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what-if-nct · 17 hours ago
Jaehyun: Johnny. Johnny. Johnny!
Jaehyun: *sighs* Johnny Thee Stallion.
Johnny: Yes?
Jungwoo: Why are you going by Johnny Thee Stallion now?
Johnny: It speaks to who I really. I really identify with Megan thee Stallion, we are the same.
Yuta: Tall, Great ass, and hot as hell?
Johnny: Exactly.
Jaehyun: *mumbles* You're nothing like Megan.
Johnny: What was that Jae Jae the Jet Plane?
Jaehyun: You'll never be as great as Megan!
Doyoung: Why did you call Jaehyun whatever the hell you just said.
Johnny: He's always high..
Jaehyun: Maybe I am but so are you.
Johnny: Okay and?
Jungwoo: *raises his hand*
Doyoung: Jungwoo you don't have to raise your hand to talk but what is it?
Jungwoo: Taeyong likes to eat raw cookie dough while he sits on the shower floor. Sometimes he makes me dance seductively for a bite of cookie dough. ..
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submissivekpop · 2 years ago
breakfast in bed; nakamoto yuta
Tumblr media
Requested: yes Words: 2900+ Warnings: smut, sub!yuta, dom!reader, edging, toys, handcuffs, anal, facesitting,  A/N: inspired by the “you’re so needy when you’re drunk... it’s cute” prompt. I guess anon was probably request some drunk!sex, but that’s not really my thing, so I changed it a bit. hope you like it anyways ^^ 
Tumblr media
«You're so needy when you're drunk... It's cute.»
Whining, Yuta falls back on the mattress. Moving a strand of hair away from his face, you gently caress him, cupping his face before leaning down to give him a quick peck. His lips taste of alcohol and chapstick, the one you bought him less than a week ago and that he's been using ever since.
«Fuck me, then» he says, breathing against your lips, and you can smell the scent of what he's been drinking with his friends before coming home – beer, soju and something else you can't really name.
«You're drunk» you answer, sitting next to him on the right side of the bed – the one you always sleep on when he comes over.
«I still want you to fuck me» he replies, stubbornly.
You don't know how long this has been going on – since he first entered your apartment, of course, but how long has it been? Hours, or maybe less?
«And I'm still not going to do it, love» you say, hoping that, this time, he'll understand.
«But you said I'm cute» he whines, pouting, trying to get you to give into him.
Shaking your head, you sigh.
«And you are» you tell him. «But you know I won't have sex with you when you're drunk.»
That's the rule you both agreed on, after all. No sex unless you're both in the right state of mind, which means, of course, no drunk sex, no angry or jealous sex, and no high sex as well. Because of that, someone might think you're boring, or even a prude, but you've always thought you're just being fair to your partner and, most especially, you're keeping your sex life safe and enjoyable for the both of you.
«Can't you make an exception?» he begs, squirming under your touch as you gently caress his arms. «Only this time, pretty please?»
You shake your head. No matter how cute he looks like this, nor how much you actually want to give in and fuck him, he's not going to change your mind.
«No, love» you say, and he whines as soon as you speak. «But I'll be right here the whole night, I promise you. I can cuddle you, and kiss you for as long as you like.»
Still disappointed he's not getting what he wants, he watches as you lay next to him, pouting as he turns on his side so that you're now facing his back. You'd be lying if you said you weren't expecting it: it's so typical of him to hold a grudge when things don't go the way he wants. Sometimes, you think, he really behaves like a kid, but that doesn't bother you. On the contrary, you find it adorable.
Scooting closer to him, you hug him from behind, seizing the opportunity to be – at least for now – the big spoon. When he feels your arms around him, he sighs, loving the feeling of you being wrapped around him – he'd never admit it, but that might be his favourite thing in the world.
«Yuta...» you call him, and he hums in response.
Your lips on his neck, you leave a myriad of small, feather-like kisses, smiling when you see the goosebumps on his skin.
«If you keep on kissing me like that...» he says, stopping when he feels your teeth grazing over his neck. «Y-Y/N... I-I'll get hard.»
«Sorry» you whisper, planting one last kiss on his sensitive skin, feeling it burn under your lips.
