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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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“So you admit it!”

“If that’s what I wanted,” Nakia laughed, trying to defend herself. “If y/n really wants to know how I feel about them, they should ask me them self.” She knew why you had sent T’challa, that you’d liked her for a long time. At first, she was oblivious to it, had no clue. But, as her friends made more jokes, pointing out all the small things you did, she realized just why you were acting so odd around her. As time went on, she was sure you were going to make a move. Still, she wanted to hear it from you and not the friends you sent to ask her for you. 

“What? That’s not fair!” T’challa chuckled. 

“It’s not fair to send a spy, either. If they want to know, they can ask.” He knew when he went back to you, to tell you, you wouldn’t be happy. You couldn’t breathe around Nakia, let alone ask her if she liked you! It wasn’t about if she said yes, it was what if she sad no. You’d had little crushes in the past, dumb ones that lasted so little time you rarely ever thought about them. This was different, though. From the second you saw her, you knew it was more. 

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Sharon and Nakia for the ship thing
  • who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter

Nakia is the hunter who isn’t so much a hunter as someone who wants to know why. Sharon’s the werewolf who has trusted too much and gotten bitten in the end. (Or rather, she bit…it’s a tad confusing) 

  • who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman

All Sharon wanted to do was catch fish and instead Nakia is ensnared in her net and actually asking to be pulled up due to a rival prince of her kingdom fighting for the throne and her hand, which is she is not about. 

Sharon just huffs and tells her that her bathtub is not big enough to hold her. 

  • who’s the witch and who’s the familiar

Nakia is the kind and lovely witch who keeps having to save the day while Sharon is the slinky cat that is seen nuzzling at hands or shoulders. 

  • who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict

Sharon’s the barista and Nakia is the Surprise Coffee Addict: for someone who wears business clothes every day and looks like she could easily be student body president 

  • who’s the professor and who’s the TA

Sharon’s the Surprise Professor who everyone thinks is the TA but no! She’s just Like That. Nakia is getting some credits done and decided what better way to Punish Yourself than by working with your crush? 

  • who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss)

Nakia is the knight who wants to topple the kingdom, and Sharon’s the princess who has a very observant eye and the same penchant for trouble as her guard

  • who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent

Nakia isn’t exactly the parent of Shuri, but she at least qualifies to be a cool aunt! This includes picking up Shuri from school and noticing the teacher who runs the pick-up line. She’s….pretty. 

This does not stop from Shuri yelling out the window that her aunt “finds Ms. Carter very pretty” and she’s wondering if “she wants dinner tonight or later in the weekend.” 

  • who’s the writer and who’s the editor

Nakia is a fantastic writer, she just keeps making the worst mistakes and Sharon is the one who can catch all of them. 

and if Sharon keeps going back to the apartment to “personally clarify” some things, then…well. That’s okay. 

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Could you do one where T'challa gets sick but tries to hide it but shuri nakia okoye forces him to rest?

Another super vague request that I’ve surely written before.  But just to humor you, here’s a tidbit.  


It was a mistake to stuff a handkerchief into his sleeve before settling into his chair for the general assembly.  Traditional dress was expected for all meetings with the tribal leaders, but surely exceptions could be made for…what would one call it?  An accessory?

T’Challa drags the completely sodden cloth under his nose for the umpteenth time.  He can feel the thick liquid running down the back of his throat as it drips down to his upper lip.  Every time he opens his mouth it feels like it’s going to gag him.  He wants nothing more than to finish the meeting early and trudge up the stairs to his bed, but he can’t do it.  Or better stated, he won’t.  

T’Challa’s head throbs as he returns the handkerchief to his pocket, keeping his head and shoulders absolutely still as he listens to one of the elders speak.  He usually has no trouble understanding her speech around her lip disc, but today it sounds muffled and rough around the edges.  T’Challa swallows and feels the fluid thrumming behind his eardrums.  Yet another token of this illness he’ll have to sort out once the assembly finally disperses.  

“Mmm.”  T’Challa nods, not exactly sure to what he’s agreeing.  The tribal elders stare at him, for he probably looks much different from his usual crisp and calculated self.  “Is that all the business we have to discuss today…?”

A few concerned looks pass among the other members of the assembly, but a general murmur of assent rises.  

