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Sometimes I start thinking about how I’d be poetically described in potential fanfiction but then I realize I’m literally fucking called Patrick and the only thing my eyes can be compared to is the night sky. And “He looked into Patrick’s eyes, dark as the night sky” sounds DISGUSTANG.

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You can have as many names, or nicknames, as you want, regardless of gender. I know bigender people who have multiple names, bigender people who have a gender neutral name, and bigender people who have a non-androgynous name. Whatever makes sense to you, makes sense for you.

I don’t know if name things will affect pronoun usage; people often have a hard time changing pronouns, and it doesn’t always reflect how they think of your gender. But you can always try!

Sorry it’s taken me so long to answer, but I hope this helps!


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Meaning 1: always

Origin 1: Finnish

Meaning 2: favour, grace

Origin 2: Hebrew

Meaning 3: love, affection + vegetables, greens

Origin 3: Japanese

Meaning 4: scene, sight

Origin 4: Latvian

Meaning 5: mirror

Origin 5: Persian


Meaning 1: young

Origin 1: Sanskrit

Meaning 2: bashful

Origin 2: Hebrew


Meaning 1: lightning

Origin 1: Hebrew

Meaning 2: blessing

Origin 2: Arabic


Meaning 1: motion

Origin: 1: Hebrew

Meaning 2: rest, repose

Origin 2: Hebrew

Meaning 3: love, affection

Origin 3: Japanese


Meaning 1: springtime

Origin 1: Arabic

Meaning 2: sun

Origin 2: Sanskrit


Meaning 1: companion in evening talk

Origin 1: Arabic

Meaning 2: wind, air

Origin 2: Sanskrit


Meaning 1: to shine, to radiate

Origin 1: Arabic

Meaning 2: clear, evident, manifest, outward

Origin 2: Arabic

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sure! (you’re welcome!)


  • Michael (Mike)
  • Mickey (Mick)
  • Miles (Mi)
  • Milo (Lo)
  • Mitchell (Mitch)

Dark academia:

  • Adam
  • Bennett
  • Foster
  • Maxwell
  • Sullivan


  • Axel
  • Casimir
  • Galen
  • Stellan
  • Wilfred
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  • Austin
  • Carter
  • Mason
  • Shane
  • Thomas


  • Arthur
  • Henry
  • Julian
  • Miles
  • Tobias
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Tumblr just served up a post about an actor whose name happens to be Felix Mallard, and it was all I could do not to yell aloud, “YOUR NAME LITERALLY MEANS ‘LUCKY DUCK.’”

I’ve rarely wanted so much to talk to anyone’s parents and ask, “So, uh, did you do that on purpose?” ;)

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Need a few good midcentury horse names? I gotcha covered.

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Currently having a mid life crisis at 16 :) questioned my gender pronouns picked up a new hobbie now I need a new name HELP!

This is what I got so far but any suggestion are welcome plz and thank you










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“Sometimes you must shatter in order to decide which pieces of yourself to keep and which to leave behind.” -Kristin Lohr   

∆ Chosen Name & Given Name: Your given name is the name your parents gave you. Your chosen name is the name you choose for yourself.

∆ Ego Death: Identify is an ever evolving construct. You can kill versions of your identity and create new concepts within yourself, this can also come with a new name.  

∆ Why Rename: After a rebirth you choose who you are, no one else has that power. A name holds a certain vibrational frequency. Renaming also changes your frequency. Renaming was liberating for me because I struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts. When I realized I could kill a construct within myself and create a new one, I did that and labeled it.  

∆ Power of Words: Words impact things. Dr. Marsaru Emoto’s experiments show the effect consciousness has on water molecules. Negative words create chaotic patterns and positive words create beautiful patterns. If you have a negative association attached to your given name, a chosen name can bring relief.    

∆ Power of Identity: Taking charge of your identity is a stance. You are showing the world the new version of you, and that you aren’t scared to stand out. You are ready to spread the energy of your authentic self through a new expression.  

∆ Power of Choice: No one else can dictate who you are but you. People can try to have claim over your identity, but that’s not who you are. You decide who you are and who you want to be. Others can just share perceptions and projections.  

∆ Not Everyone Will Accept This New Version of You: People who knew the old version of you may reject this rebirthed version of you. These people are narrow-minded and low consciousness. I have called myself a different name for several years and my mother refuses to accept this version of me. There was a lot of arguing before I accepted that she wouldn’t accept it.

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sometimes i like to come up with names for characters, purely based on my perception of them and nothing more, so say hello to Minerva Tidefuckle, and her husband Alice H, Cumberdoodle

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Kenning - all the causes in the world are not enough to buy your loyalty; what would you stay for? What could possibly keep you? He begs this of you; you have no answer. The sky is a white endless void overhead and there will be rain later and there is a sword in your hand that you use better than you did even a year ago and he asks with gold tears in his eyes what would you stay for?

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