Shifting on the mattress, he moves and turns so that he's now facing you, half-lidded eyes and his bottom lip between his teeth.
«I love you» he says, his voice so soft that you almost can't hear it, despite the fact that he's so close to you.
«I know» you say, moving a strand of hair away from his face – it always manages to come back in its place, no matter how many times you try to fix it. «I love you too.»
Crawling closer to you, he nuzzles his head in the crook of your neck, his bare chest pressed against yours, enjoying the warmth emanating from your body.
«Any chance you decided to fuck me?» he murmurs, looking up at you, hopeful.
«Not at all.»
He sighs again, going back to his original position, as your hands gently caress his back, lulling him to sleep. You follow him soon after, listening to his steady breath as you doze off, the dim light of the lamp still on.
You're the first one to wake in the morning, your arms still wrapped around your boyfriend – who's still clinging to you like a koala. Trying not to wake him up, you slowly untangle from his limbs, doing your best to be as quiet as possible. Once you're out of your bed, you make your way to the kitchen, your stomach grumbling as if you haven't eaten in days, despite being still early in the morning. The clock reads 8.30, not the time you'd usually wake up on Sundays, but you don't care that much. After brewing yourself a cup of coffee, you start to make breakfast for the both of you, knowing it won't be long before Yuta wakes up. With his busy schedule, you're pretty sure he doesn't sleep for more than four, maybe five hours – especially if it's comeback time. Sleeping for eight hours is definitely more than he's used to and, much to your dismay, you know his body clock will soon cause him to wake up.
As if he could, somehow, read your thoughts and act accordingly, he comes closer to you, hugging you from behind, resting his chin on your shoulder.
«Smells fantastic» he says, his voice hoarse and groggy.
You hum in response, taking a small part of the food to feed it to him.
«How are you?»
«I'm fine» he says, swallowing the food. «And that tastes amazing.»
«Glad you think so.»
Putting away the stove for a moment, allowing what's inside it to cool down a bit, you turn around to face him, and you're greeted with a sight that, lately, you've rarely seen. Morning hair falling on his eyes, partially covering them, face with absolutely no make up on, and slightly chapped lips, you find him beautiful nonetheless.
«There's something else I'm hungry for, though» he says, and you immediately know what he's talking about. He wants to pick up from where you stopped last night, and there's absolutely no shame in the way he lets you know it. You can't blame him.
«We'd have to brush our teeth first, love.»
Blushing at your implication – how could he forget about the dreaded morning breath? How silly of him – he immediately disappears into your bathroom, and you're quick to follow him. Once you're both done, you lead him to your bedroom, pushing him down on the mattress as soon as you're both close enough.
«God, I love when you do this» he admits, biting his bottom lip as he watches you roam across the room, trying to find out what you're looking for.
You wink at him, smirking. The reason why you did it is, in fact, that you know he loves it.
«Should I use handcuffs on you, love?» you wonder, as his eyes follow your every move. «Or should I use a vibrator?»
He doesn't answer, clicking his tongue instead.
«Does that mean you want both?»
Your voice is now higher in pitch, sweet as honey as you get closer to him with the toys in your hand. He shakes his head.
«No teasing, please.»
He doesn't mean it, you know it. Or, better, you know he doesn't actually want to be teased, because his need to find release is way too strong to handle it, but you know that he loves it as well. Eventually, after pondering both the options, you decide to go with the teasing. After all, it'll be like killing two birds with one stone.
«Do you remember your safe-word?» you ask, grabbing his wrist and bringing it over his head, against the bed's headboard.
He nods, letting out a small whimper as he hears the clicking sound of the handcuffs. Soon after, both of his wrists are handcuffed the bed and, despite his words, you know he's way more excited than he'd be willing to admit.
Taking off his pants, you throw them somewhere on the floor, glad that your boyfriend decided to wear only those to sleep and hasn't worn anything else once he woke up – it makes everything way easier and quicker.
«Now, now...» you say, grazing your nails over his thighs, watching as small goosebumps form on his skin. «What should I do with you, huh?»
«Fuck me.»
You shake your head, smirking.
«Not so fast, love. That wouldn't be fun, would it?»
Whining, he watches as you turn on the bullet vibrator, making sure it's on the lowest setting, before using it to tease his nipples. He mewls at the feeling, his back arching to get more of it as you quickly take your hand away.
