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[ID: a panel from Wakanda Forever: X-Men showing hands holding a tablet that reads “6÷2(1+2)=” and a speech bubble reading “Oh, that’s not that hard. But… There are multiple possible answers. Ugh, have to think clearly.” end ID]

um, no??? there aren’t multiple possible answers,” Nakia. I might be shitty at math but I promise there’s only correct way to answer this

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I love Black Panther, I love Wakanda, and I love the characters. But let’s be real, the entire plot of the movie could have been avoided if Wakanda had a freaking decent form of government.

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The crispy air granted a warm, friendly breeze that soothed the toddler’s senses. He stretched his stubby arms, yawned, and plopped onto Nakia’s lap before rolling into fetal position and closing his eyes.

“He’s so innocent,” Nakia said as her eyes glimmered at the sight of the lost prince. “The world took everything away from him. He deserves a better chance.”


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I know this is just a snippet. It just came out. There will be more.

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listen, general okoye of the dora milaje will not stoop so low as to try to set her two best friends up. but princess shuri? oh, she can’t be stopped. okoye’s just being dragged along for the ride. (“you know, for someone who says they don’t try to set people up, you really are doing the most for nat and ayo,” says nakia. “i don’t know what you could be referring to,” replies okoye, while helping shuri buy an entire restaurant for their latest scheme.)

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Wakanda held off the infection for over a year. Some of the world’s greatest scientific minds are hidden away in Wakanda’s incredible university, and many of them were studying this horrifying disease. In the end, it wasn’t their boundaries that were breached by zombies, it was a laboratory accident. A broken test tube, a cut finger, and the rest, sadly, was history. The smarter the person, the smarter the zombie, so things got bad very, very quickly.

It was difficult, coming to the decision that to protect Wakanda, they had to leave Wakanda. The people were what mattered, and King T'Challa gathered every survivor he could find with the help of the Dora Milaje, and they left for the one place T'Challa had faith he would find allies: New York, home of the Avengers.

Winston Duke is M'Baku
Lupita Nyong’o is Nakia
Danai Gurira is Okoye
Angela Basset is Ramonda
Letitia Wright is Shuri [TAKEN]
Chadwick Boseman is T'Challa [TAKEN]


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The way that fandom acts with black characters in the mcu is sad. They’re way more than just one dimensional characters who support y'all white favs. So this is gonna be a list of those characters and some things that they are in canon that white fandom ignores. This might be a bit long so I’m putting it under a read more. We’re starting with sam because he’s the one ik the most about

Sam Wilson

  • More than just a therapist for your white favs
  • More than just comic relief
  • Doesn’t really hate bucky to the point of physical violence (wtf is wrong with y'all??)
  • Lost his best friend in the air force
  • Took down a whole terrorist with his team in Afghanistan
  • Came up with the idea of inviting scott to the airport battle which led to scott becoming giant man (helped steve and bucky escape)
  • Is not a replacement for steve
  • Deserves to he captain america
  • Compassionate and kind
  • Does not put up with bullshit
  • Suffers from ptsd

James Rhodes

  • More than just a best friend to tony stark
  • Got into MIT
  • A colonel in the air force
  • High ranking official
  • Gets the job done no problem
  • Not comic relief
  • Has a life outside of tony
  • The only avenger with a brain cell
  • Does not put up with bullshit


  • She drinks a lot of because of past trauma when her best friend (and possible lover) died in front of her in battle
  • She doesn’t drink bc its something she enjoys its a coping mechanism
  • A badass but she’s also allowed to have emotions
  • Just bc she is bisexual doesn’t mean y'all gotta ship her with the nearest white woman


  • He’s a literal king of wakanda
  • Does not have time for you white fav’s bullshit
  • Is caring and kind and forgiving
  • One of the best fighters in the mcu (he went up against steve without breaking a sweat)
  • He’s allowed to have emotions and be goofy and make jokes
  • Way more than someone that tried to beat bucky’s ass


  • More than just “memes lol”
  • The smartest person in the mcu
  • Also a skilled fighter
  • More than just someone for bucky and peter parker to hang out with
  • The literal princess of wakanda
  • She actually has royal duties too
  • She’s head of the science and technology branch in her own country


  • The general of the dora milaje
  • Skilled fighter
  • More than just a “yes my king” person
  • She’s badass but allowed to feel emotions like joy and sadness
  • General of the dora milaje do you not know how much skill and dedication that takes???
  • Her and T'challa are good friends and they can make jokes about each other it’s fine
  • Does not have time for white people’s bullshit


  • A whole ass spy
  • Skilled fighter
  • Will fight for what’s right no matter the cost
  • T'challa’s girlfriend do you know how amazing you have to be to stop the king in his tracks??
  • Stop sleeping on her
  • Compassionate


  • Rip king 😔✊
  • The only person in asgard with a brain cell
  • Led the entire country to safety when shit was going down in raganarok
  • More than just thor’s best friend
  • Skilled fighter
  • Does not have time for your white fav’s bullshit
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