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v-hope · 2 days ago
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@rkive: “finding yoongi”
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joenns · 19 hours ago
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just jungkook and the leader of his life ♡
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bts-trans · a day ago
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211207 RM’s Instagram Post
이런 사진에 #mood 붙이면 되나요?
Do I just add #mood to pictures like these?
Trans cr; Faith @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
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blu-joons · a day ago
When He Confesses To You On Christmas Eve ~ BTS Reaction
You smiled weakly as you noticed Jin come up alongside you whilst you poured yourself another drink, feeling his eyes watch over you closely, waiting until you picked your drink back up to nudge into your side.
His eyes looked down to the floor as you turned to face him, “do you mind if we go somewhere a little quiet for a moment?”
Your head nodded as Jin led you across to where the Christmas tree was in the boys’ dormitory. “Is everything alright?” You asked.
“I wanted to tell you something, and there didn’t really feel like a better time than Christmas Eve,” he spoke up once the two of you were alone, “and I’d understand if you didn’t feel the same way, but I wanted to tell you that I like you Y/N, a lot.”
“You like me?” You questioned in a slight moment of disbelief, “why would you like me?”
“Because you’re amazing,” he explained.
His eyes sheepishly looked up, relieved to see a hint of a smile on your face too. “I’m glad that you like me, because I like you too,” you told him, chuckling quietly as Jin let go of a huge sigh of relief. “I’d be crazy not to like you.”
“This went a lot better than I expected,” he scoffed, “I was worried that I was about to make a fool of myself, ruin Christmas for myself by getting rejected by you.”
“Trust me, I would never reject you Jin.”
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Your head shook as you unwrapped the gift that Yoongi had bought you, noticing that it was a hand drawn voucher for one free date with him, an offer that was only exclusive to you as Yoongi tried to charm you.
He laughed nervously as he met your eyes, “it’s probably the cheesiest way anyone has asked you out, isn’t it?”
Your head slightly nodded, “it’s certainly unique, I’ll give you that one. Now I see why you wanted me to open a present on Christmas Eve.”
“My heart would be happier being rejected on Christmas Eve rather than on Christmas Day,” he tried to explain, but your head quickly shook, stopping him from talking anymore as you placed the voucher into the front pocket of your trousers.
“You’re not getting rejected,” you whispered, “I’m definitely going to use this voucher.”
Are you serious?” He questioned.
You nodded in reply, “do you know how long I’ve been wondering whether the way I feel about you is just one sided? I never imagined that you liked me Yoongi, I gave hope over the years that there was something between us.”
“I like you a lot,” he established, “and whenever you choose to redeem that voucher, I’m going to make sure that it’s the best first date that you’ve ever had too.”
“I’ve got no doubt that you’ll do just that too.”
Tumblr media
You smiled softly as Hobi grabbed onto your arms, moving you around the room until he had you exactly where he wanted you. You were clueless as to what was going on, deciding to trust him anyway as you always did.
Once you were in position, he smiled across at you. “Sorry, I just needed to find the right spot to tell you what I want to say.”
Your head nodded suspiciously back at him as you looked around the place, “and the dining room was the right place?”
“It sounds silly,” Hobi agreed, running his hand over the top of his head, “but trust me when I tell you that this is exactly the right place for me to tell you that I like you,” he spoke, watching as the expression on your face very quickly dropped.
“Did you just say that?” You enquired, “did you really just say that you like me?”
“Do you feel the same?” He asked.
As your head slowly nodded, a deep sigh immediately came from Hobi as his shoulders dropped in relief. “I just wanted to make sure that I heard you properly, but why was here the right place for you to confess to me.”
“Take a look,” he proudly grinned, pointing upwards to a sprig of mistletoe that he had asked Jimin to put up in order to get you underneath the mistletoe.”
“Oh, that is smooth Jung Hoseok, very smooth indeed.”
Tumblr media
Your eyes looked up as a figure stood in front of you, noticing the wide smile that was on Namjoon’s face. As his eyes soon looked down to the Secret Santa gift that you had received in your hands, things slowly made sense.
He chuckled as soon as the realisation appeared in your expression, “I remembered you mentioning that a few weeks ago.”
Your eyes rolled back across at him, “I have never known someone pay attention to the little details about me as much as you do.”