“I thank you, then,” T’Challa says sincerely.  He waits until the hall empties before rising from his stone seat, no longer bothering to conceal the aches in his back and legs.  He slouches as he pulls his robes close around him and heads toward the door.  

He’s nearly out of the room when suddenly the door opens before him and Shuri, Nakia, and Okoye burst in, lining up against the wall and glancing furtively at each other.  

T’Challa stifles a groan as he throws his shoulders back and plasters a welcoming smile on his face.  “And what may I do for you this day?”

“Stop that shit right now, brother,” Shuri, demands, digging in her pocket with one hand and jabbing a finger at him with the other.  “You are unwell and we know it.”  She glances right and left at the other women.  “Right?”

“Yes,” Okoye says, twisting the butt of her spear on the room’s stone floor.

The idea of being poked with it makes a line of faux pain run up and down T’Challa’s body, and he lets his body droop again.  

“I suppose you have me caught,” he admits.  “Do you have a draught of something–?” he begins to ask his sister.  Shuri opens her mouth to reply, but Nakia holds up a hand and shakes her head.

“Rest,” she says sharply.  “That is what you need first.  Then I’m sure that you’re delivered something to clear up what’s ailing you.” 

Shuri nods emphatically behind her.

“I have more tasks-” T’challa starts.

“How would you like your next task to be dealt by the end of my spear?”  Okoye takes a ready position, stepping forward so her weapon is mere inches from his face.

T’Challa winces.  “I suppose you have calculated this so that I have no choice but to take your offer?”

“Yes,” the three women say together.

“Alright.”  T’Challa hangs his aching head.  “I suppose for the rest of the day I’m in your debt.”

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☕ Opinion on all the Wakandans we know, all of them, including those that died in Lagos.

Opinion on Wakandans: general badasses. Wish it was a real country. Hope that the film’s existence gives real inspiration to the people of Africa that have access to the film.

Now in order from least important to most important (well in terms of plot), from the people I can find in the Wiki because I’ve only memorized how to spell the names of 6 Wakandans, and the name Erik doesn’t really count. (Erik’s a very very good name though).

The Wakandans that died in Lagos: 🎶 Those poor unfortunate souls / So sad, so true 🎶 It must be rough being a plot device.

Zuri, aka T'Challa’s uncle figure killed by Erik: Good guy. Died for what he believed in and his country. I admire his loyalty to T'Chaka and T'Challa. Was right to turn N'Jobu in to the king.

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A/N: You ask and I will deliver, so as requested he’s the sequel.

*Not including Cassidy Lang, Peter Parker, Shuri, or Harley just because I feel like we all know they’re teens so it’s kinda like already there??? Also not doing Rocket, idk sorry fam. Basically imma do the avengers who are like people??? and not so old to the point where it would seem weird to me. 

Carol Danvers


Originally posted by kpfun

She’s on the school’s water polo team. She may or may not have purposely broken the nose of one of the rival’s players. There were too many people and there and oddly enough no one on the team could recall seeing her do that. Math classes? She passed them all with A’s. The rumor is she has a girlfriend who goes to the rival school and that’s why she may or may not have broken the nose of the person on the rival team.

Brunhilde (Valkyrie)


Originally posted by selinakravitz

She’s one of those kids everyone feels is a lost cause. The one who at assemblies and rallies will always end up getting in trouble. She was either caught smoking, drinking, or trying to start a fight. Lowkey though, she could get you what you were looking for. No one really knows much about her except that she was expelled from every highschool in the last school district.



Originally posted by dailymarvel

He’s on the school’s Decathlon team and Model U.N. He got lowkey mad that Hope Van Dyne won class president and not him. He has a close group of friends though and they always hype him up. He’s kind of a teacher’s pet but that’s only because he needs those recommendation letters. 



Originally posted by fragilefiller

She’s that one girl in the KEY club, or a WEB leader, all she wants to do is help people out. She has an instagram page dedicated to activism and charities. Also she’s been dating T’Challa for so long that no one really remembers how they got together. When they broke up it caught the school off guard. It kinda became a meme because people someone saw when they break up and she rolled her eyes when T’Challa started crying. They still talk though, tbh no one actually believes the break up was real.



