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I gotta say, this is definitely a Luffy and Nami fight.


This shot used to really confuse me because I thought that was a reflection on the bag. But no, Nami slammed a heavy bag full of gold into Buggy’s face hard enough that it made a Looney Tunes indentation into the fabric.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you Nami is physically weak. She is far stronger than any real life human who is anywhere near her size.

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Originally posted by 1997onepiece

Forgot to tell Y'all That I’m a 9 years old one piece fangirl🙊💙~ I have been watching one piece now since i was 12.. and now I’m 21 years old… 🧡 My first anime was one piece, after i started watching and reading different animes and mangas..mostly shoujo ones but i don’t really mind watching other geners too🥰💕👏🏻


Originally posted by 1997onepiece

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I just reminding to Fisherman lsland arc  when Sanji asking Jinbe to apologize and payback  to Nami that Fisherman pirate and Arlong made Nami’s in cruel childhood life and her painful 

Seem like he was the person who can feel Nami’s pain , he don’t forget with Yosaku ‘s words that who was made Nami in trouble( of course, that Luffy already to forget it all) but Sanji still remember with it

Because of  , Both of Sanji-Nami their childhood life be the same with the “Prisoner”


The Young Nami ,  she lived in the room for drawing the map that Arlong commanded her to draw the map , again and again,day until the night….like the room is the prison


And little Sanji, he was the prisoner because he weak, because of he only normal human


But he never tell to everyone with his childhood life in past, he used to tell just a little only he was born at North Blue and used to read NoLand the Liar .Like he don’t want his friend to knows and recgonize with his painful story life 

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It’s been 88 years. Time for a Lusona post.

Nami turns Usopp and Luffy onto sheet masks. Luffy doesn’t care about skin stuff, but he likes the masks that make him look like different animals. Usopp actually develops a routine thanks to Nami. (Something something, Usopp having to poke his nose through the opening in the masks.)

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-Ahahaha, spitting a lit cigarette into his face was a nice touch.

-Oh shit. Well, sharp stakes is one way to overcome a rubber man’s natural resistance to being hurt.

-Yeah, knew he couldn’t give the killing blow. Sanji was too nice to him for that.

-So this is a pirate’s world that had gas warfare technology from the 20th century. Makes sense.

-Holy shit, Gin. What a way to go out.

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