“Maybe there’s a reason for that,” he implied, watching your eyebrows furrow once again. “I knew to buy you that for your Secret Santa, but I also know that it’s something that you should share with a loved one too, someone special in your life Y/N.”
“Would that special person happen to be you?” You asked him, “do you like me Namjoon?”
“Is it bad if I do?” He quizzed.
Straight away your head shook as you held the gift that he had bought you a little closer to your chest. “I don’t think it would be a bad thing at all, in fact I think it would be something that I’d be more than happy about.”
“My plan worked in that case,” he smugly responded, “I’m sorry that I’ve ended up confessing in quite a cheesy way, you probably think I’m so weird.”
“You’re definitely weird, but in the best possible way.”
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You smiled appreciatively across at Jimin as he walked you to your door, ready to say goodbye for one final time before the holidays. However, as you edged to shut the door, Jimin stayed right where he was.
He cleared his throat gently, “are you still celebrating alone tomorrow? Can you still not get across to see your family?”
Your head nodded in reply, “all of the flights were fully booked, and no tickets became available, so I guess I’ll be alone.”
“There could be a way out of that,” he suddenly told you, “my mum has always reserved a spot at our table at Christmas for when I find someone that I want to bring home to introduce them to, you could always fill that spot if you wanted to.”
“Wouldn’t you have to fancy the person in order to do that?” You asked him nervously.
“I do fancy that person,” he spoke.
A sharp intake of breath came from you as Jimin looked anxiously away from your eyes. “You fancy me?” You asked, watching on as his head cautiously nodded, feeling his heartbeat rapidly as he shied away.
“If you don’t like me, I understand,” he assured you, “but if you do like me, then how about coming to Christmas Day with my family, as my plus one too.”
“It looks like I won’t be lonely for Christmas after all.”
Tumblr media
You followed nervously behind Taehyung as he asked for a moment of your time whilst the two of you enjoyed the annual Christmas Eve party that his parents threw, sneaking you out into the chill of the garden outside.
He apologised as soon as he opened the door, watching as you shivered. “I brought you out here to make my Christmas wish come true?”
You looked back at him in confusion as he took a large sip from the drink that he had in his hand. “What can I do to make that happen?”
“Go on a date with me,” he quickly blurted out before the confidence that the large swig of wine gave him went away. Your body stiffened as he spoke, surprised to hear him say such a thing. “I understand if that’s not something you want though.”
“For Christmas all you want is to confess to me?” You laughed, making sense of it all.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered to you.
Your head shook as you met his eyes though, “please don’t apologise, you’ve got no reason to. I think that might actually be a wish that I can grant though Taehyung, that’s if you’re serious about going on a date together?”
“I’ve never been more serious about anything,” he told you with a chuckle, “the boys told me it would be a Christmas miracle if you agreed to a date.”
“Then the boys really have no idea how much I like you.”
Tumblr media
As his eyes watched you laughing to yourself as you rolled around in the snow, Jungkook couldn’t help but focus on how quickly his heart raced, noticing the little things about you that so many others seemed to miss.
Once the laughter stopped, your eyes looked to him, jabbing his waist when you noticed how distant he was. “I’m sorry.”
Your eyebrows quickly knitted together, “you’ve been quiet all day long, it’s snowing Jungkook you’re supposed to be having fun.”
“I’ve just had a few things on my mind,” he began to tell you, stopping himself before he could speak too much. However, your eyes still remained firmly on him, knowing that just one probe was usually enough to get him to start speaking.
“What have you been thinking about?” You asked, waiting for the walls to quickly fall down.
“I like you,” he suddenly spoke.
Your eyes went wide at his confession, noticing just how quick he was to look further away from you. “Why would you keep that to yourself?” You challenged, “that’s unfair considering that I like you too Jungkook.”
“Don’t just say that,” he warned you, but your head shook in reply, assuring him that that was something that you would never do. “Do you really like me?”
“Of course, I think I’d be a little crazy not to.”
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btsaudge · 2 days ago
Bangtan ~ VOGUE | GQ KOREA
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[Namjoon calling]
Taehyung, handing Jungkook the phone: It's your dad
Jungkook: He's not my dad!
Jungkook: *on the phone* Hi dad
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sopebubbles · a day ago
Twenty-five: I ship it
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21st century girl
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