Originally posted by gen-erich

She’s that girl with style and good grades. A 4.0 GPA and friends with Nakia. There’s a story that one time at a party, some girl threatened to beat up her bestie and she beat the hell out of her. It was on everyone’s snapchats and she was proud about it. So don’t fuck with her friends and she won’t have any problems with you.

Peter Quill


Originally posted by wtfobiwan

He’s on the football team. Kinda dumb but also really nice, if he’s in your class watch out because he’ll find a way to annoy the teacher even if that wasn’t his intention. His phone’s screen is so cracked you’re surprised the thing even works at all. Everyone’s super nice to him since his mom passed away when he was little. Never bring up his dad, the last guy who did that almost ended up in the hospital.



Originally posted by thescarletwitch

From what everyone says she met Quill on the summer of sophomore year and then suddenly transferred to be with him??? They’re always fighting in the halls and then kissing by the time school ends. She’s tik tok famous, but she’s also super nice. She’s the mom of her friend group and like Okoye will handle anyone who tries her. She used to be an e-girl but felt like that was too cringey so she stopped that. Her sister is always with her even though she looks like she hates her most of the time.



Originally posted by deleted-movie-lines

She’s really into the punk culture and horror movies. Sometimes she’ll come to school with a cut on her lip or cheek, a teacher asked why she was hurt. She said it was a moshpit. When she isn’t rolling her eyes, she’s on her phone ignoring everyone. No one says anything to her because they know that her and her sister Gamora have issues at home with their parents. Don’t let her know that you feel bad for her though because she will put you out on blast.



Originally posted by captian-marvels

Like Quill, Drax is on the football team. He’s friends with Quill actually, they’re like brothers. No one actually knows his real name, even the teachers call him by his nickname. He’s a little out of it most of the time but he always makes rallies and dances the best. There’s videos of him at parties where he downs whole bottles of vodka or whatever liquor they give him. He had a girlfriend but she moved to a different state and broke up with him, he hasn’t dated since. 



Originally posted by coolranchcap

Literally everyone loves her, she’s the nicest girl ever. On the low she has a youtube channel where she tries to recreate Bob Ross paintings or tries to make food. It isn’t super popular but she likes doing it on her free time. She’s on the yearbook committee and always gets the best photos. Someone tried to be mean to her once and Drax backed her up. Since then he’s been like a big brother to her. 

James Rhodes


Originally posted by robdowneyjr

James is friends with Tony, they’ve known each other since they were in the 6th grade. He runs a meme account that got verified recently. Lowkey he’s the class clown who will roast anyone, even himself if he’s feeling humble. The few parties he’s co-hosted with Tony were legendary.  He’s pretty smart too, he’s one of the few students the teachers can actually stand because he’s not as out there as the others or at least that’s what they think.

Stephen Strange


Originally posted by mymansteverogers

Trouble but make it double. The amount of twitter beefs he’s had with Tony Stark makes everyone think they secretly wanna fuck. Just saying. He’s a smartass but unlike his rival, he’ll wait til class is over to put his teachers in place, that or he’ll write a comment on his exams after the teachers grade it and hand it back with the “corrections”. Sometimes the teachers read his comments out loud and he’ll just smirk basically roasting them again infront of the class if that’s what it comes to. Tbh he’s more of an asshole than Tony though so people think he’s annoying.

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¡ Feliz #DíaDelaMujer!
#BlackWidow - Scarlett Johansson y #YelenaBelanova - Florence Pugh nos recuerdan todas las mujeres rudas, independientes que no son una damisela en apuros que forman parte del #MCU #PepperPotts, #PeggyCarter, #JaneFoster, #Gamora, #Wasp, #ChristinePalmer, #SharonCarter, #Shuri, #Nakia, #okoye y #captainmarvel.
Pronto en cines por @cinecolorve
Fuente de vidie @marvellatam
#blackwidow #marvel #avengers #ironman #captainamerica #thor #spiderman #mcu #hulk #natasharomanoff #girlpower #girl #girls #girlboss #womenempowerment

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Happy International Women’s Day!

“I am a woman phenomenally. Phenomenal Woman, that’s me.”                    - Maya Angelou

“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.” - Maya Angelou

“We can all be strong and you can do it in a hundred different ways. I find that it’s really important representation for women to know that they can be themselves […] We don’t need to be the patriarchal definition of strong to be strong” - Emily Bett Rickards

“I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own” - Audre Lorde

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