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#name it whatever you want.
uiruu · a day ago
woah i just learned that the word Nazi was originally derogatory, and the Nazis never used it to refer to themselves because it was kind of an insult lol. apparently, the original meaning was like “country bumpkin” or “hillbilly” or “redneck”, deriving from a nickname for the german name “Ignatz”, which was a common name in Bavaria, which is where the Nazi Party started. like, the word in the Nazi sense does come from National Socialism, cause “Socialist” (Sozialist) was shortened to “Sozi”, and so “National Socialist” was shortened to “Nazi”... specifically because it was a pun on Sozi and the derogatory “stereotypical dumb farmer” word. the reason we call them Nazis is because political opponents of the Nazis, leftists, especially those who fled Germany and were living as expats in other countries, called them that to deride them.
it’s just wild to me how that has been completely lost, cause like even in German, that just became the standard word for those people like immediately after the war. it’s derogatory and vile for all sorts of other reasons now. in some ways, it’s nice to know that they’ll forever be known by a word originally used by opponents of Nazism in order to call them stupid, though
#i got this from the etymology section on the wikipedia article for nazism... im literally just regurgitating what i read there#i ended up there because i first looked up the etymology of swastika#its a sanskrit word obviously (i already knew that much) but i wanted to know what it meant#its such a shame how a symbol of prosperity and good luck has been so thoroughly corrupted#all because of some misinterpretations of the fact that hindi is related to european languages#europeans thought it meant that ancient ancestors of theirs conquered india and they were called aryans#and ''aryan'' was the secret ancient name for the white race#in reality aryan just means iranian#literally the word ''iran'' is a cognate#hindi and indo-aryan languages like persian are related to european languages like german (hence the term indo-european)#but not because of some mythical master race or whatever......#i mean indoeuropeans probably did barge in and conquer india... and that's why sanskrit was spoken there instead of just dravidian languages#or something.... but like.... this is far less mythic and far more ancient than the nazis thought#and basing your racist identity on that is stupid. and like that word... aryan... really only just ties you to india and iran and such#and im guessing nazis probably werent fond of the people who live in those countries#nazis were despicable racists and genocidal monsters but they were also just like... massive idiots#with very little understanding of history#or cultures#i was gonna say ''or cultures other than their own'' but they really didnt understand their own culture either#nationalists and reactionaries rarely do. there never was any prelapsarian golden age or whatever the fuck. idiots.
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inniterwasfound · 2 days ago
(For the healer Tommy AU) I’m so distraught over wanting to name Jack “Hijack” because haha funny or “Thunder” because haha reference.
I think it depends a lot in the ability you would like to give him! :D
Also, if he chooses Thunder (and his power is well- thunder-) tommy would have a LOT of opportunities to make fun of him LMAO
I think both names are poggers tho! :0
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sodapopblogs · 5 days ago
also solution for you not knowing the meeting part; if the alpha would also be in a rut maybe [name] smells the mfs scent or smthn? I need to brush up my omegaverse knowledge fjsdb but 'm p sure if alpha/omegas r in heat/rut even betas can smell their ~hornyness~ cause it's just so strong vdvfh -🌌 [do not ask how I am aware of this I don't want to delve that far back into my past /hj]
that a good suggestion! i dont know much on the omegaverse au but what i do know is that alpha's rut while omegas go to heat
there legit no words on wtf betas do tho but they can top other betas and an omega but is a bottom if paired with an alpha or something??? i dont fucking know help ajdbsjfbfajslfksifhwkrjjwf
and lmao i wont gremlin, dont worry 🤭🤭 we have or own bodies to hide
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daylghtmellohi · 6 days ago
okay but have you tried nutella pizza
no.... is it good?
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not-a-walking-uterus · 7 days ago
hey uh just a reminder that proshippers aren't welcome here. I don't support pedophilia or abuse in any way, shape, or form and am in fact openly against it so I don't know why anyone is confused on this topic? Anyway someone who reblogged from me also reblogged this and I think I actually gagged a little.
Tumblr media
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ramblebrambleamble · 9 days ago
Imagine if the church in Mondstat had the concept of excommunication. Imagine Venti getting excommunicated from his own church.
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svtskneecaps · 10 days ago
haha i wouldnt call myself strong for that, ive just been through different hiatuses TT im for sure gonna be reading it again once its finished, its too good i dont think there are other timeloop smaus out there, not specifically for svt at least, but thats what makes ur fic unique !! :D can u rec some of ur fav svt smaus tho (Its ok if you cant or dont want to) any member is fine, chan or jihoon would be great tho,, i need more series to read anyways have a good day/night -patient person anon (if you have like anon tags is it okay if i take this one, ill just be using this name so u know who ure talking to)
well I'D call you strong so there u go >:( ur strong now no refunds
i haven't seen any other timeloop smaus although the tumblr searches are terrible so honestly i'd have no idea. i WANT there to be more tho bc damn i'd eat that shit up i love that shit my guy, can't get enough
i can't rec sm aus solely because i haven't read any in like. a full year. but i do have author friends that i like very much and you can find most of them from @tctwriters ((assuming those silly silly fools actually reblog their writing AH FUCK I HAVEN'T BEEN REBLOGGING MY WRITING)), and most of the stuff i have read, i've reblogged to @ismyreadinglistgoodenoughforyou which has an unfortunate url but a pretty okay tagging system if i may pat myself on the back. there's also @caratwritersclub with a host of writers who i'm sure have good stuff and like. way more stuff than me alskdjflakjsfd
but i don't really read sm aus atm so i can't give any specific recs :c
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theredwolfisalesbian · 11 days ago
new name guys!!!! marjorie-rosalie :))))
i couldn’t decide so i did both
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