You know the trope of two people having dinner together and an unwanted third person comes and pulls up a chair? That’s Dazai. Only he’s going to act as though Chuuya isn’t even there and only talk to you, which, surprisingly, seems to make Chuuya angrier than if he had actually acknowledged him. 

  • Or, halfway through Chuuya’s threats for him to screw off, gasp in fake surprise as though he just now noticed him, insisting he hadn’t seen Chuuya there, with him being so small and all. Dazai does not let Chuuya forget the fact he’s dating his sister: it provides Dazai with more reasons to tease him. 

  • “My sister happens to be an absolute beauty. At least you don’t have bad taste in everything, Chuuya~” “Why you—!”

Despite his antics, Dazai knows his ex-partner well and doesn’t doubt Chuuya has pure intentions. Seeing how you blossom, and how satisfied you are with the relationship, he’ll eventually lighten up on being a bother on your end of it. Chuuya, however, will remain fair game.


Originally posted by chuuyanyakahara

No. Just no. Please tell him you’ve got a questionable sense of humor and it was just a poor taste joke, because Chuuya is absolutely vexed. While his anger is undoubtedly directed at Dazai, who he recognizes as having a strong manipulative streak, he’s also going to be a little annoyed with you because what the actual fuck are you thinking? Did you hit your head on something? Surely you can’t possibly like Dazai… can you?

  • Chuuya doesn’t rule out the likelihood Dazai sought you out as a way to get under his skin. He doesn’t have the fullest trust in Dazai to not screw with your feelings or put you in uncomfortable situations.

  • In short: Chuuya’s not happy, and twice as bothered if you actually seem genuinely into Dazai. He’s not as worried about you being in physical danger as he is about you getting your heart broken. Dazai’s got a history, and Chuuya of all people knows this. Nor does he trust Dazai’s ends justify the means tendencies. 

  • He’ll be a little exasperated, telling you, “If you were that desperate I could have gotten someone to take you out every once in a while. Anyone is a better option than that guy.”  

  • While he definitely wants to limit your involvement with the Mafia—if he had to choose, he’d much rather rope a subordinate of his into taking you out when you desire, seeing as they would be someone he could better keep tabs on and bully.

  • Chuuya doesn’t mind you being mad at him if it’s for your own good, but he’s quick to realize barring you from seeing Dazai won’t stop you from doing it. You’re mature enough to make your own decisions, and if you’re firm on seeing him, the most he can do is seethe (and… threaten Dazai’s life.

  • And besides, what is he supposed to do? Lock you in your room? If you’re passionate about your decision, there’s not much more he can do about it but, at the very least, use his influence in the Mafia to make sure you’re at least physically safe at all times.

  • Due to the fact Dazai isn’t above rubbing the fact he’s dating you in Chuuya’s face, for your brother’s sake, avoid situations where they might encounter each other. It’ll be unavoidable at times, with Dazai inviting you to places he knows Chuuya will be—and Dazai not being forthcoming to you with his reasoning for choosing those places—because he enjoys the ticked off, bothered expression Chuuya has when he sees the both of you out together, holding hands or being affectionate. 

  • Knowing Chuuya is less inclined to respond to confrontation with you around—clearly figuring the sight of him attempting to beat the crap out of your significant other would upset you—Dazai will be more smug than usual. 

  • For you, Chuuya will bear encounters with gritted teeth and obvious irritation, making sure to pull Dazai to the side before the both of you depart, muttering, “Just you wait. If you mess this up, I will get you." 

If you still insist on seeing Dazai in spite of his warnings, best believe he regularly tells you he’s willing to kick Dazai’s ass any day of the week if you request, and keeps an eye out for how things develop. If Dazai makes it clear he’s serious about you, with time, Chuuya will gradually relent on his opposition, though not without a cursory threat of "Break her heart and I break every bone in your body, asshole.” And he’s more than willing to make good on that.

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first off i wanna say thank you to the real life counterpart of our beloved hat rack: chuya nakahara. you have written such beautiful poems and have influenced my own personal writings so much. you are a true artist.

now…hAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FAVORITE HAT RACK! we’ve been married for 3 years and every day is a party with him 🥺 he is strong, and kind, and funny, and just everything a character should be. i love him so much 🥺


Originally posted by tlenovich

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