«Are you that sensitive?» you ask, teasingly, as he frantically nods.
You put the toy back on his nipple, increasing its setting a little bit, enjoying the way he reacts at the feeling. Your free hand, colder than you thought it would be, starts teasing his other nipple, drawing small circles on it and, eventually, pinching it – not hard enough to hurt him, but enough to make him feel it.
«F-Fuck, Y/N» he whimpers, as you alternate the toy and your hand on his skin, making him writhe in pleasure. «I-It feels s-so good.»
Humming in response, you put the vibrator on his highest setting, causing Yuta to let out a loud moan as you play with him. His head reclined on the pillow, his back arched under your touch, he truly is a sight to behold.
«You're being so good for me, love» you coo, praising him as you lean forward to kiss him, the toy still on his nipples. He reacts immediately to your kiss, opening his mouth enough for you to stick your tongue inside it, moaning as it caresses his palate, whimpering as you gently bite his bottom lip.
«Should I put this somewhere else?» you question, moving the vibrator over his neck, causing him to move to avoid the tickling sensation – but, restrained as he is, it's almost useless.
«P-Please» he says, his voice nothing more than a high pitched moan.
Sitting back between his legs, you tug at his boxers and he immediately raises his hips, so that you can easily take them off of him.
His cock, hard and twitching, is begging for your attention. As you lightly put the vibrator on it, he lets out a loud moan, tugging at the handcuffs and trying to take them off, because the teasing is slowly driving him mad, becoming almost unbearable.
«Behave, love» you warn him, taking your hand away and softly patting his thighs, noticing how hot his skin his. Looking up at him, you can see his wet hair sticking to his forehead, completely covering it, as little droplets of sweat fall onto your pillow. He looks so good when he's all fucked out like this, you think, smiling at the thought of how he'd look once he's actually fucked out.
His little moans are now increasing in intensity, getting louder and louder as you move the vibrator over his shaft, occasionally stopping on his tip, red and swollen, wet with some beads of precum.
«Y-Y/N, please» he begs, and you squirm at his tone. «P-Please, please, let me c-cum.»
Instead of answering him, you keep the toy on his tip, bringing him closer and closer to the edge – you won't allow him to finish, not yet, but he doesn't know that. When you take the toy away from him, he whines, thrusting his hips in the air to get some sort of friction, the one you've just denied him.
«Not yet, love.»
You wait for a couple of minutes, gently caressing him as he calms down, before starting your teasing once again. He squirms under your touch, biting his lips as he watches you smile while putting him through what he can't help but call torture. Your free hands swiftly moves to the base of his cock, adding more friction as you slightly jerk him off.
«Y-Y/N» he calls, and, by the way he's saying it, you know he's getting close once again. «P-Please, may I cum?»
Shaking your head, you take your hands away. He's on the verge of tears now, and the little cry that just came out of his mouth does nothing to you but making you want to ruin him even more. Once again, as soon as he's calmed down, you put the vibrator on his tip, slowly moving it all over his shaft. He's twitching and begging to cum, and you're sure you've never seen anything more beautiful than that. Whispering soft words of praise, you edge him once again, cupping his cheeks and planting a soft kiss on his lips as you deny his orgasm for the third time.
«Should I put it inside you?» you murmur against his lips, to which he quickly nods.
Getting off of the bed, you get to your closet, grabbing the lube and a condom that you'll soon be using. His head slightly raised, he watches as you take off your clothes before climbing back on the bed, which squeaks under your weight – you'll have to change it, sooner or later. Squirting a generous amount of lube onto your fingers, you start lubing the toy, making sure to give him a clear view of what you're doing. Once you're satisfied, you put your finger against his hole, teasing it before gently pushing it inside and slowly moving it. Feeling your cold finger inside him, he moans, pushing his hips against your hand to get more of it. Smirking, you slow down your pace on purpose, before taking your finger out, causing him to whine at the sudden loss. Then, as he begs you to keep going, you slowly push the toy inside him, knowing he's stretched enough to take it – after all, it's not that big. As you increase the intensity of the toy, which you had turned off a couple of minutes before, he squirms on the mattress, trashing his head on the pillow as he enjoys the feeling of having the toy inside of him.
Climbing over him, you move so that you're now right above his head.
«You're gonna eat me out, love?» you ask, looking down at him with dove eyes. He nods frantically, stretching his neck out before you even lower onto him, eager to taste you. When you finally allow him to, his tongue quickly moves over your folds, taking in as much of you as he can, enjoying the way your juices drop on his chin, his eyes fixated on you as you play with your breasts and moan his name, cause he's making you feel so good. One of your hands moves down on your body, before finding his hair and roughly pulling on it, eliciting a deep grunt from him. You do it again, and again, and again, his reaction more and more arousing as the both of you get close to your highs. Before he can make you cum, though, you swiftly move away from him – to which he whines, because there's nothing he loves more than making you cum with his mouth only. You reposition yourself over his lap and, after opening the condom you left on the mattress, you keep his hips down with your hand, while the other one rolls it on him.
«I'm gonna fuck you real good, love» you say, before slowly lowering yourself onto him. Your wetness makes it easier for him to slide in, causing him to moan as he stretches you. You take a couple of seconds to adjust to the feeling, and then you start slowly rocking your hips back and forth. Every time you move, he moans, louder and louder as he gets closer to his high. You quicken your pace, one of your hands finding your clit and drawing circles on it, chasing your own orgasm, as the other one rests on his chest, helping you steady yourself.
«Y-Y/N...» he calls, but you already know what he's going to ask. «C-Can I-»
«Yes, love» you say, cutting him off. «You can cum.»
It doesn't take long before he does as told. You follow him soon after, slowing down your pace as you both come down from your highs, your pants the only noise audible in the room.
«Are you okay?» you whisper, getting off of him and taking the condom off, before cleaning him up with some tissues you keep on the night-stand.
He hums in response, watching you intently as you take the handcuffs off as well, massaging his wrists and inspecting them to make sure you haven't hurt him.
«I'm more than okay» he says then, as you lay close to him. «You know, we should have breakfast in bed more often.»
Tilting your head to the side, you give him a confused look. He's smirking, knowing it won't take long before you understand what he means. When you do, jokingly hitting him, he laughs with you, rolling on his side so that he's holding you between your arms.
«I mean it, it tasted amazing» he laughs. «You taste amazing.»
«You’re disgusting, you know that?»
«Yeah» he laughs. «Isn’t that why you love me?»  
Feedback is always appreciated!
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what-if-nct · 4 months ago
Renjun: Get your little raccoon body off of me.
Jaemin: I'm just hugging you.
Renjun: I don't care what you're doing stop it.
Jaemin: Fine.
Winwin: See, look how easy it is to let go.
Yuta: *clingy to Winwin* I'm never letting go.
Jaemin: You're just lucky Winwin doesn't hit or bite you like Renjun.
Winwin: One day.
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nkamotoyuta-remade · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Top 10 NCT 127 B-Sides:
running 2 u / mad city / fly away with me / good thing / highway to heaven / day dream / 0 mile / wake up / sun & moon / whiplash
tagging: @strawberrywoong @dojaeism @xiaocity @doyonqs @dnghycks @yibowang @vitaminyuta @heyjeno @neojeno @nakamote @henderic @cherryuta @yangyang (+ anyone else who wants to do you can say I tagged you!!)
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naemini · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
remaking your first gif/gifset challenge!
tagged by: @parrotjaemin (thank you! 🥺) tagging: @haechens @yongs @nakamoto @nakamote @chenjis @leejenos @zisung (sorry if you already did it!)
It was fun to do! I still don’t like adding too much coloring so it didn’t change that much but I’m happy to see the difference in quality 🥺
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she · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tagged by the lovelies @ericnams​ and @minsjoon​ to do the remaking your first gif challenge this is not my first gif ever but it is the first one i made and posted for the kpop fandom. in a word, yikes. the only thing i’ve mantained is the time between the frames. tagging @strawberrywoong​ @minsbutt​ @nakamote​ @fiveseasons​ @vitaminyuta​ @mapofbts​ @itzuy​ @yoonqiful​ @lulerains​ @dazzlingkai​ @blackpink​ @nctmentary​ @yuqi-s​ @parkjimni​ @jsuh​ @jisooq​ @intojennie​ @gingerfany​ @jhlovebot​ @vjimin​ @cowboyjinbop​ @tearuntold​ @chaylani @smoochkook. if you dont feel comfortable doing this just ignore me, i just thought it was super fun and wanted to tag as many cc as i could think of ♥
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1eedonghun · a year ago
if it’s okay, would you mind recommending some ateez ccs? i’m newer to being a fan of them and i followed the ateez tag and there really is only smut..i just wanted to see nice gifs and stuff😭
sure! many of these are multifandom but here you go:
@wooyoungs @jwy @jaehyum @thehongjoong @yunhohs @yeosng @konjoong @kqtiny @park-seonghwa @prettyseonghwa @prince-dongju @ateez-hwa @sanbotaged @shuuvee @songmingki @sonqmingi @hongjoongie @hongjooong @hwacutes @honjoong @choiisan @choisanz @choisaan @choisanii @choisanful @nakamote @seonghhwa @seongsangies @seongshwa @seonghwaz @closer-stars @barsformars @cozyteez @anewz @hongjoonim @seonghhwa @seonqwha @ateazes @strawberrywoong @imshiber @celestial-yunho @chanberrys @sichengsbimbo @hanbinist @minhyvngs
i tried to get all the ones i follow but im sure i missed a few 😭 these are all great content creators tho and they're always supporting other creators so you'll get a LOT of good content on your dash. enjoy!
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cafemkl · 22 days ago
check-in tag! tagged by @xianlle @bwaldorf and @xiaoguiwang thank you besties 💌
why did you choose your url?
i had it saved on my old blog before i deleted. when i came back i just wanted to be an aes blog and didnt want anything like "fandom" specific soooo.... besides, i love burfee sooooo much
any sideblogs? if you have them: name them and why you have them.
soooo many 😅 i have @wxuxis which is for wayv, but mostly for xuxi ofc ofc. i have @nakamotes which is for yuta (and is mostly inactive). i have @0216c which is like my luxury/ dream life manifestation blog. there's also @0524s, my vixx archive blog where i just upload vixx pictures and screenshots and stuff lol (i should create a similar blog for nct, because i have a lot of pics saved on my phone that i don't want to lose, which is why i started 0524s). and i also run @mklnet which is a network for my chana magaj my rasgullah mark lee!
how long you’ve been on tumblr?
since grade 8 or so? so like six or seven years 😫😫😫
do you have a queue tag?
yes, because 1. my timezone is different from the majority of my mutuals and i don't want to look like im posting and ignoring dms when im not. 2. it's just neater and gives me peace of mind
why did you start your blog in the first place?
i used to see screenshots floating around facebook lol. i joined to post cringey poetry and talk about emo bands and 21 pilots... long time... 🚶🏻‍♀️🧍🏻‍♀️
why did you choose your icon?
penelope 😫😭🥲❤️💗❤️💔💗💔💗❤️
why did you choose your header?
it fits my theme right now
what’s your post with the most notes?
"jonghyun" (it's note fraud though the original post got annoying)
how many mutuals do you have?
quite a few, i don't keep track 😅 over 100 i think
how many followers do you have?
518 💌
how many people do you follow?
364 😰 i didnt realise itd gotten over 300... i need to prune
have you ever made a shitpost?
isn't that just making a text post lol
how often do you use tumblr each day?
on and off throughout the day..... 😕
did you have a fight/argument with another blog once? who won?
yeah lol some whitey on a quiz i made for poc i won ofc i was in the right
how do you feel about “you need to reblog this” posts?
i just scroll past. that's so annoying and tacky most of the time. like unless it's important information... im not going to reblog it
do you like tag games?
YESSS 🥺 i love them, they just get lost in my notifs or i rb to my drafts and forget about them :(
do you like ask games?
YESSS 🥺 ask games and asks.... love them 💗
which of your mutuals do you think is tumblr famous?
a few of them 🤔 it has gotten them nothing but hell though lol
do i have a crush on a mutual?
only when im bored
im tagging: @roshnis @gayforpinks @pixietape @transking @duskdolly @transangelskiss @uminhoes @shaznas and anyone who wants to do it! hope you don't mind the tag 🧸💌
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